New Family Bond Of Little Brother And Big Sister.

by Neutral Boy

First published

Two lives that only want to be feeling loved and not alone. When Sunset found Zero one night in the rain, she takes care of Zero like a little brother as their lives and unexpecting events would eventually change for the both of them.

(Crossover Anon-A-Miss and the Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.)

Two lives that were outcasts after craving of world domination. One life named Sunset Shimmer once turned into a demon in order to rule the lands of both worlds, but was later defeated by Twilight and the gang to stop her. The other life named Zero Two took over some planets like Ripple Star, a planet populated by fairies. Though his grown of power didn't last very long when Kirby teamed up with Ribbon to gather all of the crystal shards and obliterate Zero Two.

This is the story of how Sunset, the former bully at CHS met Zero Two, a fallen Angel with amnesia from outer space.

Prologue: The boy with amnesia.

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It was a peaceful year after the sirens defeat at Canterlot High school and everything seemed back to normal for all of the students. Yet this year’s peacefulness that's getting close to Christmas isn't what it really seems to be.

Several weeks after the battle of the bands, most or almost all of the students lives were exposed when a user by the name of Anan-A-Miss started ruining everyone’s secret and private lives.

Most students believe it was Sunset Shimmer who’s the username, including her friends as well when they think she went back to her selfish cruel old ways as a bully.

When Sunset told her friends that it wasn’t her and that she would never become her old self again, they didn’t believe her as they walked away, leaving poor Sunset to cry alone in the hall way.

A few days later when the MyStable user name Anon-A-Miss went cruel online, a small brightening star from space is approaching into the Earth's atmosphere heading towards Canterlot City. The star kept slowing down in the clouds as something else is somehow alive in there. When the star was slowing down enough, a being suddenly shows itself from it and descended upon the soil grounds in a playground.

The beings name is none other than Zero Two, a fallen angel that was created from Dark Matter itself. It's own purpose was unknown to anyone as it only wanted to take over planets and consume everything around it. Though Zero recommended of taking over Ripple Star, a planet populated by fairies and to obliterate the huge pure crystal that could eventually destroy Zero. Only Zero didn't actually think more clearly when one of the fairies had taken off with the crystal before the whole Ripple star was consumed by Dark Matter. Frustrated by this, Zero orders three minions to go after the fairy and it’s protected crystal, only it resulted when the minions have shattered the crystal into multiple pieces and the fairy falling on one of the stars.

Zero's power over each planets didn't last very long when it's arch-nemesis Kirby begins to gather all of the crystal shards along with it's fairy companion and many friends along the way. Furious and disgusted by this news, Zero orders each Dark Matter generals to stop and destroy Kirby for good before it gets all of the remaining crystal shards in order to restore it. Yet still Kirby stands alive from the sudden attacks as Kirby defeats each Dark Matter generals one-by-one and taking the remaining crystals shards from them.

Now Kirby and it's friends have arrived to the final planet consumed in Dark Matter called Ripple Star, where Zero Two hides out in the fairy leader’s host body. After Kirby destroyed Miracle Matter and has gained the final crystal shard, the huge crystal is whole once again and created a bright light to remove Zero from it’s host as Zero flees from the scene with Kirby on pursuit. Soon, Kirby and it’s partner Ribbon backed Zero Two into a corner leaving Zero no choice, but to battle Kirby.

It was a long hard battle when Zero tried his best to defeat his arch-nemesis, yet Kirby kept dodging attacks and hitting Zero with the crystal cannon ability. When Kirby set off one final blast, Zero’s energy faded as the blast finally hit him in one huge bright explosion. All of Zero’s dark matter has vanished, leaving no traces of them and even Zero as everyone else celebrated for the defeat of Zero Two, restoring the crystal, and Kirby’s team receiving medals for being heroes.

Although somehow unbeknownst to them, Zero Two survived the blast from Kirby's crystal cannon.

Now Zero's lifeless body has brighten as it took into a new form in order to replace the damaged it's true form.

When the light had stopped, Zero's body has changed into a male human form. His form in appearance are his clothing were white, only the blood were exposed on some areas. Both on Zero's feet, which are wrapped in bandages and also covered in blood. His pink color hair also has blood from blood, just only on the end parts. His two eyes were missing their pupil with showing darkness, yet the forehead contains his real eye that's open and showing the pupil. His six wings appears on the back of his shirt. All six of the wings were hovering in unison, yet each one have been badly damaged as well from the last battle and Zero was too exhausted to even move.

Once Zero's three eyes were closing, the wings on his back disappears as he begins to sleep on a bench peacefully, not notice that multiple rain cloud have begun to form in a rainstorm.


30 minutes later. . .


When the rainstorm has poured down, a boy in while clothing woke up and rubbing his closed eyes.

' I?' The boy thought.

The pink haired boy opens up his two eyes as his vision were only blurred from seeing a weird place he’s in.

Shaking his head left and right a few times, his vision were now visible and he sees drops of raining pouring down in the sky and some of them poured onto his ragged clothing.

‘What is this place?’

"Hello there."

A calming voice interrupted his thoughts. Turning his head to the right in surprised, he spotted someone with clothing that was already close to him and he didn’t know or felt the person’s presence.

From what the boy could tell, this girl has both mix of red and orange medium hair. Her weird outfit is colored in yellow with some purple lines across it and she’s carrying some kind of item with her from the rain. She also has a strange beautiful color light blue eyes that the boy actually kind of likes.

"Is something wrong?" The teenage girl questioned him with concern.

The boy tilted his head cutely and his whole body is shaking up from the cold air. Feeling a little worried, the girl patted the boy’s head with her hand and hugs him while her other hand opens up an umbrella. The boy shivers from contact with the girl, but then calms down and wraps both of his arms to her waist.

"Don't worry, it’s alright. I'll take good care of you."

And so, Sunset took the boy on a long slow walk from the pouring rain towards a safer place from it.

Unbeknownst to Sunset, her encounter with the pink haired boy will create some unexpected turn of events that will affect the present time and some troubling situations of the boy’s secret identity life from her.

Chapter 1: Baby steps, uneasy feeling elsewhere.

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After finding this strange pink haired boy in the rain, Sunset pulls the boy up close to her as they begin to walk somewhere else from the rain. Sadly however, the boy's knees suddenly shaken after walking a few feet and falls to the ground.

Sunset stops walking and see the boy that fell down.

"Oh no, are you okay?" She asks him in worry.

The boy merely shook his head as he looks straight into her eyes and sniffs a bit then frowns.

"Can you walk straight little guy?"

He tried to stand up, but quickly lost his strength and falls again.

'It seems he must having trouble of walking.' Her mind said before a light bulb lit up.

"I got an idea."

Sunset then turns around and bends onto her knew as she turns her head to the boy.

"Climb up and grab onto my shoulders kid."

He was confused on what she's talking and hasn't move his own arms or hands.

Sunset sighs and turns around again before picking up the little boy in her arms and stands up.

"Hold on tight."

Shen then proceed to walk forward, along with carrying him while he continues to stare at her.

"It's alright kid, I'll help you walk straight later on and maybe get you to speak as well."

The boy tilted his head at her before looking at the dark clouds above as they continue to pour down rain.

'Maybe one day, this kid can tell me of where his parents are at or his hometown.'

She glances to the boy on her right shoulder and made a small smile.

'But for now, I can just take good care of him. It's not like it'll be hard later on anyways.'

At a grocery shop, two young girls are seen walking out with some grocery bags.

One of them has blue ponytail hair while the other has purple pig tail hair.

"Oh I'm so excited Aria~! I can't believe the coupons have worked out for us!" The blue haired girls says excitedly.

Her sister Aria on the other hand, facepalms herself.

"Ugh you said it five times already Sonata. Can we just hurry up and get going? I don't want Adagio to be mad at us if the food is all soaked in the rain to not cook for us." Aria grumbled.

"Heheh Okay!"

Then, Sonata stops when she felt a sudden chill on her body.

"You coming or not?" Aria says, turning behind her.

Sonata looks back and forth of both ways before shaking her head.

"Sorry, I just felt something strange. Must be my imagination."

"Pfft Whatever."

So the sisters continue to walk out of the rain to find a place where their sister is at.

However, neither of the two notice Sunset carrying a lost boy in the distance while passing by them.

Meanwhile, in a different space. . .

Far off light years away from the EQG planet world, there lives a bunch of unusual planets.

One of them unlike the rest is called Popstar. An unusual star planet with two sets of rings is where a certain pink blob infant is it's new home. Over the times ever since crashing down onto Popstar, Kirby has protected the planet and everything else from countless evil beings that want to obtain power, taking over the world, destroy everything, or have their own reason. Like people hating certain days especially Monday.

Anyway, today however on planet Popstar feels somehow off. No native creatures of monsters didn't notice as they having their own daily routines like walking, relaxing, fighting, eating meals, etc. Except for one being that's currently watching over Kirby fighting it's enemies. The masked knight in the distance is known as Meta Knight, one of Kirby's arch rivals/last of their own kind.

Many hours ago, Meta Knight felt something was off after defeating Galacta Knight on another planet.

He didn't know what it was or where it came from, but he can sense it's going to get close soon.

He then sharpens his favorite sword for some time before he suddenly stops.


Meta Knight takes out his wings and fly upwards in the sky. Upon looking everywhere to see if something is off, he stops and sees in the distance a small strange cloud forming & heading towards King Dedede's Castle.

'Hmmmmmm. . .'

Meta Knight takes one last glance at Kirby finally defeat it's enemies before he takes off and follow the cloud.

Chapter 2: Hidden scar and pain.

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Finally making it back her apartment, Sunset walks up the stairs with the little boy she's carrying.

She unlocks her door and opens it up before heading inside and shuts it, only to hear little bit of rain drops.

Sunset gently lays the boy down in a chair as she takes both her raincoat & hat off.

"I'll be right back. Got to change my clothes first." Sunset says to the boy as she heads in the bathroom.

While Sunset's busy of changing into her pajamas, the pink haired boy looks around. He sees that some of the things are in a mess while others are clean or not that clean. He also notices something near Sunset's books, a picture or some sort.

Looking back and forth from the bathroom and books, the boy uses both of his to slowly climbs down the chair, carefully to not fall off. Once he's off, he crawls over to her books and makes it. He pushes over a couple of books to see a picture of multiple people, one of them being Sunset in it.

Finally done changing, Sunset opens bathroom door to see the boy looking at her picture.

She frowns at it before walking over and stops by the boy.


The pink haired boy turns his head to see Sunset.

"These are my friends on here; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie."

The boy tilts his head as Sunset shakes her head then grabs the picture and tosses it into the trashcan.

"Let's just say me and my friends are in a split up road crack. I'll tell you more later."

Sunset looks all over the boy who's still messy.

"How about I give you a nice clean up? I also can give you a pair of one of my old clothes."

After some difficult in the bathroom and clothing to put on, Sunset lifts up the boy again and tucks him in onto her bed while she turns off her lights and joins with him. She looks up at the ceiling while the boy keeps looking at her.

"Tomorrow, we'll go out shopping to find you some new clothing to buy."

She glances toward the side to see him looking at her as she smiles.

"At least there's someone that maybe knows of my pain, even just a little."

Sunset yawns out loud and closes her eyes shut before whispering to him.

"Goodnight little one."

Some minutes have passed and the boy is still awake. He sees something by Sunset's right wrist and decides to check. He rolls up the pajama sleeve a little to examine and notices a scar. His eyes and mouth slowly widen to see her arm with cuts on it. The boy looks down and gritting his teeth, not knowing that blood on his forehead is beginning to bleed.

Six blood drops poured out of his forehead and landed on his two hands each. Each one have slowly turn in a small black figure and their tiny one eye open to look up at him. The pink haired looks at each of the small six little ones as his mind speak to them.

'FIND. THEM. NOW.' His mind said in a dark serious tone.

The six figures nodded to him as their backs change into dark wings, fly up to the open corner window, and fly away into the rainy night. After the six figure flew away, the boy frowns and yawns before also joining in Sunset's sleep. Near the walls behind him, a wing in the shadow is starting to slowly to form back as an ominous laugh echoes in whispers in the shadow wall.

Inside the CHS Principal's office, Principal Celestia has her head down on the desk.

Her eyes glancing to a couple of photos on her wall, her graduation and the other one with her old friends.

Including a picture beside her on the desk of all the class students, one with a familiar red & orange hair.

"I'm sorry Princess Twilight, we really have failed you and your promise." Celestia whispers.

*knock knock knock*

Her loneliness is interrupted when someone is knocking at her office door.

"Come in."

The door opens up, revealing to be Celestia's sister, Vice Principal Luna who seems worried.

"Sister, it's already closing time today. All of the students and our teacher staffs have packed up to go home. I tried to call you on your office and cellphone, but you haven't picked up. Is something wrong?" Luna says, concerned with her sister.

Celestia grumbles and sits up, looking at Luna with a sad face on her, showing that she recently cried.

"Do you even have to ask sister? Of course I'm not okay, not even the slightest bit. The whole school of CHS is spinning out of control. Ever since the creation of the site user Anon-A-Miss, things have gotten worse. There's been constant harassments of posts online, fights occurring on school grounds, young couples breaking up, and pointing fingers at the wrong girl without any sort & shred of evidence. Even if she use to be a bully at our school."

Celestia pulls out a phone from her desk drawer, showing a damaged cell phone.

"What's worse is that the wronged girl, Sunset Shimmer, has decided to quit school since she didn't feel any safer her anymore from the constant harassment and bullying. Plus there's the fact it seems her circle of friends have drifted apart and never bother of standing up for her against the whole student body. Now I can't even remotely contact her or call for Princess Twilight Sparkle's assistance. If nothing is done about this sooner before next year comes around, I have no choice, but to call in the authorities to help me with mess of problems we all have at this school."

Vice Principal Luna understands why this whole thing is stressing her sister out. Even if they were to find the true culprit who has framed the former student, Sunset Shimmer, their damaged reputation won't go away since the board will have to question them on why they have failed this school and perhaps a chance that both of them will be fired for good.

So she walks over and comforts her sister.

"It's okay Celly, I'm sure we'll figure something out tomorrow morning or in a few days. For now though, let's go home to rest. I don't want to see you sleeping here in your office or going out to drink at the bar, now would I?" Luna suggested.

Celestia groans, nodding her head that she may need some rest.

"Ugh, okay Lulu, but I'm taking half the ice cream bowl in the freezer."

"Fine, though don't come crying when you get brain freeze."

"Shut up."

So Celestia gets up and escorted out by her sister. By the time they have locked the door, they didn't hear a portal appearing at the ceiling in the office. A figure appeared dropping on the floor, but only levitating.

The figure smiles in glee of showing fangs, hearing interesting details of the two sisters.

"Heh Heh Heh, I never expected this place is already in full of chaotic messes."

Teleporting out of the office, the figure appears at the library room, turning the machines on with it's magic.

"There can only be one trouble mischief maker around here in this universe and that's me."

Computers on each table reveals the faces each student's profiles.

"Now then, it's time to create my beloved work of art than this Anon-A-Wuss's trash of his."

Chapter 3: Clash at King D's castle, new name.

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Inside the big castle, King Dedede is currently sitting on his throne seat. He's been thinking hours of any new plans in order to defeat his long time arch-enemy pink blob, Kirby. Yet time after time, his plans have always failed from Kirby's strategies or any unexpected allies helping Kirby's disadvantages. Although, he did help Kirby out a few times from badder villains wanting to take over Popstar or destroy entire planets.

He yawns of feeling boredom as his stomach starts to growl for hunger.

"Whelp, time to grab some food. I'll think of my big plans later." Dedede says, scratching his belly.

So King Dedede stands up and walks down the stairs towards his throne door entrance.

Upon opening his doors, Dedede notices that all of his loyal minions are shaking & sweating all over.

"Minions, why are you all shaking up?" He asks his minions.

One of his minions points ahead as he looks over to the strange cloud hovering in front of everyone.

'What's with this cloud doing in my castle?' The king's mind says in confusion.

The strange cloud then begins to morph in a different form shape. It's cloud form slowly expands of five long tails while the center cloud forms six eyes, each one is only closed for now.

Realizing that it's no ordinary cloud, the King pulls out his hammer from his back.

"Who dares enter my kingdom without my permission?!" The king yells out-loud to the intruder.

The cloud didn't answer as it's expanded cloud-form tails have protect the center eyes.

"Answer me before I clobber you far away from my castle!"

Before King Dedede tries to command his minions to attack, the cloud begins to spins around as it's cloud tails has begun to attack with multiple strange tiny blobs leaking out the tails in all direction. Thinking quickly, Dedede defends himself by whacking those tiny blobs while his minion did their best to dodge them and knock those suckers out.

Dedede uses one of his spike balls and whacks it toward the cloud, only it's cloud tail catches the spike ball and tosses thing aside. He then decides to use some other strategies by using a few missiles to attack the cloud as they hit, but the cloud didn't get damaged from his attacks.

After some minutes of battle have passed by, King Dedede still stands with some damage while all of his minions were knocked out. The cloud still hovers above the King as they wait to see which will attack next.

'Jeez, this can't be good. At this rate-'

The king's mind is cut off when the cloud suddenly screeches loudly. He covers up his ears from the loud screech as the loud noises grows louder and louder with some of the minions twitching.

When the screeching stops, the king looks to see all of his minions slowly getting up.

Only this time, their eyes have changed and all of them are growling at their own king.

"Uh minions, why are you all glaring and growling at me?" He asks in concern and worry.

His own minions all look mindless as he glares at the cloud in anger.

"Wh-What did you do to my minions?!"

The cloud ignores him as it speaks in each minions's minds.

'N. . . M. . . T. . .'

The minions all draw their weapons at the kings as he's getting some sweat and fear building up.

'D. . . K. . . M. . .'

The minions all charge at King Dedede. He began to fight back at his own loyal minion by knocking a few out and running away for some way to knock some senses out of his minions while they are chasing him. As Dedede is far away from his throne room, the cloud flew over inside along with it's two hammer minions guarding the cloud.

'B. . . T. . . R. . . . .'

The figure's two minions nod and begin to draw four large circles in place with a bigger one upfront.

Outside of King Dedede's castle, Meta Knight arrives at the entrance and lands on the ground.

"Strange, that cloud suddenly disappear right before I got close to it."Meta Knight murmurs.

He then hears some commotion of screams and explosions coming from inside the castle.

"Oh no."

He flaps his wings and flies in to investigate to commotion. He spots King Dedede running away from his own minions attacking him. Knowing that he can't keep up running for long and outnumbered, Meta Knight sighs and decides to intervene by knock some minions out with his sword skills. King Dedede stops and turns around to see Meta Knight suddenly protecting him.

"What did you do this time King D?" Meta Knight says to the king, deflecting and dodging the attacks.

"For once Meta Knight, I didn't do anything wrong!"

King Dedede joins in the fight again by backing up Meta Knight. The two are now in the center circle as they ar busy fighting off each attacks coming around on all sides by the charging minions.

"Fine, but can you be more specific?"

"Apparently, some weird strange cloud enters my castle without permission and suddenly attacks both me and my minion. I tried to attack everything at it, but nothing seems to faze or damage it. Next thing I know, my own minions have turned against me in some kind of trance or something cause of the cloud."

Meta Knight thought up something as an idea pop and he glances at the king.

"King Dedede, go look for Kirby and bring him here. I'll handle the intruder inside your castle."

Not giving the king a response back, Meta Knight then uses his wings to spin around with his twin swords. He knocks back multiple minions away as both he and King D found an open escape, separating them both in different directions. Meta Knight kept flapping his wings forward, down, up, right, and left of dodging all obstacles from various traps and minions until he stops at the throne room entrance, being blocked by some kind of barrier.

"That must be where the intruder is at."

He flaps forward and uses his two sword to pierce it open, only it just bounces right off as the barrier hurls him away and onto the floor ground. He gets back up and walks to at least hear of what's going on inside.

"Make sure this special task is completed and report back, immediately. Don't fail me."

The barrier then dies down as Meta Knight backs away. He sees that the throne room is covered in some kind of misty fog and can't find out on who's in there. Hearing something coming for him, he flaps his wings upwards to barely avoid a big sword. He flaps into the throne room and attack the intruder, only he got caught by a strong grip of a cloudy tail.


Meta Knight hears a dark chuckle and looks around to see where it's coming from, but looks down to see five weird circles with one bigger than the other four.

"Who the heck are you and what's up with these five circles on the ground?"

Six red eye balls barely open in the misty fog and glaring at him.

You'll learn soon enough, little knight."

The figure throws Meta Knight to a wall, damaging one of his wings in the process. He quickly rolls away from a thrown of the king's chair and runs at the figure again, but couldn't get close as he barely dodges the thing's cloudy tails until one of them cracks his mask and knocking him away.

'You better hurry up Dedede, I don't know how long I'll last against this foe.'

Meanwhile, in the human world. . .

The young pink-haired boy wakes up with a yawn and rubbing his eyes, getting some crusty sand off.

He blinks and sees that he's the only one on the bed and Sunset is not there with him.

He sniffs something in the air that looks delicious and sees Sunset with a tray full of tasty breakfast.

Sunset puts the tray down on her bed beside the boy and pats his head lightly.

"Good morning sleepy head." Sunset said smiling at him.

The boy looks closer at the breakfast tray of bacon, eggs, waffles. He carefully takes one bacon in his left hand, sniffs at it before putting it in his mouth. Liking the strange taste, he chews the rest and proceeds to chow down another one.

Sunset giggles at him tasting her cooking and eats one of her waffles.

"You know, I've been thinking of a new name for you since making breakfast."

The boy stops his eating and turns his head to Sunset.

"Let's say. . . . . Bond Wing?"

He thought about it for a moment before nodding to her and goes back to eating the tasty breakfast.

"Great. Then after we eat and clean up, how's about we go to the mall and find some new clothing?"

His response was only a nod to as they continue to eat together.

Chapter 4: Troublemakers for hire.

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Few hours later after breakfast, Sunset goes to put the dishes in the sink.

Washing them up, she was thinking on what to get for Bond Wing at the mall.

'Hmmm let's see, I need to pick out a boys size for him. Only the clothes he does like and not the ones he's distasteful of. I can at least lend one of my old clothing since the one he wore needs to wash & dry.'

She glances to see Bond struggling to read one of her books she bought a few months back.

'Note to self: Better give him lessons on book reading and for online devices.'

Finishing up washing the dishes, she puts them away to dry off and goes to pick out her clothing.

Bond Wing however, who's secretly Zero Two, struggles on reading a book with words on them.

'En, g-garde, n-nintee, w-w-wa-gerte, miq-q-q-qeyto, a-a-aentl-larbz.'

Frowning on saying the words right, he drops the book and holds his head in frustration.

'Ennnnah, words are hard to pronounce.' He thought, grumbling to himself.

Minutes later, Sunset has gotten dressed and also helped Bond with the clothing she let him borrow.

She let Bond Wing give some privacy so that he can put them on himself. Lest she accidentally comes in blushing of seeing his private parts and will mentally scar her from the image until the end of her days in time.

"Note to all viewers: If any of you has seen any anime series, either rated E, T, or M, be mentally prepared for the scenes of a male character accidentally walking into a room where a female is changing or unchanging her clothing."

Changing up, Bond unlock the door as Sunset saw him on what he was wearing.

It was an old outfit clothing she has worn before attending to Principal Celestia's high school.

Her eyes lit up of seeing him adorable and gives him a big hug.

"Awww! You are just so cute Bond Wing! It's like looking at a mirror of younger me!" She giggles.

For Bond Wing, his cheeks went red in embarrassment.

'Eeeewwwww, I look like a total nerd of my arch. . . . arch. . . . . eh I forgot.'

Sunset broke her hug and patted his head.

"Don't worry, this'll only be my clothing for the day. We'll go get some new clothing at the mall to help fit you at the right size of boys. In the meantime after getting them, how about we go out for snacks and a meal time?"

Perking up at the mentions of food, Bond Wing rapidly nodded and she giggled again.

"Great, now wait outside for me while I go get my money."

She opens up the door for him and goes to get her money while he waits for her.

Hearing some movements, Bond turns around to seeing his six loyal minions has arrived back.

'So, you six came back as promised, along with new form puppets and information.'

He bends down and asks them questions.

'What did you six find out about them?'

{Earlier from last night. . .}

While Sunset Shimmer and Zero Two were sleeping together, his six loyal minions split up in different directions.

No human nor animals can see then clearing since the rains continues to pour down.

The first minions hops around each building of houses and apartments.

It has hopped to a garage sale and spots a person at the window with rainbow hair, matching in the picture.

"Okay mom & dad, I'll be alright once the rain is clear."

Hearing the athlete girl will be alone, it hops over to find her relaxing and watching tv.

"Here's some food for you tank."

The athlete girl gives her turtle chopped up food.

Glances at the human and pet, it sneaks into the window while the girl is changing channels.

The minions enters her houses and hops over to her pet, squeezing inside the pet's shell.

Tank felt something bite him and drops his meal before plopping down.

In mere moments, the possession is complete and remembers some memories of Rainbow Dash.

The possessed Tank glances to his owner, glaring at her for being unfaithful & unloyal to her friends.

'Tank is no longer yours, coward. You'll know the suffering of betrayal and it's consequences. But first, I think I'll pay a visit to your young sister since looking into your pet's memories, she's also not innocent either. After that, a little trip to your sports team base.'

Second minion slides down on the water toward the sewers.

Then, it hops at a water fountain, eyeing up to spot a farm home of where Applejack resides.

It hops away from the fountain and bounce on the wet ground until it jumps into an apple tree.

Searching around, the little shadow saw four humans awake, including their dog.

"Winona, come get your food girl!" It heard a young country girl's voice.

*Arf! Arf!*

Knowing which target to possess, the minion hops off toward the house.

It scoots underneath the window and sees the humans busy with the dog eating.

Sneaking around the material tools & foods, the minion draws in closer to the female dog.

Winona heard something and growls, but it was too late as the minion has jumped & bit her neck.



Their dog twitches in paralysis as the minion absorbs her body, completing the possession of the dog.

"Are you okay girl?"

Applejack walks over to see Winona is fine and only scratching her ear.

Shaking her head, she walks back to the kitchen.

"It's nothing, she probably got spooked by the storm or something."

Unbeknownst to her, the possessed Winona glares at the own.

It found some memories of Applejack and Applebloom who's responsible of Sunset's suffering.

Along with finding out about something more online of AJ's younger sister and deceiving her big sister.

'Your precious pet is mine now. I'll deal with you two lying, dishonest, traitors later. In the meantime, I'll go mess around your farm schedules and keeping a close eye on your little sis.'

The third minion hops & ducks through a few drivers in vehicles driving by in the rain.

It tumbles around from the traffic and the slippery ground, colliding towards a wall.

Shaking of from the impaction, the little minion jumps around to surveying the area.

A shiny place twinkles and it hops toward the building.

Looking over at the window spot corner, it sees the two girls in a disagreement.

"But Rarity, I thought you were going to help me with my project tomorrow!" The young sister whined.

"No butts dearie, my schedule is busy with an order for my guest this week." Older sister examining designs.

"Hmph, I'd say fashion my ass in turd shit."

Older sister gasps at her sister's words.

"I beg your pardon?!"

"N-Nothing sister, I'll be up in my room to study as punishment."

"That's what I thought you said."

When the young girl goes upstairs, the big sister huffs before going back to her work.

The minion glances to see a cat nearby munching on cat food the humans gave her earlier.

It climbs up the building towards an open window spot.

Jumping to the opening, it ducks and spots the young girl pouting in her pillow. Making sure not to be alerted, the minion sneaks around the corners and goes to the opened door, relived that nothing has fallen down to alert the young sis.

Hopping down the staircases, it spots the cat finishing up a meal. Glancing to see the older sister still busy on her designs, the minion hops down the stairs before jumping onto the cat's body.

The cat yells in hiss and runs around the floor trying to get something of her body.

It was futile as the cat felt the bite paralyzing her, making her plop down.

Rarity jumps from the noise and thinks something is up with her cat.

"Opal darling, mommy's on her way!"

She spots the cat yawning, confused on why her cat yelled & hissed seconds ago."

"Is everything alright Opal?"

Her cat turns to her with a frowning face.


Rarity sighs and turns away to get back to work.

"Honestly Opal, I swear that I don't what's gotten into you sometimes."

Unaware for the fashion girl, her cat has been possessed by the minion, taking control over her.

In some of the memories, it's confirmed she's one of the friends who hurt Sunset. Along with this fashion girl's sister that's oozing out negativity and seeing her connected with the device she had on in her pocket.

The possessed cat silently growls at both the owner.

'So, this is the fashion designer who's not generous enough and prefers on being more greedy too. Well then, how's about I return the favor on messing up her "special" designing hard work and taking away her allowance with my cat pawn? Plus an added bonus on what secrets her young sister has behind her back?'

Fourth minion jumps on each rooftops.

It hops around more buildings until it spots a building called Sugarcube Corner.

Thinking it's where the pink one is at, the minion drops down toward the building's windows.

The little shadow saw the pink girl seems to be closing up and the two adults heading out.

"See ya later Mr. & Mrs. Cakes!" The young girl waving to them.

"Bye Pinkie Dear."

It hides away as the two adults head out the front door. As the door closes, the minion slips inside the building easily with the two adults not noticing as they head off somewhere.

All of the light were turned off one by one as the pink girl tidies up the place.

"You stay on guard, okay Gummy?"

The minion hops on the seat, peaking at the girl petting her baby alligator.

A cheerful pink girl rummages around the counters cleaning up everything, including the seats.

Sneaking under the tables in stealth, the minion avoids the girl and moves toward the kitchen counter.

Looking around the place, it spotted the girl's baby reptile stand while watching the girl.

The minion jumps up to the reptile and her pet heard something behind him.

Gummy turned around and quickly munched on the intruder, but it was a bad idea.

The little reptile felt a pain in his throat and planted his body down on his right side.

The cheerful girl's body felt a twitch when she notices her Pinkie Senses went off.

"Uh oh, I sense a disturbance in Sugarcube Corner."

She guards herself and looks around for the intruder.

"Gummy, did you see anyone suspicious?"

The pink girl runs over to her beloved reptile, seeing him slowly shake his head and blink his eyes.

"Oh Gummy, you were suppose to watch out for any intruder. Not letting them get away."

She looks around to see if anything is stolen along with the register, but surprised to see nothing is stolen.

"Whew, just a false alarm. Although, I do wonder on why they didn't steal anything."

Shrugging her shoulders, she walks off to finish up tidying up the place. Not know that behind her, the reptile's pupils grew dark, glaring at the pink girl from looking into some of his memories with her.

'A little reptile under my command. The cheerful laughter girl, yet she knows on what she did was wrong. Who does this girl think she is? Thinking it's okay to be happy when she abandoned Sunset and take away her innocent smile? No matter, I think it's time to give her customers a reality check on who she truly is. Perhaps the owners of this place wouldn't mind if they have one less employee around here?'

The fifth minion moves into some tree limbs, hoping on each one.

Around it were little animals hiding away in their holes, scared of this evil presence hoping around.

Halting to a stop on a limb, it searches everywhere for any signs of the shy girl.

It soon spots a white bunny on the ground, hopping away towards somewhere.

Picking up the owner's scent from the bunny, it jumps and carefully stealth follows the bunny.

A minute later, the bunny is lured at the animal day care center.

The minion hides and spots the door opening up, revealing the shy human girl in the picture. The girl with long pink hair saw the white bunny hopping towards her as she picked it up.

"Oh there you are Angel bunny!" The minion heard the shy girl.

"For shame Angel, I told you to never run off on me. Why didn't you listen?"

Seeing the girl closing her door, the minion quickly hops forward and makes it inside the day care.

Hiding behind a pot plant, it peeks out to find the girl already has put her pet in the cage.

"Now Angel, you behave yourself and think about what you have done. I'll come back to give you a shot while I get you dinner prepared. Oh, I better go check if the oven is done for the shrimp."

Fluttershy then goes in the kitchen to check ono her meal.

Noticing almost each of the animal pets are asleep, the minion walks quietly to not disturb them. Turning it's head to see her busy in the kitchen, it walks on the walls and spots her white bunny in the cage.

The minion jumps off the wall and grabs onto the cage part. Angel flinches that something has impacted the metal cage door part. He saw the cage open up, feeling scared when a shadow creature crawling into his cage.

When Fluttershy's timer is done, she didn't hear the cries of her bunny.

"Oh, the shrimp is done finally."

She turns the oven off and grabs some protective gloves on to pull the shrimp out.

Putting the shrimp down by the counter, she pulls her gloves out and back into the cabinet.

"The shrimp is good as new, now to go get Angel bunny's meal and shot ready."

Picking up the bowl of carrots she has cut, she also grabs the needle shot to go.

Walking over to her bunny's cage, she peeks to find him surprisingly resting.

"Sleep well Angel, I'll put your bowl of food beside you and give you the shot tomorrow."

She opens the cage up and puts the bowl beside him before petting him and closing the cage.

When she walks off to go get her meal, the white bunny's right glares at her.

The memories this little white bunny heard at school.

"A pitiful young shy girl more focused on her animals than her crying human friend. I'm surprised her animal friends didn't give her the cold treatment. Then again, I could use this bunny for my master's plans. Firstly though, time to test out on playing doctor around her animals and evaluate the results. Heh heh heeehhhhh!'

Final minion has gone off away from Canterlot toward an Academy not far.

Making it to another town or city, it hops on each buildings finding the target.

Except, the minion can't remember on which person it's master has shown it of the image picture.

'It seems I have to get creative, but how?'

The little shadow glances at the crow bird looking around for scraps of food.

'This pawn can help me find the target.'

So the minion immediately jumps on the as it chips of help. It bites onto the bird and it was paralyzed, absorbing into the bird's body before taking control of the pawn puppet crow.

'Time to take a test drive up in the air.'

The possessed crow flaps it's wings as it ascends into the air.

Controlling the bird's movements, the minion flies forward to fly over the buildings.

Looking down, it spots multiple humans out in the open, but no sign of the one yet.

'Hm let's see, nope, not the ugly one. Too tall, too short, too glamorous, too. . . . . . a-ha!'

Eventually, the possessed bird spotted the target walking with a young dog.

'Thanks for the ride, bird brain. Also though you need a new wife cause yours cheated on you.'

The bird felt a pain removing itself off as the minion descends from the bird.

Neither of every humans in the area looked up to seeing a tiny thing head straight down.

'Nighty night, doggy.'

The minion falls down closer on the ground until it lands on the girl's dog, biting onto it's back.

A purple dog felt the impact and the bite as he growls and tries to get the flea off of him.

"Spike? What's wrong?"

The girl with the glasses on notice her wasn't walking with and sees her dog biting himself.

"Are you getting the fleas again?"

Her dog Spike, pauses and turns to her, scratching his ears.

"Oh well, I better go call the appointment when I get back home. Come on Spike."

She tugs the string of the leash as her dog is obeyed to walk with her. Although, the nerd didn't realize on what landed on Spike as he's already been possessed by the minion and looks into his memory during his time with the owner.

'Interesting, it seems this girl didn't attend to CHS, but rather she's a sister to the other girl matching her hair & clothing. I better keep an eye on this one and the strange item she mostly carries around. It can prove to be a problem with master if she uses it on him.'

Zero Two's six minions gave him all of the information, including the three girls and the identical twin.

'I see, so that's what has been troubling Sunset from this current event. . .'

He hums in thought, turning around and his minions glance to one another.

'What should we do next master?' One of his minions asked him.

Giving an idea, he turns to his minions and they stand in attention.

'Continue your mission of surveillance, make sure to give these five friends, especially their sisters some bad luck of consequences. Find out why these three brats have framed Sunset. For the identical twin however, leave her be, but bring the device to me by distracting her with something she can't ignore. One more thing though before you all go. . .'

Hearing Sunset getting ready, he ushers his minions to hide as they go behind the bushes.

"Okay, I'm all set. You ready to go Bond Wing?"

He looks up and nods his head yes.

"Let's get going. I'm sure the mall ain't so busy today, wouldn't you agree."

Sunset looks up the place and grabs ahold of his left hand.

He slowly walks away, but not before giving a command to his minions.

'If you see any of Sunset's bullies lurking around in Canterlot, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.'

'Yes master!' His minions shouted in proudness to not fail him.

While his six minions possessing the pets head off, he continues to walk with Sunset towards the mall.

'Next stop, buying books and clothing for Bond Wing.' Her mind says in excitement.

The shadow behind Bond Wing is shown with sharp teethes and a large eyeball showing blood in it.

'These lying, traitors, false element harmonious foolish monsters think it's so easy to be deluded of learning the lesson of life, but chose to ignore the promise of believing a young innocent girl. All shall regret of leaving her behind alone and will fell my wrath of eternity's fallen hope and despair. They will all feel the pain that I have felt more than millennium years ago, much more worse. That, I solemnly promise.'