• Published 5th Jun 2017
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New Family Bond Of Little Brother And Big Sister. - Neutral Boy

Two lives that only want to be feeling loved and not alone. When Sunset found Zero one night in the rain, she takes care of Zero like a little brother as their lives and unexpecting events would eventually change for the both of them.

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Chapter 1: Baby steps, uneasy feeling elsewhere.

After finding this strange pink haired boy in the rain, Sunset pulls the boy up close to her as they begin to walk somewhere else from the rain. Sadly however, the boy's knees suddenly shaken after walking a few feet and falls to the ground.

Sunset stops walking and see the boy that fell down.

"Oh no, are you okay?" She asks him in worry.

The boy merely shook his head as he looks straight into her eyes and sniffs a bit then frowns.

"Can you walk straight little guy?"

He tried to stand up, but quickly lost his strength and falls again.

'It seems he must having trouble of walking.' Her mind said before a light bulb lit up.

"I got an idea."

Sunset then turns around and bends onto her knew as she turns her head to the boy.

"Climb up and grab onto my shoulders kid."

He was confused on what she's talking and hasn't move his own arms or hands.

Sunset sighs and turns around again before picking up the little boy in her arms and stands up.

"Hold on tight."

Shen then proceed to walk forward, along with carrying him while he continues to stare at her.

"It's alright kid, I'll help you walk straight later on and maybe get you to speak as well."

The boy tilted his head at her before looking at the dark clouds above as they continue to pour down rain.

'Maybe one day, this kid can tell me of where his parents are at or his hometown.'

She glances to the boy on her right shoulder and made a small smile.

'But for now, I can just take good care of him. It's not like it'll be hard later on anyways.'

At a grocery shop, two young girls are seen walking out with some grocery bags.

One of them has blue ponytail hair while the other has purple pig tail hair.

"Oh I'm so excited Aria~! I can't believe the coupons have worked out for us!" The blue haired girls says excitedly.

Her sister Aria on the other hand, facepalms herself.

"Ugh you said it five times already Sonata. Can we just hurry up and get going? I don't want Adagio to be mad at us if the food is all soaked in the rain to not cook for us." Aria grumbled.

"Heheh Okay!"

Then, Sonata stops when she felt a sudden chill on her body.

"You coming or not?" Aria says, turning behind her.

Sonata looks back and forth of both ways before shaking her head.

"Sorry, I just felt something strange. Must be my imagination."

"Pfft Whatever."

So the sisters continue to walk out of the rain to find a place where their sister is at.

However, neither of the two notice Sunset carrying a lost boy in the distance while passing by them.

Meanwhile, in a different space. . .

Far off light years away from the EQG planet world, there lives a bunch of unusual planets.

One of them unlike the rest is called Popstar. An unusual star planet with two sets of rings is where a certain pink blob infant is it's new home. Over the times ever since crashing down onto Popstar, Kirby has protected the planet and everything else from countless evil beings that want to obtain power, taking over the world, destroy everything, or have their own reason. Like people hating certain days especially Monday.

Anyway, today however on planet Popstar feels somehow off. No native creatures of monsters didn't notice as they having their own daily routines like walking, relaxing, fighting, eating meals, etc. Except for one being that's currently watching over Kirby fighting it's enemies. The masked knight in the distance is known as Meta Knight, one of Kirby's arch rivals/last of their own kind.

Many hours ago, Meta Knight felt something was off after defeating Galacta Knight on another planet.

He didn't know what it was or where it came from, but he can sense it's going to get close soon.

He then sharpens his favorite sword for some time before he suddenly stops.


Meta Knight takes out his wings and fly upwards in the sky. Upon looking everywhere to see if something is off, he stops and sees in the distance a small strange cloud forming & heading towards King Dedede's Castle.

'Hmmmmmm. . .'

Meta Knight takes one last glance at Kirby finally defeat it's enemies before he takes off and follow the cloud.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, how's it going? Sorry it took so long. I had been busy of clearing my mind up by helping around some chores, rack up coins on my ps4 system, and learning some other plots from each author's stories.

Sorry if this is a short chapter for toady.

Also fun fact: Zero's previous forms have mastered floating, dodging good, and powerful attacks/special attacks, but never actually touches the ground in his forms.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!