• Published 5th Jun 2017
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New Family Bond Of Little Brother And Big Sister. - Neutral Boy

Two lives that only want to be feeling loved and not alone. When Sunset found Zero one night in the rain, she takes care of Zero like a little brother as their lives and unexpecting events would eventually change for the both of them.

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Chapter 2: Hidden scar and pain.

Finally making it back her apartment, Sunset walks up the stairs with the little boy she's carrying.

She unlocks her door and opens it up before heading inside and shuts it, only to hear little bit of rain drops.

Sunset gently lays the boy down in a chair as she takes both her raincoat & hat off.

"I'll be right back. Got to change my clothes first." Sunset says to the boy as she heads in the bathroom.

While Sunset's busy of changing into her pajamas, the pink haired boy looks around. He sees that some of the things are in a mess while others are clean or not that clean. He also notices something near Sunset's books, a picture or some sort.

Looking back and forth from the bathroom and books, the boy uses both of his to slowly climbs down the chair, carefully to not fall off. Once he's off, he crawls over to her books and makes it. He pushes over a couple of books to see a picture of multiple people, one of them being Sunset in it.

Finally done changing, Sunset opens bathroom door to see the boy looking at her picture.

She frowns at it before walking over and stops by the boy.


The pink haired boy turns his head to see Sunset.

"These are my friends on here; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie."

The boy tilts his head as Sunset shakes her head then grabs the picture and tosses it into the trashcan.

"Let's just say me and my friends are in a split up road crack. I'll tell you more later."

Sunset looks all over the boy who's still messy.

"How about I give you a nice clean up? I also can give you a pair of one of my old clothes."

After some difficult in the bathroom and clothing to put on, Sunset lifts up the boy again and tucks him in onto her bed while she turns off her lights and joins with him. She looks up at the ceiling while the boy keeps looking at her.

"Tomorrow, we'll go out shopping to find you some new clothing to buy."

She glances toward the side to see him looking at her as she smiles.

"At least there's someone that maybe knows of my pain, even just a little."

Sunset yawns out loud and closes her eyes shut before whispering to him.

"Goodnight little one."

Some minutes have passed and the boy is still awake. He sees something by Sunset's right wrist and decides to check. He rolls up the pajama sleeve a little to examine and notices a scar. His eyes and mouth slowly widen to see her arm with cuts on it. The boy looks down and gritting his teeth, not knowing that blood on his forehead is beginning to bleed.

Six blood drops poured out of his forehead and landed on his two hands each. Each one have slowly turn in a small black figure and their tiny one eye open to look up at him. The pink haired looks at each of the small six little ones as his mind speak to them.

'FIND. THEM. NOW.' His mind said in a dark serious tone.

The six figures nodded to him as their backs change into dark wings, fly up to the open corner window, and fly away into the rainy night. After the six figure flew away, the boy frowns and yawns before also joining in Sunset's sleep. Near the walls behind him, a wing in the shadow is starting to slowly to form back as an ominous laugh echoes in whispers in the shadow wall.

Inside the CHS Principal's office, Principal Celestia has her head down on the desk.

Her eyes glancing to a couple of photos on her wall, her graduation and the other one with her old friends.

Including a picture beside her on the desk of all the class students, one with a familiar red & orange hair.

"I'm sorry Princess Twilight, we really have failed you and your promise." Celestia whispers.

*knock knock knock*

Her loneliness is interrupted when someone is knocking at her office door.

"Come in."

The door opens up, revealing to be Celestia's sister, Vice Principal Luna who seems worried.

"Sister, it's already closing time today. All of the students and our teacher staffs have packed up to go home. I tried to call you on your office and cellphone, but you haven't picked up. Is something wrong?" Luna says, concerned with her sister.

Celestia grumbles and sits up, looking at Luna with a sad face on her, showing that she recently cried.

"Do you even have to ask sister? Of course I'm not okay, not even the slightest bit. The whole school of CHS is spinning out of control. Ever since the creation of the site user Anon-A-Miss, things have gotten worse. There's been constant harassments of posts online, fights occurring on school grounds, young couples breaking up, and pointing fingers at the wrong girl without any sort & shred of evidence. Even if she use to be a bully at our school."

Celestia pulls out a phone from her desk drawer, showing a damaged cell phone.

"What's worse is that the wronged girl, Sunset Shimmer, has decided to quit school since she didn't feel any safer her anymore from the constant harassment and bullying. Plus there's the fact it seems her circle of friends have drifted apart and never bother of standing up for her against the whole student body. Now I can't even remotely contact her or call for Princess Twilight Sparkle's assistance. If nothing is done about this sooner before next year comes around, I have no choice, but to call in the authorities to help me with mess of problems we all have at this school."

Vice Principal Luna understands why this whole thing is stressing her sister out. Even if they were to find the true culprit who has framed the former student, Sunset Shimmer, their damaged reputation won't go away since the board will have to question them on why they have failed this school and perhaps a chance that both of them will be fired for good.

So she walks over and comforts her sister.

"It's okay Celly, I'm sure we'll figure something out tomorrow morning or in a few days. For now though, let's go home to rest. I don't want to see you sleeping here in your office or going out to drink at the bar, now would I?" Luna suggested.

Celestia groans, nodding her head that she may need some rest.

"Ugh, okay Lulu, but I'm taking half the ice cream bowl in the freezer."

"Fine, though don't come crying when you get brain freeze."

"Shut up."

So Celestia gets up and escorted out by her sister. By the time they have locked the door, they didn't hear a portal appearing at the ceiling in the office. A figure appeared dropping on the floor, but only levitating.

The figure smiles in glee of showing fangs, hearing interesting details of the two sisters.

"Heh Heh Heh, I never expected this place is already in full of chaotic messes."

Teleporting out of the office, the figure appears at the library room, turning the machines on with it's magic.

"There can only be one trouble mischief maker around here in this universe and that's me."

Computers on each table reveals the faces each student's profiles.

"Now then, it's time to create my beloved work of art than this Anon-A-Wuss's trash of his."

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to finish the chapter.

Got held up on internet troubles, racking up some game coins, and other stories.

Well anyway, nothing much to say so see ya later.