• Published 5th Jun 2017
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New Family Bond Of Little Brother And Big Sister. - Neutral Boy

Two lives that only want to be feeling loved and not alone. When Sunset found Zero one night in the rain, she takes care of Zero like a little brother as their lives and unexpecting events would eventually change for the both of them.

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Chapter 3: Clash at King D's castle, new name.

Inside the big castle, King Dedede is currently sitting on his throne seat. He's been thinking hours of any new plans in order to defeat his long time arch-enemy pink blob, Kirby. Yet time after time, his plans have always failed from Kirby's strategies or any unexpected allies helping Kirby's disadvantages. Although, he did help Kirby out a few times from badder villains wanting to take over Popstar or destroy entire planets.

He yawns of feeling boredom as his stomach starts to growl for hunger.

"Whelp, time to grab some food. I'll think of my big plans later." Dedede says, scratching his belly.

So King Dedede stands up and walks down the stairs towards his throne door entrance.

Upon opening his doors, Dedede notices that all of his loyal minions are shaking & sweating all over.

"Minions, why are you all shaking up?" He asks his minions.

One of his minions points ahead as he looks over to the strange cloud hovering in front of everyone.

'What's with this cloud doing in my castle?' The king's mind says in confusion.

The strange cloud then begins to morph in a different form shape. It's cloud form slowly expands of five long tails while the center cloud forms six eyes, each one is only closed for now.

Realizing that it's no ordinary cloud, the King pulls out his hammer from his back.

"Who dares enter my kingdom without my permission?!" The king yells out-loud to the intruder.

The cloud didn't answer as it's expanded cloud-form tails have protect the center eyes.

"Answer me before I clobber you far away from my castle!"

Before King Dedede tries to command his minions to attack, the cloud begins to spins around as it's cloud tails has begun to attack with multiple strange tiny blobs leaking out the tails in all direction. Thinking quickly, Dedede defends himself by whacking those tiny blobs while his minion did their best to dodge them and knock those suckers out.

Dedede uses one of his spike balls and whacks it toward the cloud, only it's cloud tail catches the spike ball and tosses thing aside. He then decides to use some other strategies by using a few missiles to attack the cloud as they hit, but the cloud didn't get damaged from his attacks.

After some minutes of battle have passed by, King Dedede still stands with some damage while all of his minions were knocked out. The cloud still hovers above the King as they wait to see which will attack next.

'Jeez, this can't be good. At this rate-'

The king's mind is cut off when the cloud suddenly screeches loudly. He covers up his ears from the loud screech as the loud noises grows louder and louder with some of the minions twitching.

When the screeching stops, the king looks to see all of his minions slowly getting up.

Only this time, their eyes have changed and all of them are growling at their own king.

"Uh minions, why are you all glaring and growling at me?" He asks in concern and worry.

His own minions all look mindless as he glares at the cloud in anger.

"Wh-What did you do to my minions?!"

The cloud ignores him as it speaks in each minions's minds.

'N. . . M. . . T. . .'

The minions all draw their weapons at the kings as he's getting some sweat and fear building up.

'D. . . K. . . M. . .'

The minions all charge at King Dedede. He began to fight back at his own loyal minion by knocking a few out and running away for some way to knock some senses out of his minions while they are chasing him. As Dedede is far away from his throne room, the cloud flew over inside along with it's two hammer minions guarding the cloud.

'B. . . T. . . R. . . . .'

The figure's two minions nod and begin to draw four large circles in place with a bigger one upfront.

Outside of King Dedede's castle, Meta Knight arrives at the entrance and lands on the ground.

"Strange, that cloud suddenly disappear right before I got close to it."Meta Knight murmurs.

He then hears some commotion of screams and explosions coming from inside the castle.

"Oh no."

He flaps his wings and flies in to investigate to commotion. He spots King Dedede running away from his own minions attacking him. Knowing that he can't keep up running for long and outnumbered, Meta Knight sighs and decides to intervene by knock some minions out with his sword skills. King Dedede stops and turns around to see Meta Knight suddenly protecting him.

"What did you do this time King D?" Meta Knight says to the king, deflecting and dodging the attacks.

"For once Meta Knight, I didn't do anything wrong!"

King Dedede joins in the fight again by backing up Meta Knight. The two are now in the center circle as they ar busy fighting off each attacks coming around on all sides by the charging minions.

"Fine, but can you be more specific?"

"Apparently, some weird strange cloud enters my castle without permission and suddenly attacks both me and my minion. I tried to attack everything at it, but nothing seems to faze or damage it. Next thing I know, my own minions have turned against me in some kind of trance or something cause of the cloud."

Meta Knight thought up something as an idea pop and he glances at the king.

"King Dedede, go look for Kirby and bring him here. I'll handle the intruder inside your castle."

Not giving the king a response back, Meta Knight then uses his wings to spin around with his twin swords. He knocks back multiple minions away as both he and King D found an open escape, separating them both in different directions. Meta Knight kept flapping his wings forward, down, up, right, and left of dodging all obstacles from various traps and minions until he stops at the throne room entrance, being blocked by some kind of barrier.

"That must be where the intruder is at."

He flaps forward and uses his two sword to pierce it open, only it just bounces right off as the barrier hurls him away and onto the floor ground. He gets back up and walks to at least hear of what's going on inside.

"Make sure this special task is completed and report back, immediately. Don't fail me."

The barrier then dies down as Meta Knight backs away. He sees that the throne room is covered in some kind of misty fog and can't find out on who's in there. Hearing something coming for him, he flaps his wings upwards to barely avoid a big sword. He flaps into the throne room and attack the intruder, only he got caught by a strong grip of a cloudy tail.


Meta Knight hears a dark chuckle and looks around to see where it's coming from, but looks down to see five weird circles with one bigger than the other four.

"Who the heck are you and what's up with these five circles on the ground?"

Six red eye balls barely open in the misty fog and glaring at him.

You'll learn soon enough, little knight."

The figure throws Meta Knight to a wall, damaging one of his wings in the process. He quickly rolls away from a thrown of the king's chair and runs at the figure again, but couldn't get close as he barely dodges the thing's cloudy tails until one of them cracks his mask and knocking him away.

'You better hurry up Dedede, I don't know how long I'll last against this foe.'

Meanwhile, in the human world. . .

The young pink-haired boy wakes up with a yawn and rubbing his eyes, getting some crusty sand off.

He blinks and sees that he's the only one on the bed and Sunset is not there with him.

He sniffs something in the air that looks delicious and sees Sunset with a tray full of tasty breakfast.

Sunset puts the tray down on her bed beside the boy and pats his head lightly.

"Good morning sleepy head." Sunset said smiling at him.

The boy looks closer at the breakfast tray of bacon, eggs, waffles. He carefully takes one bacon in his left hand, sniffs at it before putting it in his mouth. Liking the strange taste, he chews the rest and proceeds to chow down another one.

Sunset giggles at him tasting her cooking and eats one of her waffles.

"You know, I've been thinking of a new name for you since making breakfast."

The boy stops his eating and turns his head to Sunset.

"Let's say. . . . . Bond Wing?"

He thought about it for a moment before nodding to her and goes back to eating the tasty breakfast.

"Great. Then after we eat and clean up, how's about we go to the mall and find some new clothing?"

His response was only a nod to as they continue to eat together.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, sorry it took so long. Had some good and bad things going on in my hometown.

Here's an adorable picture for an apology.

Sometimes, we all need a good comfort cuddle.