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Fall of Starfleet Side Story: Evolution of Friendship - Legendbringer

Sunset finds herself in a world of mystery, war, and battle against the most powerful entity she has met.

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Laughter! The clown's heartbreak

People keep telling me all my characters do is just one thing and they have no traits, well that's actually how I like and how I view characters and people in real life (Just one thing)

A voice whispered in Twilight's head as she walked home, "See how easily they abandon you? See how easily they will fight each other

"Yes..." Twilight growled,"How easily they yell at each other..."

"How much strife they cause between each other. How can you be sure that you will still have them when this is all over. Your friends are nothing more than a bunch of empty words and titles," the voice said.

"Empty words..." a hand interrupted Twilight's thoughts.

"Ms. Sparkle?" Rumiko held an umbrella over the two as she looked down at Sci-Twi,"What are you doing out here in the rain all by yourself?"

Twilight blinked, looking around,(When did it-),"I just... needed to be alone." She crossed her arms and held them close.

"It's dangerous to go alone on the streets. Come on, I'll take you home." Rumiko motioned towards her car.

Twilight looked up at Ms. Nonaka and stared.

Rumiko frowned at Twilight's blank stare.

Pinkie Pie sat alone in her bedroom, and let out a shudder. Slowly, she pulled her legs up to her chest and sniffled, "Is this how it's always going to be. Every Time I find a way to make somepony happy, they just get sad again. Can I ever be who I am anymore?" she whimpered, "Maybe Starfleet is right and I am too immature to deal with the rest of the world."

(You can (NOT) Grow.





Laying in the bed, she shuddered and whimpered. "Why can't the world just be as good as I hope it can be."

"FOOLS!" Celesto berated the six students as they stood in his room, "You were given training and skills that students your age can only dream of! And here you are, being beaten by villains that you should have easily beaten."

"Sir, to be fair," Starla began, but was interrupted.

"Fair? When has life ever been fair to you Starla," Celesto said. "Who was it that took you lot in when you lost your families? Who was it that trained you in the skills and gave you dreams? You were meant to be my soldiers, my champions, and even when you were blessed by the light of another world, you still failed."

"But it was one failure," Buddy tried to stand up, but another yell made him flinch.

"A failure that I had better not see again," Celesto said, "Now go home. I will talk later."

"Yes sir," the members of starfleet said, walking away.

(She is a crybaby.

She is a whimp and an idiot)

The voices whispered in Sunset's mind as she slept

Sunset moaned as she tossed and turned,"No, shut up, you don't know a damn thing!"

"I don't hate them, you don't know me!" Sunset shouted, punching her pillow"Who the hell are you!?"

Your doubts,

Your fears,

Your desires

"No, you're just some boogeyman trying to get inside my head! Now get out or I really start the hurting!"

(I'll be back...)

"Fuck off!" Sunset's eyes opened in rage.

"Well, your credentials check out. I have to thank you for coming on such short notice," Celestia said.

"No problem ma’am," a young man with short cut black hair said

"We needed a new gym teacher since the last one was slain by the monster," Celestia siac. "Good to have you aboard, Grey Son."

Sunset yawned as she limped to school,"Freaking voice, keeping me up at night..."

Unos stepped into the cave, looking at the portal to the other worlds. Placing his hand onto the portal, he could feel the soft energy beaming from within. He gazed at it curious as he listened to the footsteps behind him, "Thoughts?" asked Gallant.

"You have had two powerful opponents felled by the heroes," Unos said, and looking over his shoulders, he frowned, "And you are not throwing a fit."

"Is that a problem?" asked Gallant.

"I have seen many would be conquerors and champions rage at their losses." Unos put a finger to his chin, "But you are cool and calm. In my book that says suspicions."

"You think I will betray you or am plotting something?" Gallant asked, with a chuckle.

Unos smirked, "Never crossed my mind. I just think that you have something ready for the inevitable."

"Isolation is a strong factor in bringing out fear and control," laughed Gallant as he walked away.

Unos shook his head and walked away from the portal, shaking off the unease that fell through him..

"Who do you think is doing it?" asked Madylin.

"Don't know, but I intend to-OW!" Sunset ran into a pillar,"Damn it."

"Oh, are you alright Sunset?" Fluttershy asked, seeing Sunset hit a pillar.

"Fine," Sunset rubbed her nose,"Just really tired and sleepless due to the annoying voices."

"Are they the same voices that have been saying bad things about us?" Fluttershy asked, a little crestfallen.

"Seems like it." Sunset growled.

Fluttershy shook her head, "Do you still think it might be Celesto or Starfleet?"

"Probably, though I'm starting to have some doubts." Sunset muttered, looking down at the ground,"Those two baddies we fought don't seem to have any connection to them."

Madilyn nodded, "Yeah, they both seemed more interested in causing destruction and pain than getting anything

Sunset put a thumb to her chin,"There has to be a connection between them. Maybe the voices are from the guy who's sending these monsters."

You mean there were more of the-" Artie began as he walked up, only to be interrupted by Starla.

"Artie, let's not talk with them right now," Starla frowned.

Rhymey looked to Fluttershy and smiled, "Ahh, what do i spy?

My dear Fluttershy.

Fluttershy looked away, "Hello Rhymey."

Sunset stepped in front of Rhymey,"Hey, stay away from her." She glared at him.

Rhymey backed up a little, having a hurt look in his face, "I am hurt,
Why your rage do you assert?

I must ask why
What have I done to Fluttershy?"

"I don't know, but you're scaring her, and I don't like it!" Sunset growled.

"Oh," Fluttershy said, plucking up when she noticed the cold gaze that Rhymey had given her, "I wasn't scared of him. I... I was just scared for him."

"She and Rhymey are kind of one the outs lately." Sunset could remember Rainbow Dash saying)

"Indeed Sunset dear
You have no fear.

As you can see
She was feared for me.

I have not err
In my love for her," Rhymey said, reaching out for Fluttershy. This gesture made Fluttershy back up, letting out a little whimper.
Sunset grabbed Rhymey's wrist,"Her body language, and Rainbow, both say differently." She tightened her grip,"LEave, or I'm calling sexual harassment! And kicking your ass!"

Starla steped forward, growling, "Are you accusing my teammate of hurting Fluttershy?"

Artie saw this action from a distance and walked towards the disturbance.

"Of my honor I am hurt
That I would treat Fluttershy like dirt

I would never harm her sexually.
In all actually...

She wanted it

Fluttershy silently turned away, whimpering and shuddering. Madylin looked at Sunset, "I won't stop you."

That was when Sunset punched him in the stomach as hard as possible. As her friend fell down, Starla reared back a fist and sent it flying at Sunset. Sunset grabbed the fist, pulled it to the side and slammed her palm into Starla's face. This pushed Starla back and forced her to the ground. Wiping a trail of blood from her nose, she threw a cross at Sunset's chest. Artie watched this fight began but was stopped by Buddy, "But, Buddy, they'll get into-"

"You want to stand between them? Because I don't," Buddy said looking away. "I never did like fighting."

Sunset grabbed her arm and threw her to the ground, pinning her. Starla struggled, grunting and moving against Sunset's grip. Rhymey slowly got up and dusted himself off as he looked to Fluttershy and smile. Timmidly, she slipped and hid behind her hair as Rhymey began, "Sunset aren't we being testy and rude.
I'd never do anything so crude.

Your reaction to my jest
Was all I was wanting to test."

Sunset's eye twitched, before turning around and leaping at Rhymey,"Stop." She punched him,"With." She punched him again,"That." She punched him a third time,"Rhyming!"

Madylin stopped the other two, "Don't make me get into this fight. You wouldn't like that."

Fluttershy wanted to say something but could only manage a squeak before she heard,

"Sunset Shimmer." Celesto said, "Stop punching my student immediately."

Sunset stopped and glared at Celesto,"Why should I listen to you!?"

"Because last I checked, I am the superintendent here," Celesto said, narrowing his eyes at Sunset.

"Last I checked, I'm still a delinquent, so I don't really mind not listening to you, Grand Ruler!" Sunset snarled.

"Last I checked, my school, my rules and I will not tolerate such insubordination and rebelliousness," Celesto said.

"Once a hothead, always a hothead," Starla said, helping Rhymey up. "I'm almost surprised that her 'team' sticking around this long."

"Hey, don't go mocking her like that"! Madylin said. "She was only sticking up for her friend."

"Oh, is that what it was my dear
That wasn't it I fear.

I think she was acting out in rage and anger
Knowing that her days are over.

Now that the real heroes are back.
There is no reason for her to attack.

"She is just acting back in her old ways
The Sunset of olden days." Rhymey smirked.

"The only reason why she is tolerated for being the leader is because of," Starla sighed Lightning.

Artie stepped forward, "No- That's not="

Celesto silenced Artie with a growl, "Netherless, you attack ed one of this school's brightest. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't expell-"

A man of about twenty six walked onto the field, "Well, Mr. Superintendent, I say it's because you don't have time to doll out punishments. From what I saw, they both looked to be in the wrong. Now, it would be very rude to attack one without the other. Especially since that would look bad on the school for the Wayne Foundation donation for your little academy, of wich I heard that some people are watching you right not."

This made Celesto break into a sweat, before looking to Sunset and growling, "A warning, you fight him on school grounds outside of P.E and you will be suspended.

Sunset crossed her arms,"Fine." She looked at the man,"You're new."

"I'm the new p.e teacher," the man said. "I was hired yesterday by your principal when she said that there was an...incident with your old one?"
"Yeah, shame about Mr. Canon Fodder." Sunset shook her head.

The man raised his brow, "That was his name?"

"Yeah, surprisingly," Madylin said.

"Hey, it's not as bad as Dead Meat." Sunset said.

"Hey!" One of the students yelled, "That's a family name!!!"

Madylin looked over to Sunset and asked, "Ever think the name's on this island are weird?

Sunset shrugged,"Actually, those names are normal where I come from."

The young man shook his head, "My name is Professor Grey Son. They should be having an assembly to introduce later on."

"All right, we'll be there," Madylin said, before checking out his rump, "Hmmm....

Sunset blinked,"What-oh," She stared at his butt,"Damn."

"Tell me about it," Madylin said.

Dash walked by the girls, "Hey, did ya see Fluttershy?”

"Oh, hey-" before FLuttershy could say more, she felt Rhymey glare at her, forcing her to back up and walk away.

"Hey girls!" Applejack said, walking up to the small group. "We were look-Sunset, did ya get into a fight?" she asked, looking at the bruises on Sunset

"No, it was a beatdown issued by myself to the dorks."

"Ah, got it," Applejack said. "Why did you beat them down?

"Rhymey was scaring Fluttershy." Sunset growled.

"Good enough reason for me," Applejack said.

Rarity walked by Sunset, and gave a light nod of the head, "Sunset."

"Rarity." Sunset said.

"After the assembly, I think we should use the study hall time to meet in the music room, if that is alright with you," Rarity said, walking away.

"Fine." Sunset said, walking away.

In the auditorium, Celestia stood at the podium in front of the large crowd. By her side sat Grey Son, rubbing his hand through his black hair. Looking behind her, she saw the absence of her husband, and she let out a sigh. Facing her class, she said, "Students, I know we are still in mourning of the loss of Cannon Fodder. However, we still need to move on. I have with me a new Physical Teacher for you, his name is Grey Son."

As the young man took a bow, there was some small whoops and cheers, "Please treat him with the usual respect he deserves. And now for a few words."

Grey smiled and walked up to the podium and waved, "Um, I'm not good with speeches, because I haven't been teaching long. I hope you all will do your best."

In the back of the room, Madylin leaned to Sunset, "Doesn't he look familiar?"

Sunset leaned in to Madylin,"I wouldn't know."

A little while later, the group met in the music room, "Ok, so let's recap. Two guys have attacked us, and twice we got some sort of gems that transformed us into rangers."

"And the gems seemed to give us some sort of superpower, strength for me," Applejack said.

Rarity looked down and away from Sunset, "And diamond control for me."

""And we're still no closer to finding my friends," Madylin said, looking at one of the gems, "How much longer before Sci-Twi fixes the machine?"

"Too long." Twilight entered the room,"All that tech is expensive and really hard to work on.

Madylin smiled, "But you can pull it off still right? That's what you're best at!"

,"I can try." Twilight said with a frown.

Great," Dash said, patting Twilight on the back, "And maybe Sunset could figure out where these freaking gems come from. And why they are so dang magical."

"Um..." Fluttershy whispered.

"I am more curious as to this weird villain," Rarity said.

"Were's..." Fluttershy continued.

"Yeah, he isn't targeting us, and you would think a big bad would-"

"Where's Pinkie?" Fluttershy asked.

Sunset blinked looking around,"Oh, no," She got up and went through the doors,"Pinkie!" She shouted running through the halls.

"Sunset?" Rarity called, followed shortly by Fluttershy running to the door


Celestia watched Sunset running by her, "Sunset, what's wrong

"Gotta find Pinkie!" Sunset said quickly as she kept running,"Pinkie!"

As Sunset made her way outside, Pinkie bumped into her, "Oh, hey Sunny!!"

"Oh, hey Pinkie." Sunset ran by, then stopped, before turning,"Pinkie!" She grabbed her,"Where have you been!?"

Pinkie smiled, "Oh, I woke up a little later than usual. My alarm was kind of busted and Maude let me sleep."

Sunset frowned,"Are you sure? I mean, you've been hearing the voices, haven't you? We all've been kinda getting them."

"O-Oh yeah," Pinkie said, smiling her usual grin, "But I just laugh them off you know."

Sunset frowned,"Pinkie, you know you could always talk to one of us if you're being bothered by it?"

"Well, duh," Pinkie said, bouncing away from Sunset, "Of course I do!!!!"

Sunset frowned,"Why do I feel like she's not telling me something."

Pinkie Pie just giggled in response and walked to the music room. As they neared it, they began to hear some loud voices, "LAst I checked, this is stone guys only." Rainbow's voice was heard.

"It would seem
I thought we were a team."

"We haven't been a real team in ages," Applejack said. "You were the ones who keep butting in and forcing yourself down our throats. Sure, we show it off to the people but-"

"-But nothing. We all need to talk about the stones," Starla said.

Madylin growled, "Look, last I checked, teammates don't get into fights like you did."


"Fluttershy, the men are talking
Please stop your squawking."

Pinkie pulled back from the door handle and frowned. Slowly she shook her head and let out a little sigh, "Time for the party gal again." reaching behind her back, she pulled out a balloon and smirked.

Sunset frowned,"Pinkie, I don't think-" She reached out.

"Wait!" Pinkie shouted, spreading out the balloons. The members of the Rainbooms seemed to have gained a small smile on their perspective faces, while Starfleet rolled their eyes, "How about we time share the stones and talking time."

"Now's not the time, Pinkie," Starla said with a frown.

Applejack sighed, "Pinkie, thanks for the balloons, but we were talking here."

"Oh, yeah," Pinkie said with a chuckle.

Fluttershy moved aside, giving Pinkie a seat, "Here Pinkie."

"Thanks," Pinkie said.

Rainbow Dash folded her arms when Sunset also walked in, "Well, now the gangs all here."

"Yes, now we can begin-"

"I was talking just us seven," Dash frowned.

"Last I checked, Sunset is the captain, and I think she values us just as much as you guys," Starla said.

Sunset stared at Starfleet,"Okay, I don't think you understand, you don't have a place here. None of you do." She frowned at Artie,"All of you are narcissistic, abusive, overconfident, and annoying. No, I don't value any of you, so leave, now!"

Artie raised his finger, "Sunset, look, I just think we need to-"

"Artie, no," Buddy said.

Starla gasped and growled "Fine, Sunset. But, don't you forget, you only got here because Lightning took pity on you and gave you the job. I wonder what he would say now, monster."

"Yeah, and you bed your daddy." Sunset said with a middle finger,"I don't give two shits what Lighty thinks."

Starla pushed up against Sunset, "Clever insult, did-"

"Ok, let's calm down," Artie said, pulling Starla away, "Talk later Sunset." and with a quiet slam, they left.

Subtly, she raised her middle finger, a low growl emanating from her throat. Then, with a sigh, she turned and looked at the others,"Okay, what do we know?"

"That there is somebody new sending evil monsters at us," Applejack said, "Two of them were way above the usual fare that comes at us."

"Then we get have been getting two gems that show up when we are kicking ass, just before one of us dies," Rainbow Dash said. "Then we get some sweet armor."

"So, what's the connection," Madylin asked.

Sunset frowned,"I get the strange feeling that the gems are planned. Like something wants us to get better. Usually the big bad shows up, yells for five minutes, then disappears, but now... nothing, just some random voice."

“That's another thing," Dash said, stepping up, "How come you guys have been hearing voices, but me and Pinkie and Flutters haven’t?"

Pinkie said nothing, while Applejack raised looked up, "Why would he want us to get better? Better than what?"

Sunset frowned,"I'm not sure yet. Perhaps he's doing some sort of... plan to bring us up, and then bring us down. Or, perhaps it's to bring a single of us down to her lowest point and then corrupt her."

Twilight stared at the floor for a few minutes.

"Isolation? Why?" Applejack asked.

"We, are stronger together," Fluttershy said, shyly tapping her fingers together.



You'll have to fight, To kill, if you want to be any use)

"It's how we become stronger," Fluttershy sighed.

Madylin sighed, "More and more questions. And nobody has any answers!!!" she then flumped on the back of one of the music chairs.

Sunset sighed,"Yeah,and none of the baddies we fight ever seem to give us any answers."

"You ok Twilight?" asked Applejack.

Twilight looked up and stammered,"Fine, I'm fine."

"Ok, if you're sure," Applejack said.

"So, did you say that the gem reader is ready?" Madylin asked.

Twilight nodded,”Yeah, i-it's ready..."

Taking out the gem, she put it into the machine, "Here it goes."

The machine sparked to life, woking and whirring at a fast pace. The lights blinked in and out until a giant map of the world appeared out of the top. Pinkie let out a gasp, "Wow..." Pinkie gasped as she looked at the map.

While the map had the readout and most of the world laid out for the group, the four colored dots were faded. Each location was barely seen and would occasionally fuzz in and out from view, "What on earth?" Rarity asked.

"A map?" Sunset said, looking at it,"But some of this is faded..." She frowned as one part was fuzzy,"Mystic Island is looking fuzzy for some reason."

"Is there a problem ,Sci-Twi?" Dash asked, "Why is it so fuzzy?"

"I'm... not sure.The map right now is acting like it doesn't exist." Twilight frowned,"And the other Twilight's not here, so just call me Twilight already!"

Dash held up her hands, "Ok, ok, sorry! Sheesh."

(They care little about you.

You are their copy. The replacement.

She cares nothing for you.

You gave your heart, and she stepped on it)

Twilight frowned,"Now, these dots seem to show your friends. Perhaps if we have time, we could go searching."

A bell rang out, "Time is something we don't have a lot of!" Applejack said, walking out.

Sunset sighed,"Sometimes I wish they'd let us have some vacation time to save the world!"

"Hey, Sunset," applejack said, "Maybe you should talk to Twilight. She seems down ever since the cabin.

Sunset turned and looked at Twilight,"I'd love to, but... lately she's been blowing me off." She looked down to the ground.

"What, why? You two have been pretty close," Dash said. "I mean really close, really really close. Almost like you two-"

"Nothing came of it." Sunset said immediately,"I'm... just not ready." She lied. Sunset turned to the wall, seeing various books on the shelves,"Maybe that's why she's so distant. It's my fault." She whispered

"I bet she just needs time, whatever it is," Dash sighed as she looked to Fluttershy, walking with her head down. "Poor Fluttershy. I don't know what Rhymey did to her, but I am going to find out and I will make him pay." she growled as she made her way to the gym.

Sunset smirked,"Hey, leave some for me."

Grey son watched as the class filled in. His eyes looked at the girls that composed the rainbooms and the group that was full of Starfleet with an analytical viewpoint. When he noticed Fluttershy, he walked up to her and asked, "You really don't want to be here, do you?"

"Well, no," Fluttershy said, looking down. "But, Celesto wants us all to be in perfect shape and to all attend gym so we can be physically fit. He keeps making us-"

"Go, take a walk outside for a bit," Gray Son said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Y-Y-You mean it?" asked Fluttershy.

Grey Son smirked, "You don't look like a gal who works out the same way the others do. You need to do something at your own speed, and I can respect that."

Rarity raised her hand, "May I join her, Mr. Son? I prefer to not get involved such vulgar activities."

"Well, I was going to have training in archery, but if you wish," Grey smiled.

"No, I'll stay here!" Rarity said.

As Fluttershy left to the locker room, Rhymey stepped forward, "Grey Son, I disagree. She must be here you see.

Her training is a must
Or else she will be a bust.

She needs to become stronger and a fighter
Her aspirations need to be higher."

"Not everyone becomes strong in the same way," Grey Son said. "Now, talk back again and I will put you to your paces."

Starla opened her eyes at this, a little shocked at what he was doing to one of Celesto’s best, "What, but you can-"

"Miss Shine, ten pull ups, now!" Grey son said.

Starla growled and walked away.

Sunset whispered to Dash,"I like him already."

"Tell me about it," Dash laughed.

"Ok, now I don't know you all yet, but some of you look very eager to get to work. So, first I want you to run through some drills so I can find your strengths. Now, let's move!"

Dash was the first, running through an obstacle course. Moving with speed, she bobbed and weaved through cones and hurdles. There was a smirk on her face as she ran, feeling the wind through her hair as she moved to the side, getting out of the way of the next cone. In her mind’s eye, she saw nothing but the finish line and the obstacles to be nothing but small hindrances.

When Sunset came next, her body tensed up and she ran through the obstacle course at a little slower pace than Rainbow Dash. For her, the obstacles were less obstacles and more like a path for her to overcome. The way she ran and moved, it was almost like she was analyzing each step she took and took it as a chance to overcome it.

From a distance, Fluttershy watched calmly. There was a warm smile on her face as she watched Rainbow Dash finish her course with the quickest time. Sunset, did her's with efficiency and practicality. Placing her chin on her hands, she watched and began to take in the sights of their training. There had been a different feel in the air as the group began to practice, a more energetic one.

When Rhymey came up from the starfleet side, he smiled and waved to fluttershy. This caused her to back up a little and wave timidly. Smirking, the blonde man began to run through the course and slash at the dummies with efficiency. What he did not notice was Grey Son frowning and shaking his head. The gym teacher did the same when he saw Starla performing her skills with utmost perfection.

Grey Son began to write down notes when he saw applejack. Nodding, he pointed to the obstacle course with several weighted bags. Nodding, she ran in, punching and striking the bags. Her strength was unmatched as she began to pull off pushes and blows that almost seems to shake the equipment. Nodding, he turned to Rarity, who was having a ball practicing with the archery. Then he turned to Twilight.

(Will you succeed?

No, you won't. Not since the games. What were the Shadowbolts thinking, putting you up there. That was when this all started, wasn't it?)

Twilight sighed,"This isn't going to work." She whispered as she ran to the course. However, she tripped over one of the pieces and fell to the ground,"Argh, my leg!"

The members of Starfleet looked down at her, while Pinkie ran to Twilight, "Are you ok?"

Twilight moaned, looking at her leg,"I think it's broken..."
Grey Son sat down with Twilight and looked at her, "You need to go to the infirmary. Can you stand, or do you need help?"

"I'll do it!" Applejack said, lending a shoulder to Twilight, "Come on, hold onto me."

(She is thinking of her, this entire time.

You are just her replacement.)

"Ok, free training for the rest of the period," Grey Son said, "Except you seven."

This caused the members of Starfleet to back up, "What?" asked Starla. "Sir I do not see the reason why we should-"

"According to your reports, each one of you have been trained to be physically fit thanks to the headmaster. Further, you seem to have 'unique powers' thanks to a dimensional being. Now did you or did you not use those powers on that course?"

"Well, yes," Artie said. "But you have to understand, we had to. After all, we needed to show our powers and abilities at our fullest."

"And for them?" Grey son said, looking to the normal students. "How is it fair to them to see you using your powers to beat the course. They are comparing themselves to you constantly, and thus, feel inadequate. It's kind of unfair to the other team."

"But we have the power
Our strength we should tower.

To hold back our skills
Is beneath our wills'

"Then I guess you don't mind doing 20 laps... without the powers," Grey Son said.

The group let out a collective gasp, "What."

"And If I see you using your powers, I will increase the number. Now move!!" he said, blowing the whistle."

Sunset looked back at Twilight, and gave a gulp,"I hope she's okay..."

"I think she will be," Dash smirked.

"Yeah," Madylin said, looking to Sunset, "she has to be, right?"

Sunset slowly nodded,"Yeah, I mean, she's just a little more grumpy than normal."

"Why do you think she's been acting like that?" Madylin asked.

("I'm sorry, but I can't" Sunset got up and turned, trying her hardest not to look at the crying Twilight as she sat in bed,"I'm sorry.")

"I don't know." Sunset gave a nervous smile.

"After we are done here, let’s see her," Dash said.

Outside of the nurses station, Sunset and Pinkie heard "You are a disgrace to your uniform missy!!!"

"What did I do wrong?!" Penny Scillion asked.

Nurse Redheart looked at her in shock. "'What did I do wrong?' What do you THINK?!? You were about to send a patient home for a sprained ankle, when the X-ray CLEARLY SHOWED that she has a fractured tibia! A. Fractured. Tibia. I'm not an X-ray tech, and even I saw that her leg's broken! Why do you think she couldn't move her leg!? And I overheard you blowing off her pain complaint by calling her a drama queen! How about I break YOUR leg so I can see how big of a drama queen YOU become!? Where in the almighty universe did you get your doctor's license!? I'm just an RN, but I have more medical competence in my little finger than YOU have in your whole BODY!!"

Penny stepped back, "Ms. Redheart. I am going to whatever board hired you for this school and I will see your license."

"Fine by me," Redheart said, "But I think a girl who graduated top of her class at one of the best universities out there and has actually read Thomas Wayne's book has a little more cred than you."

Penny growled and stormed out, passing by the two students. Nurse Redheart looked out and saw Sunset and Pinkie, "Here to see Twilight?"

Sunset nodded,"Yes, please."

I'm sorry, but I put her on some morphine and let her sleep. She has a leg right now and she needs her rest," Redheart said. "You can see her this afternoon."

Pinkie sighed, "Sure."

as they walked by the teacher's lounge, Pinkie's ear twitched, "Hey Sunny, wait."

"What?" Sunset asked.

"I think I hear something," Pinkie said, leaning closer. As she listened in, she could recognize the deeper voice of the P.E teacher, "It's Grey!?"

"I checked, they aren't metahumans. Any powers they might have come from the morphing grid. Well, until that monster disconnected them,” Grey said, walking around the room, letting the voice on the other end speak, “Yeah, I checked with different members of the ‘Power Rangers Brain Trust’ and they said that they couldn’t figure out what gave them the power to morph. Since then, from what I’ve seen, they’ve been normal humans, even before that event a year ago with that alicorn thing.There is definitely something off about this whole place," a long pause followed after this, a"Is that all you got? Are there anymore places? Ok... thanks."

When the door opened, Pinkie pushed Sunset to the side, letting Grey son walk by. When he left, Pinkie looked to Sunset, "Want to stalk him?

Sunset looked at Pinkie,"It's not stalking... it's investigation."

"What's the difference?" Pinkie asked.

Sunset smirked,”Stalking’s when you get caught.”

Pinkie giggled, "Ooooh, Loophole!"

After school, the two stepped out into the afternoon sun. In front of them, they could see Grey son get into his blue and black motorcycle. Taking out his keys, Pinkie whispered, "He has a thing for birds," she noted, pointing to the little red bird on the keychain. Then he took off on his bike.

With a giggle, the girl ran to Sunset's bike, "Oooooh, you mean I get to ride Blaze?!"

"Yes, but don't touch anything." Sunset said, revving up and driving behind him.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Pinkie squealed, holding onto Sunset, her arms making a makeshift seatbelt.

For a few minutes, the duo trailed Grey, always a few minutes behind him but not close enough for suspicions. For every turn and twist they pulled they made sure to keep up the pace. Once they had stopped, Pinkie and Sunset sat behind a bush, looking inside a small internet cafe as Grey begun to type on his computer. For a few minutes, he just continued to type out something on his screen and continued to write. Putting on her binoculars, Pinkie nodded, "dun dun, bump bum, dun dun, bump." she sang

Sunset looked up at Pinkie,"What are you doing?" She whispered.

"Humming our sneaking music," Pinkie said.

"Sneaking music? Pinkie, what if he hears that!?" Sunset looked at Grey, a nervous twitch in her eye.

Pinkie shook her head, "No he won't we are hidden in these bushes inside of the cafe." Then she gasped, "A Batman Frappuccino? That is suspicious! Only people with dark sides order that!"

"Yeah, I prefer the Super-Espresso!" Sunset said with a frown

"Oh, I love the Wonder Frappe and the Chang-drink," Pinkie said with a giggle.

"But all we're seeing is his drinks, what else can we learn?" Sunset whispered.

Pinkie looked to the computer and whispered, "Wait, he's leaving his computer. Want to see how fast you can check his screen?"

Sunset nodded as she military crawled over,"Watch, and distract him if you need to." She leaned up and looked at the screen.

Pinkie watched as Grey walked back from the bathroom, nodding. Smiling she rushed up against him and started to speak, "Mr. Son! Oh god, I have so any questions!"

"Really? Like what? I am kind of busy forming a less-"

"How did-" and with that Pinkie began her speeding barrage of questions.

Along Grey's screen were the usual bits of lesson plans, grades, and data on each student. On the tabs were history bits dedicated to the island and some of the neighboring cities like Angel Grove, Mariner Bay, and Silver Hills. There was also an entry on news articles from Japan.

"News from Japan?" Sunset clicked on it. A sad frown crossed her lips as she saw the text come out in Japanese with little to no english words to be found. A bead of sweat poured down Sunset's forehead,"Why did I expect anything else?" She pulled out a flash drive,"But maybe I can figure a way to translate this! time to copy!"

Pinkie looked over her shoulder, and gulped. As she sighed, she turned to continue to talk to Grey, "And I always wonder why I get this burning feeling down there. I ask my sister but she blushes and says-"

As the download began to complete, a notification appeared on the corner of the screen.

New Email from: TinitimR: Anything yet?

Sunset froze, thinking of what to say, before typing"No, I'm working on it, though."

The email responded: “Good, we are a little worried, your signal is-"

Sunset was interrupted by her phone beeping, "Ran out of questions, get moving before he sees! :) !!!!! Luv Pinkie! Ps. He is very knowledgeable about the female anatomy and lady problems!"

"Dammit." Sunset muttered, pulling out her flash drive and turning off the email. Looking around, she quickly made her way to the bushes and hid just as Grey returned to his laptop.

"Thanks for the talk, Miss Pie," DGrey said, walking back to his laptop. Sitting down, he finished his typing and got up and walked out the door. Looking behind him, he could almost smirk at the two in the bushes.

Taking her spot next to Sunset, Pinkie asked of her, "Think he's seen us?’

"Naw, that can't be possible, he'd have to be insanely smart or something." Sunset whispered.

"Or, maybe he's the son of a great detective, like Batman or Elongated Man? Oh, maybe he is Batman, or maybe he was at one point," Pinkie said.

"If that's true, Pinkie, I'll dye my hair blue." Sunset snuck with her.

After Grey got onto his bike he drove off, followed closely by Sunset and Pinkie. Together, the two followed him through the streets of the city as he went on his day. They watched as he went into a laundry room, gym, and a small park. Everywhere he went, he seemed to be living the life of a normal P.E teacher.

Day soon turned into night, and they watched as Grey began to drive into his apartment. With Blaze parked behind the building, Pinkie sighed, "Well, I guess that's it then. Fun's over."

Five men knocked over some trash cans behind them and smirked, "Well, maybe not yet."

"Yeah not-" Pinkie eeeped and turned to see the thugs"Oh hi!!!!"

"Hey there, Me and the boys were wondering...which one of you has the most money," asked the leader.

"Yeah, and which one is the virgin?" chuckled another.

As Pinkie happily raised her hand and bounced in excitement at the virgin question, Sunset turned and glared at them,"I don't know, which one of you is a sad, good for nothing whose mommy never hugged them enough."

“Oh, come on, don’t act like those Starfleet doofuses.” The big guy said,”We’ve had a long history of crime extending from Gotham to Central City!”

"I'm not Starfleet." Sunset smirked,"And don't you think your experiences should cause you to change your ways?"

"Are you kiddin? Being a mook and causing trouble is a family tradition," The big guy said. "Besides, ya think two girls can handle the five of us?"

"What are you talking about, there are three of you," Pinkie said, pointing at his back.

"Three?" the man asked, looking behind him only to see his two friends down on the ground, unconscious. Growling, he said, "Ok, I don't care who did this." Turning around he threw a punch at Sunset. She caught the fist, pulled his arm out and then slammed her palm into his elbow. Then she crouched and rammed her elbow into his gut.

Pinkie watched as the second guy walked in with a pip and ducked under it. Smiling, she kicked him in the nuts. Before he could retaliate, a line latched onto his back and pulled him up into the darkness. The other guy was hit by a baton from the darkness. This left the head of the group looking down at Sunset, "Where...how."

Sunset shrugged,"I don't know, right now, I don't care!" She punched him in the nose.

He came back up, feeling blood dribble down his nose, "God, how did you." he growled and tried to kick at her.

The nam back up, feeling blood dribble down his nose, "God, how did you." he growled and tried to kick at her. Sunset sidestepped it, and then punched him right in the groin. This caused the man to scream in a high pitched yell before collapsing to the ground. A figure in the shadows softly clapped his hands, "Impressive. Though Sunset could work on her form a bit more, and Pinkie's needed a little more focus."

"Oh my gosh," Pinkie gasped, trying to get a good view of the figure in the shadows, however, all she could see was a black outline of a man with a giant blue v-bird shape on his chest. "It's that guy I told you about Sunset!!"

Sunset took a step back,"Who... are you?"

The figure crouched on top of the fence, resting one hand on his knee. His pupiless eyes looked at the two girls, "My name is Nightwing, I'm a friend. A case led me here, a missing person's. I think that there are some clues here on this island."

"Oooh, you should try the police," Pinkie said

Nightwing smiled, "Thanks, but I am already looking into it. Besides, I think there is something bigger happening on this island than you know, right...Sunset?"

"You know my name." Sunset said with a frown,"You wouldn't happen to be Grey Son, would you?"

"No," Nightwing said. "Your teammates in Starfleet have a problem with trying to decide whether or not to keep your identities in the school or not."

"Tell me about it." Sunset rolled her eyes,"They're annoying."

Nightwing smiled at Sunset, "Keep that up. I don't really trust who they're working for and who been Training them. You've been noticing it, right, the unusual changes happening around you? Even have a board?"

How did he even know about my white board? Sunset thought as she nodded.

Nightwing nodded, "How else do you keep your clue together. We will talk more later." with that he swung out.

Pinkie gasped, "So, cool."

"Yeah, he is cool." Sunset said,"But how did he know so much?"

Pinkie Put a finger to her chin. Thinking long and hard, she shrugged, "Dunno!"

"Yeah, I figured. Come on, let's go home." Sunset took Pinkie by the hand.

As the motorcycle rode through the city, Pinkie spotted a small spot of the bridge. With a giggle she said, "Sunny, stop the bike!"

Sunset stopped by the bridge,"What?"

Pinkie smiled and walked to the bridge. Getting on top of the railing, she began to walk along it, looking like she might slip on and fall down into the river below. After stepping for a bit, she slipped and began to fall

Sunset gasped and ran over to grab Pinkie's hand,"What the hell!?"

Pinkie giggled as she fell into Sunset's arms with an grunt. Smiling she looked at Sunset, "Oh, wanted to try to do something silly to finish the night. I mean, what a blast right"

"You could've gotten yourself killed!" Sunset said with a frown.

"No, I wouldn't. Because I had you," Pinkie said, and then looked out into the starry night, "Been a fun four years huh? Shame it has to end and then we all become adults and move onto bigger and better things."

Sunset looked out and sighed,"Yeah, can't believe it's ending..."

"I kind of don't want it to," Pinkie said with a sigh, "I mean, once it ends then we graduate, go to college and everyone will be expecting us to grow up, get jobs and all of that.

"But' that's that way things go. All good things must come to an end." Sunset said with a sigh, running a finger through her hair as she looked out at the night sky.

Pinkie frowned at this and shook her head as she asked, "Why though? Why do all of the good and fun times have to end. Why do we have to break apart and get serious and angry at each other. Why can't we stay happy and together?

"Well, no one says we can't be happy." Sunset said,"We can still have our fun."

Pinkie sighed, "It just feels like everyone expect you to get serious and lose all sense of fun when you grow up you know. Like, they think being happy and optimistic is being a kid and stupid."

"There's nothing wrong with optimism, that's not what changes, what changes is how you apply it."

"Apply it" Pinkie asked.

"Yeah, you just have to understand that the world's not as bad as everyone thinks it is." Sunset sighed,"But exactly what you should be optimistic about is really up to you."

"It's just, I don't know," Pinkie shook her head and looked away, sighing a little. "It's like, what’s the point of being me you know. When I'm at this school, I’m making everyone happy. what can I be when you guys are gone?

"Well, that's something we're going to have to figure out for ourselves." Sunset looked up at the stars.

Pinkie sighed, trying to force her usual smile, :Yeah. Well, l-let's head home."

Sunset gave her a hug,"It'll be okay."

Pinkie nodded and hugged Sunset, "Yeah, it will be. I mean, it's not like we are all going to leave each other right?"

Sunset stopped for a moment..." Yeah... we're always going to be together."

"Yeah...always.,” Pinkie said it in a way that sounded like a prayer.

There was a burning sensation in Sunset's heart as she drove Pinkie home

Once they got home, Pinkie hugged her goodbye and walked into the house. As she walked by, she saw a sleeping Maude, laying face down. Next to her were a small pile of bills, some with the words past due. Shaking her head, she walked up to her sister, put a blanket onto her back and kissed her forehead. Turning to walk up stairs, she whispered, "Night Maude."

Stepping into her bedroom, she threw off her clothes and turned on some music, "You know Gummy, there are days when I wish you were real. Then I would have someone to talk to." she sighed as she picked her plush alligator and put it on her belly. Looking down at the lifeless eyes, she began to talk, "You know...I wish life was like it was when we started high school. Then I could just solve so much with just a smile and a happy glance. But it feels like it's so hard now. Sunset, just seems to be angrier, Twilight’s feeling distant, and everyone else is getting further away from me."

She held her gator closer to her, "I just know, that the world just wants me to lose my smile. What's the point of being happy if it doesn't seem to help anyone." she looked down at her plush and sighed. "I can't even hel[ my big sister."


Vanilla leaped into Sunset's arms, "Sunset's home!"

Madylin smiled as she played with Coco, "Took you long enough!!"

Sunset smiled, holding Vanilla in one hand as she held a flash drive in another,"I was investigating some things. Tell me, do you know Japanese?"

"What?" Madylin asked, "Sorry, but the intelligence and smart stuff belong to my sister. I am the lightning gal. All I know is hello, please stop, and no don't do it, I might get pregnant."

"Uh, what?" Sunset shook her head,"Don't wanna know. I'm going to put some of these newspapers I have on this drive through a translator."

Coco bounced up and happily batted the mouse to Sunset. Madylin looked at her, "What newspapers?"

Sunset put up the newspapers,"These, Mr. Grey Son had these on his computer."

"Why would a gym teacher be looking into news from Japan?" Madylin asked.

Coco looked at the screen as the computer began to translate the articles, "Maybe he likes anime?"

"That's what I want to know." Sunset frowned, scrolling through the pages.

After a few short minutes, the newspaper articles were translated.

"1995: Highton View Terrace terrorist attack, no deaths massive damage."

In front of the building stood a young boy wearing a pair of goggles, holding his little sister close. Behind him was a select few other children, all looking around curious.

"2000: Nuclear missile misses Japan, cause unknown. Strange internet attack."

A creature with long white hair and snarling as he glared at the screen appeared.

"2003: Digital fields break out across Japan, monster attacks are reported. Mysterious kids help to drive creatures home."

"2004: Digital fields break out across the city of Tokyo. Large red beast is seen in the center of the city, mysteriously disappears."

In the sky of the city, a knight with a long red cape and a dinosaur helmet is flying in the air.

"2005: Digital destruction of various cities lead to investigation by JLA."

2007: communication with Digital world fading."

"Hey, this is from this year," Madylin said, pointing to a screen.

"2008: Digital field in Kyoto appears, monsters are unleashed and then disappear."

Sunset put a thumb to her chin,"They're all about the same thing: Digital Monsters." She looked down at Vanilla and Coco,"Huh."

"What?" asked Vanilla.

"Nothing, just thinking." Sunset said, turning back to the screen.

The last piece of the newspaper read ,' Missing person: Davis Motomiya. Any information please call the Motomiya family..."

Unos twirled his sword in one hand, allowing his blade to cut through the air. Spinning around, he did a jump up kick and then a side punch. As he stabbed the ground in front of him, he looked up to the direction of an incoming portal, "Gallant, a pleasure to see you arriving so late."

"I was busy," he waved his hand calmly, "There are other souls that I must tend to while this mission is going on."

"Well, this is taking too much time," Unos fumed as he walked around the avern, "Father will return within a few days time and all you have been doing is creating scenarios for rangers and bolstering their..."

Unos paused, "That's the plan, isn't it?"

Gallant nodded calmly as he walked down the cavern, "While I know your parents are due to return within a few days time, rest assured that they will be notified of your quest. However, my master and I still need you."

"To be a bridge, right?" asked Unos, with the roll of his eyes, "You need my knowledge of the ranger villains to use them. But why? Why does it help us to have new rangers being born?"

"Isolation,: he said calmly, Gallant looking at three large pods with still bodies inside. "These beings you see before you have been isolated and forced to desire change in their lives. I have given it to them, while using their souls as a conduit for the final solution."

"But how does this create isolation?" asked Unos.

Gallant smirked under his hood, "Are you afraid of change?"

As Sunset looked over the newspapers, Skype began to ring.

Sunset blinked, clicking on the icon,"Is it that guy again?"

Artluvr: Hey sunny Was just seeing if, you know, you are ok?

Sunset sighed, typing,"How did you know I got a Skype from nowhere?"

A:"Well I thought you would be the first to get it when Lexcorp introduced it."

S:"Well,I have a lot on my mind right now. But really? You're asking about my well being?"

A: "Well, I just thought that...Starla and Rhymey, they went too far you know. I know we don't exactly get along...

S:"That's an understatement. Why do you still hang with them?"

A: "We've been a team for a long time now. Since Grand Ruler took us in, we have always been together. Even though, I kind of wish we were more like you and your friends."

S:"They aren't very nice, Artie, they aren't a team. They're just a group of people gathered together for a cause they don't care about."

A:"But they...no, you're right, they don't Buddy is scared, I mean really scared. Dyno and Myte act like they don't belong because of their heritage, Rhymey is only obsessed with being the best, and Starla, well we know that she hates you and only really cares about one thing."

S: "Lightning's D? :)"

A: "Yep, that's one of the many reasons why she hates you, you know. He gave you a command position and she got nothing. Then she meets our Lightning and he's too old for her. I don't think she can handle that kind of rejection."

S:"Yeah, why is our Lightning so much older? That makes so little sense."

A: "Pot and kettle, Miss 32 in one world?"

S: "29, thank you very much. But I'm supposedly younger over here, so the same should apply to Lightning."

A: "Maybe it's some sort of weird timey wimey temporal thing. Hey...Sunset, thanks.

S: "For what?"

A: "For trying to remain my friend. I mean, I know it can't be easy and I know it never really would've worked out between us. So thanks, and for... saving my life from the Sirens."

Sunset let out a small chuckle,,"No problem."

A: "And I... am sorry for insulting your home dimension's magic. I was hyper, into the scene, and I didn't know what I was doing."

S: "Hey, we all do things we don't mean to."

A: "Yeah, I guess we have been both guilty of that."

S"Yeah, thanks for reaching out to me."

A"Thank you for being...a friend. Well, gtg ttyl," click.

Sunset leaned back into her chair,"Maybe there's hope for some change in them after all."

"Why did you date him?" MAdylin asked.

"I really don't know. It was just a small fling I guess."

Madylin chuckled, "As long as it wasn't somebody trying to pull the red string and make you fall for someone."

Sunset smiled and nodded,"Yeah, that would be terrible."

Madylin walked away from the computer for moment, Coco walking behind her, "My friends are missing, we have a guy looking up old terrorist incidents in Japan, and then a bunch of stones. These mysteries are just piling up."

Sunset sighed,"I really wish it were easier to decipher..." She scratched her head,"I always prefered the more hooves-on tests as opposed to the puzzles!"

"But I thought you said your were some sort of top student or something," asked Madylin.

"I was! But, I still preferred the hands-on approach as opposed to, well, this."

Madylin nodded and sighed "Kind of hard to do when there is no big bad telling you his plan or just wants to rule."

Sunset chuckled,"Wow, never thought I'd miss evil gloating."

"What was with that anyway? We get it they're evil, we know it!" Madylin laughed out loud. "What did Artie mean, save him from the sirens"

"About a couple of years ago, a trio of sirens attacked us. Artie was being controlled by them, but thank sto me and my friends we freed them.

Coco looked at a clipping that showed Starfleet fighting some demon monsters while in the background a majestic alicorn blasted three sirens, "Starfleet defeats D-Man knights."

Madylin looked at the alicorn, "Whoa...nice unicorn."

Sunset scoffed,"That's a load of bull. The demonites weren't a threat, and those guys knew it. The alicorn was us."

Vanilla looked up at Sunset as she got onto the bed, "Grand Ruler likes to make up a lot of facts, don't he? Wonder why?"

"He doesn't like it when things don't go his way, so he lies to make sure he still has control."Sunset growled at this.

Madylin looked shocked, "And no one has called him out on it?"

"Everyone else is scared of him. Even the School Board's too apathetic to do anything unless he does something really wrong." Sunset said, kicking her table, “He acts like he owns them and have complete power over them.

"How can one guy be so scary," Madylin whispered to herself before yawning. "Way too many mysteries for right now. Time to hit the hey."

Sunset nodded,"Go ahead, I think I need to stay up a little longer to figure things out."

"Ok, night!" Madylin said.

Sunset sighed as ehe petted Vanilla on the head,"This is going to be a long battle."


"Isolation is the key. After all... what happens to the end of our stories? What happens at the end of graduation or even the adventure? Do we forget our brothers and friends, or leave them behind. When we get to that last page, what happens?" Gallant said looking at the dimensional barrier as he awaited the next foe.

Unos shook his head, "Does it really matter?"

"To some people, yes. Because that is when they are the most frightened, when the end to their story draws near," whispered Gallant as the barrier opened up.

["Well, look at this, an eavesdropper," the crystalline being said, holding out his forming an energy blast. "Go to sleep now!"

Why didn't they care enough to visit you?

"OH, hi Twilight"

Why didn't they care enough to see you?

"I'm sorry, but I can't Twilight"

Why doesn't she care.

Because...you are not her!

You know who Twilight was}

Twilight moaned to herself,"Why should I bother?"

his is why they don't respect you, why they never will care. You are just the replacement, the toy.

Twilight was a hero, she was a champion... who are you?)

"I'm... nothing..." Twilight slunk towards the back of her wall.

(You're nothing, useless.

What have you done for them.

What good can you do?)

(Sunset, you are not----)

A few years ago...

Lightning stood in front of Sunset and her friends. "I am only here to give the guys a weapon that should let them access their powers from my world."

"Then where's Twilight?" Applejack asked.

Lightning sighed, "I'm sorry..."

“What?" Sunset snarled, walking up to Lightning, and then grabbed him by the collar,"What happened to Twilight?"

Lightning looked away,"She..."

Tears fell from Sunset's face, "Liar... Liar!" She punched him in the face,"You're just saying that just to get at me, I know it!"

Applejack reached out and pulled Sunset away from Lightning, "Sunset, hold on. This isn't going to do us any good punching him to death."

"Yeah, you should let me do it," Dash said, holding Sunset as well.

Sunset growled,"Let me go, let me go!" She began to sob,"He killed her, I know it..."

"No she killed herself!" Lightning said, frowning, "Because she disobeyed-"

"Lightning, you better walk away and go home," Fluttershy warned, "You say anymore, and I think those three will kill you."

Sunset hgrabbed Lightning and proceeded to punch him,”Shut up, you monster!” She was pulled away,”Let me go!”

Lightning bwiped his cheek, taken aback, unsure of how to handle the situation and then vanished into the portal.

For the longest time, the six sat there holding each other close.

The battle against the sirens did not happen as it did in the normal world, dear reader...but that is a tale for another time.

Buddy sighed as he stared up at the moon as it rose in the sky. The Justice League satellite hovered in the middle of the moon like a weird mark. With a shake of his head he asked, "What's the point, why are we-"

Artie interrupted with a question, "Penny for your thoughts, Buddy?"

Buddy looked over his shoulder as he watched his teammate and roommate paint a picture, "Oh, Nothing, just watching the JLU satellite in orbit and thinking."

"What's the point of guys like us when there is a group of superpowered beings that can fight?" Artie said, switching a thin brush for a flat brush, "I can't say I have an answer for that. I mean, we twice got our butts handed because of a monster, and we had to have the Rainbooms to save our rears in the end. It can get a little-"

"It's not just that," Buddy said, and then looked up at the roof, "She's up there again."

Artie looked away from his painting and asked, "Who?"

"Starla," Buddy said, and frowned, "She's been up there watching the stars alone by herself."

"Go," Artie said. "Talk to her, say that you are there for her and that you are her friend."

"I don't just want to be friend, Artie," Buddy said coldly. "You know that."

Artie nodded, "I know. I know. It's how you felt for her since middle school. Just go."

Buddy nodded and walked to the side of the building, mosing to the garden wall to climb to the roof. Looking at Artie, he asked, "Hey could you check on Daphine for me? I know that this place is supposed to be protected but-"

"Shit happens, yeah," Artie said. He then added, "Hey, you know if she never-"

"Look, I don't want to obsess over her for the rest of my life. If she wants an older man then so be it," Buddy then looked down, "At least she'll be happy."

Artie then turned his head away and looked to the painting. Seeing the picture stand before him of three beings in armor standing with three black images. Behind them stood thirteen malformed monsters in armor, a bird in the sky, while a man in a cloak stood to the side.

"Egypt has reported mysterious flashes of light coming from the valley of kings today," the news reporter said, "Noted Archaeologist Andrew Hartford and his son were on the scene reporting that a cavern has opened and what seemed to be footsteps walking away. This has been Tana Moon WGBS news"

Don't go chasing waterfalls
Stick to the valleys that you are used to

Buddy sighed as he listened to Starla sing along to the cover of the song. Enjoying the soft tones of her voice. For a moment he was taken away by the sounds of her voice and the softness of her mood. Then he got up on the roof and blushed when he saw her turn around, "Sorry, I was just enjoying the music."

"What are you doing here?" Starla asked. "I was busy trying to enjoy my sulk."

"It's late, and I was hoing that you weren't letting yourself get into your rage," Buddy said, sitting with his legs dangling over the roof.

Starla shook her head and looked up to the stars, "Go ahead and sit down. I just need to let some rage out."

"I'll listen," Buddy said.

"Stupid RARITY! STUPID SUNSET!" Growled Starla, "I hate them both."

“Starla, you don't mean that," Buddy said, putting his hand onto her shoulder.

Starla growled, "The hell I don't!!!! I hate them both so damn much!" she kicked the rooftop and punched the ground, "What gave them the right to be so much...better than me?"

"Starla, no one-"

"I was happy in that school, and then Rarity comes in. She has the best hair and the clothes, and when I come in. Some of the students accuse me of stealing her design!" Starla frowned, "And then I talk to Sunset and try to get her on my side and then the bitch-"

"As I recall, some of that was because of you and Grand Ruler. Remember?" Buddy said.

Starla ignored him and continued to rant, "And then she gets that power up while we barely took down the Crystal Princess. Then to add insult to injury, our biggest victory, the D-Man Knights, is only viewed by the public."

"We were heroes then," Buddy argued.

"Yeah, and to the school?" Starla frowned, "It's a mix. We are viewed as heroes, while some thing those Rainbooms are the better champions." she then had a frown as she looked at the medallion in her pocket. Opening it up, she revealed a picture of a woman with red hair and tannish skin. She sighed, "Have I ever told you why I enjoyed being a hero?"

"My mom, was a soldier," Starla said, "One of the best. She wasn't always around, you know, but when she was... she was like a supermom you know. She made cookies, read me stories and sang me lullabies. I just wanted to be like her, and be as strong."

"What happened?" Buddy asked.

Starla looked down, "During the massive invasion by the aliens in '98, she was in Metropolis trying to help the civilians. But there was this giant monster, and she was trying to save people and she-"

When she began to cry, Buddy gulped and nodded, "I understand."

"When Grand Ruler adopted me and told he was going to train me. I jumped at the chance. I was chosen to be a hero, so why...why...why does Rarity get to be better than me because she is working for it. Aren't I special enough? Aren't I good enough?"

"Starla," Buddy sighed, hugging Starla.

"And now I am being called a whore because I kissed Lightning. Because I wanted to kiss a married man," Stala began to cry, "I... I don't even know why I did it. I knew it was wrong, I didn't want to, but I did it. And now I find out he is here in the real world, a rookie working for Checkmate. An older man at that. Am I just a messed up freak or what?"

Buddy said nothing, but chose to hold her close and hug her. His hand slowly rubbed along her back and sighed, "I don't know. But come on, we need to get to bed."


The spiky haired boy walked away from the city. There was frown as he looked behind him, "Partner, did we have to attack those two?"

"I just needed to see how much of my power still remained," whispered a voice from thin air. He sighed, "I promise, I'll only handle the villains from now on."

The boy looked to his phone, and sighed when he read 'one missed call' "They miss me right now."

"I know," The voice said. "But until we find out who took the items again and reawakened me...we can't say anything."

The boy nodded and put away his phone, looking ahead to where a lone figure stood in the desert, "Is that-"

"Yes," the voice said. In a flash, the boy disappeared, turning into someone more confident, stronger, and fiercer.

The figure looked to the man, "Pharaoh? You are alive?"

"In a matter of speaking," The Pharaoh said, he frowned while looking over the woman with wings, "You are a spirit, aren't you?"

"My name, is Yubel," the winged figure bowed, her mismatched eyes blinked as she then fixed her white hair, "And which Pharaoh do I have the honor of meeting?"

The Pharoh bowed,”Atem”

"Why have you come out, Pharaoh?" Yubel asked, "I thought you were in the afterlife?"

"Someone, or something, has messed with the items. They are threatening the very bounds of life and death itself. I am here to stop it," Pharaoh said, and then frowned, "You."

"A dear," Yubel paused, not wanting to disgust the Pharaoh of her feelings for her partner, "friend of mine has been taken from me. I want him back."

"You mean to hurt others to do it," the Pharaoh said frowning. "You don't care who you hurt. Is this man that important to you."

Yubel crossed her arms over her chest and looked down, her brown and black skin shining in the moonlight, "This world is nothing without him."

"I warn you, this world has powerful magic users. Get out of line and-"

"Think I care? I know of the mages, I know of the dark ones, I know of all of that!" Yubel cried out, "But I will stop at nothing to bring Jaden back to me."

"Then, a wager," Atem said, reaching into his pack and pulling out a device, "I win, and instead of you attacking innocents, you travel with me. We can find him together."

"Fine, you lose...and your partner is forfeit," Rubel said, holding out her forearm, making a device appear on her arm and extend down. She smirked as she pulled out a small deck of cards.

Atem could only smirk, "You made a mistake...when my partner is on the line. I never lose."


Five minutes later, Atem walked away from the battlefield, Yubel's spirit following close behind, "Where to... Master Atem?"

"The Americas."

The next monday

Sunset moaned at her desk,"Man, why'd there have to be a test today? When I had no sleep?"

Rainbow Dash chuckled as she looked at Sunset, "What? The amazing Sunset didn't get to sleep? Why?"

A tall bearded gentleman wearing a black suit came to the board and began to write on the board.

Sunset's head slowly rose up to Rainbow,"I was up all night trying to figure out these puzzles...."

"You sure you are ok? You do need you-"

"Ahem,' the black figure shouted, "Students, today I am your new teacher."

"What happened to Professor Brain?" asked Lyra from the back of the class.

"He decided to stick to Biology and chemistry," the man said, "I am his brother, Mysterious. I will be teaching you basic science and ecology."

Sunset blinked, leaning into Dash's ear,"What did he do to the gods to earn that name?"

"My mother wanted to have an original name for me," Mysterious said, looking at Sunset.

Sunset stopped,"Celestia, he has good hearing..."

"I've trained," Mysterious chuckled as he began to write on the board, "Now, as we all know, there are several different types of dimensions in the world. Some we have discovered here on this island, correct Ms. Shimmer?"

Sunset nodded,"Yes, such as the one I came from."

"And have you heard anything from that other world lately?" Mysterious asked.

Sunset sighed,"No, it's been silent for a few months now."

Applejack shot Sunset a look that said, 'You never said anything about that.'

Mysterious nodded and walked to the board, "Interesting. See, this is what I want to talk about. We all know that there many dimensions, such as the Phantom Zone, the Digital World, the Shadow Realm, and more that have been discovered. Even scientist in Japan have found ways to jail up the world's most devastating Kaiju into a new dimension."

On the board, he drew up some pictures of the various dimensions. One was of a small digital creature, while the other was a square picture of a bearded man that had a speech bubble 'KNEEL' on it. Then he drew photo of a three headed dragon behind bars.

"The Kaiju Zone," a girl in the back said, "My father was one of the scientist that worked in STAR labs to make it. He said the Japanese were eager to find a way to lock them up."

"Correct, Miss Cook," Mysterious said, drawing on the boards and drawing lines to the side. "But what are the constants of these worlds."

"They're all connected?" Sunset said.

"Yes, while each universe has a variation on a them, they are still connected by the constants of: Death, Time, Afterlife, and Magic." Mysterious said.

Cook raisered her hand, "But I thought some worlds don't have magic."

"I theorize that magic is always hidden, always waiting to be used. You just need to know how to unlock it. LIke what Sunset did a few years ago," Mysterious said.

Sunset looked down at her hands,"Always waiting..."

"Remember, we have superheroes who use magic, as well as other beings who have presented magic in other ways. Now if we begin to look-"

As he began his lecture, Rainbow Dash leaned to Sunset giving her a letter, "Speaking of magic, have you seen our Twilight?"

Sunset wrote down,"Not lately. I thought she'd be here by now."

"Yeah, she's usually the first one to this class," Dash wrote back. "Think something's wrong?"

"Something's been wrong with her."Sunset wrote.

"Yeah, but what?" Applejack wrote down, seeing the messages.

"I... think it's my fault." Sunset wrote down,"I'll explain when class is over."

"Right," Dash wrote back.

Mysterious looked up at the clock, noting that the time was about to run out, "Seems class is over for right now. Study up on your notes and then get ready for the next part of the lesson."

With the bell ringing, the trio walked out of the classroom, "Man, can't believe what a bore the new guy is!" Dash said with a stretch.

"I don't know." Sunset said,"He does provide some interesting points." She sighed,"About Twilight... She has a crush on me."

"Wait...she does?" Applejack asked, looking shocked. "Since, I mean, when does she..."

"Yeah, I mean I never..." Dash then put a finger to her chin, "Though that does explain why she was fanning herself when she saw ya in that bikini."

"But when she asked me out... I turned her down, because, well I'm not ready." She turned away.

Dash looked down, "What do you mean, not ready?"

Sunset looked down and frowned a little, "I mean, I just broke up with someone, and... well... I'm just not ready to suddenly go for someone else at the moment."

“Ah Can understand," Applejack said, nodding slowly. "You wanted to take it slow and she-"

"Yeah, but it probably hit her hard. I mean, she has been through a lot. Flash, the coma, the memory loss, and turning into a freaking demon," Dash said. "It can't be easy to hear that the girl who was your hero basically tell her up yours."

"But, I tried to break it to her gently!" Sunset said.

“Sometimes, it ain't that simple sugarcube," Applejack said, struggling with her locker, and then used an elbow to knock it open, "You can be gentle as a feather in breaking it to a gal. And then the next thing you know, they're crying about it on Livejournal and..."

"And what?" Dash asked.

"And..."Applejack shook her head, "No, she wouldn't. Ah mean, she's too strong for that."

Sunset frowned at Applejack,"What?"

"Well, Ah was just thinking, "Applejack said a line of worry on her head, "The gal goes through so much and we ignore some more of her worst trauma. Then she gets her heart broken, you don't think she would take it too far... right?"

"No, not Twilight!" Dash said.

"Not Twilight, what?" Twilight asked from behind them.

"Oh good," Applejack said with a sigh, a lot of worry lifting off of her chest.

"You were late, thought you might have died," Rainbow Dash said with a shrug.

"Oh, that's ridiculous. Suicide would be highly inefficient." Twilight frowned.

"Yeah," Applejack said, giving Twilight a hug, "Just know that, we are here for ya now...if you want to talk about something."

Dash nodded as the bell rang, "Better get going."

(Yeah, right.) Twilight thought,"Yeah, don't wanna miss this class."

"Good, come on Sci-Twi!" Dash teased running down the hallway leaving Sunset and Twilight alone.

Twilight clenched her pencil,"It's Twilight." She snarled.

"Twilight?" Sunset walked closer to her,"That's never bot-"

"Shut it!" Twilight shouted, causing Sunset to stop,"I gotta get to class." She stomped off, leaving Sunset alone.

Sunset looked down on the floor,"What have I done?"

"Broke someone's heart again, Sunset?" asked Starla, frowning and snarling at her. "Or are you just messing with someone again?"

Sunset snorted,"Starla, I'm not in the mood right now." her voice was getting low.

Starla scoffed at this and walked to stand in front of Sunset, "What, not in the mood to defend yourself from me? To show your overwhelming superiority? Or are you just thinking of how much you can wreck my life before we graduate. Just what did you do to Twilight?"

Sunset shot her a glare,"That's none of your business." She said simply,"LEave me alone, or else."

"Or else what? We get into a fight or a rumble?" growled Starla, a part of her eager to rumble.

Yeah, and I'll kick your ass-" Sunset growled.

"Ahem." Dr. Nonaka tapped her foot,"Shouldn't we be in class?

"Yes, Dr. Nonaka, I'm sorry," Starla said, walking away.

Nonaka looked at Sunset, and put a hand on her shoulder,"What's going on?"

Sunset looked up at her, and sighed,"I think I hurt someone I care about too much. I think she hates me."

"I know the feeling, far too much." Nonaka knelt down, and pulled out a small candy bar,"I have a daughter who... resents me." She smiled at Sunset,"But, I don't think that person hates you, I think she's just going through a lot, and she's... trying to adjust." She gave Sunset the bar,"Here, candy always cheered me up."

Sunset chuckled,"Sounds like Pinkie." She froze for a moment,"Oh, crap, I'm late!" She ran off.

Nonaka chuckled, before hearing Luna's voice,"And you should go teach before I fire you!" With that, the doctor's eyes widened and she ran off.

Luna shook her head and walked inside Celestia office. When she stepped inside, she gasped when she saw her sister's head down and unmoving. When she stepped closer, she could hear a moan, "I am a worthless principal. I let the monster rule me, take my school over, and inside of me... why do I exist?"


Grayson began to look at some of his students, each one o them with the heads held low and frowning, "Come on class, get up. It's time to start moving."

"Life sucks." Said one student as he had his head low.

One student had a far off look in his eyes, "My parents hate me."

"Dreams are dead." Another student said.

"What?" Grayson asked, before swaying slowly back and forth. Images began to flow into his head of a bat glaring at him, a word on his lips.


Behind him, other images of people glaring daggers at him, admonishing him, condemning him. Shaking his head, he whisper, "A spell? Fuck, who's causing it?" he asked himself as he looked around the gym for any sign.

Buddy looked at his locker, and within it, a picture of his family and one of him holding a baby Daphne. Though it would give him energy to move on normally, this photo now made him weak in the knees as he crumbled and cried, "What am I doing with my life?"

"I don't believe this!" Dash shouted, eyes glaring at Sunset."You spent a whole weekend studying the clues and got nothing?"

Sunset very calmly stated,"Yes, unfortunately." She calmly began to unlock her locker,"Hmm, I seem to be calmer than normal. How strange."

"What do you mean calme..." Applejack began to look down and ask, "What am Ah even doing this for?"

Sunset looked at Applejack,"What's wrong?"

"Everything!" Applejack growled, “punching her locker, "Why am Ah helping you? Why am Ah doing any of this? Why should AH be your pillar, Ah don't owe ya anything!" and with that she walked off.

"Hmm, something's causing emotions to swell up." Sunset said, turning to see Twilight run off into a closet,"Indeed, I have to find the cause."

Madylin looked at Sunset, unusually peppier than usual, "Hey there Sunset, noticing anything weird with the students lately?"

"Yes, their emotions are ... hyped up." Sunset said,"And you're peppier."

"Yeah, I guess it's something to do with maybe my gem, magic, or a combination of both. Why are you so calm?"

"I don't know, maybe the spell's having an abnormal effect due to my personality."

"So while everyone else is getting depressed and saddy waddy, you are still being calm?" Pinkie asked, bouncing out of the classroom.

"Exactly." Sunset frowned,"I'm so prone to anger, that making me depressed is akin to giving me Xanax."

"And like I said, maybe my gem is helping me out a little or my peppey personality," Madylin said.

Pinkie looked around between the two of them, "So, where do we think we should start looking.

Sunset put a thumb to her chin,"Let's go find a guy who looks shady.

A lone figure stood in the shade of a tree, waving a giant ornate fan that had tassels on the end of it that were cellphones with the letter m, "Oh, such a bother. Why did that Gallant or however you spell it ask me to come in late August. My world was just fine the way it was, I didn't need to leave it." A sigh escaped his lips as he waved the fan in front of him blowing past his stone grey face and through the turban that sat upon his head that was made of many straps.

The res of his body was cloaked in a large purple robe that was adorned on the top with red,blue, and yellow orbs that shown in the light, while his shoulder pads were in the shape of eagles. Growling, he leaned back against the tree, "This isn't even my strongest emotional spell. I could do more and make the suicide rate sky-rocket. As a matter of fact." reaching up, he grabbed one of the wands and opened it, revealing a cracked screen and dried blood on the numbers, "Shame that the blue one died so easily."

"Galwit Mysto Neramix!!!"

"There we are," Imperious said with a warm smile as he watched several figures glow within the school.


"This wasn't the deal Gallant," growled Unos. "We are supposed to only allow them to get depressed, not suicidal!"

Gallant could only smile, "My dear Unos, need I remind you that the rangers are heroes. If they are not able to stop the oncoming death... then they should hand up their morphers."

Unos shook his head and turned away, unable to look at the oncoming death, "Where did you find this madman?"

"Imperious here comes from a world where he used the emotions of the blue ranger against her. She became so saddened at the breakup of the love of her life that she ended it. He used that to kill the other five weeks before they could awaken their sixth ranger."

Starla's eyes glowed a faint blue as she said, "Why? Why can't I be like her. Why do I look so weak? Maybe I should..."

"Daphne...I'm so sorry," Buddy said, walking away from his plants.

Grayson grunted locking the door from the others from getting out. Looking to sunset as she run out, he yelled, "Sunset, what's going on?"

"Someone is messing with everyone's emotions," Madylin said, panting as she ran.

"Yeah, and I think it's getting worse," Grayson said, "They're becoming suicidal

Sunset sighed,"Darn. We have to do this fast. If I still had my rage, I'd be shouting to the man to come on out." She turned to Madylin.

Madylin nodded, "I'll do my best to try and stop everyone from killing themselves, you find the bad guy."

Pinkie looked out the window and saw next to the big tree outside, "Hey, that tree Buddy plantes..." looking that way, she raced outside with Sunset in tow.

"Oh, hello there," Imperious said with a bow.

Sunset pointed to Imperious,"Hey, cut it out."

Imperious put a fan to his face, "Wait, I put a spell on the entire school that made them ready to kill themselves and become depressed and telling me to cut it out is the only thing you can say?"

"I'm so hot-headed, all that spell did to me was make me moderately calm." Sunset said simply,"Now, cut it, or I make you."

"And you," Imperious said, looking at Pinkie Pie with a cruel smile. In an instant, he floated to Pinkie, and tucked her chin, "Why are you not affected."

Pinkie giggled, "Well, I just don't see a reason to be depressed. I am rather happy and peppy all of the time. Especially when I am with my friends."

"Well, that is the thing, my spell will wear down even the most energetic of souls. It takes time depending on their will power."


Madylin suddenly stopped and leaned against the wall. With a sniffle she whispered, "Layla, I am sorry."


"You are," he folded up his fan and tucked it under Pinkie's neck, "Hiding your sadness. Don't you think so, Miss Shimmer?"

"Potentially." Sunset said, cracking her knuckles,"Pinkie knows how to hide things really well."

Pinkie giggled a little at this, "What do you mean? I...I'm not hiding anything. I'm just me."

"Oh really?" Imperious asked, slipping his fan under her chin, "Not hiding anything to make you feel down? No trauma, tragedy, no pain or sorrow?"

(You are an idiot


You are useless to them.

"Hi, I'm Pinkie, professional gree-"

"Hi, I'm Pinkie and I am really glad to see you." She then tripped and began to cry at this.

Cry baby.

Grow up!!!!)

"Nope, n-none at all," Pinkie said shuddering.

Imperious heard it, and then looked to Sunset, "Are you sure there is nothing there? Nothing you may have done, Miss Shimmer?

(You don't need her

She is stupid


You have no hope

You do not hope.

She is breaking

The voice whispered to Sunset


Sunset's calm demeanor began to falter slightly,"What?" She took a step towards Imperious.

"Surely what you did to her and her friends did not just left her alone," Imperious chuckled, "Maybe in another world where she was not constantly reminded that she was a little child in a man;s world who doesn't grow up. Told by others that she is just a silly girl who is useless when it comes to the real world. But, she could always rely on her friends."

(Where is Pinkie?

She didn't come to school today)

"But because of your mistake, she lost it, didn't she.

(Where is Pinkie

She didn't come to school)

"So, surely you did something wrong, right miss Shimmer?"

Sunset's calm demeanor began to slowly sour, she looked down at the ground, almost looking depressed...

Before glaring up at him,"You just can't shut your trap, you motherfucking monster!" She stomped towards him,"You don't know Pinkie like I do!"

"Do I?" Imperious asked.

Sunset stomped towards him some more,"Yeah, Pinkie always knows what to say to cheer others up, even when people shoot her down. She's always ready to do the right thing, even when she doesn't have too. Her happiness is proof that she's stronger than most people, including you!"

"Stronger than me, you say?" Imperious laughed as he floated behind Sunset and whispered in her ear, "Want to test it?"

"Sunset, it's getting darker," Pinkie said, watching the clouds overhead float over them.

Sunset gasped, and spun around to look at him,"Gah, creeper!" She looked up,"What are you doing?"

"Oh, it's just the idea that you said she is strong appeals to me," Imperious said with a low chuckle. "How about a game? Those people," he showed a line of students on the edge of the roof, "Will kill themselves in the hour. I will begin to slowly break apart Pinkie's psyche one by one. If you cannot fix her out of her state by that time... they will die."

He looked and saw that among their number were Starla and some of the other members of Starfleet, "Although... I bet you want that."

Sunset bit her lip,"Damn it..." She glared at Imperious,"Fine, I'm game."

"Excellent," Imperious said with a smile. Then he turned to look at Pinkie and waved his fan.

Pinkie giggled, "Hey, what's going on?" she asked, watching as her body began to shrink into a young girl. Then she smiled, "Hey, is this a memory type of thing? Oh ,I love some of my days as a child."

"Oh really?" Imperious said, before looking to sunset, "All your days were happy?"

"Yep!" Pinkie said, and then she heard the yelling. There was a shudder along her spine as she tried to not look over her shoulder.

"She is strange, a little demon is what she is!" screamed a voice.

"Now, you are being too harsh. Mother would not like that-"

"Shut up Clyde. Did you see what she was doing? She was dancing in the fields naked, that is not usual behavior"! his brother said.

"Uncle, dad?" Young Pinkie whimpered, "Please stop fighting."

"She is my little sister," Maude said. "She is not a freak."

"OH what do you know? You've been away for far too long," the uncle growled.

Little Pinkie shook her head, "Stop, I was just having fun. Please, I didn't."

"A family who cares not for your weird little ways? Interesting, and they told you that you were too happy and peppy, did they not?" Imperious asked.

"My mom and daddy, they would get a little grumpy, but some of the people they hated me for being so...happy," Pinkie sniffled, falling to her knees. "What was wrong with the way I am?"

Sunset knelt down to Pinkie"Pinkie, they... didn't hate you, they just didn't understand. Their way of life was... not accustomed to who you were."

"Maude, Grandma," Pinkie cried, "They said I was special. They called me unique and liked me."

"She needs to die," the uncle said and aimed a knife at a sleeping girl.

"NO!" Screamed Pinkie as she held onto Sunset, "Why do they hate me, why couldn't the understand me?"

"Some people hate differences, but there's always going to be people who hate. People like you, exist to show them another way." Sunset said.

"Thank you," Pinkie whispered, feeling herself age up a little. Her body had grown now and was a little more matre, near the end of junior high. There was a smile on her lips as she looked out the door. "Hey, it's my final day of junior high. I remem...oh no."

"You'll have to care for her," Clyde said with a solemn nod.

"Yes sir." Maude said with a nod.

"And watch out for her," Sue said.

"And make sure she's safe! She's annoying but still family," said Limestone.

"I will."

Pinkie whimpered, "No, please, she doesn't need to see this!"

Sunset frowned,"Pinkie, I need to know what happened."

“It's not my fault," Pinkie whimpered.

Then sunset began to see bills pass her by. Electricity, internet, food, and more. Pinkie turned away, "I try, I try so hard, but Maude can only make so much. Everytime I see it I feel...I feell... That I’m make her life harder, that she can’t afford to help me."

Sunset held Pinkie close,"Pinkie, why didn't you say anything!?"

"Because, I..."

More bills flew her face.

"I didn't want you to see this, to see me or the truth that I'm not so much fun," Pinkie whimpered. "I didn't want you to deal with this and lose your smile aroundme."

"Pinkie, it's okay for you to be sad sometimes, no one's expecting you to always have a smile on your face. You're only human ..."

"I just, I just want to make sure that we are all happy, but I feel like if you see this...you'll be too focused on my own sadness. I want to cheer you up," Pinkie began to whimper and hug sunset.

"Pinkie, we'll only try to help. Sure, we'll be a little sad, but that'll make those time you make us happy more special."

Pinkie sniffled, "thank you."

Soon Pinkie found herself much older, to her current age. She sighed, "Back to normal." Then she began to hear voices

"Grow up!"

"What does she have to be happy about? there is so much sadness in this world."

"Girls like her, don't live long."

"What? Oh come on, that is ridiculous," Pinkie sheepishly giggled, and then heard something that made her heart turn cold.

"Why am I hanging out with you anyway?" Dash growled, "I saw what you posted."

"No, please god, no," Pinkie whimpered. "Please, not this."

"Ah don't want to hang around you anymore."


"Pinkie, you are a meanie, and cruel," Fluttershy whispered, being held by Rhymey.

"No, I'm sorry," Pinkie began to cry.

"Maybe they're right," Pinkie said, her face putting on a mask and walking away, "I don't want to hang out with you either!"

"She thinks on the bright side of things, that's so stupid."

"Bet she'll kill someone with her parties."

"Just stop trying to become friends with them."

"You can't make anyone smile."

Pinkie watched as her other self began to walk away into the shadows, "No, me, stop! It isn't that bad. Please..."

"I hate my friends, I hate myself, I hate me," the other Pinkie whispered, closing a long black door.

"No...stop me," Pinkie whispered.

"Why should I even bother...

"No, Pinkie, this is just an illusion, it's not real, we don't think like that at all!!"Sunset shouted.

"I...I..." Pinkie could barely hear Sunset in the black cloud that was surrounding her. She could feel cold as she looked at the black door.

[Pinkie didn't come to school today, she didn't come...]

Maude's voice called over her ears, and she tucked her head in, "Make it stop, make it stop."

"My friends split up, everyone thinks that hope and laughter is a joke. I can't be me, why do I bother," The other pinkie said, looking at her arm, and the baking knife.

[Pinkie...didn't come to school today.]

Pinkie leaned over, letting one of her bracelets fall off. Showing a deep red mark, "They kept telling me that I was wrong, an idiot, messed up!"

"Ooooh, and who caused it, Sunset? Who broke them up that shattered her will?" Imperious laughed. "Tick tock,three minutes are left."

"She needs to grow up."

"Shut up, shut up," Pinkie began to cry.

"Pinkie!" Sunset shouted,"I'm sorry, alright, I know I shouldn't have broken your friends up, but that's in the past now! The fact that you got back together shows how strong your bond is!"

In a cave, the two digimon happily dug up a small little hole. Within the hole was a small blue gem that glowed faintly before beginning to move once in awhile.

"It won't work, my spell is too effective," Imperious said, smiling cruelly, "You can cure much, but depression is so hard." as he laughed, he pointed to a clock, "Two more minutes and it's all over for those people. Hahahahaha-

"hehehehehehahahahahahahahaha," Pinkie began to laugh softly, then louder and louder before looking to Sunset, "Hey, Sunset, doesn't he...doesn't he look like a giant stop light?! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sunset blinked, looking at Imperious,"You know what? You're right."

Imperious cold smile, broke, as well as the magic that was surrounding them, "Why...why are you laughing?"

"Because Laughter is true courage," Pinkie giggled, before looking at the confused look from Imperious, "Inside joke, you'll never get it."

"No, why are you still laughing? I have thrown you into despair, I saw you broken, in tears, you should be willing to kill yourself," Imperious said, frowning.

"Well, I was," Pinkie said, before looking over to Sunset, "Until she reminded me of what helped me come back." pausing for a second, she pointed to her heart, "This."

"Your heart, what does that have to do with anything?" Imperious said.

"Simple, I thought about what would happened if I did die," Pinkie sighed, "Even though we were mad at the time, my friends would be all frowns over my death, and I couldn't do that to them. Maude might have an easier time, but she missed me too. My mom and dad think I'm weird, but they still loved me and my Uncle... well, he can't get to me anymore. So, I couldn't kill myself at that moment."

"But you still are hated by others, seen as weird and a child, you will have no place in the adult world," Imperious growled.

Pinkie smiled, "And who says! Who says I have to stop thinking on the positive side, and who say's I should stop being the go getter happy girl I am. Why, just because there is bad news out there or that something mean happened one day?"

She gave a shake of her head, "No, I refuse to believe that the world is so bleak and dark that it's impossible to always face tie with a smile. I refuse to always look on the bad side of things and I will do my best to make the world see the better side of things."

"I know it will be hard," Pinkie said, clutching her fists together, "But if I can just try, I know I can find a way to keep my smile and help the world smile too!"

[Pinkie Pie, who helped to light the way when the darkness came, represents the element of...LAUGHTER!]

the blue gem flew into the hands of Pinkie. When she looked at the gem, she just smiled at Sunset as she transformed, "Hey Sunny...

Much like Applejack and Rarity before her, Pinkie was covered in a shining armor, though her colors were now a bright pink. Smiling under her helmet, she held out her hand and generated a large hammer. With a cunning smirk, she rammed the hammer into Imperious stomach and made an explosion, "THINK FAST!" she said, hitting him towards Sunset

Sunset smiled, spinning around and kicking Imperious.

Imperious grunted as the hit knocked him back, and quickly he turned around. Frowning, he swiped his fan to create a tornado, only to watch it get dispersed by Pinkie's hammer. This left him open for a strike by Sunset. Enraged he smacked her aside and knocked her back.

Growling,Pinkie ran up to him and attacked with her hammer. Fan and hammer engaged in a duel of weapons. Parrying and swiping at each other, each strike that he laid upon her was quickly parried by her hammer’s strike. During one of these clashes, Sunset came in with a roundhouse into the gut, leaving Pinkie open to uppercut him with her hammer.

Imperious growled and send a flame wave that hit both Pinkie and Sunset, burning both of them. Using her hammer, she bounced herself into the air. while Sunset delivered a three kick combo, hurting him. In retaliation, he slashed at Sunset and hit her in the stomach.

A lightning bolt caught his attention, and he looked up at a Lightning charged hammer as it struck him in the head. Recovering, he looked to Madylin, now morphed, "Ok, now I'm pissed off!" she looked to Sunset, "you ok to kick his kiester?"

Sunset panted as she got up,"Oh, yeah..." She cracked her knuckles.

Madylin smiled as she used her Lightning to charged Sunset's fist. Smirking, Sunset delivered a triple uppercut into Imperious chin, pushing him back. When he lifted his fan to strike, he gasped when he found his arm bounded by a lasso. Looking behind him, he saw Rarity and Applejack, morphed and weapons drawn. Gulping, he could do nothing against the arrow barrage that struck him in the back.

Staggering, he looked behind him as he saw the very angry girls growling as the readied to fight, "Tell me... will this be painful?"

"Oh yeah," the girls said in unison.

"Oh dear." Imperious said, as he began to feel the punches of each girl as they stuck him hard and fast. Spinning her hammer around, Pinkie slammed her hammer into his stomach.

"Boom!" Pinkie said with a cheer as it caused him to explode. Smiling, she spun her hammer in the air and then put it behind her while crouching to the ground,, "I WIN!!!"

Sunset grinned, giving Pinkie a big hug.

Pinkie happily returned the hug, holding her tightly. For a few moments, she did not let go, crying a little. Rainbow Dash came running up the hill, "Girls, man, am I... I missed the cool fight?!"

"Yeah, sorry about that, sugarcube," Applejack said, patting Dash on the back.

"Dang it!"

Pinkie still held on tight to Sunset, "Thank you." she whispered.

Sunset leaned into Pinkie's ear,"No, thank you."

"Ummmm, am Ah missing something here?" Applejack asked.

"Oh, friendship just reconnecting," Pinkie giggled as she broke the hug.

"Well, shall we go back and see how the rest of the school is recovering," Rarity said, unable to look at Sunset directly.

As they neared the doors of the school, Rhymey looked at Sunset with a cocky grin, "Oh heroes so great, for some you are too late."

Sunset glared at Rhymey,"You know, I was this close to letting you fall to your death."

"Well, I'm not surprised then at what happened," Starla said, tears in her eyes before walking away.

"Sunset..." Artie said, frowning, "About letting them die..."

Sunset noticed the tears,"W-w-what happened?"

Buddy sighed and looked away, "The twins."

"They had been feeling useless for a while now, but none of us really thought about it," Artie said, walking to the science lab. "I guess they figured it was best if they died in their element."

When he opened the door, he revealed a pair of charred skeletons, sitting together, hand in hand, "They burned themselves alive."

Sunset gasped, taking a step back,"No..." She shook her head,"I- I didn't-"

"Good." Twilight said from behind them,"They weren't a benefit to society anyway."

Pinkie Pie stepped to hold Sunset's arm, also wishing for comfort, "But...how. I thought we were. I thought-"

"You thought wrong," Rhymey said, a cold smirk on his face as he looked to the shocked Fluttershy.

"Twilight! How could ya say that! Those were our classmates, living people!" Applejack said with a growl.

"They were a couple of bullies who none of us really liked." Twilight said with a frown,"I'm only upset that Rhymey didn't go with them. I'm actually surprised you're not agreeing with me. Don't you think this entire school would be better without them?"

Sunset shook her head,"I... I... I wasn't good enough..."

Rainbow Dash growled, stepping up to Twilight, "What gives, Twilight! We're supposed to be good guys, not monsters. We don't get to say who lives or dies!"

"Besides, no one is unimportant in this school Twilight and you know that! Are you so angry at those two that you would want them dead?"

Pinkie rubbed Sunset's arm, "You are good enough Sunny.

"Yeah, you just messed up. This thing, happens in a hero's life." Grey Son said.

Sunset shook her head,"I made a promise... I promised her I'd protect these people... but I'm not good enough"

"Oh, come on. We're not deciding who lives and who dies. We're merely... figuring out who's important in this world. You mean to tell me you wouldn't fee a small bit of pleasure in seeing Rhymey die?" Twilight gave a smile.

Dash sputtered, “What? N-no! I might like seeing the little turd getting his butt handed but I don't want him dead!"

Starla stepped forward, "HEY! Why do you think anyone of my friends are less important! What about you?! Don't your think that this school might benefit if we lost one of your friends. What about Rarity or useless Sunset!"

"Now if we could just"- Artie began.

Buddy frowned, "Please, girls if we could just stop fighting. It's not getting us anywhere!"

"Who did you promise, Sunset?" asked Madylin.

"Starla, are you saying you would've rather have me die!?" Rarity frowned and glared at her.

"If the shoe fits you prissy prima-donna!" Starla shouted with a glare.

Twilight frowned at Starla,"No, my friends actually benefit society. Your's are just a blight on humanity."

Sunset whispered,"Princess Twilight."

"THAT IS ENOUGH OUT OF ALL OF YOU!" Luna's voice shouted, causing the others to stop.

She stood there with the other teachers.

Mrs. Nonaka frowned,"There is a Philosophy course if you want to discuss humanity. As it stands,, those weren't the only two students that died."

Hearing Luna use her voice made the the two teams stop arguing. Pulling away, they all frowned and looked down. Fluttershy, who had been quiet, whispered, "H-Ho-how many others died."

Luna looked at Grey Son for the answer. Grey Son sighed and frowned. Deep inside, he was kicking himself hard for not saving them as much as he could. Slowly, he clenched his fists, trying hard to get the image of the bat glaring down at him out his head. After a brief moment, he said with every bit of venom, "Too many."

Celestia stepped out from behind, frowning. Raising a finger, she was about to speak before she could hear, "School is dismissed while we take care of the bodies and then we will have two days recess for mourning. By then, I hope we can join together." Celesto growled, looking at Sunset and her team.

Applejack looked to Sunset, made a move, but held back when Pinkie held her up, "Sunny, come on."

Sunset nodded silently as she got up with Pinkie.

Twilight glared at Celesto before walking away.

Dr. Nonaka looked at Celesto,"That was a little harsh." She said, furrowing her brow.

“She failed. She needed to be reminded of how disappointed I am in her," frowned Celesto, not seeing Gray Son leave.

Celestia frowned, "She didn't need that."

"What would you have me do. Not point out that her failure got two of my children killed?" Celesto said with a frown

Rumiko glared daggers at him,"A little compassion would've sufficed." She turned and walked away.

"We are fighting monsters, there is no time for compassion," Celesto said, frowning. Then he looked to Celestia, "Right, darling?"

"Yes...sir," Celestia said, looking away. "I need to be in my office for a moment."

After Celestia walked into her office, she closed the door. Looking at her certificate and her license, she knelt down and began to weep softly to herself. Memories of what had happened on that first day came rushing back as she continued to weep silently to herself, hoping no one would come into that room.


"YOU LIED TO ME!" Celesto shouted to the monitor showing Gallant. "You promised me that my students would be protected and no harm shall befall them. You told me that I could rule this island and be powerful. You told me that all of my dreams will come true!"

"You have your woman, you have gained the island, and you have gained the right connections," Gallant said.

Celesto growled, "You know it isn't enough! I want perfection. I want the life that was denied to me!"

"You have been given that, and thus our deal is through," Gallant said. "As I recall, I promised, but any monsters we send would be not privy to our deals."


Unos sighed and shook his head, "This is what you get for not reading the fine print." there was a smirk on his lips, "Or are you foolish enough to think that dealing with devils ever have benefits."

"Shut up!" Celesto shouted. "This island, is mine. I paid for it, the buildings and shops are all mine. Half of these people work for me whether they know it or not! This is my world!!!! Not hers, not theirs, and not-"

"Go further with that sentence and we will revoke everything you had!" shouted Gallant, "OR do you want to go back."

("Notice me, Celestia. Please notice me."

"I am not weak. I am strong!"

"No, shut up, this is a great idea."

"Please, what will it take to earn your love."


"N-No," Celesto said, turning away and turning the screen off.

Looking to his left, he saw a message that read "Incoming call." sighing, he reached out with a trembling finger and then pulled away. Shaking his head, he whispered, "No, shouldn't talk to him right now."

"Harsh are we?" Unos asked.

"He is just a general, one of four that is keeping the peace," Gallant said. "Aren't your mother and father just as cruel?"

"No, they rant and rave, but they still treat their generals as humans," Unos said. "Speaking of which, I need to go home."

"Backing out?"

"No, Mother and Father are coming home soon. I need to see them," Unos said. "I will be back when you need a new monster to summon."

"Very well.," Gallant said, looking up at the screen, seeing the three bodies floating in their orbs, "It is all coming together. The heroes, the villains, and the story."

As Madylin rode on the bike, she asked, "Are you going to be ok, Sunset?"

Sunset remained silent.

"You've been quiet the entire time, do you need to talk about it. It this something you promised the other Twilight?"

"It's a promise I made to her after she died." Sunset said finally,"I would live up to her legacy as a hero, and keep everyone at the school safe."

Madylin sighed, "And you just... I am so sorry. But we're only human. We can't be everywhere at once.

"Those kids' families... they..." Sunset choked up a bit.

Madylin sighed, and nodded solemnly, "I know...I know."

Dick looked at his apartment, frowning. His equipment, his gear, and some of his costume was thrown about, showing his own work out. Now in his spare costume, he had a frown as he stepped out of a open window.

Swinging on his open line, he let go of the rope and spun in the air before landing on the rooftop. Feeling his own anger, he ran along the roof and then jump kicked the air-

("Clean side up! The judge doesn't hang!" the young boy said, looking at the two figures handing in the air.

The man with the scarred face smiled as the coin landed, the clean side showing itself. His unmarred side smiling to match the perpetual grin on his scarred side, he said, "Good choice kid. The judge doesn't hang." the man then cut the cord and watched the figure fall into the water.

"BUT YOU SAID!" the boy shouted.

"Fix the terms of the bet kid," the scarred man said, walking to the young boy with a bat.)

Nightwing stopped for a moment as a twitch of pain came from his hand. Looking up, he saw that he had punched a brick wall in his attempt to rid himself of the pain. Sighing, he looked down, "Don't focus on the ones you have lost, there is plenty of time for that later." Turning to the edge of the roof, he did backflip after backflip until he fell off the edge.

While in the air, he threw another rope line to swing through the air, launch himself into the air and grab onto the pole. Spinning around like a bar, he threw another rope and swung next to the building.

("I failed Clark! Pure and simple!" Robin, a young teen said.

The reporter pushed up his glasses and frowned, "You saved those people Dick. You can't ask for anymore."

"But, those kids families..." Dick whimpered, before feeling a pair of strong arms holding Dick close and hugging him.

"Let it out, just let it out," Clark said. In the shadows, a pair of white eyes watched.)

Nightwing looked down and watched as Sunset rode through the streets. Choosing to follow the two, he ran through the upper parts of the city, keeping to shadows.

"I wish we know how to protect everyone or help them," Madylin said.

"But we don't. And we can't." Sunset sighed,"And the worst part is? I almost felt happy that they died."

"You don't really mean that, sugarcube," Applejack said as Sunset parked her bike outside her loft.

"Of cour-" Sunset jumped,"How long were you waiting there!?"

“Long enough.”Applejack joked, "Ah was actually just walking home saw you there. Kind of wanted to check up on you and the others."

Sunset sighed,"Thanks." She looked away,"I... feel like I let them down."

"You didn't let anybody down, Sugarcube," Applejack said, hugging Sunset closely. "You messed up. No one was expecting this guy and no one is expecting all of this. These villains are getting tougher. You are only human, you're not Wonder Woman or Superman."

"You can't be everywhere," Applejack put down her hat over her eyes. "Ah won't guarantee that this will get better or the pain will go away. But ah think you are gonna use that pain and make sure that this never happens again." she said, giving Sunset another hug.

Sunset thought for a moment,"Like you would?"

"Yeah...like me," Applejack said, looking down, “That spell got to me. And Ah don't intend on letting you down again."

"The fact that you didn't... kill yourself is proof that you didn't let me down." Sunset said with a smile.

Applejack smiled, "Hey, I would never let you down.

( "Why am Ah helping you? Why am Ah doing any of this? Why should AH be your pillar, Ah don't owe ya anything!" and with that she walked off.)

And about what I said earlier, don't mind that," she said and then gave Sunset another hug, "See ya later?”

Sunset sighed,"Yeah, you weren't yourself." She leaned back and thought for moment."Didn't Twilight act weird?" She said.

"You mean like she wanted to kill people?" Madylin said, "Yeah."

"Yeah, that was nuts. Why would she even say something like that?" Applejack asked.

"She wouldn't." Sunset frowned,"Something's wrong here."

"Yeah, someone or something is messing wiht her mind or she has a big chip on her shoulder," Applejack said. Looking up, she said, "Maybe you should talk to her tomorrow. Seeing that we're out of school and all."

"Yeah, if she'll listen to me..." Sunset muttered.

"Sure she will, Ah'm sure of it. If not, then you got me," Applejack said, smiling. Then she gave Sunset a fist bump, "See ya late?"

"Sure." Sunset fist bumped her back.

Applejack walked down the sidewalk and frowned. Looking at the can, she kicked it hard enough to fly out and strike the wall. Her pace became a little slower the further she got away from the loft. Once she became far enough away, she punched her palm with her fist and growled, "Why? Why is it me? Why am Ah getting burdened with this responsibility?"

As she walked, she saw Rainbow Dash sitting on a wall, looking down from her perch, "Enjoying the night, AJ?"

"Yeah, was thinking of checking up on Rarity," Applejack said, sighing, "Ah know she's hurting. Maybe we all are."

"What, over the deaths of them? Or about our little tussle with Starfleet friends? Long time coming," Rainbow Dash said, leaning back and looking into the sky.

Applejack crossed her arms under her chest and leaned against the wall, "Don't you act like you don't feel a little bad that you couldn't save them"

"I do," Rainbow Dash said, "But remember, you have the suits, the powers, it's your responsibility. Me, I got nothing! Love to help but can't fight these guys."

The word responsibility made Applejack turn her head and cuss to herself. Then looking up, she asked, "Do you think they needed to die?"

"No, I don't, in spite of what they do to us off the clock," Rainbow Dash growled. "Acting like they're better than us. That they are worth more because they keep getting their visits from their counterpart and that their... friend is alive."

"You want to talk about her?" Applejack asked.

"Don't you find it weird we are still feeling sad about a girl's death that we barely knew? We knew her for three whole days," Rainbow Dash said, "And the way we act, you think she was our friend since the beginning."

"Sci-Twi should've been our friend, but we ignored her," Applejack said. "In a way, we still are. Why is she acting so cruel?"

"I don't know," Rainbow Dash shrugged, "Probably just another gal ready to leave."

"What are you talking about?" Applejack asked.

"Nothing, just thinking ahead is all," Rainbow Dash looked down to Applejack, "About my element and all."

"What do you mean?" Applejack asked.

Dash stood up, "Nothing, you shouldn't put my troubles on your shoulder." and with that, she jumped off the wall.

Applejack shook her head and walked down the street. As she did, she heard a scream and saw a an older blonde teen getting accosted by two thugs. Growling, the girl ran down the alley and elbowed thug in the throat. Turning around, she punched the other in the stomach, taking them down. Smiling, she looked to the wall eyed girl who nodded in thanks and walked away.

As she the relief came down from the adrenaline, Applejack looked down at her hands, "Why did Ah do that? Why did Ah fight." looking up, she saw Rarity's house in the distance, followed by Pinkie's. Taking a step forward, she prepared to walk in and check up on them. "Maybe just this..." for a sec she turned around and began to walk away. Then she turned to walk to the nearest house.

Rarity opened the door, dressed in a see-through nightgown, "Applejack, I would love to talk, but I am exhausted."

"Exhausted? What are you doing?" Applejack asked.

"You'll see. I have a marvelous announcement. Maybe you should rest my dear," Rarity said, closing the door.

Applejack sighed, "Maybe Ah should. One quest, why the see-through nightie?"

"Oh, this?" Rariyy gggiled, "Sweeite Belle and my parents aren't home so I decided to try this on. When I saw you on the other side, I wanted to open the door with this on and ask you what you think?"

"It...looks nice on you Rares," Applejack said with a smile. Then with a wink she chuckled, "You need to wear it more often."

"Thank you," Rarity said.

As Sunset made her way into her apartment, she looked at the balcony and saw a familiar figure, “Nightwing?”

"So you lost some lives, what are you going to do now?" Nightwing asked, sitting on the balcony and looking at Sunset.

Sunset looked up at the stars,"I... don't know. Have you ever lost someone?" She looked at him,"Ever failed?"

(You never lost anyone!" Dick shouted to Clark Kent. "You're Superman, the greatest. You can do anything."

"No, sometimes I fail," Superman said, narrowing his eyes, "Even a superman can't do everything. Sometimes, I don't get there in time."

"Then what do I do?)

"Yeah, I failed sometimes. I made mistakes and got too cocky," Nightwing laid against the wall. "Sometimes I didn't save everyone and my mentor would try to cheer me up."

"Did he ever succeed?" Sunset asked, staring at something on another building.

"Yeah, he did," Nightwing said. "He told me that sometimes, we don't always save everyone. We don't always protect everyone and the day doesn't get save. Sometimes...we can only focus on those we did save and be happy for that. You are lucky, you have fiv-" Narrowing his eyes, he asked calmly, "What do you see?"

"It looks like someone's watching us." Sunset narrowed her eyes.

Someone is-" Madylin was interrupted by Nightwing holding up a finger. Then he looked at Sunset as he slipped into the shadows.

Nightwing looked at Madylin,”I’ll be right back.” he said as he disappeared.

Madylin nodded and held up Vanilla, "So, who do you think is cuter?"

"Wait, you're not going to say her, are you are you are you?" Coco asked.

Stealthily, Nightwing made his way to the roof and looked for the person watching.

A dagger came out at Nightwing.

Sunset shook her head,"You're trying to distract me." She smiled at them,"You're both equal."

With honed reflexes, he grabbed the dagger in mid-air and looked at it, "Eastern, around Tibet. Nice make. Tell me, did you import this?" he asked with a smirk, putting it into his suit for later before getting to the ground and crouching.

"Yep, someone was watching," said Madylin. "Staying or checking it out?"

A kick emerged from the shadows at him.

Sunset looked at her,"What do you think?"

Nightwing moved to the left and then did a sweep kick, "Miss!"

The figure leaped up and then sent a flying kick at him.

Sunset run up the stairs, weaving through late-night pedestrians along the way.

Nightwing ducked and then did and elbow to the nose, "Are you sure you know what you are doing?"

A hand grabbed the elbow,"Of course, Son of the Bat." the figure spun and threw an elbow at him.

Sunset blinked,"League of Assassins?"

"Our eyes are everywhere, Detective." The ninja said, using one of her legs to try and sweep him.

Nightwing let out a grunt as he hit the ground and then swept her leg from his prone position. Then he delivered a right cross, backing her to Sunset and Madylin.

Sunset raised an arm, and bopped the ninja on the head.

The ninja spun around in anger,"You stay out of this, girl!"

Nightwing led in with a roundhouse, "Why? Don't want me to share you?"

"Why are you spying on Sunset?" asked Madylin

The Ninja grabbed a smoke bomb and threw it to the ground, disappearing.

Nightwing coughed through the smoke bomb, his mask unable to see through the smoke. After blinking a few times, he looked around to see the ninja gone, "Damn," he cussed under his breath, punching his palm with his fist. "I can't believe that she disappeared."

Madylin looked around, "Who was that?"

"League of Shadows," Nightwing said, looking down and clenching his fists.

"What's that?" Sunset asked.

Nightwing looked around the roof, his eyes taking in every detail as he spoke, "They're a group of assassins. Usually working under Ra's Al Ghul."

"Wait, I heard of him," Madylin said, "Isn't he some sort of megalomaniacal monster that wants to basically wipe out the world and start fresh?"

"His beliefs are a little more complicated than that, but yeah," Nightwing smirked, "Typical evil villain insanity."

Sunset leaned on the wall,"But what would they be doing here?"

“That's what I am curious about," Nightwing said. "This is a very highly magical area from what I've seen. But the magic that you and your friends are unlocking can't be taken away that easily. Could it?"

Sunset frowned,"I don't think so..."

"I can't think of a reason why else the league would be coming here and watching you," Nightwing looked to Sunset, "Any other magical secrets that this place is hiding?"

"Well," Sunset sighed, looking into her room,"There are those strange creatures in my room..."

Strange creatures?" Nightwing asked.

"Digimon!" Madylin said.

"You mean like those creatures that popped up in Japan a few years ago?" asked Nightwing.

"Yeah, know anything about them?" Sunset asked.

Nightwing crossed his arms over his chest, "Only what I have heard on the net. Rumors and all of that. Like it was a pair of digimon that caused the terrorist attack in Heighton View Terrace a few years back. And then there was that incident back in ‘05."

"You mean with that digital code and all of that?" asked Madylin.

"Yeah," Nightwing looked to Sunset, "You have some don't you?"

Sunset nodded,"Let me show you."

As Nightwing walked into the door, Coco ran in and began jumping at him up and down. Quickly, she let out a little puppy howl attack at him. Of course, it did nothing more than blow back his black hair. Behind the yipping digimon, was her sister who was calmly reading her book, "Sunset! You're home, and who's your friend?"

"This is Nightwing." Sunset said,"He's a visitor."

"Hi, I am Vanilla and my little sister is Coco," Vanilla said, while Coco soon succumbed to the patting and petting from Nightwing.

Nightwing smiled and rubbed the digimon's head before standing up again. Looking around, he noticed a small wall in the back. Curious, he walked over and pulled it back to reveal a large dart board with many strings of ropes connecting various pictures and newspaper clippings. Casually, he began to run his fingers along the papers and read some of the articles to himself.

'Stable Boy to Millionaire? the Celesto story'

'The Impossible Astronaut! How did he do it.'

"You've been curious haven't you," Nightwing asked, looking over his shoulder at the bacon haired girl.

Sunset nodded,"I've been looking up information on Celesto for a while now. Some bits of his past don't seem to add up."

"You're right," Nightwing said, looking over the papers. "Even with the proper investments, you can't become a millionaire that fast. And how does a stable hand know so much about economics?"

Madilyn laid on the couch, letting Vanilla rest on her stomach to read while she rubbed its back, "Not to mention, then becomes a college student who is good enough to get into the space program and becomes the last man to walk on the moon."

"Eugene Cernan would have words with him," Nightwing said. Shaking his head, he looked at each piece of news with curiosity, "League of shadows, Digimon, those gems that you girls have been having. they are all connected for some reason, but what? Something big is happening and I think the answers start with Celesto and his team."

('Your friends are connected to some sort of ancient magic, one that is binding you to a much larger world)

Fluttershy stood before Rhymey's door, whimpering as it opened. Rhymey smiled at her as he beckoned her inside.

Rainbow Dash rested on top of the building, looking up at the starry sky. In her hand, she held a locket of her mother and frowned.

Pinkie Pie sighed, looking at the papers that told her of how much debt Maude owned.Shaking her head, she tried to think of how to help her friend.

Applejack looked to Rarity, both dressed in just t-shirt and panties, she sighed, "Honestly Rares...Ah just, Ah just don't know anymore. Being a farmer, being someone's support, being strong, Ah don't know if Ah can keep it up. Right now, you, Pinkie, and me are the only ones with powers and that frightens me. And now you said that you want me to help you with all of this."

"Dear, the Hart Foundation doesn't hand out scholarships all of the time. Especially ones like this, but they have some strict requirements and I need the help," Rarity looked at her "Please, I need you."

Applejack sighed 'Another set of problems to help with... why me?'

(Madylin nodded, 'and they are connected to Starfleet. I wonder about them.'

Starla let out a scream of rage as she punched the punching bag, and pulled away. Looking down at the hand, she saw the blood dripping from her fist. With a shake of her head, she walked away from the gym in the mansion and began to walk through the halls. Looking down one hallway, she saw Artie trying to paint, only to pull away, crying softly to himself.

Down another hallway, she heard Buddy sing the final lyrics of a lullabye

Rest your head, little girl blue,
Come paint your dreams on your pillow.
I'll be near to chase away fear,
So sleep now and dream 'til tomorrow,
I'll be near to chase away fear,
So sleep now and dream 'til tomorrow

"Love you Daphne," Buddy said, standing up and walking out, bumping into Starla. "Starla??"

"Couldn't sleep?" asked Starla.

Buddy sighed, "No, I was sleeping until I heard her crying. I had to spend a few hours trying to help her get back to sleep. I was trying my best to remind her that I wasn't going to die soon."

"Well, you're right! You're not, I'm not, and none of us will!" Starla said, shaking her head. "Because we won't fail this time and we won't be relying on Sunset to-"

"What is your problem with her?" asked Buddy. "Ever since Freshman year, you have had the world's biggest chip on your shoulder with both of them. You hate Rarity because you think that she brought nothing but misery on your life and Sunset...you were friends once."

"I know...I know," frowned Starla. "I tried but...but..."

(Make her suffer. I need an enemy for my heroes)

"I had to do this, for her," Starla sighed. "I needed to be this way. Just like with Lightning. And now, it just feels like everytime I think about her or talk to her I get so-"

"I know," Buddy sighed and then looked to his bedroom, "Want to stay in my room tonight and we can talk about our feelings?"

"Sure," sighed Starla. "I need to feel less like a warrior and more like a human."

('And this leads all back to Celesto,' Nightwing said 'Figure out his mystery and I think we know who the big bad is.')

"And that is my report, High Council," Celeste said. "Gallant still won’t tell me who it is that is providing my new found powers. I will try to help however I-"

"You are failing," the voice on the other line said. "Do not forget where you came from or what I can take away from you."

"Yes, Master."

(hurt her, hurt them)

The voice echoed in Twilight's mind

Nightwing looked back at Sunset, "I am going to investigate this more, do you have any other clue to about all of this?"

Sunset let out an annoyed growl,"No, unfortunately. I wish there was more I could gather."

"I've got some contacts out there that might be able to help," Nightwing said, walking to the window. Then he smiled a little, "Oh, and message from Fate, he wants that mirror back one day."

"Mirror?" asked Madylin, then she saw that Nightwing had vanished. "Fate..." she then gasped and turned to Sunset, "YOU MET DR.FATE!!!!!?"

Author's Note:

Thanks to my co-writer Zolt

Ah this one. This chapter I want to say is part of what I am getting at with the big theme of Identitiy and how can you become one of the mane six in our world. Remember, one of the things I want to touch on, is how do you become like the mane six. How do you achieve your dreams and be like they are? And this is really true for Pinkie.

It must be tough, being a Pinkie in this or any world that isn't Equestria. Comedians sometimes hide their depression, those you follow on Twitter begin to submit every single bad story they can, and people tend to talk about only the bad. It just feels like everyone only wants to focus on the bad and not the good, chosing to install fear and make you pay for thinking that life is better than this.

I am not saying that it's impossible to be Pinkie. It's just hard. Hers, along with Flutters and Rarity's, are paths I am very interested in covering.

Oh, and we get two new guest stars here!

I have done some stories with Yugi before, but never any duels or battles. So, if you feel down that we don't see Yubel's duel...just remember, its Atem we are dealing with here, he won in one turn.

And of course, Dick...You know, I have been alive for 31 years. I have published fanfic for Rangers, Sonic, Pokemon, and DBZ, and have done several more at home. Do you know that this is the first time I have ever written Nightwing alone? Yeah...I have never done anything with Nightwing in a serious setting like this. So, this was new to me.

I may love Rarijack, but I don't know if it will show up. It's just that it seems when Spike and Caramel are nowhere to be found I end up using those two a lot.

Yes, I really hate Pennysillion that much.

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