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Fall of Starfleet Side Story: Evolution of Friendship - Legendbringer

Sunset finds herself in a world of mystery, war, and battle against the most powerful entity she has met.

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Generosity! The team grows...

The main plot of the series is focused primarily on the action, tragedy, rage and fighting.

The next morning, Sunset awoke softly to the feeling of two lumps resting on her bed. Pulling back the covers, she saw the twins snoring peacefully.From the kitchen she could hear, "Guess what I'm making!!!!"

The tv was on...

"A robbery was foiled early on in the evening by a mysterious assailant. The robbers ay that he came striking down like a black hawk

Sunset held her hands on Coco and Vanilla,"What?" She tried not to wake them.

"Waffles!" Smiled Madilyn as she snuck them to Sunset.

"Really, what's in them?" Sunset took a bite.

"Chocolate chip!" she smiled as she laid the plate and then sat down with her friend.

Rarity woke up and slowly got out of bed, making her way to her nightstand. Opening up her drawer, she reached in and picked up a curler to begin doing her hair. with the curlers in her hair, twisting and fixing up her minor flaws, she took the time to look down at some pieces of paper in front of her.While most were recent, each one still carried a message of either refusal or acceptance.. Taking the curlers out of her hair for a brief moment, she sighed as she looked at the different phamlets, "How am I going to pay for all of this?" she asked herself.

For a brief moment, she looked at her picture of her friends, a smile on their faces. As she picked it up, she ran a finger along their heads, "Why must growing up be so hard? The very idea of paying for your dreams, it's almost laughable."

With a shake of her head, she put the picture down and turned on her radio, "Ashley, former yellow space ranger, has announced the cancellation of her fall line. Stating in an interview that she has had family problems to deal with."

"How odd," Rarity said, taking off her nightie and getting into the shower. as the warm water hit her body, cascading along her curved and well kept body, her mind started to wander. As she began to think, she began to think of Twilight and Sunset. A warm blush came to her, "Such a cut-"

she let out a gasp of pain as she tried to hold herself up, feeling a buzzing ringing in her ears.

You cannot help! You are worthless, vain.

"Hello," Rarity said to the bacon haired new girl, "I am Rarity Belle and you are?"

"Suns..." her voice became garbled as she began to speak with a valley girl voice, "Like, I am Sunset shimmer. Get away from me."

"What a vain brat. I may look like her, but I am not her!" Starla frowned.

Rarity found herself in an empty void, watching as she abandoned others because she would get dirty. How she ignored the weak because of her own desires. Slowly, she began to shake her head.


Rarity let out a pained gasp as she pulled back, panint and shivering, "W-What was that? I never..." she slowly got off the floor and turned off the shower. "Must really stop letting Sweetie belle pick the movies." she chuckled as she got out of her shower, only to hear a rapping on her window. Wrapping a towel around herself and hair, she walked to the window to see Applejack, "Applejack!? What on earth-"

"Thought you needed a ride, Ah'm offering it," Applejack said, tipping her hat while standing next to her truck.

"I refuse to go riding to school in that gas guzzler you call a motor vehicle!" Rarity said, leaning over the window.

"Fine fine," Applejack said, holding up a cd and smirking, "But I got the Yamato CD you've been dying for ready to play."

"Be right there!" Rarity squeed, closing the window and putting on a white sundress with some blue shoes. Twirling in front of the mirror for a second to get a good look at her frame, she ran down, pausing only for a minute to hear her younger sister singing in the bathroom. A warm smile came across her lips as she listened to the song. Turning aways, she ran down the stairs and to Applejack, "Let's go."

Sunset's mind flashed for a bit, with a faint buzzing

(She is Vain) a voice whispered.

Sunset held her head,"The hell?"

The two young digimon woke up, and shivered a little in fear. they looked to Sunset with worried eyes.

(she is Vain)

Another vision came, this one of Applejack

(She is unreliable)

The faint buzzing became louder as she saw Rarity

(Rarity pushed Sunset out of the way, "Move, I can't let this mess up my perfectly good mane."

"Well, shucks, Ah know nothing about this. Maybe you could get me to read it," Applejack said, her voice sounding like a redneck.

a voice echoed in her mind

You are alone. You will run. Give _____ up!)

Madilyn held onto Sunset lifting her up, "Are you, okj?"

"ARgh, shut up!" Sunset knocked herself on the head with her fist,"Get out of my head!"

(You are____)

Then the buzzing stopped. Madlying held Sunset's hand and looked at her worriedly, "Are you ok?"

Sunset shook her head,"I'm fine now, but, something felt like i was trying to drill into my brain."

"What was it? What did it say," bounce Coco, asking excitedly.

Madilyn shook her head, "From here, you were mainly screaming in pain."

"It was... trying to insult my friends, mainly Rarity and Applejack." Sunset said with a frown.

"Could you tell who it was? Why would they insult your friends?" asked MAd lying.

"If you excuse the phrasing," said Vanilla. "A jerk!"

"I don't know." Sunset frowned,"And that frustrates me because I hate not knowing!"

"So, you're getting attacked by a random jerk of the moment, and I lost my friends," Madilyn shook her head, "Why can't they make this job easy!?"


Rarity hummed along with the music as the truck rolled silently down the road. Next to her, Applejack kept looking out, watching as the city came into view, the building already starting to pass her by. Turning her head, she looked at the gem on the band around Applejack's wrist, "How does it feel?"

"Warm, like," Applejack shrugged her shoulders, "Like I wore it all my life. Like it completed me somehow."

"Oh," Rarity said quietly, before sitting back, watching the rest of the city pass by as they drove to the high school, "Have you visited them yet?"

Applejack solemnly shook her head, "No, Ah haven't. Fluttershy said she will with Rainbow Dash, because they live the closest to the hospital. We can do it probably later on with Sunset and Pinkie."

Rarity nodded and leaned on her wrist, "Do you remember how we met?"

"What?" Applejack asked.

"How we met? Do you remember?" Rarity asked.

Applejack shook her head, "What kind of question is that? Of course Ah remember, we met..." she paused and frowned, "Huh, weird. Ah thought Ah remember but....it's all fuzzy."

"See," Rarity sighed, "Just this morning, I had this weird buzz. Like something wanted into my mind. I saw... Sunset, like she was before Twilight."

"You mena, Sci-twi or-"

"The other," Rarity frowned. She clenched her fist and shook her head, "I haven't thought about those days in a long time. Especially how we-"

Applejack laid a hand onto Rarity's and smiled at her, "Hey, we all acted a little weird back then."

"But that's it, the Sunset in my mind. She was acting like her valley-girl self, but something was wrong," Rarity said.

"Wrong?" Applejack asked.

Rarity nodded, "Like something told me that what I was seeing, wasn't right."

"Like what?" Applejack said.

"Like...I was a friend with her, even before Twilight," Rarity sighed and looked away. "I hate to think I pushed away another friend because of how I acted."

"Girl, you weren't the worst of us, Ah was," Applejack said. "Remember?"

"No, I should've sat you both down for a long talk," Rarity said. "Though, knowing you tow, it would've been a battle first."

Applejack chuckled, "Yeah, I guess it wou-ARH!" she grown as a faint buzzing rang in her head.

(You are not responsible.

You will not help

You are a failure)

"Applejack-" Rarity yelled helping to slow and steer the truck to the safety of the Canterlot parking lot.

(Sunset walked into the school, looking down and away. Her eyes were focused on the hallway ahead. Then she felt her hand grabbed by Applejack's "Well, howdy!! The name's Applejack. Welcome to your freshman year of Canterlot High!"

"Um please to meet-"

You will not go

"Stay away, filthy farmgal)

"Rarity...Ah think we need to talk," Applejack said frowning.

In Twilight's room, the buzzing increased.

(They do not care

"She spied on us, son," the Crystal being said. "Take care of her."

"Yes," the prince said, forming his sword and running to Twilight as she screamed.

They will leave you)

Sci-Twi shook her head,"W-What are you talking about?"

They left you before.

You are just a replacement for them

A missing friend

Twilight in the middle of a field, while a bat-pony proceeds to kill her.

You are not unique.

You are replaceable.

Her friends begin to walk away from her.

Your savior abandons you

Sunset waves bye

They will leave)

It won't work out." Sunset said in front of her,"We're... too different." She left the room, and Twilight. Sci-Twi sat in the bed, her eyes watering.)

"I..." Sci-Twi shuddered,"No..."

“Twily?!" Shining Armor asked, knocking on the door, "Are you ok? Little sis?"

Timidly, Spike began to claw at her door, "She' been crying like this for a few minutes.”
"Twily!" Shining shouted.

(We'll meet again, Sci-twi...) the buzzing stopped.

Twilight shook her head,"Uh... I'm coming out, give me a minute..."

Ok," Shining Armor said, frowning. Looking down at Spike he said, "If she's not out, tell me. Then I'll drag her out.'

"You got it sir!" Spike said, saluting

Twilight looked at herself in the mirror, growling to herself,"I'm not just a replacement for her." She took a pair of scissors and aimed it towards her hair.

"Ok Twily, I'm coming in-" he paused and saw the strands of hair around the floor and Twilight standing there, with her hair cut and shortened, "That’s... an interesting hair style."

Twilight turned and smiled,"Thank you, I think it makes me look unique."

"Yeah, it does," Shining said, letting Twilight walk out.

Happily, Spike leapt into her bad, "It's a nice, any particular reason?"

"Um, you know, I just thought... it would a nice change of pace?" Twilight let out a nervous chuckle.

With a nod, Shining led Twilight to the car and took her away.


Fluttershy stood at the front of the door to the hospital, ready to push open the door. Shuddering, she pulls away, looking at the doors in fear and horror.

("Fluttershy," Rhymey’s voice echoed as his hands came near her.

"Fluttershy?" Rhymey asked, touching her arm.)

"Hey, Flutters!" Rainbow Dash said walking up to her.

"Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy said, a look of relief on her face as she looked into Dash's eyes.

Rainbow Dash looked from her to the hospital, "Still nervous about, you know."

"I, don't know if me and him should talk right now," Fluttershy said, looking away.

Dash tucked her chin, "Hey, we can go together-"

"Of all the reprehensible things!!" Shouted Celesto as he stormed out of the hospital. Looking to the two girls, he frowned, "Get to school, now!"

"Yes sir!" they both said, running away.

Celesto growled as he looked at his school in the distance, "He will hear about this! This was not part of the deal."


Pinkie Pie rested her back against the statue, waiting for the others, "Sigh, school can be so boring in the mornings!!!"

"Yeah, me being 29 does make me feel kind of old." Sunset's voice came around as she and Madlyn walked by the statute.

Pinkie stood up and smiled at her two friends. Then she put a finger to her chin, "Wait, you're twenty nine?"

Sunset nodded sheepishly,"Yeah, mentally. Imagine my surprise when I turned out to be physically 18 years old."

But, um, you still look good for your age," Fluttershy whispered.

Rainbow dash ruffled Sunset's hair, and we still love ya, in spite of being an old bat.

"Hey, thirty ain't old," Applejack said.

Rarity nodded and walked to Sunset, "Sunset... we need to talk in the music room. Now."

"What is it?" Sunset asked, walking with her.

"Well," Rarity began, only to be stopped when they got to the front of the music room.

Standing in front of the doors was Lyra, brandishing her lyre at the group, "Oh no, not this time!!!!"

Sunset sighed. She walked up to Lyra,"Look, your music room is the only place where we're allowed to have our team meetings, so please, let us use it!"

"And we need to use it for, you know... band practice!!! We were even about to march through the halls playing the music," Lyra said, frowning.

"Yeah, that doesn't get annoying..." Sunset muttered. She turned to Rarity,"Go to the Culinary Club, grab... She."

Madilyn looked at Sunset weirdly, "She?"

"My pleasure, dear," Rarity said.

Applejack groaned and shook her head, "Lyra, look, it's not that we don't appreciate the band around here. We do, but we do have some important-"

"Superhero and music business!!! I know," Lyra said, "But we haven't even seen the insides of that place in 4 years, and I am making my stand right now!!!"

"Are you sure?" Bon Bon purred, wearing her apron that said, 'the treats are right here' "Not even fro some peanut cups?"

Lyra looked at Bon Bon, her eyes wide at the vision of loveliness. Smiling, she floated right behind her, "Um sure..."

Octavia frowned, "Darn it Lyra, you needed to keep it blocked longer for all of us to get there!!!"

Vinyl shrugged, taking Octavia by the arm and walking her off. The rest of the band leaving. Madilyn laughed, "Happen often?"

"Way too many times." Sunset sighed.

The girls gave out a chuckle at this as they walked into the music room. Taking a seat across from Sunset, Rarity asked, "Sunset, do you remember how we met?"

Sunset nodded,"Yeah, it was-" Her mind began to think,"Um," She held her head in her hand,"I... My head...."

Fluttershy stepped forward and looked to Sunset, "Are you alright?"

"I..." Sunset shook her head,"I'm trying to remember, but, it's getting fuzzy."

"Like there is a buzzing in your head? Or that you see something you know is true, but are seeing it differently?" Rarity asked. "The same has happened to me this morning. I was showering when I felt a buzzing in my head. Then I saw you, talking to me on the day you came here. But then you started to talk like a valley girl."

"A valley girl?" Sunset shook her head,"I don't sound like that!"

"Yeah, if anything, you sound like Twilight singing," Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash looked around, "Where is Sci-Twi?"

"Um, back here." Sci-Twi quietly walked into the room.

"Sci-Twi? Your hair..." Sunset whispered.

Rarity stepped forward, looking stunned, "Twilight, if you wanted a new hairstyle, you could've called me. I would've loved to help."

"No, I..." Twilight looked away,"I needed to do it myself."

"Well, ok," Rarity said backing away from Twilight for a bit.

"We were just discussing how Rarity me Sunset, Sci-Twi," Pinkie said.

"Oh, well, I don't think I heard that story." Sci-Twi said.

"Well, I remember-" Rarity paused and backed up, wincing in pain as the buzzing returned. Moving to her side, Madilyn held her along with Applejack.

(You are worthless.

Lack heroism


"Like back away-"

"Applejack told me that you lacked any appropriate wear around here, So I will give you something free of charge-"

"You are..."

Sunset changed, smiling as she picked out a leather jacket, "I saw this movie where this badass wore something like this. I'll take it.")

Rarity looked up, and whispered, "I helped you with that jacket."

"Did you?" Sunset asked,"I mean, I can't remember..."

"It's faint, but I remember," Rarity paused, "When you first came here, Applejack met you. You two talk," at this she paused.

Applejack looked up, "And I joked about her outfit, saying she might need something new. That was when she made it to Drama class."

"I remember, they were showing some old musical about the 50s," Dash said, looking back at Sunset, "You stepped in."

"Everyone... liked your singing," Fluttershy said, stepping through the motions, "You sang during a certain point and you really like the bike and cars."

"After school that day...you came to me," Rarity said.

A faint buzzing hit Sunset again.

(They are weak.

You are alone

You are demonic

"I don't need them," Sunset growled.

An image passed by her. five shadows, holding out their hands for her.)

"Argh!" Sunset moaned,"Shut up! You don't know a damn thing about me!" She shouted to the ceiling.

Twilight began to make her way to help Sunset, but stopped when she saw the others run to her side. Calmly, she just slunk into the shadows. A slight shiver came to her shoulders as she turned away from them, and just listened to their talk.

For Sunset, the buzzing stopped, "Are you ok?" Fluttershy asked.

Sunset panted as she got up,"Just got my head drilled into by a random-ass voice in my head, but I'm fine."

Rainbow Dash frowned and growled, "What were they saying."

"Was it telling you horrible things about us and you?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, all lies." Sunset said with a growl.

"They tried to say how you were weak, how I was alone, how I was demonic and stuff." Sunset shook her head.

“H-How could anypony say mean things about you or us," Fluttershy asked.

"Starla and her group for one," Rainbow Dash said, frowning.

Rarity shook her head, "Now now, Rainbow. We can't be blaming them for this."

"Why not!?" Dash said. "They are always spreading lies about us and taking the time to make everypony around them feel inferior!"

"Are they that bad?" Madilyn asked.

Applejack frowned, "Worse. They come at ya with some sob story about being bullied for being different, act like your friend for a while, and then, the moment you disagree with them, you are on the outs."

"But, how can they mess with your minds, or memories," Madilyn asked, shaking her head. "They aren't powerful enough to do that, can they?"

"Maybe, no," whispered Twilight.

Rarity frowned, "The worst part of it is... which one is the real memory?"

Sunset frowned, getting up,"I'm going to need to have a word with them." she growled. She looked at Rarity,"I don't know, but I intend to find out."


Celesto stepped into his office, a frown on his face. All across the walls were pictures of not just his wedding day or of Celestia, but of his students and those of Canterlot High. Taking the picture of his top students, he pulled it down and looked at the photo of them morphed. He let out a chuckle as he ran a finger along their photo and then frowned when he touched the picture of sunset and friends. Looking at another of picture of Sunset with a circle on her head, he growled and pressed a button under his desk.

Slowly, the room shifted and turned, the shade began to draw themselves as darkness overcame the room. Soon the room was completely black, and the photos had disappeared while the door locked with a loud hisss. Then in an instant, he was gone, down a long tunnel.

Once he had reached the bottom of the tunnel, he stepped forward into a large cavern "D?"

The man in the cloak appeared as a hologram in front of Celesto, "I thought our business was settled. Why have you called me again? Our boss-"

"Has broken our deal!" Celesto shouted.

"How has he broken our deal? You have been given everything you desire. You are rich, you have your wife, and you have a place to yourself."

"I was also promised a team of heroes to call my own. MY own personal soldiers that would obey me and die for me if need be! And now I find that you send a monster capable of beating my students!"

"You make a broad accusation against us," the man in the cloak said. "How can you be sure that it was us who summoned the monster against you?"

"Because who else has the power!?" asked Celeste. "This is just like the demonite incident,but worst. Now I can't even cover up their loss. How can you do this to me-"

Celesto's rant was quickly silenced by a wave of the man's hand, forcing Celesto down and screaming in pain, "Do not assume that just because you have been given you own world, that you are exempt from providing us with what we need! Need we remind you that you have yet to give us the last two souls?"

"She has been ready for months!!! You have yet to take her!!" Celesto shouted.

The man shook his head, "She is not the one. You chose wrong. Now, do not call us again!!!"

"Yes... master," Celesto said, walking away.


After school, the group found themselves at the hospital, "Now remember Sunset, try not to go too rough with them. This is a hospital," Fluttershy cautioned.

Sunset slammed the door opened,"Okay, assholes, which ones of you guys is messing with our heads!?"

Sci-Twi turned to Fluttershy,"I don't think she wanted to listen to you."

"I tried," Fluttershy said, hiding behind Rainbow Dash. Looking over her friend's shoulder, she tried not to look directly at Rhymey.

Starla shook her head, "Messing with your heads, what do you mean!?"

Sunset stomped towards Starla,"You know what I mean! We've been getting strange buzzing noises in our heads that are insulting us, and the only ones I know that do that, are you!"

"We would never do that!" shouted Starla growling while glaring daggers at Sunset. "MY team just got their asses whooped and I was expecting a little kindness from the lot of you, but instead you come in and started throwing accusations at us?"

"Hey! Let's not forget, you guys haven't exactly made yourselves look like saints in the past!" Rainbow Dash stepped in, standing with Sunset. "Or do I remind you about when Lighting came to visit and got this whole damn mess started?!"

"Or how many times you made up a sob story to make us feel sympathy?" Applejack growled.

"I really was bullied," Starla frowned, "Just like I am now. We canu se mental abilities!!!"

"Bullied? You were the ones hurting others! Or did you just ignore every single bad thing you did because it 'didn't fit your vision!?" Sunset growled, walking up to Starla and reaching for her neck,"Now, quit lying, or am I going to have to beat the answers out of you?"

"Um, maybe we should stop before-" Fluttershy whispered as she looked outside to one of the CNA's walking down the hall.

"Need I remind you who was it that acted like queen bitch throughout the first year? Who tried to get me off the school play. Or how those two jerks knocked my books out in front of Lighting?" Starla asked, putting a hand to her chest.

Applejack stepped in and stopped Sunset, but only barely, "Those two 'bullies' were plants and you know it!"

"I am insulted, Starla would never-"

"Thunderlane and Rumble would never do that, you asked them to the moment you saw Lighting in the school," Growled Dash.

"More lies! Just like Sunset. Don't think any of us forgot how ruthless you were, how you basically threw me under the bus for the show, remember?" asked Starla.

Artie was about to defend Sunset, but Rhymey stepped in, "I am half surprised that you didn't work with Flash to wipe Twilight's memories."

Sunset sped over and slammed her hand into Rhymey's throat,"I would never do that, you know that wasn't really Flash Sentry, and I do not have the capability to wipe memories, like you!"

"You are just proving my point," gasped Rhymey, "Why be so aggressive if you don't have anything to hide?"

"Excuse me mam, but you have to leave," said a CNA as she stepped behind Sunset and pulled her away. "can't have you strangling the patients

Sunset snarled,"But they're-" A hand on her shoulder stopped her,"Right, sorry." Sunset muttered as she left.

"Fluttershy? Are you there,
Come out my dear," Rhymey said.

Fluttershy let out a gasp and slunk back into the hallway. Rainbow Dash got up, "I'm going to leave to."

"And bring-"

"With Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash growled.

Applejack got up next and began to leave, "Can't believe we were friends," she overheard Starla say,.

Applejack frowned, "Let's get one thing straight. We were never friends. When we were seperated, you could've done something. You stepped into our little rock group like you owned it, and you keep acting like you were the best. We were never friends!"

"Guys, come on this is a hospital. We don't need to," Artie began, but a growl from Starla interrupted hi,.

"And if I find you that you and your cronies are behind this Starla, so help me-"

Pinkie stepped between Applejack and the rest, "She means that we will be seeing you again, later."

"Overactive bitch," muttered Dyno.

Rarity frowned, "She is far more noble than you will ever be," and left, leaving Madilyn behind.

"Hi," she said.

"She must be new," Rhymey said, looking at her.

"Listen up, those six are nothing but trouble!" Starla said. "Sunset's a demon, Rarity is nothing more than idiot bitch, Applejack is so macho, Rainbow Dash is too egotistical, and-"

"Stop," Madilyn said, holding up her hand. "I only knew those guys for a few days, but let me tell you... they are probably the best group of friends I have ever met besides my own. You guys immediately went accusing right off the bat. You provoked her, rather than defend yourselves. Now, you are making yourselves look like the victim when anybody can see who is the true jerk. now, if you'll excuse me... I have friends to talk to."

The group looked to Sci-Twi, Starla sighed, "You know we're right Twilight.”

As the group left, Sci-Twi turned and began to whisper in Starla's ear,"Oh, Starla, you could be right for all I care, but no one will believe you. You and your kind are nothing," A small, fuzz came over her eyes,"but a disease. A disease that can only fester if left alive. Unfortunately, you are nothing but a small part of a whole, and your role has forever ended. Good bye, Starla, I hope you and your teammates die alone and sad." She smiled as she turned and walked away, the fuzz disappearing.

Dr. Nonaka walked by her, before stopping and watching her leave. She pulled out a small device from her lab coat pocket, and frowned,"What's your game?" She asked, before turning and staring through the door,"What lies have they been fed?" She clenched her fists,"The breach is getting worse, I see and hear it in those poor children." She walked away,"Sunset, take care of your digimon, for they are the key to your survival." She left the building, and looked out towards another, seeing a green beast with a large golden tail and large wings stood, looking at her. She smiled at it,"I'm afraid I won't be able to help much."

Rainbow Dash sat on top of the truck's cab and swung her legs back and forth, "Well, that was a bust!"

"Yeah, we didn't find out anything!!" Pinkie Pie said, leaning on the truck bed and shaking her head.

Madilyn chuckled as she walked to Sunset's bike, "Well, we did find out that Starla and her friends are a bunch of assholes."

"Anything new, dear," Rarity deadpanned as she sighed.

Applejack put her finger to her chnc and asked, "So, if we can't get the truth out of them, what's next?"


Celesto rose back into his room, frowning. Taking out the picture he had of his and Celestia's wedding day, he sighed, "t was meant to be perfect. Everything. Why is this...How did it go so wrong." narrowing his eyes at Sunset, he threw the photo at her picture and held his head in his hand, "I can fix this. You'll see."


Unos ran a hand through his black hair, "So, is that what is going to happen to my family. I will be given what I want only to have it taken away."

"Lord Unos, please do not misinterpret the events you see here. Grand Ruler was given this team of heroes because that was his desire. He wanted a home, his love, and that team. However, we told him to bring us the last two souls needed for our plan. He has spent the last four years failing.:

"And you supposed that I can do better?" asked Unos.

"Your father enacted a six year plan that made the power rangers a powerful force, wiped out three major rivals, and the daughter of master vile in bed. I say that when it comes to evil, you know what you are doing," the man in the cloak said.

Unos shrugged, "True."

"And anything you can help us find in the annals of Power Rangers history will be beyond Celesto's mind," The man in the cloak said.

"Fine, I'll bring out the next opponent," said nos as he ran his white gloved hand across the keyboard, "But first...a name. I would hate to refer you as my friend for the rest of this mission."

"Call me Gallant, C. Gallant," the man in the cloak bowed.


"Do you think, is she right" Artie asked.

Starla shook her head. "No, she is just speaking out of her butt!"

Sunset sighed,"The only thing we can do is hope that another monster comes by that we can interrogate."

A few minutes pass, followed by another hour. As the sunset in the distance, Pinkie Pie sighed, "Wow, really thought that the bad guys would take advantage of that opening."

"I guess we can just go home," Rainbow Dash said, getting to her bike, "Want a ride Flutters?"

"Sure," Fluttershy whispered, wrapping her arms around Dash as the bike took off.

Dash looked over her shoulder at Fluttershy and said, "Hey, you what happened between you and Rhymey. You need to let it out soon."

"No, I can't," Fluttershy said nuzzling into her friend's back. "J-just take me home."

Madilyn sighed and got onto Applejack's truck along with Rarity and Pinkie, "See you back at the apartment" she then looked as Sci-twi walked behind Sunset, "See you in a bit."

Sunset nodded. She walked to her bike, feeling eyes on her,"Twilight?" She asked, turning and seeing her,"Look, I..." She sighed,"I'm just not ready, and this is kind of, you know, sudden. I'm sorry, I didn't want to break your heart."

Sci-Twi simply stared at her, a slight glint of rage in her eyes,"That's... okay." She forced a smile,"I... need to walk back home."

"... Do you need a rid-"

"No!" Sci-Twi yelled, before calming down,"I can walk."

"Okay..." Sunset frowned as she got her helmet on.

The light buzzing continued in her head.

(She abandons you, how cruel. And after she saved you, protected you, and brought you back from the brink. You love her and she takes it away. How could she.)

Twilight gritted her teeth as she took her cell up to call Shining.

"Hey little sis, whats up?" Shining asked. "Are you ok? I thought you usually ride with your friends."

"I decided I wanted to spend some time with you, BBBFF!" Twilight forced a smile.

"Great come on over! I just got that Kyle Rayner comic from Ebay, we can read that. Oh and we can watch that really cool sci-fi movie I just bought. You know, I heard they filmed it on KO-35!" Shining said excitedly.

"Oh, that sounds cool!" Twilight said with a smile.

(He will abandon you too...watch.)

"But he is my brother, yet, you've always been-" A hand interrupted Twilight. she turned to see Dr. Nonaka, who seemed to be breathing heavily.

"Child," Nonaka said, her other hand on her leg,"Please, don't fall to despair, there's always hope."

Twilight blinked,"What are you talking about."

Nonaka stood up,"Tell me, do you fear change?"

"..." Twilight looked away,"Yes."

Nonaka frowned,"Change is what strengthens us. Fear of change is what keeps us from achieving our highest goals. Overcome that fear, and you will become stronger for her, and for them." She walked by her,"Don't give up."


Nonaka walked by a dark alley, only to hear a voice,"One is going to fall, Rumiko."

"Always the pessimist, aren't you?" Rumiko held up a coin,"Two are veering very close to the edge. One in anger, the other in despair." She frowned as she flipped the coin,"Maybe you are correct, Chirin, but which one exactly?"

Pinkie Pie made a call to Sunset's answering machine, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Sunset, you are never going to believe this. I was walking home tonight after the girls dropped me off when I saw someone robbing Sugar Cube Corner. Well, I know we still can't morph except for Applejack, so I ran after them. Well-"


"Stupid answering machine cutting me off. Well, when I ran down the alley, The bad guys were all ready to kill me! But then, some guy jumped in from the shadows, all in black with a blue bird across his chest. He kicked the bad guys butts and then left with a smile. Can you believe it! Another super hero is around here!!!!"



Rarity stood outside of Sunset's apartment and smiled when she saw Sunset arrive, "Oh, hello Sunset."

"Hey Rarity, what are you doing here?" Sunset asked,"What, you gonna sew my jacket back up or something?"

"No," Rarity sighed, leaning on the railing, "I was just thinking of what Starla said. You know, about me being a bitch and all of that. I know I shouldn't but I let it get to me. Sometimes I wonder if...I can be as generous as I hope to be. I want to be a businesswoman Sunset... not exactly a selfless and generous position."

Sunset smiled,"Well, no one said you had to be perfect, Rarity." She leaned down,"If we all were perfectly generous, then we all would be poor."

"Yes, it's just that," Rarity looked at a pamphlet, "I want to be like the Waynes or the Queens. They always seem to be abundant in cash to always give to a random charity of the week. Me... I can barely get enough to go to the best fashion schools.

"And you are also an amazing designer with a fantastic imagination. Besides," Sunset smiled,"Even those two started small."

"Well, being of impeccable imagination is something I cannot deny," Rarity said, giving a small flip of her hair, "But there are days when it just feels so hard. That the world expects a business owner to be selfish and greedy. In spite of what Starla has spread about me, I'm not. I just... like having a better life for myself and friends."

"There's a balance," Sunset said,"If you're too generous, then you'll have nothing left to give."

"I can only help I can find that balance," Rarity then looked to Susnet, "Sunset, is everything alright? You seem a little angrier than usual and you didn't take Twilight home."

Sunset sighed,"I guess," She turned away,"I'm just in kind of a bad mood. And Twilight refused me. Which is odd because she never does that."

"I agree, she's been feeling a little odd ever since we came home," Rarity said, frowning.

Sunset turned away,"Yeah, she... is acting strange. I think I better head home now." She said as she got off her bike.

"Goodbye Sunset," Rarity said, walking to her home.


Inside Sunset's apartment, Madilyn smiled as Sunset came home, "Hey Sunset! Welcome home."

"Hey!" Sunset said with a smile. She pulled the two Nyaromon out of her backpack.

Vanilla and Coco happily jumped from the backpack, and began to have a hearty lunch at the dinner. Madilyn sighed, "Feisty little things aren't they?"

"Yeah, I think the whole... 'Digivolving' thing made them hungrier."

Once they were both done, they leapt onto Sunset's shoulders and nuzzled. Vanilla looked left and right, and quickly found a book to read while coco just rested on her shoulder, "They are also pretty close to you," Madilyn chuckled. Then she sat down and looked at the tv. "Why did you guys get involved with those jerks in the hospital anyway?"

"It wasn't by choice." Sunset said with a frown,"Those guys were everywhere, imposing themselves onto every single student they could find."

"What jerks, what gave them the right to do that?" Madilyn asked, shaking her head.

"Yeah, none of the students like them due to their overconfident jackassery."

"And yet they somehow got the ability to be heroes thanks to that Lighting jerk, the one you told me about," Madilyn sighed, "Jeeze, no wonder you hate them."

"Yeah, and they're deluded too. I keep trying to tell them how horrible they are, but they just won't listen!" Sunset growled in frustration.

Coco bounced up and down, "What makes them that way?"

"Probably taught or forced to, you know these jerks," Madilyn said, sitting on the couch

"Yeah, Celesto, or Grand Ruler as the rest of the students like to call him, does tend to favor them."

"Why? They don't seem all that better, if anything they seem worse!"

Sunset shrugged,"It's something he desires, which now that I think about it, is pretty suspicious. I'm thinking Celesto's not what he seems."

"I haven't met him yet," Madilyn said, rubbing Vanilla's head.

"You don't want to." Sunset said with a frown.

"That bad?"

"Everyone in the school equates him to Hitler."

Madilyn laughed, "Ok, I have heard that before. But it wasn't like he is making some of the band students goose stepping."

"He almost tried to make an anthem for himself. If it wasn't for the school board, he would've succeeded." Sunset said with a frown.

"The school board?" asked Madilyn

"They're Celesto's boss, but they only keep him in line when he goes too overboard." Sunset sighed.

I can only imagine how often that happens." Madilyn said. Stretching she walked to the side and went to the futon, "Night Sunset.


"This is who you want?" asked Unos. "I should warn you, he has been known to betray his master from time to time."

"Loyalty is not what we need right now," G said. "We need a test of a different sort." with a wave of his hand, a small portal opened up.


Rarity walked into her home, opening the door gently. Once inside, she saw Sweetie Belle asleep, in front of her was a drawing of her and Sweetie with the words 'Best sister'. sitting down, she lightly rubbed her sister's hair. Looking at the photo, she sighed, "When i become a business mare, I won't spend as much time with her." kissing her sister's forehead, she laid her on the couch and then sat with her,

When she sat back, her mind fluttered to the days of the Spring formal.

(I don't want her to win. Sunset needs to... I forfeit!)

"I gave so much for her to beat Starla," Rarity said, leaning back, "Can't be doing that too much anymore." Putting a hand onto her forehead, she whispered, "Why does it always have to be so hard?"


The next morning, Lyra bumped into Sunset, "Oh... you. Do I remember you?"

Sunset blinked,"Uh, Sunset Shimmer? I kind of take over the music room a lot?"

"OH, yeah,' Lyra said, pulling over her hoodie, "Why couldn't I remember."

"Uh, Sunset," Applejack said, walking up to her, "Ah think something weird is goin’ on."

"Ya think?" Sunset looked around,"Though, something weird always happens."

Applejack sighed, "Ya, Ah know. But right now, Ah just saw Vinyl and Octavia, and they were playing like they never did before, but they looked so... drained.

"Drained?" Sunset put a finger to her chin,"Maybe I should take a closer look at one of them."

Octavia sighed as she stopped playing, "Oh, hello Sunset. Care to tell Vinyl to leave?"

"Why?" Sunset asked.

"Because she is busy interrupting my playstyle. Can you not see that her playing does not belong here in the opera?"

"Opera? We're in a school, Octavia." Sunset said with a frown.

"No, we're in a opera theater, with stage, audience. Oh... I am playing more and more beautifully than I ever," she then fell to the ground out cold.

Sunset nodded,"Right, some monster's making everyone see something they've always dreamed of or something. We need to find it now."

"Have any clues?" Madilyn asked.

"Got any idea where to start looking?" Applejack.

Sunset looked down at Octavia's sleeping form,"We could search some of them for any marks or small threads."

Applejack and Madilyn nodded as they ran off. Rarity walked behind Sunset, "Sunset, what on earth is happening?"

"Apparently some monster's putting people into a deep sleep that shows off their desires." Sunset said.

"What?" Rarity gasped, "Who could do such a thing?"

"Some monster who probably wants to eat our hopes and dreams or something."

"Got it," Rarity nodded, "I just hope none of our friends have had a run in with him.

"Just in case, let's go find them." Sunset said, looking around,"Fast."

Each girl nodded in agreement and ran off. arity took a few steps, looking around in either direction. As her violet eyes looked around her, she sawa flash in the corner of her eye. When she ran to the side of the building, she found a brown man laying back with a smile on his lips,"Look at that, I can see him again. My little brother."

"Your brother?" Rarity sat down and looked into his glazed eyes. "OH dear."

"I am so happy to see him again," he then held up some dirt before smiling at Rarity, "Isn't he handsome?"

"No time, you need to tell me who is doing this. Who did you talk to?" Rarity asked.

"Some nice young man with a pretty face said he could give me all I wanted, for just a bit of my life," he sighed and held onto the dirt for a bit longer.

"Oh, this is not good-"

When Rarity appeared back at the music room, she continued, "And that is what I saw. I have no idea what he even looks like."

Sunset frowned,"A pretty boy? Yeah, that narrows it down a little."

"I'm sorry, but the poor boy didn't offer much else,' Rarity sighed.

Pinkie frowned a little as she looked out the window, "But they do look happy if a little tired.

"But this is false happiness." Sunset said,"If you want true happiness, you have to work for it."

"Yeah," Pinkie sighed.

Madilyn looked out and then to Sunset, "So, what's the plan."

"We find a guy who's not affected by all of this, maybe. If only I had something that could track him!"

Dash looked up with a smirk, "Think you could find him if I grabbed someone who came into contact with him."

"Possibly." Sunset said.

"Give me a sec," Dash said, running out.

Fluttershy looked around, "Where's Twilight?"

A young man wearing a long black robe walked up behind Sci-Twi, "Hello my dear.”

Twilight turned and backed away,"Who are you?"

The man bowed, "My name is Dai shi. A pleasure. I was wondering, if you had something you desire, something precious that you want. I have been in need of giving wishes as of late.

"Something I desire..." Twilight looked away,"I don't think you could grant my wish."

"Are you sure, my dear," Dai said, cupping twilight's chin. " have been known to accomplish the impossible."

Twilight frowned,"I don't know, I don't think I trust you..."

"You can trust me, my dear.

A finger tapped on Dai Shi's shoulder,"Excuse me."

"Yes?" Dai Shi asked.

Sunset smiled behind him,"Hi. What are you doing?"

"Offering this poor girl the world. It is just a little talk," Dai shi said with a smile.

"Oh, do you know what I want?" Sunset put her hands on her hips.

"Tell me," he said with a smile

"A punch to your face." Sunset reached back and punched him in the nose.

Dai Shi moved to the side, "Oh, see, he told me about you. You are that dimension hopper. The runaway."

Sunset snarled,"Who?" She said, punching at him again.

"The one who opened the portal for me. The one who said I could be revived here," he backed and dodged to the left, 'You don't know what it was like back in my world. I killed my rangers, took everything over and then... nothing! OH, but I am so glad to be here. But you're not, right?"

Sunset stopped for a moment,"I..." She shook her head,"Don't play games!" She kicked at him.

Dai shi lightly batted her kick away as he chuckled, "What? Did I touch a nerve? Are you enjoying the the thought of leaving. Or are you just finally giving in to how bored and tired you are of this place. Letting a bit of the old anger out?"

"Shut up!" Sunset got up and punched at him again.

"Not to sound cliche, but were the opponents and monsters you faced in the past weak? I can tell from the way you are fighting," he laughed.

"Well, yeah,"Sunset shrugged,"But that doesn't matter, I'm going to keep swinging until I get lucky!" she shouted as she threw several rapid-fire punches at him.

"Oh, nice. Has your mother trained you in Hamon?" he said, backing up, and leaping to a tree. "You know the sad part of morphing? You never appreciate it until you can't perform it anymore."

With a smile, he said, "The name is Dai Shi, a pleasure. I hope you can stop me soon."

As he vanished, Madilyn came rushing in, "W-where did he go!?"

"Who was that?" Applejack asked, before looking to Twilight, "You ok?"

Twilight stared into the distance, her eyes had gone blank.

Sunset blinked,"Ha-what?" She sighed, turning to the others,"Alright, I now know who's behind all of this. Anyone know who Dai Shi is?"

"Dai Shi? No, not really hungry," Pinkie said, looking down.

Applejack looked to Twilight, "Twi? Hey Sci-Twi!"

Twilight shook her head,"Yeah?"

"You kind of looked spaced out there for a second there," Applejack said.

(I almost took him up on his offer)" Twilight smiled,"I'm fine..." She chuckled nervously.

"Good," Applejack said, looking around.

Rainbow Dash looked around, "Great, now where is he?"

"I think I might have saw him teleport that way," Fluttershy said, looking around.

On top of the school, Dai Shi smiled, "Oh, I do love it when my day goes well."

"Although, a little cliche," Rarity said, standing on the side.

"Oh, and is that Lady Rarity I hear?" Dai Shi smiled. "A pleasure, my dear," he said bowing."

"Please, let's dispense with the formalities. You are the one who has been draining the energy from the students, haven't you?" Rarity asked. "Why?"

"How did you figure out I would be here?" asked Dai Shi"The rooftop seemed the most dramatic, and judging from the flashy way you are dressed, I can assume you have a flair for the dramatic," Rarity said, pointing to the black and gold robe that Dai Shi wore. Along his sleeves were the symbols of a Cheetah, Rhino, Jaguar, Wolf, Lion, Chameleon, and Tiger.

"I like it like that," he said, smirking. "As for why I am doing this, well. When I was awoken from my world, My energy was drained. Seems that I had been asleep for far too long. So, I needed the energy to get back to full form. I decided to attack the purity of dreams of the students for that purpose."

"Why not drain their souls?" Rarity asked.

"Please, if a whole collection of students were suddenly found life husks, I might as well be begging for every Justice Leaguer, Ranger, and whatever else is protecting this world to hunt me down. But if they are only lightly drained, then they can associate it with the latest drug or what have you," Dai Shi said. "No, about our-"

"What would you get for a soul?" Rarity asked.

"Well, a soul given in sacrifice will be a very powerful one indeed," Dai Shi said. "Now, about your dream. You want money, yes? I can give you that. All of the power you could want. You seem smart and a very smooth talker. Work for me, help me to achieve my full power and I will give you all that you dream. Your very-"

"My soul," Rarity said. "Give the students their life energy back and I will give you everything. My soul, my memories, my heart, all of it. That should make you a very powerful being indeed, correct?"

"But you will be a lifeless husk, Rarity," Dai Shi said.

"It's worth it. If I can free them, then I will give my everything," Rarity said.

In a distant cave, a blue gem began to glow brightly.

"Fine then," Dai Shi said, smirking as he held out his hand, ignoring the sound of the door opening. "I hoped to gained a soul like yours."

"Rarity, no!" Applejack shouted as she watched in horror while a bright flash surrounded the area.

(Rarity, who was willing to give a part of herself to make someone happy is the element of-Generosity)

Dai Shi was blasted back and temporarily blinded. When he looked up, he saw Rarity dressed in a similar armor to Applejack's. Though hers was white instead of orange. "Oh, well, look at that.

Sunset ran out, and gasped,"Rarity!?"

Dai Shi back up a little from the bright light that exploded from Rarity, and growled, "You think that is going to-"

"Mr. Shi, if you would kindly," Rarity said holding out her hand. As she did, a diamond bow began to materialize in her hand, "Let a girl admire her new acutiments?" with that, an arrow appeared on the bow, and with a flock of her hand, the arrow flew out, striking the orb and shattering it."

"OH,' Dai Shi said, looking down at his shattered orb, "Shit."

Sunset grinned,"Oh yeah," She ran at him and tried to sweep his leg.

Dai shi pulled his leg up from the sweep. Applejack Stepped in, pressing the orange gem on her wrist and transforming. Then, she uppercutted the fighter,, opening him up for Sunset.

Sunset spun around and uppercutted him in the chin.

This caused him to back up and fall down the side of the roof. As he fell, he flipped himself right up, trying to land on his feet. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a violet dagger flying at him, striking him in the chest. Looking he frowned when he was Madilyn sliding down the side of the building using her dagger. In her other hand, he held a blaster that fired shot after shot at him.

As he landed, he watched as Applejack, Rarity, Sunset and Madilyn regrouped before him, "I do not believe this, do you really think you can win this?"

Sunset looked around, and nodded,"Yeah, pretty much."

Rarity opened up her bow and fired three shots at Dai Shi. Moving quickly, the black cloaked man moved to the side to dodge the arrows. This left him open for an attack by Madilyn and Applejack to deliver a double punch and Sunset to kick him into a tree.

Growling, he slowly rose back up to his feet and wiped a streak of blood from his lips. Shaking his head slowly, he grabbed his cloak, "Oh don't tell me," Madilyn said.

With a grab, he quickly threw his cloak off, revealing his bear chest and arms. Body covered in claw marks and scars, he growled, "Fine then, if you want to die that quickly, it will be my pleasure. Killing Rangers, can be quite addicting."

"Do you hear that?" Fluttershy asked, looking around.

"What?" Dash asked, picking up a trash can lid.

"Animals screaming," Fluttershy said.

Behind Dai shi, the spirits of a cheetah, Jaguar, Wolf, Rhino, Lion, Chameleon, and Tiger all screamed in horrible agony as his body began to turn. arms and legs began to get covered in a thick rhino hide, fur of three different felines began to cover the limbs. His neck grew a thick mane while his eyes began to resemble a wolf's. With a dragon head as his last transformation, he growled as he got into a muay thai stance, "Come."

Applejack smirked, running at him and laying three different blows into his body. Her eyes widened under her helmet as she saw that he seemed immune to the blows.With a growl, he grabbed applejack's fore arm, lifted it up, and began to crush it. Snarling, he used his other hand to punch at her body in a blur. Then he kicked her to the side with one kick, sending her skidding across the ground.

Feeling a tug on his arm, he looked down and gasped in shock when he saw a golden lasso wrapped around his arm. With a tug, he was pulled towards the group. Quickly, Madilyn jumped in and slashed at him with Lightning daggers, only to pull back when she saw that he was unaffected. Chuckling, he upped cutted her and knocked her back. Turning to Sunset, he wagged his finger.

Sunset growled, leaping at him and grappling him.

With a grunt he was pulled back by the grapple. Then he disappeared for a second, slipping from her grasp and back fisting her. As she reeled back, he cresent kicked her in the stomach. Reaching back, he tried to punch her, but was blinded by a strike from the left. Growling, he pointed to Rainbow Dash, "Wait your turn, my dear."

Turning around he ducked under three slashes from Madilyn, and then kneed her in the stomach, snap kicking her away. Ducking under Applejack's roundhouse, he tried to slammed a cross into her chest. Applejack then wrapped her lasso around his arm and pulled it back to tied it to his other hand. With a grunt, Applejack spun him around to face a roof, where three white lights flew at him.

A smile came to his lips as he watched the arrows came at him, only to scream at pain when the diamond arrows punctured his hide, drawing blood. Another arrow flew and stuck his stomach, causing a small explosion and pushing him back, revealing bare skin.

Sunset ran up and kicked the spot of bare skin.

There was a resounding crack as Sunset struck his stomach hard. As Dai Shi stood back up, he shook his head from the blow. Looking back up, he watched as Rarity slid down the golding rope with her bow and delivered a kick to his chest.

As he elbowed Rarity and ducked under Madilyn's right punch, he wa uppercutted by Applejack bearing his body for Madilyn to slash three strikes with her daggers.

Sunset bull rushed him, kicking him again in the same spot.

Dai Shi backed up, painted, His body cracking and trembling, "Uh, is there anyway I can take back all I said about murdering and killing and taking down rangers?"

Sunset growled, cracking her knuckles,"No." She punched him in the face.

He yelled in pain as he was sent flying back. Madilyn leaped up, jumping onto Applejack's shoulds and yelled, 'Lighting Blitz!" and with a slash, destroyed the monster in one hit while she landed behind him, a smile on her lips

Sunset dusted her hands off, before turning around and walking towards Rarity. She looked at Rarity with a frown, she raised her fist and decked her,"If you do something stupid like that again, I will drag your soul back and beat the everloving shit out of you!"

Applejack stepped forward, but Rarity held up her hand and stopped her. Demorphing, she walked to Sunset and bowed, "I am dreadfully sorrry for my indiscretion, but you would have done the same. You would've given so much for any of us."

Sunset frowned,"I guess I would have, but at least tell us! Don't run off without telling us, don't disappear and endanger yourself without us, we're here too you know!" She stomped her foot,"We're your friends, you need to let us help, not run off and hurt not only yourself, but us too!"

"I will," Rarity said, and then whispering, "Maybe you should do the same.

Sunset snorted,"What would Sweetie Belle have done without you?" She whispered before stomping off.

"Sunset," Rarity raised her hand, and then lowered it. She sighed as she looked down at the ground.

Rainbow Dash went over to Sunset, "What is your problem? She just saved us. She knew what she was doing!!"

Fluttershy looked over to Twilight, Noticing a small feel of depression on her face, "Twilight? Are you ok?"

"She also endangered herself, or didn't you notice that she was about to give up EVERYTHING!?" Sunset glared at Rainbow Dash,"Or maybe you don't care enough that she was about to pretty much die, and leave us all here without her! Is that it, you don't care that she was going to die!?"

Sci-Twi looked away,"It's nothing."

"But she didn't!" Dashs argued. "We could've saved her when the time came. We are pretty badass you know!"

"Are you sure?" Fluttershy asked

"Oh, I get it! We're supposed to be all around gods that can save someone no matter what!" Sunset growled,"And what if we couldn't save her!? What if we didn't even know she did it, because last I checked, she ran off without telling us!" She looked away,"What if we weren't strong enough, what if we had to live with Rarity no longer being here!?" She looked up at Dash,"Think, if Rarity had gone through with it, if we couldn't save her, would you be happy? What would Sweetie do? What would we do!? What about her ambitions, her life!? She can't just throw it away like she means nothing! She's important, to all of us! Destroying herself isn't going to save any of us, it's going to hurt us. It's not generosity, it's self-destruction."

Twilight gave a fake smile,"Yeah, I'm sure."

Dash pushed her face against Sunset's, "Are you doubting that if worse comes to worse we couldn't save someone from getting their soul taken away? We have beaten and taken out so many bad guys now that we can make a list.." when she heard Sunset mention the what if, she turned her head away, "What if? What if? Who's got time for what ifs! I know we are heroes, it's what we do best. We aren't gods, we are better than that. And don't you go making it sound like I don't care about her or Sweetie Belle. I care about her just as much as you do! What she did was something we might have to deal with and she braved it. Now, she has a new power and we can rest a little easier, I don't see the bucking problem!!!"

"Ok," Fluttershy said. Turning to the sound of yelling, she gulped, "Dashie." she whispered.

Pinkie listened to their argument, and then began to back away. Frowning she walked towards her home.

"The problem is that Rarity was rewarded for doing something suicidal! What if she decided to do it again, and we can't save her!?" Sunset pushed further,"Maybe you like to run off half-cocked without caring for the consequences, but I don't!" Sunset growled,"Why don't you go tell Sweetie Belle that her sister almost committed suicide, and then try to say 'it's okay, she's now a super cool superhero!'" She narrowed her eyes,"I guess you would say the same if it was your mother instead."

Twilight gulped, before turning and running.

In one punch, Rainbow Dash delivered a hard blow into Sunset's face. Frowning, she turned around, "I am going to forget you said that, and I am going home." and with that, she began to walk away.

"Rainbow, you get your-" Applejack yelled as Dash walked to the bike.

"Leave before we get into a fight. Right?" Dash growled.

Fluttershy turned, "Twilight, wait. Rainbow," she sighed when she saw Dash drive away. Running quickly, she knelt next to Sunset to help her up.

Sunset sat up and spat,"Almost wished she stayed so I could kick her ass..." She sighed,"But it wouldn't make me feel better." She looked at Fluttershy,"Is it wrong? Rarity shouldn't have tried to hurt herself like that, she should have consulted us, why does it feel like I'm the only one who was worried about her?"

Fluttershy shook her head, "No, you aren't wrong. I'm worried about her too. Rainbow Dash, she is worried too, she just...

"Is completely bullheaded and doesn't know what she's talking about?" Sunset turned away and growled.

"Well, I wasn't going to say it like that," Fluttershy said, hiding behind her mane.

Madilyn leaned against the tree, Well, she is being too overconfident. Rarity could've died. She just ran off half-cocked with a crazy plan that could've gotten her killed."

"Well, it's just that," Fluttershy began, but Madilyn interrupted.

"She could've been a little smarter or thinking about the rest of us. Especially her own little sister. She would be lost without her," Lightly she punched the tree. "Or the rest of the team."

Fluttershy sighed as she got up, "She is also very confident in us. She knows how good we are and likes to bring that out in all of us."

"But still," Madilyn said, looking away. In her mind she could remember the early days of her team, and how she kept trying to prove herself to be the leader, the second to her leader. With a sigh, she looked to the truck where Applejack was driving away, "Guess Rarity and Applejack need to leave."

Sunset got up,"I better go too, I've had a long day." She frowned, turning away.

Fluttershy raised her hand and asked, "Sunset do you need me to..." she sighed when she watched her friend walk away.

Madilyn walked with Sunset, "Are you alright?"

Sunset growled,"Just angry. Feeling useless when someone almost lost everything of theirs and almost left their entire family and friends behind. I wouldn't be so angry if she had mentioned it to us beforehand, but..."

"You want it to be a plan that came up in between you?" Madilyn asked.

"Yes! That way, we could've helped! What she did... it was reckless, crazy, if she went through with it... we'd have never seen her again..."

Madilyn looked at Sunset with worry, "Are you saying you think you guys could ever lose?"

Sunset sighed,"Yes. We're not perfect, we're not gods, there's always a chance that we'll lose. That's what's keeping me going, because I don't want to lose."

As the bike came to a stop in front of the house, Madilyn let out a sigh. As she got off the bike, she chuckled, "I don't think any of you are going to lose. You guys are way too badass for that." A light growl escaped her lips, thinking to herself (Wish my sister was here. She's better at this whole, 'talking things out' thing. I just like living for the moment and having fun.")

Turning to look at Sunset, she said, "You sound like my leader, always pushing herself to be there and to hold everyone up. I think the others are thinking like me. We can be gods and we won't lose because there are people out there like you. You may be fallible, but some of them look up to you.

Sunset stared down at her bike,"Look up to me of all people," She chuckled,"That's funny..."

"How is it funny?" Madilyn asked, "I've see you, you've been kind of great, a little grumpy though/

"But," Sunset bit her lip,"I wasn't always a good girl..."

"Oh a bad girl? What, did you to the office, blow up the science lab?"

"Turn into a demon and mind control nearly the entire school." Sunset said.

"...And I thought my team had a weird one," she laughed. "Almost feel like saying is that all?"

Sunset nodded,"Well, I did break up the group, though not by choice." She frowned.

"Not by choice?"

Sunset sighed,"I was trying to push the Starfleet group apart because they were the biggest douches on campus, but, somehow, all my efforts went to them instead."

"Let me guess," Madilyn said, "Celest-creep?"

"Yeah." Sunset sighed,"That's my guess."

"Did they even know it was an accident?"

Sunset frowned, looking to the pavement,"No."

Madilyn nodded and took Sunset by the hand, "Come on, let's get to the apartment.”

Sunset nodded as she followed Madilyn

"You ok Rare?" Applejack asked as the truck drove down the road, "Ya haven't said much since we left."

"Fine, just fine," Rarity sighed, listening to the music for a moment, "I just need to listen to some depressing music for a bit."

Applejack nodded, "Got ya." Turning her head, she looked down at the road and sighed.

Rarity watched the streetlights and city lights pass by in a blur of colors. The words echoing in Rarity's mind as she watched each light pass by the car. Sighing she shook her head, "You, don't believe that I wanted to commit suicide, do you?"

"Well, you got to admit, it is mighty suspicious," Applejack said, keeping her window open.

"But, it was a spur of the moment thing. I had the enemy there, I saw him. I knew I could keep him still with a prize. It was just a-" Rarity began but then closed her mouth as she looked to the streets, "Bad judgement call. But a right one."

"Yeah, but Sunset sees it differently," Applejack said.

Rarity sighed, "She was just so, angry with me. If I didn't know better, I'd say she hated me."

"Nah, she is just worried about ya," Applejack said. "We all get that way."

"It's just that," Rarity sighed, "I feel like I am being punished for trusting in the team, and believing in what they can do."

"She's not punishing you for that," Applejack said, "Only that your were so ready to throw everything away."

"I wouldn't!" Rarity said, "I could never do something like that. It would leave poor Sweetie Belle all alone in the world."

"But what about," Applejack began, only for Rarity's sharp tone to interrupt.

"All alone," Rarity then turned to watch as some of the stores began to pass her by. Sighing, she said, "It's so hard, you know. Doing what the world expects of you. Because I want to be a business mare, the world is going to expect me to become greedy and corrupt. I guess this wa my way of showing the world, and whoever is doing this to our memories, that I am in control of my own life."

"I know how it feels," Applejack said.

"No you don't," Rarity said. "Your mother and father love you, they expect you to become the farmer, the responsible girl."

"And what if I said I don't know if I want that?" Applejack said. Looking down at the orange gem she sighed, "I know what I said when I earned this, and what I told Sunset what I want to be for her. But I... don't know, it just feels like it's too much."

"Too much?" Rarity said.

"Heroism, being a soldier against evil, having all of this responsibility heaped on me," Applejack groaned as the truck rolled slowly towards their homes. "Ah don't know if Ah want this. Ah don't know if this is for me! Ah'm a farmer, a teenager. It's just like the world is expecting me to burden the weight of the world, but Ah don't know if Ah want to."

"Then what is it that you do want?" Rarity asked.

"Ah don't know. Just not have my life planned out," Applejack sighed, "And not have the world on my shoulders."

"Do you want to tell Sunset about thig?" Rarity asked.

Applejack frowned, "Nah, she has a lot on her plate already."

"So, you see it too," Rarity asked.

"See what? I just mean as a leader and helping with Madilyn and Sci-Twi," Applejack said.

"No, it's something else," Rarity said. "She's been getting angrier. I wonder if she is planning on pushing us all away."

"Why though?" Applejack asked.

"She wants to leave," Rarity said calmly.

"What," Applejack asked.

Rarity sighed and shook her head as the car stopped in front of her house. Smiling warmly she hugged her friend, "Nothing," she then kissed both cheeks and then began to walk away, "See you tomorrow."

"Same place at the mall?" Applejack asked.

"Yes dear," Rarity said. As she walked into the house, she sighed when she walked in.

Sweetie Belle happily ran to her sister and hugged her tightly, "Rarity! I was hoping you come in when I was awake!"

"Why dear?" Rarity asked, only to have an envelop given to her, "What is this?"

"From the Hart foundation. It says," Sweetie Belle was interrupted by Rarity's gasp.

"The heart foundation. That means..." Opening the letter she let out a shout of pure joy.

"What is ti?" Sweetie asked.

"It's a scholarship. I can use this to...Oh, I have so many ideas!" Rarity cheered.

Author's Note:

The problem with working with a partner and a guy who's job is mainly to write Sunset Shimmer while I roleplay about every other character on the planet is...I have no idea how he will make Sunset react to certain character interactions. I was never intending on Rarity's moment of generosity to be interpited as her trying to kill herself...really. However, Zolt took the idea and turned it around.

This is, actually a boon in my eyes as it give me more of a chance to explore the EQG over the maneverse. Cause, you see, the maneverse gals? They have already achieved their dreams and goals. Rarity is a buisness mare, Pinkie is baking, and Applejack is farming. The EQ gals? They're still in high school, they want to be where their pony selves are now.

(Interestingly enough, that is an angle I have never seen a fic where the ponies meet their human selves tackle. And I know that his kind of subject is way too deep for the age group that the show is aimed for. If I want that kind of thinking, then I will go and watch a really good anime thank you very much)

So, my question and one of the big hypothisis that this story is taking is...how do you become like the mane six in a world where your talent is not marked on your flank and in a 'real world'.

How does one really become Applejack? How do you stay Pinkie in this world where it's easy to hate and become depressed? How do you become like Rarity when the world hears that you are a corperation and goes "YOU ARE THE DEVIL!!!!!" It's an idea I like to explore in this world.

Another note, in order to explain the appearence of the other humans, I want you to take at face value that everyone here has normal skin tones. Nobody has Doug esque colors.

Seriously how come there aren't more Doug crossovers out there.

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