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Fall of Starfleet Side Story: Evolution of Friendship - Legendbringer

Sunset finds herself in a world of mystery, war, and battle against the most powerful entity she has met.

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Kindness! My only path

Since your ideas will only guarantee faster deaths and destruction

Sunset rubbed the back of her head,"Yeah... long story."

Coco and Vanilla jumped up, "Tell us?"

With a soft smile, Sunset looked out at the moonlit night and began her story, “It all started when I had first arrived to this world. I had gotten information about how this world’s magic worked from a particular source...”

a few years earlier.

Sunset looked up at the large tower,"Hello?" She sighed,"I swear if that Abderus guy ripped me off, I'm gonna-"

"And what brings you here, mage?" asked a brown skinned woman with her black hair done in a ponytail. "Not many come to my husband's home without a want."

"I want to learn." Sunset said.

"Learn?" Inzra asked, "You are a student?"

"You could say that." Sunset muttered.

Inzra opened the door behind her, the glowing ankh shining behind her, "Follow me, my husband will see you soon."

Sunset smiled,"Perfect." she walked in with her.

Inzra looked to a large chair and pointed to it, "He will be with you shortly."

A man with short cut brown hair looked at Sunset as she sat in her chair, "What do you feel from her?" asked the man.

Inzra sighed, her magic faded away, "She feels lost. Torn between two sides, one dark and one light. I could see in her heart a desire for power, a desire for control but-"

"lacking the means to control it," Nate said, sighing, "Do you think I should train her?"

"Give her some lessons, see where her future lies," Inzra said. "She needs some guidance right now."

"Split between two worlds, now looking for a way to prove herself to the world," sighed Fate, "I feel sorry for her."

"If anyone can help, it will be you, beloved," Inrza said, kissing Nate on the lips as he held out his hand.

With a smile, he magiked up a helmet into his hand. Looking back into the cold pupiless eyes of the golden helm, he nodded before teleporting it onto his head. Stepping into the foyer, his blue uniform onto his body, swiftly followed by a long yellow cape that matched his gloves and boots, "Sunset Shimmer...why have you come to learn from me?"

Sunset thought for a moment, trying to find the best answer,"I want to be better, to prove to someone that I'm good enough for her."

"For her?" Dr. Fate asked.

Sunset sighed,"My mother."

Dr. Fate looked at the woman curiously, "Your mother? Are you running away from her, do you think that my lessons will make you worthy of her?"

"I think your lessons will... help to show me another path she never shown me before."

Fate held some tea and drank though his helm, "And you don't think she would prefer to see you home and safe instead?"

"No! In must prove myself better than she thinks I am!"

"What makes you so sure that she doesn't already think of you as the best?" Fate asked, his white eyes gazing at her, as if staring into something deeper.

Sunset frowned,"She doesn't, that's why she won't let me learn what I want!"

"I see," Fate said, looking down, "And what you want is power, correct?"

"Not just power, prestige!"

"Prestige?" asked Fate.

"I want to make myself better than what I was. I always wanted to become better."

Fate nodded, "I will give you some tips on how to tap into the magic of this world, Miss Shimmer. But be warned...power without being tempered by compassion and friendship is not real power."

Yeah, whatever..”Sunset nodded,"I understand."

For the next few days, Fate trained Sunset as hard as he could, "Magic in our world runs differently than yours. From what you have told me, the best I can describe yours is akin to our world is green Lantern Ring. The power is all based on will and focus, to manipulate the mana fields. Here it is different."

White eyes glared at Sunset as he fired bolt after bolt at her, "Magic here needs a source of energy to use it. Such as your own reserves or the air around you. Time has eroded these sources but you can still find some."

"Our world is home to two subclasses of humans: Homo Magi and Metahuman. A Homo magi has the power to naturally use magic, though anyone can, as I am teaching you."

After a while, Fate stepped forward and handed Sunset a mirror.

Sunset took the mirror,"What is this?"

"A mirror of dimensions," Fate said, "I've tuned it to your home dimension. If you have ever a desire to look at home, look within and you will see it. However, be wary...you may not always like what you see."

Sunset smirked,"Well, at least I'll get to see what she's thinking about me right now."

"Now, where are you heading after this?" asked Fate.

Sunset thought for a moment,"There's a place nearby that's real suspicious. I plan on... investigating it"no need to tell my real plan."

"You speak of Mystic Island? That place has only popped up recently," Fate remarks, "I would tread carefully there."

"Of course." Sunset said.

Fate looked at the door, "I wish you the best of luck then. And remember what I said about power and the need for a human heart."

Sunset waved her hand,"Yeah, yeah.."

Sunset sighed,"I should've listened better."

Vanilla and Coco were asleep by the end of the tale. Madylin put her hand on Sunset's shoulder and smiled warmly, "Hey, this happens. We all make mistakes."

"Yeah but not all of us almost take over a school with magical powers."

Madylin laughed a little at this and hugged her, "True, but not all of us were able to come back from that."

Sunset sighed,"Yeah..."

"I bet she would be proud, the other Twilight," said Madylin, smiling.

"Really?" Sunset looked up at her.

"Yeah!" MAdylin said, "You saved a whole bunch of lives, even though you lost some. You are thinking of keeping going and right now...the team is still together. Right? And you're gonna keep fighting, Right?"

"YEah, but how long is the team going to stay together?" Sunset asked.

"I...don't know," Madylin sighed, "But do you think you can keep them together?"

I miss my sister.

"I don't know. Maybe I'm the one that's pushing them away..." Sunset said, looking away as she could feel a slight pain in her chest.

"Why do you think that?" MAdylin asked.

"It's just that, it seems like everything I do seems to make someone uncomfortable with me." Sunset sighed,"Rainbow's mad at me, Rarity won't look at me, and even Twilight's acting stranger than ever."

Madylin sighed, "These things happen, you know. When we start getting to the end of high school, we lose friends. I was just glad to meet great friends in college that stayed with me. But, I don't think you are going to lose them any time soon right? You're friendship is stronger than that."

"I'm glad you have faith." Sunset scoffed.

"Sometimes, that is all we got," sighed Madylin.

The next day, there was a knock on Sunset's door, "Hey, Sunset...want to go mall crawlin?" Applejack asked.

Sunset opened the door with messy hair,"Muh?"

"Ah was wondering if you want to relax and head out for a bit. Ah need to go get some things for the farm and since school's out for the two days...Ah need a friend." Applejack asked.

"Muh." Sunset said, motioning for Applejack to come inside,"Muh,yeh."

"Swear, how are you getting the best grades in high school and yet not be a morning person," Applejack asked, shaking her head.

Rhymey ran his hand along Fluttershy's back, making her shudder and whimper, "Rhymey. please..."

"Shhhh, it's alright my dear.
No need to fear.

What we did...

"Wrong," she whimpered as she walked to the door.

"It was necessary for the better good.
No need to ruin the mood." Rhymey said, shaking his head.

"Now remember my dear, do not say what has transpired
Or their fate will be seared."

"Yes," Fluttershy said, nodding as she walked away, leaving Rhymey's mansion, trying to wipe the dirt off her shoulder. Walking to a nearby alley, she collapsed to her knees and began to cry.

Madylin looked to Applejack, "So, you really wanted to just head shopping."

"Yeah," Applejack said, leaning back on the couch, letting Coco yawn and jump on her stomach, "The farm needs some work and Ah just needed to get some stuff for it."

And Ah needed to get away from it for a while.”Applejack sighed and looked away.

Sunset frowned,"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Uh, yeah, why you ask?" Applejack asked, a part of her lying, the other being truthful. "

"Applejack, I see it in your eyes." Sunset said, crossing her arms.

Applejack sighed, "Can't get anything past you, can Ah?"

Sunset shook her head, and then looked up at Applejack with narrowed eyes. With a sigh she said, “look, I think I’ve been around you long enough to know what you’re thinking.”

Applejack sighed and leaned up, patting the digimon on her stomach, "Ah've guess Ah'm just thinking about responsibility. You know my parents have been talking about me running the farm when Ah leave school?"

"Isn't that good though?" Madylin asked, looking confused.

"Well, yeah a little," There was a frown on her face as she shook her ehad, "Ah'm just not sure Ah want the responsibility."

"Why?" Sunset asked.

Vanilla looked a little confused, "Don't you want to be like you mom and pop?"

"It ain't that simple," Applejack said, turning her head to the window, "It's just, Ah don't feel like Ah can do it. Keeping an eye on so many trees, people, and animals. And then what if Ah get married, Ah'll be responsible for my family too. It just feels too much for me. Ah'm not sure if Ah want it."

"Applejack," Sunet walked up to her,"You're strong-willed, if a little stubborn. I'm sure you can handle a little responsibility."

"You only had to watch a farm," Madlyin sighed and leaned against the couch, "Try watching over an entire planet."

Applejack gave a little chuckle and leaned into Sunset's shoulder, "Yeah."

(Why should I be helping you? Why should I be helping you up!?)

"It's just hard sometimes, putting the weight on my shoulders and not even knowing if Ah really want it," Applejack said.

"What do you want?" Madylin asked.

"Ah don't know," Applejack said, "It's just comes at me too quick. And now we got this full time job saving people, protecting the city...it's just, so much,"

Sunset looked up,"Well, it's at this point you sit back and take a deep breath. Think, what do you like?"

"You girls for one, being out there," Applejack said and then lightly tickled the digimon, "And maybe listening to you talk about your problems."

Sunset chuckled,"Maybe you should consider Psychology."

"Heh, or getting a self help group going," Applejack laughed as she got up, "Come on, this is getting too depressing, you agree?"

Sun set nodded,"Yeah, we have a mall to go to!"

Yeah, let's go!"

"Lets go, Galaxia," said a soldier as he looked to the red head.

Starla ran to her mother and hugged her tightly around the waist, "Momma, don't go."

"I have to my little star," Galaxia said sitting down and rubbing her daughter's head. "Momma is part of the army and needs to fight with them. She needs to protect you from the monsters."

Behind them, a video of a woman with short bowl cut red hair began to speak, "People of Earth, Deliver the Power Rangers to me or I will destroy the planet."

Starla looked down, and shook her head, "But, why you?! Why can't you just let the Justice League or the Titans or someone else stop the monsters?"

Galaxia sighed, "Because, even those with power can't help everyone. Sometimes the big guys need soldiers to help them with the big bad monsters."

"But...but Mom," whimpered Starla, who was then hugged by her mother.

"I'll be home soon," smiled Galaxia.

One soldier frowned, "Come on, Dementia. We need to get moving. They need us at the front in Metropolis now!"

Galaxia frowned at her nickname, hating it with a passion, "Fine!"


A few days later, an old woman stood in the doorway, letting her paper drop. Starla ran in, painting and then asked, "Mrs. Lance, where's mom?"

A few days later, she was alone in the streets of an unnamed city. A man walked up to her and put his hand onto her shoulder, "Starla Shine...would you like to change your fate?"

"Starla, you awake?" asked Buddy, lightly knocking on the door.

Starla nodded, putting away the photo of her and her mother, "Yeah, I am. Just thinking of some memories. What were you thinking of doing today?"

"Mall crawling," Buddy said rubbing the back of his head, "Just, you know the two of us."

Starla sighed, "Sure why not."

It was during the Winter after the fall formal that he made his first move. Rhymey's touch felt acidic, and decayed. Fluttershy looked at the figure ahead, and then shuddered, "I...can't."

"But, you must. You want to be strong and not weak."

"I don't want to hur-"

"Do it, don't you love me?" Rhymey asked.

Fluttershy nodded, pulling out the dagger.

Fluttershy awoke with a gasp and walked ou her home, shuddering ass eh passed Rainbow's home. When she looked, she looked at the door and frowned before walking away.

Sunset walked passed, before looking behind her,"Fluttershy, what are you doing out here alone?"

"Oh, um," Fluttershy looked away, letting her mane cover her eye, "I was just going for a little walk. Maybe enjoy some of the summer weather while it lasts."

Sunset looked at her,"Well, don't walk alone, come with me!"

"I wouldn't want to impose," Fluttershy said, backing up a little timidly. "You and Applejack and Madilyn look like-"

"We'll be fine!" Applejack said, Vanilla hiding under her hat.

Madylin nodded, "Yep! Come on." she said, holding a very excited Coco.

"Well if it is really ok," Fluttershy said.

Sunset grinned,"It'll be fun!"

"Ok," Fluttershy said with a quiet nod.

"Again Starla, fire again," growled Grand Ruler as he watched her train.

"Yes sir," Starla said coldly. As the arrow flew from her bow, she could see the monsters that took her mother in her head. There was a low growl as she continued to fire again and again.

"You will continue this until you become perfect at this," frowned Grand Ruler. "You are my chosen, and you will be the best I have."

Starla frowned and nodded, "Yes master."

Fluttershy stepped back from the body, shaking like a leaf. She felt Rhymey's hand on her back as he whispered, "Don't cry, you're stronger now."

"But I-"

"It'll be alright, now come, Fluttershy come-"

"Along!" Madylin said, running to one of the mall's ice cream stands.

Fluttershy looked at Sunset who had a bag with some dvds inside, "Did you get enough anime?"

Sunset struggled,"There's not such thing as enough!"

"You sure you don't need a little help?" Applejack asked, "Pretty positive you wiped out FYE of its stock of Gundam DVDS."

Sunset grunted,"Nope, I'm fine!"

Applejack laughed a little at this as they walked through the mall, looking back from store to store. Her body could feel a little warmer as she walked with her friends. When she looked at a small store, she quickly walked inside, "Ah got to buy something here. Be back later."

Madylin gasped as she looked at a music store, "A Kira Ford cd! Be back."

"They can be so excitable," Fluttershy said calmly, finding a seat on the bench to take.

Sunset sat next to her,"They're good people."

"They are all wonderful," Fluttershy said, smiling. Looking down at her hand, for a moment, she could see blood. Letting out a shudder she closed it and pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Sunset asked.

Rhymey’s voice echoed,”you are weak, you need to become strong. Allow me to help.

They do not care about you, don't try to lie

Fluttershy looked away, rubbing her shoulder, "Nothing...it's nothing.

Sunset frowned,"Okay..." She whispered to herself,"Oh, no, not this time."

Fluttershy looked across from them at a nurse and her two children. Sighing she asked, "Sunset...do you think that it's ok to be weak?"

Sunset blinked,"That depends, what do you want to do? Many people are strong in some areas, but weak in others."

"I just want...to feel useful," Fluttershy said, sighing. Looking down she continued, "You are magically strong, Sci-Twi is smart, Pinkie is creative, Rarity is an archer, Rainbow is fast and Applejack is strong. I'm just so soft and weak. Everyone is convinced that I need to be to be a fighter in order to be useful. I don't like punching, I don't like fighting, but everyone wants me to be a fighter...And of course Rhymey-"

Gasping, she said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot how much you despise him."

"Flutters, you know almost everyone hates him."

Fluttershy nodded, "I know...I know."

"Fluttershy, just because you can't do what we can, doesn't' make you weak."Sunset said, shaking her head as she looked at Fluttershy.

"But that is what he says and it's true isn't it?" Fluttershy sighed, "If I was just a little stronger, just a little better...than I could've done more to help when we all separated."

"Who says!?" Sunset said with a frown,"Don't listen to what he says."

"Why shouldn't I?" Fluttershy whimpered and looked away, "He's right isn't he? What good is a pacifist like me. Everyone hates people like me, always.

"What about Ghandi?Martin Luther King?" Sunset asked,"Or Dove?"

"Ghandi was murdered by a madman, MLK was assassinated, and Dove was badly injured during the Darkseid battle," Fluttershy sighed, looking down as she grabbed her dress.

"But what they did was good. They did good before they were attacked." Sunset commented.

Fluttershy whimpered and shivered, "And what good can I do that will really matter?"

"You can heal others, talk to people, just... make people feel better."

"I thought making people feel better was Pinkie's job," Fluttershy stated.

"Kindness is part of that job, Fluttershy. "

There was a pause, and Fluttershy lightly kicked the tiles. In the mirrored reflection of the clean floor, she could see her own blue eyes staring back, with the ghostly image of her boyfriend behind her, "Rhymey doesn't think so. He keeps saying that I am too weak, that my kindness weighs me down and I need to have a warrior's edge."

"Fluttershy, what will it take for you to realize that Rhymey's a jerk who doesn't understand your real strength?" Sunset asked.

Fluttershy leaned back and looked at the roof of the mall, and sniffled, "You don't understand. He...came to me when I was so low."

Fluttershy watched in horror as Rarity stormed off. Slowly she raised her hand trying to ask for help, "Rarity, I'm sorry. I, I didn't mean what I said."

"Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash said, turning away. Fluttershy looked towards Dash, holding out her hand, hoping that her friend would look back, only to begin to cry as Dash walked off into the distance

Fluttershy felt a warm tear roll down her cheek, "We were all separated, broken. When Dash left me...it hurt so much. She was my oldest friend and she...left me. I thought Dash would never hurt me like that and she left. Rhymey...he was there, when I needed him."

"He is manipulating your emotions, Flutters." Sunset said with a frown.

"You need to kill
Follow my will," Rhymey said.

"Lay down and obey
Do what I say."

"If it's me that you love.
Then you will do this, dove."

Fluttershy shook her head, "He would never do such a thing."

"Fluttershy,everyone's thinking the same thing, haven't you seen the way he acts around people?"

Fluttershy looked down "He doesn't act that bad."

"Does he?" Sunset said with a frown,"Fluttershy, Rhymey has been making insensitive comments to everyone, goes out of his way to be a dick, and quite frankly, he doesn't seem to care about anything other than himself."

"I..."Fluttershy wanted to deny it, but instead she could only sigh and look down.

"Hey girls!" Rainbow Dash said with a bright smile. Seeing Flutters, she chuckled, "hey Flutters."

Blushing a little, she hid behind her mane, "Hello Dashie."

"Rainbow!" Sunset said,"Didn't expect to see you here!"

"Yeah, I was just hanging out alone at home and needed to get some fresh air," Dash said with a smirk.

Sunset smiled,"Well, why don't you join us?"

"Sure," Dash shrugged

Sunset whispered in her ear,"Also, I want to discuss something with you..."Sunset indicated Fluttershy,"Something's up, and I intend to find out what it is."

"You mean you saw it too?" Dash asked, looking back at Fluttershy. She sighed, and looked at her with a broken look. Shaking her head for a moment, she said, "Sometimes I wonder what he is really dong to her. Did you know that in the summer camp she told me...," then she paused and said, "Never mind."

Sunset looked at her,"What?"

"She asked me to just keep it between us," Dash said, looking away and then pulling her aside. "Promise me, ok."

"Sure." Sunset nodded.

Dash sighed and turned away, "Fluttershy came to me during the camp and into the cottage. She told me that Rhymey...he was trying to force her into something. She wouldn't tell em what, but she was afraid and would flinch when I touched her."

Sunset frowned,"That's it, we're spying on them."

"Got any experience?" Dash asked.

Sunset was wearing a ninja mask,"Yeah."

"Where did you...," Dash asked.

"From the Halloween shop." Sunset nodded her head to the Spirit of Halloween store.

Pinkie Pie walked by and laughed, "My, they are popping up faster these days."

As Fluttershy sat, waiting for Dash and Sunset to stop their conversation, she looked over and saw a mother walking with her daughter. For a brief moment, she let out a shudder as her mind went back...

Rhymey stood behind Fluttershy, his hand running through her mane. He looked at the photo in her hand, "Still crying over them, your schoolmate? Is that why you are so late?"

"They were just so...mad at each other," Fluttershy sniffled, "They acted like they hated each other. Well, except for Dashie...she at least stayed close to me."

"And I thought you were mad at Pinkie Pie.
Or was that a lie?" Rhymey asked, his face frowning at the name of Rainbow Dash.

"Yes, a little," Fluttershy cried, running a hand through the photo, "But, I was hoping to talk and apologize after practice, but we just ended up fighting more."

"It's because you are weak," Rhymey whispered, leaning in and nibbling her ear.

Fluttershy gasped, "What?"

There was a cruel smile on his lips as he said, "You are soft and weak. You lack the strength to hold your friends close to you. If you could fight and be a fighter, then you would have the strength."

"No, I couldn't be a fighter," Fluttershy said. Then she smiled warmly, "Besides, Rainbow is still close to me. I think she would never break away from me."

This made Rhymey frown and growl.

The next day, a distraught Fluttershy ran to Rhymey, crying into his chest. Tears ran down her eyes as she wailed, "Rhymey! They, all are mad. We had our worst fight tonight and even...even?"

Rhymey looked worried as she held her to his chest, "Even what?"

"Even Rainbow Dash left me. She just looked so cold when she walked away. I thought...thought she would..."

"This is what I am telling you about.
your strength is without.

You need to be a fighter
To be stronger.

If you are and then
You would never lose a friend"

Fluttershy whimpered, "But I don't want to be a fighter."

"You have to be, and in order for that, you need to kill," Rhymey whispered. "You trust me, don't you."

Fluttershy whimpered as she nodded and kissed him.

Two nights later, she stood before a man, a blade in his chest and tears in her eyes.

A month ago, Rhymey laid on top of her, holding her arm above her head as she cried, "You trust me...don't you?"

"Hey Fluttershy!" Madylin said, knocking Fluttershy out of her stupor.

Looking away from the mother, she smiled as she said, "Oh, hello Madylin. Did you get your CD?"

"Yep! Oh man, you should seen some of their music choices, it was fantastic!" she cheered, laying her bag by her side and then looked at the mother and daughter. There was a small frown as she looked at the family.

"Are...you thinking of your friends?" Fluttershy asked.

Madylin sighed, "I wonder if I'll ever find them. They seem so far away right now."

"You can find them, don't worry," she said, smiling warmly.

Madylin scoffed, "Oh I know. Give me time, but it still feels like they are so near to me."

"I know how it feels," Fluttershy said, sighed. "I remember how in my freshman year, me and the girls are all separated because of what Sunset did to us. I kept seeing them in the school, but they felt so far away."

"Yeah, no offense," Madylin said, shaking her head, "But you and Pinks...don't feel like the type to separate over something so small."

"Well, I only was mad at Pinkie because of her noise," Fluttershy said, "But I don't know why Rarity, Applejack, and even Dash were mad at me. We all just were so angry at one another. And I was just so willing to do ANYTHING to get back with the others. But we didn't"

Dash, hiding behind a bush, signed a looked at Sunset, "You ok?"

Sunset sighed,"No. I didn't intend to break you guys up, but... I did."

"Wait... what?!" Dash whispered aloud.

"What, I never told you!?"

Dash shook her head, "NO! You didn't!"

Sunset facepalmed,"Okay, I’m sorry, the things that broke your group up was actually directed at Starfleet. I didn't intend to break you up."

"Ok, long talk later," Dash said with a frown and then looked back at Fluttershy and MAdylin.

"Why are you gals watching them?" Applejack asked, looking down at the two.

Sunset shushed Applejack,"We're spying on Fluttershy. Something's wrong, and she's not telling us!"

"What?" Applejack asked.

"It involves Rhymey, I just know it," Dash growled.

Sunset nodded,"Yeah, something's off about him."

"Besides everything?" Dash snarked.

“Yeah, there's more to it, and I intend to find out!" Sunset moved along, carrying the bush with her.

Fluttershy sat on the bench, looking back and forth. Letting out a long sigh, she could hear the screen from the top of a pillar in the mall, "This is Tana Moon from WGBS with the hourly news. Superman and Green Lantern stopped an invasion from a new race of beings known as the Crystalites today. They said that they..."

"The Crystalites?"Fluttershy whispered as she leaned back, he memories of the day of the attack by their queen flooding her head.

"Sunset, please, not you too-" Fluttershy commented, looking away.

Sunset frowned and stepped up to Fluttershy, "A date?! He gives you letters, and you have that stupid show, which I think you were forced to do."

"I just thought that-"

"And now you are thinking of asking him to the Fall Formal? I thought I told you five to stay away from them," Sunset frowned.

Fluttershy whimpered, "You don't own our lives. Weren't you responsible for splitting us apart?" she asked, walking away.

"No...I wasn't." Sunset said, looking away.

The next day, on the day of a big game, the aliens attacked. The city was filled with screams, destruction, and death as monsters arose and attacked. The heroes of Starfleet arose that day, but the story maybe not as clear as on thinks.

"No, Rhymey, please-" Fluttershy whispered.

Rhymey, now in his starfleet armor, shook his head, "This is what I am talking about love. You are soft and frail as a dove.

You best leave it to me and the others
Don't want your weakness to be abothers."

"But, I studied medical-" Fluttershy looked down and sighed. Looking back, she watched as an innocent woman as about to be cloven in two, only to be kicked in the head by Rainbow Dash. There was a faint smile as she raised her hand towards her friend, only to pull it away when Dash looked away and walked off.

"Hey Fluttershy!" Madylin said, sitting with Fluttershy, "Thinking about something special?"

"No, just remembering what happened the day Starfleet got their powers for the first time and the fight," Fluttershy said, looking at the tv. "I was there during the fight...for a lot of good I could do."

"Wait, what do you mean?" MAdylin asked.

"Rhymey, he held me back. He kept telling me I was weak and useless," with a sigh, Fluttershy looked down, "Maybe he was right."

""What?! That is the biggest load of horse manure Ah ever heard," Applejack said sitting with her. "You and Ah both know that you are a healer and a great gal."

"Oh, Rhymey tells me all the time that I am great and beautiful," Fluttershy said, sighing, "But she also reminds me how weak I am, and how much I need to be a fighter in order to be strong."

Applejack looked down, slightly clenching her fist, "Ah know the feeling," she muttered, again feeling the weight upon her back.

"That's silly," Madylin said, "From what you are saying, he would hate my sister."

"Your sister?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, she is the smart gal of our group, and she didn't always tried fighting until she became a ranger. But she was always reserved, na d do you think we would value her less?" Madylin shook her head, "Hell no we wouldn't. She was," she sighed, "Great."

"We'll find her," Applejack said, comfortingly, "It's just that we've been getting swamped."

"Yeah it's almost like someone is stopping us," sighed Madylin.

"See, that' just more proof," Fluttershy said, leaning back and looking up at the skylight, "Just so-"

"Weak!" Sunset yelled. "What do you think you are doing still with that guy. I have a right mind to-"

"Leave her alone!" A voice shouted...

"Sunset?" asked Dash looking back at Sunset.

Sunset bit her lip,"Memories, Bad memories."

"Hey, It's alright," Dash said, rubbing Sunset's back.

Twilight stepped up to Sunset, eyes narrowed as she looked at her, "Stop picking or whatever it is you are doing to her!" she glared at Sunset, before looking back at Fluttershy.

'So much like her,' Spike said from the pocket.

"Twilight," whispered Fluttershy ass he looked up at the girl, "You're awake."

"Awake..." Twilight asked.

"Picking on her? I'm trying to help her you twit!" Sunset growled,"At the very least, trying to get her away from the real enemy."

"Real enemy, what do you mean real enemy?" Twilight asked, looking at Sunset. she was arching an eyebrow.

"You haven't noticed? How those Starfleet guys act? I'm only focusing on those guys right now, everyone else isn't important."

"I only just got here and found you bullying Fluttershy over there. I never saw-"

"Sunset, who's your new friend?" Smirked Starla as she looked at Twilight. With a gasp, she said, "Twilight? You're ok? but I thought that you were taking out by those crystalites?"

"Uh..." Twilight backed up a sheepish grin on her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Fluttershy backing up and being cuddled by a figure in yellow.

"Whoa, I take it back," Spike whispered, "There is no way Flutters would ever-"

Nudging her bag to keep Spike quiet, she chuckled softly, "Yep, those big bad Crystalites couldn't keep me down. Heheh. Yep fit as a fiddle, although it might have given me some retrograde amnesia, affecting my episodic memory. This might have caused me to only to recall specific events. So, I might not remember you. So, who are you?"

"Starla Shine," Starla said, smiling. She then looked to Rhymey and the others, "Rhymey, Artie, Buddy, and Dyno-Myte. Sadly you don't seem to remember Sunset."

"No, I don't," Twilight said, narrowing her eyes at Sunset, "But I think she-"

"Is a horrible person. You should stay away, trust me," Starla said, looking back. "She has been known to be a troublemaker."

Twilight looked at Starla, noticing the look in her eyes. A small shiver went up she spine as she she retorted, "Well, personally, I don't like judging people when I first see them. I like to get to know them first. So if you don't mind. I would like to talk some more with Fluttershy and Sunset.

"Fluttershy has to get going," Rhymey said, "We are dating, thus we would like to sup, after which, you can ask what's up."

"Uh...fine?" asked Twilight, watching them walk away. "Does he have some zebra blood in him?" she asked, looking at Sunset.

"At least Zecora's a different species, that guys is just weird," Spike said with a roll of his eyes.

"No, Zebras can actually rhyme." Sunset rolled her eyes.

“I wouldn't know, I'm not a poet," Twilight said, rubbing her shoulder to shake the cold feeling away, "I see what you mean. That Starla woman felt cold, that whole group did. I also don't like the way they just immediately said you were evil."

"But she stole the crown," Spike said.

Twilight nodded before looking back at Sunset, "I don't know what that story is, but I don't think you are evil. There might be something good in you." she said, walking away, and then walked back, "Ummmm...where is the headmaster's office or whoever is the head of the school?"

"Principal Celestia's down the hall. You can't miss it, her name's on the door." Sunset muttered, before looking back,"But you should turn back, before you get yourself hurt."

"I think I can manage," Twilight said with a little bit of confidence

Sunset growled,"You won't succeed."

"Hey, Sunset," Dash said to Sunset, "They're leaving

Sunset shook her head,"Oh, right!" She began sneaking over to them inside of her bush.

"You know Sunset," Dash suggested, "We should really find a better way to hide than moving bushes."

"Oh, come on, this is totally foolproof!" Sunset whispered,"Thought it would be better if I had a cardboard box."

"OOOOH! I love that trick!" Pinkie said, "I heard it is top of the secret agent handbook."

Sunset stared at Pinkie for a few seconds,"What...? Never mind...." She then looked back at her,"How long were you there!?"

“Long enough to watch you two walking through the bushes," Pinkie giggled as she knelt with the two. "So, who are we watching?"

"Fluttershy," Dash said, looking over.

Pinkie gasped, "You mean you are finally going to own up and look at her eyes and tell her that you think she is the Zelda to your Link, the Peach to your Mario, The Sally to your Sonic, The Iris to your Barry?"

"What? Pinkie, what," Dash shook her head, flabbergasted.

"Well, aren't you?" Pinkie asked, smiling.

"I..." Dash shook her head,

"Your friends are breaking up, you need to leave her too," the figure said, narrowing his eyes.

"Ok, the others, I am ok with. I am mad at them right now, but why Fluttershy? She has done nothing to me," Dash growled.

"Because you will hurt her," the figure said. "And you will do nothing to hurt her, correct."

"Yeah," Dash said.

"Do not come near her, for she doesn't need you," thefigure said.

Dash nodded.

Shaking her head, she only said, "I am not focusing on that. I am focusing on helping her."

Sunset nodded,"Yeah, I'm not letting another friend go without my knowledge that's she's okay! I've always been away from helping my friends when I'm needed, and that needs to stop!"

"Hey," Pinkie smiled at Sunset, "We always knew you were there."

"Yeah," Dash said, "I mean, we know that sooner or later...well," she looked down.

Sunset frowned,"Well, for the moment, I'm not going anywhere, not at least until I fix things!"

That's the spirit," Pinkie shouted.

Sunset nodded"Thank you, now let's carry on!" She snuck forward, now wearing a black catsuit.

"Oh, she is fast!" Pinkie said smiling.

Rainbow Dash nodded approvingly at the tightness of the outfit, "That ain't all she is...I mean...just..." she blushed at this.

"Oh, come on Dash, I bet you'd look good in one too! In fact, I already put one on you." Sunset said.

Dash gasped when she looked at the blue catsuit, "What?"

"Got one for Pinkie too." Sunset said.

Pinkie let out a gasp and put hers on quickly, shaking it a little and giggling, "Oooh, nice and tight!"

"Good, now we're all set! Come on, girls!" Sunset hid in her cardboard box as she snuck behind Fluttershy.

As they snuck, Pinkie Pie was the first to ask obvious, "How did you get our measurements?"

"Not important." Sunset siad.

Dash frowned, "Yeah, very important. Did you steal from Rarity or something?"

"... yes." Sunset sighed,"Look, I was trying to create surprise Halloween costumes for you guys."

"AWWWW," Pinkie smiled and hugged Sunset inside of the box, "Thank you!"

"Does Rarity know you stole it??" Dash asked.

"..." Sunset sighed,"No. I don't think I'll ever get the chance to tell her. She won't talk to me!"

"Still upset?" asked Pinkie.

"Apparently yes! Gah, it was like a couple of weeks ago, and she still won't give me a chance!" Sunset growled.

"Well, you did kind of treat her like she was suicidal nutcase," Dash remarked.

Pinkie tapped the two girls shoulder's "Shhhh."

"Applejack, where is Sunset, I thought she was with you?" Fluttershy asked standing up off the bench.

Applejack shrugged and winked at Sunset, "She just had something to do."

"Oh, I see," Fluttershy said calmly. Deciding to leave well enough alone, she began to walk through the mall with her two friends. As she did, she looked over at a man looking longingly at a picture of a wedding dress before sighing and walking away.

"Sad thing, isn't it?" Applejack said, "To lose somebody like that. Can you-"

Anything else Applejack said, was interrupted by Fluttershy's thoughts.

"We're back together!" Fluttershy cheered as she watched the girls walk towards Sugar cube Corner.

"Oh really Fluttershy,
Care to say why?" Rhymey asked, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend as he walked her to the Corner.

"Oh, well, Twilight apparent;y figured out that a lot of what we did to each other was actually all Sunset's fault," Fluttershy said, smiling warmly. "So she helped us forgive each other. Even Dash looked really happy to see me. I wonder why she was-"

Rhymey interrupted, "You do realize that them together, however
Was not under your own power.

This is why you need to fight
To make sure things are right.

You need the warrior's instinct
Not kindness so distinct."

"But-" Fluttershy began, only to be interrupted by Rhymey.

"It's ok my dear,
You shouldn't fear.

By the beckoning of the night
Meet me after Twilight."

"Yes sir," Fluttershy said.

The next morning, a woman was found killed. Her heart stabbed and her body left for dead

Fluttershy shivered at the sight, "Hey, you ok?" asked MAdylin.

"Oh...I'm fine. Just fine-" Fluttershy said, only to flinch when she felt Rhymey's hand on her shoulder.

Dash was about to leap out at the sight, "Rhymey."

Sunset remained in her bush,"Rhymey..." She clenched her fist.

DO not think I do not know the truth of the dissolution.
Did you think destroying us would be the solution?" Rhymey asked, glaring at Sunset.

"Tell me, are you happy with the results
That kindness hast turned into insults?

You aimed for Starla and my team.
But instead, got innocents it would seem."

Oh, god, will you stop with that rhyming, you're not good at it!" Sunset snarled,"Are you happy? Rhymey? Taking a kind girl and trying to groom her to your specifications!?"

Rhymey shrugged, "I am only making her into what she needs to be
Strong and tough you see.

While I love her kindness and softness.
What she needs is toughness.

Would you deny that I make her safe
That darling little waif?"

A cruel smile formed on his lips as he continued, "Or do you want her to weak
It's easier to control the meek."

"I'm not the one being controlling." Sunset glared at him.

"I am only saying that I am making sure she all that she can be
The she can be appropriate you see," Rhymey said.

"And tha-"

"GAHHHHH! It's like talking to an arguing hydra with those five," Twilight growled, walking by the two teens. Turning to Sunset, she pointed to her, "Whatever you did, you did a number on them. And as for you!"

"Yes?" Rhymey asked, smirking.

"I don't know you, but for some reason I need to complain about you and your friends to somepony!" Twilight screamed, grabbing Sunset's ear, "And she's the best one!"

"Ow, my ear!" Sunset yelled,"What!?"

"WHAT IS UP WITH THIS SCHOOL!" Twilight said, before lowering her arms and sighing. A little purple paw came out and patted Twilight on the arm, "Thanks Spike."

Spike shrugged, "Hey, if you didn't have me, you'd go insane right?"

Twilight smiled warmly and patted his head, "I mean, did you cause this? Any of this? A lot of the school acts like they are afraid of you! And then there is Princess- I am sorry, Principal Celestia, who is NOTHING like my Celestia! She is al timid and scared, like she did something wrong a few days ago and is afraid to tell me about it!"

Sunset sighed,"I didn't do everything. You see, this douche named Lightning came out and tried to get Celestia fired. And I'm pretty sure the entirety of Celesto's troupe is trying to take me out.

"Trying?!" Twilight said, leaning against the locker, "It feels like some of them have a personal vendetta against you. And who is this Lightning? How did he get celestia fired? Am I stuck in some sort of mirror world where everypony I knew from my world is evil? Was my counterpart evil?

Sunset chuckled,"No, just in a world that's ruled by a cruel despot who doesn't know what he's doing." She sighed,"Lightning got all up in arms because Celestia attacked him, but in her defense, he was acting like a major dick."

"And she retaliated and that got her fired?" Twilight gapes, "Why didn't anypony say anything? Why didn't Luna...it was because of him, wasn't it?" she said, sighing and leaning back putting her hands behind her and resting on the locker, "That man."

"Not gonna lie," Spike said, looking out from his bag and shuddering, "He gave me the creeps. There was just something wrong about him."

"Grand Ruler," Twilight said taking a breath, "I met him in the office. He just gave off this feeling of...I can't really said.

"Yeah, something's not right with him. I've been trying to find a way to expose him, which is why I need that crown."

Twilight frowned and lightly kicked the ground, "You know, if you had just said something to me, I would help you. I could figure something out! But," there was a tremble in her voice as she said, "There are only three days until that portal closes and Equestria loses the elements."

"I need it more, Twilight." Sunset said,"And I don't need your help! I'll bring it back when I'm done with it!"

"Sunset," Twilight said, grabbing onto Sunset's arm, "No pony can do this alone. That power, it needs others to empower it and to hold it together. That's why it represents Friendship. Using it alone...I don't know what will happen to you. Please, let me help."

“It's not going to do anything bad to me." Sunset said with a frown,"I'll be perfectly fine on my own!"

Twilight pulled away and looked away, before Sunset could leave she said, "I...wish we could've met before you ran away from her."

Sunset stopped , looking down at the ground,"I..."

"Me too." Sunset whispered.

"You say something Sunny?" asked Pinkie.

"Nothing." Sunset shook her head,"I kind a spaced out for a bit."

Pinkie giggled at this, "I do that too a lot. IT can be kind of fun!"

"Fluttershy, you were not in bed this morning
Over my friends were you in mourning.

Or perhaps you were looking over a place to date.
A place that is first rate?"

Applejack frowned, "She was spending time with her friends, Rhymey."

"So I see
Fluttershy would you care to come with me?"

"Y-Yes," trembled Fluttershy as she walked to Rhymey.

Dash watched this and frowned, clenching her fist, "Should've stayed." she whispered to herself.

Sunset snarled,"You won't escape from me!" She grabbed some paint,"Time for camo!"

"Ohh, I love it when Sunset goes overboard!" Pinkie squeed

"Oh, Pinkie..." Sunset gave a deep chuckle,"This is only 50% of my true stealthy potential. You've yet to see the true overboard stealth."

"Sunset, where did you get the ability to be so-" Dash began, only to be interrupted by an excited

"So, cool!" from Pinkie.

"Simple, I learned from Princess Celestia herself!"

"...You've got to be kidding me," Rainbow Dash said exasperated.

"Shh." Celestia said, wearing a ninja mask,"The guards don't know I'm out of bed. Let's go get some ice cream."

Filly Sunset squeed,"Yay!"


As Fluttershy walked away, Applejack frowned and walked to a banister, "Fluttershy is hiding some deep hurting, Pinkie Pie is suffering some issues, and Rainbow Dash is starting to act distant. And who is there to hold up the pieces," she sighed, "Me."

"You don't have to do it alone, Applejack," Rarity said, walking over to her friend. Gently, she placed her hand onto Applejack's, rubbing gently, "You have friends, and even then...you never have to deal with the problems of others. It isn't your responsibility."

"But it feels like it, Rares," Applejack sighed, entwing her fingers with Rarity's. Her soft skin felt so good to touch. Ah'm the one listening to their problems, their mistakes, and to top it all off is my farming life. Ah'm just a teen, not even in college yet and how much responsibility am Ah supposed to take."

Rarity comfortingly rubbed Applejack's shoulder, "As much as you can dear. Or just leave it, it is all up to you and we will be with you 100%."

"Thanks Rares," her emerald eyes looked at Rarity' with some fondess. Then she asked, "So, when are you going to forgive Sunset? Or at least talk to her?"

Rarity looked in the distance at Sunset and the others as they followed Fluttershy on her date, "I... don't know. I have something coming up that needs my attention and I have to put 100% into it and I-"

"If you don't talk to her, it's just gonna get worse," Applejack said, "look, Ah remember how willing you were to sacrifice a win to stop Starla. I know you care about her like the rest of us. You need to say something."

"I know, I know," Rarity said, sighing and leaning on Applejack and rubbing her arm, "Just give me time. Maybe tomorrow."

Holding her close, Applejack gave her friend a soft kiss on the forehead, "Holding ya to that."

"Must you always kiss like that?" Rarity giggled, "It is a little odd."

"What, just showing some affection," Applejack said smirking.

Rarity sighed and shook her head.

Rainbow Dash sighed as he watched Rhymey and Fluttershy, "Should've done more and I shouldn't abandoned her.

Sunset looked at Rainbow,"Well, we're not abandoning her now."

Yeah," Dash said, looking down.

"Why did you leave, Dashie?" Pinkie asked. "I thought you would be the last person on earth to abandon Flutters."

Dsh back up and shook her head, "It's...not important right now."

Sunset grabbed Dash,"No! No more secrets! I want to know what happened, how it happened, and who I need to kill!"

Luckily, Rhymey and Fluttershy didn't hear this, but the rest of the mall looked at her with weird looks.

Sunset gave a nervous chuckle, before quietly hiding away,"Um, don't mind me."

"Remember when we broke up?" Dash said, quietly. "I tried to stay with Flutters, but this guy...have no idea who it was. He didn't speak in Rhymes so I know it wasn't Rhymey, he told me to stay away from her or else something bad would happen to her."

"Do you know what he looked like?" Sunset whispered.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, "He wore a cloak so no."

"Darn it." Sunset sighed,"Why were you so hesitant to tell us?"

"Would you believe me at the time? Oh hey, some dude in a cloak stopped me from hanging out with my best friend and now she is hanging out with the worst boyfriend in existance of ever!"

"... I would." Sunset said.

Dash subtly chuckle, "Would ya?"

"I'm a unicorn turned human, do you really think I'm that unwilling to believe weird stuff like that?" Sunset asked,”That, and we live in a world of aliens, magic, and crazed supervillains.”

Dash shrugged, "Figured you had some limits."

"No... I don't." Sunset shook her head.

Pinkie, just before she could make her move, was taken by the hand by Madylin. Madlin smiled, "Hey Pinkie, come on. I think I might have found something for your little problem." she winked.

"Sure," Pinkie said, happily following her friend, "Good luck with Flutters!"

"Well, it's just you and me, Sunset," Dash said, sneaking through the bushes, "Come on."

Sunset nodded,"Right." She snuck alongside Dash.

Unos looked out from the balcony on the moon, sighing. The earth sat before him, looking like the blue jewel that waited for him to take. Reaching out with his hand, he tried to clasp it, "Hey bro!"

Unos was distracted from his thoughts when his twin brother came in, "Dos, what are you doing? You are interrupting my brooding time."

"Unos, you have been brooding ever since mom and pop came back," Dos said, pushing down his sunglasses and stare his red eyes at his brother. While the two looked alike, they had a difference in hair color. Unos had a more black hair like his father once did while his brother had a whiter tone to his hair. Dos gave a chuckle and asked, "What, did you attack earth while they were gone and a power ranger team kicked your ass?"

"No," Unos said, looking down at his hands. A frown crossed his face as he shook his head."I was just traveling and taking a look at that Mystic Island that appeared six years ago."

"Why, hoping to get some magic for your," Dos paused and put his headset on, ready for a rant, "Sorry, forgot. Lack of magic is a touchy subject."

Unos looked to his brother with a warm smile before looked down at his sword, "No, I'm good. I've gotten used to the idea that I am not a mage like you or our sisters. I like being the swordsman."

"Then why?" asked Dos.

"It's a secret. Why do you think I wasn't in the castle for a few weeks?" Unos said, "I am only here for a break and to think."

"Think about what?" Dos asked laying his elbows on the balcony.

"Our legacy, the multiverse, everything," Unos said, looking up. "That little project has shown me two possible worlds where those infedels that thought they could take father's planet won. And one world where our mother was a green ranger."

"Whoa, what?" Dos gasped, "Our mom, Rita Repulsa, the badass empress of mgic herself, a ranger? That I have to see."

"Yeah, she was a little meaner there too," Unos said, putting his hands behind his head and leaning back a little, "Made me think of what my mark will be in this family.”

Dos shook his head, “Dude, what mark? You are the first born of Rita and Zedd, most badass swordsman in the royal family, and probably the third best fighter and-”

“The one who won’t inherit the throne should father die!” Unos said, looking in the hallway, “I hate to admit it, and I am scared to, but we know it’s Esmeralda. She has more power than the two of us combined, and is a better planner than either of us. If anyone will take the throne of the empire, it’s her. What does that mean for us?”

Dos shook his head, “Dude, you know I don’t really care. If I had a choice, I would use my magic to live my life how I want. Travel off world, to another galaxy, or just trawl in the mall planet for the rest of my life.”

“You may want that, but I don’t,” Unos said, looking at the planet, “I want my name to mean something. I want to know where my road leads beyond the planet.”

Dos sighed, “And you think that this little experiment that you are doing will help?”

“Maybe,” Unos said, before being hugged by his twin.

“Just...be careful, ok? That island, it’s wrong somehow and if you are getting involved, I don’t want my only twin getting hurt,” Dos said.

“Thanks,” Unos said, before a rumbling deep voice bellowed,

“Unos, Dos, to the throne room,” Lord Zedd’s voice shouted. “I wish to talk to you about an update on my world during my absence.”

“Dad’s calling bro,” Dos siad, fistbumping him.

Unos return the fist bump, “Let’s see what Pops wants, bro.”

“A history of Mystic Island,” Grey Son said, watching as Inquirois brought out the book.

“Here you go sir,” Inquirious sighed.

Grey looked at her with an arched eyebrow, “Something wrong?”

“Just missing my husband. He’s supposed to be back from,” Inquious said, before smiling when a green scaled man walking in.

Swift ‘Rep-stallion’ Blade smiled as he looked at her, “Hey hun.”

“Rep!” Inquious said, running over to her husband and kissing her.

Grey raised his finger and asked, “Um, the scales?”

“S.T.A.R. Labs accident. A guy by the name is Cisco and I were playing a gene splicer and well...”Rep chuckled.

Grey could only shake his head as he whispered to himself, “darn it Vibe.” as he stepped out, he saw Sunset and Dash trying to be convert and hiding in the bushes, “What...Sunset?”

Sunset gasped,"Grey Son!? Uh, no, Sunset's not here, just her... clone."

Grey Son rolled his eyes 'What does it say about my life that was a possible excuse.' shaking his head, Grey said, "Yeah, I don't think so."

Sunset sighed, looking at him,"I'm following my friend. I'm concerned for her."

"So you got suspicions about Rhymey too," Grey said.

Sunset blinked,"Wait, you do!?"

Grey nodded, "There is just something weird about that kid. The way he slunks around during P.E. The way he fences. There are just too many questions about him. But, what do I know," he said, walking away with a wave of his hand, "I'm just a P.E. teacher. Later."

Dash frowned, "Ever think he's not right." she asked, before leaning down and picking up a book.

Sunset frowned,"There's' something weird about Grey." She looked at Dash,"What'd you pick up?"

"It looks like some kind of history book," Dash's aid, pulling it open to an earmarked page. On the page, was an image of a princess standing before a giant dragon. Next to her was a man with brown hair with a white streak through it. "Whoa, get a load of the skunk..." she paused when she got a good look at the princess, in the yellow dress and long pink hair, "Fluttershy?!"

When Dash closed the book, the cover said, "Ancient dragons, what happened to them. By Rose Ortiz."

Sunset scratched her head,"Rainbow, was that book there a second ago?" She put a thumb to her chin,"Why did that woman look like Fluttershy?"

"No, it wasn't but-"

Dash paused as she could overhear Rhymey ask Fluttershy, "Come my dear, let's go for a walk in the park.
You can see some of the animals on the ark."

"Ok," Fluttershy whispered.

"I'm all for breaking to Flutters house, with me?" Dash asked Sunset.

Sunset nodded,"I'll bring my lockpicks."

Starla looked to her left, a frown on her face. She growled a little as she took a step towards Sunset but a hand landed on her shoulder and stopped her, "Starla."

"What, I need to watch them and make sure that they don't do anything to ruin Rhymey's relationship with Fluttershy," Starla growled.

Buddy shook his head and said, "No, what you need to do is relax and enjoy this fine day. It's what Dyno and Mute would want."

Crossing her forearms, she fumed and said, "Fine. I'll stay here."

"Starla," Buddy said, shaking his head as the two walked through the mall and into the park, "What happened to you. You used to be friends with her. You used to like her!"

"You know what happend!" Starla said, looking down as she kicked a pile of leaves, "Celesto told me to shun her, to hate her, and so I did."

"You didn't have to take it that far. Now it's like you become a completely different person around her," Buddy said, looking down. "The others are a little afraid of you, you know. They only side with us because they think we are a little better than her."

"We have to," Starla said "It's what he told us to do. If we don't' then we're back on the streets. And none us can accomplish our dreams."

Buddy said nothing, just kept walking. As he looked at her, he said, "Prostituting you to get Lighting was going too far though...

"Woo him? Why?!" Starla said, looking at Lighting from a distance. “I am not interested in someone like-”

“Because, look at him,” Grand Ruler said, “Handsome, strong, fast, he is a treasure. To behold. If we can convince him to our side, then more kids will join us. We will have more teenagers be a part of us, and my power will grow.”

“We don't’ need him,” Starla said, “And besides, this plan...makes me look weak.”

“You don’t have to worry about weakness,” Celesto whispered, holding Starla from the back, “Just worry about getting him. After all, you are a woman, it’s your duty to do this.”

Starla held back every urge to slap him, instead, she walked out of his grip and nodded, “yes sir.”

“Besides you can get back art Sunset for what she did at the Spring fling, remember?” asked Celesto.

Starla could only nod

Starla looked away from Buddy, letting out a sad sigh, “Must you remind me of that? I never felt like such a tool. And then I did it again! I don’t know why I wanted a married man! I just-”

“Feel weird when Lightning or Sunset is present,” Buddy asked when he looked at Starla. As she calmly nodded, Buddy smiled a little, “If you want to feel better...Daphne still thinks of you as the best sister.”

“R-Really?” asked Starla, smiling. Then with a giggle she said, “Tell her I said thanks.”

“So, how does a student of a goddess know about breaking and entering anyway?” Dash asked.

"Celestia taught me how to do it, just in case I get kidnapped. You never know." Sunset smiled.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes as she walked in, "You know, with that, you could've stolen the crown and went demon a whole lot earlier!"

Sunset stopped, her eyes going wide, before muttering,"Crap."

"Ever think that the anti-villain, I-work-alone route just wasn't for you?" Dash chuckled as she stepped through the dark house. With each step she was careful to not make a sound and disturb the animals. Once at the top of the stairs, she saw a figure. Narrowing her eyes, she stepped up and threw a punch at the person.

Without a word, the figure caught Dash's forearm and flung her to the bed, holding her steady with one hand, "You need to keep more alert. Especially when dealing with a faster opponent," Nightwing said before looking up to Sunset, "Your friend?

Sunset took a step back in shock,"Nightwing, what are you doing here!?"

“Been curious about Rhymey and Fluttershy," Nightwing said, letting go of Dash who gently rubbed her wrist. "Like, why would he be interested in her. Or why would he care."

"Hey, you saying that she's not important," Dash asked as she sat on Fluttershy's bed.

Shaking his head, Nightwing added, "Not saying that, but what would a guy want with her? She isn't exactly prime material. Here," he then threw a balled up paper to Sunset, "I found this in her dresser."

When sunset opened the paper, it was in the shape of Fluttershy's butterflies, but with sharp edges like blades surrounding them. They were encased in a circle resembling fire.

"What is this?" Sunset whispered,"It's... definitely not something Fluttershy would have in her dresser."

"You tell me," Nightwing said, holding up a metal disc with the symbol on it. "Found it in Fluttershy's desk drawer, alongside her diary. I think you might be interested in it."

"Wait, why are you taking-" Dassh asked, but was interrupted with a quick reply from Nightwing.

"Research, I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Nightwing said, shaking his head, “And the age of that thing was dating back to medieval times. I need to contact some people back home and see if they can tell me more.”

Dash sat on the bed, “If you are taking that symbol then what are we supposed to do.”

“That’s why I gave your friend there a rubbing,” Nightwing said. “See if she can find some history behind it. Kind of like she has been doing.” as he walked to the window, he said, “Oh, and give her diary a look.” throwing out his line, he grappled to a building and swung off into the night.

“Give her diary a look?” LEaning over, Dash opened it to the middle, “Dear Diary, had that dream again. Rainbow Dash was topless and begging me to lick her hard pointed-” she blushed.

Sunset pulled the diary away,"Let me read that!"

"Fine!" Dash blushed, "Didn't want to read about her fantasies anyway." Why did I even like that?

When Sunset opened the book to the first page, she read a message in Fluttershy’s handwriting.

This is for my dreams
To remind me to stay away
Away from the name Firewing

To not touch that part of me
To not let him take me

To remain pure for them
And not embrace the violence of...

The Dragonlords

“Bad poem,” Dash said, shaking her head, “Must be getting lessons.”

"Dragonlords?" Sunset raised an eyebrow,"Sounds like a crappy metal band."

Dash raised up on the bed and looked at her oddly, "Why the hey would she be talking about dragons anyway? I never seen any, unless you count duel monsters

"That's weird, because there's a lot fantastic beasts out there, yet I haven't seen a dragon anywhere." Sunset muttered.

"Griffons, talking gorillas,Aliens, and some ancient egyptian thing, but never dragons," Dash said looking out the window at Rhymey and Fluttershy, "and here they come. Want to beat his rump or run?"

"Let's hide and see what they do." She looked down at a little bunny,"Don't give us away." She zoomed into a closet.

The little bunny just looked up, blinked before laying back in it's cage. Sunset had no idea that it was thinking 'I wish I was more alive and active. Then I would make Master my boss!!!"

Sunset peeked out of her closet,"Where are they..." She whispered.

“Just outside" Dash whispered, hiding in the closet with Sunset.

"Fluttershy this date had been a wonder
Can I go to your home yonder?" Rhymey asked, looking into her eyes.

Fluttershy hid behind her hair, moving her hands away from his touch, "No, Rhymey, you know I can't."

"Been with her for four years and he still isn't allowed into her home?" Dash asked.

"Fluttershy, why not?" Rhymey asked. "Is it because of Sunset's lot?"

Fluttershy shook her head, "No, I just don't wish to have you home...is all."

"Then a kiss,
for my swish, Rhymey said, leaning and kissing Fluttershy, whis his hand on her hip.

"Rhy-no," moaned Fluttershy as began to feel disgusted at the lips touch.

Sunset grabbed a small book , and threw it out the window at Rhymey's hand.

"Ow, wha-" Rhymey began, trying to look for what hit him.

Using that time to escape, Fluttershy walked back into the house. Closing the door, she leaned back against the doorframe and sighed, "All the time. Everytime," a shudder went through her as she put her head between her knees to cry.

Dash could hear Fluttershy crying and got up, "Ok I am going to comfort her, any objections?" she paused by Fluttershy's night stand and looked at the photograph, "Wha-"

In the photo was a little girl standing with her mother. Next to her was a tall man with a scruffy goatee and a short cut brown hair. Dash raised an eyebrow at this picture "This isn't Fluttershy's dad."

Sunset looked at Dash,"Ask about that later, I'm going to torment Rhymey a little." She wrote on a piece of paper.

"I am the Anti-Rhyming Alien, do anymore rhymes, and I will attack you with more books!" She tossed it at Rhymey's head,"Hehe."

Rhymey looked around, trying to figure out who threw it. Shaking his head, he began to walk back home. "Trouble, lover?" teased a woman in shadows.

"Shut up, Amber," Rhymey growled. "Just a minor set back, I will get into her home. That will be my last conquest."

Rhymey's sister giggled as she began to walk on her hands along the wall, "You know, it would be so easier to let me in. I could get the little girl's legacy without any problems. Hell, I wouldn't tick Master Ra's nearly as-"

"Shut up," Rhymey growled, "I am doing this my way. On my own pace."

"Sur it isn't just to get that little girl's booty?" Amber laughed softly, "Wouldn't blame you, she is sexy."

"Fluttershy," Dash said, walking down the stairs, "Are you ok?"

"R-R-Rainbow? What are you doing in my-"

"A soft spoke spoke out, "What are you two doing in my home?"

Sunset gulped as she looked at Fluttershy’s Mother,"Uh," She stepped out of the stairs,"We were invited in?" She looked back, noticing a young man with scraggly hair. Saying nothing, she pulled out five bucks and gave it to him.

Zephyr nodded,"I vouch for them!"

"Oh, Ok," Dove Firewing said, nodding and looking to Zephyr, "Get out some tea. I am dreadfully sorry about leaving the lights out. I work late sometimes and I try to get some sleep before my next shift."

"No problem," Dash said, before looking to Fluttershy, "Besides, we were just going to talk upstairs."

"Oh, yes," Fluttershy said, walking up stair. Once they reach the top, she asked, "Why did you break into my house?"

Sunset sat on the bed,"We're worried, Fluttershy, and we wanted to find out what the heck's going on!"

"W-what do you mean, nothing's going on," Fluttershy said, "Me and Rhymey have a perfectly normal and healthy relationship.

Sunset then proceeded to yell,"Stop lying to me!"

Fluttershy whimpered and flinched, backing up in such a way that she was afraid of being hit. Rainbow Dash immediately went to Fluttershy, "Whoa, Sunset, a little harsh." she then paused and chuckled, "Never thought I would be the calm one. but she's right, you need to stop lying about Rhymey."

"I...I'm not," Fluttershy said, looking away.

Dash then frowned, "Fluttershy, come on."


Sunset gave a deep breath,"Fluttershy, it's very clear that the relationship you have with Rhymey is not healthy. It's obviously not okay, and you are either lying to us, or yourself. If it's the former, then it needs to stop before you let yourself go. If it's the latter, then you need help. Otherwise we'll take matters into our own hands."

“You don't understand," Fluttershy whispered, "You can't punch this, you can't hit this and you can't handle it. You..."

if they find out, they will hate you.



"will hate me," Fluttershy said, tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

"Never, I mean, come on, it's not like you are a demon or something. I mean, I'm sure it's-"

"You never killed." Fluttershy said.

Sunset frowned,"Fluttershy, be honest, what are you talking about?"

"I can't...I just can't!" Fluttershy whimpered

"Fluttershy!" Sunset said sternly,"I don't know what you did, and I don't care. It's not going to change how we feel about you."

"Yeah, you killed an animal, so what?" Dash snarked.

"A human..."

Sunset blinked,"What do you mean?"

"Rhymey, he wanted me to be strong, to be like him..." Fluttershy said, looking down. "Like the others. So he convinced me to start fighting more, to use weapons and then one day...her, he...

Sunset frowned,"He forced you to kill, didn't he?"

"He...told me I do, if I wish to be strong. Because my weakness wouldn't last long in this world," Fluttershy whimper. "HE led me to someone that did a wrong and he." She paused, unable to say more.

Rainbow Dash stood up and walked to the door

Sunset got up, and texted on her phone to the rest of her friends,"Found out what's wrong with Fluttershy. We need to go to Rhymey's, NOW!"

Rarity felt her phone buzzing for a moment and turned to pick it up. Slowly she read over the text on the phone and then sighed before looking back at her dress. After looking at the phone, she frowned and said to herself, "Probably nothing." eyes gazing back on the dress in front of her she said, "I need to finish these."

Elsewhere, Madylin looked down at Pinkie's application began to read it, unaware of the chiming of the phone as the two began to work hard. Maude walked by and looked down the phone, and then up to her sister as she worked. For the longest time, she waited before picking it up.

Applejack sat alone in a small tavern, looking around. There was a coy smile on her face as she stepped in, "Just this once, no responsibility." she told herself as she stepped through the tavern and looked at the nearest big man. Smirking, she asked, "How many fights?"

"Right, come on Fluttershy!" Dash said, taking Fluttershy by the had and picking her off her feet.

Fluttershy shook her head, "No, wait...don't I get a say-"

"Come on, we can finally get to help you and take out Rhymey," Dash said with a grin while not seeing Fluttershy's frown.

Fluttershy sighed and looked away, "I don't think it will be that easy." she said, being taken away.

"By the way, Flutters, who is that man in the photo with your mom?" Dash asked as they left the house. "I never seen him before."

"Thats..." Fluttershy looked away, "My birth father. Posey Firewing."

"Birth Father?" Sunset asked,"You've never told us about him." she frowned at her phone,"Nothing..."

Fluttershy looked down, "I never really talked about him. He disappeared when I was five years old."

"So, Zephyr is your half-bro?" Dash asked.

"Yes," Fluttershy said, nodding calmly as she looked at the night sky, "My father wasn't around much. He was always out, doing something, Mom would never tell me. I always thought that he was off doing something heroic. Then one day, mom got a package and then began to cry almost nonstop."

"Explains why I never saw him," Dash said, " When you came to visit me when we were babies, you just came home with your mom. Dad and mom never even talked about this Posey guy."

"Mom married Father about two years after my real father left," Fluttershy said looking down.

"Posey Firewing..." Sunset muttered,"After we deal with Rhymey, I'll go to the library to learn more, especially about this symbol." She pulled out the rubbing.

Fluttershy gasped when she looked at the rubbing, "This is my symbol. Where did you get it?"

"Nightwing handed to us, what is it," Dash asked, looking to Fluttershy.

"It's..." before she could say anything more, the trio made it to the mansion.

Dash looked up at the gates, "Always wondered where they lived. I mean, Starfleet all live together in that apartment and then there is this a-hole."

"Girls, I don't think this is-"

"Excuse me girls," a voice from the other side of the gate said, stepping up and looking at them. He had some hints of Italian ancestry much like Rhymey, with a bit of a faded gold in his hair. Cocking his head, he said, "What brings you to my home? Fluttershy, why are you here?"

"Um, Mister Ward, sir, I am here because of..." she pulled back a little from Harry's glare.

Sunset glared at him,"We're here to have a word with your son."

“My son," Harry asked calmly, looking at the three, "and what business do you three have with him?"

"He's been abusing Fluttershy! He made her kill a man!" Dash growled.

"And your proof?" Harry asked, his eyes never leaving Sunset's, as if he was trying to read her.

Sunset put a hand on Dash's shoulder,"What my friend means to say is that we're just trying to see if some accusations are true." She whispered,"Don't do anything rash. Let me handle this."

Under her breath, she growled, "But Sunset, we have him. If we stop him now," she paused when she saw the look in Sunset's eyes and turned away. There was a pang of pain in her chest as she looked back at the man.

Thee man's slight italian accent deepened as he said, "And you think that my son is abusing that innocent flower, with no proof, no words but her own, and no evidence? Do you not think I do not know of my son's reputation in that school. of how the students don't like him, dont' trust him, and do not care at all for his unique way of speaking."

When he saw Sunset's face, he asked, "And how do you intend on proving these accusations are false or true? Grabbing him, torturing him like the masked vigilantes on the east coast? Or are you going to plant evidence to make sure what he says fits your narrative.

Sunset frowned,'Damnit, he has a point,' she thought,"No, sir, I was just going to simply ask him like a normal person, but if you want, I'll leave.

"Rhymey is elsewhere at the moment, but you can come back tomorrow," Harry said calmly, "Last I checked you lot are still having a few days off for mourning for your classmates that died two days ago?"

"Right, we'll be back tomorrow," Dash said, walking away, kicking a can away, "THAT WAS A BUST!!!"

Sunset frowned, looking at Fluttershy,"Fluttershy, don't let Rhymey near you again." She looked at Dash,"Keep an eye on her, okay? Call me if anything happens. I need to... do some research." She headed off towards the library.

"Sunset, I don't know if I cou-" but before she could say anything more, Sunset had already left. She looked down a little and sighed.

Rainbow Dash looked at the sad look in her friend's eyes and placed her hand on her arm, "Fluttershy, I..."

"The Element of Kindness. The kind one of our group, what a joke right?" Fluttershy said, looking back at the mansion as the sun began to set. She trembled a little as she said, "I was made to kill by a boy who I thought loved me. All because I was weak, because I'm so pathetic."

"Hey," Dash said, her face frowning a little as she took her friend's hand, "You aint weak. You just need a chance to shine, you know. You have some real strength there, you just need to find it."

"Maybe like he said, by being a fighter like you, or maybe being a killer," Fluttershy said, looking down. "Maybe that's why I didn't tell you girls, because I liked the idea too much. Maybe, deep down, it excited me."

"You know that isn't true," Dash said, trying her best to say something to comfort her friend.

"Isn't it? I don't even remember how it went," Fluttershy said, "I just remember him telling me it's time to be strong and then...and then...I was standing over a woman's body with a knife while he had killed this young man."

Rainbow Dash sighed and then hugged her friend, "Flutters, it's going to be ok."

"And now Sunset is telling me to stay away from him," Fluttershy whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I can't, I'm too weak! It's all because I'm kind, isn't it?"

"Flutters I-"

"Why does he want me so bad! Why?! Is it because of my body, because I'm kind?" Fluttershy said, crying into her friend's shoulder, "He keeps showing me how useless kindness is in the world."

Rainbow Dash shook her head, feeling so low since she couldn't help her oldest friends. Sighing, she said, "Let's go."

"Go where?" Fluttershy asked.

"Anywhere? Here, there, just somewhere! Come on!" Dash shouted, pulling Fluttershy away.

When Sunset arrived at the library, she found a misplaced skirt on the counter. A slightly scaled head looked up, "Oh, shoot." Rep-stallion said, "Um Inquirious, babe? Customer."

Inquirious looked up, blushed, and then put on her dress, "Um, Hello, Sunset. I was just Cum...I mean coming around to closing up the place. What are you looking for?"

"Can't you two just do it in your freaking home!?" Sunset shouted,"Anyway,I'm looking for information on dragons."

Inquirous blushed and looked at Sunset, "Sunset, when you get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you'll find that there is a thrill in doing it in public."

Rep nodded and licked his lips, "And besides, it's fun. I bet you and Twilight thought about it."

"Rep, Inquirious giggled as she nudged her husband. Then she looked to Sunset, "All our books on dragons are on the fantasy section."

"That's weird..." Sunset muttered,"Anything about the Firewing Family?"

"The what family?" asked Rep.

"Firewing? I haven't heard that name in years. I heard they were some sort of crazy cult that believes in dragons," Inquiours said, looking down. "I have also heard some bad things about them. Like they had connections to the LEague of Shadows, Cult of the Book, and those mages that popped up in Leawood some years back. Interestingly enough, those bit of info are in books on dragons

"Yeah, about that... magic exist, superheroes exist, all sorts of creatures exist, yet dragons are farfetched?"

I know, it's weird," Rep said as Sunset began to leave. Smirking, he turned to his wife, grabbed her and pulled her down under the table.

As Sunset looked through the books, picking up what she needed on dragons, she heard voices whispering, "Momma, what's this word?"

"Levitate," Ditzy said to her little girl. Smiling, she rubbed the four year old's head, "You are doing great little muffin."

"Thank you Momma," squeaked the four year old. Looking up, she squeaked, "Sunset!"

Ditzy looked down and sushed her young daughter, "Remember the rules Dinky."

"Ok momma..."

A few years ago...

Twilight rubbed her back as she left the school, looking for the library. At her side, Spike looked up, "First night and you still think it's going to be a good idea to sleep on a bed of books?"

"Spike, I don't trust them," Twilight said, looking up from her backpack as she walked down the road. "Starfleet, they just act so mean. I don't know what it is."

"Yeah, but it would've been nice to sleep on a bed," Spike said, looking up at her.

Twilight frowned, "Books can be really comfortable when you know what you are doing. Now, come on, we still need to find something to eat, and then we can see about the-"

"Excuse me!" a young blonde ran by, "Mommy emergency!"

Twilight looked confused, "Was that Ditzy?"

"Yeah, and she is in a hurry," Spike said, watching her run.

Twilight shrugged a little, "I wonder what she meant by mommy emergency."

The sound of a baby crying answered their question. Looking back at the direction, they saw Sunset holding a baby and looking at Ditzy, "Ditzy, she's fine. You can go ahead and go to that cram school. I'll watch her."

"Ok, just wanted to make sure my baby is ok," Ditzy said, holding her daughter, "Sunset, thank you so much for...everything."

Sunset smiled warmly, "Don't mention it."

"I knew it," Twilight said as Ditzy left. "You do have some good in you."

Sunset eeped as she turned around, the two month old baby smiling at her, "Twilight?! What are you doing...You don't have a place to sleep, do you?"

Twilight sighed, "Well, no. I was thinking of sleeping on books and I was thinking of eating-"

"No," Sunset said, frowned, "If you and I are going to be rivals, you need a proper bed and food. Come on, you can crash at Ditzy's place."

"Um...correct me if I'm wrong," Twilight said, "But, isn't Ditzy fourteen in this world? A little young to be a mother."

"Yeah," Sunset said, looking down, "And if Grand Ruler had his way, she would've been expelled for having a kid."

"He doesn't know?" Twilight asked.

Sunset smirked, "Just another lie from the 'evil' Sunset. I convinced them that Dinks here is her sister. I had to do something..."

Dinky hugged Sunset tightly before running to her mother, "So, are you looking for something?"

Sunset nodded,"Yeah, I'm just," She's looking at the books at her arms,"I'm really doing a lot of research. What’s going on with you two?"

"I was just helping Dinky read," Ditzy said, "I was thinking of getting her started early. Oh she is going to be a little genius."

"I mma gonna be a scholar like the second best girl I know," Dinky said, hugging Sunset's leg.

"She is so excited," Ditzy said, taking her daughter by the hand and walking out.

Opening the first book, she found a page on" Legacy of the Dragonlords. On the page was an image of someone dressed in Fluttershy's colors.

"Oh, thank you for your help miss Troy," said Rarity to the woman as she finished handed the photos.

The young woman smiled as she handed the photos of the models to Rarity, "Well, I was mainly here to help this girl I was supposed to let shadow me for the day. But, I decided to help you with the model shoot to demonstrate on how to properly shoot."

"Oh, and these examples will help me pick," Rarity said. Her eyes looked over the various examples, one look at an orange alien in a very skimpy bikini, "Um, maybe not let my models look like this."

(Darn it Kory,) thought Donna as she took the photo.

"Still helping out the kids," asked Grey Son as he smirked.

"Oh, Mr. Grey son. I didn't know you knew Miss Troy," Rarity said.

Grey smiled, "She's...an old friend from school."

"Yes, and I bet he wants to talk to me, doesn't he?" Donna asked. When the young teacher nodded, Donna followed him out.

Once she was sure the two were alone, she said, "Grey Son? Really? You have got to try harder on the codenames, mr. Son of the Bat!"

Dick chuckled, "What can I say, it fit the island. It's great to see you Donna."

"Likewise," Donna said, leaning against the wall. "This isn't a social visit is it?"

"No," Dick said, shaking his head, "What can you tell me about dragons?"

"Dragons, while beasts mainly in fiction, have been surrounded in myth since ancient times." The book said as sunset read. "However, some have said to be real. There is evidence that some have been brought to extinction by an ancient cult known as Dragonlords."

"Dragonlords..." Sunset muttered,"Thought why would Fluttershy of all ponies be connected? And why have there been no evidence of their existence? At least there should've been some bones or something!"

Hippolyta," said Donna as she put her thumb to her chin in thought, "Once told me about dragons. She said that there were once hundreds of dragons, living all over the world, but they soon disappeared."

"You know, I always thought it weird," Dick said, looking into the sky, "All of the things we fought: Aliens, gods, demons, friends turned demons, friends turned into the undead, the devil himself, and even angels, I never seen a dragon in my life. Hell you know that Gar-" Dick paused at the mention of his missing friend and continued on, "Did she say why?"

"The dragonlords were a family of powerful dragon hunters, each trained to hunt down and destroy dragons. Each were given the gifts to hunt down dragons by their ancestors. The first noted appearance of these powerful warriors was told by the warrior Beowulf."


"Beowulf?" Dick asked, a little shocked, "As in the epic poem?"

Donna nodded, "Diana met him when she went on a mission to kill a demon. That's how I know that he existed and why this is a true story. Hypolta said that one day, a young woman came to Themyscira begging for help. She didn't asked to be trained as a warrior but a guardian, to help her best friend. Admitilly, she thought it was an odd request, but she figured the lesson healing would be good for Diana to see."

"Wanted Wondy to be well rounded?" Dick asked. "What was the girl's name?"


"The proginators of this clan of hunters were known as Meadowbrook and Firewing, a couple who had lost their family to the might of dragons. These two went on a quest to find a way to end the threat of dragons from the world once and for all."

"Firewing was the fighter, and Meadowbrook was the guardian. they figured that two would work best in unison for their quest," Donna said.

Dick shrugged and sat on the edge of a roof before pulling out an apple, "Sounds like Hawk and Dove."

"Only these two weren't chosen by chaos and order," Donna remarked. "They then went on a journey, helping and stopping dragons where they traveled. Their journey ended when they faced off against Antitorpilikó."

Dick looked up, "Greek for destroyer."

"A scion of Tiamat, it was said that on the turn of that century, he would destroy the planet. This was how Beowulf met them and allowed Firewing to take of the Zumak fruit," Donna said, "This increased Firewing's strength and speed to allow him to match the dragon in power. Together, they sealed the dragon away."

"Sealed!?" Dick asked shocked.

"With the dragon sealed, the couple made their love known that day. Now married, they and their legacy went on to destroy dragons and leave a legacy of battle until this day. However, their legacy has long since vanished."

"Why would Rhymey be interested in that?" Dick asked to himself.

"Who?" asked Donna.

Dick shook his head, "One of my students. Are the descendants of these two still alive?"

"Yes, but I don't know where," Donna said. "But, I wonder why they were ready to seal the dragon away."

"Yeah, and why there are no dragonbones," Dick said, before walking away, "Well, got to lesson plan. Thanks for the talk Donna."

"Dick...if Gar was still alive, he would've said something. You know that," Donna said.

Dick nodded and walked away.

"Reading about cool legends?" asked Pinkie to Sunset.

"Yeah..." Sunset looked at Pinkie. There was a pregnant pause,"Where the heck!?"

Pinkie giggled, "Hey Sunny!!!"

"Pinkie, where were you!?" Sunset asked.

"Not right behind you reading a book," Pinkie said.

Sunset sighed,"No, I mean, where were you guys when I texted you?"

“Well, I didn't have my cellphone on me when I wa with Madlin and looking up jobs for me to work," Pinkie said, looking down at one of her books, "Did you know you have to dress spiffy for interviews?

"Yeah, that's normal." Sunset frowned.

"Ohhh," Pinkie said. Then looked at Sunset, "I don't know about the others. Are...you ok?"

Sunset sighed,"It just feels like everyone's getting more and more distant from each other."

"Really?" Pinkie asked.

"Usually when I call about an important meeting, everyone comes pronto!"

Pinkie sighed, "Well, we just got a lot of stuff to do you know. I mean, we're all doing our bestest to go forward. I mean..." she let out a little sigh, "It is feeling like we are separating more and more. Part of growing up?"

Sunset sighed,"I'm afraid that could be the case..."

"But, it doesn't have to be bad, does it?" Pinkie asked, her voice breaking, "We can still be together after we graduated...right?"

"Well, we can still keep in touch." Sunset said,"It just won't be as easy."

"Yeah," Pinkie giggled, "Especially if you ever decide to...you know."

"What? Leave this world? Well, I..." She stopped herself, looking down.

Pinkie looked back, "You, aren't really planning on leaving soon. Are you?"

"Do you want the honest answer or a lie?" Sunset asked.

"An honest answer. Don't worry, I won't tell the others," Pinkie said

"Once I'm done with graduation, I'm going back home." Sunset said.

"Will...we ever see you again?" Pinkie asked, tearing a little. She had a feeling in heart that it might have happened one day.

"Well, of course! It's like I never plan on visiting every once in a while.

Pinkie sighed, "Well, I guess that is going to be alright."

Sunset got up,"Come on, I think we both need to come home."

"Yeah," Pinkie said, before giving Sunset one tight hug, "And I promise you, I am going to make this last year the best I can!"

"Thanks." Sunset hugged her back.

As they stepped out, Applejack appeared before the two, nursing a broken arm and a bruised eye, "Hey girls?

"Applejack!?" Sunset gasped,"What happened!?"

"Oh, this?" Applejack asked, "Weren't nothing, just had a little tavern brawl."

"You what!?" Sunset shouted,"Why!?"

Applejack sighed, "Just needed to, you know, try something a little irresponsible. To see if Ah could do it. Just break the chains. Ah'll be fine, but what happened with Fluttershy last night?"

"No, you won't be fine! That was stupid!" Sunset shouted,"

Applejack frowned, "They were a bunch of jerks and Ah needed to relax a little. Don't worry, Ah didn't cash any checks Ah couldn't."

"So you just up and looked for a random fight, because you wanted to relax!? What if you got arrested!"

"Then it happens," Applejack said, "Can't really change it. Ah just wanted to see what life was like without responsibility. Now, tell me what happened with Flutters.

Sunset glared at her,"Fluttershy is being abused by Rhymey, and is forced to kill people."

“WHAT?!" Applejack asked in horror. "She wouldn't, she could never-"

"What?" Pinkie gasped.

"Unfortunately, Rhymey's forcing her to conform to his ideals of strength."

"That, just..why?" Applejack asked.

"That, I'm not entirely sure about. It has something to do with the Dragonlords or something, in theory." She pulled out the rubbing,"especially this symbol."

"...It looks like those butterflies Fluttershy wears all of the time on her," Applejack said, looking down at it.

Pinkie moved her head to the side, "But...why would Fluttershy be connected to that?"

"Research?" Applejack asked looking towards Sunset's home.

Sunset pulled out the book,"I don't think that's the case. Ever wondered why there are no dragons in this world?"

"Never really thought about it," Applejack said, shaking her head, "With so much out there, aliens, demons, and stuff...I guess I just thought dragons would come sooner or later."

"It just doesn't make sense, Applejack." Sunset gave her the book,"But I think I know where they all went, but the problem is the lack of evidence. No bones, no fossils, not even a history book. Yet... every place in the world has a legend about dragons."

"Where?" Pinkie asked, looking at the book.

"Well, you got the Asian dragons, Greek dragons like Typhon, Lithuania, and more. Dragons are in a lot of myths, and that can't be a coincidence."

Applejack looked curious at the greek names, "Typhon?"

"Typhon was a creature created by Gaia to battle the Gods of Olympus." Sunset said,"He and Zeus fought for the supremacy of the cosmos, Zeus only winning with the aid of his lightning bolts."

"So, this is all tying back to Rhymey and Flutters?" Pinkie asked, and then shook her head, "But wouldn't that mean Rhymey really doesn't love her?"

Sunset frowned,"No, Rhymey never loved her."

"Right, we need to keep them away," Applejack then asked, "Where is she now?"

"She's with Rainbow right now, I think. Either that, or she's at home."

Fluttershy stood by the edge of the balcony at Rainbow's house, letting out a small sigh. The cool autumn air now in full swing as September was nearing its end. The high rise gave her a view of the island like no other, as she looked down at the various buildings and homes. Carefully she tried to point out her friends locations, but stopped when she saw Rhymey's mansion. A small shudder came over her as she looked at it.

"Fluttershy," Rhymey whispered, is hands lightly touching her body. Slowly, his fingers trailed up her spine. "Come back to me. I need you, see?"


"Be my tool Fluttershy, be my arms Fluttershy, be my-"

Fluttershy let out a loud gasp as she felt a hand on her back and she turned around, "Whoa, Flutters, it's me."

"Oh, you scared me," Fluttershy whispered, looking down.

"Thinking about Rhymey?" Rainbow asked.

Fluttershy nodded, "Yes, I was. Thank you for keeping me here last night, but you know we can't keep this up. School starts tomorrow and I still have classes with him. Sooner or later he'll-"

"We will cross that bridge when we get to it," Dash said.

"But I-" Fluttershy was stopped by Rainbow Dash putting a finger to her lips.

"Enough of that, you and I...we're going out," she smirked at her.

"O-out. As in, you and me?" whispered Fluttershy, trying to hold back an unexpected luhs.

Dash nodded, "Yep, come on! We have a wonderful day out!"

"But,” any arguments was interrupted by Rainbow Dash pulling her out of the door. Waving goodbye to her sleeping dad, Dash and Fluttershy ran out into the autumn day.

With a laugh, Dash ran with Fluttershy through the streets. With the leaves starting to fall around them, it gave them an excellent course to run through together. While she had a worried look in her eyes at first, the race she and Dash were having quickly removed her fears and doubts making her laugh out loud.

It wasn’t long until the two had reached a tree in the middle of the park. Fluttershy sighed as she leaned against the tree, looking out at the various people and their pets having their walks through the park. Looking back at Dash, she watched as her friend started to climb the tree to watch the scenery. Fluttershy reached up, before pulling away.

Quickly, she felt a hand tug her up and pull her to the same branch as Dash. Rainbow Dash winked at Fluttershy as she turned to look back at the passing people. Warmly, Fluttershy snuggled up to Dash as they just watched the people pass by.

Smiling, Rainbow quickly rolled off the branch and landed, catching Fluttershy not a few moments later. Quickly the two ran by the lake, watching as the ducks began to swim by. Fluttershy noticed a little swan and went over to play with it. As she did, Rainbow Dash could only smile a little at the sight. Her eyes watching as fluttershy played and talked with the animals, she felt a warmth come over her chest. Shooting up in shock, she shook her head and went back to watching, not seeing Fluttershy’s own little blush.

Standing up, Fluttershy walked over to Dash and took her hand. The two then walked slowly through the park.

From the distance, Starla saw them and growled. Then a warm hand landed on her shoulder, and when she looked she saw Buddy. Smiling warmly, Starla let out a sigh and began to walk with him through the fall rose garden. A they walked through the roses, Buddy looked at Starla and smiled warmly. Reaching out, he was about to say something but pulled away. When Starla looked up at Buddy, she smiled and blushed a little though she didn’t notice it. Sighing, she walked away, her rage at Fluttershy and Dash forgotten.

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy walked through the park, “So, what is up with Rhymey anyway. Why does he want you so bad?”

“I don’t know,” Fluttershy said, “Like I said last night, he just wants me to be stronger and to be more like him. He wants me to turn into a killer. I think it has something to do with my last name.”

“Firewing?” Rainbow Dash asked, putting her hands onto the railing and looked at her.

Fluttershy nodded, “My mom told me all about it. How they are some sort of dragonslayers, that they were warriors and were so violent.” a small shudder went through her, “I don’t want that. I can’t stand to hurt others and I don’t want to be some sort of brave fighter.”

“Well, then don’t,” Dash said, smiling “Just be the awesome gal I know you are.”

“You make it sound easy! But it isn’t!” Fluttershy said, turning away, “Look at all of the monsters, aliens, demons, and who know what else attacks our world on a daily basis Dash! How can you look at me and say that I can’t be a fighter when it looks like that’s the only way to live. How can I be anything to you and the girls when the monsters we fight have killed and will kill again. Maybe... Rhymey’s right.”

“Bull,” Dash said, putting her hand onto her hip, “Look, we can’t all be like the Flash or the power rangers. We can’t all be the big damn heroes who kick ass and save the day. Sometimes we need people like you, who don’t fight.”

“But I am a Ranger, Dash, like Applejack and Rarity. I know sooner or later I will get superpowers and then,” Fluttershy let out a shudder, “Everyone is expecting me to be a fighter. How is that even possible for someone like me.”


“Pacifists get made fun of, even Rhymey does it to my face when we are together. He then turns around and tells me that I am in need of improvement. I don’t want improvement, I don’t want to be a killer. But, I have to...don’t I?” Fluttershy whispered, and then felt Rainbow’s hands on hers. Looking up into her magenta eyes, she felt a little bit of heat going through her.

“No, not at all,” Dash said. “So what if you get powers one day. I bet ya anything, they will allow you to hang back and be you. Just watch.”

“But my name,” Fluttershy said, “It’s based on a legacy of killers and a warriors edge. Do I have to take it?”

“Nah,” Dash shook her head, “Because you are stronger than that.”

“Do you think so?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash said, hugging Fluttershy before walking away with her.

“Rainbow...why did you leave me?” Fluttershy asked, looking at her.

Dash shrugged, “Some butt-wipe forced me too, he said that he would hurt our friends. So...I did.”

“But, you didn’t need to-”

“I chose to,” Dahs said.

Madylin looked at Pinkie’s form as Sunset began to type on the screen. Vanilla happily tapping the paper with the her paw, “So, Fluttershy is a member of this badass dragon slayer clan and Rhymey wants her for some reason? Man, did I pick a good time to join up.”

“So, what do I put down as a reference?” Pinkie asked.

“Um, how about Carter Grayson?” asked Madylin, “I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Did you see it yet?” Coco asked, bored.

On the computer screen it read “Ancient Chamber discovered.” On it was a large rock with a hole in the seal that was in the shape of a butterfly.

"A butterfly? Not real subtle, are they?" Sunset began reading the article,"Hmm."

'Justice Leaguer Rex Mason help out with famed father and son exploration team Hartford to discover ancient dragon tomb. When asked the duo says that this is the second confirmed sighting of a dragon in recent times. This sight in the Tibetan mountains...

"Second?" Sunset asked.

"Well," Madylin looked up, "Some people say that the Mystic Force rangers have their own dragon, but no one's ever seen it."

"Mmm." Sunset read further,"Did they put it in a museum?"

"No, I don't know where they put him," Madylin said.

Pinke read over Sunset's shoulder, "They apparently left the seal back in Tibet..." she then gasped, "Are we all going on a road trip this weekend?!"

Sunset nodded,"Luckily, there's a break coming up."

"A fall break?" Madylin shook her head, "Celesto has some weird schedules.

"Wait, it's Fall? Man, I keep losing track of time." Sunset muttered.

"It's ok," Pinkie said excitedly, "That's why I always bring a handy dandy calendar!"

Sunset looked at her calendar,"Um, mine's still dated 1994."

“1994!?” The other two asked in shock

"Uh, it was left here by the apartment's previous owner."

Pinkie read the name on the calender "Eric Myers."

Unos teleported into Gallant’s headquarters, watching as the cloaked figure stepped away from a portal. The was a cruel smirk on his lips as he walked towards a black gate, “Why are you so happy?”

“Oh,” Gallant said, chuckling, “I had just left the location of one of the other people in our thrall. It seems that my master had given him a wonderful new dream and he is trying his best to not to cry through this.”

“Is that to be my fate when I get what I want and help you,” Unos asked glaring at his partner.

Gallant shook his head, “Oh no. You will be able to warp reality to your own ends, much like the others who we have given aid for what they did to us. We have just kept the souls in statis for the benefit of us. By putting them through so many realities, we are helping them find their perfect world and suffering through their own personal nightmares. For instance, the one known as Changeling is going through another variation of the one where he becomes a count, only this one involves the world of Equestria. In his dreams he is this monster, warrior, and more. With each variation, he will find his own perfect place.”

“Do they have to be nightmares? Why torture them?” asked Unos, frowning, “Doesn’t seem right.”

“It helps to build character,” Gallant said, shrugging. “They aren’t in pain if that is what you are worried about.”

“It’s not that, it’s that my family has had this thing against torture,” Unos said, stepping forward, “And quite frankly so do I.”

Gallant shook his head, “It is not torture, it is a chance for them to overcome trials. Do no worry, we heal them of their pain.” with a chuckle, he held out his hand to the portal and smiled, “But torture gives me an idea.”

“...idea?” asked Unos as he watched a feminine figure stepped through the portal. For a moment, Unos hesitated as he saw the figure, “What...”

The woman looked out with a feral snarl, her robotic hands and legs cracking with each step she took. Looking up, she spoke in a low tone, “Where am I?”

Unos recognized the female immediately, “Why is the pink ranger here!?”

“This Kimberly Hart is from a world where your father did not know of torture, only to discover it thanks to a book,” Gallant said, and then said, “Inspired by it was he, he made a monster called Tortera and, along with the help of Katherine Hillard, used him to torture and rape the poor girl to death.”

Unos was enraged by this, “My father would never condone such a method! The house of Ed hated torture since the ancient times!”

“Your Lord Zedd, yes. Butchers,” Gallant looked to Kim.

Kim frowned, “Zedd...”

“She was found by a person who wished to save her and use her as his personal soldier. Modifying her body, amplifying it with cybernetics, he turned her loos on her home universe. She killed her former friends and-”

Kim quickly interrupted Gallant, “Do not call those asswipes my friends. They were bastards who got what they deserved. After I was done with them...I left that world to whatever conqueror wanted with them.”

“And now you are some sort of bounty hunter?” asked Unos, “Wanting revenge for what has happened to you?”

“I just want to wipe out every universe of any trace of my old teammates,” Kim said, looking at Unos. “Why do you need me?”

“We have a task for you,” Gallant said.

Rainbow Dash, with Fluttershy following close behind in a hoodie, Looked to Sunset “What’s the plan, Bacon-hair?”

Sunset put her army helmet on,"We're going to form a perimeter around Flutters, and then when Rhymey comes up, we'll tell him off. If he disagrees... we make him compliant." She chewed on a lollipop.

Dash smirked, "Does that involve punching him in the nads?"

"Wherever you want."Sunset said, giving Dash a high five.

Fluttershy couldn't help but blush at this, "Girls you don't really have to form a perimeter around-"

"We want to, Flutters," Rainbow said, winking at her best friend.

Applejack nodded, "If we can keep you safe, then we'll do it."

Rarity came walking up to the group and shook her head, "For the record Sunset, I am helping Applejack and she was the one who told me of the plan. This is not for your sake."

Sunset frowned,"Rarity..." She gave a subdued growl, before looking at Fluttershy,"Fine."

Madylin looked at Sunset, "So, encircle her?"

"Hey, we don't have two classes with her," Pinkie said, "What are we going to do there?"

"Well, who does?" Sunset asked.

"Well, I think Twilight is in Chemistry class with me," Fluttershy whispered.

Rarity looked around, "Where is Twilight?"

"I'm where I usually am, alone." Twilight said from behind them,"What are you talking about?"

"We're talking about protecting Fluttershy from Rhymey," Rainbow Dash said, looking at Twilight. "Rhymey wants to use her and we need someone to keep an eye out."

"We could kill him." Twilight said,"It'd be easier. We'd weed out an undesirable and protect Fluttershy."

Applejack frowned, "We ain't killing anyone."

"I already did..." Fluttershy said, looking away. "I don't want to do it again.

Twilight smiled,"Well, I was only kidding. Don't worry, Rhymey won't dare touch Fluttershy while I'm around..."

"Twi, are you sure you are all right? That joke was a little out there," Applejack said.

"Of course, a little black humor never hurt anyone...." Twilight chuckled.

Pinkie giggled a little, "Yeah, I like a little dark humor once in a while."

Applejack could only frown and walk with the others as they neared the school. After a few steps in, Buddy called out to Sunset, "Sunset! can I...talk for a second? Alone."

Sunset blinked,"You... want to talk to me?" She looked at the rest of the group,"He never talks to me." She shrugged as she walked to him,"What?"

Once he was alone in the garden with her, he said, "I just want to say...thank you Sunset, to both you and the others for being... heroes. I know Starla is a little-"

"Bitchy, whiny, annoying?" Sunset said.

"Yesah," he sighed, "But I do think that she might be able to loosen up. You know, that there might be a little more to her than that."

"If there is, she hasn't shown it." Sunset muttered.

Buddy sighed, "I like to think there is. She is just upset that she doesn't have the powers anymore. Me, I'm glad to be done with it. Personally, I kind of envy you and those other girls."

"Envy us?" Sunset asked.

"You can fight those monsters without care, without having to worry about what comes next," he sighed, "With me, I always worry about Daphine. When I was in the hospital, I just realized how much I could lose if I was killed in battle.

Sunset looked down,"But I still have worries, especially about the people behind me."

"You do?" asked Buddy, a little shocked. "The way you fight, you certainly don't act like it."

"Well, if I acted like it, that just gives the bad guys even more reason to attack innocent people. I make it a point not to show my fear."

Buddy sighed, snipping a snapdragon, "Far better than me. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and my fear on my face. Everytime I'm out there I think about her. You know...they all want their powers back so badly, but me, I don't know what I would do if I got them back."

Taking another flower, he handed it to Sunset, "Daffodil, like my Daphine, it means rebirth and inner beauty. A gift from me, to say keep going."

Sunset took it, and smiled,"Thanks. By the way... you were also talking about Starla aren't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" Buddy asked, and looked down, "I just want her to be better, to do better. She can be great if she just," he sighed and shook his head.

Sunset put a hand on his shoulder,"If you watn her to do better, then help her do better."

"How, she won't listen," sighed Buddy.

"Then make her listen, find something she likes, or be more... assertive and confident."

Buddy blushed a little, "Assertive? ME, no I...I couldn't, not around her."

"Oh, come on, you're never gonna get the girl if you just stand in the background!" Sunset grabbed Buddy,"Come on, I know a gal!"

"Whaaa-" asked Buddy being pulled away.

"Pinkie!" Sunset shouted,"I need your help!"

PInkie popped up and looked, "Yepp! You called Sunny?"

"Buddy needs more confidence in himself!" Sunset handed Pinkie over.

Buddy gasped, "Wait, what? M-more what do you mea-"

"Right oh Sunny!" Pinkie Pie happily cheered.

"Pinkie will hype you up, don't worry, Bud!" Sunset grinned.

"But I don't think I neeeeeeee-" gasped Buddy as he was taken away.

On a rooftop, the cyborg Kim looked down and frowned. She could see the group of rangers talking and laughing together. Growling, she clenched her fist so hard that it began to spark and crackle through the leaking oil and blood, "Friends, teammates. What a laugh."

In her mind, she could see her friends laughing with her. All of the times that she laughed with them or saved the day. A small growl escaped her lips as she could remember the first time her lips touched her lover's. Then for a second her mind flashed back.

The monster on top of her, thrusting, laughing as he took her innocence.

The monster putting a hot piece of metal into her fingers and burning them away.

The way her friends just looked on from the viewing globe, watching her pretty body getting tortured. Some were even turned on by her naked body.

The monster and now a blonde she trusted, Katherine, cutting into her. Mutilating her private parts by biting into them, eating them.

Letting go of her palm for a moment, she relaxed and narrowed her eyes, "It hurt, didn't it?" Unos said, teleporting in behind her.

"It was your father that did this to me," Kim said, her tone even and calm.

Unos frowned, and looked away, snarling, "Whoever that bastard was, he was not my father. He would never condone torture."

"Your Zedd, no. But mine? The moment he found that book, he and his bitch queen reveled in it, they loved it. They loved watching my body get mulated by their sick monsters," Kim sighed. "When I was rebuilt, I was given the chance to see the truth, that all it takes it just one little variation to turn your father into the Zedd of my world."

Unos went to his sword, wanting to strike her down. Instead, he let go of the hilt and frowned, "Is that why you have grown to love killing ranger teams of other worlds? Because you feel like you are stopping what has happened to you?"

"Do you know what's it like, to be strapped down on a table, exposed like that. While your friends watched and were HORNY while it happened? They liked it, Lord Unos. They liked seeing my body like that!I can only imagine what sick fantasies they had that night about me," Kim said, her voice in a mix of rage and tears. "And everytime I take a ranger life...I feel like I am saving another Kim. I am protecting another me from being born. Cassie, Ashley, Katie, Jen, Kendrix, Dana, and the other girls? I feel like I am saving them from being humiliated like that."

"Look at them," Unos said, looking down as Sunset took Buddy by the hand. "Do you really think that they have it in them to betray each other and leave the others behind."

"It's already happening," Kim said, looking at Applejack and Rainbow as they stayed with Fluttershy. "One of them is already feeling alone and abandoned. The others are getting so caught up in their own wants and feelings that they ignore the obvious. Even this mission to protect the kind one is doomed to failure. Gallant has said how they just now know about her emotional and psychical abuse at the hands of that...that maniac. And why? So she could become his warrior and summon that dragon. I see it happening," with a growl she punched a tree, breaking it. "She is going to find herself alone and frightened, and being violated while they watch. That dyke friend of hers will probably enjoy the thought."

"You are putting too much darkness onto them." Unos said, shaking his head, "I have seen them, they are not to be underestimated."

"No, they are to be pitied. Like all Ranger teams," she frowned, a low growl escaping her throat, "Their friendships are only built on lies, and deceit. Easily broken."

Unos sighed and put a hand onto her shoulder, "I'm sorry. You seem to be so broken now."

"Just leave, I need to make my plans," sighed Kim as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a broken buckler. The frame around it was cracked and broken, while the center had a golden coin. The picture of a crazed pterodactyl rested in the golden coin. Frowning, she looked up and whispered, "It's morphing time..."

“And furthermore, I think you should keep a better eye on those six. They've been a bad influence and have disturbed my five students. They even now gotten them killed," Celesto said, before walking out the door.

When the door closed, Luna was behind and hiding in the shadows, "Has he broken you so much sister? The Celestia of old would've let him have it for even insinuating that he-"

"He has my job in his hands, Luna," Celestia said, sighing. "I mess this up and I'm fired. Let's not forget I was practically conned into coming back and marrying that son of a bitch!"

"I know, but I also know that the evidence he has against you was from the words of a man who couldn't be trusted. Also, I know that the evidence against you, it has to be-"

"He's got what he needs to make sure I can't be a teacher again, Luna," sighed Celestia.

"You have other options. Father still says he has a place for you back home. Mother would love to see her little firebrand back on the field, ready to-" Luna began only to get interrupted by Celestia.

"I chose this life Luna. I couldn't go back to those days, back to being some sort of leader," Celestia said. "I wanted to be a teacher, and if I can't have that...I don't know what I'd do."

"And this is better? Bowing to that fraud, kissing his feet, and allowing him to walk over you?" Luna asked. "Has he broken you so hard?"

Celestia paused and sighed, "Yes...now go. Please, I just want to be alone."


"She is my girl, Sunset!" shouted Rhymey.

"Wow, didn't think she was an object to you, Rhymes." Sunset said with a smile,"She is not anyone's possession, now back off before I get really mad."

"I am not saying she is an object, jus that she is my girl!" Rhyme said, growling. "I should be with her right now, but you are stopping me!"

"No, you shouldn't be with her. You're a horrible influence on her, and you know it!" Sunset leaned in,"OF course, you can attempt to get through me..." She grinned.

"I'm a horrible person?! What has she told you!?" shouted Rhymey.

"She doesn't have to tell me anything." Sunset said, a smirk coming on to her lips,"After all, I'm not the one who's going crazy in the middle of the entire school. Might want to be careful, wouldn't want to ruin your reputation by embarrassing yourself."

Rhymey narrowed his eyes as he walked away, "Maybe I'm not the only one who should watch herself."

Sunset cocked her head,"At least I'm not alone, like you."

"And what is that to mean?" asked Rhymey.

"No one really likes you, Rhymey, even your teammates just see you as a means to an end." Sunset smiled,"And if they see you as the monster you truly are, they'll abandon you, everyone will."

"What do you mean by that?!" shouted Rhymey, :My team cares about me, they like me and respect me! Unlike you."

"Do you really believe that, Rhymey?" Sunset asked,"I'm not the one going nearly insane."

"I am not nearly insane. I have all of my faculties in place, you monstrous being,” Rhymey said, frowning.

Sunset then smirked, “So, why haven’t you been rhyming?”

“Because I am not trying to s-I’m not, alright!” Rhymey said, walking away.

Sunset chuckled,"Yeah, I believe it. Now scram, before I throw you out."

"I don't think so," Remy said, "History class is next and I get to spend it with her and that dyke friend of yours.

"You really think you'll get better treatment from Rainbow?" Sunset smiled,"She's more hot-headed than I am."

"I was talking about the replacement," he asi, walking in right behind Twilight.

In a flash, Twilight held a pen to Rhymey's neck,"Call me that again, and I pierce your jugular."

"When did you get here?" whispered Rhymey, scared look in his eyes.

"Oh, and we're in Chemistry, actually. And you might want to check your desk. I may or may not have put a poison in one of your beakers." Twilight smiled.

Sunset looked at her,"You didn't?"

"No, but he doesn't know that." Twilight smiled.

Rhymey looked a little shocked at this and then glared at Twilight, "Watch yourself... Twilight."

Twilight leaned in, and smiled at Rhymey,"Should I... you're weaker than me."

"How am I weaker than you?" asked Rhymey in a whisper.

Twilight leaned in, her voice a harsh whisper,"Because, no matter what kind of brave face you put on, I can smell your fear."

Rhymey could only give shudder as he walked into class

Twilight sat next to Fluttershy and smiled at her.

"Thank you, Twilight, but..." Fluttershy looked down, "Weren't you a little harsh?"

Twilight grinned,"Me? Oh, you know I'd do anything for a friend..."

"Ok," whispered Fluttershy.

The day went on, until chemistry when the class broke into partners. Rhymey smiled as he went to Fluttershy, "And now we can-"

A fire alarm interrupted him, causing most to scatter with the exception of him and Fluttershy. Looking scared, Fluttershy got up but was grabbed by Rhymey's hand, "Fluttershy, stay I want to talk."

"It's the fire alarm, it’s a drill," Fluttershy whispered. "We need to go."

"No, you need to stay with me," Rhymey said, "This is a trick to get you alone-"

"With you? So you can...you can," Fluttershy trembled as she backed away from Rhymey.

"Can make sure that you can become what you need to be? To be the-" an arrow interrupted him. When he looked to the left, he saw a woman in a pink ranger suit standing, glaring at him. "What on earth?"

"I thought I was going to kill a ranger, but a monster like you will do," whispered Kim. As she stepped into the light, she revealed just how much her armor had mutated. The white was replaced by black diamonds while her gloves now had claws at the end. Her helmet, once a pterodactyl now looked like a dragon, complete with fangs on the mouth piece.

"Who are-"

"Psycho Pink, Kim," growled Kimberly as she posed, before knocking another arrow back.

Twilight tried to push through the civilians,"Fluttershy!" She stopped as she saw Psycho Pink,"Oh, god..." She took a step back.

Meanwhile, Sunset looked out at the front of the school,"Celestia, that dumb fire alarm gets pulled so many times." She glared at Rainbow."Rainbow Dash..."

“Wasn't me!" Rainbow Dash said, shaking her head. "Pinkie?"

"Don't look at me, I was busy with Buddy and..." she gasped, "What if Rhymey pushed it to get us away."

Psycho Pink smiled under her helm as she looked at Twilight, "Would you like to join in?"

Sunset frowned,"Come to think of it, I don't see either of those two, or Twi..." She gasped,"Oh, no, what if Twilight killed him!?" She ran back into the school,"Fluttershy!"

Twilight gulped,"Not really. Look, you can kill Rhymey, but leave Fluttershy alone, please.

Rhymey tried to be brave, to stand in front of her, but Pink's arrow to his knee broke that thought. As he screamed in pain, Fluttershy stood next to him and began to pull him away, "Why not both, and spare you the pain of living with her." growled Pink as she aimed a shot at Fluttershy's head.

Twilight ran in front of Fluttershy,"No, please, she's my friend!"

"Twilight, don't kill him!" Sunset slammed the door opened. There was an awkward silence as she looked at Pink.

After a few minutes, Sunset bit her lip,"Hi." She said,"You must be the Monster of the Week."

"Please, don't insult me," said Psycho Pink, "I'm the last person you will ever see. And I am no monster, just a woman trying to right a wrong."

"By... trying to kill them. I can see your ever-so wonderful logic in that plan." Sunset rolled her eyes as she walked towards Pink,"You know what? The last three guys tried to tell me that they'll kill me, and they all failed. You don't think you're the same?"

Twilight grabbed Fluttershy by the wrist,"Come on!"

Psycho Pink chuckled as she lowered her bow. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Fluttershy being dragged away by Twilight and Rhymey. Shaking her head, she said, "No, I'm different. Those boys? They killed Rangers in their own world, me...I killed many rangers through many worlds."

She stepped towards Sunset, "Can't you see what I see? Death is freeing! It can remove you from this miserable piece of existence and free you from," she paused and looked away, "Betrayal."

Sunset frowned,"I don't know what happened to you, but death is not as freeing as you might think it is. Life is far too precious to lose." She glared at her,"And you killing so many rangers just makes you into a monster."

"Monster? I look like a monster to you?" asked Pink, allowing her helmet to come off. Then she wiped the side of her face, revealing the bare bones and cybernetics under her face, "The ones who did this are the real monsters! My friends...they are the real monsters, they let this happened to me. They did nothing while I was raped and tortured. How can you call me a monster when there are so much worse."

Reaching back behind her, she shattered a mirror, "Ms. Pink, you-"

"Silence," she interrupted Rhymey before throwing a mirror shard to Sunset, "Look at yourself, remember. You became a monster, and you are acting like one now to her." she pointed to Twilight.

"And of course, there is the bigger monster, Rhymey," Pink chuckled as she put her helmet back on, "But, who is the monster that is fine with killing him just to save her?"

Sunset caught the mirror shard, and then shot a look at Twilight, who looked away,"Okay, no disagreements about Rhymey, but," She threw the mirror shard away,"I feel like you're stretching things real far. What? Every slight against a friend automatically makes someone a monster? Well, you might as well kill the entire population then." She walked around the classroom, tapping the pocket of her jacket,"I'm sorry that happened to you, but what happened to you does not apply to everyone else! You can't just project yourself onto another's character just so you can feel better about yourself!" She glared at her,"You've killed innocent people, and treating it like a Crusade. That makes you one of the worst monsters."

"This crusade is all I am. It's to protect the weak and meak. It's how the strong live," she looked at her hands, "These cybernetics, they were my gift, my curse. I was given the robotics to kill those who hurt others, but I was given long life because of it! What is the point of being able to give the gift of death if I can't use it!"

"Oh, now I know you're coco for coco puffs, just wanted to make sure." Sunset smiled,"But you made a mistake... never take off your helmet!" She threw an eraser at Pink's face. Sunset blinked as it did nothing but annoy her. She looked behind her,"Oh, right, most schools don't use chalk anymore. Crap."

"Nice try," Pink said, bringing out her bow and aiming it at Rhymey, "Now, shall I take Rhymey as you wish...or maybe..."

"Maybe what? Maybe you won't look behind you?" Sunset said.

"No," she smiled under her helm, "Maybe Twilight Sparkle, and I can alleviate her pain of knowing you."

As the arrow left the bow, Fluttershy stepped forward and growled, "No! No more killing!!!"

(and Fluttershy, who helped a Manticore her heart, represents the element of Kindness!)

Somewhere, Vanilla smiled as she kicked over the gem containing the element within. With a bright flash of light, it flew out over the horizon. After traveling through the air, it landed on the chest of Fluttershy, transforming her in a flash of light. Now clad in a suit much more like her friends, she gave a stare right at Psycho Pink. This made her very core shudder and caused the maniac to step back while Fluttershy burnt the arrow into dust.

Steeling her resolve, Psycho Pink brought out her arrows to shoot arrow after arrow at Fluttershy's friends and Rhymey. As if by magic, a little shield appeared on her gauntlet and left Fluttershy's hands, blocking each arrow strike as if she knew where the shots would take place.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Psycho Pink leapt through the window and onto the ground below in a shower of glass. Fluttershy nodded and leapt out after her, hovering down on her shield as a mashift board. Standing up, she looked on calmly as the evil ranger aimed her bow.

Psycho Pink glared, "Block this!" she said, as she began to fire round after round at the windows and doors, hoping to kill one person. Slowly, Fluttershy began to walk towards Pink, he steps taking a graceful dance towards Pink.

Seeing that her shots did not work, Pink spun and slashed out at Fluttershy, trying to slash at her. Fluttershy used her shield to knock the bow out of her hand. Enraged, Pink did a round house at Fluttershy, which she easily pushed to the side with her hand. Then Fluttershy grabbed one of Pink's punches and moved it to the side. Then she gracefully spun Pink around after the next hit.

"Tai-chi?" asked MAdylin as she watched the fight take place.

Applejack shook her head, "Anyone knew she could do that?"

"No, but it's awesome!!!" Dash shouted and fist bumped the air, "You go Flutters."

Fluttershy did not hear her friend's cheering as she grabbed the next punch thrown by Pink and pulled her close into a hug. Holding her arms tightly around Pink, she whispered, "It's ok, wounded one. It's going to be ok. They are all gone."

"No!" shouted Pink as she struggled, her suit de-morphing as she screamed, "It's not alright! I still see him! They are watching me, looking at my body, I feel so disgraced. Tommy...he...-"

"I am sorry you were betrayed, but you can not close your heart forever," Fluttershy whispered to the struggling woman.

Kim screamed, "Yes I can. I won't get hurt this way. No one cares, no one cares about me!!! They will never forgive me."

"I...will," Fluttershy whispered. "If you just rest and see the sunrise, you can move on."

Kimberly Hart shuddered, and then broke down into tears as she whispered, "I don't know if I can rest..."

"It's easy, just close your eyes and go home," Fluttershy said.

"Home...it's been awhile since I knew what that was," Kim said, her body becoming a bright light before fading away.

"You took her away too soon," growled Gallant.

Unos shrugged, "My mind, my rules. She shouldn't have been used anyway. She was too broken, and now...she's useless to you."

"Fine, let's leave the broken bird alone," growled Gallant as he watched Kim fade back into the multiverse.

Fluttershy smiled warmly as she watched Kim fade away, "Rest well," Fluttershy whispered

Sunset frowned, walking back to Fluttershy,"You ruined my plan."

Fluttershy blushed a little as her suit demorphed, "Oh, I'm sorry, what was the plan?"

"I told her not to look behind her, so to give Pinkie, who I signaled with my phone when I tapped my jacket pocket, time to appear from a window behind her!" Sunset opened the window to show a waving Pinkie,"and then Applejack and Rarity time to flank her, and give Madilyn an opportunity for a surprise attack!" She looked at them,"And you lot just happened to appear!? What took you three so long!?" She looked at Fluttershy,"And yet..." She walked to her, and poked Flutttershy's chest,"I'm glad you did that."

Fluttershy whispered and smiled, "Thank you. I...When I heard her talk about death and her hatred of all life, I couldn't just stand it. Then when I heard her want to kill again, just to keep up with her sick ideals I couldn't stand by. I needed to protect it."

"Thanks for proving my point about the importance of life." Sunset smiled.

Fluttershy smiled warmly, "And in a way, I have to thank Psycho Pink."

"Thank her?" asked Rainbow Dash. "Why? From what I saw, the girl was insane."

"She...helped me to realize that I can still be me," Fluttershy said, looking down at her gem. "I can still be a warrior, even if I am just dedicated to pacifism and compassion. It's not weak to value life, right Sunset?"

Sunset nodded,"Very true."

Twilight frowned, looking at Rhymey,"You know, with all that, do you still hold on to your values?"

Rhymey looked at Twilight and then to the others, "You think that a few speeches are enough to change my mind? To change my values? It takes more than that to change a world. Fluttershy may have gained her powers and a new look."

Fluttershy frowned and flinched, but then took a breath."

"But no matter what happens next, she will have to realize the truth of this world. We have to kill, we have to remove life in order to save others and to save this world," Rhymey growled. "The strong kill to survive. Think that Metropolis or Gotham are safer with their villains alive? Do you think that the Rangers have any remorse when you kill things?"

"We rangers know that we have to kill them, sometimes we have no choice," Madylin said, growling.

"See? That is just a-" Rhymey gasped as he looked into Fluttershy's eyes.

Fluttershy glared at Rhymey, her eyes burrowing a hole into his could and forcing him to the ground, "Rhymey...you and I are over!"

"W-what?" gasped Rhymey, his eyes wide.

Sunset took a step back in shock,"Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy turned around and gasped, "Oh, was that too mean? I am so sorry. I just was so tired of him keeping me down and I wanted to let him know what I think. I didn't really wanted to be too mean. I am sorry."

Sunset grinned,"No, you were perfect!"

Rhymey shook his head, frowning, "You can't possibly mean. How can you say...Well," he smiled and nodded before turning away, "Fine. I accept this. Farewell, Miss Firewing."

"Why did that sound more creepy than it should?" Rainbow Dash said.

Applejack shook her head, "Ah don't know. But, whatever he has planned, Ah don't like it."

"Oh, come on! Let's not think about that!" Pinkie cheered, "We only have two more of us left to get some super powers, nobody died, and we are all together! That's a win in my eyes, right?" she asked looking back at her friends with a cheerful grin.

Sunset sighed,"Pinkie, you always know what to say."

"You are a moron!" said Harry, frowning. "You let her get away. You had the legacy of the Dragonlords right there and she vanished from your hand."

Rhymey followed his father down the hallway of the mansion, "Father, you have to understand, it's not my fault. Her friends stopped me and then that power gave her an inner strength that made her stronger than I expected."

"I will not hear of your excuses and neither will the demon's head!" harry said, narrowing his eyes. "With the addition of the son of the detective, we are now on a time limit. We have to get her blood and the symbol now before we are stopped."

"Father, we still have a chance," Rhymey said, "When that gem came into contact with her, I think it activated a little bit of her blood."

"How can you be so sure?" Harry asked, taking his seat.

"When I looked into her eyes, I saw the look. The look that can quell dragons," Rhymey said. "It almost broke my spirit. So that means everything I have done for the few years is working."

"And now she is more against us. You have tried your methods to get her," Harry said, "Now we do my part. I hope you don't mind a little jail time..."

Vanilla smiled as she played with Sunset's mouse. Madylin had one of the library books on dragons on her face and sighed, "Ooooh, can't wait for that fall break of yours so we can get moving!"

Sunset nodded,"Me neither. Uggh, I hate waiting for answers!"

Then, Sunset's door slammed open, "Fluttershy's been arrested!" shouted Dash.

Author's Note:

Thanks to Zolt for the edits.

It, must be hard to be a Fluttershy in the world of DC. Or even to be a Fluttershy on a team where the fights are going to be against real foes like Tirek and Discord (Note, these are just examples, Tirek and Discord are not bad guys in this story) rather than the foes of cannon. These are not the villians from saturday morning cartoons...

The things I had fluttershy mention are just some of the examples I could pull out about why it is hard to be a pacifist like her and not want to fight. Rhymey, is also meant to be a corrupting influence about why strength if more important than being a girl like Fluttershy (Also, taking on the idea that Starfleet has her in the service anyway.)

So, how do you be like Fluttershy in this world when it's one of those things that is debated or even frowned on. This is her path and something I want to study.

As I said in a previous blog, merging this world with DC, Power Rangers, and Digimon opens up some interesting possiblities. Especially in the realms of DC comics. All that stuff I said about Beowulf? Yeah, it's cannon! Sandman? He exists! All of the gods? They are real...wich of course would raise some interesting religious implications. Wich does let me ask a lot of questions.

Why wouldn't Ras, Lex, or some of the other magical foes be interested in the island?

What would be the implications in the magical world, espeically to Fate and the others.

These were all things that were entering my mind as I was doing this chapter with my co-writer.

So, to break down, Twilight couldn't access the magic of the world because she didn't know how. No tools, no method.

Another thing I was having fun with was looking at how Starfleet effected the first film, since everyone didn't trust Sunset now. It kind of became fun for me and I got to see something that I wasn't expecting. Sunset becoming more sisterly and like a rival to Twilight. She slowly changed from the movie to a more Kaiba/Vegeta like character. Fitting since Yu-Gi-Oh is cannon.

To help with Fluttershy's answer, I brought in an element from one of my favorite Fluttershy stories, Last of the Dragonlords (Why doesn't it have a tropes page yet? This thing is awesome). In it, Fluttershy discovers she is a Dragonlord, a dragon slayer who is immune to fire, can fight dragons, and is very powerful. It also touches upon what I am trying to talk about in this story, how to deal with the warrior and the pacifist.

Oh, and spoilers for next chapter's guest...



Yes, That Kimberly Heart is from Agony in Pink. If you have read it, then here is the vengance for Kim that I think some of you craved. Yes, she did kill her rangers in cold blood and yes, that fic does tick me off to no end.

Yes, in this world, Unos has three siblings. His twin brother Dos who prefers to wield magic and is alot more laid back and chilled. His sister Esmerelda who is powerful in magic, cunning, and is more like her dad but with Rita's magic. Then there is baby Edwina.

Zedd hasn't attacked in the past few years because he has a truce with the rangers. He doesn't attack them, and they can go on protecting his planet. Yes, he sees it as his world, the rangers are just protecting it fro the Mesagogs, Ransiks, Lothars, Sludges, Wazgills, that might attack it. As he said once, "Once you own something, then everyone wants it for themselves. Why not have free protection by my own enemies and let them do what they do best. After all, if they stop, then I have my world to myself."

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