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Fall of Starfleet Side Story: Evolution of Friendship - Legendbringer

Sunset finds herself in a world of mystery, war, and battle against the most powerful entity she has met.

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Honesty! A new ranger is born

Sunset Log: 1-

Hello, my name is Sunset Shimmer. This is my log of my final adventures in the human world. This is the story of how I did amazing things with the time I had left on your world. This is the story of love, loss, obsession, and all of that stuff. Most importantly, it's a tale about me and my friends and how have had the greatest adventure of our lives.

This log, is your copy. Congratulations. You can read it, burn it, or even turn it into it's own book series if you want. But know this, what you are about to hear, is the truth.

Across the line, Sunset is heard sighing. A long depressed breath escaped her lips as she took a breath to continue.

This is also my farewell.

The breath comes out as a shudder, followed by a small sniffle as she wipes at her eyes.

Interesting, here I am, wanting to tell you all about the adventure and I... don't even know how to start. You who are reading this probably don't even know how this world was like before it changed. The only ones who know about it are the ones who lived it, like me and my friends. You probably never even heard of thinks like Judai's Duel academy, Digital rangers, or... Mystic Island. You probably of heard them being called different names and such.

I guess you can say, it all starts with the desire to change something. To want what you can't have. A moment in time that you are weak that you give into desires you didn't think you want. I guess that is kind of how it starts, someone finds that little bit of darkness or sadness that you have, and uses you forces you to change it. Sadly, this is because of a loss, or sometimes.

There is a pause as she grasps something, making a clinking sound


Even the strongest of us can feel this from time to time. I should know, I watched it happen with my own eyes.

So, where do I begin? The end of Summer where this truel all started for all of us? Or the day I left for this world, abandoning my mother and a life I could've had.

Maybe... the beginning.

It all started that summer, back in 2008

Sunset groaned as the sunlight filtered through the window, waking her up slowly. As the effects of the early morning began to wash over her, she brought her attention to the snoring body next to her. Looking at the young purple haired woman next to her, she sighed and shook her head. Slowly, she reached out and ran a hand through her hair, “I’m sorry.” she said, a bit of remorse in her voice. Getting out of the bed, she made her way to the window and looked out at the lake that the cabin rested next to. The sight made her smile a little before she turned to go back to her suitcase and put on a shirt and shorts, “Never could understand girls and the need for bras.”

Once she was dressed, she looked to the sleeping Twilight,"Time to wake up, sci-twi."

"No, vacation, sleep time," Mumbled Sci-Twilight, smiling at her nickname.

Sunset shook her head as she went to her suitcase, putting on a shirt and shorts, "Come on, Applejack is probably making breakfast as we speak."

"I'll be down," mumbled Sci-Twi.

Sunset shook her head and walked down the stairs. As she did, Sci-Twi got out of bed, and picked up a book. Noting the mark on it signifying it as Sunset's diary, she opened it up. After giggling at a few passages, she read one entry that made her open her eyes in horror.

Unaware of the intrusion upstairs, Sunset made her way down the tairs, ficking the buttons on her shorts as she heard Rainbow Dash shout, "-and then, boom! Mom makes a landing right near dad. She looks at him and says, "Honey... I'm pregnant."

"Ok, now that is just plain impossible,' Applejack said flipping the last of the pancakes onto the plate.

Sunset giggled as she shook her head, "What are you talking about?"

"Rainbow Dash is just relaining us with wonderful stories about her mother," Rarity said, dainty taking a bite of her pancake.

"Yeah, she was up to the story of how her dad found out she was on the way and how fast she made the plane and-" Pinkie giggled.

Twilight stood on top of the stairs, biting onto her finger as she looked into Sunset's diary. Shaking her head, she walked down the stairs, and stepped into the shadows as she heard the girls talking, "One more year of this, and it’s off to college. No more monsters, no more crime fighting, and definitely no more starfleet and it's wild shenanigans," Rarity said.

"I agree," Fluttershy said, nodding. "It's not that I don't mind helping others. but they way they act, they want us to keep it up and be like them all of the time."

"Aren't you dating one of them?" Sunset asked.

Fluttershy looked away, leaving Dash to say, "She and Rhymey are kind of on the outs lately."

"Oh dear, I am so sorry," Rarity said.

"Oh, it's ok," Fluttershy said.

"Hey these things happen," Sunset said, looking down at the table

"You want me to what?!"

Artie got on one knee, "Please. In one more year you probably-"

"I don't know what I am going to do. Maybe go home! Maybe stay here, but marriage? Isn't that a little, too far? We've been dating for only six months, I'm not even sure if I want to," Sunset sighed looking away, "Or if I still love you."

"What?" Artie asked.

Sunset sighed, "You came to me when I was feeling down and you kept picking me up, but, that's it. What do we have in common, what do we like about each other? What about that?"

"I guess you're right," Artie sighed. Then he smiled, "Can we, you know, still be friends?"

"Sure," Sunset said.

"Ok, look, enough drama," Applejack said, walking to the table. "We can talk about that when we get home. Right now, I want to finish off our vacation here in my cabin, with my best friends. Friends for life, right!?"


The moon, a lifeless rock with nothing but craters lining its surface. That is, except for the presence of a large castle on the far side of the moon. Away from satellites and the planet that the moon orbits. Within the castle, a single man smirks as he looks at a grey figure before him. Around him, lay other defeated men of clay, slashed and stabbed. The soldier shivered as the man in front of him chuckled, "Come on, Putty. You can always get fixed."

The putty soldier shook its head.

"Then run," he chuckled as the putty made it's move, only to see a flash of light as it's head separated from it's body.

The man sighed and he sheathed his sword. He mutter lowly to himself as he walked to the throne room, "No father, i'll be fine while you and mother go on your second honeymoon. I'll watch the planet for you. Yes, I'll take care of the family as I watch the planet. The treaty will stay in place and I promise no monsters, I won't partake in Galvanax's little game show. I'll just sit here bored!!!!!!" he frowned as he sat in the giant chair, the Z label glowing blue.

Looking down, he saw a little girl of ten playing with her dolls, "You have it easy Edwina. You get to relax. Me I have to watch-"

"Sire?" asked a white gnome said stepping into the throne room, "There is something wrong with the planet."

"What," the man asked as he stepped from the chair. Looking up, his eyes glowed red for an instant, looking over the planet. He stepped back ,"What on ear-"

"The world is changing," the deep voiced figure in a black cloak said. As the prince stood, getting to his sword, the and raised a hand, "Parely. Do not worry about your siblings, I don't mean them harm, Prince Unos, son of Lord Zedd."

"You have a handle on my title, but that doesn't answer a big question. What do you mean that the world is changing?" asked Unos.

"I am a representative of a higher being, who is interested in a few focal points of the world," the man said, holding up a sphere, showing the images of three bodies in stasis.A green man that looked like a beast, a young man with a machine on his arm, and a boy with goggles.

"Why these three, why is he interested in these three souls?" Unos asked.

The man in black chuckled, "Each one, has touched dimensions in their own way. Each one of their souls has touched a world beyond their own. This one,” he said pointing to the green beast man, ."Went into the realm of life and death for a friend. This one crossed through dreams for a duel,” he chuckled, “And this... went into the world of the digital. Each one has a soul of purity that was easily corrupted because of fear. Each, possess an inner power that is waiting to be brought forth.

"And what does he plan on doing with this ability," Unos asked.

"Changes!" the man in black said. "Ever had a loss? Ever had a feeling like something wasn't right in your world and you wanted to make it better?"

"Yes, we all do," Unos said.

"My master plans on controlling all facets of this. Life, Death, and reality itself. It wants you in on this," said the man.

"Price?" asked Unos.

"Your father has fought the rangers, he knows of the morphing grid. He also knows of the magical field," the man said. "In order for this plan to work, he needs those last two souls, one who has touched the morphing grid and the land of time. With those, all laws of the omniverse can be broken," he chuckled.

"Is that why my life hasn't been changed?" Unos asked.

The man nodded, "It is only affect the earth as you can see. Schools and islands that are not there in the past have shown up. Famous people have been disappearing, and even histories have been changing. Why, I bet if you were to look, you would see something...unique about a certain city."

Unos looked at Angel Grove and shook his head, "M-mother? The original Rangers, what on earth-"

"Just a demonstration. Soon, you can do it," the man chuckled, "So, what about it? Full power, for the hunt?"

"When can we start?" Unos asked.


Sunset rode out onto the highway, the wind blowing her hair behind her as she rode down on the road. Looking back behind her at the orange truck that the rest of her friends rode in, she smiled at the group, reared her bike like a steed, and took off faster down the roa. From the back of the truck, Rainbow Dash rested her elbows on the top of the truck, saw Sunset in action, and rased her fist i the sky at her in a cheer. Applejack looked at the scene and shook her head and kept her eyes on the road.

Rarity sighed, smiling softly before getting back to doing her nails, trying her best to listen to the converssation of the four girls behind her, “Um, isn’t this a little, dangerous?” squeaked Fluttershy as she felt the wind blow through her mane

“Are you kidding?” Dash said, thrusting her fist into the sky once more, “What’s being a teenager about if you don’t learn to live a little.”

Pinkie Pie giggled and turned to Twilight, “Hey, Twilight, you ok?”

“Uh, yes, I,” Sci-Twi let out a sigh, “am. I was just thinking about our week at the cabin. I’m kind of sad that Starla and the others couldn’t make it.

“Why do think they couldn’t make it?” asked Pinkie.

“Ah, you know those lamos,” Dash shrugged. “Train and school work, school work and train. It’s all they ever do.”

A being wrethed in flames stood over the fallen Starfleet members. Growling, he turned to look at Starla. Holding up his hand, he unleashed a flame at her.

Starla sat up in her bed and called up Artie, “A-Artie, I had the dream again.”

On the other line, Artie called back ,”Dream, you mean that one of the demon? The one where we lost?”

“Yes,” Starla sighed, shuddering as she ran a hand along her sheet, “Do you think it could come true?”

“No way,” laughed Artie, “We’re Starfleet, remember we’re invincable. We don’t lose.”

Starla sighed, “Not always. Remember the demonites?”

“Starla,” Artie said with a darkened tone, “You know we don’t talk about that. You know how you get about that fight.”

“I...know, I’m sorry,” she sighed, “But you’re right, we hvae come through in so many battles before. Like that whole volcano thing, right?”

“Yeah, so don’t worry,” Artie laughed. “See you in school.” as he hung up, he shudded and shook his head, “Don’t worry at all.”

A woman sat her screen, staring at the lines and code.

"Doctor Nonaka, you've been at this for hours, you must need your rest." A man in a business suit said as he stood beside her.

"Tell me," She turned to him,"Do you fear change?"

"I... don't understand the question-" the man was interrupted.

"Tell the Vice President he's in charge of Hypnos for now. I'm heading to Mystic Island." Dr. Nonaka got up,"I may be out of contact for a while."

Sunset skidded Blaze to a halt near her apartment. She got off, and looked at it. She placed her hands in a camera symbol and grinned,"Knew I'd get that down!" She smiled as she walked to the building, heading into her room.

In her room, there was nothing more than her usual books, a computer that glowed faintly green with a video screen. Nearby was a white board with thumbtacks and red lines laying across it's body. To her right was her fridge with her food and on the table was some bills that needed paying.

In her bedroom, was a large lump. That breathed.

Sunset took a look at some of the bills,"Man, got to work on this." She turned and petted her dove in a cage,"Hey there, Philomena," She pulled out some birdseed,"Here." She walked to her bedroom, and stopped as she saw the lump,"The..." She looked around, and slowly tiptoed to the covers,"Alright," She pulled them off,"Who's there!?"

A young blonde haired girl looked up at Sunset, and let out a scream in surprise. She was wearing a violet shirt that matched well with the pink and purple streaks in her hair. Smiling, she waved and stuck out a hand, "Oh wow! So Jowar was right, your hair does look like bacon! Do you bite into it, taste it? Sorry, about sneaking in, I was hungry, tired and wanting to go to bed and hoped I could meet somepony special. By the way, I think your computer is ringing.The name is Madilyn by the way, HI!!!!!""

Sunset stammered,"I-Uh-Wha-!?" she sputtered, before glaring at her,"Stay there, I'll figure out what to do with you in a second!" She spun around and went to her computer,"Ringing? Don't remember putting Skype on it..."

Madilyn laid on the bed and put her elbows on the bed, "Well, it's been ringing off the hook. Weird, maybe you got hacked?"

As Sunset picked up the call, she heard, "Destined...missing...help...friend." the face on the line was blacked shadow with the screen name 'Intdigdest.' on it

Sunset gasped,"I'm sorry, you're breaking up, who is this!?"

"Kou...shi...Iz...Need...Da...Ka...Sending...mess," the screen then read,

"You got a gift."

"A gift?" Sunset clicked on the screen.

Madilyn walked up and watched the screen glow, "What do you think it is?" sje asked, bouncing a little.

For a moment, the screen began to glow a bright black and white. After a few moments, it shot out a green beam of energy, reading out several different bits and bytes of data. After a few seconds, a large egg had formed in the middle of Sunset's room.

"Pretty huge," Madilyn said, sitting down in front of it and looking at it. "How could an egg-"

The screen then began to change from the call, to a message that read,

"A friend, take good care of them for now. Can't reach you until later. Be safe. Trust in friends, trust in self, don't trust the Stars.


PS. You are (NOT) alone.

Sunset frowned,"Seriously, a cryptic message? Who sent this, Celestia!?"

"Celes...who?" Madilyn asked. "Tell you the honest truth I hate those messages too."

"And you!" Sunset pointed to Madilyn,"What are you doing in my apartment!?"

"Oh, like I said, I was tired, hungry, and I saw that your apartment was open so I snuck in," Madilyn said. Getting to a sofa, she sat down, "Also, because I kind of need your help."

"Why do I always forget the lock." Sunset muttered,"My help?"

"Finding my friends," Madilyn said, looking down and sighing.

Sunset leaned down,"Your friends?"

"Yeah, my friends," Madilyn leaned back. "Ok, so all the things I am about to tell you, is a secret all right?" After seeing Sunset nod, she leaned back and said, "I can morph, like you and your friends can. Though, if you ask me, my costumes better. I mean, have you seen that Starfleet uniform that they put you in, atrocious!!!"

"Yeah, I've been meaning to try and change it.."Sunset muttered.

"See, there are different worlds out there. I did come from earth, but one day when I brought this new girl to my college group about stones, we got transported to Gaia," Madilyn smiled and laid back on the couch, and she pulled out a small violet crystal, "This was given to me by my grandmother, and my five other friends have crystals that are just like it. My sister Laya, Niki, Patrick, and Dirk are the other ones who had gems."

"When we landed on Gaia, we met up with this wizard named Jowar. He said that those gems meant we were destined to be Power Rangers. Niki was Red, Patrick was Green, Dirk was Orange, I was Violet, and Layla was Blue."

“So, what happened in Gaia?" Sunset asked.

"Me and my friends were just relaxing one day. You know the usual, sparring, working on tech, reading, that kind of thing. Then at moment in time, there was this shaking at the library. Flames, and explosions just started to happen. Nikki tried her best to keep us all safe by acting like a leader. But then I saw her get warped away by some sort of magical field. I tried to save her, but she vanished. I saw Dirk and Patrick get zapped next. So in desperation I tried to save my little sister. You should've seen the look in her eyes as she disappeared right before I could touch her. That was when my world went black."

"When I woke up again, I saw Jowar and Dryden helping fix the library. Jowar told me that the others had vanished from the dimension, that someone took them. All but me. It seems like no one thinks lighting is a proper element."

Sunset thought for a moment,"Well, if you take into account Eastern Mythology it kinda is."

"I know!!! But whoever took my team seemed like they only wanted Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire on their side. Of course, I had plans on hunting down the guys who kidnapped them, but Jowar said that whoever was the one who kidnapped them was out of the dimension. So he and Dryden used their crystals to open a portal. Thanks to a tracking spell on the gems, we found out that their energy was right here, on this island. Someone or something took them here. We also saw, you and your friend's morphing energies here as well."

She said softly, "That isn't the weirdest thing about this island. I figured that since there were other people who could morph and change like I could, maybe you could help me find my team."

Sunset smiled,"Well, I'd love to help you," She frowned,"But don't break into other people's houses!"

Madilyn put a hand behind her head and laughed sheepishly, "Yeah, sorry about that. But See, my pointing here because of this magical energy it was detecting and I saw your door was opened and wanted to wait for you."

"By the way, what is the weirdest thing about this island?" Sunset asked,"I mean, weird things happen here all the time."

"Before I left," Madilyn said, "I don't remember there being an island off the coast of California. I don't remember seeing this place at all."

"What?" Sunset asked,"But I could've sworn it's always been here..." She trailed off.

"No, it hasn't. I mean, how long have you been," she paused when she turned her head to look at a photo of a unicorn with a bacon colored mane standing with a white alicorn. "Who's this?"

"That's me with my mother. You see, I'm not from this universe, I'm from a place Equestria." Sunset explained.

"Equestria?" asked Madilyn. "I don't think I've heard of it."

"It's this magical place full of unicorns, pegasi , earth ponies and other magical creatures. I'd show you, but the mirror isn't working for some reason." Sunset frowned.

"Wait, you travel by mirror? That is so cool!" said Madilyn excited. "Why isn't it working?"

"That I don't know. I was trying to access it one day, but it just... didn't work." Sunset frowned.

"Wait, so why did you come here?" Madilyn asked. "I mean, if it was your home, then why did you leave?"

Sunset looked away,"I... don't want to talk about it..." She whispered.

Madilyn pulled back, nodded, and sat on the couch. Then she shook her head, "Let's move on! We need to find out how to save my friends. Know anybody who might have a way?"

Sunset thought for a moment,"Let me get my friends together, we'll come up with something."

"Right," Madilyn looked out and saw the night sky, "Tomorrow though. I am getting sll-"

the egg began to wobble too and for, cracking and breaking. Until finally shattering in a bright light.

"Why Mystic island?" asked a gruff muscular man, "I ain’t never heard of no place like that."

"First off get your grammar right, moron,' said the taller man, sitting next to him in the car. "And next, because no one ever heard of it before. It just showed up five years ago owned by some bizarre astronaut billionaire who runs a school."

"Oh, you mean like that mutie school in New York?" asked the gruff man, only to get his arm punched.

"Hey, my girl friend's sister is a mutant, cut it out with the slurs," The skinny man said.

"Sorry Rocksy," the buff man said. "but why not somewhere cooler, like Gotham or Bludhaven?"

"Ya want to meet the bat? I met the Bat once, I still wet the bed at night," Rocksy said. "Mystic island hasn't been touched by any crime ring yet. It's perfect for the plucking."

"Don't know Rocksy," said the gruff man, "I hear people come back from there. They say at night, they hear ghostly wails. Moans about "Changes" and "Titans go." and stuff like that."

Rocksy laughed, "Wait, you scared of ghosts? In the world we live in? We got aliens, flying cars, people who settle games of life and death with cards, and you are afraid of ghosts? Look, I am afraid of one thing, and the bat ain't here!"

The ruff man nodded and drove the car into the parking lot of the warehouse. Seeing the place black and empty, The gruff man turned on the light and backup, pale, "R-R-Gocksy?"

"No, not here. Please god not here," whimpered Rocksy as he took in the sight.

All around him, gun casings littered the floor. Weird shurikens in the shape of birds laid embedded in the holes of fallen guns, what guns that weren't deconstructed by the hands of a master. Throughout the quiet of the warehouse, there was a faint creaking of a chain. When they looked up, they would see their men, hanged up by their hands.

Next to them, was an opened crate and a man in tons of Cocaine. Written in the cocaine was a note that read 'Thanks for the intel."

"No!!!" scream Rocksy as the police came to the wherehouse.

Not too far from the warehouse, a figure stood on a gargoyle, covered in shadow. As he watched the police make the call, he pressed a finger to his ear and made a call, "Yeah. I think I found the missing Titan."

A pause.

"No need for back up, just tell some of the Birds to keep an eye on Bludhaven for me."

A longer pause,

"I'll be fine. No need to bring Dad into this. It's Titan business."

Another pause

"Yes, I know, I sound just like him. Look, it'll be for a while but I promise, I'll keep in touch. Love you."

Smiling, the figure spread his arms, and dropped down. As he did, he leapt from rooftop, to rooftop, until he landed back on the street next to a car. Opening the hood, he looked at some old clothes, "Well, time to earn that teaching license." he said, taking off his mask.

"This is our lair?" Unos asked as he took in the cave around him.

The figure in the cloak nodded, "It's all we need. We just need to search for the last two beings to lock in our plan."

"And of this so called Starfleet?"

"Ever see what happens when one is not used to fear, faces it?"

Madilyn walked alongside Sunset, "So, how are we getting me into this school to meet your friends?"

"Oh, I have... connections." Sunset gave an evil grin.

"OOOOOH, sneaky, evil and crafty! Love it!" Madilyn giggled. Then looked at Sunset's bag as it wiggled and moved. "Think that the-" she looked at the students' "things will be ok?"

"Yeah, hopefully." Sunset looked at the bag,"Fluttershy definitely needs to see these."

"How could something that small come from a-"

An orange mane with orange hair bumped into Sunset, making him back up, "Oh, h--hi Sunset," Artie said, a nervous tinge in his voice. His eyes looked sunken.

"Oh, hi, Artie." Sunset said with a frown,"So... you don't look like you've slept."

"Um, y-yeah, just a bad night. You know, found a giant monster, we fought... we won. Y-You know, the usual," Artie said.

Starla grabbed Artie by the arm, and shivered, "Sorry Sunset, we just had a big night."

"Y-yeah," Buddy gulped, "A really big night."

"Uh-huh, that's nice." Sunset muttered,"If you'll excuse me, I need to talk with my friends."

"Something about that seemed off," Madilyn said, looking back at the passing by Starfleet team.

"Yeah, well, they always seem a little off." Sunset muttered,"Trust me, you don't really want to know about them, they're kind of... jerkish."

“Sounds like you would-"

She was interrupted by a gasp and a pink blur that bumped into her, "OMG! A new friend!!!! Hi I'm Pinkie Pie."

"Hi I'm Madilyn, I'm new!"

"Of course you're new I just met you!"

"Well Please to meet you!



"Have you been around the school yet?"


"Well you gotta see it!"

"Thanks I will!"

"Hope you have a blast here!"

"Thanks I will."

"Bye Sunset! I need to go help bake the welcome back cupcakes in the cafeteria!" Pinkie said, before zooming off.

"What a nice girl." Madilyn smiled.

Sunset had wide eyes,"God, there are two of them..."

"So, how about we store this bag and you can help me get into the school," Madilyn said with a smile.

"Sure!" Sunset said, placing the bag in her locker,"Let me get my toolkit!" She pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

Madilyn smiled, " And what is the tool kit for?"

"It's my 'Trick the School Board Into Thinking You're a Student' Kit." Sunset grinned,"It's how I got in here."

“Oh it can't be that-"

An hour later.

"I can't believe it was that easy," Madilyn said, looking at the pinkish white woman in front of her. Leaning in, she whispered, "Ever noticed that some of the hairstyles are weird."

"Well, Miss Bluestone, it seems that all of your affairs and things are in order. It's interesting that I have to deal with Sunset's trick three times in my long tenure here at this school, but I welcome you for as long as you like," Celestia said with a smile. "If you could wait outside for a moment. I want to talk to Sunset."

As Madilyn left, Celestia stood with Sunset, "Sunset...do you ever feel like the world you live in, is a mistake?"

"A... mistake?" Sunset cocked her head.

"Like there is an error in your world," Celestia looked at a photo of her wedding to Celesto. For a brief moment, she saw a frown come across her face. "That the world you live in was a horrible glitch created by somebody and now you are just forced to play the part of the doting wife. Or maybe I've been married to him for too long." she then put down the picture and shook her head.

Sunset gave a smile,"I think you've been married to that douchenozzle for too long."

"Yeah," Celestia chuckled. She then looked to Sunset, "Have you been happy here?"

Sunset looked down for a moment, before looking up at her,"Yes, I have, other than of course those Starfleet guys. I have great friends, I have a good life, and I'm happy... for the most part."

"I'm glad," Celestia said, smiling warmly. "I am glad to hear that. Your last semester here should be a happy one. I am just sorry to hear that Starfleet still finds a way to make your life horrible when your friends aren't looking."

"Meh, they don't cause that much of a problem for me anymore." Sunset shrugged her shoulders,"Though, I haven't heard very much from them lately."

"What do you mean? Celestia asked.

"Meh, probably nothing. " Sunset moved to get up.

Celestia nodded, and then turned to look out her window. A frown cam to her face as she looked, watching the kids talk and make their way into the main building, "I wonder who is really in charge of this school."

As Sunset came out, Madilyn looked nervous, "Um, Sunset, you sure you locked the door to your locker?"

"Of course I did." Sunset said, looking towards her locker,"I mean- What the heck!?"

The door to her locker had burst opened, and ehr bag spilled onto the floor,"Oh, geez!" She ran towards teh bag, almost bumping into a red-haired woman in a white lab-coat,"Excuse me!" She said, before running to the bag and inspecting it.

The woman turned and watched as Sunset cursed to herself,"Problems, student?"

"Um, nothing, it's just, um," Madilyn stammered and then nodded, "Sunset had a special, welcome to the school with her and it fell out of the bad. I am sorry, but I am new here and have no idea who anyone is."

The bag, was sadly empty.

The woman gave a smile,"That's okay, so am I. I'm the new science teacher, Mrs. Nonaka."

Sunset stammered,"Crap, crap, crap!" She ran down the hall,"Where are you!?"

"Please to meee-"Madilyn paused, looked back at Sunset, and gulped, "Um, excuse me!" she ran after Sunset.

There was a tiny screech from one of the rooms, 'Ahhh, what are those things!"

"Look out, they are bouncing around!"

"Who ate my apple turnover breakfast?" asked Granny Smith.

Then there was a tiny squeal coming from the music room, barely audible to most ears. "What was that? a scream or a whisper."

"Please to meee-"Madilyn paused, looked back at Sunset, and gulped, "Um, excuse me!" she ran after Sunset.

Mrs. Nonaka turned and whispered into a device on her lapel,"Tell the Vice President, I found a breach." She stared at a TV for a bit,"And someone very important to me has won her latest tournament."

Sunset gasped,"Fluttershy!" She ran to the music room.

Fluttershy let out a loud squeal as she she patted the two little white balls in front of her. Sitting down she looked at them with her big blue eyes, "Oh my, I've never seen little animals like you before. Do you have names?"

The little white balls stopped bouncing for a moment, wiggled the little nubs they had for ears, and then nodded. Fluttershy then asked, "Can you say it?"

Thinking, they wanted to say it, but the turned when they heard the sound of footsteps. They had big grins on their faces as they bounced over to sunset, squeaking out, "Sun! sun, sun, sun sun!!!!"

"OH, are they yours?" Fluttershy asked

Sunset picked the two balls up,"Um, sort of, I don't even know what they are!"

One nuzzled gently into Sunset's arm, while the other jumped up and landed on her head, gave a yawn and fell asleep. Fluttershy smiled, "Well, whatever they are, they seem to like yo."

Madilyn zoomed up to Fluttershy and smiled, "Hiya!"

"Um, hi," Fluttershy squeaked, hiding behind her hair.

"Madilyn Bluestone! Please to meet ya Fluttershy," she said, smiling, and then watched as she slinked back, "Wow, you do live up to your name don't you?"

"Flutters is always like that," Dash said, stepping in. Then she looked at Sunset, "You have balls."

"Very funny, Rainbow." Sunset muttered.

Dash walked up to Fluttershy and smiled, "You doing ok?"

"Um, yes, of course," Fluttershy said, nodding.

Dash then looked at Madilyn, "And you are?"

"Ok, everypony listen up, there are some pie thieves around here and-" Applejack looed at the two now asleep creatures in Sunset's arms, "What?"

"I went to my apartment, and then suddenly these three showed up." Sunset muttered.

"These three," Rarity asked, stepping in and then seeing the balls of fluff, "You have breathing balls on your person Sunset.”

"Thanks for noticing." She looked around,"Where's Pinkie?"

"Don't look behind you," whispered Pinkie, "But I think she is in the muffin bin."

Sunset sighed as she looked behind her,"Really?"

Pinkie smiled, holding up a baking tray with cupcakes and muffins.

Sunset took a cupcake,"Thanks Pinkie." She sighed, only to turn into the face of Sci-Twi.

"Those. Gimme. Now!" Sci-Twi said, her eyes wide.

"No!" Sunset said,"We can figure them out without vivisections!"

"Twi, do you really need to murder them to find out how they work?" Dash asked, finding a place to stand.

Fluttershy lightly chuckled as she found a place to sit, next to Dash. Applejack, meanwhile, looked at the clock (Thank goodness we still have about thirty minutes ‘til first period."

Pinkie Pie was the first to chime in, "So, looks like you made some new friends."

The two tiny white balls, giggled, talked to one another, and bounced to Fluttershy.

"My name is Madilyn! Hiya!" she then looked to each of the group, "Let's see, I already know Pinkie from earlier and Fluttershy. So, you must be Rainbow Dash, Rarity Belle, Applejack, and... Sci-Twi?"

"But, science!" Twilight whined. She turned to Madilyn,"Well, Sunset likes to call me that to deviate me from another Twilight, but you can call me Twilight if you'd like.” She said with a blush

"Oh, that alternate version of you!" Madilyn said, nodding sagely.

“Geeze, just how much did you tell her?" Dash asked.

"Just about everything." Sunset said,"If you know her story, you'd understand."

"Her story?" Applejack asked.

Madilyn nodded and began recapping her tale to the others. After she was done, Rarity looked, "And so, it was Sunset's magical energy that lured you to her."

"Yeah, and it was Starfleet's and you guy's morphing energy that told me that I would find some fellow rangers here to help find my friends," Madilyn nodded.

Applejack looked at Sci-Twi, "Ah'm sure Twilight could make something that would help."

"And these little things came from your computer with a message," Fluttershy asked, happily playing with them.

Twilight nodded,"Just give me a minute to check out your morphing signature."

Sunset looked at the two little things,"Yeah, but I couldn't decipher the message very well."

"They are cute, whatever they are," Pinkie giggled.

Madilyn looked at Sunset's pocket, "Hey, um, you have a buldge."

"Buldge?" Sunset reached in and pulled out a white device with a screen. It had a orange and yellow side grip,"What is it?"

Twilight reached for it,"It looks like some sort of... device?"

The device began to boot up in Twilight's hands, a small green cursor blinking. Then it began to read out across the screen "D-ARC online. Linking up with tamer initiated. User found: Sunset Shimmer. Digimon..." a small beam shot out from the device hitting the two white blobs

"Digimon partner detected:YukimiBotamon

"What the heck!?" Sunset stepped back in shock.

"Fascinating. YukimiBotamon, at least that's what this thing, it seems to call itself a D-Arc, calls them." Twilight smiled.

"Well, how about I just call one Vanilla and the other Coco?" Sunset said, looking at the Botamon,"I need something to differentiate them."

Fluttershy smiled and reached into her pocket, and put a little black bow on one of their ears, "There we are."

Unos walked through the large cavern, his eyes looking over the various pieces of technology that laid strewn about the rocky walls and ceilings, "Impressive hideaway. Is your boss here by any chance?"

"The master chooses to remain confined to his chamber for the time being. After all, no need to reveal himself at this time. Not when victory will come soon," the man in black said.

Unos looked at the man, "Tell me, am I right in thinking that the other reason why I am here, is because your master fears my family. That to attack the earth and take it for his own would bring the wrath of beings that would not hesitate in destroying the planet?"

"That, and you have some impressive knowledge of the foes the rangers have fought, correct?" The man in black asked.

"Yes, why?" asked Unos.

"Remember what I said about fear, and loss?" asked the man as he chuckled.

"I have seen the weirdest things in my life Twilight," Applejack said, shaking her head. "But to make a device like this in five minutes!!!!"

"What is it supposed to do?" asked Madilyn, walking around the large device.

Sci-Twi smiled, "It's supposed to detect magical or morphing energy within a five mile radius. This will be able to pick up people who are on similar morphing fields together. I picked up the idea from someone I was emailing back and forth with."

Sunset looked it over,"So, what are we waiting for? Let's activate it."

Twilight nodded and pressed her finger to the button, just when the bell run, "Yes!" Sci-Twi squealed “school's starting!!!"

"Wha- but we were-" Sunset sighed,"Vanilla, Coco, stay there and don't move!" she pointed to her two creatures.

Vanila and Coco happily nodded, bouncing and playing with each other.

So the school day wen on, with the usual air of talk and joking among the students. It being the early days of school, many of the students were signing up for group or other activities that would help them enjoy the day after the school. It was during a particular class that Twilight began to notice something about Dyno and Myte, "Dyno, and Myte, are they,' she watched as both brothers coughed at the same time, their bodies fading for a brief second, "Fading?"

"Miss Sparkle," said Cheerilee, "I may be a T.A filling in today, but I still want your full attention."

"Sorry, Miss Lee." Twilight said.

"Good, now, will you please tell us what transpired in the year 1780?"

"That was the year that-

(Six warrior face off against a monster."

"The Revolutionary Rangers..." As Twilight began to speak her mind thought (The what?")

"Rhymey??? Oh Rhymey," Pinkie asked. "What's the matter, you seem out of it."

Rhymey winced and shook his head, "It's nothing. Really, it's nothing Just a few bad dreams last night."

"Are you sure?"

"YES, you pink irritant!" Rhymey roared, stopping the class for a moment.

(Geeze, knew didn't like me that much, but he didn't have to yell it.)

Artie began to draw furiously in his book, and then shuddered when he looked at the book, "No, please not this."

"What?" asked Fluttershy.

"It's nothing, nothing at all," Artie said, looking down at his picture, his friends covered in the shadows.

Starla frowned, looking at Rarity as she began to perform archery, shaking her head, "She won't want t know of my problems, she doesn't need to know."

"Ok, after only half a day here I can deduce that your school is," Madilyn look back at the Starfleet members as they sat alone, "Is weird." she said sitting at the lunch table.

"Yeah, but it's starting to feel... weirder than usual." Sunset muttered.

"Weirder?" asked Madilyn.

"I don't know, something seems... off." Sunset muttered,"Like things shouldn't be here."

For a few moments, Sunset could see a faint buzz and people walking by her dressed in red, white, black, and yellow. The girls smiled and waved in Sunset's direction before the buzz faded and the room returned to normal. Sci-Twi nodded, "I agree, feel like there have been some unusual things that have been happening here lately."

Artie looked over his shoulder at the table where he bearers sat, "We need to talk about them about the dreams they need to know."

"They need to know nothing," Rhymey said, frowning. "What our dreams may come is not their business."

"But look," Artie said, throwing his notepad down, "This is what we dreamed about. Whatever monster we fight today, we will lose!"

"We won’t!" Starla said, shaking her head, "We don't lose, right?"

"Yeah,” they whispered.

Applejack shook her head, "Ah don't know, it looks normal to me."

Sci-Twi brought out the history book, "Look."

Sunset looked into the history book,"Huh,"

"I don't remember anything about 'Revolutionary Rangers' in the Revolutionary war," Twilight said.

"You know what? Neither do I." Sunset frowned,"Something's changing our world, and not for the better."

Fluttershy lightly sucked on her juice box, "OH, I do hope whoever it is isn't someone too cruel."

"But you guys seem to be the only ones who notice," Madilyn said, looking around.

"Just our luck though," Applejack sighed and leaned a little in her chair, her hat falling over her eyes, "Senior year, and we wrapped up in another big war."

"You saying you don't like helping people, being a superhero?" Dash laughed.

"Oh, I like helping people, and being a superhero is kind of nice," Applejack said. "It's just that, we do kind of need a break and Ah..." she paused, "Just hope that this all there is."

Rainbow Dash sighed and looked out the window, "Sure there is, fun adventure, all of that stuff."

Applejack nodded, and went back to eating slowly.

Rarity looked at Sunset, "But what on earth could have so much power as to change the world under our noses?"

Before Sunset could answer, an alarm rang out. Swiftly the members of Starfleet got up, "Starfleet Magic," they said, running to the window and leaping out.

"Time to go to work, huh?" Applejack asked, looking at Sunset.

Sunset frowned,"Yeah, sure." She sighed as she got up and held her wrist to her left hand,"Starfleet Magic!" before quickly moving her hand down.

The girls nodded and got up and pressed the gems on the left wrists and also morphed. Applejack was the first to ask, "You ok Sunset?"

Sunset frowned and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just fine."

Madilyn got up and ran out of the lunch room. As she ran, she pulled out a gun and put a gem in. Smirking, she said to herself, "And here I thought this was going to get boring. Time to see what these rangers got."

On the outside of school, The members of Starfleet, clad in their armors stood before the monster. The bizarre creature held a person in his black hand," Let him go!" commanded Starla.

"Shouldn't we wait for Sunset? She is the leader," asked Artie.

Rhymey shook his head, "Not my captain. Besides, you remember the dream?"

"So, this is this years models of rangers?" The alien said, yellow eyes peering down from from a red face that had a fanged smiled. Across his head were two rows of spiked that ran along the black dome. A red bodice covered his body, making it look like a black body was escaping a red cocoon, "Pathetic! Or maybe you are just a bunch of wanna bes."

"I said, drop him!" Starla growled.

"Fine, fine, I will," the alien said. The he pulled back his sword and stabbed the human in the stomach and the then threw away the corpse. "Next time, state if he should be alive or not."

"Monster!" shouted Dyno.

"Darkonda," Darkonda sad, bowing. "Now, which one of you is the leader? Tell me so I can kill her last."

"I am!" Starla said, notching an arrow and shooting at Darkonda.

Darkonda laughed as he blocked tharrow with his sword and then ran at Dyno. Mytw jumped to the side, firing firebolt after firebolt at him. The alien could only smirk as he grabbed Dyno by the neck and used him as a human shield. As Dyno laid beaten in his hand, Darkonda threw the older town at the youngest.

Buddy used a vine whip to bind Darkonda's arm. With a laugh that sent chills down the team's spine, he pulled Buddy close to him, slicing the vine whip into little pieces. Once buddy got close Darkonda kicked Buddy into a tree.

Rhymey charged at him, sword forward. Darkonda leaped over the would be swordsman and and slashed through his suit and left deep gouges into his backside. Once he landed, he grabbed Rhymey by his head and kneed him into the back. Then he spun Rhymey around, and punching him in the groin. Then he grabbed the testicles, squeezed and threw Rhymey into a tree next to his fallen teamates.

Hearing Artie charged at him, he began to have a fight, sword to staff with Artie. Each blow and strike was parried by the other. Darkonda then knocked the staff into the sky and slashed an x across Artie's chest.

Stala stood in shock at the fallen friends, and screamed in rage. She let out a volley of arrows at him. Darkonda spun his sword in a circle, blocking the arrows, before running at her and plunging his sword deep into her stomach.

"All right guys we're,' Dash paused in her bravado when she saw the carnage, "Oh... no. God no."


"Darkconda is a loose cannon, I be careful in summoning any version of him from any world!" Unos warned.

The man in black laughed, "OH, it's just a version of Darkonda that went made after he killed his master. Nothing wrong with that.

Darkonda pushed Starla on top of the fallen and laughed, "Don't worry, they ain’t dead. I wasn't going to kill them. I just needed to take them out before I got to you."

Sunset looked at them and frowned,"You had a fun beating those smaller than you? How about you take on someone with real power!" She waved a hand towards him.

"Oh, like you?" Darkonda laughed, "and what makes you five so sure that you have any power over me?"

"Simple, we're actually competent!" Sunset cracked her knuckles,"Come on!"

Darkcona chuckled as he ducked under the swing of Applejack's fist, and delivered an elbow into Dash's stomach. Spinning around, he kicked Pinkie in the head, sending flying back. He laughed as he looked to Sunset," Competent? Really, because I don’t see it-ARG!!!!" he growled in pain as three arrows managed to his his side. Looking to his right, he saw Rarity holding onto Starla's bow, glaring her eyes at him.

Growling, he threw a fireball at the white girl, only to have it intercepted by Fluttershy. Rarity looked on in shock, "Fluttershy, are you-"

"I-I'm fine," she whispered getting up. She did not notice her armor dissolving, or the armors of Starfleet.

Sci-Twi watched from the music room, "Oh this is bad. He's doing something to them. He's knocking them out of their-" a Skype call suddenly knocked her out of her worry.

Looking to her side she saw a message.

TriBluRNGR: Hello, I have been watching the fight. I think you should tell your friends to run. They are no match for him. Not like they are now.

Twilight typed out.

PurpleSmart: Who is this.

TriBluRNGR: A friend. No tell them to-"

Sci Twil was interrupted when she heard a crash and watched as an orange body flew through the window, "Applejack!" she cried, running over to the downed hero.

Slowly, Applejack got up and pulled a piece of glass out of her arm, "Ah'm ok. Shouldn't be surprised that the armor protects worth crap!" she said, getting up.

"That's because you're not in your armor!" Sci-Twi said, helping Applejack up.

Applejack looked down, and noticed the cuts and scars along her toned body. In various places her clothes were ripped revealing trails of blood, "What?"

"He's been demorphing you one by one!" Sci-Twi said. Then she looked back out and saw Rarity get knocked back into a tree, her suit fading away. The only one left standing, was Sunset Shimmer.

"And that leaves one," Darkonda laughed. Holding up the Energists that turned the bearers into their Starfleet armors in one hand, along with the Starfleet energists, he smiled. "I think I'll give these back to Starfleet, so they can wallow in their own uselessness and fear for a bit longer. These things are so much fun when you have the hero wanting revenge. You should've heard the red ranger yell in rage when I killed his girl before him."

"Where did he come from again?" Uno asked.

"A timeline where he killed Dark Specter in cold blood, took his power, and then lay a swath of destruction across the galaxy. The only thing that stopped him were some swords and a team of heroes on Miranoi."

Darkonda laughed and then turned to face Sunset, "And now for the lone girl! Ready to-"

An energy blast shot out, stunning him, "She's not alone!" Madilyn said, running to Sunset's side, "Sorry, got lost. Do you know this campus is unrealistically huge? There's like an entire camp on the other side!!!!!" Turning she smirked, "Darkonda? OH, I always wanted to fight him! He wa so cool and awesome!"

"We would like him too if he wasn't kicking our asses!" Dash growled, being helped up by Fluttershy.

Pinkie nodded, "Get him!"

Holding out her gun, she put a crystal into the open slot. After slapping it closed Madilyn smiled as she fired, "Guardian of Gaia, Awaken!"

Darkonda fired an energy shot at her, only for the violet light to block the shot. Madilyn, now dressed in a full on purple body suit with a large white star in the center, smirked under her thunderbird shaped helmet. Leaping into the air, she stood in front of Darkonda with her back turned, "Guardian of Lighting, Violet Ranger!" before Darkonda could attack mid-pose, lighting struck him from out of nowhere and he was blown back by an explosion, "Thank you Dirk!' she whispered before leaping to Sunset. "You know, I think we should lure him out of her, agreed?"

Sunset frowned(I hate to say it, but we can't beat him normally.) "Right." She turned to the parking lot, and whipped out her bike keys,"This is going to endanger my baby though!" She ran to Blaze.

Madilyn smiled and yelled, "Shotgun!" she said, getting on the back of the bike as Sunset started it up. The moment it took off, Darkonda gave chase after the two. With Sunset focused on driving through the streets at high speeds, Madilyn was left to face the monster. Turning around to face him, she pulled out her blaster, spun in it in her hand and began to fire round after round at the monster.

Darkonda roared in pain as one of the lighting round struck him in the side. LEaping from side to side, he dodged the shots. Once they got into the city, he began to leap onto the parked cars and ran along the rooftops. Looking at one of the empty parked cars, Madilyn fired a shot at the tank causing it to explode and sent Darkonda flying into the air.

Shaking off the explosion, he began to run again, slicing at the cars as he began to give chase to the two rangers. Occasionally, Madilyn would throw one of her daggers to trip up the villain.

No one had noticed that Vanilla and Coco had, since the battle begun, ran off inot the caves near the camp. The two little blobs happily kicked over a rock to reveal an orange gem, softly glowing.

Applejack shook her head as she made her way to the door, "I'm going after them!"

"AJ! Don't you can't. You can't morph and you can't win," Sci-Twi said, shaking her head. "You can finally be free."

Applejack squeezed her fist, a little bit of blood dripping as she sighed, "I know. I'm just a farm girl highschool student. I know Ah should be walking away. but Ah can't. Oh lord, Ah can't. Not when Ah know that there is someone who needs me. Who depends on me to help! And I know those two are gonna need some help!"

"But you could-"

"Hey AJ!" Dash shouted, standing next to Applejack's Truck, "You got the keys? We need to get moving!"

"Yeah, Sunset is fighting out there, we need to be there for her!" Pinkie shouted.

Applejack smirked and ran off.

Sci-Twi shook her hand and sighed.

TricaBluRNGR: It's ok. Sometimes, you need to trust in them.

PurpleSmart: It's hard.

TricaBluRNGR: I know, I went through the same thing once.

TricaBluRNGR: Damn.

Purplesmart: What?

TrixaBluRNGR: The digital interference is back. About to lose the connection. Listen, if you need help, call the Heart Foundation. They have experience with this.

Coco giggled as the orange gem began to glow warmly, softly. Vanilla gasped, touched Coco and nodded to the cave opening. The two blobs nodded as the hopped off, gem in mouth.

Madlying panted as he watched tem leave the city and into the woods, "At least he's rung out of cars!" she said, watching as Darkonda leapt from branch to branch.

"Yeah, now he's moved to trees!" Sunset growled,"Might as well blast those, certainly won't tick off Greenpeace any more than we already have!" She began to swerve and weave.

Taking her blaster, she quickly switched it to a sword and slashed at the tres making them fall. This ended up causing Darkonda to trip and fall. Getting up, he growled and raced after the two, soon getting into a clearing. Once there, he licked his lips as he watched Madilyn and Sunset get off the bike. "Oh, this is going to be fun. You know, it's a shame that your team isn't here, Sunny. I would love to kill you in front of them, it makes it more interesting for me." he laughed.

Madilyn spun her daggers and looked to Sunset, "Whoever gave you those power, did they remember to give you any weapons o a very large gun?"

Applejack saw the fallen tee and go out of the truck, "Ah know where they're headed, you girls find another way."

Vanilla and Coco giggled as they made their way to the clearing.

Darkonda pointed his sword at Sunset, "Which one first."

"No, unfortunately not!" Sunset growled,"Really could use a sword right now."

Madilyn gave Sunset her blaster in sword form. She charged at Darkonda, slashing at his stomach twice with her lighting daggers, before jumping up and flying at him with arms crossed in front of her. Darkonda braced for attack as she slammed hard into him, pushing him back. Then she spun kicked his stomach.

Before she could do more, Darkonda slashed at her back and kicked her into a tree. Looking at Sunset, he growled sinisterly, running at her and slashing at her. The two began to duel with their blades for a moment, but he was able to get the upper hand with one good upper slash, knocking her back. Smiling, he raised his blade for a killing blow, but then he slashed at her, Applejack stepped in, blocking the sword with her arms crossed in front of her, "Howdy," Applejack said, feeling the blade cut deeply into her arms, drawing blood.

"Applejack get out of here!" Madilyn screamed.

"No, Ah won't," Applejack growled, wincing under the pain and stress of th blade cutting into her arms. "You don't get it. Ah need to be here, for her." Applejack smiled, "She needs someone like me to put her trust in, to know that someone will be there to back her up. To take her weight and help her carry it. I need to be-"

Vanilla bounced up, smiling as she kicked the gem to Applejack.

"-Her Pillar."

A blinding orange light blinded all who saw it for a moment.

(Applejack, who supported me when I was afraid, represents HONESTY)

The radiating blast pushed Darkonda back.

In Applejack's plae, now stood a woman covered in bright orange armor. Underneath her helmet, Applejack's emerald eyes looked at her suit with wonder and amazement. She was even surprised that the helm fit her head perfectly. As she gazed at the suit, she noted the orang breast plate, boots and gloves were separated by a shiny white metallic underarmor. As Darkonda got back up, she pulled her arm back, unknowingly summoning a golden lasso. Then she flung it at Darkonda, pulling him up and over and into a tree.

Applejack helped Sunset up and smiled, "Round 2?"

Madilyn jumped back and smiled, "I'm ready"

Sunset nodded,"Yeah, nice outfit!" She spun her sword around and pointed it at Darkonda

Applejack charged forward, delivering two swift blows into Darkonda's chest and stomach. Before he could slash at her, Madilyn blocked the sword slash with one of her lighting daggers while slashing at his head with the other.

Darkonda managed to push her away, just when Applejack delivered two right hooks into his head and then roundhoused him in the gut stumbling to Sunset. Seeing her slash, he quickly blocked it with his blade.

"It's over," Unos laughed.


"Ranger rule, when the new ranger gets their powers, the result is a curb stomp battle."

Sunset grinned,"It's working."

Darkonda growled raising his bald to slash again, but Sunset used his opening and slash at his gut and chest. As he backed up from the blow, Madilyn pushed Applejack into the sky by letting her jump onto her daggers and then into the air. When Applejack was launched into the air, she rammed a hard cross into Darkonda's skull. Then when she landed in front of him, she bound his wrists together with her lasso. Then she delivere four blows into his stomach.

"Girls, we made it," Dash began t say but was shocked by the battle that was going on.

"Whoa," Pinkie Pie gasped.

Madilyn jumped up from behind him and slashed an x scar across Darkonda's back, crackling with electricity. Then she leap and jump kicked him towards Sunset.

Sunset spun around and slashed him as he came at her,"Hey guys!"

Drkconda backed up, feeling his life fade away. Slowly he shook his head," No, not after all this. N-Not like" he said, before falling to the ground and exploding.

"Why do they always do that?" Madilyn asked, de-morphing.

The four gathered around Sunset and Applejack, hugging them tightly before they could demorph. Then when they de-morprhed, they were hugged again. Madilyn saw this, and sighed warmly, "I miss you guys,"

Rainbow Dash was the first to speak after the embrace was broken, "That was awesome!!!!!" sh said, looking over Applejack," How did you do that whole armor thing. It was so cool!!!!"

"Indeed, the armor you had on was remarkable," Rarity said.

Applejack shook her head, "I have no idea. Ah just came running over here when Sunset needed me, and then I blocked the sword and then boom!"

Vanilla and Coco bounced over to Sunset, squeaking, "Sun Sun!!!!"

Sunset blinked,"What are you two doing out?" She picked them both up,"I told you to stay in the room!" She shook her finger at them.

Vanilla frowned in disappointment, Coco on the other hand, giggled and attacked her finger playfully.

"Hey, Applejack, when did you get that?" Pinkie asked, noticing a small orange band with an apple shaped gem on it.

"Get wha-" looking down she saw the gem. Looking down, she lightly rubbed the gem, and in a flash of light, her armor came on.

"My word," Rarity whispered as Applejack demorphed. "That gem, it must be how you got that armor!"

"Yeah, but where did she get it? How?" Dash asked.

"Um, maybe we should go back," Fluttershy said. "Everybody should know we are ok."

The two blobs nodded and cuddled close to Sunset. Dash laughed, "Aw, how cute!"

Sunset sighed,"If worse comes to worse, we'll explain about the monster, it's not like they'll punish us for that."

The girls nodded as they walked to Applejack's truck while Madilyn rode on Sunsets bike to school. Once they got back, Sci-Twi hugged Sunet, "You're ok!!!"

"Yeah, we all are," she then paused, "Where's Starfleet?"

"All are in the hospital," whispered Sci-Twi. "The paramedics tended to their wounds, and they should be fine."

"That's good at least," Applejack said.

Fluttershy tensed up, and shyly nodded, "Um, yeah, that's good. Rhymey will be... ok."

"So, school's canceled then?" Dash joked, much to Applejack's nudging.

Sci-Twi nodded and then looked to the botamon. "Um, Sunset, your digimon they-"


YukimiBotamon Digivolve to...Nyaromon!

Suddenly, the two little balls of fluff, became little yellow heads with cat ears and long tails. Coco's bow stayed on her head.

"Yea- What the hell!?" Sunset gasped.

"Ok, all for discussing this back in the music room?" Applejack asked.

At a collective nod, the group ran into the music room.

"I thought you would be more upset," Unos said. "First monster and he is dead."

"Please Unos. This was only step one. I had just wanted to test the strength of a ranger and answer one question," The man said.

"And that would be?" asked the man.

"The heart of a hero," the man chuckled.

"So, we felt a lot of compassion you had for your friends, and how much oyu liked being there for your friends. We figured you be a great caretaker so we digivolved!" Coco said, bouncing up and down, smiling. "Cool huh? I mean, look at all the new things I can do,I can bounce, talk more and say a lot of stuff and..."

"How droll," V anilla said. "Coco, can't you relax? Some of us are trying to listen and talk. Sunset, can I have a book to read so my sister will stop annoying me?"

"Yes..." Sunset stared at the two, before handing a book to Vanilla."I'm just... trying to take all of this in..."

"Thank you," Vanilla said, pulling the book closer to her. Then she began to read. As she did, she was nudged by her sister who wanted to read too.

"So, let's recap," Dash said, "Sunset just got cool transforming pets. AJ got a cool new gem that allows her to transform into a badass." she mumbled under her breath (and I got nothing) "And someone has been messing with the very fabric of the universe."

"And the prom's tomorrow!!!" Pinkie said, giggling as she sat on the table.

"Let's get one mystery under control first," Madilyn said, giving Twilight her gem, "How is this supposed to find my friends?"

Sci-Twi began to type,"Well, if I managed some of the morphing algorithms into neuronal imaging, I could potentially locate them by their wavelengths."

They all looked at her as if she had grown an extra head.

Sci-Twi sighed,"I'm going to use the power crystal to locate her friends."

"Oh!" the group shouted and nodded.

Twilight pressed the button.

The machine then blew up. After a few minutes of cough and blowing away smoke, Applejack said, "Ok, that's it. Ah'm heading home.'

"How about tomorrow one of us checks up on Starfleet," Pinkie asekd.

Madln sighed, "Hope you don't mind I stick with you for a bit." she asked Sunset.

Sunset threw up her arms,"Fine, let's go home!"

Tricerablue: Who is here tonight?

Dinogemblue: Me!

RoboTitan: Hollah!

Tricerablue: So, the usual team then. I am calling this meeting to discuss about the disturbances around the world.

Dinogemblue:You mean those weird digital buzzes?


Robotitan: So, it's not just Jump city then. It's world wide. We've been getting reports from all over the country here saying that things just keep getting glitched out, or their history is erased. We just got a guy over here in the tower named Copy-Cat who claims to be one of us from some world that I ain’t never heard of. The funny thing is...neither has the Green Lantern Corps.

Digidetinedknowledge entered the room.

Digidetinedknowledge: It isn't just America, it's Japan as well, I can confirm that. We haven't seen attacks like this since the Reaper incident one year ago.

Tricerablue: That is not the only scary thing that has been happening. I had a conversation with Andros just an hour ago. He was very upset.

RoboTitan: What happened?

Tricerablue: Ashley, his wife, had been thrown halfway across the room and had almost vanished. Her baby had also disappeared for a few seconds and returned.

Dinogemblue: So, someone is messing with the whole planet and Ranger history? Great, just great.

Dinogemblue: Luckily, I did kind of find a way to pinpoint where this stuff is happening and I was able to get a short message out. It's in Mystic Island.

Tricerablue: I know, I was also able to get a message through the interference. but that is it.

Robotitan: Yeah, whatever firewalls, anti-fields, or what have that this thing has, it's big. I mean, we are talking Trigon level of power and I can't break in. Whatever it is, it's big.

Tricerablue: There is apparently a new ranger team there. But it's a girl I've never met before.

Robotitan: Great so more and more mysteries!

Knowledgedigidestined: At least we can work on it now. I wish we had this back during...you know. When my 'friends' were in danger.

Robotitan: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna sign off and see if any former titans will be able to help.

Tricerablue: I need to sign off too... good luck everyone

A man laid on the ground, clutching his chest. Before him, stood a young teen with a spiky hairstyle, "That's your heart racing, all that adrenaline is too much for you. I think you could survive if you had this," he held up a pill bottle and dropped it in front of the dying man, "heh, good luck."

As he walked, he began to think to himself, "The items, who brought them back?"

"Wow, you know... your high school is crazy!!!" said Madilyn as she flopped down on the couch, dressed in her t shirt and panties. "But your friends are nice."

Sunset sank down in her beanbag chair, using her remote to flip through the channels,"Yeah, they're pretty great."

"After the destruction of the monster Biollante-" The channel switched

"Rika Nonaka has won-" Switch

"It's raw!" It switched again

"Ugh, nothing's on..." Sunset muttered to herself.

Madilyn brought out a drink and handed it over to sunset, opening her own can for a moment. Then she laughed gently to herself, "Reminds me of all the times me and my sister would just spend time just flipping through the channels until we finally got to something to watch. Do you have the others here that much?"

Sunset sighed,"No, not very much. I just don't think it's that big enough for all of them. Plus..." She looked behind herself at the mess,"Rarity would freak at the messiness."

"Bit of a neat freak?"

"Yeah." Sunset said with a nod.

"What about the others?" she asked.

"Well, I think Fluttershy would try to be nice and say I'm not that messy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash likely won't care, and Pinkie would say something funny about it. Sci-Twi, oh god, she'd go nuts." Sunset's eyes widened.

"Even worse?" giggled Madilyn.

"Yes, she would fall apart from the seams!" Sunset gasped.

"Sounds like my sister," she sighed, " miss them a lot."

Sunset looked at her,"I imagine you do. I feel the same way towards my world's Twilight."

"Did you know her long?" asked Madilyn

"Not long enough." Sunset sighed.

Madilyn rubbed her hand, "Sounds like she was pretty awesome.

"She was. She knew a lot of awesome things, she did so many great feats," Sunset sighed,"I love Sci-Twi, but I feel like if Twilight were here, she'd be able to figure things out faster than I can."

"I don't know. You look pretty smart to me, and that sci-twi gal is awesomely smart!" Madilyn praised

"Yeah, but..." Sunset looked up at the ceiling,"I still wish she was here."

""Do you even know what happened to her on the other side?" Madilyn asked.

(Lighting looked away, "Sunset... I'm sorry. There was this assassin, Raven. Twilight, she ran recklessly and disobeyed orders. It was-"

Sunset punched him hard in the face. Growling, she said, “I trusted you.”

Sunset glared at the ceiling,"Someone named Lightning killed her."

"Lightning?" asked Madilyn

"Some douchebag who came over here to this world trying make himself look better than everyone else." Sunset growled,"He was responsible for a lot of bad things happening here."

"Like what?"

"Oh, you know, almost causing an alien invasion with his stupidity." Sunset frowned,"A princess went rogue and Lightning tried to fight her thinking it won't cause a war with her planet!"

"Yeah, that would be a good cause for an invasion right there," Madilyn joked.

Sunset nodded,"Then there was the time he ticked off the sirens enough for them to try and cause a civil war!"


"Yep, he tried to tell them that they were weak, then the sirens decided to escalate their plans to go to various people and incite riots across the country."

"I guess I kind of missed out on that," Madilyn said. "How did you stop them?"

"We managed to use our magic to defeat them with singing." Sunset said,"It created a huge super alicorn, that was kind of weird."

"Bet it was awesome though!" cheeried madlying.

"Yeah it kind of was." Sunset said with a smile.

Madilyn then snuggled up to Sunset and sighed, “You guys all sound awesome. Can't wait to introduce you to my friend," and with that she fell asleep.

Sunset sighed,"This happens a lot. Must be because of my name." She yawned as she leaned her head on Madilyn's.

Applejack stayed on the outside of her truck for a moment, looking up at the farmhouse. For a few brief moments, she looked down at her gem, and how it glowed a faint orange. Tracing her finger along the outer edge of the gem, she traced it in the shape of an apple. A forlorn sigh escaped her lips as she finished tracing the apple.

Her emerald eyes looked back at the farmhouse, and for a brief moment, she saw herself running as a little girl with her dad holding a few barrels of apples.

(And then, I want to be a baker, and then a hiker, and then a fighter, and then a wrestler and then a-"

"Right right, Abbigail. You'll end up being that and so much more," Bright Mac laughed as he looked at his little girl.

"Eyup! And then, Ah can come back onto the farm and tell everypony about my big adventures!!!)

Applejack sighed, "And how's that working for ya? Got no way to get off the island, haven't found a college yet, and can't really afford to go on a country tour." looking back up, she frowned, "Guess that's what Ah'm destined to be, their pillar of strength. The gal who has to back them up." again she looked at the gem. Won because of her trait and virtue. With a closed eye she walked to the farmhouse and opened it up, becoming greeted by a pair of warm hugs, "Welcome home, Abbigail."

"Hey Ma, Pa."

“What happened to the portal,” Sunset asked herself.

A few months ago

Luna stood by Celestia as she watched her sister’s horn glow. Before her was the shatered remains of the portal that led to the human’s world, “Is this wise sister?

“That bastard took one daughter from me,” Celestia said, growling as she walked away from the destroyed portal, “I refuse to let him or his corruption take another away from me.”

“But what if Sunset needs help?” Luna asked.

Celestia sighed, “Sunset will handle anything thrown at her...”

“This foal was found on your doorstep, your highness,” a guard said, laying the yellow filly at her hooves. “There was a letter that asked, ‘Please watch over her’”

Celestia looked down, and smiled warmly at the yellow filly, with hair that looked like a setting sun, “Welcome to the family, my little Sunset.”

“She is my daughter after all...”

Author's Note:

And so it begins...

This a whole new adventure set in the Fall of Starfleet universe. The time? Well, while this is starting in the fall of the Equestrian girls world, the scene with Celestia was actually at the start of the war, back in May of that year. This story kicks in around the end of summer and the beginning of fall, so Setember (So about before the Seige of the Empire for those cannon buffs).

This story was something that I had been thinking of doing ever since it was announced that Power Rangers Starfleet was going to be a thing. I had come to a realization that if anybody was going to do a Power Rangers esque story featuring the humane six, it would be me. Besdes, I had another reason. See, while the idea was there, I hadn't a way to combine it. Then our little friend said on fimfic that Equestria Girls was in the same cannon as Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Now, I had a lead in, because if there are two franchises that I love, it's those two. So thus, that gave me a way to do something interesting.

See, I also got kind of mad at "End of Ends" the Zelda story, the Yugioh fics, and I figured, why make Fall of Starfleet esque stories when I can tackle all of them in one spiraling epic. After all, I have written a lot more Power Rangers fics than him, and longer. Since the show premired I have done Ranger Stories.

So, here we go. I won't lie, I am a little nervous if this will go over well. I mean, the love for Fall was by pure accident, I don't know if i can strike up the same feeling of excitment, character development, and story telling like I did with the mane story. But, you know what? The worst thing I could do, is not tell this story. So, if I mess up, then I know you guys can tell me. If I can improve or change something, then I know you guys are out there. If there is an awesome beta that knows more about doing a good PR fic, please pm me!

I should note, i can't guarantee constant updates. Maybe once every 1-2 months.


-Power Rangers: Guardains of Gaia is (C) of J. A. Phillips, used with Permission.

-This is a series of first for me as a writer: First time Writing Nightwing, hell, any DC character at all, first time writing Yugi, Digimon, and the first ranger story I have published.

-This story is co-written as a series of rp posts with my little brother. He is letting me do the ideas, but he is playing Sunset Shimmer.

MY PR history lesson: Unos is my OC. He is Lord Zedd and Rita's Eldest son, with a twin brother named dos (I was 9 when zedd and Rita married) he has a younger sister named Esmerleda and another known as Edwina. HE was born durning the Zeo rangers Era and has lived off world with his parents since then.

There has been a long standing treaty between Lord Zedd and the Rangers. They protect the planet like the heroes they are, and he won't send down monsters to hurt and attack civilians. In this world, the Z-wave only weakened Zedd, not turn him and Rita human. As for Thrax? He was actually a Zedd from an alternate universe. There is more to that story there.

Yes, the Power Rangers and DC universe co-exsists. It's actually cannon, Earnie name drops Gotham and Batman. And there is no comment about him being a comic book.

The DC univers in this story is a mix of the Animated and comic verses.

Applejack's Parents are aive in this world as opposed to the main verse

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