• Published 29th Oct 2016
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Operation: Starburst - randomkid

Sunburst is coming to ponyville and Spike has a plan for him.

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The truth comes out

Sunburst woke up, feeling more nervous than he'd ever felt in his life. Today is the day. Sunburst was about to ask the mare of his dreams out on a date. Sunburst dreamed about this day, but never imagined it would come.

How should I do this? Would he try to play it cool? Or try to sweep her off her hooves? Only one way to find out.

Sunburst slid out of his bed and donned his usual cape and glasses. He walked out the door, only to stop as he realized that Starlight was right in front of him.

She wore a smile that seemed to falter the longer she stood there. "Hi, Sunburst. I'm sorry about yesterday. I just had to get a few things together and I forgot about our training."

"It's okay, Starlight," Sunburst replied, slightly stuttering. Now's the perfect time to tell her! Sunburst swallowed the lump in his throat, and prepared himself to let all his feelings out.

"How about I make it up to you with dinner? My treat. There's something I want to tell you," Starlight asked, deflating all of Sunburst's confidence.

"Oh, uh, sure! That's fine. I actually had something I wanted to talk to you about anyways," Sunburst trailed off.

"Oh, well that's good. I guess we can... talk then," Starlight replied, awkwardly.

The two stood in silence for a few seconds before Starlight told Sunburst that she had to go. Sunburst waved and put up a brave face until Starlight was out of sight, then proceeded to freak out.

"What just happened?" Sunburst whispered, to himself. "Did Starlight just ask me out? Right when I was about to ask her out?" Millions of questions were running through Sunburst's head as he tried to understand his situation. Did she ask me on a date? Or was it just as friends? Does this mean she likes me back? Why did she choose now to ask me out?

Sunburst growled, "Why are mares so complicated?!"

"Sunburst? Are you okay?" Starlight said, popping her head back to the hallway Sunburst was standing in.

Sunburst jumped a little and tried to regain his composure. "What? I'm fine. I didn't say anything."

Starlight gave him a half smile with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, whatever you say, Sunburst," she said, before disappearing, once again, down the hallway.

Sunburst quickly ran into his room and closed the door behind him. Sunburst stood on his hind legs, leaning on the door, trying to block it off. He put his hoof to his chest and started to hyperventilate. Calm down, Sunburst. Calm down! He slid down the door, leaving him in a sitting position. How does that mare always know exactly what to do to send me running?!

* * *

Starlight smiled as she saw Sunburst standing in front of a highly burnt target. He wore the biggest smile she had ever seen and was panting slightly. "Was that one better?!" he shouted, confidently. The two ponies decided to move their usual training outside, since they were trying more combat-orientated magic.

"Way better. You're really getting the-" Starlight interrupted herself by shooting a light blue laser at Sunburst. She saw him quickly react to the oncoming beam with a bright orange barrier. Here's the moment of truth! Starlight could see Sunburst flinch for a second, but he held his ground, as the blue laser dissolved into the orange barrier.

When Sunburst opened his eyes, he not only realized that he was still standing, but his barrier spell was still up. His eyes widened with exitement and he jumped into the air, shouting, "Yes!"

Starlight watched Sunburst celebrate his little victory as she thought about all the progress he had made. It turned out that the training not only improved his magic ability, but his form aswell. Despite all of Sunburst's magical knowledge, he had some pretty big casting issues. He would spread his legs too far, or he wouldn't lower his head enough, or he would hesitate. Things that were pretty common, but could be very damning if not fixed. He also seemed to lack confidence, but that issue seemed to be solving itself. Huh. A little friendship could go a long way.

Sunburst eventually made his way over to Starlight, still with that gigantic smile from when he stopped the blast. "Did you see that? The blast didn't even break the shield! Three weeks ago, my shield would've broken instantly!" Sunburst started ranting. "And what about the target?! I melted it! Normally one of my blasts would've bounced off it!"

Starlight had never seen Sunburst this excited. It was oddly cute. He was like a colt on Hearth's Warming. Or like Pinkie Pie on a normal day. "That was amazing, Sunburst! You've made so much progress!" Starlight chimed, her smile now just as big as Sunburst's. "You're on fire today." She turned her head to the smoking target. "Literally! Have you been holding out on me?"

The question made Sunburst scratch his chin as he thought. "No? Well I don't think so anyways," he questioned. "I guess I just have the right motivation now."

"'Right motivation?' What do you mean by that?" Starlight asked.

Sunburst hesitated, but went on to say, "Well, by that I meant... you. I just thought of how much I wanted to impress you, and suddenly my magic has doubled in power." Sunburst's face had turned to a bright shade of red as he spoke.

Starlight's heart started pounding faster than normal and her face started to heat up. "Why me? I'm nothing special," she said, nervously.

"'Nothing special?' You're the mare that got me off my lazy butt to save the Crystal Empire. You're the mare that's been helping me get back on my hooves. You're the mare who inspires me everyday, with her confidence alone! You may not see any of that as, 'special.' But, to me, that makes you everything." Sunburst was only getting redder as he spoke, but he didn't seem to care. It was almost like saying this was more important to him than getting embarrassed.

Starlight stood there, lip quivering, completely unable to respond in any way. "You inspire me everyday, with your confidence alone!" That's exactly what he said, back then. Starlight flashed back to the memory she had yesterday. Starlight turned around to figure out that the shadow was a giant dire bear.

The bear stood on its hind legs, with thorns poking out of it's body in random places. Black fur, and white claws, its eyes were red, and full of anger. Starlight found herself frozen in fear. The bear towered over her as she sat on the ground. The bear raised one of its huge claws and growled as it started to swing down at her. Time seemed to stop as she feared that this would be the end.

"HEY! YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" a shrill voice called out. The bear froze and turned its head to see a small and trembling Sunburst standing not too far from it. "You get away from her or I'll... I'll..." Sunburst's voice was filled with fear as he provoked the bear.

The bear growled back at Sunburst and started to charge at him. Starlight tried to move, but her body just wouldn't respond. "Sunburst run!" she shouted out. But, despite this, Sunburst stood his ground. His wobbling knees straightened out and he planted his hooves firmly in the ground.

Sunburst closed his eyes, stiffened his body, and shouted, "Here goes nothing!" With that, Sunburst cast up an orange magic barrier around himself, just as the bear was above him. The bear scratched and bit the shield, but got no response. Sunburst noticed something on the bear from underneath the barrier. Sunburst cast an orange beam, through the shield, straight into the bear's belly, pushing it up slightly. It was then that Starlight found that she could finally move her body. She shot a sudden burst of energy at the bear, knocking it off the barrier and into a tree. Seeing this, Sunburst quickly lowered his shield and ran towards the bear. Before the bear could even take a swing at him, Sunburst removed the thorn from the bears left paw. The bear seemed to calm down, and slowly started to walk away.

"Sunburst! Why would you do that?! You could've got hurt!" Starlight shouted as she ran up to him.

"Well, I had to save you," he replied.

"But why?" she cried, hugging Sunburst.

"You inspire me."

"I do?" Starlight looked up at Sunburst with tear stains down her face.

"Yeah. You inspire me everyday, with your confidence alone! You make me feel like someday, I could be that confident. Plus, you're my best friend, I could never lose you." Sunburst hugged Starlight even closer, tears starting to run down his face as well. The two foals sat there, crying in each other's hooves, until they heard panicked voices calling out to them.

Starlight found herself back in the present with Sunburst's worried smile looking into her eyes. "Starlight? Did I say something wrong?" he asked, frowning.

"No. Not at all." Starlight felt tears start to roll down her face as she looked into Sunburst's eyes. Those big greenish-blue eyes that were always there for her when she needed them. The eyes belonging to her best friend. And the eyes she fell in love with. She smiled through her tears and hugged Sunburst harder than she ever hugged anypony before.

Sunburst's cheeks were now dark red, not just from the blushing, but from Starlight choking him with her hug. "Starlight... I can't... breathe!" he choked out.

"Oh! Sorry!" Starlight apologized, releasing her vice grip. "I was just so happy and I didn't now what to do, because no one's ever made me feel like that and I-"

"It's okay, Starlight! I'm fine," Sunburst told her, interrupting her rambling. "There's also something else I've been meaning to tell you."

"More?! Sunburst if you keep talking, I'm pretty sure I'm going to explode over here." Starlight said, not really lying. Every word Sunburst said made Starlight's heart beat faster and faster. She was at the point where she felt her heart was going to beat right out of her chest.

"Well, I have to say it. I was going to tell you at dinner but, I just can't hold it in any longer." Starlight started to get a little nervous as she waited for what he had to say. "When I was listing all the reasons I look up to you for, I might've left out one very important reason. You... are the mare... I fell in love with." Starlight could feel it. This was the exact moment her heart burst out of her chest and ran away down the street. She couldn't hold it back much longer. "I know this must seem weird to you. I mean, you're probably thinking something like 'Oh, how could you, love me?' but I think-" Starlight couldn't hold it anymore, she went straight in.

* * *

That's it baby! Yeah! Sunburst imagined a bunch of work ponies shouting, as if they had just pulled off the biggest job of their lives. He saw fireworks go off in his head. He felt like every dream he had ever had were coming true in front of his very eyes. He felt... amazing, as he realized what Starlight just did. Starlight was full-on kissing him! Never, in all of Sunburst's wildest dreams, did Sunburst think that it would be Starlight, who ended up kissing him. It was perfect. Time slowed down, as the kiss seemed to last a lifetime.

Starlight finally pulled back, only to say, "Sunburst, I love you too! I love you more than I've ever loved anypony! I know I haven't really loved anypony before, but you know what I mean!"

Sunburst was at a complete loss of words. Not only was she the one to kiss him, but Starlight said she loved him. Sunburst was unsure whether he was dreaming or not. "So, when you said that you had something to tell me-?"

"I was going to tell you exactly that," she told him. The two ponies pressed their foreheads together, as they stayed in each others embrace. "I only just realized it myself, but it hit me hard."

That made Sunburst think back to when he fell in love with Starlight. He couldn't remember exactly when, but he did remember a certain dire bear attack, when he started to see Starlight as more than just a friend. Maybe that's why I stopped talking to her. Maybe I stopped talking because I was confused. Oh, but who cares! She came back and loves me in return. "So does that make tonight a date?" Sunburst asked.

Starlight looked into Sunburst's eyes, and gave a short laugh. "Definitely," she said, resting her forehead back on his.

The two ponies just remained there, clinging to each other as if their lives depended on it. It was the happiest moment of Sunburst's life. So happy in fact, that he completely ignored the dancing bush with a purple spiked tail.

Author's Note:

One more chapter? One more chapter. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I personally feel like it's my best chapter yet. I had so much fun writing it! Yay! Their first kiss! The ship has landed! Now, we only have a few more things before I can wrap this story up. Think of the next chapter as a bit of an epilogue. Well, thanks go out to all of you, for staying with this story so long, and, of course, SilverStar7 for editing. Tell me if you found any mistakes, or have any advice to help me become a better writer. I'll see you all, next time! For the last chapter!