• Published 11th Oct 2016
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The Legion's Rest Incident - Visiden Visidane

A Legion patrol investigates a disturbance within the Barrier Lands' largest tomb complex.

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Entry 7

We found the rest of the brigands. And Cloudsteel.

By the Prince, what have gotten ourselves into?

We knew that we were heading towards something gruesome. The smell wafted down the tunnel and hit us a long way away. I don't think I'm ever going to get rid of this stink. It's on my coat, my clothes, and my armor. Dead, besotted bodies, water that's been standing in some Underbelly alley for weeks, and a foul salty scent that stung our sinuses. I had a headache in seconds once the odor hit.

It must have been a chamber for a Legion hero we splashed into. Typical tombs are just big enough for the sarcophagus and a for a few ponies to stand around paying respects. This was a larger, circular chamber.

The bodies...we couldn't tell how many had died in there. There were pieces everywhere, legs ripped from their sockets, torsos mauled and torn open. Bones sticking out where they should't be, splintered and cracked. There was no way these were killed by ponies. It must have been some monster.

Cloudsteel, that poor sod, he was at least still whole. We found him propped up against the sarcophagus, chest ripped up so badly that his splintered ribs all pointed up. Most of his innards were missing, likely among the piles strewn all over the place.

Sky Pike lost it right there. I couldn't blame him. I'm still shaking while writing this. We had to drag him away. Made me sick at heart when the Captain told us to get him to shut up. We had to, though. Didn't want his howling to pull whatever did this towards us.

Had to camp outside that chamber. Even here, the smell's nauseating. I'm puking up nothing but stomach acid. I think what disturbs me the most right now is that Deep Gem's been quiet throughout that whole scene. Just stood there with that wierd, fascinated look on her face. Like some schoolfilly stupidly staring at a passing crush. I had to drag her out of the place. I swear, she's pissing me off more by the minute.