• Published 11th Oct 2016
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The Legion's Rest Incident - Visiden Visidane

A Legion patrol investigates a disturbance within the Barrier Lands' largest tomb complex.

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Entry 2

Never been one to write stuff down, but I decided to start doing this once it's clear that we're in this for the long run. It should help calm me down and keep me focused. It should also prove helpful when it's time to write up a report, or, Prince help us, for cluing in investigators what happened to us.

The report was simple enough: bunch of ponies went into the older sections of Legion's Rest, then barricaded themselves in there. Wouldn't be the first time it happened. We're talking about the biggest tomb complex in all of Equestria. These thugs and bandits think that if they can just find some unattended nook or cranny to disappear into, they'd have a nice little base all to themselves. Miserable rats, no respect for our honored Legion dead.

Things have turned to shit, though. The map those tomb attendants gave us is all wrong; corridors not where they should be, entrances missing, or in places there shouldn't be any. Cloudsteel, that inept feather-back, bungled the chalking so we can't retrace our steps. He still insists that he was doing it right and that the trail just disappeared. That would't be an issue if either of our unicorns could work their location spells, but something's scrambling them apparently. So, we're lost and we haven't encountered those brigands.

The Captain insists on moving on, saying we should still be doing the mission. The rest of the squad's agreeable enough. I suppose I'd be feel safer looking for our way out once we're sure we won't get jumped.

If Moonstone and Deep Gem keep their spell casting to a minimum and take shifts, we should have a constant supply of light spells. Failing that, we've got a couple of covered lanterns ready to go. Food and water looks good for three more days. We can probably ration it to a week without compromising fighting strength. I'm confident that I can scrape up some Tomb Moss if worse comes to worse. Cloudsteel and Sky Pike laughed at the thought of eating "dirt-muncher" food. I'm going to enjoy spoonfeeding these feather-backs the stuff after they beg me for it. Though, I'd prefer we don't reach that point.

This place is coming off odd, though. There's a damp feel to the air which shouldn't be there. Weird fishy smell too. Could just be Deep Gem though.