• Published 11th Oct 2016
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The Legion's Rest Incident - Visiden Visidane

A Legion patrol investigates a disturbance within the Barrier Lands' largest tomb complex.

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Entry 3

Still no sign of those brigands.

Legion's Rest is damn huge. We all knew that from the start, but it's another thing to end up wandering its halls. How many of our honored dead have we entombed here? Hundreds of thousands probably, maybe even a million?

I have this creeping feeling that we've been walking around in circles. Sky Pike's in charge of chalking, and we haven't come back to one of his marks, but I cant shake the feeling. The Captain says he feels the same. These sarcophagi are blending together. We try to remember the inscriptions to be doubly sure, but it just turns into a confusing mess.

We're starting to get some flicker from Deep Gem's light spell. Damn drill-head woke up five times last night. She's squandering her rest time. She mumbled something to the Captain about "weird ocean dreams" that keep waking her. Moonstone's holding up better, but he's a Wallforge colt, used to being topside, not like us delvites. Staying too long in these tunnels can't be good for him.

Of course, the drill-head is still in better shape than Cloudsteel here. Typical feather-back, he's bad at enclosed spaces. Already sweating and looking at the walls too much. Sky Pike's only slightly better. Even delvite pegasi prefer the bigger caverns. Good thing the Captain's holding them together.