• Published 11th Oct 2016
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The Legion's Rest Incident - Visiden Visidane

A Legion patrol investigates a disturbance within the Barrier Lands' largest tomb complex.

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A full company of unicorn magi and four Special Operations squads were sent following the disapperance of the patrol. Legionnaires encountered powerful lingering magic that required long dispelling rituals.

The journal was found three days after the patrol was reported missing. Discrepancies with the days recorded and the actual passage of time is currently attributed to loss of sense of time and severe stress. The layout, after the dispelling, has been found in accordance to maps provided by the attendants.

Samples of the strange, tentacled creature have been sent to Special Operations in the Heartland for comparison with abyssal magic.

New investigative reports suggest that the "brigands" who entered the necropolis matched descriptions of a popular mercenary group. They were last hired by a merchant named Gold Tooth, who has been under investigation for some time for displaying a great interest in Old Kingdom lore and artifacts. Gold Tooth's mother had been recently killed and buried in Legion's rest, and it was after her burial that his interest emerged.

All new information gathered regarding this incident shall be forwarded to Her Highness, as ordered.

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What is the Upheaval setting? I've tried googling it, but couldn't find anything.

Its Visden's world where he sets several of his stories. Link to the first part of the main story.

Check Visiden's profile. All will be made clear.

I very much enjoyed this lost journal styled entry of the series.
It kept a suspenseful tone the whole way through, with a well paced descent into madness.
Plus more world building is always a treat. I love how ominous the ocean is in this universe XD

Overall good stuff.


Oceans are evil. No wonder Billy had to kill them.

This is almost like a shorter version of Pen Stroke's Into the Depths only with no Alicorns involved. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

Any place connected to the Old Kingdom should be scoured for any lingering monsters or traps (and if possible remove/destroy them) before they consider doing anything with them. Much less turning one into a burial site for respected legionnaires.

I have reviewed this here.

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