• Published 11th Oct 2016
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The Legion's Rest Incident - Visiden Visidane

A Legion patrol investigates a disturbance within the Barrier Lands' largest tomb complex.

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To Your Highness, Princess Luna of Equestria,

As per your request, here is a copy of the log found in Legion's Rest. We apologize for the state of the last page. It was found crumpled, wet, torn, and bloody. Also per your request, only the words that were legible were put down.

As for the additional information you asked for:

Legion's Rest was established in 135 After Division. The mountain was originally called Moaning Top and housed the primary headquarters of the Moonlight Rondo. After the Rondo was driven out after the Moaning Top incident, the surviving family members of Ash Frost requested the Prince to let them build her a memorial tomb there. Families of those who served with her soon followed. By 200 After Division, a tomb complex had been created. The mountain was renamed Legion's Rest and serves as a burial site for all members of the Legion in good standing. If their families wish to apply.

Legion's Rest today has become a sprawling necropolis, housing several hundred thousand of our honored dead. Maintenance and expansion are taken care of by a large staff of attendants. Incidents are rare, but not unheard of. The Legion does not permit the burial of large sums of riches to stave off grave robbers, exempting only a few keepsakes for the dead. Still, the network of tunnels has become so intricate that ponies do occasionally get lost or attempt to establish hideouts.

The patrol group described by this journal was a Western Legion patrol in pursuit of a group of brigands. They were led by Captain Barkhide, and included another earth pony, Stonepick, two unicorns, Deep Gem and Moonstone, and two pegasi, Cloudsteel and Sky Pike. The patrol was reported missing two days after their foray into the necropolis. The journal was found next to the remains of Stonepick along with the burnt remains of some strange creature still being analyzed.