• Published 23rd Mar 2016
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Romantically Unstable - FelineFluff

Feline Fluff has a problem. She doesn't know how to deal with stallions. Living in a shop filled with cats does't help her sanity, not that there's much of it to help. Read as Feline becomes a better pony through difficulty, and failure.

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Falling Too Hard

Feline Fluff was a very interesting mare. Owning a pet shop that only sells cats, being a pegasus who lives in Trottingham just because she likes the accents and being super crazy and enthusiastic, Feline was a very different pony.

But one thing she had the most trouble with was stallions. She knew that she was pretty and she could get any stallion she wanted. Being slightly self-centered and conceited, she thought the world would listen to her. Anything she wanted to happen would happen if she believed it would. Unfortunately she didn't understand that being good looking had nothing to do with finding love.

One lovely morning in Trottingham, Feline awoke to dozens of meows coming from the shop. She lived in her pet shop called “Feline Shop & Care”. She sat bolt upright in bed remembering that she had been very drunk the night before. She looked over to the other side of the bed.

There was a stallion sleeping silently in her bed. His white fur and mane made him blend into the sheets a bit. She was confused but somehow wasn't shocked; it was understandable how this could happen.

She didn’t know his name yet, but when he woke up she decided she would ask him. Feline got out of bed slowly as to not wake the sleeping stallion. She crept into the other room where the cats were caged up.

“Feeding time!” She said silently. All the cats in the room silenced and sat down in their cages. One by one, she opened the cages and helped the poor homeless cats out to eat their breakfast.

After she finished letting all the cats out to roam, she turned to her adorable fluffy cat. His name was Corky and he had big brown fur with bright blue eyes. With a bit of black fluff on the side of his face, this cat resembled Feline’s cutie mark. She had had this cat since she saved it from a tree one fateful day and earned her cutie-mark. He was special to her and the closest thing she had to a friend.

She heard a door open. She turned around to see the white stallion in the doorway. He had a look of surprise on his face. “Oh, hey-” she tried to think of his name.

“Double Diamond.” He said, filling in her sentence. Silence fell over the room before Double Diamond said nervously, “So, Feline, I didn't know you had this many cats.”

She looked embarrassed. “I only have one cat. These are all fosters. It's a pet shop.” He felt like a stranger, even though she had already spent a whole night with him.

“Well good thing I like cats!” Double Diamond walked into the room and petted an adorable black and white kitten.

Silence fell over the room once again.

Feline Fluff didn't like silence and she wasn't afraid of speaking her mind because she knew that whatever she said would be the right thing, because she's always right. “So, uh, what happened last night?” Feline asked.

Double Diamond blushed beet red. “Um… you don't know?” He asked, becoming even more embarrassed.

“I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty drunk last night.” She chuckled nervously and scratched her head.

Double Diamond nodded with agreement. “Do you want the short version, or the long, graphic one?” He asked.

“Um… the short version please.” She was scared. What if she did something really crazy that affected her life? She couldn't stand the consequences.

“Well we were at the club...”

“I remember that part, go on.” She impatiently said.

“You had a few too many drinks”


“And then you said that you would never leave me and when I tried to go home, you clung to my leg and cried. You took me here, and then we-”

“And then we what?” She gulped.

“And then we… went to sleep.” He was obviously lying.

“No, what did we do, I can take the truth.” Feline said strongly. At least, on the outside.

He took a deep breath. His eyes started filling up with tears, and he put his hoof up to his face, blushing. “No, it would scar you…”

“Tell me now.” She said firmly. She was starting to tense up with fear.

Double Diamond took his hoof off of his flustered face and looked up to the ceiling. “We played with dolls!” He bursted into tears.

She put her head down in shame. A big face-hoof is what she gave herself before she fell to the floor in tears. “Noo! Not the dolls!” She cried.

“I know!” He cried, now rolling on the floor.

She sat up, still sobbing “If this got out, y-you have no idea ho-how this would affect my life. I would be ru-ruined!” She screamed at herself, tears streaming down her face.

“Mine would be ruined e-even more!” He cried. “If anypony found out that I played do-dolls with a drunk mare my mates wo-would kill me!”

“It's all my fault!” Feline said.

“No it wasn't! I was sober, I should have known better!” He crawled over to where she was and hugged her. He stopped crying but he was still sniffling.

“I'm so-sorry! Please do-don't tell any-anypony!” She cried, holding him around the neck and crying in his shoulder.

“I promise if you promise.” He said.

“Deal.” She lifted her head from his shoulder and gave him a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the lips. When he ended the kiss, they looked into each other's eyes.

Feline knew that he was the stallion for her.

Later that night Double Diamond and her agreed that they would try dating. They shared a secret and Double Diamond thought that the only way his secret would stay safe is if she became his marefriend.

Double Diamond and Feline Fluff both met up at a nearby park and had a nice stroll around it, taking in the sights and having a good time.

Feline started feeling more attached to Double Diamond, just as much, if not more attached than she was to her cats.

Sitting on a picnic blanket after their walk, Feline rested her head on his back.
“So are we dating now or what?” Feline asked not remotely embarrassed about her question. She looked at Double Diamond with somewhat hopeful eyes.

“Well, I was thinking, yeah, you could be my marefriend.” Double Diamond replied with a nervous smile, along with a slight blush across his face.

“Okay, it’s decided then,” Feline smiled back at Double Diamond and planted a nice soft kiss on his muzzle.

At the end of the night that they were officially marefriend and coltfriend.

Double Diamond dropped her off at her home. “Would you like to stay?” She asked him. She opened the door to the shop she called home.

“I would love to but I might be late for the tournament I'm having tomorrow morning.” He said, showing disappointment on his face.

In his head, he was mad at himself for everything. Just because they kept an embarrassing secret together doesn't mean he has to pretend to love a crazy mare.

“That's alright. See you tomorrow, Double D,” She winked at him, kissing him on the cheek.

“Love you!” He lied to her.

Feline went inside her home and fell onto her bed, the whole while thinking and dreaming about how exciting it was to have a coltfriend, a stallion she loved.

“Is this for real?” She thought as she dozed off into blissful slumber. While her dreams consisted mostly of cats, she was able to see Double Diamond with her, side by side, forever.

Author's Note:

This is not the end, my friends:rainbowdetermined2:. Expect a new chapter sometime this week. Lightning Crystal and I guarantee more drama in the next chapter. Feline needs to get ahold of her senses, but she has to learn the long, graphic way:raritywink::rainbowlaugh: