Romantically Unstable

by FelineFluff

First published

Feline Fluff has a problem. She doesn't know how to deal with stallions. Living in a shop filled with cats does't help her sanity, not that there's much of it to help. Read as Feline becomes a better pony through difficulty, and failure.

Being concieted, self centered, and living in a home filled with cats can be hard for your romantic life. Once Feline Fluff, a cute pegasus mare, decides that she is good enough for anypony, she finds out the hard way that she isn't as great as she wants to believe she is.
She thinks she's in love, falls too hard into a relationship based on a secret. She cheats, and cheats again. How will this mare ever learn how to deal with a stallion?

This story tells a good life moral at the same time as being humorous, and romantic.

This story is co-written with Lightning Crystal.

Edited by: sunbuttsparkle, and Zyrah
Feline Fluff, Spellbound Amour, and Lightning Crystal are all OC's. Rights go to their respective owners.

Falling Too Hard

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Feline Fluff was a very interesting mare. Owning a pet shop that only sells cats, being a pegasus who lives in Trottingham just because she likes the accents and being super crazy and enthusiastic, Feline was a very different pony.

But one thing she had the most trouble with was stallions. She knew that she was pretty and she could get any stallion she wanted. Being slightly self-centered and conceited, she thought the world would listen to her. Anything she wanted to happen would happen if she believed it would. Unfortunately she didn't understand that being good looking had nothing to do with finding love.

One lovely morning in Trottingham, Feline awoke to dozens of meows coming from the shop. She lived in her pet shop called “Feline Shop & Care”. She sat bolt upright in bed remembering that she had been very drunk the night before. She looked over to the other side of the bed.

There was a stallion sleeping silently in her bed. His white fur and mane made him blend into the sheets a bit. She was confused but somehow wasn't shocked; it was understandable how this could happen.

She didn’t know his name yet, but when he woke up she decided she would ask him. Feline got out of bed slowly as to not wake the sleeping stallion. She crept into the other room where the cats were caged up.

“Feeding time!” She said silently. All the cats in the room silenced and sat down in their cages. One by one, she opened the cages and helped the poor homeless cats out to eat their breakfast.

After she finished letting all the cats out to roam, she turned to her adorable fluffy cat. His name was Corky and he had big brown fur with bright blue eyes. With a bit of black fluff on the side of his face, this cat resembled Feline’s cutie mark. She had had this cat since she saved it from a tree one fateful day and earned her cutie-mark. He was special to her and the closest thing she had to a friend.

She heard a door open. She turned around to see the white stallion in the doorway. He had a look of surprise on his face. “Oh, hey-” she tried to think of his name.

“Double Diamond.” He said, filling in her sentence. Silence fell over the room before Double Diamond said nervously, “So, Feline, I didn't know you had this many cats.”

She looked embarrassed. “I only have one cat. These are all fosters. It's a pet shop.” He felt like a stranger, even though she had already spent a whole night with him.

“Well good thing I like cats!” Double Diamond walked into the room and petted an adorable black and white kitten.

Silence fell over the room once again.

Feline Fluff didn't like silence and she wasn't afraid of speaking her mind because she knew that whatever she said would be the right thing, because she's always right. “So, uh, what happened last night?” Feline asked.

Double Diamond blushed beet red. “Um… you don't know?” He asked, becoming even more embarrassed.

“I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty drunk last night.” She chuckled nervously and scratched her head.

Double Diamond nodded with agreement. “Do you want the short version, or the long, graphic one?” He asked.

“Um… the short version please.” She was scared. What if she did something really crazy that affected her life? She couldn't stand the consequences.

“Well we were at the club...”

“I remember that part, go on.” She impatiently said.

“You had a few too many drinks”


“And then you said that you would never leave me and when I tried to go home, you clung to my leg and cried. You took me here, and then we-”

“And then we what?” She gulped.

“And then we… went to sleep.” He was obviously lying.

“No, what did we do, I can take the truth.” Feline said strongly. At least, on the outside.

He took a deep breath. His eyes started filling up with tears, and he put his hoof up to his face, blushing. “No, it would scar you…”

“Tell me now.” She said firmly. She was starting to tense up with fear.

Double Diamond took his hoof off of his flustered face and looked up to the ceiling. “We played with dolls!” He bursted into tears.

She put her head down in shame. A big face-hoof is what she gave herself before she fell to the floor in tears. “Noo! Not the dolls!” She cried.

“I know!” He cried, now rolling on the floor.

She sat up, still sobbing “If this got out, y-you have no idea ho-how this would affect my life. I would be ru-ruined!” She screamed at herself, tears streaming down her face.

“Mine would be ruined e-even more!” He cried. “If anypony found out that I played do-dolls with a drunk mare my mates wo-would kill me!”

“It's all my fault!” Feline said.

“No it wasn't! I was sober, I should have known better!” He crawled over to where she was and hugged her. He stopped crying but he was still sniffling.

“I'm so-sorry! Please do-don't tell any-anypony!” She cried, holding him around the neck and crying in his shoulder.

“I promise if you promise.” He said.

“Deal.” She lifted her head from his shoulder and gave him a big, wet, sloppy kiss on the lips. When he ended the kiss, they looked into each other's eyes.

Feline knew that he was the stallion for her.

Later that night Double Diamond and her agreed that they would try dating. They shared a secret and Double Diamond thought that the only way his secret would stay safe is if she became his marefriend.

Double Diamond and Feline Fluff both met up at a nearby park and had a nice stroll around it, taking in the sights and having a good time.

Feline started feeling more attached to Double Diamond, just as much, if not more attached than she was to her cats.

Sitting on a picnic blanket after their walk, Feline rested her head on his back.
“So are we dating now or what?” Feline asked not remotely embarrassed about her question. She looked at Double Diamond with somewhat hopeful eyes.

“Well, I was thinking, yeah, you could be my marefriend.” Double Diamond replied with a nervous smile, along with a slight blush across his face.

“Okay, it’s decided then,” Feline smiled back at Double Diamond and planted a nice soft kiss on his muzzle.

At the end of the night that they were officially marefriend and coltfriend.

Double Diamond dropped her off at her home. “Would you like to stay?” She asked him. She opened the door to the shop she called home.

“I would love to but I might be late for the tournament I'm having tomorrow morning.” He said, showing disappointment on his face.

In his head, he was mad at himself for everything. Just because they kept an embarrassing secret together doesn't mean he has to pretend to love a crazy mare.

“That's alright. See you tomorrow, Double D,” She winked at him, kissing him on the cheek.

“Love you!” He lied to her.

Feline went inside her home and fell onto her bed, the whole while thinking and dreaming about how exciting it was to have a coltfriend, a stallion she loved.

“Is this for real?” She thought as she dozed off into blissful slumber. While her dreams consisted mostly of cats, she was able to see Double Diamond with her, side by side, forever.


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Feline Fluff awoke to a beautiful sunny day. She was filled with joy remembering that she had just gotten the love of her life as a Colt-friend the night before. She got out of bed, and started her morning chores of feeding the cats and doing the dishes.

With every move she made, her thoughts wondered to Double Diamond. She remembered how just a few days ago they shared their first kiss. Overflowing one of the bowls with cat food, she was brought back to reality. The brown and black cat she loves the most stared at her with confusion.

"Oh, Corky, I had the most wonderful day yesterday!" Feline sighed, talking to her cat.

He meowed in response as he stood up to eat his food. His body shook. He was fourteen years old, and very close to death.

"Oh, and when he looked into my eyes, I knew that he was the one!" She expressed.

Corky looked up at her. Some of the other cats gathered around to hear all about it.

"Do you think he loves me too?" She bit her lip.

The cats meowed in response. "Oh, who am I kidding, he's obviously in love with me. I mean, who wouldn't be?" She nervously giggled.
The cats went back to their food.

A knock came from the front door. "Oh, I bet it's him!" She rushed to the door.

She took a deep breath before she opened the door.

"Hey, are you open?" The mare at the front door asked. There was a small filly next to her.

A great wave of disappointment rushed through Feline. "Of course we are. I'm sorry." She took the closed sign off the front door, and let the mare in.

The small filly jumped in delight when she saw all of the cats. "Mommy! I want the black one!" She ran over to a black kitten and nuzzled its back. It purred in response.

"How much will that be?" The mare asked Feline.

"Fifty bits. But we can negotiate, I really want this kitten to go to a good home, and I'm sure that your family is perfect for her." Feline said enthusiastically.

"It's no problem!" The mare brought out her money bag.

Feline watched the filly playing with the rambunctious kitten. It reminded her of when she was a filly. The sweet innocence of childhood was an experience she didn't miss much. Now that she had reached adulthood, all she cared for was being un-innocent. Getting drunk and hooking up with random stallions was something she was best at. Other than her amazing cat skills of course.

The mare handed her a fifty bit coin. "Thank you so much!" Feline exclaimed.

"No, thank you! I'm sure we will never leave this kitten alone." She took her filly and her new kitten out of the shop. Feline sighed in happiness as the door shut.

Suddenly the door opened back up again.

"Hey, Feline!" Double Diamond said coming through the door.

Her whole body lit up with joy as she gallopped over to him and threw her arms around his neck. "Double Diamond! I missed you!"

He hugged her tightly back. "I know, its been a whole ten hours since we've seen eachother!" He said sarcastically.

She released the hug, and kissed his muzzle. "I can get lonely sometimes, silly." She giggled.

"Well so can I, but I don't fuss about it." He winked, setting down a bag.

"Did you get me anything?" Feline Fluff smiled, looking at the grocery bag.

"Was I supposed to?" He blushed, looking embarrassed.

"Usually the day after your first date you should buy the mare a gift showing her you still love her." She said matter-of-factly.

"Well you shouldn't need a gift to prove that I love you." He winked, struggling to keep a smiling face.

She sensed his embarrassment, and nuzzled his cheek. "It's fine, I forgive you."

"Oh, good. Because unless you need a new skiing helmet, I didn't get you anything." Out of the grocery bag, he pulled out a beautiful white helmet with blue flames around the edges.

"It's nice, but I've already got a helmet twice as pretty as that." Feline said smugly, with a tad bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"Really now?" Double Diamond said expecticantly, crossing his forelegs.

"Stay here, I'll go get it." Feline smirked.

Double Diamond watched her run to the other room. She was very cute in his eyes, but she wasn't somepony that he wanted to spend his whole life with. he was starting to understand how arrogant she was, and the only reason he was agreeing to date her was because he didn't want the secret of how they met to become public.

The door at the other side of the room creeked open, and Feline's head poked out slowly. On top of her head was what looked to be a hollow watermellon half. Before the rest of her stepped in the door, she giggled, "like It?"

"It's lovely!" Double Diamond walked up to her, giggling. "Much better than mine, clearly." Double Diamond winked as he took the hollow watermellon half off of her head.

"You wanna trade?" She giggled some more, and took his helmet away from him, putting it on her head.

"How about we go out and find you your own helmet, then we can go skiing together!" Double Diamond exclaimed, as he took his helmet off of her head and replaced it with the watermelon.

"But I have a helmet." She struck a cute pose and showed off her 'helmet.'

"It wont protect you from a fall." he reached his hoof up, and knocked the watermelon off her head with ease. when it reached the floor it cracked in two. "See? that would have been your head." He laughed.

"I know silly, I was just kidding." She laughed, picking up the halves, and throwing them in the trash.

"Wanna go shopping for your new helmet?" Double Diamond smiled.

"Sure. It'll make up for you not buying me a present." She smirked.

"Oh, so I have to pay for it now?"

"You will if you dont want your mates knowing that you played with dolls with a drunk mare" Feline said to him.

"Are you... blackmailing me?" Double Diamond started to get angry, but he tried not to show it.

Feline pulled a pink plastic pony from under her wing. "Of course I'll buy you a helmet, Feline!" She moved the doll as if it were the one talking. She laughed mockingly.

His face turned red. "Put that thing away right now, and lets go." He turned the other way and speed-walked towards the door.

"Hey, it was just a joke!" She ran up to catch up with him. He looked at her with not one ounce of ammusment on his face as he opened the door to the outside, and let her through. She changed the open sign to closed. "You know I would never do that." Feline said reassuringly.

"You promise?" He looked at her seriously, walking by her side.

"Duh!" She knuged his side. "Come on, lighten up, Grumpy Cat!" She giggled.

"Okay, but only if you promise you'll go with me to snow ski tonight." He smiled at her.

"Only if you promise to buy me a helmet." She winked.

"Already ahead of you." He stepped into a shop to their right.

She walked in after him. when they walked in they saw assorments of sportsgear on shelves everywhere. Off in the far corner Feline saw a giant section of the store dedicated to helmets. "Wow! Look at the choices!"

She ran to the end of the store. Feline wasn't particularly interested in skiing, but if it meant spending more time with her coltfriend she would do it any day.

"I'll help you find the right size." Double Diamond said when he caught up to her.

"Who cares about the size, look at the designs!" She picked up a pretty pink helmet. "I want this one!" She exclaimed to Double Diamond.

He took the helmet in his hooves. "It's great, but it was made for a unicorn." He pointed to a hole in the front.

"Oh, right." She looked frustrated and turned to continue looking.

Suddenly a pony walked up behind Double Diamond. He turned his head to see a cute white and green unicorn. "I see you're back, Double D. Can I help you with anything?" She batted her eyes, acting flirty.

"Oh, uh, yeah. I just needed to, uh, find a new jacket." He lied to her. He had no idea why he was lying, but he was too fazed by her beauty to think.

"I can help you with that. Follow me." She gave him a flirty look, and turned the other way and started walking. Her hips swayed as she walked, and Double Diamond couldn't keep his eyes off her as he followed. She was obviously trying to impress him. When they reached the jacket section, she stopped abrubtly, causing him to bump into her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Double Diamond said as he picked himself up from the ground.

"Don't be silly, I'm the one who's sorry. Here-" She helped him up. "By the way, my name's Emerald. I work here on the weekends." She smiled adorably.

He was about to respond when he fell to his back from some strange unseen force. He opened his eyes and saw Feline Fluff feet away from him. In front of her was a frightened Emerald.

"Never go near my coltfriend again!" Feline screamed. She stuck her muzzle a few inches from Emeralds face, and growled.

The whole store went silent.

Double Diamond got up from the floor. "Feline, stop." He said calmly.

Feline turned around and smiled at him. "It's alright, hun, I was just making sure she wouldn't hurt you." She said to him. She gave one last glare at Emerald and turned back to Double Diamond smiling.

"I found a good helmet" Feline walked up to him.

Double Diamond wasn't sure what to think. He was mad at her for making a ruckus, but he also didn't want her to think he was cheating, and tell everyone their secret. "I'm glad. Let's go check it out." He said.

He looked back, and Emerald wasn't there anymore. She must have been so frightened that she left.

Feline held up a pink and brown helmet with a blue heart on the front. "Like it?" She smiled.
"It matches your colors! Does it fit?" Double Diamond asked, smiling back.

"I think so." She put it on her head. He fastened it on for her.

"Definetly fits." He said, patting the top of the helmet.

"Yay! Go buy it!" She said enthusiastically.

Double Diamond took it off for her and walked up to the cash register. "You should go wait outside so I can surprise you with it." He smiled, as he set it on the counter.

"Okay." She giggled, and then ran out the door.

"Twenty bits please." The surprisingly bulk mare behind the counter said.

As Double Diamond pulled the bits out of his small saddlebag, he asked the mare, "Is Emerald working? I want to apologize for my mare friends behavior earlier."

"She got off fifteen minutes ago, but don't worry about apologizing. She's not that worried about a couple harsh words." The mare took the bits, and gave him the helmet.

"Alright. Thank you." He smiled at her, grabbed the helmet, and walked away from the counter.

Nearing the exit door he heard talking from outside. When he opened the door he saw Feline Fluff standing across from a handsome blue unicorn stallion. They didn't notice Double Diamond come out the door, so he decided to take his chance to spy on what they were saying.

"Yeah, I'm known for my cuteness." Feline said to the stallion.

"I bet there's stallions following you around everywhere." He winked at her.

"Not nessessarily." She blushed.

"So, cutie, you single?" He used his magic to pull a rose out of a nearby bush, and gave it to her.

"I am now." She giggled, and excepted the rose.

Double Diamonds mouth hung open in shock. He wasn't sad, of course. He never loved her in the first place. But to see her flirt with another stallion frightened him. What if she was doing this for revenge, and would end up telling everyone his secret. He was terrified of that outcome.

"Good. You wanna go out with me, Fluffy?" The stallion asked.

"Of course I do." She giggled. He lifted her hoof up, and kissed it. Afterwords locking eyes with her.

"Then I'll pick you up tonight at seven o'clock." He winked.

"Great. I'll see you then, Spellbound." She bit her lip and sighed lovingly.

The handsome stallion walked away slowly.

'He's definently way better than Double Diamond.' She thought as she blushed and smiled at her new coltfriend walking away.

"Here's your helmet, Feline." Double Diamond said loudly. This startled Feline and made her jump.

She turned around, and sure enough, Double Diamond was standing directly behind her. "Oh, uh, thank you!" She smiled as if nothing happened. "You're the best coltfriend ever, I love you!" She hugged him.

He didn't hug her back. "I don't. I never have." He said bluntly.

She let go of him and looked into his eyes like he had grown two heads. "That's not true. You do love me. Its impossible not to love me." She frowned.

"Its not impossible. And the sooner you find that out, the better off you'll be. I wish you luck with Spellbound." He said to her, not a bit of saddness shown on his face.

Felines face turned red with embarrassment as he turned the other way. He started walking away, and she didn't stop him or say anything more. She just put her head down and sadly walked home, carrying her new expensive helmet that she was never going to use.

Oblivious Adventure

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A week had passed since Feline Fluff had picked up Spellbound, and deserted Double Diamond. The beautiful helmet lay at the bottom of her overflowing garbage can, representing memories which she no longer cared to remember.

She now had a new lover, and Spellbound Amour was very romantic, and cared for Feline Fluff more than any stallion ever had. They had been on three dates already, and were officially an item.

Feline was very excited, because this morning she had some exciting news to share with him. She sat on a chair watching her kitties eat their breakfast. No new customers had come that day, because she had closed up shop for an exciting trip she had planned. Spellbound didn't know about it yet, but in a few minutes she knew he would come through the door with coffee and a rose, like he did every morning.

Sure enough, the waiting paid off when she heard the door ring with bells. She turned around, and there he was. In all his glory, the beautiful hunk of a stallion she called her coltfriend was in the door-way holding a coffee cup, and a beautiful flower. This time it wasn't a rose, it was a pretty daffodil.

“Good morning Bae!” Spellbound said, as he shut the door behind him. She didn't know why, or what it meant, but ‘Bae’ was the nickname he used for her the most often. Other than Fluffy, which was his second favorite nickname.

“Hey, Amour.” Feline rushed up to him, and nuzzled his neck affectionately. “I see you brought me coffee and a flower. I wasn't expecting gifts.” She giggled.

He set the coffee down on the table with his magic. “I know, but I just couldn't resist. When I saw this pink daffodil it reminded me of your sheer beauty!” He kissed her cheek, and floated the flower into her mane.

“Hehe, you shouldn't have.” She blushed.

“Everyone deserves surprises.” He winked.

She gasped. His comment reminded her of the surprise she had for him. “Speaking of! I have a surprise for you!” She started jumping up and down in excitement.

“What is it?” Spellbound asked, excited and confused at the pink mare in front of him.

“Stay here.” She turned around, and galloped towards her bedroom door. Moments later she emerged from the door carrying something in her mouth. When she reached him, she held up two silver tickets.

“You got some tickets? For what?” He laughed at her over-enthusiastic face.

“We’re going to ponyville for a vacation!” Feline exclaimed loudly, as she threw her forelegs around his neck for a hug.

“Why are we doing that?” Spellbound asked. He was happy at her offer, but confused as to why.

“Well we haven’t gone on a date away from fancy restaurants, and I think that Ponyville has the perfect atmosphere for a date or two.” She let go of the hug, and smiled brightly at him.

“But what about your cats?” He sounded worried.

“They’ll be fine on their own, and besides I could bring one or two with us.” She enthusiastically jumped up and down.

“We could get a cat-sitter? That would be less stressful.” He smiled.

“I'll contact Fluttershy and see if she’s free. She's my childhood friend, and she's great with animals!” Feline Fluff exclaimed.

“Sounds great. When is the trip?” Spellbound asked.

“Tomorrow morning the train arrives. I was hoping we could stay a week.” She looked at Spellbound for approval.

“I can't wait! Thank you so much for buying the tickets, I would have never thought of this.” Spellbound smiled brightly at her.

“Oh thank you!” Feline hopped up and hugged Spellbound as tightly as she could.

The next day Feline and Spellbound got on the train to Ponyville. They had packed just about all of their belongings each, and their luggage was so big, they took a whole train car to themselves. This was also good because there they could talk privately, and be romantic.

“I wrote Fluttershy yesterday. She is coming to Trottingham tomorrow to take care of the cats until we get back.” Feline said, finally settling down into her seat by Spellbound.

“That's great! Did you leave the shop unlocked?” He looked concerned.

“No, silly. She knows where I hid the hide-a-key.”

“Good. Otherwise the cats could have found a way to escape.” He winked.

“I highly doubt that. The most that could happen is a burglary.” She giggled.

The train ride was long and filled with chatter. Soon after the sun had set and the moon risen, Ponyville was visible.

“We’re almost there.” Spellbound said. Feline smiled, leaned forward and kissed him on the muzzle, and he kissed back.

“Next stop, Ponyville.” The conductor said when he walked down the aisle. Which made Feline and Spellbound jump, and split from the kiss with a deep blush. The conductor moved on as if he didn't see anything, but they knew he did.

The train came to a stop a few miles ahead.

“This is it.” Feline said enthusiastically after departing the train. Their bags lay all around them in organized chaos.

“Where do we go first?” Spellbound asked, looking around at the multiple shops lining the street. The air smelled of cake, and friendly looking ponies were all around them. Even though the sky was dark, the whole town felt alive, and bright.

“We get a hotel!” Feline pointed to a small hotel right by the train station. There was a bellhop stallion standing outside the hotel entrance doing nothing.

“You stay here with the bags, and I'll go see if we can get a room.” Spellbound kissed Feline's forehead, and headed off towards the hotel.

A few minutes later Spellbound emerged from the door, and ran over to where Feline was still standing by the luggage. “Room 11.” He said, showing her the key.

“Great! Now all we have to do is move our luggage.” Feline sighed.

“Hey, we moved it in and out of the train, this shouldn't be any more difficult.” He said with his reassuring Trottingham accent. He picked up a suitcase with his mouth, slung two more onto his back, and started walking slowly towards the hotel. Feline followed him, carrying a small purse in her mouth.

As they passed the bellhop, he asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes please.” Feline took the purse out of her mouth, and put it on the bellhops head. “Thank you, dear.” She smiled at the bellhop. Feline then trotted up to her coltfriend empty-hoofed and ‘helped’ him take the bags to their room.

Feline collapsed onto the bed once they reached the room. She was panting as if she had run a mile. Spellbound set the three bags down, and sat on the bed as if he wasn't tired at all. “I wish I hadn't packed so much.” Feline complained.

Spellbound chuckled. “It’s okay, Bae. You'll feel better soon.” He rubbed her back.

The bellhop showed up at the door. “Got the rest of the bags!” He had a cart filled with the rest of their luggage. He looked breathless. But unlike Feline, his panting and sweating was real.

Spellbound smiled, “Thank you kindly, sir.” He started putting the bags in the room.

After the bellhop finished helping Spellbound unpack the bags from the cart, Feline got up. “Thanks a ton.” Feline said with a smile. The bellhop smiled back and then exited the room. She thought she saw him wink, but wasn't sure.

“So what should we do before bed? It’s too early to sleep.” Spellbound said to Feline.

“Well, it would be nice to take a nice evening walk in the park.” Feline replied, nuzzling him for approval.

“That sounds great! We should leave now before it gets any later though. It’s almost fully dark.” He giggled, and nuzzled her back.

“Thank you! Let's go.” With that, the two left the apartment for their walk.

In the Ponyville park, nopony was around. Luna had already raised the moon, and most ponies were asleep, except for them. In Trottingham, when the sun lowered it meant time to eat dinner. Not time to sleep.

“It’s so lovely out here.” Spellbound said.

Feline nodded and looked around. “I'm hungry.”

“So am I. Wait here for a moment, and I’ll be right back with something to snack on.” Spellbound started to walk away.

“I can't go with you?” She put her hoof on his shoulder, and made a pouty face.

“I've got a surprise for you. You should wait here, I don't want to spoil it.” He smiled at her, and continued to walk away.

“Hopefully its good then.” She scoffed, and stood where she was.

Feline stood, waiting for a minute or two. Her standing soon turn to lying when she was tackled to the ground by a pony wearing a black cloak. Her head hit the ground as their bodies collided.

She heard a ringing in her ears, and her vision went black. Soon her vision slowly faded back to light.

“Whoa, are you okay?” The pony asked. When he said this, Feline realized she could hear again. When she looked up she saw that the stallion had just picked himself up off of her, and he seemed unharmed.

She noticed that he was a snow white pegasus with a black spikey mane that had yellow on the spikes. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” He pulled down the hood of his cloak revealing his face.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine.” Feline replied, looking into the stallion’s grey eyes. She opened her mouth a bit, and her eyes sparkled. He was the most handsome pony she had ever seen.

“Here let me help you up.” The stallion offered. Feline blushed as she wrapped her hoof around his. His strong foreleg pulled her to an upright position. “My name’s Lightning Crystal.” The stallion said.

“Feline Fluff.” Feline said. “Why did you tackle me?” She asked, remembering what had just happened.

“Nice to meet you Fluffy.” Lightning smiled, oblivious to her question.

“It’s Feline Fluff.” She said with a rude tone.

“I know, I just like calling ponies by shortened versions of their names.” Lightning Crystal smiled.

“Why did you tackle me?” She asked again.

“Like I said before, that was an accident. See, I was trying to fly, but I forgot that I couldn’t. Not since I busted my wings today.” He sighed. “Anyways, I’m glad I didn’t hurt you. You with anypony?”

Feline looked at Lightning for a bit, looking him up and down. He was very oblivious, and forgetful, but he was very handsome. She pushed her thoughts of Spellbound to the back of her mind. “No, I’m all alone.” She gave Lightning a small wink.

“Oh, well you’ll get lost without somepony to help you. Here, I’ll guide you to the nearest shop. They should be able to find a map for you.” Lightning didn’t seem to notice the wink at all.

“Thank you, but I’m not lost. I was just taking a walk.” She said to him.

“Y-yeah, I would love to go on a date. Thanks for asking.” Lightning Crystal blushed, and smiled at her.

“What? I didn't…” Feline was so confused and embarrassed. She reminded herself of how hot he was. “Do I remember asking you out?” She giggled embarrassedly.

"Oh, you think I didn't notice that wink you gave me?" He winked back.

"But I winked, that doesn't mean I was asking you out." She said matter-of-factly.

"Really? Oh." He looked disappointed.

She felt bad for him. She could have a super hot boyfriend to keep for whenever she went to Ponyville. 'Spellbound will never know.' She thought to herself. "Will you go out with me?" She asked, embarrassedly.

"Yes!" He hugged her. She hugged him back, and blushed profusely.

"See you tomorrow at The Hayburger?" Feline Fluff asked.

“See you then.” He said, smiling after he let go of the hug, “Bye, Fluffy!” He started to fly away. His wing clenched with pain, and he fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Feline ran up to him, and helped him up.

“I'm fine. I keep forgetting my wing is busted.” He was in pain as he stood up. “Bye.” He ran away without another word.

“Bye?” She watched him run away. She giggled. 'That is by far the weirdest pony I have ever met. But a hottie.' She thought to herself.

She felt a hoof on her shoulder. She is startled. “Surprise!” She turned around, and Spellbound was behind her, holding up something.

It was a cake that said “I love you” on it. It was just big enough for both of them to share. “Thank you, you are so sweet!” She said with joy.

“No, you're the sweet one, Bae.” He winked.

“You're so sappy.” She giggled, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I try.” He sat down on the ground, and patted beside him for her to sit down.

She sat down next to him, and rested her head on his chest. “This is a perfect night.” She said to him.

“I'm glad you are happy. Because if you're happy, I'm happy.” He said, as he cut the cake in two pieces.

The couple stayed in the park admiring the stars for an hour longer. Their bellies filled with cake, Feline eventually fell asleep next to him. He carried her back to the hotel where they both slept beautifully.