• Published 24th Dec 2015
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You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water... - shortskirtsandexplosions

More than anything else, Twilight Sparkle just wants to hold hands with Sunset Shimmer again.

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"Mrrmmmfff..." Rainbow Dash swallowed a cheesy morsel of pizza and gestured across the bedroom floor. "So... like..." She wiped her mouth with her blue wrist. "I was reading an article on the Internet... and it was claiming that girls aren't commonly proficient at guitar-playing because they have smaller hands on average than guys."

"Seriously?" Fluttershy blinked, petting Winona in her lap.

"Eugh..." Rarity rolled her eyes, braiding Fluttershy's hair from behind. "That's sexism for you. Just when you think old prejudices have shriveled up and died, someone invents a digital medium to spread ridiculous ideas far and wide."

Sunset Shimmer nibbled a broccoli topping off her pizza slice and glanced over, eyebrow arched. "What kind of article was this supposed to be? Opinionated or fact-based?"

"I dunno. Both, I guess?" Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Like... it had a list of supposed scientific statistics to back it up."

"Well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything," Twilight Sparkle said, sitting cross-legged while carving a pizza slice into neat quadrants with a plastic fork and knife. "I mean, statistics can lead to gross inaccuracies that seek to prove any point."

"That's not the big deal here!" Rainbow's voice cracked. She frowned across the sea of sleeping bags and blankets. "What I'm trying to get at is that I have small hands!"

"Super small," Fluttershy said, stifling a giggle. "You can barely hold one of my baby hamsters with just one palm."

"Heehe... yes." Rarity bore a coy grin. "I daresay you could get away with joining the peewee soccer league, darling."

"Hey! Hush!" Rainbow frowned, then smirked slyly. "Point is—I can thrash a guitar super well. Doesn't matter the size of my hands!"

"Just how small are your hands, anyways?" Sunset asked, sitting up straight. "I can play a mean guitar too, and I've never noticed the difference."

"Well, you wanna compare?"

"Sure." Sunset leaned forward.

She and Rainbow Dash pressed yellow-and-blue palms together.

"Heh..." Sunset smirked. "Wow. Fluttershy and Rarity are right."

"Eugh..." Rainbow rolled her eyes. "Rub it in, why don'tcha?"

"Are your hands bigger, Sunset?" Rarity asked.

"Seems like it." Sunset glanced at her own fingers, flexing them. "I... don't know if that's a side effect of being born on the Equestrian side of the mirror or..." She grimaced slightly. "Egads... they're not too big, are they?"

Twilight gasped. "No, Sunset!" A delicate smile. "In fact, I think that they're just per—"

"Here, darling." Rarity scoot-scoot-scooted across the sleeping bags. "Let us compare."

Sunset pressed her palm to Rarity's.

"Hah!" Rarity giggled, smiling. "Heaven help you if you ever have to work a needle and thread someday, darling!"

"Oh come on..." Sunset rolled her eyes. "So I'm no surgeon. Big deal."

"Here." Fluttershy motioned over. "May I?"

"Sure." Sunset held her fingers up against Fluttershy's. "Hey! We're about the same!"

Fluttershy winked at Rarity. "And I can sew a skirt just fine."

"Puh-lease." Rarity waved her wrist. "I was only teasing, dear."

"Hey." Rainbow slid across the floor on her knees. "Lemme compare." She entwined her fingers with Fluttershy's. "Yeesh! I'm almost scared to arm wrestle you, girl!"

"Well... I don't quite have the same muscular strength as you, Rainbow."

"Pffft! Muscular shmuscular. It's all about dexterity!"

Sunset chuckled. "Well, we all know you can rise above anything, Miss Rhythm Guitar."

"Heh! You bet your bacon hair!"

Twilight chewed on her bottom lip. She touched her fingers together, squirming noticeably. Her eyes darted across the room, sliding over Sunset's pastel pink curves as the teenager knelt a few breaths away in her two-piece pajamas. At last, Twilight's eyes fell on a pair of yellow wrists—

"Hey Twi! You wanna?"

"Uhhhh!" Twilight fell back, hugging herself. "No! I really don't! Honest—" A jolt. "Erm..." She sat back up, blinking. "What was the question?"

Rainbow Dash knelt down next to her. "Let's compare."

"Oh. Sure. I guess—guh!" Twilight winced as Rainbow's fingers grabbed hers.

"Whoahhhhhh..." Rainbow chuckled raspily. "Yeesh, girl! You're even smaller than me!"

"She is?" Rarity leaned in, holding her dainty hand up to Twilight's. "My stars!" she gasped. "Rainbow's right!"

"Really?" Fluttershy compared her fingers with Twilight. "Awwwwwww..." She giggled. "No wonder the pencils you use are so tiny."

"They're... uh..." Twilight brushed a violet bang over her ear, only for it to cascade back down again. "...a special brand." A gulp. "Dean Cadance buys them for me."

"They can't be that small," Sunset said with a yawn.

"Pffft." Rainbow Dash motioned. "Come see for yourself, Sunset!"

"Sure." Sunset's eyes glistened like starlight as she drifted closer. "Twilight?" a voice like angel song.

"Oh... uhhhhh..." Twilight gulped, smiling crookedly. "Well... if you insist." The girls all watched as she raised her hand.

Sunset raised hers.

Twilight held back panting breaths as her fingers arched through the air, wriggling, coming within a feather's sneeze of Sunset's—

"Guess what, everybodyyyyyy!" Pinkie Pie's voice hollered into the room, followed by the scrumptious scent of apples and cinnamon.

"The apple cobblers are done!" Applejack triumphantly cooed, her gloved hands holding up a baking sheet full of the delicious, sprinkled desserts. "Grab a plate and eat up!"

"Killer!" Rainbow Dash jumped up, her scampering feet sliding a sleeping bag out from underneath.

"Waaah!" Twilight was thrown off balance, falling on her pajama'd rump. "Ooomf!"

"Oh how marvelous!" Rarity and Fluttershy rushed up to the dessert tray. They dragged a frazzled Sunset along. "I've been looking forward to this all evening!"

"... ... ..." Twilight lay on her back. With padding paws, Winona wandered over, barked, and licked her cheek. "Unnnngh..." Twilight reached a trembling hand up and scritch-scratched Winona's fluffy ear. "None for me, thanks. I'm... full." With a sigh, she rolled over and stared into the carpet with dull eyes. "Absolutely... full of it."