• Published 24th Dec 2015
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You Can Lead Your Bacon Horse to Water... - shortskirtsandexplosions

More than anything else, Twilight Sparkle just wants to hold hands with Sunset Shimmer again.

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Twilight wasn't certain just how long she had spent sitting inside the Apple Family bathroom. The girl squatted on the edge of the tub, her head in her hands, sighing into the linoleum.

At long last, her eyes were tickled with a hint of sunlight bleeding in through the translucent bathroom window.

Morning had arrived, and Twilight was still restless.

There was no sense in wasting around any longer.

With a sigh, the girl rubbed her eyes, then stood up. On limp limbs, she walked out, opening the door and shuffling into the hallway. The floor of the second story was constructed out of varnished wood... and one of the boards was looser than the rest.


"Aaaaaugh!" Twilight teetered, flailed, and fell hard on her belly. "Ooomf!"

With a rattle, her glasses flew off and went sliding across the floor, clear out of view.

"Ohhhhh..." Twilight groaned, pushing up off the floor and squatting on her knees. "Ah jeez..." Squinting thinly, she felt and fumbled around the hallway. "Stupid... stupid..." She gnashed her teeth, brushing her hands left and right as she struggled to find the lost spectacles.

There was a creaking sound, followed by swiftly shuffling feet.



The voice came closer. "Twilight, is everything alright?"

"My glasses," Twilight muttered through clenched teeth. "Can't... can't f-find..."

"It's okay! I see them! Hang tight!" Feet shuffled away... then shuffled back. Warm fingers gently slid the article back over Twilight's face. "There. Can you see now?"

"I..." Twilight blinked... then blinked some more. "I think so."

"Here..." A hand reached down and Twilight took it. "Lemme help you." Twilight felt herself being lifted swiftly up to her feet by a strong grip. "Are you okay, Twilight? You're not hurt or anything, are you?"

"I..." Twilight looked at the fingers encircling hers. In the early morning light, their unmistakable yellow color yanked a tender gasp from her throat. "...!!!" She stared up, four eyes wide.

Sunset Shimmer stared back, her face full of concern. "What's the matter?" She gave Twilight's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Twilight, is something wrong?"

"S-Sunset...?" Twilight mewled. A panting breath melted into rapid hyperventilation. She glanced feverishly at their hands entwined. Her face contorted into a sobbing grimace. "No... no... n-not like this..."


Whimpering, Twilight yanked her hand away from Sunset's. She clutched her fingers around her shoulders, shuddering... heaving. "Not like... like..." Her eyes brimmed with tears, fogging the glasses. "Oh gosh..." She rubbed her nose, crying in squeaky little octaves, higher and higher pitched. "So pathetic... so very p-pathetic." A sob. "I'm sorry..."

Sunset winced, stretching a hand out. "Twilight..."

"I'm sorry!" And Twilight spun around, running down the hall, leaving a trail of tears.

"Twilight! Wait!" Sunset stood breathless in the middle of the hallway. Her eyes curved in mixed worry and confusion.

"Hmmm?" Pinkie Pie rubbed her eyes as she leaned out the bedroom door behind her. "Fuzzawhut?"

"What's wrong, Sunset?" Fluttershy asked.

Rarity stumbled out, raising her sleeping mask. "Is... is Twilight okay?"

Sunset hugged herself, gulping. "I... I-I'm not sure." A shudder. "But I don't think so."

Meanwhile, from inside Applejack's room: "Huh?! Rainbow?! What the hay are ya doin' in my bed?"

"Mmmmmm... buh? Bed...?"

"Get the buck out ya little varmint!" Thwap!

"Wh-whoah!" Thud!