• Published 18th Dec 2015
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The New Librarian - JKinsley

Twilight needs a new job in Canterlot after leaving her librarian position at Crystal Preparatory Academy. While preparing for her interview, she meets a striking and helpful barista. How far are either willing to risk their jobs for each other?

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An Evening to be Savored

“Rarity, this is serious!” Twilight shouted indignantly.

Rarity continued to laugh, a delightful, melodious tinkle of a laugh, and leaned against Twilight for support. “Oh, but darling, it is far too funny not to! You really pulled her by her neckcloth for a kiss? I simply cannot imagine you doing such a thing! If my conversations with Cadance are anything to go by, you waited for at least three dates before either you or Moondancer worked up the courage to even kiss the other’s cheek!” Rarity burst into another fit of giggles.

“That was ages ago,” Twilight muttered. Her face flushed deep red.

“Yes, well, as I said earlier, I’ve not had the opportunity to tease you about romance in ages, either. Again, forgive my indulgence. She did say she was going to dinner still, yes?”

Twilight begrudgingly nodded.

“Before or after you kissed her?” Rarity nudged Twilight’s arm.

“After,” Twilight muttered.

“And how was it?”

Twilight blanched, then flushed red again. This can’t be good for my face, she thought. “It, erm, I haven’t ever been kissed like that. The first kiss was a little... intense, by my standards, but then she pulled me up and pulled me in by my waist, why am I answering this question!?” Twilight shoved Rarity away with an embarrassed grin. “It was heaven until her sister knocked on the door and told us to wrap it up because there was paperwork to finish. And that’s why this is serious, Rarity! I’m dating the president of the university I work for and her sister is my boss! I’m ruined!” she wailed.

Rarity pulled Twilight in for a hug and patted her back. “There, there, Twilight. It’ll work itself out. Tia seems like a very reasonable woman. I doubt she’d do anything unethical. Nor would her sister.”

Tears welled in the corners of Twilight’s eyes. “But— but what if other people at the university think I got the job because I’m ba—” Twilight froze for a minute. “Because I’m close with the boss?”

“Nice save, dear, but you may want to get used to the vulgarity. Those who would hit you with it won’t refrain as you do.” Rarity hugged tighter. “But let’s get everything ready so your Friday night is the best night ever. Hmm? We’ll pick out a lovely outfit, do your hair, and try some new makeup options. How does that sound? A quick little makeover to make you feel better?”

Twilight chuckled. “Is this to make me feel better, or to make you feel better because you’re ‘helping’?”

Rarity grinned and held Twilight’s shoulders. “I can do both! Now, come on, I’m sure Coco and Sassy would love to help get you all dressed up.”

Twilight shook her head with a smile and allowed herself to dragged off to the boutique below.

“Well?” Twilight asked.

“Absolutely delightful, darling. I daresay Tia will not be able to keep to herself.” Rarity nodded and smiled. “Coco, Sassy?”

“Very lovely, Miss Sparkle.”

“Divine. Like a princess!”

Twilight blushed and smiled demurely. “Aw, thanks girls. I’m still pretty nervous about tomorrow night, but... I feel a lot better about it.” Twilight turned from side to side, admiring the way her dress drew attention to her hips. The way the upper, open purple skirt flared out over the lower violet one, emblazoned with a series of magenta starbursts. The way the bodice split down the middle with a stripe of magenta, flanked by light violet all around. The dress lacked straps, but she held a white tulle wrap around her shoulders and tied it in a simple knot over her much accentuated breasts.

“That’s why we do what we do, dear,” said Rarity. “It’s about being who you want to be, showing what’s inside. If looking good helps you feel good, then we’ll do all we can to make that happen.”

Twilight held her arms out for a hug. “Thank you again. Hair and spa treatments tomorrow, then?”

Rarity nodded and hugged her friend. “Not to worry. We’ll have you looking your absolute best in plenty of time.”

Twilight stood in the lobby of Sakura, smiling weakly at the hostess. Her plum heels barely added to her height, but Twilight still felt like a number of eyes were on her and her ensemble. In addition to the white tulle wrap and her multicolored dress, Twilight held a violet clutch purse tightly in her hands. ID, cash, bank cards, phone, the whole nine yards and nothing but her own dexterity kept it from leaving her.

She glanced around for anything that would help her tell time, and give her a hint of when her date would be arriving. She fidgeted with the clasp on her purse for a moment and then just popped it open to check her phone. Twilight was early. For now.

She heard the hostess chuckle. “Nervous?”

Twilight took a steadying breath. “Yeah. First proper date in a while.”

“Him, her? If you don’t mind my asking.”

“U-uh, her. I, we met at the university.” Twilight blushed lightly and played with the clasp on her clutch again.

“Oh? Fellow student?”

Twilight chuckled. “Um, no, faculty, actually. I’m— I’m a librarian.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” The hostess giggled and Twilight swore she saw her batting her eyelashes.

Still, she chuckled good-naturedly and checked her phone again. 6:01 PM.

“Twilight!” rang Celestia’s melodic voice.

She looked up and smiled brightly. “Tia! Hi! You made it.” Twilight looked over her date. She couldn’t decide if she regretted not dressing up too, because Celestia wore a stunning full-length kimono, fading from a brilliant baby blue at her shoulders to a deep orange-red at the bottom with a bright gold obi around her waist. In spite of the dress’s straight-line construction, her curves still showed in her wide hips and ample bust. Her feet were covered in white socks and wooden sandals with a red strap to hold them on. But most stunning of all was her face. Framed beautifully by her hair tossed just slightly over one eye and draped down her back, Celestia wore a hint of blush and a spectacular blend of blue and green shimmering eyeshadow. Her lilac eyes shined brightly in the white fluorescent light of the lobby.

Celestia did a little curtsey. “Well? Shall we?” she asked, gesturing further into the restaurant. Her sleeves swayed after her arm in another gorgeous display of a sunset’s colors.

“Y-yes. Ma’am?” Twilight asked to the hostess. “Tatami room for Sparkle?”

The hostess smiled, but Twilight could see the strain in it. “Right this way.” She grabbed a pair of menus and led the pair up a small set of stairs to a bank of rooms with translucent paper doors. The hostess slid one door open and beckoned Twilight and Celestia to enter. She followed them in and laid both menus on the low table in the center of the room. “Have either of you been to Sakura before?”

Twilight and Celestia shook their heads.

“Allow me to give a brief introduction to the room, then. Tatami is the name of the mats that cover the floor. These rooms are typical of traditional Japanese architecture and these particular rooms at Sakura are meant for dining. While it’s not required, we encourage you to remove your shoes as part of the experience. Your server tonight will be Tracy and she’ll be along shortly to get you started with drinks or appetizers.” The hostess bowed slightly and Twilight and Celestia did the same. The hostess then took her leave and slid the door shut behind her.

“She seemed a little cold,” Celestia whispered as she slipped off her sandals and set them next to the door.

“She might be a little jealous.” Twilight slid her own heels off and set them next to Tia’s sandals. She kept her clutch with her and sat down. Fortunately for her, the table was in a depression that let her sit like she was on chair. Sitting cross-legged would be impossible with the shape and tightness of her skirt; sitting with her legs to either side would grow uncomfortable quickly.

Celestia pulled her phone from her sleeve to Twilight’s surprise. More surprising, Celestia asked, “Come here, I want to take a picture with you!”

Twilight scooted over and put on a bright smile while she wrapped her arms around Celestia’s waist. Celestia’s arm held up her phone while the other snaked behind Twilight and pulled her close. She snapped a couple of pictures and then slid her phone back into one of her sleeves.

“Surely that’s not going online?” Twilight asked. She slid back to her place at the table and grabbed her menu to look over it.

“I didn’t plan on posting it publicly, if that’s what you’re asking,” replied Celestia. “Why?” She grabbed her own menu and flipped through its highly illustrated pages.

“It’s, well...” Twilight sighed. “It’s an important discussion. Maybe after we order.” She flipped to the nigiri page and quickly found her favorites: tuna, yellowfin, and salmon. Flipping further, she also spotted an unexpected surprise: Suntory Royal whisky by the glass. Pricey, yes, but... well worth it.

The door to their room slid open and admitted a short young woman wearing nearly all black: black polo, black apron, black slacks, black shoes. A hint of white on her collar and the pink cursive logo on her shirt broke up the sea of black. She pulled out a notepad and a pen. “Good evening, ladies! How are you?”

“Good, thank you,” said Celestia. Twilight nodded her agreement.

“Great!” Tracy was all smiles and sunshine. Customer service ranked high on her priorities, then. “Are we ready to order? Can I start you off with anything from the appetizer menu or something to drink?”

“I am, yes. Twilight?” Celestia turned to face her date.

Again, Twilight nodded. “Um, yes. I’ll have a glass of water to start, and a glass of Suntory Royal, neat.”

“And you, ma’am?” Tracy turned to Celestia while jotting down the order.

“I’ll take a glass of Riesling and a water as well. And some vegetable tempura to start.”

“Very well. Can I see some ID from both of you for the alcohol?”

Twilight reached for her clutch while Celestia flicked her hand from her sleeve, once again brandishing something Twilight didn’t expect to see. Nonetheless, she handed over her ID as well and their server eyed them carefully.

Tracy raised an eyebrow before handing each card back. “Alright, I’ll get that order to the kitchen right away and I’ll be back with your drinks!”

“I didn’t take you for a whisky drinker.” Celestia slipped her ID back into her sleeve and folded her hands on her lap.

“Because I’m not one of the board members? Because that bottle has a good chance of being older than I am?” Twilight tried to keep any edge of accusation from her voice while she put away her own ID.

“More like I figured you for a mixed drinks girl. But I like being wrong. I take it that whisky is special in some way?”

Twilight sighed. She spoke softly, “It was a whisky I first tried because of my dad. He travels for work. One trip took him to Japan, and he brought home a bottle. I’d tried a few different whiskies over the years, a lot of the major regional styles, but Japanese whisky never made that list. It was different. It reminds me of him.”

“Fascinating. Maybe we can go on a tasting some time. There are a couple of good bars around, and I’m sure I can find one with a good stock for us to try.” Celestia smiled at Twilight.

Twilight smiled back and undid the knot of her wrap before shrugging it off. “Speaking of fascinating, that kimono you’re wearing. I hope you had before this week. It looks gorgeous.” She spotted Tia’s eyes drift down before snapping back up. Twilight blushed and grabbed her arm, unwittingly emphasizing her ogled chest.

“Um, ahem. Yes, it was a gift from my sister. I’ve been interested in other cultures since I was young. She’s been an avid amateur astronomer since about the same age. So we indulge each other. I bought her a telescope and paid for a trip to a desert observatory. She was kind enough to source this for me and help get it tailored. Devil of thing, too. Kimonos are, shall we say, challenging garments. A lot of cultural weight from centuries of significance.”

Twilight stared, enraptured and soaking up the knowledge. “Oh, for sure!”

The sound of moving wood and paper announced the entry of their server. She held a small tray of drinks aloft in her off hand. “Ladies, your Suntory Royal,” she said while setting Twilight’s whisky in front of her. “Your Riesling,” she said as she set Celestia’s wine next to her. “And your waters.” Tracy finally set two glasses of ice water next to both patrons. “And are we ready to order dinner or would you like to wait until after the appetizer?”

“I think we’re ready to order. Twilight?”

“The tuna, yellowfin, and salmon nigiri please.” Twilight passed her menu to the server.

“And for you?” Tracy asked, turning to Celestia. She jotted down Twilight’s order.

“I’ll do the California roll and the salmon nigiri as well. How much longer on the tempura?”

“A few more minutes. I’ll have it right out for you.” With that, the server turned and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

“Did you want to talk about that thing from earlier?” Celestia asked. Her hands sat in her lap, steady and unwavering.

Unlike Twilight, who fidgeted with the tulle fabric of her wrap. “I think it’ll be a bit of a discussion. I’d rather not be interrupted.”

“You’re worried that despite being legally and ethically in the clear, word will get around that you’re dating ‘the boss’ and you don’t like to think about how that would reflect on you or me.”

Twilight lowered her head and nodded. “I’m... yeah, that’s the gist of it. It’s not fair to either of us to worry about what other people think, but I can’t help but... I can’t help but think of what I might hear.” Twilight looked back to Celestia and searched those lilac eyes. “Still,” she said, her smile returning, “I think it’ll be worth it. Goddess above, you’re still the best looking woman I’ve seen.”

Celestia smiled back and scooted closer to Twilight, then resting one of her hands on Twilight’s. “Seems you lack a mirror, because I could say the same. I can tell why that hostess was jealous. I bet she was hoping you got stood up,” Celestia leaned closer and closer, lowering her voice to a whisper. “But I’m here, and we’ve got a little privacy again.” Tia reached her other hand to behind Twilight’s neck and pulled her in.

Twilight didn’t need much encouragement, and pushed into the kiss herself. Tia’s lips were as soft as ever and Twilight whimpered lightly as they pressed against hers. Both parted slightly and Twilight slid a hand behind Celestia’s neck as her tongue slid into Tia’s mouth.

The soft sounds of little moans, hard breathing, and the rustle of their dresses fabric didn’t make it out of the room. Soon, Celestia pushed further forward, causing Twilight to lean back until she lay prone. Tia broke their passionate kiss only to start kissing down Twilight’s jaw to her neck. Twilight gasped loudly and bit her lip to stifle anything louder escaping.

Prudent choice, because Tracy gasped loudly too. She flushed red and quickly set the vegetable tempura platter on the table and scampered out of the room.

With an equally visible blush, Twilight adjusted her dress and pushed herself up as Celestia took her seat again.


Celestia giggled. “Perhaps we should save that for dessert.”

Twilight chuckled nervously. “Dessert. Right. Later is good. Uh, hmmm.” She pursed her lips and stayed silent for a few moments.

“Twilight? Are you... Did I do something wrong?” Celestia leaned forward with her head tilted; her eyes were wide and filled with concern.

Twilight, for her part, snapped to attention in an instant and glanced over Celestia. She smiled gently. “No, no, I really liked that kiss! I’m just thinking....” She trailed off. “Let’s eat first.” She plucked a pair of chopsticks from the platter left behind and grabbed a piece of battered zucchini and battered carrot.

Celestia nodded knowingly and grabbed some vegetables for herself and tucked in. Each bite crunched wonderfully, and the warm, thick tempura tasted even better.

As they each took one last bite of zucchini, Tracy returned if the knock on the door frame was to be believed.

“Come in,” called Twilight.

Tracy entered with another tray and an embarrassed smile. “Sorry about earlier, ladies. I forgot that these rooms offer such a measure of privacy. Here’s your sushi.”

Twilight averted her eyes and blushed lightly. She heard a scrape of porcelain on wood and looked down to see little balls of rice covered in thin strips of raw fish. “Thank you,” she said quietly.

Tracy bowed out of the room and Twilight let out a breath she was holding.

“I’m surprised, Twilight. A woman of your accomplishments, I wouldn’t expect...” Celestia trailed off. “I suppose academics and social skills aren’t always hand-in-hand.”

Twilight chuckled ruefully. “No, I suppose not. When... when I’m in an environment I’m familiar with, with people I’ve known or situations where I’m the person expected to have the answers, you’re right. I’m more outwardly friendly. I know I can be shy. I’m an introvert.”

She picked up a piece of the tuna and dipped it fish-side down into a tray of soy sauce. It dripped for a few moments. “But I try. I’ve had time to practice being social and engaged. I just don’t have a lot of experience with dating or romance. My friend Rarity, the designer I told you about, she did my bag and this dress, she teased that the last time I dated someone, we didn’t kiss until the third date. And that was just a peck on the cheek.”

Celestia giggled. “So you’re a fast learner, then.”

Twilight took a little bite of her sushi. She smirked. “Maybe. I learned my lesson not to wait too long to let my feelings be known. I also learned my lesson not to get too invested in someone who’s unsure of what they want.”

Tia nodded and downed one of her California rolls. “So what do you want? Is this going to be a slow burning candle that lasts for years or do you want the hot, whirlwind, passion-fueled romance that’s over before you blink?”

“Both?” Twilight shrugged. “I’m not... I’m still young, you know? I’m not inexperienced or anything, but I don’t need to settle down right away. I don’t need to find The One any time soon, but if that happens along the way...” Twilight bobbed her head side to side. “What about you?”

“I’m not as young, but I understand the sentiment. As for me,” Celestia slid her hand across the table and rested it on Twilight’s. “I’m happy to see wherever this takes us. I don’t need to settle down either, and being around as long as I have, I could do with letting my hair down once in awhile.” Tia winked.

Twilight giggled softly and squeezed Celestia’s hand. “I like that.” She finished her current piece of nigiri and moved on to her next. She took a sip of water and then one of whisky. She closed her eyes and savored the warm, peppery liquor passing over her tongue. “Mmm, I forgot how good this could be.”

It wasn’t long before Celestia and Twilight were down to their last piece each. Tia’s wine glass was empty and Twilight had one last sip of her whisky. They scooted close and held hands to finish off their meal. Twilight downed the last piece of yellowfin nigiri and Tia polished off her last piece of salmon.

After they finished, Twilight rested her head on Celestia’s shoulder with a soft smile and a few murmurs.

“Thanks for inviting me out tonight, Twilight,” Celestia said. She rested her head on Twilight’s and wrapped an arm around Twilight’s waist.

“Thanks for saying yes. I never though in a million years I’d be on a date with my dream girl. It’s... it’s pretty surreal.”

“Well, I’m glad I could be here. Say, about dessert,” Celestia whispered while tracing a finger up Twilight’s side.

Twilight inhaled sharply. “Mmhmm? About dessert?” she asked, not focused on the discussion.

“You mentioned before, when we kissed, that, uh, later is good for dessert. You kind of froze up, like you were thinking hard about something.” Celestia squeezed Twilight’s hand. “I’m... well, I want to say that I’ve had a great time tonight.” She kissed Twilight’s forehead. “And if we call it a night now, I can still call this one of my favorite dates.”

Twilight slowly nodded her head. “I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming,” she whispered.

Celestia smirked. “But. I’m not sure how quickly you would like to move when it comes to, shall we say, physical intimacy. I know we’ve been a little cavalier with kissing, even in semi-public places, but I want to get a sense of how comfortable you are with...” She lowered her head and spoke even softer. “With coming over to my place tonight. The offer is there, and while I’d be more than happy to welcome you in—”

Twilight giggled first, and then Tia followed suit.

“You are also free to say you’d rather wait.”

Twilight inhaled deeply and breathed out slowly.

“And if you’re at all unsure, please, don’t let me force your hand.” Celestia massaged Twilight’s hand with her thumb. “I feel that it’s important for us to make that decision, let’s call it what it is, the decision to sleep together... It needs to be something we both want, and it needs to be a decision that we arrive at individually. No outside influences.”

Twilight leaned up and kissed Tia’s cheek. “You’re very caring, did you know that? It might be what I like best about you.” She rested her head back on Celestia’s shoulder. “So, if we were to go back to your place, how would that happen? Did you drive, did someone drive you?”

“I drove myself. What about you?”

“I was dropped off. I thought I would have a bit to drink with dinner, and I didn’t want to risk anything in this weather.”

“Mm. So shall we settle up and then head out?”

Twilight nodded. “Let’s.” She took her final sip of whisky and slid her glass across the table.

They sat in comfortable silence for a several moments, listening to the deadened sounds of the restaurant beyond.

Soon enough, Tracy knocked and entered to collect the plates and glasses. “Anything else for tonight, ladies? Would you like to see the dessert menu or can I get either of you another drink?”

“No, thank you,” said Twilight.

“Excuse me,” Celestia interjected, “but could we get the bill?”

“Oh! Certainly. I’ll be a few moments and get that for you.”

Once Tracy slipped out of the room, Twilight asked softly, “So, do you live far from here?”

“It’ll be a short drive. Anxious?” Celestia rang her fingers up Twilight’s side.

Twilight tensed and sucked in a breath. “More like nervous. Let’s just say it’s been a while since my partner wasn’t run on batteries.”

Celestia giggled. “If all goes well, we might even be able to share a few of those partners.”

Twilight shifted in her seat. “That’s... not helping,” she mumbled.

“Are you sure it’s just nerves?” Celestia teased again.

Twilight playfully batted Tia’s shoulder. “I can be excited at the prospect of spending the night. You’re just teasing with ideas of something wilder.”

Their server came back to the room with a black bi-fold and a rather sizable sheet of paper tucked inside. She set it down on the table and left without a word. Perplexed, Twilight grabbed the bi-fold and out popped a printed note. It read:


For always taking care of us, darling, consider this a gift from the five of us to you. Enjoy your evening and tell me all about it in the morning.

With love,

Rarity + Your Friends

“Huh.” Twilight tucked the note into her clutch and turned to Celestia. “Seems like my friends paid for our dinner. I hope they aren’t out there in the restaurant spying.”

“If they are, let’s give them something juicy to gossip about! Come on!” Celestia pulled Twilight to her feet and walked briskly to her sandals. Twilight hurriedly slipped on her heels. Celestia grabbed her by an arm and they strolled out of the tatami room while Celestia nipped and nuzzled her neck.

Twilight nearly whimpered and definitely blushed brightly while they made their way through the very crowded restaurant. Thankfully, Twilight saw no sign of her friends, and the guests seemed shocked enough to leave their phones in their pockets.

Once they made it out of the doors and into the frigid winter air, Celestia let off from her ministrations to Twilight’s neck. In the distance, Twilight heard a car’s engine turn over. She saw Celestia tuck a key fob into her sleeve.

In under a minute, they came to a large sedan; its headlights pierced the darkness and a low rumble of a large motor overpowered the gentle sounds of a winter wind. A couple of beeps preceded a click of door locks.

“Hop in. The seat should be warm.” Celestia opened the driver’s door and slid into the seat. Her hands found their place on the steering wheel while Twilight climbed into the passenger seat.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” Twilight’s eyes fluttered as she enjoyed the suffuse warmth from the seat beneath her. “Hold on. How would the car know to warm this seat?”

“I may have set the passenger seat to warm when I arrived. It’s just a dial here.” Celestia pointed at the center console. “So the car didn’t ‘know’ any more than it followed directions I gave it earlier. I made a guess, and it looks like it paid off. Anyway, buckle up, this thing gets annoying about sensing weight in the seat without the seat belt fastened.”

Twilight obeyed, and once her belt clicked, Tia deftly flicked the car into gear and pulled out of the parking space. Before she knew it, they were on the main road and the low rumble had become a steady purr.

The garage door creaked shut while Celestia beckoned Twilight into her house. They each removed their shoes once inside and Tia carried them to a small coat closet. She then lead Twilight to an open kitchen and living area, a combination of maple hardwood flooring, deep brown, nearly black stained cabinets, topped with a stunning white marble countertop. Cool white lights were dimmed enough to let the whole area seem effortlessly clean and welcoming.

“Would you like anything? Water, glass of wine? An excuse to get us out of these dresses?” Celestia winked.

“A glass of water to start, please.” Twilight continued looking around the kitchen. The dominant center feature was an island, one side with seating for two, and topped with a bowl of various fruits. Apples and oranges, mostly, Twilight noticed on closer inspection. Near the back of the kitchen, Twilight saw a door she figured lead to a pantry. Next to it, a pair of kettles sat next to a French press and some cast-iron teapots hung on a rack below the cabinets but above the tea and coffee paraphernalia.

Celestia, meanwhile, pulled a pitcher of filtered water from the fridge and filled two glasses with it. She slid one over to the distracted Twilight. “Do you see something you like?”

“Uh, it’s more of what I don’t see. I assume your tea and coffee is tucked away?” Twilight picked up the offered glass and sipped slowly.

“Mm, yes. They’re in the cabinet above all of those,” Celestia said, waving her hand at the numerous beverage makers. “I’m mostly a fan of white and green teas. I want something a little lighter for when I’m relaxing at home. Coffee is for the weekday mornings before I can get to the library.”

Twilight nodded. “I tend to reach for anything that sounds like it will taste good. Sometimes I want something dark and roasty, sometimes I like it lighter and spicy, and sometimes I just want to enjoy something smooth.”

Celestia finished her glass of water quickly and set it down on the counter near the sink. She stepped closer to Twilight and wrapped an arm around the younger woman’s waist to pull her closer.

Twilight, though not finished, set her glass down as well and reached her arms back around Celestia’s neck. She stood on her toes and softly pressed into a kiss while being held firmly against the smooth silk of Tia’s kimono.

Celestia’s hands wandered up and down Twilight’s back. At first, Twilight thought it was just random groping until one of Tia’s hands found the zipper holding her dress tight. Twilight gasped.

Celestia paused. “Something wrong?”

Twilight shook her head. “N-no. Just.... We’re in your kitchen. I expected we’d start in the bedroom,” she said softly.

“Well then.” Celestia tugged the zipper down and Twilight hurried to hold up her bodice. “Let’s adjoin to the other room.” Celestia giggled and nudged Twilight towards the carpeted stairs leading up to the second floor.

Once they alighted on the top landing, Tia nudged Twilight further and they entered her bedroom. A few decorative flowers of a variety of colors dotted the room, but the dominant feature was the very large bed. It stood on a near-black wooden base with an equally dark headboard. Both were exceedingly simple designs, with slightly inlaid panels but no ostentatious adornments. The sheets themselves were a shade of periwinkle.

Twilight reached out and ran her hands along the duvet and slid one under to feel the bed sheet.

“Soft, isn’t it?” Tia asked from behind as her hands slipped into Twilight’s dress and lowered it over Twilight’s hips. “Some bamboo derived fiber with an absurd thread count.”

She turned Twilight around as the dress fell the rest of the way to the floor, leaving Twilight’s chest completely exposed and her in a skimpy set of black, lacy panties. Tia pressed forward in a kiss as she undid the belts holding her kimono around her waist. Once they fell away, she shrugged the silk robe off and pulled her light cotton shirt over head. Equally naked, she lifted Twilight onto the bed and followed, trailing kisses all the way down her lover’s torso.

Twilight moaned, and not for the last time that night as Celestia kissed, licked, and rubbed Twilight to more ecstatic heights than she could count.

Many hours later

Twilight cooed softly as Celestia pulled her close to snuggle and wrapped the pair in the down-filled duvet.

“Good night and sweet dreams, Twilight,” Celestia whispered, planting a soft kiss on the back of Twilight’s neck.

Already on the verge of sleep, Twilight mumbled, “You too, Celestia. You... too...”

Celestia smiled softly as the peacefully breathing Twilight lulled her to sleep, as well.

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