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Xelor Legacy - Skyboss

I am Nox, the strongest Xelor, or Time mage alive. Or rather, I became him. Like him, I lost my family, but unlike him THEY weren't taken from me, I was taken from them. I will find my home or I'll make a new one and change this world.

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Time out: Legacy's Beginnings(Prelude)

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-The physical description of Leon's wife and kids shall be made later

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Xelor Legacy: Legacy’s Beginnings(Prelude)

(Earth, year 2013, Location: Comic con)

[Leon’s POV]

My name is Leon Ghost and today was a great day for me, I was finally able to get time off work for the month and finish my costume. Sure a month might sound like it’s too much time off just to make a costume and go to comic con, but this month is also my daughter’s birthday. See I’m a loving father and I want to be there for my kids no matter what, my employers know this and they agree to it since I’m one of their head inventors and I’m already rich enough to buy their company. There’s also the fact that I’m a bit of a genius and I alone make them millions from one of my inventions.

Enough about work, like I was saying before going of on a tangent, I want to always be there for my kids and I can’t forget my awesome wife Jasmine (she would take my Lego(Lego is plural and singular) if I did also no sexy fun time for us). My daughter’s name is Star and she was turning 16 soon so I decided to use my wicked engineering skills and and design her a custom car, granted I may be rich and could have just been generic and buy her a Porsche or something but I hate being normal or common, so I made it look really futuristic and add modifications for her. Her tastes are similar to mine, well you know what they say, “like father, like daughter!” There’s also my eldest son/child, Kaiser and my youngest son/child, Prime, sure the names of my kids may sound a bit strange but they’re unique and pretty cool when you think about them.

Last but certainly not least is my amazing wife, Jasmine, she changed my life for the better as far as I’ve seen and is an awesome mother. The two of us kind of influenced our by showing them anime play some rock metal and EDM for them thus making them semi music addicts like myself; Music is something I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT.

Now to keep this story rolling, I went to comic con with some of my friends and coworker friends. There were four of us in total, including myself there was also Jamal, Catherine, and Zion.

My height was 6’1 and Jamal was 6’0 Catherine was 5’11 while Zion was 5’9. We were dressed up as pretty awesome characters, Jamal as the Master of the undead legion, Dage the evil, Catherine dressed as the S-Class mage, also known as Titania, Erza Scarlet, Zion as the wacky and awesome Gatchaman, Hajime Ichinose, and finally myself as the infamous and feared Xelor wielder of time, Nox.

I must admit that we looked pretty badass, and Zion agreed with my unspoken thought by saying “Man we look so fucking awesome! Thanks again Leon for helping us make these costumes.” As she looked at me with what I’m assuming is a smile since we can’t exactly see her face.

No problem Zion, you guys are my closest friends, there’s no way I wouldn’t at least try to help.” I replied while feeling a bit of happiness from doing such a good job on their outfits. Pride is still a bit of a new concept to me after all these years, after all I never even valued my own life back in my teen years.

“Dude, you basically made these all by yourself using your own time and money, I mean sure you’re rich but still I would’ve liked to help a lot more than just have you take my measurements” Jamal spoke up since he felt a little guilty that he couldn't have helped me more. He's had issues with not help others enough ever since his friend, Tara, committed suicide. He blamed himself for not being there enough for her and helping her through the depression.

Like I said you guys I didn’t mind making them for you, it was great practicing for my designing and crafting skills, sometimes I can’t help but be generous and helpful it’s just part of my nature.” I replied honestly. “Now let's check this place out and see what we can do.
With that said we kept walking through Comic con, I also really wanted to go this year because there were rumors of people just randomly disappearing without a trace, how no one noticed I have no idea but I was curious about this and would plan to avoid anything that looked really weird….unless I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been mature since I was a child so I believe that deserve the right to be stupid and silly from time to time.

[Fast forward(so we can get to the good stuff)]

“I gotta say you completely proved me wrong and I shan’t doubt your skills again.” Jamal told Catherine with a dumbfounded look on his mug, even though he’s wearing his helmet right now we could just tell.

“I may be a girl but that doesn’t mean I’m girly” Catherine replied with pride in her voice and puffing her chest out, I try not to be a perv but she had a daunting chest like Erza but the appetite of Luffy from one piece. She was always a bit of a dude, wearing comfy clothes and pants,so I never really noticed much. After watching the entertaining show of her eating ten plates of food we got up and walked around. We we were just checking out what people were selling and since I had money to blow I was planning on buy a lot of stuff and anything that the others couldn’t afford or overpriced.

That was when Zion spotted a merchant that just so happened to be selling something related to our characters. For Jamal, he was selling a Ceremonial Legion Blade
For Catherine he was selling a pantherlily plush
For Zion he had a gatchaman note
And finally, for me he had an Eliacube
We just had to buy them “HOW MUCH FOR ALL FOUR OF THESE!” we shouted in perfect unison as if we choreographed it. We really wanted these since they all looked ridiculously real, I could swear I saw that Pantherlily blink when we shouted but I’ve seen weird things before and I just thought I was seeing things.

The merchant was dressed as Chaser John Doe from Dream eater Merry and I gotta say he looked pretty badass.
He stood still for a moment and looked like he just recovered from our outburst, then I could swear he had a glint in his eye as he stated his price with a devilish looking smile. “I gotta say kids I really like that enthusiasm of yours and your costumes are pretty damn accurate and realistic so I’ll give you all a group discount for buying these four items, I’d say a fair price would be $190, don’t you agree?” Honestly we were a bit surprised at the price, looking at the quality of everything he was selling like the legion blade being perfectly made of metal and exquisitely crafted, I’d say the sword itself would have to be custom made and would probably cost at the very least $300 so a price like that for all four of these in total was a bit too good to be true. Well that’s what I though in my mind.

Only $190? That’s pretty cheap considering the quality of these, so what’s the catch?” I stopped myself from getting over excited since I developed trust issues in my life. I remember back in elementary school, I trusted a "friend" to borrow my gameboy, the next day he turned into a complete asshole and said it was his now. I never got it back and I'm still feeling salty about that to this very day.

He gave a small laugh that made me feel uneasy, though you couldn't see it behind the mask.

“No catch, I’m just in a good mood and these items go perfectly with your cosplay and from the hard work that went into them I thought that you deserved these at a discount. I would also hope that you would put them to good use.” He said sounding genuine as far as I could tell.

“Good enough for me!” Zion said as she took out some money and the rest of our group followed.

“Pleasure doing business with you and I hope we can meet again at some point.” The merchant said in a mysterious tone as he took our money and handed us our items. We walked away giving our thanks, while we were walking the others were chattering about how awesome the stuff we brought was among the sound of the convention when suddenly it all came to a stop.

I paused because I knew this was in no way normal, “Guys, did it suddenly get really q...” I trailed off as I was frozen in shock at see my friends and well everything frozen in time. I looked down to my hand as the Eliacube I just brought glowed with a furious power and only three thoughts came to my mind at that moment, “What the hell have I gotten myself into”, “My family..." and "I fucking called it” after those passing thoughts the cube’s glow took my vision and it was at that moment I felt as it my body was being erased yet it was still there. Realization struck as I remembered the rumors and cursed my luck.

Equestria: Everfree forest 122B.D.(Before Discord)

I slowly stirred to consciousness as I rose of the grass and questioned why I’m on the grass and realize that’s a stupid question since I could bet that I’m in another world now, since old anime cliche where I’m blinded and/or pass out and wake up in an unknown location.

Ok, so first I need to figure out where the hell I am and find a way to get home as soon as I ca-why do I see pairs of glowing green eyes?

Slowly a pack of timberwolves came crawling out of the bushes and trees with a sap like substance dripping from their maws. It was at that moment I noticed I was in the middle of a clearing in an unknown forest with wooden dogs that looked hungry for a taste of Leon flesh….the innuendos to be made. I search for a way out but that’s when the wolves pounced.

SHIT!” was all the time I had to say when they all stopped in midair. “Wha?” I inspected my hand and it was moving at normal speed and that was when I saw the glow of the Eliacube and realised “I’m Nox...” I muttered under my breath, even my voice sounded like his, well the english dubbed anyway, which I personally think sounded much better.

So if I have his powers I wonder what else I got.” With that statement I punched the near timberwolf which was about 7 inches from my face and watched as it turned to firewood. “Awesome, but that doesn’t mean I have his "I can punch a fucking dragon into a mountain"strength since that wolf was just made of tinder” And with that I repeated the process with the others, there were 6 in total, after taking care of them I felt a little tired. “Ok, I either stopped time or sped up my time either way I got a lot of work to do.” With that being said a thought came to my mind as I saw the pieces of firewood moving again. As I was about to question how my vision changed showing me some kind of energy flowing through them and once again I realised that I’m Nox and he could detect and absorb Wakfu. So my body reacted on instinct and I reached out with one hand holding the Eliacube“Oh HELL NO!” with that being said the Eliacube glowed and absorbed the energy from them, allowing the wood they were made of to fall inanimate and to remain that way.

Huh, so I can absorb Wakfu too or whatever that was. Hmm, looking back those wolves seem familiar” I put the cube down to look at the piles of wood that are scattered about and I try to scour my brain but I never did have the greatest of memories.

So deciding to move on I walk through this dark forest, there’s hardly any sunlight so it’s either sunset or this is just some really thick foliage.
"Man wish I could see through this crap" as if the mask heard my plead it activated night vision.
"WHOA!" the shock factor was real, "I was just talking to myself but this works too." after the sudden surprise of finding out how tricked out this mask is, it dawned on me,"uhh, hey mask, what other things can you do?"

I felt like an idiot for talking to the mask, but lo and behold it springs up a neat list of its different modes and functions. It was kind of like an Iron man HUD display.

"Sweet" I spy with my little eye a life form scanner option, "hmm, activate life form scanner" With that command the lenses displayed a map that showed the various life forms around. Mostly woodland creatures around so I went with something else, "Can you detected the closest form of civilization?" Out popped a semi formed map that looks like it still needs to be filled up and had a blue dot, which I'm assuming represents me, and a circle about a mile and a half south east which must be the civilization I was looking for. With my best attempt at a dramatic voice, "And so I make my trek towards the unknown." Kind of a cheesy line but this moment was to perfect to pass up.