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Sweetie Crush - Ceehoff

After some time together with Connor, Sweetie Belle starts to see him in a new light.

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Chapter II

Sweetie Crush

Chapter II

Written and Drawn by Ceehoff

"Hey," said a smooth young voice.

Connor found himself in a room full of wine-red velvet pillows and other soft fabrics. Funny, this looked much like the room he'd usually go in whenever he meets the voluptuous brunette.


"Ohhhhhh, no! No! No! Not you again, Hot-Brunette-Who-Doesn't-Have-A-Name! You said we were done! I did NOT change my mind about you leaving!" he said without ever looking up.

"But, Connor, it's me. Fluttershy," said yours truly.


"Oh, hey! What's up, Fluttershy?" the colt smiled.

The colt snapped awake in a jolt, however it was not in a frightened fashion. He was just merely stupefied. What the hell kind of dream was that? Well, whatever it was, he was certainly glad that that brunette did not show up. Every time he met her, he always got pecked, bitten, or God-knows-what on the nose. If it was not anything on the nose, then it was whatever that could hit and rudely awake him. Plus, he was really glad that it was Fluttershy. She was his little pony. He always enjoyed her presence, in reality or not in reality.

He awoke just in time, too.

"Connorrrrr! Eggs!" Rarity called from the kitchen.


He sprung himself out of bed and immediately dashed into the kitchen. As he entered, he jolted to the left in order to run over to the table. His hooves slid and skidded over the smooth tiled floor before he got the grip of it again. He sat eagerly at the table, awaiting Rarity's masterful eggs. Rarity walked up to the table in a dignified swagger with her hips swaying mesmerizingly left and right. She placed the plate right in fronton the starving colt, who was smacking his lips in hunger. Before Connor was about to gorge, he looked at Rarity.

"Didn't you eat?"

"Of course not, darling. Guests are always first," she said as she bounced her mane.

"But, I was a guest a long time ago. I'm pretty much your roommate now, right?"

"Well, technically yes. However, 'roommate' does sound a little strong."

"What do you mean?" Connor asked as he chewed his eggs.

Rarity glared at him. Whoops... Manners. He swallowed his food.

"What do you mean?" he reiterated.

"Well, seeing that you are a stallion... and I'm a mare... You know, it doesn't always play out or..."

"Doesn't play out? What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, think of it this way, darling. When two ponies room together it has to be of same sex, because if two of opposite sex room together, then... well..."


"Then..." She slowly and repeatedly tapped the hollow of her hoof with the tip of her other hoof. "You know, right?"

"Thinking dirty thoughts, aren't we?"

Rarity began to stammer, feeling pretty foolish. "Uh, erm...well... I-I'm sorry, darling, but that's how I see it. Please try to understand."

"But, what about married couples? Hmm? They're like roommates, only for forever until death do they part! And you're assuming that I would...? Really? I mean, really? That's kind of quick on judging there, don't you think? You're my friend! Plus, no offense, I don't see us going that way."

"Oh," she said. "Very well, then. Terribly sorry about saying that, darling."

"Oy, first conversation of the day, and it happens to be about that. Pretty smooth there, Rarity."

"I'm sorry!"

"It's okay, it's okay. Just pick your morning conversations carefully."

"Yes. Okay..."

Connor resumed eating his breakfast. The room was silent except for the colt's chewing and silverware scraping against the china plate. Rarity was at the frying pan, making herself some eggs as well. The eggs popped and sizzled smoothly on the hot pan. The unicorn slid the spatula underneath them and flipped them onto another plate. Later, she joined Connor at the table, eating her breakfast as well.

The colt belched silently as he placed his fork down onto the table. Damn, those were gooooood eggs! The fashion queen sure could cook. His eyes traced up to Rarity, who took small bites out of her eggs and took little sips of her morning tea. He felt pretty guilty. He was pretty nit-picky just a few minutes ago. He should have showed more sensitivity toward's Rarity's conversation. What could he do to amend it? Well, it was probably not that big of a deal to Rarity now. She must have gotten over it. However, he did not. He just wanted to have a nice conversation.

"So, Rarity," he spoke.

"Yes, darling?"

"I'm surprised that I remember this, but long ago, when I mentioned something about you getting to a royalty's relative, you flipped out. Why was that? Did something happen?"

Rarity was silent at first, but then she broke out into laughter. Connor seemed pretty intimidated by it, until the dressmaker slumped onto the tabletop, letting out a loud sigh.

"Oh dear. That was the worst night of my life."


"Well, I was at the Grand Galloping Gala about a year ago. I saw it as the best night ever, because I thought I would meet the stallion of my dreams, Princess Celestia's nephew, Prince Blueblood. Was I ever wrong!"

"Which one? The night or the Blueblood guy?"

"Everything! Especially that Blueblood! Ugh! So spoiled and arrogant!"

Connor leaned forward in his chair. He was really interested to hear what she had to say.

"He walks through doorways with him always being the first, he used my dress as a rug to walk over spilled water, he let a door close into me, and he used as a shield against a flying apple cake! I worked so hard, I mean my friends worked so hard on that dress for me, and it got ruined because of him!"

"Yikes! Puh! He's a real charmer," the colt rolled his eyes.

"Darling, you have no idea! At first I thought he was going be chivalrous as a knight, but I guess I was foolish to immediately think that sort of thing. After all, I learned a valuable lesson: colts aren't always as they look. You have to know him before you do anything else."

"Good lesson. So, what do you see in me?"

"Well, your manners still need a little work, but you are still a good friend! You are acceptable in my books," smiled Rarity.


"Only the most kind, sensitive, and generous stallions and colts get a good lady. They treat their mares like authentic ladies. They are kind, they help them with problems, they console them of stress, and always be at their side. Now, that is a true gentlecolt! Oh, would I give anything to meet a noble stallion like that! I would feel like a young school filly again."

"Haha, 'schoolfilly'."

Kind of like Sweetie Belle.

"What about a teenager? Don't you want to feel like a teenager again?"

"The younger, the better, darling."

"I guess so. Hey, speaking of schoolfilly, did you hear about Sweetie Belle's day yesterday?"

"Oh, yes, dear! Oh, how terrible!"

"I know! Seriously, somepony needs to show that Diamond Tiara some manners... and class. Well, her parents sure failed at that."

"Now, now, darling! Let's not jump to conclusions. I mean, maybe it is not the parents' fault that their little foal acts like that. Sometimes, it is up to the filly to make decisions on his or her own to act like what they want to be."

"True, but it is up to the parents to set them right."

"Oh, indeed. Well, I have to say, she did seem really happy when she came back home with you. Did you do something to her earlier?"

"I just talked to her. I told her that she may have lost the battle, but not the war. See, if she pushes past Diamond Tiara's shenanigans, then, eventually, she would start winning more battles. Diamond Tiara would lose her touch, and then Sweetie Belle would live a more pleasant life, knowing that she would not be harassed by her."

Rarity nodded in understanding.

"Plus, I told her she was not a freak, and that she was a normal, pretty, little filly. She must not let anyone tell her otherwise."

"Well, that's very kind of you! I guess that is why she was feeling so happy lately."

"I'm glad."

Speak of the devil. Sweetie Belle rushed into the boutique through the front door with a big grin on her face. Actually she was more like limping at a really high speed with her splint still on. She rushed into the kitchen.

"Hey, Rarity!"

Rarity sure was taken by surprise. "Oh! Sweetie Belle, I wasn't expecting--."

The little filly zipped directly in front of Connor and looked up to him with glossy, goo-goo eyes. Her small hind leg flicked up into the air.

"Hey, Connor," she slightly giggled in a smitten tone.

"Heyyy! Sweetie Belle! What a surprise!" he smiled. "How are you? You doing fine?"

"Yes, I am! In fact, I'm doing a whole lot better now," she said as she never took her eyes off of the colt.


"Well, that's good!" Connor had no clue what her motive was.

"Are you going to pick me up after school again?" she asked, opening her eyes wide in eagerness.

"Actually, darling," Rarity intervened. "I will pick you up after school."

Sweetie Belle looked defeated and disappointed. "What?! Why? Why can't Connor pick me up?"

"Well, darling, I have already completed all of my orders, so I have a free day today. Plus, Connor has to work at the bar with Miss Cherry Limeade, so he will be busy."

"But, I thought Miss Cherry Limeade was going to call him if she needs any help!"

"Well, she does need him now. Don't worry, Sweetie Belle! I, as your honorable big sister, would love to pick you up after school! We would have a deeper bond that way."

"Rarity, I'm your sister. I've pretty much known you all of my life."

"Well, whether you like it or not, I will be picking you up from now on," Rarity gently scolded.


"I'm sorry, Sweetie Belle, but your sister's right," Connor said. "I have a full day at the bar today, so I won't be available. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed taking you back home! Believe me! I would love to do it again, but today's not the day. Besides, it's not like we are never going to see each other again. You could still see me when the day is over."

The unicorn filly sighed sadly. She was so looking forward to being around her new crush. Without him, she just did not feel comfortable. He was like a giant iron shield to her: he protects her from bad days, pain, and sadness. Without it, the banes of the days would fly directly at her.

"Buuuuuut... Hey, Rarity," Connor said as he turned to Sweetie Belle's older sister. "How about if I walk her to school? That would be okay, right?"

"Really? You would do that?" Rarity asked.

"Well, yeah! Work doesn't start until nine, sooooo... I'm available!"

Sweetie Belle's face went from sad to overjoyed in a snap. She literally slid on her little knees up to her big sister. She clasped her little hooves together.

"Yes! Yes! That will do! Please, sis? Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeeeeez?"

"Goodness, you're really excited about this, aren't you?" The purple-maned unicorn pushed out her bottom lip and tapped her chin with her hoof. After a few seconds of thinking, she finally answered, "Well, I don't see any problem at all. I approve!"

In an eyeblink, her little sister instantly jumped up and hugged her sister around her head. (She jumped pretty high for a little filly. She probably meant to hug Rarity around the neck, but did not even realize her strength.)

"YES!! Oh, thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! WhoopI'mrunninglateforschoollet'sgo!" Sweetie Belle shouted under one breath. Then, she grabbed Connor's leg and started to pull him out of the boutique.

"C'monc'monc'monc'monc'monc'mon! Let's go!" she said as she tugged excitedly. "Don't wanna be late for our date, I mean, walk, I mean school!"

"Okay! I'm coming," Connor could not help but chuckle at the young filly's enthusiasm. "See you later, Rarity!"

"Have a divine day, Connor!" the unicorn waved back.

"Come on! We're gonna be late! Walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk! Right next to me!" Sweetie Belle's voice slowly faded away.

Rarity stood in the doorway until the two ponies were out of sight. As she walked into the boutique, she began to ponder about how unusually positive and cheery her little sister was today. Most of all, she was very excited about seeing Connor, especially the way she made goo-goo eyes at him. Also, it was pretty hurtful of her to act so defeated when she found out that Rarity was going to pick her up from school.

Rarity fiddled with a gem that was sewn onto her latest dress. As she fiddled she began to think even more about Sweetie Belle's unusual attitude. Excited to see Connor, makes goo-goo eyes at him, resumed waving at him even when closed the door, so desperate to have him walk her to school... Rarity began to add them up into one conclusion.

Was Sweetie Belle... crushing on Connor?



Nah, she probably put too much sugar in her oatmeal. Plus, Sweetie Belle was the only one Rarity knew who would put sugar on her oatmeal. Rarity shrugged it off and walked into her office.


Connor felt like he was being watched as he walked. He felt like that ever since he left the boutique. He subtly shifted his eyes to his left side, and there was Sweetie Belle walking beside him. She was making those eyes again. Half-open, glistening, and so full of...

Nah, it probably was not even love. Maybe she was already crashing from the overly sugared cereal for breakfast. Maybe oatmeal... Wait, who would be crazy enough to put sugar in his or her oatmeal? Connor much preferred salt. It tasted better that way. Along with some milk, some butter, some tofu bacon...

Ugh, he could not think straight with Sweetie Belle staring at him like that. Hell, she did not even trip! He was pretty sure that there were some stones and rocks peeking over the surface of the dirt road. How could she walk smoothly without looking where she was going? Actually, she was limping because of her splint. Still... damn!

Connor was feeling pretty awkward. What was going through her little mind in that cute little head? As a matter of fact, there was something noticeable about her mane. It definitely looked a lot more... glossy and combed. He could have sworn he smelt peaches. Did she dab peach juice on her mane this morning? Maybe that was the reason why she was running late. She was really putting a lot of time into making herself look and smell good.

"You look nice today," Connor finally spoke.

"Thank you," she giggled in glee.

Ahhhh! He noticed! He noticed! Oh, happy days! Sweetie Belle squealed inside. Oh, but I can't act so selfish! I better compliment him back.

"And you look (hee hee!) really handsome today," she said.


"Mmmmmmm-hmmmm!" she hummed.

Connor lifted his right leg and sniffed the area between his arm and his body. After that, his nose wrinkled. "Whoo! I guess I must have forgotten to put some deodorant on today. Smells like an onion farm! Whooooo!"

Sweetie Belle did not even give a flying feather about his small stench. She resumed looking smitten.

"It's all right! I don't mind... not one bit!" she smiled.

"Okay, then! Thank you for acting so tough about it. Most mares get really put off by it and immediately ditch you for it. It's annoying and shallow of them... but then again, I should really remember to put deodorant on."

i]Eeeeeee! He called me strong! No, he said 'tough'! He likes me!! the little schoolfilly squealed inside.

"Hey, Sweetie Belle!" said a pair of small familiar voices.

Sweetie Belle did not even hear them. The two ponies looked at each other, confused.

"Sweetie Belle?" Apple Bloom spoke.

"Helloooooo! Equestria to Sweetie Belle! Hellooooo? Is anypony there?" Scootaloo said, actually managing to knock on the unicorn's cranium with her little hoof.

No response. What the hay was going on? Even Connor was confused. That was pretty rude of Sweetie Belle to not notice her two best friends. She still had her full focus on him. Using that to his advantage, he tried to talk to her.

"Sweetie Belle, your friends just said 'hi' to you," the colt spoke.

"Hmmmmmm?" she hummed in question.

"Your friends just said 'hi' to you," he said again.

"What did joo say?" she slurred, drunk with love.

"Your friends ju-- D'oh! For the love of..!"

Connor gave up. He simply turned her around like a statue over to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. She finally noticed the two fillies standing in front of her.

"Oh! Hey, Apple Bloom! Hey, Scootaloo! What's up?"

"Fahhne, but ah think we should be the ones asking' you 'what's up?'," Apple Bloom gave her a suspecting eye.

"Yeah, we called you about two, no, three times. What's up with you?" the little pegasus asked.

"Oh, nothing! I was just... sleepy," Sweetie Belle fibbed.

They bought it.

"It's all right. We all get tired," the little orange filly grinned.

Sweetie Belle sighed in relief. She did not want them to know about her new feelings for Connor. They would think it was pretty odd and weird that a little filly like her would love an older colt like him. Plus...

"Awww, crippled Sweaty Butt is walking to school with her new coltfriend! With him?? Ugh, so lame," Diamond Tiara jeered.

Originally, Rarity's little sister was going to argue, but now that the little snob mentioned it, that was not such a bad idea. Of course! If Connor was her coltfriend, she would not have to feel sad and unprotected anymore. She would always be at his side, protected and content. Still, she did not want Scootaloo and Apple Bloom to think that she actually was. If they had found out about her secret, then they would think it really weird and odd. A little filly crushing on an older colt? Plus, since they started their club, they even made club regulations. One of them was abstaining from feelings of affection towards colts. Why such a regulation? They believed that one of the many things that get between them and their cutie marks is love. Love distracts and postpones, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders could not wait another minute to accomplish their goal. They had to get their cutie marks now.

As much as it hurt her to say it, she argued, "He is not my boyfriend! Are you that blind? Apparently those glasses don't even work!"

"...But I'm not even wearing glasses..."


"And you're not even talking to me. You're talking to Silver Spoon."

Sweetie Belle blinked in confusion until it all became clear. She said all of that to Silver Spoon, thinking it was Diamond Tiara.


"What a thickheaded blank flank. Am I right, Silver?"

"Ugh, yaaaaaaa!"

They both giggled snobbishly as they entered the school building. Sweetie Belle only traced her hoof in the dirt sheepishly.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Scootaloo craned her neck so her head was in front of her friend's. "You're really starting to weird me out here."

"I'm fine!" the unicorn said impatiently. "I'm just in lo-- I mean, tired! What else should I say?"

"Okay, okay!" the pegasus raised an apologetic hot in the air. "I'm sorry. You're just not acting normal is all."

"I'm as normal as normal can be! Now, can we just get to class already?"

The other two fillies shrugged at each other and resumed their way inside. Wait, something was missing.

"Sweetie Belle? Aren't ya comin'?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Yeah, just give me a moment. I... Connor has to give me my lunch."

The country filly shrugged and went back inside the building. Outside, Sweetie Belle limped up to Connor and nuzzled at his chest. The colt was pretty startled.

"Whoa! Uh, Sweetie Belle, what's..?"

"Thank you for walking me to school!" she said. "It was really nice of you, and... it made me really happy!"

"Oh! No problem! Now, I've gotta get going. I don't want to be late for work. I've got to earn enough money so I could finally start building my house."

The little white unicorn's heart sank. "But why can't you stay at the boutique? You could live with my big sister forever!"

And I could come visit you often! she included in her mind.

"That's kind of the problem, Sweetie Belle. I really enjoy living with your big sister, but I think now that she has done enough to hospitalize me. I'm not a foal, you know."

She sighed. "Yeah... I guess you're right. Wait! But I can still visit you at your new house, right?"


The filly's throat seemed to clog itself in shock and confusion. Why could she not visit him? What was the matter? Connor laughed.

"Just kidding! Of course, you can!"

Sweetie Belle sighed in relief. "Really, I can?"



"Kidding again!"

The filly giggled in humor. She thought Connor looked so cute when he was joking around.

"I always enjoy visitors. Whether it's Twilight, Spike, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, my girl Fluttershy... Having you as a visitor will be really fun!"


They both smiled as they ended their conversation rather awkwardly. Sweetie Belle got lost in his eyes again. She sighed, full of love. He was funny, cute, cool, and handsome. She believed that she had required a full package. Just the thought of him and her as a couple gave her a warm tingly feeling in her spine.

"Say, Sweetie Belle?"


"Do you think you, uhh... well..."

"Yessss?" she flirtatiously urged him to continue.

"Do you think you could... go... out with me?"

She decided to play coy. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"Do you think you should be going to class?"

Sweetie Belle shook her head rapidly. Whoa, what the hay just happened there? Did she just daydream?

"Oh, sorry! I'll see you later!"

She turned to leave, but not before she turned back and hugged the colt around the neck, nuzzling her cheek into his. Connor could only look at the happy little pony. Man, she sure was acting very gleeful today. The hair-job, the looks she gave him, the hugs, the nuzzles...


Connor could not help, but think.

Was Sweetie Bell... crushing on him?


Nah! She was just a really happy pony. What else could he say?

After the filly released him, she began to climb the one step that lead her into the building. However, she was having a bit of trouble getting in, especially with that cumbersome splint on her leg.

"Here, let me help you," Connor said as he lifted the filly over the step.

"(Hee hee! He offered to help me!) Thanks!"

She limped the rest of the way up to her desk.

"Well, hello, Connor!" said an older voice.

"Ohay, Miss Cheerilee!"

"Oh, please! You can just call me 'Cheerilee'. So, how are you today?"

"Good, just a lot of work at the Guzzling Gallop. Going to be working there all day."

"Oh! Sounds fun! That place is very electric and exciting. Cherry Limeade sure knows how to decorate the place. Also, how's your fillyfriend, Fluttershy?"

"Looking as beautiful as a rose, as always," Connor replied.

"You certainly are a lucky stallion to be with such a sweet and pretty mare like her."

"I guess I am!" he smiled appreciatively. "She's my little pony, and always will be."

"I wish you two the best of luck."

"Thanks! Anyhoo, I'd better get going. Nice talking to you!"

"Nice talking to you, too! Goodbye, Connor!"

Amongst the cheerful clamor residing in the classroom, a negative storm cloud hung in the air. It was floating directly above a certain white unicorn. Her mouth was hung open in shock and defeat.

She completely forgot about that!

Connor already had a fillyfriend.

KONK! went her head as it struck the desktop.

Now what?

To be continued...