• Published 13th May 2012
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Applejack's Stetson Hat - Fattymagee1

When the Cutie Mark Crusaders ruin Applejack's stetson hat, Big Macintosh takes it to Rarity's boutique in order to get it repaired. But was that the only reason he's

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The Meeting

It was still morning as Big Macintosh trotted through the streets of Ponyville towards the Carousel Boutique. The big red stallion couldn't stop thinking about what Pinkie Pie said.

"Don't doubt yourself!"

"Be confident!"

"Tell her how you feel!"

Those three things kept going through Big Macintosh's head like a broken record. Big Macintosh turned around a corner; he could see the boutique at the end of the long street. As he trotted, he passed a group of mares, all of whom smiled and waved at the stallion and giggled at the same time. It was obvious that they were all... attracted to him.

Maybe Pinkie Pie was right 'bout that, too... maybe Ah am handsome. Those mares over there seem to like me just fine... maybe Rarity will feel the same way 'bout me.

Big Macintosh arrived at his destination. He stopped right in front of the purple front door of the large purple and white building. Big Mac thought about turning back, thinking he would mess this all up in a fit of nervousness and making Rarity reject him for good.

No, Ah've come too far. This is mah only chance ta talk ta her alone.

The big red stallion unhooked himself from the wagon, walked over to the back to retrieve Applejack's ripped hat, and walked up to the door. He placed his right hoof on the door and tapped on it three times. For about fifteen seconds, there was no response, and Big Macintosh started to believe no one was home.

Ah reckon she's out somewhere with her friends...

Suddenly, the door was thrust open, and standing in doorway was a small filly that looked similar to Rarity in many ways, but much smaller, with green eyes, and hair that was a lighter shade of purple. Big Macintosh remembered seeing this unicorn with Apple Bloom and that other orange pegasus filly, but couldn't quite remember the names of his little sister's friends. He did, however, remember she was partially responsible for the destruction of Applejack's hat.

"Hi Big Macintosh! what brings you to Carousel Boutique? You don't seem like the kind of pony who would want a makeover!"

"Ah came here to get mah sister's hat repaired, which Ah believe y'all and yer friends helped destroy in the first place."

Big Macintosh showed her the ripped beige hat.

"Oh... sorry," replied the little filly with a sheepish grin

"Sweetie Belle, who are you talking—oh, hello, Big Macintosh! What a pleasant surprise. What brings you here on this fine morning, darling?"

Rarity came out from another room into the front chamber of the boutique and trotted over to where Big Mac and Sweetie Belle were standing. Just hearing Rarity talk nearly made Big Macintosh's knees buckle, her sweet voice like the most beautiful country song he had ever heard.

"Howdy Rarity, y'all”—he braced himself for the disappointment—“look lovely as ever today. Ah'm here to get Applejack's hat repaired, and Ah reckon you more'n anypony in this town'd be fit fer the job."

Big Macintosh showed Rarity the ripped Stetson hat.

"Why, thank you for the compliment Big Macintosh! That... means a lot to me... to hear that from a nice stallion like yourself. And of course I'll be able to repair it! It should only take me a few days. But may I ask, how did something like this happen? As I'm sure you know, Applejack is very protective of her hat; I never believed something of that magnitude could ever happen!"

Big Macintosh gazed down at the little filly. "Ah reckon Sweetie Belle here can tell you what happened."

Both Big Macintosh and Rarity shifted their attention to Sweetie Belle, who was still standing next to both of them listening.

"Umm... I kind of... may have... fought over it with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom when Applejack let us try it on. I didn't mean to rip it! I promise Rarity! Honest!" blurted a suddenly frightened Sweetie Belle.

Big Macintosh gently placed his hoof on the filly's back and grinned."Ah reckon that won't be necessary. It was an accident, y'all just all really wanted t' get yer cutie mark. Ah understand how y'all must feel... Ah was the last t' get mah cutie mark in mah class when Ah was around your age, and it was really frustratin' seein' all the other fillies and colts with theirs. Ah got made fun of and bullied plenty, bein' called names like "blank flank," which really hurt inside, but Ah was patient and eventually it came when Ah realized workin' on the apple farm was what Ah was meant to do... and lemme tell ya, Ah was happy as any colt could be! Y'all and yer friends really should learn t' share more and be patient. Ah promise y'all will all get yer cutie marks soon enough, and when it does, y'all will understand it was worth the wait to truly find out what yer special talent really is."

Both Sweetie Belle and Rarity were taken aback by Big Macintosh's statement. Neither of them had ever heard Big Macintosh speak like that, and neither had ever believed the stallion possessed that kind of insight on cutie marks.

"Th—Thanks Big Mac! I never knew you went through the same things Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and I have to go through. That really makes me feel better about the whole situation! I wish I could have a big brother like you Big Mac! Apple Bloom is really lucky to have you around!"

With that statement, Sweetie Belle walked up and hugged one of Big Macintosh's massive forelegs, then trotted into another room, leaving Rarity and Big Macintosh alone together by the front door. When Sweetie Belle hugged him, he felt a tingling feeling in his stomach that he had never felt before... it was amazing.

Rarity peered up at the massive stallion. "Big Macintosh... I never knew you had to go through what Sweetie Belle and her friends have to go through. I guess I wouldn't understand because I was one of the first in my class to get my cutie mark, since I knew from the start fashion designing was my special talent. Sweetie Belle complains all the time to me about not having her cutie mark, and I never seem to be able to really get through to her like you just did.... That was very sweet of you, Big Mac."

With that, Rarity leaned over and gave Big Macintosh a small peck on the cheek.

If Sweetie Belle's hug had felt amazing, words couldn't describe the euphoria that Big Macintosh felt when Rarity kissed him. This was not the way he planned to do it, but he knew deep inside that he had gained Rarity's affection.

"Ah—just thought it was mah duty to let 'er know there's somepony else who went through what she's goin' through, and that she just needs to persevere. I don't want her or mah sister or that pegasus filly Scootaloo to feel all alone, that's all." Big Macintosh now had a massive grin plastered on his face, the stallion still remaining euphoric from Rarity's kiss on cheek.

For a moment there was silence, and Big Macintosh couldn't help but just stare into Rarity's beautiful dark azure eyes. Rarity also couldn't help but stare deep into Big Macintosh's green eyes.

"So... I guess I should start working on Applejack's hat, then, dear."

"Yeeup, ah reckon ya should. Here's yer bits fer it."

Rarity pushed Big Macintosh's hoof away. "Oh that won't be necessary. For a good friend, it's on the house."

"Why that's mighty kind of ya, Rarity. I really appreciate that, since money is always tight down on the farm."

"Of course! Any time, Big Macintosh."

A couple seconds of silence passed, and Big Macintosh took a deep gulp. This was the moment he had waited for. "Say Rarity, would... ya... maybe like t' have dinner sometime with me? Ya know, so we can get to know each other better as friends? I feel like—"

Rarity's eyes lit up, almost like she was expecting the question. "I would love to, darling! Learning more about yourself and your work at Sweet Apple Acres sounds simply delightful! How does tomorrow night at around 7 sound?"

"That sounds great! Ah'll come by and pick ya up then!"

"Marvelous, darling, I'll see you then!"

With that, Big Macintosh turned his massive frame and walked out the door, hitched himself back up to the wagon, and started the fairly long trot back towards Sweet Apple Acres with the same ecstasy he experienced when Rarity kissed him.

Ah did it! the big red stallion thought to himself. A'hm goin' on a date with the most beautiful mare in Ponyville!

As Rarity trotted over to her sewing machine to work on Applejack's hat, she too felt a similar euphoria as Big Macintosh. The mare had really begun to take a liking to the big red stallion.

He may not be prince charming, but his heart sure is in the right place, Rarity thought to herself

Sweetie Belle walked back into the room with a big smile across her face. She'd secretly watched the whole event unfold, and loved the idea of Rarity and Big Macintosh going on a date.

"You and Big Macintosh would make such a cute couple, don't you think Rarity?" giggled Sweetie Belle.

"Were you spying on us, Sweetie Belle?" asserted Rarity in a serious manner, even though she already knew the answer.

"Umm... I'm sorry, sister, I just really wanted to see what you two were talking about."

Rarity's serious face changed into a smile.

"I guess I didn't ever tell you to leave us... it's just as well. You should know if your own sister is going on a date with the brother of one of your friends. But for right now, just consider Big Macintosh and I friends."

Both Sweetie Belle and Rarity giggled. The mare had a hunch she was going to enjoy her time with that sweet stallion tomorrow.