• Published 13th May 2012
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Applejack's Stetson Hat - Fattymagee1

When the Cutie Mark Crusaders ruin Applejack's stetson hat, Big Macintosh takes it to Rarity's boutique in order to get it repaired. But was that the only reason he's

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Pinkie's Advice

Big Macintosh woke up early the next morning, even before the early-rising Applejack and Granny Smith. As always, he went through each thing in his head like a checklist of what he had to do for the day.

Big Macintosh thought to himself:

Ah need t' make apple cider deliveries to Sugarcube corner and town hall, and then Ah--

A small grin appeared on Big Mac's face as he remembered.

Ah need t' go t' the boutique in town where that purty filly Rarity will fix Applejack's torn hat.

The big red stallion had really been looking forward to this since he learned about it the night before. It was a chance to interact with the mare of his dreams. He never got to see her normally, other than when Applejack invited her over. The few times Rarity was at Sweet Apple Acres, his eyes were always fixated on her, but Big Macintosh was simply too shy to approach and talk to her, the only dialogue being a simple "howdy" or "so long."

Why would the purtiest filly in all of Equestria want t' talk to a dirty farm pony like me?

But today was different. Big Macintosh could feel confidence surge through his body like a wildfire sweeping through the forest. Today would be the day. He would express his feelings for Rarity and hope for the best. He wasn't sure how we was going to do it, or what he was going to say... but it felt like the right thing to do. There would never be a better opportunity than this.

“Ah'll probably never be able t' talk t' her alone again....” Big Macintosh said aloud in a worried tone.

Big Macintosh was almost proud of the Cutie Mark Crusaders' mischief. If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't be getting this opportunity.

The big red stallion walked over to the barn, hitched his horse-collar to a wagon carrying two barrels of apple cider, tossed Applejack's ripped hat into the wagon, and took off down the road towards Ponyville.

A little while later, Big Macintosh arrived in town and made his cider delivery to the Mayor's office without incident. When Big Macintosh arrived at Sugarcube Corner to make his delivery there, he knocked on the door and was immediately greeted by Pinkie Pie.

"Hi Big Macintosh, how are you? What are you doing here? How is--" Big Macintosh just put his hoof over the hyper pink mare's snout, as was standard to do when she talked.

"A'hm fine, Pinkie Pie... and so is Applejack and the rest of the family. A'hm also here t' make this cider delivery t' ya."

"Oh, thanks Big Mac! Here's your bits for the cider. I guess you'll be on your way back to the farm, then?"

"Eeyup, Ah reckon Ah should. There's always work t' be done around the farm. Bye now!"

The stallion turned around and started to trot away from Pinkie Pie, his real destination still in mind; then he stopped and thought for a second. Maybe he should talk to Pinkie Pie about this. Pinkie Pie knew everything about everypony in town; she could possibly know a better way to approach Rarity. He was only going to have one shot at this, and he wanted to know the best way to approach it.

Big Macintosh turned around and headed back to Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie Pie, who was still outside, hopped around randomly with no particular destination in mind.

When Pinkie Pie saw Big Macintosh walking back towards her, she giggled and pointed her hoof in the direction of Big Macintosh's home. "Hey silly, Sweet Apple Acres is the other way!"

"Ah know, but Ah came back t' talk t' y'all about somethin'. Y' have ta promise not t' tell anypony about it, all right?"

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"

Big Macintosh was surprised to see Pinkie Pie actually stick one of her hooves into her eye. "Doesn't that hurt ya?"

Pinkie Pie grinned. "Nah, I'm used to it! So what's this super-amazing secret of yours?"

Big Macintosh just rolled his eyes and let it go. He had heard from Applejack about 'Pinkie just being Pinkie.' "All right... so, ya know everything about everypony in town, right?"

"Of course, silly! I'm not friends with everypony for no reason!"

"Well, here's the thing... Ah kind of… have feelin's for somepony. And Ah'm no good at this sort of thing, so Ah'm not really sure how to approach her. I was hopin' y'all could help me out."

"Ooooh, you have a crush on somepony? I could totally help you! Who is the lucky filly?"

"Lucky filly? It's me who'd be lucky ta have her. Ah feel so undeserving... Ah'm goin' ta see her right now t' get Applejack's hat all fixed up."

Pinkie Pie saw Applejack's ripped Stetson hat in the back of Big Macintosh's wagon he was pulling and instantly knew.

"Oh my goodness, OH MY GOODNESS! You have a crush on Rarity! Oh, this is just wonderful! You two would make such a cute couple!" Pinkie Pie nearly yelled. Luckily, it was still early, so there was still hardly anypony out there to hear her.

"Shhhhh! Remember what Ah said 'bout keepin' it a secret?" Big Mac whispered.

"Oh yeah, silly me!" Pinkie whispered back with a giggle.

"Well, how do y'all reckon Ah should approach her?"

"Well, like all fillies, she wants to feel wanted and appreciated, so make sure you do that. You need to remind her all the time that she's at the center of your world, and that you think she's the most beautiful mare in Equestria. If you do, I can almost guarantee she will return your affections."

"All right, Ah guess that shouldn't be too hard."

"Oh, and Big Macintosh! Don't doubt yourself. You are a big, strong, handsome stallion, so be confident. Tell her how you feel! I know of several fillies that would love to be with you."

"Ah, uh... thanks, Pinkie Pie. Ah really owe ya one, This has really helped me out a lot, Ah think I can do this now."

"Don't mention it! Oooooh, Big Mac and Rarity! I'm going to throw a party for you and Rarity when you're together! Go to her now and talk to her!"

"All right, bye now Pinkie Pie! Thanks for everything!"

With that, Big Macintosh turned around and headed in the direction of Rarity's shop, the very luxurious-looking Carousel Boutique with the large purple front door. Big Macintosh had never placed a hoof inside the shop, but had heard many things about how darn "fancy" it was from Applejack.

Even with Pinkie's advice and encouragement, Big Macintosh couldn't help but feel nervous. 'When you're together,' he repeated over and over again in his head. Pinkie Pie seems t' think Ah have a good chance...

Ah sure hope she's right.