• Published 13th May 2012
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The Everfree Chronicles: The Alchemist - Roran Dreamon

The Everfree Forest, never a safe place for anyone to live in except for one colt, he calls it home.

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Chapter 5: Longest Day of the Year

Ponyville Outskirts, Present Day

A large hill with a lonely willow tree standing on the top, a lone unicorn is standing their, a ghostly black cloak and a shining black belt is all that can be seen. His eye's, now teal with its red and amber colors slightly faded into the background.

"Ponyville...you haven't changed one bit...only grown..." my voice now twisted and wrapped.

"It has been 10 years....10...long...horrible years...and now...I...have returned."

As I slowly trot down the hill, I turn my head skyward noticing it, what looks like a carriage can be seen flying towards Ponyville, two royal guards carrying a unicorn and a baby dragon.

"New arrivals...this...shall be interesting...and tonight...my wish will be granted."

"A Pony...and a baby dragon...who would have thought a dragon was still acceptable into pony society...doesn't matter...tonight...my Queen will be free...and my new orders...blend in...and make some friends to fool those that love the sun...when they should be loving the glorious night." I said, my voice returning to normal.

Trotting down the hill, I notice a pink pony jumping into the air and running away from the new arrivals, most likely the two said something rude...maybe they have a use to me after all.

As I kept trotting, I also notice that the ponies here are very festive, seemingly getting prepared for their stupid summer celebration, when they should be getting ready for the beautiful moon celebration, and for our Queen's beloved return.

"Hmm....I wonder where I should go first...maybe to the ahhhh!" I jump backwards, the same pink pony that left screaming from the other two somehow popped up in front of me, making me fall on my flank and almost seize up in terror.

"Oh sorry about that!" said the pink one, her voice sounds like she has been drinking nothing but sugary drinks non-stop everyday and every hour on the hour.

"Its okay...I just...was not paying attention...so why did you run from those two?" as I point my hoof in their general direction.

"Yea, they are new to Ponyville so I was surprised and now I have to plan a 'Welcome-to-Ponyville-Party!' but wait, aren't you new to Ponyville also? That means I can throw two parties at the same time!" her voice ecstatic and filled with overjoy.

"Erm...sorry to burst your bubble...but I am not new to Ponyville...I used to live here, I just had to leave for a few years, had some family business to attend to, and I have returned to stay here." I tried to lie, not wanting to break my cover.

"Oh! Sow now I can throw a 'Welcome-to-Ponyville-Party!' and a 'Welcome-back-to-Ponyville-Party!' this is the bestest day ever!" she said as she jumped into the air and left me standing there, confused out of my mind.

Well..at least I did not blow my cover...so, I guess I better follow the two, and see how it goes.

As I follow them, I notice that they occasionally look back and look at me, I do not attempt to hide in the bushes or use the trees as cover, I just follow them, and occasionally I would wave at them and the baby dragon would wave back, it gave me a happy feeling knowing that at least their is one pony er I mean baby dragon that does not fear my presence, but I think that the purple mare does.

I can already tell that following the two was going to be a very...very...long day...so why did I decide to follow them? I could have just waited for the dumb party to start and just sneak in...so why am I following them?

"Maybe because your ass is lonely and maybe you are also ogling at her flank the entire time...or that you are just a loser for the mares and that none of them want you, either way I win."

"Shut up...before I banish you from my mind again...I already did so for 5 years...want to go for another 5 years?" I said in a threateningly evil tone.

As the day went on, I noticed that each of the ponies that this "Twilight Sparkle" has met, all seem so keen on being friends...is that their hole thing in Ponyville? Making friends with everypony that they see, is it for favors, or is it because that this place is so dead-set on being overly friendly.

As Twilight Sparkle and her little baby dragon following her, holding a scroll, I am guessing it is a list of things, maybe a to-do list for tonight's event. As they enter the farm, I notice that this was Sweet Apple Acres, and that was when I noticed that Macintosh was working far in the fields, but also noticing the same small filly that I encountered 5 years ago has grown also, now matching Twilight in size also, but since she is an Earth Pony, she lacks the horn and magic, but her strength might rival my own, since I never buck apple trees, but by the looks of it it seems easy enough.

I notice that Macintosh has grown over the 5 years, he has outgrown me, most likely has a deeper voice and also looks more muscular, but I easily outclass him in trained strength and also I can just use my new magic and the blessings I was given to easily overpower him in case he becomes hostile to me. I highly doubt my old friend would easily betray me, I knew he wouldn't but would he?

While in my thoughts I hear a loud noise. "Yee Haw!" I turned to see that the orange mare was galloping to a tree that had large buckets placed under it, and apparently when she bucked the tree, the apples fell down into the buckets, just as planned, and to me that is very smart thinking, better to have it placed under the tree than to pick them up one at a time.

I keep watching them, and while the three are talking, I quickly look around, and I see that Macintosh was no where to be seen, and that feeling you get when you think that somepony is right behind you, well, I got that feeling.

"What brings you back here Nightshade?" Macintosh's voice sounding way deeper than the last time I saw him.

"Nothing...just...thinking over my past life...just thinking...you know...for 10 years...I have lived in the Everfree, and not a single pony has dared to enter it, they all feared the forest, but if you know your way around plants and the animals in there, you will be safe." I said, not turning around, just watching Twilight and the other mare.

""You also never told me that you had a sister...what is her name anyways?" my tone now slightly cold.

"Her name is Applejack, and it is best if you don't go about ruining ponies lives you hear me?" Big Mac said, now standing right next to me.

"I know...but I am still mad at you for stabbing me in the back 10 years ago...but I can not hold a grudge against you forever, so I like to say I am sorry...'for what I am about to do tonight' but, for now I must be off...I am making sure that my friend does not get into trouble for today." I say slowly, than just as fast I was there, I quickly trot off after Twilight, making sure to keep my distance.

A few minutes of somewhat close following and avoiding an angry glare by Big Mac, I notice that Twilight was tackled by a rainbow maned pegasus into a mud puddle, and just as quickly as it happened, she was quickly rinsed off with a raincloud. I hear the sounds of a small giggle, than the rainbow mare speaking, "Oops, I think I over did it, um...uh...how about this!" she says as she flies into the air, and quickly flies around Twilight, creating a vortex that knowing how a vortex operates, it quickly dries her hair and leaves mane and tail all puffy.

As soon as it dies down, I just stare at Twilight, my jaw almost dropping, her mane was completely ruined, and I start laughing my flank off, falling to the floor onto my back, and without me noticing, the baby dragon and the rainbow mare also laughing and falling on their backs.

After another few seconds of laughter, they three quickly start talking about the Wonderbolts, some sort of special group of elite flyers, widely known for being the best flyers, and yet I do not care, I was still laughing inside, and while my laughing fit died, I notice that the rainbow mare was bucking the clouds, apparently saying she can do it "10 Seconds Flat", truth be told that she actually did get rid of the clouds within 10 seconds, amazing really to see a pegasus fly that fast without getting set on fire from the friction.

As they go their separate ways, I follow them inside of the building to which the event was taking place, and let me tell you, it feels like a pageant was about to take place in here. "Decorations, beautiful, yes the decor is coming along just fine, not the decor...her!" was all I heard, apparently the dragon was talking about the white mare that was decorating the hall, and I realize who it was, it was Miss Rarity, and I notice that the baby dragon was looking at her with love in his eyes, and just seeing that gave me the thought of "Oh I am going to skin that dragon alive for looking at her like that."

This was going to be a very long day...and that baby dragon is causing me to slightly wish I would listen to my evil self. "Come on you little lizard...give me a reason to skin you and use your skin as a new pair of socks..."\

Ponyville Library, 2 Hours Later

So...it seems that the two parties are going to be taking place inside of the Ponyville library, no problem, and since every pony will be there, I can easily know them all, and possibly use their own secrets against them.

After a few minutes of waiting, and listening to Twilight talking to the yellow pegasus, apparently named Fluttershy, shy indeed by the way she was first approached and tried to speak with, at least she manage to talk to the baby dragon, now known as Spike to me, this is getting better and better with each passing minute. As soon as they leave each other, the two enter the library, leaving me outside near the entrance, and I stealthily enter the building, and since it was dark inside, I was right that the party was going to take place there.

"Now wheres the light?" was all that Twilight has said before some random pony quickly flicked on the light switch, revealing that I think almost all of Ponyville is inside. Everypony inside shouted "SURPRISE!" party toys being used, and all I heard was Twilight groaning in defeat, the sound that many ponies will be later groaning.

Ponyville Library, 1 Hour to Midnight

"Legend has it that on the longest day on the thousandth year, the stars will aid her escape and bring an everlasting night." almost at the same time, me and Twilight Sparkle have spoken, but she was inside while I was outside, drinking from a cup of punch from the party, smiling to myself, the time almost near, as I quickly trot to the hiding place of my Shadow Guard armor, looking around to make sure that no pony is watching me.

"Tonight...tonight on the longest day of the thousandth year, you will be free from your lunar prison, and you shall take back all that was taken from you by your tyrant sister and her sun frolicking fools." I said, my eyes glowing a teal aura, making me grin evilly, "May your moon glow its everlasting light onto me, for I am your instrument in your time of need and service." I said talking to the moon, hoping it is listening.

Ponyville Hall, Midnight

The mayor...how I loathed her...how I want to watch her die by my hooves for exiling me at such a young age...but now...now is my time. As I wait in the back of the crowd, my large cloak hiding my black armor from the ponies prying eyes.

"Fillies and Gentlecolts, as Mayor of Ponyville, it is my great pleasure to announce the beginning of the Summer Sun Celebration!" the Mayor says, her little speech getting an applause from the ponies present, giving me a sick feeling in my stomach.

"So many sun loving fools...they should be loving the moon than that worthless sun." my mind yelling out, but to no ears to hear its ranting.

"In just a few moments our time will witness the magic of the sunrise and this, celebrate the longest day of the year!" She keeps saying her little prepared speech, and I notice that Twilight glances to the window, and as do I, I notice that the stars are moving to the moon, aligning with it, allowing my Queen to be free from her cage.

"And now it is my great honor to introduce you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives us the sun and the moon each and everyday, the good, the wise, and the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria, Princess Celestia!" as she says that name, I make a gagging sound, trying to get attention so they know that I hate the princess, for more than one reason.

As the curtains quickly rise, I make my move to where she should be standing, making my way to quickly strike her down, to be the first pony to openly rebel against the sun tyrant. But to my amazement, Celestia was not present, which means only one thing, my Queen has managed to defeat her in a few moments...wait...she defeated Celestia without me...does this mean I have a real use now?

"Remain calm everypony, there must be a reason for this..." says the mayor, obviously freaking out, knowing that the Tyrant is not here. As everypony gasps in fear, their tyrant missing, and as I make my way to meet with Rarity, I hear the pink one gasping in both surprise and fear, and I can feel that presence, the presence of my Queen.

Nightmare Moon slowly appears from a cloud of purple magic, and takes her solid form, no longer a spectral image of herself.

"Hello my beloved subjects, It has been so long since I seen your precious sunlighted faces." she said in her motherly like tone to the ponies.

"What did you do to our princess!" said the rainbow one, now known to me as Rainbow Dash as she tried to charge at her, but was caught by Applejack, biting onto the tip of her tail.

Nightmare Moon laughs a bit, "Why is my crown not good enough for you, don't you know who I am?" glaring daggers at Rainbow Dash for her outburst, as I quickly make my way to the front, trying to get to my Queen.

"Does my crown no longer count now that I have been imprisoned for a thousand years. Did you not recall the legend. Did you not see the signs!" she said, now triumph in her voice.

"I did! And I know who you are, you are the Mare in the Moon, Nightmare Moon!" said Twilight, as I quickly glare right at her, and turn around to face her. And as I glare at her, everypony gasps at the revelation that was placed out before them.

"Well well well, somepony that remembers me, and I bet you also know why I am here" she said, now using her words to back Twilight into a corner.

"You are here to...to..." she lowers her head, feeling defeated, and everypony had their eyes on her, waiting for the answer that they all feared.

"Remember this day little ponies for it is your last, as this moment on, NIGHT WILL LAST FOREVER!!! she says with the voice of a madmare that is absolute victory. She starts to cackle insanely, her mane creating a storm above her, sending lightning bolts down, scaring everypony, but to me, it is a sight of a beautiful view and I was enthralled by it.

I grin evilly, this is the beginning of a new era, and I know, that I will soon have everything I ever wanted and more, but knowing that Twilight was looking for the very weapon to defeat my Queen, I must stop her at all costs, even if it costs me my life.