• Published 13th May 2012
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The Everfree Chronicles: The Alchemist - Roran Dreamon

The Everfree Forest, never a safe place for anyone to live in except for one colt, he calls it home.

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Chapter 6: Rise of the Eternal Night

Ponyville, Summer Sun Celebration Building, Midnight

Nightmare Moon kept on laughing insanely, I was standing below her on the ground floor, I was facing basically all of Ponyville and I knew I had a few of them looking right at me and I could tell that some of them had the look of terror that I was working for her, and they are right, I am working for her.

The few royal guards that were attending the celebration look at Nightmare Moon than at me, and I notice that the one in the middle of the two, has a dented helmet, and that dent was as flat as the sword I had hit him with, and from his face, he was pissed off beyond normal limits.

Just as that guard was slowly advancing his way toward me, the mayor quickly shouted "Seize her! Only she knows where the princess is!" and to my luck, that guard and the other two started charging to my Queen, something that I will not let slide, not on my watch, even though I do not have one, not yet that is.

"Get back you foals!" she shouted, shooting bolts of lightning from her mane, taking two of the three down, and to everyponies surprise, I shoot a small arcane bolt at the third one in flight, the one that had the damaged helmet, and knocking him out of the air, his body landing next to the other two, and in my act of defiance against those ponies, I take off my cloak, revealing my darkened armor, showing to them all who I owe my allegiance to, Nightmare Moon.

As many more ponies gasp in terror that they have let into their little community a spy for Nightmare Moon, a traitor, and when I took of my helmet in front of all of them, three of them passed out immediately.

"Ponies of Ponyville...I have returned...just like I promised 10 years ago...10 long bloody years in exile, I have returned for you all." I said, removing any trace of my evil self or Nightmare Moon's armor enchantment to make me sound like a demon, leaving me with my crisp clear voice.

"You are all wondering...why is this exile back...why is he still alive and most importantly..." I take a few steps forward, making many of the ponies back away from me as if I was a disease. "Why am I supporting Nightmare Moon..." I said, my voice now in its demanding tone, scaring a few more ponies, making another pass out in fear. And at the pass out gave me a grin, a highly noticeable grin that Applejack and Rainbow Dash saw.

"I will tell you why, because if it was not for her, I would have died in that forest on the first night of my exile, and she is not the evil mare you all insane ponies think that she is...no no indeed not evil, all she wishes is for an eternal peaceful night, a night that all of you ponies neglect to look at and praise, for its beauty is unmatched and unrivaled by the sun!" letting my zealous self take over for this portion of my ranting.

I notice a few ponies moving in the crowd, coming right towards me, and I could care less, I can easily take care of the ponies that want to try and stop me, and just as I turn my head to look at who is going to stop me, my heart drops like a stone into a lake, and my ears drop down immediately along with my eyes opening widely with fear. My old Family stepped forward.

"Son? Son is that you? What...what are you doing here! I thought you were exiled, never to return! Why are you here, and why are you protecting that evil mare!" my mother said, her voice was absolutely filled with shock and surprise.

"What else would you think...mother...I have returned because of what I promised 10 years ago and I never back down from my promises...and my Queen is not evil, she is simply granting Equestria what it has always deserved!An Eternal Night that will bring the sweet darkness to the lands and let every pony to see what I have seen! The glorious night sky and that our Queen has shown to every single pony, and yet you all reject its majestic beauty! All of you should be happy and proud for her hard work she has done for all of you each and every night!" I shouted to my parents at first, than just started yelling at every pony in the room, many of them with their jaws hanging, hearing what I was speaking was like listening to a cult leader enthralling a crowd of people, but in this case, enthralling a crowd of ponies.

"I was charged with the crime of murder...which it was not my fault, how was I supposed to know that vial was tainted with a very lethal poison...but no, no pony believed me, they believed that I committed a terrible crime, and at my young age none of you shown any sign of leniency, so I paid the ultimate price of exile, never again to live a normal life..." I said, my voice breaking down gradually.

"DO ANY OF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LOSE EVERYTHING THAT YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOU! I LOST EVERYTHING BECAUSE EVERYPONY THOUGHT THAT I WAS A KILLER! A COLD BLOODED MURDERER! BUT YOU ALL ARE WRONG! AND YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR THIS INSOLENCE! my evil self shouting to everypony in the room, even Nightmare Moon slightly flinched at the amount of rage and anger that I was giving out to everypony, not even her rage was beyond to what I have just done.

"But for now, you all should obey your new Queen...as I already have...and always will obey." as I said it, my horn glows a dull silver before as I teleport right next to Nightmare Moon, appearing by her left wing, standing proudly with my helmet on, looking just like her but only without the wings and the flowing mane.

As I stand next to her, every single pony is just flabbergasted that I betrayed all of them to the crazy alicorn, but I knew that I can trust her, because she trusts me with her life, and nothing more. Just as I move closer to her so we can both leave this building and back to our castle, she cranes her neck downward to my head, and places a small kiss on my right cheek, making my face quickly turn a reddish hue, and can barely be seen from my helmet and from my black coat.

After the kiss was done, I heard at least a few gasps, even somepony saying "scandalous", which quickly earned my glare, but even more bold was some pony moving forward and saying "It seems that an exile and a crazy mare are fit for each other, but I do wonder does the little bastard even know how OLD his lover is." not only did that little stunt earn a glare from both of us, but also two arcane bolts from both our horns, my bolt landing on his back, Nightmare Moon's landing on his neck, launching him into the crowd, and before anything else happens, Nightmare Moon wraps both of us in her mane, and just as quickly as she first appeared, we are thrusted out of the building and quickly fly into the Everfree Forest, back to our stone castle home.

Everfree Castle, 1 Hour after Arrival

As soon as we stopped inside of the courtyard I noticed that Nightmare Moon's face was ever so slightly tinted red, which to me shouldn't be possible, I knew she has no affection for me, for I am just a simple unicorn, well an abnormal unicorn with strange eyes, strange coat color, but I am also her Shadow Guard, which means she shouldn't even be fluttering like that to a guard, hell even to me that is well, indecent for a Queen to be doing, especially doing such an act with a guard...but than again...I think she has feelings for me...feelings that I can not fight that I too also have feelings for her, which would only interrupt my job to protect her from those that would want their stupid sun back.

Nightmare Moon quickly went to her room, apparently in an angry mood, one to which I hopefully was not my fault for I do not want to be on the receiving end of a pike or a sword, hopefully not a pike for I do not want my head to be on display.

I know that when she is in a bad mood, it is best not to even to do anything stupid or foolish in her presence, in fact even being in her presence would mark the end of my short lived life....I am starting to regret even letting her kiss me on the cheek 5 years ago and an hour ago....yea I am doomed...hopefully nothing bad happens...

As I get near my Queen's royal bed chamber, I stand at attention near her door, standing still, waiting for any sense of trouble to arrive, but instead I only get a strange moaning sound and at first I just ignore it, but it slowly gets louder and more...erotic? I think my mind is just playing tricks on me, but as I look around the halls, I notice that the sound is coming from the room, but would my Queen be moaning?

I slowly place my ear against the door, and in response I hear another strange moaning sound, and the sounds also are short erratic breathing patterns. And to that breathing pattern, I barge into the room like I own the place, I look around the room, and I notice that Nightmare Moon was splayed on the bed, her armor was laying on its armor stand, I also notice that her forehoof was placed between her....my god.

My face immediately turned red, and not even my helmet can hide it and just as I quickly try to leave I get a pillow thrown at me at such a force that not only impales itself onto my horn, but launches me into the wall, leaving a small dent in it.

"Owwwwwwwwwww" I groaned, falling down and landing belly first, the armor helping me not be in much pain, but the pillow being launched that fast must have meant it was held by magic.

As I slowly get my stupid body up from the floor, my body aching from getting tossed into the wall at such a high rate of speed, that and having my body slammed into a wall also does not help.

I look up, to see that Nightmare Moon has quickly covered herself, but is still madly blushing, not even trying to hide that part of her, I quickly get up and bowed before her.

"I am sorry your majesty...I did not know...I...I am sorry...I will be leaving now..." I stutter, fearing that if I stay any longer I might be forced to eat my own coat in front of her.

"I do not think so Nightshade...in fact, I might have a use for you, and do not think that I do not notice that red color on your face...you have those feelings for me...do you not." her voice sounding not sure on how to partake of this situation. Neither do I.

I dryly swallowed, and I almost know what is going to happen next, after all the romance novels I have read, which was only 6 books I stole from the Library 3 years ago, and I still haven't returned them even though I should have. And by the way she is sounding soothing and that sultry glare she is giving me, I can quite say tonight will be one of those nights to remember.

"Come closer Nightshade...it is about time you receive your reward that you deserve for your unyielding loyalty to me." she said in a lovely tone, her eyes looking up and down my body in a way that I can not tell since my eyes are still somewhat seeing stars from the impact knocking the air from my lungs.

As Nightmare Moon slowly lifted her legs, I noticed that her horn was glowing, and I look down to see that I was floating off of the floor and was steadily and ever so slowly moving closer to her bed. My body stiff as a board and the slightest movement is hindered by her hold on my body, even trying to break free causes an intense amount of pain to erupt from whichever part of my body trying to break free from her grasp.

"You should stop resisting Nightshade...I can read your mind, and let me tell you, not a lot is going on inside of your head, but the few thoughts I have seen...such a vivid imagination you have, all the things you want to do to me, have me begging your name while I am in your hooves, embracing each other tightly, our bodies as one, such a lively and vivid imagination..." she said, her voice now enticing, almost making me wish I barged into the room earlier.

"Wait...you read my mind! But....but...but....." I stammered, and you know that feeling where someone you know just saw something embarrassing that you did, well, Nightmare Moon just saw every embarrassing thought I had about her, every fantasy I wanted to do to her, she saw, and not only were some of those fantasies extremely vivid, a few were beyond description, which is what I was guessing that she was clopping to in her room alone before I rammed the door down.

I can clearly say this...

I regret everything that just happened now...and 5 years ago....

3 Hours Later

I don't regret anything anymore.

I can clearly say that I did not like it...but than again...getting dominated is just as bad as getting my head on a pike....and she did give me a choice of getting piked...or dominated.

I loved being alive....so...yea.....not sure if I want to regret it now or later on the road when it starts rolling down hill...eh...deal with it later.

"Nightshade...that was....interesting....rest a bit....in a few minutes I will give you your next set of orders. And these next orders, will for you to stop those ponies that are trying to stop my glorious night from staying eternal, you will stop them at any and all cost...try to talk them from doing this...peaceful at first...if not....than eliminate them. I do not care how you do it, just get it done." her voice started off soothing, than slowly it started to fill with venom and hatred, talking of those ponies that wanted to end her night was more than enough to anger her.

"Yes my Queen, your will be done, and what would you have me do with the ponies that listen to what I have said and they surrender under your name?" my voice back to its stern guard tone.

"If they surrender than show them....leniency and bring them before me....if they surrender and want to serve me....than bring them before me...I want to see all of them...expecially those three guards that tried to attack me, I want those three brought before me in chains." her voice back to its usual tone and I knew that those three guards she is talking about will be punished severely, hell I want to be the one to do the punishing.

"As you say my Queen." I quickly say and bow before her in the bed, slowly crawling out of the bed, cracking my spine to get the joints back in place and putting the armor back on, regaining my ghastly visiage and placing the helmet back ontop of my head, completing the uniform by putting on the cloak and putting the hood over my head, also grabbing one of the serrated swords that Nightmare Moon kept in her room and placing it within one of the sword slots in the armor.

"I shall return when you call for me my Queen. These ponies will obey your order or they shall suffer by your hooves." I bow one last time before leaving the room, staring at the full moon outside of the window. "Soon my Queen...all of Equestria will be yours...and soon...all the ponies that wronged me will pay...they will all pay...nopony will escape my wraith..." I trotted out of the castle to the outskirts of the Everfree, watching for any signs of danger or ponies that want to take down my Queen. His Goal: Stop Anypony from getting to the Everfree Castle and/or rebelling against Nightmare Moon.

Meanwhile in Ponyville, Midnight

Just as Nightshade leaves the castle, six ponies leave the Ponyville Library and head out to the Everfree Forest, their goal: Find the Elements of Harmony and Defeat Nightmare Moon.