• Published 13th May 2012
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The Everfree Chronicles: The Alchemist - Roran Dreamon

The Everfree Forest, never a safe place for anyone to live in except for one colt, he calls it home.

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Chapter 10: Uncertainty in the hospital

Ponyville Hospital, Emergency Operation Room 11, Late Afternoon

After many hours of magical healing, medicine injections, even a good hug from some random pony that I most likely have never met. Waking up several hours after the surgery, my head is still pounding as if I was challenged to a drinking contest by a pony that can handle their cider, and I was drunk under the table to the point where I can feel myself going out like a candle in the middle of a gale of high winds. Looking around the only things I noticed was that I was partially strapped into a medical bed, machines near the wall and the steady beeping sounds if my heart rate, a glass of water near a small side table, and a curtain that was to my left that blocked off anything that was on the other side, I'm guessing that somepony else was on the other side and anypony that was their probably didn't want to know that the traitor to Equestria was basically their new neighbor for the next few weeks or months...or however long it will take for me to fully recover from the damages I have sustained.

Coughing up a small storm, my throat feeling like it hasn't touched a drop of water in years I drink down the small glass as if it was a shot of extra hard cider just do I don't have to taste how strong it was and how quickly it will get my sorry flank drunk. "I wonder...how long was I out, and why does it feel like I am being watched by somepony?" I said hoarsely, my head still pounding but not as bad anymore but the annoyance was still there as a constant reminder to my own stupidity.

"Past the curtains dude, seems like you got your butt kicked hard by a hydra...what the buck did you do to get yourself like that?" the voice from behind the curtain called out, still with that tom-boyish accent I heard before I keeled over. Thinking on a response I just shrug to myself than with a quick burst of magic I pull the curtains to the side and notice that my roommate was not a pony but a gryphon and giving her the quick look over since I wanted to at least know more about who my roommate is and see if we can be friends since I rather have a friend than try to befriend the enemy. The gryphon was at least one and a half times my size, her coat was a golden-rod yellow and the tufts of fur was a deep earthen brown, her wings also had the same golden yellow color while her eyes was a beautiful ocean teal blue.

That was when I also noticed that around both of her wings were medical wrappings and a cast on both of her hind-legs, most likely broken from a bone jarring impact or from some other force. Her wings seem to be also broken except her left one seems more better in appearence than her right, maybe crashed on the right wing and the left smacked the floor hard enough to damage it.

"Well...I wasn't kicked by a hydra but instead by an alpha manticore, a normal manticore and six mares that turned out to be the bearers of the elements of harmony, which in all is cheating...but than again I did have it coming with those six mares, after all I was in their way to stop Nightmare Moon which was my job to protect her which I failed. Now I am being redeemed from my past actions by serving as their bodyguards and finally after a year has passed I will than be transferred into the Lunar Guards...which I am not disappointed but I hoped to than go to wherever Nightmare Moon currently located...but I know they won't point me in the right dirction since they will fear that I wil incite the second eternal night attempt."

The gryphon just looked at me, her eagle eyes seemingly looking me over for any signs of weakness, predatory instincts I guess since I said that I served Nightmare Moon, I wouldn't be surprised if she jumped at me right now to try and take me out before I do anything. "So you are the one some of those royal guards have been talking about. Your Nightshade, the pony that was exiled from this town for murder of another pony at the age of seven, usually if that happened back in the Gryphon Kingdom you would have been drafted into the army immediately and started training you as soon as you are conscripted, but here it seems your punishment was exile so I can safely say that we are the same... well, same to a certain degree." she said with a slight cough near the end, I caught what she was trying to say to me, not much of a stealthy chat when you stumble on your words.

"Yea my name is Nightshade...Nightshade Umbraspark, and you have yet to tell me your name miss...?"

"Oh my name is Regina Shattershield, daughter of Remeria Shattershield, one tough bitch that knows how to give a very mean right hook

"So you are not afraid of the fact that I was trained by Nightmare Moon herself and by one of the ghost's of her old royal guard, and the fact that with my magic I blew a hole through the head in an alpha manticore and cut openned the throat of another? I seriously thought you would be afraid to even be in the same room but you are appearently brave enough and most likely smart enough to know that I am currently in a weakened state but I can still take you on even without my magic." I said smirking, being cocky since I can easily handle a female gryphon since my studies say that they are frail in combat and that they have never received any military training, should be simple enough.

At that point of time for me, that had to be the worst idea I ever had which currently bests the second worst idea of all time which is casing a spell to make myself three times my size and be colossal to everypony, hopefully I can get that spell down without getting sick or feeling like I got bucked by Applejack again. Still thinking on that makes me cringe because I know getting bucked by her hurts almost as much as the time I accidentally fell down the flight of stairs back at the old castle...yea both somewhat hurt the same.

Maybe saying that I can easily beat her without magic was defiantly not the best thing to say to a female gryphon that can easily kick my flank up and down the isles of this hospital with ease, and the look of anger on her face just registers that my fate is sealed to be kicked like it was no tomorrow. "So your saying you can easily beat me in a duel without your magic hmm?" She slowly crawled out of bed moving over to me while I quickly scrambled off the side and land on my rump which sends up a sharp jolt of pain up my spine. "Well since we are in a hospital and in case we hurt ourselves or in case one of us accidentally loses a horn." she said grinning at me, that grin almost immediatly made me lose the will to hold in my bowels...I am so screwed.

"Erm...can I pass on the beating and just go back into the bed? Please." I said with a slight pleading look on my face, and she was not buying it.

"Sorry dude but you should know the rules for us gryphons, you declare a challenge on us you better play it out otherwise we beat you within every inch of your life." she said still grinning at me as she cracks her knuckles on her talons, the sound it makes almost is close to the sound of hooves crushing gravel, not the best sound to hear.

As soon as the knuckles are done cracking she jumps over the bed and pounces ontop of me, both of us rolling around the room knocking into the machines in the room crashing into the screen tearing them from the wall and ontop the both of us. Both of us punching, biting, bucking, clawing and also stabbing the other pony/gryphon, none of us yeilding to the other, until finally both of us stopped moving and in the most strangest of compromising positions.

The sound of somepony knocking on the door quickly pulled us from our small scuffle back into reality as we both look at each other and how we are current placed, which we both earned red tints to our face, she was sitting ontop of me while I was laying down beneath her, her lower half was scraping against my crotch and I was slightly embaressed becuase when I slowly looked down I noticed that my forelegs were somewhat on her shoulders and the group of ponies that walked in only made it worse for the both of us.

As each of them walk in all I can hear was gasps, whispered chatter and the occasional giggle from a certain cyan pegasus currently holding in her laughter but failing miserably. I look at her than back at myself than at them, my face only growing redder with each passing second.

"Erm...this is not what it looks like..." I spoke first trying to ease the tension, failing badly.

Not a single one is buying it, Rarity is currently whispering something to Applejack, both giggle to themselves.

"We were just wrestling against each other for a few seconds...that was all we were doing" we both said at the same time, Fluttershy leaves the room along with Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle just shakes her head in shame before leaving also, her face blushing while trying to stifle a giggle.

"None of you are buying any of it aren't you..." I said with my poker face, earning my answer.

"Yea none of us are believing that you two are just 'wrestling', espicially since you both are injured and also that you two were enjoying the so called 'wrestling'." Rainbow Dash basically said with her usual annoying tone, gods how I wanted to punt her out the window with her wings wrapped up in a rubber band...

As soon as she stops talking Regina quickly slaps me and gets off of me before going back to her bed and covers herself with the sheets and looks away from us, leaving me on the floor in such a position that gives Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Rarity full view of my lower half of my body, which only made the their faces slowly turn red as I quickly look down and close my legs and cover myself with a pillow, hiding my shame. "Oh can this get any worse..." I shouldn't have said that since as soon as it ends Princess Luna walks into flanked by two of her Lunar Guards, their eyes slitted and both of them have bat wings instead of the normal feathery wings. Perfect...

"We hath heard that thou is staying in this establishment until thy injuries are fully healed and that ye are back on your legs and doing your duty as a guardian to the elements. Also..." she looks at me than at Regina, both of our faces red and that I am holding a pillow over my crotch trying to hide my shame, her face also turns a faint tint of red, "Oh...it seems We have interupted thou's pleasent company, we shall come back at a later time until thee is presentable, farewell my friend." the princess said before slowly walking up to me and plants a small kiss on my forehead before leaving, earning me a gasp from Rarity, a fallen hat from Applejack, Rainbow Dash falling over and Regina basically shaking her head with disappointment. My own face red to the point where it looks like my head was going to explode.

Looking back at the four giving them all a slight glare, currently not amused by the fact that Luna just had to visit me at the worst possible times when I was recovering from a multiple brutal beat down and to what I was thinking was accidental rape, not sure on whose part but still...maybe not dwell on it for to long.

After the creepy silence came and went I go back to my bed with my pillow still hiding my shame, Regina was somehow asleep, Applejack was busy talking with Rarity while Rainbow Dash was looking at me with a smug grin while slowly hovering over to me...this can't be good.

"Well...it can't get any worse than this....right?" I said to myself and hopefully nopony heard that but I was wrong on so many levels. Rarity saw Rainbow Dash moving towards me and quickly tried to intercept which caused RD to somehow trip in mid-air which makes me wonder how that is physically possible but than again wondering how that is possible is like asking Pinkie Pie how she managed to defy the laws of gravity. Time seemed to slow to a crawl for me as everything moved in slow motion, Rainbow Dash was slowly tumbling end over end towards me while Rarity was slowly doing an overly dramatic pose on a couch that somehow magically appeared out of no where...I am gonna have to find out how these ponies are defying the laws of the universe...oh would you look at that, Dashie is gonna land on my...oh buck me...

After my mind has finally registered what was happening, Rainbow Dash landed roughly ontop of my pillow, which for her was lucky since she landed on a soft object, terrible for me since a full grown mare basically landed full force ontop of my stallionhood...you know that feeling when someone kicks you below the belt at full force...yea that what it feels like except the pillow slightly makes it better since its soft and it doesn't hurt as much but the pain of the weight crushing against it doesn't help in the slightest.

"HOLY BUCK THAT HURTS!" I shouted at such a volume that was nearly the same as the old 'Royal Canterlot' volume, yelping in pain from the weight. "GET THE BUCK OFF OF ME!" Rainbow Dash got the message a second to late as Rarity lifted her off of me with her magic while I was craddling my lower half in my hooves. Getting bitten by a manticore, no problem, getting smacked into a stone wall at a high rate of speed, I can handle it, getting my flank kicked up and down the castle courtyard by a ghost and by Nightmare Moon herself, slightly painful, getting my crotch crushed by a mare that hates me, worst possible pain ever felt.

During the whole commotion Regina was pointing and laughing at my misfortune, Applejack thought it was funny as hell, the two Lunar Guards were busy trying to contimplate what was going on, Princess Luna only heard my yelp of pain and was thinking I just got some medicine by needle and thought nothing of it, and Dr. Whooves who was walking by at the time of the yelp only thought that I was getting lucky in the private room. Fat chance that is going to happen with a psycho mare and her friend along with an unknown gryphon.

"Everypony just get out...get out before I toss you three out...I don't care if you are supposed to be watching me...I rather deal with those two knuckle heads outside than deal with you three....especially you Rainbow Dash...you prism maned devil from Tartarus! You have done nothing to me so far than cause me nothing but extremely terrible pains all over my body, and embaressment...so just get out this minute before I single hoofidly teleport you all out back into the Everfree Forest!" I growled at them to the point where they were thinking that I was turning feral on them. Rainbow Dash was about to say something that would have earned a lightning bolt to the face but Applejack grabbed onto her tail and dragged her out, Rarity looked at me for a while before lowering her head along with her ears and slowly trotted out of the room.

"Nice one dude you just made one mare angry, one disappointed and another sad...I bet you that white one was your marefriend, am I right?" Regina said while doing the most obscene of gestures at me, most of them I knew...the others I rather not want to know...damn you to hell.

"Regina shut up before I break your wings and your beak...I am in no mood for any more horseshit today...I just want to rest, get out of this hospital and resume my job as a bodyguard before my head goes to the headspony block in Canterlot and lose my head." I replied solemnly, not enjoying the fact that she basically hit the nail right on the head about her being my marefriend except that Rarity isn't but in my head she probably wishes that I was or something...the way she keeps trying to help me and that she is always smiling when we were together...please tell me that she is single Princess Luna...or somepony above.

"Chill dude chill, sheesh I was just messing with you...damn you ponyfolk are easy to mess with."

"Regina...do you see that rubber band over there in the corner? If you keep talking about it I will use it to wrap around your broken wings and levitate your flank out the window...how about that? Just shut your trap, leave me alone, and let me sleep...I just want to get this guard duty over with so I can go back to my little castle I repaired and wait for 'Her' return..." I said laying my head down on the other pillow on the bed before closing my eyes. And in those few seconds my eyes were closed the sounds of Regina getting out of the bed followed by the soft sounds of pitter patter of movement from the pads of her paws, than the sound of extra weight being added to my bed...Regina I swear if you crawled onto my bed just to embaress me further...I will not be held responsible for what I am about to do to you...

After a while I finally got the nerve to turn my head around at a snails pace, not wanting to exactly know what I was going to be looking at...hopefully it is just her sitting next to me trying to make me feel silly...if its somthing else I am teleporting myself out the window.

What I saw next made me realize a few things: One. I was still weak around females, Two. A female gryphon giving me the sultry eyes is equivlant to Nightmare Moon giving me the evil eye, and Three. Me and a female in the same bed when there are ponies litterally across from me and near the door will cause me to spaz out of control faster than Rainbow Dash flying. In all, I was freaking out like a little filly being scared by a small spider.

"Oh sweet Luna...why...why are you looking at me like that? And...and why are you in my bed? Oh please tell me this is a prank...please please tell me this is a prank....." I said mumbling incoherently to myself, hoping she is not listening to a single word that I am spewing out of my muzzle.

"A big stallion like you shouldn't be scared by little old me in fact, a stallion like you should be jumping at a chance like this to finally feel the warmth of another." she said grinning evilly at me, at that time this was what going on with my body...

Brain: "Oh Celestia...please kill me now before I die from embaressment..."


Dick: "Go for it! Go Go Go Go Go Go!"

Spirit: "I give up...this is to much horseshit to deal with...I'm out of here..."

The seemingly odd long wait was cut off by somepony coughing loudly enough for it to break my mental conflict, turning back I see Nurse Tenderheart and Nurse Redheart standing next to Dr. Whooves, appearently its time for my operation or something about having my horn fixed...not sure what that means but I sure as hell do not want to know. Acting on the patent Fight or Flight instincts I immediately jump out of bed, gallop straight towards the window than finally teleport myself outside right next to a grey mailmare. Surprised that I teleported out of the hospital she thought that I was escaping and she guessed right, but I guessed wrong that I can go past her easily as she grabs onto me and lifts me off the ground with ease, there is one thing I might have left out to a few ponies that I have met...I have a terrible terrible fear of heights.

"OH MY LUNA!!!!! I'M GONNA DIE! PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed like a little filly, kicking my legs about trying to get her to let go which only leads her to let go of me early, and by early I mean while we are a couple feet off the ground. Screaming a bit while flailing my legs I land with a slight crunching sound, fearing that I just broke my legs, looking down I noticed that I landed on someponies saddlebags, feeling no pain from the fall but instead I landed on someponies package which was something fragile...and the owner of that package was not happy with me at all.

"You bucking idiot! That was my father's urn!" was all I heard before a white stallion with a moustache wearing a hawaiian shirt reared up and bucked me in the head, but the sound of a loud crack was all I heard, than moments after I got bucked in the head I felt something hot running down my face, it was hot and runny...putting a hoof to my head I noticed that I was bleeding and that I was feeling light headed, the stallion that bucked me was no longer mad but instead had the look of fear on his face.

I asked around to why everypony had their mouths open until finally Rarity pointed at me than lifted her hoof up a bit. I felt above my forehead for a while until it hit me. My horn was no longer ontop of brow...looking down I saw it on the ground, but instead of it being intact it was broken...broken into many pieces...

My horn was broken...nothing more than shards and horn dust...