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The Everfree Chronicles: The Alchemist - Roran Dreamon

The Everfree Forest, never a safe place for anyone to live in except for one colt, he calls it home.

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Interval 2: Chapter 9: Change of Scenery and Change of Pace

Sorry for the long delay everyone, somethings have came up and I was dealing with depression after my grandpa passed away last week, and a few days of trying to deal with my lose also helped with the delay. I just needed some time to heal the pain.

Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, Morning

I was sleeping when I felt warmth hit my face, squirming around I felt something over me, something soft and warm. Openning my left eye I noticed that a blanket was placed ontop of me by somepony, and that I was sleeping in a bed, looking around I noticed that I was in a room, the smell of something cooking was also evident, the sweet scent of apples is strong, the ponies in this building are probably making something apple related....hopefully apple pie...I LOVE apple pie.

Groaning again I still felt heat on my face, and looking around I spot a window with the blinds open partially letting in sunlight into the room I am in, making it a bit to bright for me to deal with at the time, and I try to make the room darker by using my magic to close them, but all I get is a slight tingly feeling in my horn, and I try again, only to receive the same tingly feeling. I growl a bit and do a third attempt only for it to happen again, looking at my horn I realized in slight terror to why my magic is not responding to my will. It has been cut off by a anti-magic shackle that is clamped down on my horn. "Oh...you got to be bucking me..." was all I said before the door to the room opens up, I was still laying down in the blankets, my body was facing away from the door.

"Ah know Big Mac, but ah jus don't understand why tis pony has to be stayin at our place...it jus don't make much sense. He worked for Nightmare Moon for pony sakes! He should be rotting in jail for attemptin to cause an endless night, Ah still think he shoulda atleast slept in the barn away from us, who knows if he acts up and tries to harm us?" I clearly heard from a disgruntled Applejack, clearly not liking the idea that I was having temporary lodging in her family's house.

I am pretty much annoyed that even she thinks that I am a threat, which I still am since magic only helps me to take down my enemy, my body is still built tough and strong like any other earth pony, except with better endurance training and was meant for prolonged tiring work or training, all thanks to Nightmare Moon's training regiment and being chased by a few manticores also helps with the endurance training. I slightly roll over in my sleepand the blanket falls off and lands on the floor quietly, and I plainly hear a few gasps coming from the two standing by the door, even a stuttered "Oh sweet Celestia...", appearently my wounds are much worse than I had previously imagined.

"Wha exactly did you and yur friends do to him Applejack?" Big Mac's deep voice seemed to be filled with concern, not much that it matters to me since he left me to rot in the woods all those years ago. Sure holding a grudge is bad but I keep my word that I will get my revenge, now I can't straight up murder him otherwise I would break that Sun Tyrant's rules....Sweet Full Moon why did I even decide to go with her plan.....maybe because I wanted to live? But than again Celestia would just find a way past it and kill me slowly...better not take that chance with that spell since it will most likely fail on me and will set myself on fire in the process...

I groan again and stretch a bit, a few bones popping back into place as I yawn, shaking my neck a bit as my mane becomes ruffled and messy, just the way I like it in the early morning. "You know...talking about a certain pony while you are near said pony....and also...yes my injuries are bad....passing out twice from blood lose...internal bleeding...organ damage...fractured, broken and bruised bones...and a concussion...yea...and you Applejack...are the cause of some of those injuries." I said with a snort, still trying to get my horn to work but only getting it to glow dully before going out like a dying candle. "I may not be able to do magic...but I can still move...magic has only helped me in combat...and simple tasks, and whatever my Queen has asked of me..." I said with a disgruntled sigh, looking down at myself, getting a good look at all of my injuries that I have acquired.

Looking squarely at Applejack, trying to burn a hole into her hat, I go on with my ranting. "I am now reduced to nothing more than a broken stallion, hell...death seems like a much more brighter future than this. But since being alive is much more enjoyable than being dead...I might as well get used to being you and your friends bodyguard. Just don't expect me to answer questions that you ask me...some of them I rather keep to myself." I said, crossing my hooves in front of my chest, shutting my eyes and turning my head away from them.

"Get out a bed already and get yourself cleaned up, make yourself presentable and eat the breakfast we are gonna give ya. After that put on ya cloak you had and follow us to town, you have an apology to give to everypony there, and don't even think about tryin to worm your way out of it, cause if you try to, imma have my brother here tie you up and drag you flank back, you hear me?" Applejack said, her tone sour and seemed to be full of spite against me. "And its best if you stop tryin to use your fancy magic, it won't work thanks to that dandy anti-magic bracelet on yur horn." she said with a slight smug look, thinking that she won our little verbal battle.

My response was my horn glowing again, but with a different color this time, a dark violet color that has replaced my silver glow. A wet towel floats over to me as I clean my face up a bit and slightly get my mane back into a near perfect fashion, than I float it back to where it was back into the guest bathroom. I look over at the two which are now shocked that I managed to use a spell even though my horn was encased in that damned shackle. "Hehehe silly Applejack, one of my greatest secrets, and you will never find out. Try to ask me, I won't answer it, and even if you send a letter to that tyrant, I still won't answer, only one pony I can respect and she is currently trying to re-learn everything that has transpired over the past 1,000 years." I said with an even smugger grin, in my head I am laughing at her, knowing that I had bested her while she was basically holding me prisoner inside of her own home.

"Just go downstaires and eat some grub before I buck you out of that window..." she was pretty pissed off that I won the battle of words which gave me a gleeful smile to my face.

"Alrigt ma'am...just don't get in my way...hehe...big chance that turned out back at the castle...you got in my way and I ended up nearly dying with crushed ribs and damaged lungs along with blood loss. A lasso around my rear legs...smart move Applejack but it will not work a second time." I said as I got out of the bed, and put on my cloak, covering my head with the hood as I went downstairs I nearly tripped down, looking back up I see a really annoyed Applejack and Big Mac looking down at me, trying to see what I have planned. "Oh give it a rest you two...you think I have other aces up my sleeves? Figure of speech anyways...yes I still do, but only for tricks and pranks...maybe hehe." I chuckled while going to the kitchen, sitting on the floor since there was only enough chairs for the four of them, Applebloom was already sitting down at the table, smiling at me oddly, I guess she still remembers that I saved her life along with her two friends.

"So...let me get this straight, I only have to apologize to all the citizens of Ponyville, and than go to serving you and your friends as bodyguards for the year? Am I not correct?" as I said looking at my breakfast, which to me looks like tatters, but has that very fine scent of apples, which is odd since last time I saw tatters they were berry filled...not apples, eh guess they have a different way of making it here.

"Eeyup, just that, and no breaking the law neither, can't have you be doin that now can we friend." Big Mac said while he sat down in his chair, the largest one of the four as an old pony creakily moved into the kitchen and sat down in a rocking chair and almost immediately fell asleep.

"Erm...not to be rude and all...but is that common of her to fall asleep like that?" I said slightly concerned, old ponies usually sleep alot but moving from one room to another and falling asleep in the process, that is really old pony status.

"Well, thats Granny Smith for you Nightshade, just don't be getting any idea's, and you won't have to worry 'bout getting your flank handed to you by me or by Big Mac or RD." god I really hate that cyan rainbow maned pegasis...so cocky and rude...at least she is not here eating with us.

Ponyville Town Hall, Early Afternoon

I was standing behind a large curtain on a stage that was currently left behind during the Summer Sun Celebration, as I look around the curtain quickly I see all of the citizens standing there, talking to each other, saying silly things, even telling a joke. In the front of the crowd I can see my parents and my brother, my mother crying a bit and sneezing into a small towel, my father comforting her, and my little brother pouting...little ungrateful jerk. Scanning more of the crowd it seems that the six ponies that defeated me are also there in the front, along with Princess Celestia and somewhat hiding behind her, Princess Luna. My...Princess......

Quickly pulling my head back I look around to make sure that nopony was watching me as I used another of my prepared spells, and made my armor re-appear onto my body, the dents gone and completely clean of the dried blood and dirt, the cloak fully repaired and whole again. "At least they even repaired my attire...eh...and now...my helmet." as I was speaking I placed my helmet ontop of my horn and slowly sliding it down, stopping after reaching the shackle, and it grew than shrank to move around it and firmly place itself where it belongs.

After coughing a bit, and smacking myself upside the head to try and clear my head I looked at the mayor, "Ready whenever you are Mayor...even though I hate going out in public...and apologizing to those that wronged me...lets get this over with." I said with a sigh and casting the same spell, removing my armor and helmet from my body, a secret that only Nightmare Moon taught me, a way to bypass the anti-magic shackles incase I ever somehow get captured, and it works with ease.

The mayor gave me what I think was a smile, or maybe a false attempt at a smile to me. I know that she is trying to help but what happened all those years ago I won't let it slide, not yet that is.

"Fillies and Gentlecolts, today on this gloriously fine afternoon, we are blessed with the presence of both royal sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" many hooves stomped onto the paved stone in approval, the thunderous sound told me how many of them was here, waiting for my apology, I will only give them half of that pleasure, the other half they have to earn it the hard way. With due time and due process of revenge.

"On this glorious day, we are to celebrate for the return of our princess Luna, and to accept the apology of a pony that assisted Nightmare Moon and attempted to stop the six mares that would go on to defeat Nightmare Moon." my god why won't she shut up, its bad enough that she has to take so long, even worse that she is making it harder for me to apologize when everypony already hates me, might as well make it harder and more challenging. "Now, please refrain from throwing objects or using magic to further harm the pony, he has already sustained enough injuries that should have left him in a coma or worse. So please re-welcome the pony that used to live here and served as Nightmare Moon's most loyal guard, Nightshade!" I grumbled a bit in sheer disdain for the mayor, wanting to shove a hoof into her mouth to shut her up and to choke her of life.

I warrily stepped onto the stage, looking around the crowd to try and identify anypony's faces that I can instantly recognize. Starting from left to right I can planly notice these ponies. first there was that cello playing pony Octavia, the mare couple Lyra and Bon-Bon, Dr. Whooves, Ditzy and Dinky Doo, Carrot Top, a very pissed off and drunk Berry Punch, my parents and little brother, Twilight Sparkle and her friends, than finally Cherilee. Behind some of them are random ponies I don't even know, except for the two princesses surrounded by their guards, Luna is looking at me with eyes of sadness and remorse, Celestia has a smug happy grin on her face, knowing that if I refuse to do this my head will be rolling off my shoulders, evil tyrannical bitch...

"Hello everypony...I..I am guessing none of are glad to see me back here, even more so to know that I sided with Nightmare Moon at the Celebration last night, but than again I never really had much of a choice." I said keeping my head held high, keeping up my composure. "Most of you are wondering why I joined her, and most of you flat out hate me for joining her, well that was because if I hadn't have joined her I would have died in those pony forsaken woods 10 years ago, and I rather not have been a starved to death frozen pony on the side of the road, but none of you know what it feels like to be abandoned by friends and family." I looked into the crowd, seeing them, giving all of them my guard stare, clearly emotionless, but when my eyes reachs Celestia it turns into a glare of pure hatred, moving onto Luna, it shifts to that of a defeated pony, forcing me to look away and putting my head down in shame.

"It was because of Nightmare Moon that I became powerful and strong enough to survive in the woods for so long, and also because of some other things I rather not discuss...I am here to say..." I swallow deeply, my head getting slightly dizzy from the row upon row of eyes from everypony present and from the royal stares.

"I would like to say...I am sorry..." I hear a cough from Celestia, signaling me to keep speaking, "and I am sorry for siding with Nightmare Moon at the Summer Sun Celebration..." another cough...that bitch is gonna get it some day. "And I am also sorry for trying to bring about the eternal night..." I hear only one boo and a dark grey pegasis with a mowhawk threw a pie at me from the third row, reacting to it as if it was a spear thrown at me my horn glows the same dark violet aura, the pie stops only a few inchs from my face as the crowd gasps that even with an anti-magic shackle I can still use magic. "And I am also sorry for not being entirely truthful about being unable to do magic. So all in all, sorry." I smirked from at he pony that threw the pie.

"Thanks for the pie stranger. I am sure to enjoy it later when I need to eat, maybe have it as a snack for lunch." I said with a half smile and laid it down onto the stage. "Anypony else gonna throw something at me?" I said with a quizzical look, hoping nothing else flies at me. "Good, now any questions about me since I know a few of you want to know what happened to me when I was in the forest for 10 years." finishing my sentence with a half sincre smile, a few hooves rise into the air.

"Yes you, mother... you have something to ask me?" I said with a small hint of venom, hating her for not standing against me and for defeating my queen.

"Son...why did join Nightmare Moon and how did you even find her when she has been imprisoned in the moon for 1,000 years?" her question carried actual weight and with that I gave my answer.

"I joined her because she is just like me. Misunderstood about who we are and what we want. And as to how I found her....its actually the opposite, she found me by contacting me by a letter and by her voice in my head. Which I can no longer hear at all. Thanks to Twilight Sparkle and her friends." I said, scowling at her, in return getting another pie thrown at me, which I happily caught with my face, the taste of apples in my mouth was totally worth the mess and laughs pointed at me. "Whoever threw that, I will not prank you when this is over, that pie was awesome!" I said with mocked enthuseasim.

I looked around for any other hooves rising up from the crowd until I spotted three more, well what looks to be three more...

"Yes you three? Or is it one question from three different ponies? Can somepony please lift whoever is raising their hooves up so I can clearly see them, or single pony..." as I said it a certain pony I barely knew...what was her name again...Lyra Heartstrings? Whoever it was lifted up three fillies, about my age when I was exiled, all three of their hooves all connected to each other making it look like a single hoof from a distance.

"Hmm....well isn't it Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, what do you three have to ask? Since you basically know almost everything about me by your sister's telling you all about me...after they kicked my flank that is." I said the first half with sarcasm since I told them to avoid me, failing that part of our subtle agreement, and also that they should already know everything about me, who I am, who I worked for, why I was exiled and why I am currently being used as a pawn and a bodyguard for their sister's and friends.

After a while the three went to the front of the herd of ponies, making a pony ladder than finally Scootaloo coughed a bit to clear her throat, trying her best to speak loud enough for everypony to hear. "Mr. Nightshade, me and my friends have been wondering...well ever since you got here...and we all have been wanting to ask...we want to learn more about you." for a filly that I occasionally saw through the gaps in the treeline, riding a scooter down the dirt roads at break-neck speed and often pulling her two friends on a cart, why would she ask to learn more about me?

"So what would you like to know anyways, its not like your sister's and friends didn't tell you everything about me...and besides, you three have already seen what I can do after I saved you from the manticore after your attempt at being...what was it again...Cutie Mark Wild Beast Hunters? Well...that was very bold of you three, but maybe not your strong bet at earning it, maybe something safer like baking or maybe singing? Construction? Maybe even being a interior decorater." Trying my best to dodge whatever question they have since those three are persistant and I can't ignore their innocent stairs and sad eyes.

I crossed my legs over my chest, trying not to open my eyes to see those three giving me the puppy eyed look, but I failed to notice that I heard a few coughs that I openned my eyes to see who did it, low and behold those three were basically on the stage and kept staring at me. My will to tell them no completely caved in as I sighed deeply and finally said yes.

"Alright...alright I get it...I will tell you...all of you." I coughed a bit as I sat down, the three basically trying to get as close as possible to me as I basically told everypony present everything about myself and my history.

"Where to start off...well...I can tell all of you that I was born here in Ponyville General Hospital, my mother is Light Breeze and my father is Shadow Blitz, my brother is Storm Kicker and finally myself. I was also a sort of a loner and a recluse, keeping to myself most of the time, always playing with my small alchemy set I had and reading any books I could have gotten my little hooves on at the time. I have always been good with magic since I practiced every day and sometimes at night when I was allowed to..." as I started to talk about my past I could see that Twilight Sparkle was looking at me with glittering eyes, seemingly pleased that I actually practiced magic and that I loved to read...seems like we are the same except I hate her for ruining the eternal night and also for the fact that I am her bodyguard for a year.

"And then during my very...very short two years in school, I was passing with flying colors of perfect grades...until that Show&Tell day...after that everything just went down hill faster than an out-of-control cart with greased up wheels...my life was never the same afterwards." small tears starting to fall down my face, my ears slightly perk up to the sounds of sniffles in the crowd, seemingly a few held some sympathy towards me, others only gave icy glares, thinking that I planned that death on purpose, Even Princess Celestia was on the verge of tears that I lost so much because of an accident, Luna on the other hoof was trying to hold it in but was failing as a few tears fell down and landed ontop of a royal guard who thankfully ignored it.

After choking up a bit on a few words I stopped a few times to avoid telling everypony exactly what we did together during the ten years of my exile, but when it came to the point of the time I saved those three fillies from the manticore I made a brief cough and sighed ruggedly. "So...are you three positive that you want me to tell them what you were doing in the Everfree Forest at midnight?" trying to get them to say yes since of their rescue was the start of my downfall.

The three quickly huddle together and try to silently talk it out until all three nod heads in unison as Scootaloo turned around and once again spoke "Please do tell them but leave out the part of why we were there."

I simply smirked at her request to leave out the part of why they entered my forest, but I just shrug and grin at everypony. "Alright everypony what these three say is true, I saved them while they were in my forest the day that Nightmare Moon came back to us...well came back to me that is since all of you were pretty much scared out of your skin that she returned. But anyways these three had the crazy idea of wanting to be monster hunters and thinking they can earn their cutie mark easily, well they were wrong. During one of my many patrols in the outskirts of the treeline I heard loud shrieking sound from the inner folds of the forest, the sound of a certain white filly that is currently on stage." I said looking directly at Sweete Belle which earned me a quick horn prod to the shin, in turn causing me to fall backwards from the sudden sharp pain.

"Okay I deserved that one..." I groaned while rubbing my shin, one of my many weaknesses next to apple pie and cookies, along with the sounds of a violin and muffins. "As I was saying until I took a very painful horn prod to the shin, I heard her scream, and since this was forest at the time as I galloped full tilt to their location, and I was practicilly face to face with an alpha male manticore, and it was not pleased that I was in its path to a free dinner of three fillies. I stood my ground and I yelled at them to run back home, using myself as a distraction I barely hit it with a bolt before running, leading it on a chase in which I snapped the tree's down ontop of it, thinking I have slain it I climbed ontop the ruined tree's as these three came out of the bushes and were jumping up in the air with glee that I saved them...only for it to end abruptly as the manticore I crushed rose from the tree's and tossed me a good few feet and started use me as a chew toy...my armor took the brunt of the fangs and pressure but a fang or two punctured my armor and my body...the other fangs dented my armor and made it hard for me to breath correctly..." I cringed a bit after remembering how painful that encounter was and how much blood I lost when those fangs pierced my plating...that shit hurts more than the time I took a pair of gold plated hooves to the face at full force at a young age....curse you sun tyrant.

"Anyways...when it was about to finish me off by devouring me whole...I used almost all of my magic to overcharge by arcane bolt spell, and basically tore that manticore a new throat....and I don't regret killing it..." I cough harshly, slightly falling over as I coughed again sending a small speckle of blood everywhere onto the stage. "And it still hurts my lungs to breath..or to laugh....ow..." as if on cue the mayor quickly comes up and says a few words before a wagon comes up and I was placed in it, slightly restrained by a bunch of straps thinking that I am having a problem breathing again and am having a convulsion of sorts. My last thoughts before blacking out is that Twilight Sparkle and Rarity were looking at me in awe the entire time, not afraid of me like everyone else.

Ponyville General, 3 Hours Later

Waking up many hours later, my eyes barely open when the first images of where I am burn a bright white light, thinking I died I tried to get up only to be held down, looking down a bit I see that my body is restrained by belts so that I don't escape...seems like nopony trusts me at all...

"Well...what is the worse that can happen to me right now?" I spoke to myself, hoping that no one is around me, only to hear a slight laugh and the sounds of a screen being pulled.

"You have no idea what you got yourself into punk." that voice sounded female but also tom-boyish...maybe it was Rainbow Dash...I look over and can only see a distorted blob of brown before passing out for a second time.

Thinking in my head: Who was that pony?