• Published 10th Jan 2015
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Chaos doesn't die, it just takes a new form. - ShotgunWizard

Discord realizing he's dieing, decides to elect an new heir to the title of Lord of Chaos. As a result, an unsuspecting human is chosen. Who will Equestria handle the new Lord of Chaos?

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Fluttershy's Cottage: Discords Room

"It's getting worse."

On any other regular day, Discords left arm would be a bright yellow griffin claw. However, if you were to closely inspecting his left arm right now, you just might notice that it was now a shade of dark gray. This normally wouldn't have been the reason for Discord to be concerned, considering that the fun-loving and easily bored Draconequus toured the spectrum almost every day.

What truly worried discord was the fact that he couldn't change it back, and it was spreading.

The day discord noticed the anomaly it was only affecting one of his fingers. Now it covered his entire left arm up to the elbow. It didn't help that his magic was affected as well either.

No matter how much he snapped his fingers on his left hand, nothing would happen. While snapping his fingers still worked on his right hand, Discord couldn't help but notice that it strained his magic much more than usual. He was left-handed too.

"At this rate, I won't even be able to make a glass of chocolate milk; the chocolates will start going dry at this rate." Discord griped as he further inspected his left arm, but now in a “salon-divaish" fashion.

With another snap of his fingers, a can of spray paint appeared labeled \ “Chartreuse (traditional) ”.Grabbing the can with his lion paw, Discord gave the can a few good shakes before spraying his now discolored griffin claw.

"You know you're only ignoring the inevitable." Said Discords reflection leaning on the mirror frame, while giving him an "are you serious?" look.

"I don't see why this concerns you, you're not the one suffering from an unknown illness," replied Discord his eyes narrowing at the reflections mocking tone.

"We both know that what's affecting you is not a disease, nor is it unknown." the reflection said, now having adopted an even more serious face.

"I know... I just hate the fact that he was right." said Discord crumpling the paint can in anger, admitting he was wrong. After a few more sprays he finished, his hand now back to its original golden yellow. Throwing the empty paint can behind him, he was satisfied to hear a colorful explosion in the background.

"sigh... Tirek is a backstabbing, conniving, bastard, but you have to admit, what he told you was true." his reflection responded.

"That’s what I hate the most about that little speech. Everything he said was a lie, but the one little thing that wasn’t. Was the one thing that I wanted to be a lie so badly " grumbled Discord, as he brought a claw to his head to prevent yet another stress headache forming.

With a snap of his fingers, Discord teleported from the reflection facing him On his throne, holding his head in one hand, and supporting a glass of chocolate milk in the other Discord attempted to relax. However, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop thinking back to what Tirek told him.

Equestria: Unknown
2 weeks ago

In a dark alleyway somewhere in Equestria there was a lone unicorn minding his own business with his nose pressed into a scroll. The contents of this scroll weren’t important at the moment. The matter of the shrouded centaur about to drain his magic, however, were more concerning. Just as the unicorn was about to become yet another of the centaur’s meals, the soon to be victim turned around wearing a different face, a distinct face, a distinctly smug face.

"Lord Tirek I presume?" said the fake unicorn with a fake smile.

"Discord.....You’re free?" exclaimed Tirek, surprised to see Discord freed from his imprisonment.

"As a bird." replied Discord as he transformed into a toucan.

"I commend you on your escape," said Tirek, glad that another enemy of the ponies had escaped their prison.

"Perhaps I can use this to my advantage after all the enemy of my enemy is my.....uuugggghhhh......FRIEND." Tirek thought to himself, seeing an easy opportunity before him. And what an opportunity it was, with Discord's help Tirek could conquer Equestria easily. The only problem was convincing Discord to help him, knowing even in the most vital and virulent of moments, how vexing his flippant attitude he could be.

"I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual ." said Discord. With a snap of his fingers Tirek's hands were once again in chains.

"No, not yet, not like this!!!"Tirek quickly fired his magic at Discord in the hopes of draining his magic.

While firing his magic point-blank at most would have succeeded in draining their magic like Bluetooth drains battery life, while similarly draining said ponies life like trying to use Bluetooth drains ...well...life. It must be known that most beings in Equestria can't split their entire head in two.

"I should have known that you would want to have Equestria all to yourself," said Tirek casting an annoyed look onto Discord, who was currently spinning a billy club around in his hand while dressed a police officer.

"Oh I'm not doing it for me, I'm doing it for my friends." stated Discord adopting a smug look on his face raising his head looking upward.

"Just between the two of us, it's mostly for Fluttershy." Discord whispered into the centaur's ear, floating away from the centaur with a silly grin on his face.

"Fluttershy....you're not saying you're friends with ponies are you?" said Tirek, having trouble accepting that the former tyrant of Equestria. The one who ruled the land with an unending stream of chaos and anarchy would also be the one to fall so low as to accept FRIENDSHIP, with PONIES never the less.

"Surprise!!!!!" shouted Discord, jumping out of a large cake dotting Tirek in cake frosting and rage.

To say Tirek was mad would be incorrect. After being put back in chains, discovering that Discord was now a goody two hooves and then getting covered in cake frosting by then said individual. No, Tirek wasn't mad.........HE WAS FUCKING FURIOUS!!!!

Just as Tirek was about to unleash the full might of his verbal fury on the Draconequus, an idea came to him. If there's one thing that Tirek knows about Discord, it's what Discord values most about himself, and it came in three forms. His image, freedom, and pride

"Step One: Question his Image."

"I am surprised that someone with your intellect does not see that this apocryphal “FRIENDSHIP” is nothing but, a new form of imprisonment. Clearly you've had to abandon your true nature to stay in their good graces. It does not bespeak you" said Tirek, showing pity on the fact that discord couldn't see what has happened to him.

"I have done nothing of the sort." stated Discord throwing away the harp and halo he was wearing, acting as if the items were never there in the first place.

"Step Two: Give Proof."

"Oh please spare the denial, I've seen this before. But, he was always weak-minded," said Tirek, looking off to the side in anger at the mention of his brother.

"Step Three: Inflate Ego."

"You Discord, are legend, you can not fall into the same trap that claimed my brother," said Tirek, as he moves closer to Discord using expressive hand gestures as well as he could in chains to highlight his greatness.

"Step Four: Offer The Deal."

"Help me to grow strong and be rewarded with something far greater than FRIENDSHIP.........FREEDOM! " offered Tirek, his eyes glowing a bright green at the end.

Raising an eyebrow Discord fixed Tirek with a questioning look. Tirek, seeing the chaotic being's interest continued with his speech.

"Step Five: Inform On Plan"

"Once I've stripped these ponies of their magic, nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see their world covered with chaos! "

"Step Six: Inflate Ego, Again."

"And who better to do so than the Master of Chaos himself," said Tirek, lowering his arms as if bowing to Discord.

After hearing this the Draconequus began to stroke his beard as his eyes looked off into the sky. Discord was now firmly cast in the classical thinking posture contemplating the centaurs words.

"Step Seven: Apply Insult"

.."Join me discord and reclaim your greatness, unless pony errand boy is the role you’ve always wanted to play in this world." said Tirek, as he got right into Discord face shocking him out of his thinking. Being so close to Discord, Tirek could see that his insult wasn't ignored as the Draconequus was currently glaring at the Centaur for the "new " title he was giving.

"Come on you stupid misshapen miscreant, take the bait."

After glaring at Tirek for a few more seconds, Discord's eyes found something else to look at. Floating next to Discord was a small table with a picture frame and lamp occupying the top space. Inside the picture frame was a small 4 x 2 photo of himself with Fluttershy. Discord once again began to stroke his beard in contemplation. After a long and tense silence of exactly two minutes and thirty-nine seconds, Discord gave his answer.

"Naaaaa, sorry Tirek, but I actually like the way my life is going. Also, I don't think I have It In me to break poor Fluttershy's heart." replied Discord shooting down Tirek's offer.

"Now where were we... ah, now I remember." with a snap of his fingers, Tirek's dirty cloak was now a stereotypical prisoner outfit. In addition to his new and improved clothes, a large ball and chain were now attached to one of Tirek's back hooves.

Discord, not wanting to be left out of the fun also changes into something more appropriate. Wearing a long black gown and sporting an over the top white powdered wig, Discord was now the perfect replica of an old English judge.

With another snap of his fingers, the dark and dirty back-alley was transformed into a courtroom. Discord was sitting in the Judge's chair while Tirek was standing at a podium in the middle of the courtroom.

"By the power invested in me, by her great princess Celestia, I Discord, Lord of Chaos, sentence you to be returned to Tartarus where you will spend the rest of your time in banishment. Does the accused have any final words." announced Discord, banging his gavel onto his desk to silence the courtroom.

Many ponies would think that Tirek was absolutely screwed give his circumstances. While it was true Tirek was in chains, low on power, and had no way of escaping from an individual who could literally do anything with just the snap of his fingers. Tirek was anything but finished. There was a reason why Tirek was one of the most feared villains in all of Equestria and he was about to prove it.

"Step Eight: Ace in the Hole"

Looking straight into Discord's eyes, Tirek said four simple words that would forever change Discord's life.

"You’re going to die," said Tirek, with a face devoid of emotion.

Discord had lived for a very long time. And in that very long life, he has seen very many people, places, and things.

And while Discord is very knowledgeable about many topics and facts. The one thing he prides himself on is knowing when someone is lying. Being the physical representation of chaos, untruths about “reality” were just second nature to him.

So even if Tirek attempted to lie to Discord, it would only prove futile. However, when Tirek said those four little words. Discord know that Tirek was telling the pure honest truth right to his face.

Many ponies would think Discord, being the Spirit of Chaos would most likely be the type of individual to not take a death threat seriously. Considering that threatening to kill an immortal creature capable of bending the very fabric of reality to his whim is highly idiotic. If a pony were to, say, threaten to kill Discord, he would simply laugh and fly away.

Tirek, however, wasn't a pony and definitely not an idiot.

For the longest time Discord simply just looked at Tirek. His eyes just simply staring right at Tirek not moving an inch.

At that moment something happened to Discord. Something that rarely ever happens to Discord. He remembered something very important, something in his long long life that has plagued him many times in his darkest of days. Clear and precise as the day he heard those words.

"Disky my boy, death comes for us all, it just takes it sweet time with people like us. I know what I did when it came to me... but to be honest .....your death will be so much more interesting to watch...HEHEHEHEHEHEH."

Then he blinked

"... what did you just say to me?" questioned Discord, the courtroom now gone and Discord back in the nude giving Tirek a look that could free hell itself.

"You heard me," said Tirek, looking right in Discord eye's refusing to even register his piercing gaze.

"... Snap" with a snap of his fingers Tirek's outfit instantly burst into flames.

The chains binding his hands glowed to bright orange as they melted right off. The ball and chain attached to one of Tirek's hoofs suffered the same fate.

"You're going to tell me right now, what the hell you're talking about or I'll send you back to Celestia in PIECES." yelled Discord, looking like he was about to snap and incarcerate the closest thing he could get his hands on, which happened to be Tirek at the moment.

Seeing the rage in the Draconequus eyes Tirek didn't waste any time.

"You do recall what being the Lord of Chaos necessitates, correct?" inquired Tirek.

"Chaos is life, life is chaos, Let this truth be ever-present."

"Of course I'm here to create chaos, nothing else." said Discord rolling his eyes at the simplicity of the question.

"However, did you know that the Lord of Chaos has a code he's meant to follow." stated the centaur.

"No, where is this going Tirek?" replied the questioning Draconequus, having caught interest in what the centaur was saying.

"Do you know what would happen if you were to break one of those codes?" questioned the centaur

"LEt ThE LorD BecoMe tHE PesaNT Was ThE WICKed PeNtANces."

"... they get a fifty-bit ticket?" answered Discord generally confused on how to answer the question.

"They lose their title Discord, and so will you." the centaur answered back with a smug grin on his face.

If Discord wasn't paying attention he most diffidently was now.


"Lies reside in the shadow of all truths, Rule of law casts the darkest of shadows."

"In my youth, thousands of years ago, when I was still a child, my father would tell my brother and I, stories of the world. On one of those days, my father told us, the story of Mayhem, the Lord of Chaos, the very first lord of chaos.

"At the beginning of our world, the vast and diverse races of Equis reigned supreme across the land. Each and every one of them was different and possessed abilities of great power truly worthy of respect and fear."

"For the Alicorns, day and night were their domains of power. Taking upon the duty of raising and lowering the planet's sun and moon."

"Ponies, the most prosperous of all the races lived in a fractured existence between the tribes. Unicorns, Pegasus, and Earth ponies would suffer infighting between themselves for hundreds of years until future conflict forced themselves together once again under a banner of harmony and peace. Building the many great cities and towns across the land. With the capital, Canterlot housing the Royalty of the Alicon race."

"The Griffins ruled the skies and land with quick agility and even quicker brutality. There Kings were the greatest predators in lands ruling with a brutal but far claw in Griffinstone. No storm could hinder them while in the expansive skies of there kingdom."

"Dragons, born with the breath of flames only embraced and mastered their natural talents for fury and destruction. If not for the wisdom and leadership of the first Dragonlord the lands today would either be one of only ash and flame. For dragons, greed is almost as deadly as his flames."

"Shaman Zebras, stern Yaks, powerful minotaurs, clever Kirins, burrowing Diamond Dogs, and many other races populated the land fighting for survival and place to call there own."

"In the beginning, all was fine and peaceful, but as time went and the peaceful time became few and far between Chaos began to take hold of the lands. At first, it was simple disputes over land and resources but, things quickly escalated out of control into all-out war. In Equestria the once united tribes of ponies began to break away, spiraling out of control into all-out war. To the east, the Griffin clans were waging a war of conquest against the nomadic tribes of the zebras. While greedy Dragons and gluttonous Diamond Dogs brutally fought for the gems in the south. All over the world, war and death plagued the land while the leaders of nations either fought each other or watched as the kingdoms and empires they worked so hard to build began to burn before there eyes."

"To put it simply the world was incomplete CHAOS. That's when it appeared. Some believed it was created because of all the suffering and hate in the world. Others claimed he was divine punishment being brought on by the failure to stop the wars. Many simply say he was always there and was just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Regardless of how he came to be there was one detail all storytellers agreed upon. That this being was called by the name Mayhem... they lived up to it."

"Hardened and battle-tested armies of veterans numbered in the thousands fell in days killed to the last soldier, walls and fortress defenses of all size crumbled under his power. All towns and cities unfortunate enough to be his way were left in various states of destruction. Some were burned to cinders, smashed to rubble or strangely left alone only for the returning residents to find the inside of there homes painted completely in blood. The words MAYHEM WAS HERE!!! was a common sight at these horrid events."

"Mayhem simply corrupted everything they came upon. And the most frightening thing about Mayhem was he did it with an absence of emotion as if the very world bored him. The world was just a big tied knot and he was the blade that would cut through it all. As easy as snapping his fingers."

"No matter how bravely they fought against Mayhem, no one could even scratch him. When brave challengers tried to use their magical and physical abilities to defeat him, he simply turned their powers against them. With a snap of his fingers the Griffin king's wings became so heavy, he couldn't even lift them. With a snap of his fingers the Dragonlord was turned in a small baby dragon, there fire breath not even hot enough to light a candle. With a snap of his fingers, the Zebra Shamans were cursed to speak in riddles unable to summon their power thru the spoken word. With a snap of his fingers the Alicorns, possibly the two most magically powerful of the life on Equis were robbed of their power. It's believed back then that that simple action created the first eclipse."

"With a snap of his fingers, he had defeated and humiliated all of them. Realizing that they were no match for him individually, they came to the conclusion they needed to work together. So with a heavy heart, each of them admitted their follies and come to an accord, swearing to never let the world ever be consumed by such destruction again. And thus the First council of Peace was formed. There one and only objective, locating the killing the being now titled, The Lord of Chaos, Mayhem."

"Now united, the military might of all of Eqis faced a difficult obstacle. Formulating an effective plan of action. At the end of the day, the only plan that could be drawn was to overwhelm Mayhem with pure numbers hoping to score a lucky blow in the fatigue of battle. For even the mightiest of foes require sleep."

"Locating Mayhem only requires a few diligent scouts to follow the chaos left in his path. Princess Luna's ability to dive into the dreams of others only made the task that easier. However, the price of witnessing Mayhem's inner mindscape would forever be a lesson for Luna in the dangers of dream walking, especially for those of broken minds. Using a constant series of raids in order to drive mayhem into a battlefield of advantage for the alliance was a costly effort, but one needs to be paid. Anything used to gain an advantage in the coming battle was done regardless of cost, for the battle would be one of attrition and of little mercy."

"Order and Chaos would battle and only one would stand victorious."

"The chosen battlefield was called Rolling Meadows. Today it is known as the Badlands. A large and vast meadow layered with small hills across in body, now a dusted wasteland and dark reminder of the futility of war."

Both sides of the battle met at sunrise. The sun would not set for three days in order to deprive Mayhem of rest during the battle. Before the bloodshed begin though Celestia, possessed by something asked him only one question."

"What was the question?" asked Discord, who was listening intensely, amazed at what Tirek was telling him. Hoping to see the conclusion of the tale soon.

"The alicorn asked only one question," repeated Tirek, continuing from where he left off.

"Why did you do this?" asked the alicorn looking upon the body of her enemy standing at a distance before her.

Mayhem, facing the might of all of Equis only did one thing, he laughed. Those present only gave grim faces at Mayhem, but inside they were all they were shocked that anyone about to meet their end would laugh, were only more surprised when Mayhem answered.

This would be the first time Mayhem ever spoken to anyone let alone his executioners of all people.

"Why did I do all of this?" replied Mayhem, gazing lazily at the surrounding army. Not the expected action of one facing almost certain death.

"Do you ask yourself, why do I eat? why do I sleep? Why do I live? What is my purpose?" he continued as he started walking towards the army.

"I don't know, nor do I really care, the only thing I do know is I have the uncontrollable urge to cause as much chaos as I possibly can." Mayhem explained not breaking his pace.

"I feel a great weight pulling me to lift itself from the ground and be tossed up only to come crashing back down." conjuring an apple, Mayhem rolled it playfully in the palm of his hand, sporadically tossing it higher and higher into the air as he talked.

Just as he was about one hundred feet in front of his foes he stopped. Letting the apple have one last toss into the sky. He snatched it out of the air in the middle of it drop and stared at it.

"I believe that great weight is all of you here in front of me." taking a bite of the apple. a wet crunch cut itself through the thick layer of tension amongst those gathered before him.

"The chaos caused by your petty wars amongst yourselves created such an abundance of energy. That I guess the world just needed someone to sort it all out." Taking a second bite caused a small line of juice to trail from his mouth.

"A balance needed to be maintained and as such, I came into existence." using his thumb to wipe away the excess liquid from his mouth.

"Right now, however, this whole balance of Order and Chaos can go fuck itself for all I care." He calmly stated to an attentive audience. Perplexed with a strange case of fear still residing for the figure before them.

"I'll let you all in on a little secret... I don't know how or why, but I feel deep in my gut if I do anything. So much more as take a single step from where I stand, The other side of this balance will come crashing down upon me. What it will do, I have no idea but without a doubt, I know my fate would be sealed." Taking a final bite, Mayhem deposed of the apple core consuming it in a quick burst of amber flames.

He took a step forward.

"Why did I do all of this? No, I did nothing, you did this all by yourselves. I didn't plunge this world into war. I didn't just stand there and watch as my friends and neighbors began to butcher each other. No, all I did was just what you've all been doing to yourself for so long. I am merely a mirror in this horror show you all call life. A simple reflection if you will.

And how pathetic of a reflection you all were. I showed you your true selves stripped of all the polish and gloss you cover yourself in, no matter how great and strong you thought you were, you all prove wrong over and over by my hand. I became you to beat you all at your own game." said Mayhem as he began to stand perfectly still. A small genuine smile began to grow until a full-blown grin emerged on his face.

" You can only stare into a mirror for so long until you have an uncontrollable urge to smash it to pieces." Amber flames began to grow all around mayhem as the sound of moving flesh and break bones filled the air.

He stopped walking. A mass of distorted reflections of himself greeted him, radiating Mayhem in all his chaos corrupted form coming from the soldier's shields.

"Let's see how fragile these reflections are shall we?" stated Mayhem.


What followed would be recorded as the single greatest loss of life in recorded history. The only thing longer than the list of the dead was the suffering that results in said sacrifice. Everyone who participated lost something, someone or even themselves too Mayhem.

The two greatest losses, however, were Mayhem's life. The cause of his death unknown as his body received so many wounds it was impossible to name a single one as the finishing blow. However, to this day, Celestia is credited with slicing off Mayhem's hands which severely limited his magical capacity in the later stage of the battle.

"The Second greatest loss and seen as the only positive was everyone's loss of the necessity of war to solve any conflict. The death of Mayhem was also the death of the age of war ushering in the united Equis's carrying itself into a golden age of peace and harmony."

"The last words of Mayhem were recorded by those lucky enough to witness his death were such."

"I won't be the last." stated the centaur finishing his story.

Discord having listened to Tirek's entire story immediately understood what the centaur meant now.

"You’re saying, if I continue to help the ponies, I am breaking a rule of "Balance" and I'll die as a result," said Discord, seeing Tirek nod to what he was saying.

"And, a brand new Lord of Chaos will take your place. However, if you help me you will no longer be working for the "Good guys" and then the balance won't be broken anymore." said Tirek, trying to sell discord on his logic.

For the longest time Discord said nothing, only thinking about the new situation he's found himself in. On one paw he could ignore what Tirek said as nothing more than a false story.

"Disky my boy, death comes for us all, it just takes it sweet time with people like us. I know what I did when it came to me... but to be honest .....your death will be so much more interesting to watch...HEHEHEHEHEHEH."

However, If Tirek was telling the truth then this is possibly his only chance to save himself from turning into a pile of ashes. After a long period of silence, Discord gave his answer.

"... We have a deal." said Discord shaking the centaur's hand to seal the deal.

"What am I going to do?" said Discord, thinking out loud.

After betraying his friend's trust and agreeing to help Tirek. The only thing he got out of it was Tirek backstabbing him and the lost trust of his friends. Even Fluttershy, Discords' first true friend, didn't fully trust him anymore.

As much as Discord would have loved to think that he cares less of what others think of him, he simply couldn't do it. Seeing the fear in Fluttershy's eyes when she saw him was more painful than a punch to the face. While they may forgive him in time, Discord would never again have their trust. Discord could do nothing but wallow in his throne at the bottom of the hole he dug himself into.

"Well there’s not really all that much you can do." answered his reflection bluntly.

"Well what can I do?" said the frustrated Draconequus, asking his reflection for an answer.

The reflection’s only reaction was to scrunch his face thinking of a possible answer that would satisfy his creator. After a few moments of thinking the reflection replied.

"In my own opinion there are three things you could possibly do." the reflection answered to the depressed Draconequus sitting on his throne.

"Go on." said Discord, hoping that at least one of the three answers would solve his conundrum.

"Option number one, ask Twilight for help." Discord's reflection stated.

"NO... no... that won't work." yelled Discord immediately cutting off that train of thought.

While seeking help from Twilight may seem like a good idea, there were too many things that could go wrong. Being the Element of Magic, Twilight may be able to reverse the damage. But, Discord did have the time for Twilight to test and experiment on a cure with the rate of growth the illness had.

Also, there was the fact that Twilight would most likely tell Celestia as well, and Discord did not want that. This was his problem and he didn't want Celestia to meddle in his businesses.

"Ok then option number two, see if anyone else would help you." said the reflection after hearing his master's refusal to seek help from the ponies.

"No that won't work, half of Equis want to see me dead and the other half wouldn't care if I died. The only reason old Celly even allowed me to be freed is because she thought she could "reform" me." Discord replied to his reflection.

"how she gave me that option after her dealings with Mayhem still confuses me still." Discord thought to himself. Shaking his head in the absurdity of the Princesses act of generosity.

"It's kind of ironic that her plan to redeem me is what's killing me." said the scoffing Discord finding some humor in his eventual demise.

Seeing the resigned look on his face, the reflection realized this was his last chance to help.

"Then there's only one other option. Accept your fate and find someone to take your place before you die. " stated the reflection giving the final option to his master, waiting on his reaction.

"Chose someone?" Discord questioned the reflection. Chose someone to accept the title of Lord of Chaos?

"Mayhem chose to die in the heat of battle, instead of allowing any form of control in his life." Discord bitterly remembered.

Finding an individual to live up to the responsibility of the job would be incredibly hard. But, not impossible.

Ponies were too harmonious and unaccepting of change. Griffins valued honor too much to lie and betray. Dragons were too greedy for gems and loved to sleep for decades. Diamond Dogs just weren't smart enough. Zebras loved nature too much to cause destruction. And changelings just had no individuality or personality.

No, Discord would have to pick something special and he knows just the place to find it.

Pushing himself out of his throne, Discord began to walk towards the mirror.

With a snap of his fingers, a small chest appeared in front of him as he walked. The chest was made of nice dark polished wood. The only thing decorating the small crest was a sigil of a small circle with arrows pointing in different directions.

Opening the small chest, Discord retrieved a small object. Inside Discords lion paw was a small necklace pendant.

"Don't lose this you crooked fuck or I'll straiten you out the only way I know how."

On the pendant was the same sigil that decorated the box. Raising it to his mouth Discord proceeded to blow on to it. Immediately the pendant began to glow with a golden aura.

Discord began to speak to the pendant.

"I Discord, current Lord of Chaos and Disharmony hereby enchant this item to seek out those that would honor the title of Lord of Chaos. May they neither seek good nor evil upon the world but chaos. For chaos is neither good nor evil just simply itself. For whoever is to find this pendant they be a follower of Chaos. A being worthy of accepting my title and forever seeking to be the eternal representation of Chaos... Or just the closest available snuck you can find I'm not that picking at the moment." whispered Discord activating the magical reserves residing in the pendant.

After activating the pendant, Discord looked at his reflection. The reflection looking back, now wearing a smile on his face proud of the words his master just spoke.

Taking the last few steps towards the mirror, Discord handed the pendant to his reflection. The reflection, grabbing onto the pendant gave him a questioning look.

"The pendent will pull you in a specific direction of its own choice, do not stray, do not stop and do not attempt to change its path. Let do its job and everything should be just honkey donkey" said the smirking Draconequus as he addressed his clone.

"SIR YES SIR, IT'S BEEN AN HONOR SERVE WITH YOU SIR!!!" yelled the reflection saluting his superior officer trying not to cry at his final orders. With a snap of his finger, the reflection disappeared leaving the mirror completely empty.

After seeing his copy respectfully salute him and go off to complete his mission, Discord began to trudge back towards his throne.

After drowning in self-pity for the last few hours, Discord for once in a long time actually felt fulfilled, not happy or sad just a calming sense of finale approaching his way.

Slowly sitting back deeply into his throne, discord summoned a bottle of wine and a glass, forsaking chocolate milk for this occasion. After pouring himself a decently sized amount, Discord began to get comfortable.

Discord spend the last few hours of his life drinking wine and allowed whatever to come into his head simply exist and seep into the recess of his mind. Preparing himself for his owe and personal death. Out of all the thought and regrets, Disord experienced in his finale moments it was Fluttershy that was the subject of many of them.

"Fluttershy...I have a feeling you're going to be suffering more than I will be soon." Discord whispered to himself. For it is those that care the most that suffer the hardest when it comes to death. And it will be very hard on her. It was only the knowledge that her friend would be there to confront her in the coming days.

"Better they worry about her than me at this point." Discord morbidly joked to himself. As he began to experience a dull feeling of heat overtakes his body.

Steam rose off his body and bright yellow flames suddenly rose to encapsulate his form, their light drowning his appearance behind a glowing curtain.

The soon to be retired Lord of Chaos chuckling in his characteristic laissez-faire tone at the reality of his melting flesh; the charred, exposed skeleton said six words that would forever change Equestria.



The glass shattered as the wine glass slid from a now skeletal lions paw. All that now remained was the charred skeleton of Discord. Which will be discovered by one overly shy pegasus attempting to deliver breakfast in bed to a friend in need of cheering up.

Author's Note:

Rewrite complete, will fix grammar and other missed errors at a later date.

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