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The Soul's Savior - Dusty Old Qrow

Sunset Shimmer has fallen. At her lowest point, she recieves help from a girl who helped beat her - Rainbow Dash. Meanwhile, CHS teacher Time Turner has his own journey of healing. How do their stories connect?

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Chapter 9: Daughters [OLD]

School was out for the day and students were spilling out of the building, eager to get home and rest or hang out with their friends. Teachers, still sitting in their desks, tidied up their spaces and gathered their items. Aside from teachers and other faculty, there were only four students in the building.

Two girls walked through the science hall, each holding a slip of paper. They walked side by side, conversing with each other as they made their way to their destination: Mr. Turner's room. Apparently Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna wanted them to talk with him.

The two girls were twins, though one was slightly taller than the other so many assumed she was older than her sister. The truth: Derpy was only forty-five minutes older than her younger sister Dinky.

They both had blonde hair and brilliant gold eyes, something that they were told that they inherited from their mother. Derpy's skin was grey, but Dinky's had a purple-ish hue. Derpy wore a light-blue long-sleeved shirt with a darker blue on the sleeves and collar, and a plain dark green skirt that went down to her knees. Her sister Dinky wore a frilly yellow dress that went nicely with her hair and eyes. The dress stopped just below her knees. She also wore yellow tennis shoes.

"--say that Sunset Shimmer's actually changed! What do you think, Derpy?"

"I believe Mr. Turner. I saw how she was acting this morning, and that was not how she would normally act!"

"Okay..." Changing the topic, the younger sister asked, "What do you think Mr. Turner wants to see us for?"

"I dunno..." Derpy wondered, but then gasped. "What if it’s about that time I broke all of his science equipment?!" she worried, placing her hands on her head.

Dinky frowned. "Didn't he forgive you for that? And didn't he pay for all of it himself?"

"Yes, but what if he expects a favor! Or if he secretly hated me all this time and is plotting to kill us all and pin the blame on Celestia and Luna and cause a massive scale investigation that will-"

The younger sister put her hand over her sibling's mouth. "Derpy! Gosh, you read way too many crime novels. It's a wonder that Mom keeps letting you buy them."

The two laughed together as they reached their destination, unaware of the two other girls headed their way.

"You sure about this, Dash?" Sunset asked hesitantly.

"Positive! I do this a lot, and I've never been caught!"

"Why do you of all people do this?"

“It’s an old skill I picked up when I went pranking with Pinkie a few years back. Never lost my touch!" Rainbow Dash laughed as they walked to Time Turner's classroom, intent on spying on his meeting with the sisters who were in charge of the school. "Okay, so, here's what we're gonna do," Dash began. "We'll wait for Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna to show up. Once they start talking, we'll listen in! We'll, I dunno, crack it open a little so we can hear. Then we just wait for him to mention anything about you!"

Sunset crossed her arms. "And if he doesn't?"

"Then we just wasted our time! But hey, at least we had fun!" Rainbow Dash proudly proclaimed.

"...I don't think this counts as 'fun', Dash."

Rainbow grinned and placed an arm around Sunset's shoulders. "Quiet, my bacon-haired friend, We have spying to do!" She walked forward, dragging Sunset along with her.

"Wh-what?! Bacon haired?!" She protested the notion. Her hair was flame-colored, not bacon, thank you very much.

"Hello, Time. It's always a pleasure." Luna said with a smile as she and her sister walked into Time Turner's classroom. Celestia followed behind her, both wearing warm smiles on their face. Their eyes showed happiness, but Turner’s showed nervousness. Years of putting on smiles for students had rendered them experts at hiding emotions, but Turner never picked up that skill.

"Huh? Oh! Miss Luna! Miss Celestia!" Turner exclaimed as he quickly stood from his chair behind his desk, straightening his trenchcoat as he did so. "Sorry, lost track of time I guess." He rubbed the back of his head. "Come to think of it, that's ironic. Losing track of time when my name is Time... Almost sounds like I'm losing myself!" He gave a hearty laugh and stepped closer to the sisters. "Right! Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Luna grabbed her arm with her hand and sighed. "Just... Sit down, Time. Alright?" She pleaded.

"Okay..." Turner turned and grabbed a chair from behind a student's desk to sit in."Grab a chair, ladies. It seems we have a lot to talk about." Turner sighed. They probably want to talk about my breakdown at Sugar Cube Corner. Should have figured this would happen.

After the two sisters sat down, silence lingered in the air, none of them wanting to break the awkward tension. You wanted a meeting, Turner began in his mind. You start it.

Eventually Celestia sighed. "Turner, we want to talk to you about-"

"Hello, Mr. Turner!" two voices interrupted the principal.

Derpy and Dinky Hooves walked into the room.

Turner nearly jumped out of his chair in shock at the sudden intrusion. "O-oh! D-Derpy and D-Dinky! What a pleasant surprise!" He stammered while trying to calm himself down. What are they doing here?!

"Ah." Celestia grew a warm smile. "Well this is fortunate."

"Yes, sister." Luna agreed. "Time, we think it's time you told them," she pointed at the teenage girls. "the truth."

Derpy placed her hands on her hips and frowned. "The truth?" she questioned. "The truth about what?" Then her eyes opened in shock and she screamed. "Oh no! He does hate me for breaking his stuff! I'm so sorry Mister Turner please don't hate me!" She cried.

Dinky grabbed the older twin's shoulders. "Sis! Stop that! It's okay!" she stated firmly as she shook her sister. "Get ahold of yourself, woman!"

Derpy's crooked eyes seemed to spin in her head as she regained her composure. "Oh." she said dumbly. "Oh! I'm so sorry for that!"

Turner's hand instinctively went to the locket in his pocket as he laughed. "That's quite alright, Miss Hooves... Er, both of you, please sit." He took a quiet elongated breath as he got out of his chair to get two others from the students' desks and brought them to the front of the classroom, putting them next to Luna's chair. He and the two girls sat down.

"Now," Dinky began, eying the teacher suspiciously. "What did you want to tell us?" She crossed her arms and hardened her gaze. Derpy's eyes went cross eyed as she too looked at Turner, who looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"G-G-Girls..." Turner slowly forced the word out. "How much do you know about..." Dammit Turner! They're here now, you can explain! You can... "About..." He was going to say 'your mother' but instead settled on, "your birth parents?"

The older twin's eyes went back to normal as they widened in shock. Dinky gasped quietly.

"Our birth parents?" Derpy asked, not quite sure if she heard correctly. "Not much... Mom told us that they died in a car crash... And that she adopted us as a favor..."

Turner's throat tightened. She's not wrong. A part of me died when their mother passed... He ran a hand through his hair as he choked back a sob. "Your mother..." He hesitated. Would she hate me for what I've done? Alienated our children, passed them on to Berry Punch... I'm so sorry. He spoke up. "Your mother's name was Ditzy Doo." He smiled as he uttered his wife's name. "And she was the most wonderful woman I ever met."

"What?!" Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer half-whispered as the information processed in their heads.

"H-He's their.. their...." Dash stammered.

"And I bullied them for..." Sunset whimpered.

The two girls took a deep breath. Sunset's was more shaky. "Alright..." She breathed. "L-Let's keep listening..."

Luna had a sad frown on her face, but Celestia betrayed no emotion. Derpy and Dinky stared at the obviously distressed man in front of them, eagerly awaiting information on their parents.

Turner eyed them warily. Luna and Celestia want me to tell them. Why? As he wondered, he continued his story.

"She was the daughter of one of the waitresses at Sugar Cube Corner... And her father wasn't there most of the time, so her mother brought your mother to the café with her." Turner gave a sad smile. "She had... beautiful golden eyes, and her hair was a bright and extravagant blonde. That's where you two got your looks. You got your father's smarts, though. She was abnormally nice. I was a loner, when I was young. When we were ten, she walked up to me, when I was all alone at the park. And we talked."

Turner paused to let out a shaky breath. "And as we grew, we became best friends. When high school rolled around, she got into a few relationships... But none of them worked out." He could see the girls deflate a little, their shoulders sagging ever so slightly. I guess they wanted to know if one of those past boyfriends was their father. "But the worst one was a guy named Rolling Thunder. Big guy, all muscle but no brains. Star of the football team, and loved by every cheerleader. And Ditzy Doo was the unlucky girl to ask him out."

Luna scowled. "Ah, yes. I remember him. He tried to get me to date him, once."

Turner nodded and continued once more. "Senior year rolls around, and prom night is around the corner... and he breaks up with her. Dashes her hopes and dreams. She loved this boy. And me? Well, when she was always there for me, I had to be there for her. She cried a lot, and I let her do it on my shoulder.

"And that was the moment that I realized: I loved Ditzy Doo."

Derpy and Dinky both gasped, covering their mouths with their hand. They spared a glance at each other, then to Turner, then back to each other. "Is he...?" they asked at the same time. "Are you...?"

Turner only responded by continuing the story.

Sunset hadn't moved her ear from the door since the first surprise, so she did not see Rainbow Dash slowly look over at her.

Crying after Prom, huh...? That's somewhat similar to how we became friends...

Yet again, Rainbow Dash found herself smiling at the thought of Sunset. Or maybe actually at Sunset, considering that she was right there.

I suppose it's not too bad of a thought...

"After senior year we started dating." Turner continued. "I went off to college to get my teaching degree, but Ditzy worked as a waitress at Sugar Cube Corner like her mother. Like you, Derpy." The older twin's eyes softened and still stared forward. "And once I got my degree and got a job at CHS..." Turner gave a small smile, "I proposed to her." Small tears formed at the corners of his eyes but he blinked them away. "We were married after two years of being engaged, and we bought a small house a few blocks away. After a year or so... we wanted kids."

Derpy and Dinky, unbeknownst to them, shared the same thought: the man in front of them was most likely their father. But that brought up a question, what happened to their mother?

"I had always wanted a daughter... So imagine our surprise when we found out that we were getting two. I think she was the most excited. She could not wait to be a mother, and she was a great one." Turner sniffed. "After you two were born, well..."

I have to relive the worst day of my life. Turner thought.

"Eighteen years ago, just two months after you were born. Ditzy was on her way home from work, but... but she decided to turn around to go to the store. We were out of milk." He gave up trying to hold back his tears and began openly weeping, holding his head in his hands. "I was in class teaching. In the middle of the lesson, I get a call..." He sobbed again, his hands clutching his hair. "She got into a wreck, just outside the store... She died almost instantly..." He sobbed harder than ever before, his grief spreading to every person in the room.

Dinky didn't know what to think, and by the look on her face neither did Derpy. On one hand, they just found out that their father is their teacher. On the other... he gave them up.

Luna immediately regretted agreeing with Celestia's plan. "Time..." She whispered, holding out a hand to her friend.

"No." Turner replied. "I'm gonna tell them everything." He said sternly. "Everything." He straightened his back so he was sitting straight and steeled himself with a deep breath. "A-After your mother died... I... couldn't handle it. You two were the only thing keeping me going, but..." He sniffed. "I guess the darkness caught up with me. I tried to take my own life a week after Ditzy's funeral."

Derpy and Dinky both gasped, and Celestia's eyes opened wide.

Celestia turned to Luna. "You never told me that!"

Luna returned her sister's look with a glare. "He didn't want me to tell anyone!"

"Shut up and let me finish!" Turner yelled.

His outburst caused Rainbow and Sunset to flinch back in shock.

"Wow." Dash said dumbly. "I think that's the first time I've heard him yell."

"Yeah..." Sunset agreed. "Even when he showed up at the factory he never raised his voice..."

"I can't imagine what he's going through in there..." Dash added sadly.

"Turner..." Celestia gasped, her tone mixed with shock and pity. "I think you should stop-"

"No." He said callously. He pointed at Derpy and Dinky. "They deserve to know why. They've gone eighteen years without a father. They've been fine without me. But they need to know why."

Celestia apparently had no response to that, so he continued.

"Luna found me... sitting in a chair... gun in my hand... and you two crying in the next room. Luna, she... she had come to check on me. I hadn't been answering my phone... If she hadn't, I..." He trailed off and grabbed at his cost to wipe his eyes. "After she got me calm enough to leave me by myself, I realized that there was no way I could take care of you."

"Wh-what...?" Derpy found herself asking, twirling her hair between her fingers. Dinky narrowed her eyes and simply stared.

"I couldn't take your mother's death... I couldn't move past it. So, I... contacted a friend, and... Berry Punch, she promised to take care of you... love you... like you were her own. She never had any kids, but she adored you two." Turner blinked away any remaining tears and looked at his daughters. “I never, ever stopped thinking about you, and I regret making that decision every day... But I... I couldn’t just show up one day and hope that everything would be okay. Because it's not. Never once did I think about you two when I decided to give you to Berry. I was selfish. But despite that... You two have grown into great young women. Your mother would have been proud of you, I'm sure. I'm not asking you to forgive me. Hell, you don't even have to like me." I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. "I just... want you to know." As he finished he hung his head and sighed, leaving the room in a subdued silence.

“Holy shit.” Dash hissed. “Th-this is not what I expected to hear this afternoon!” She and Sunset sat on the floor, backs pressed against the wall next to the doorway into the classroom. Both girls did not know what to do, now. “This is just... Derpy and Dinky are... Turner’s kids...?” As Rainbow Dash pondered to herself, she slowly turned her gaze to Sunset, who had tears of her own forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I made fun of them for being adopted... I didn’t know that their mother...” She mumbled quietly. “That’s probably the cruelest thing I’ve done. They thought that both of their parents were dead and I laughed at them for it... And Turner...” Suddenly she popped up, fear in her eyes. “Oh, sweet Celestia he probably knows about all of the things I said to them! Oh, no no no no, I’m so sorry...

“Sunset!” Dash yelled, grabbing Sunset’s shoulders and shaking her, cutting off the girl’s rambling. “Stop it! Stop it right now!”

“B-But, Dash, I...”

“No! Listen Sunset Shimmer, would the old you be sitting there, crying like a wimp? Hell no! The fact that you’re sorry means that you’re getting better. You’re changing, Sunset! You’re a better person now. And I believe that you can become even better.”

Rainbow Dash pulled Sunset in for a hug and rested her head on Sunset’s shoulders. “I won’t leave you, alright? I’ll help you along, I promise.”

Time Turner’s classroom was utterly silent.

Luna and Celestia were stunned. They hadn’t expected Turner to be that passionate about telling the story. Luna was the worst of the two sisters; she was practically crying herself. How could she not? Her best friend had just confessed his greatest mistake to his daughters who he spent so long separated from. Celestia, while not as close with Turner, still felt horrible for forcing this on him in the first place.

Derpy and Dinky, however, were the most worrying.

The twins were both crying at this point, though silently. Derpy’s eyes had long since went crosseyed. Dinky kept her arms crossed and her head held downwards, refusing to look at her father. There were no words to describe how they felt. Saddened? Betrayed? Hurt? None of them could accurately describe them. The twins simply held their heads low in silent sorrow and thought to themselves.

Despite the quiet, Turner’s heart was racing. How would they react? What would happen now? What did they think of him? A million and one scenarios were playing in his mind and none of them ended well. Most commonly, they ended with his daughters running out of the room. However, that didn’t happen. And that was worse. Not knowing how they would react.

Dinky lifted her head and looked at her sister, who looked back. “Dinky?” Derpy asked as the younger twin stood and slowly walked to her father.

The next few moments were the longest that any one of them every experienced.

As she slowly stepped towards her father, her breath quickened. Her chest rose and fell repeatedly, her eyes stung with tears. Dinky glared at Time Turner.

Turner took a breath. “D-Dinky, I-”


He was cut off by his youngest daughter smacking him across the face, sending him to the floor in shock and pain.

He fell to his hands and knees, rubbing his stinging cheek with a hand as he gazed at his daughter. He wanted to say something- anything- but the words refused to form, leaving him a stuttering mess on the floor.

Dinky openly wept. “I... I...” She held her hand against her chest, trying to steady her breathing, but eventually growled and ran away and out of the room.

“Dinky!” Derpy cried, running after her sister and she too left the room.

Turner sobbed on the floor, a broken shell of a man.

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