• Published 17th Dec 2014
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The Soul's Savior - Dusty Old Qrow

Sunset Shimmer has fallen. At her lowest point, she recieves help from a girl who helped beat her - Rainbow Dash. Meanwhile, CHS teacher Time Turner has his own journey of healing. How do their stories connect?

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Chapter 3: Place To Start

Author's Note:

This chapter was edited by a good friend of mine, thehalfelf. Thanks for the help, man.

Title song:

Sunset Shimmer shivered. Her jacket had been torn badly in the rainbow blast, leaving little to protect her from the chilly night air. It was her own fault, she supposed, since it was her own stupid choices that led her here. The thought did little to comfort her though. Regardless, she was still cold and miserable.

Rainbow Dash, however, seemed unbothered. She stood, not a shiver in sight, glancing both ways down the street in front of Canterlot High. She tapped her foot impatiently and whipped her phone out of her pocket, letting out an annoyed growl at the device. “C’mon, AJ!” She exclaimed. “Where the heck are you?”

I can’t imagine Applejack would be too eager to see me, Sunset wanted to say aloud, but elected not to. Best not to say anything that would jeopardize her getting to sleep on an actual mattress for once. Instead, Sunset asked, “does she live far away?”

Rainbow Dash shot her a look of puzzlement. “It’s a farm, Sunset. It’s the kind of place that needs a lot of space. Yeah, it’s a little far from here.”

“So why are you so impatient?”

The athlete turned to Sunset and put a hand on her hip. “Do you think I want to be out here in the cold all night? Hell no.” She turned away and resumed looking up and down the street. Sunset again noticed the other girl’s lack of reaction to the cold. She decided not to bring it up.

The two of them lapsed into silence, the only sounds coming from Rainbow Dash’s constant foot-tapping and the occasional passing car. Minutes passed without a word from either girl, and Sunset was honestly rather glad for it. Every word spoken between them was a reminder of what Rainbow Dash was trying to do, and how much Sunset did not deserve it.

Suddenly the silence was broken. “Hey,” Rainbow Dash said. Sunset jumped at the sudden noise with a yelp, and turned to race her. “You’re really serious about this second chance, right?” she asked.

Sunset nodded as hard as she could. “Yes. Yes I am.” She wanted to say more, more about how sorry she was, and the ways she could ever make up for the things she did, but Rainbow cut her off.

“Did it need to be here?

Sunset froze. “What… do you mean?” she asked slowly.

Rainbow shrugged, then sighed and then sat on the ground cross-legged. “You’re from that other world. You could have gone back with Twilight. I don’t think anyone would have stopped you.”


Rainbow must have seen Sunset flinch, because her eyes immediately widened. “No, no, I didn’t mean it like--” She stopped herself with a sigh, then continued. “So, why are you still here? You probably could have avoided a lot of trouble.”

Sunset looked at Rainbow Dash, biting her lip as she did. Then she looked at the sky; the twinkling stars and the shining moon, and slowly joined Rainbow Dash on the ground. “ I don’t know, really.” She began. “It’s… a lot. There was someone at home that I really loved. She was like a mother to me. And I hurt her. I think I’m afraid of seeing her again.”

Rainbow Dash hummed in response.

“And…” Sunset took in a deep breath. “It wouldn’t have felt right, just up and leaving. I can’t make what I did go away. I hurt you, and so many others. It wouldn’t be right of me to leave and pretend it never happened. I need to do something to make it right. I need to try.” Sunset brought her knees to her chest and cuddled them close. She didn’t see Rainbow Dash nod, with a slight smile on her face.

“So, why’d you come here, anyway?”

Sunset shot the girl a questioning look. “Why are you so nosy tonight?” She tried to keep her voice neutral, but she heard the bite in her words and winced. “Sorry. I guess I can’t blame you for being curious.

“I was selfish, wanted power. I thought that whatever was through the portal would give it to me. I didn’t know there was a whole other world beyond it. I didn’t know there was anything beyond it. I just… jumped through. And the rest is history I guess.”

“You just jumped through? That wasn’t very smart.”

Sunset grumbled, hiding her face between her knees. “I am very aware of that.” She heard Rainbow Dash let out a short laugh and felt her cheeks begin to burn. So that’s how it feels to be laughed at. Sunset knew Rainbow wasn’t trying to be malicious, but that didn’t make the embarrassment go away.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sunset muttered. “Laugh it up.”

Rainbow finished her laugh and let out a breath. “Sorry, dude. It’s just funny to imagine you, of all people, not thinking things through.”

“I’m irrational when I’m angry. As evidenced by my oh-so well thought out plan tonight.” Sunset said, rolling her eyes. Hindsight was 20/20, and with it came the realization that a high-school’s worth of brainwashed teenagers probably wasn’t going to be enough to overpower Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

The two of them didn’t say anything else for a few minutes, unsure of where to go from there. “For what it’s worth,” Rainbow Dash said, breaking the silence, “I think she would be proud of you, that person you hurt when you left. I think if she could see you now, honestly wanting to make up for your mistakes, that she would be super proud.”

Sunset didn’t know what to say to that, and so said nothing. They waited in silence until Applejack finally arrived.

It was a tense few moments, when the beat-up red pickup truck finally pulled up. The engine roared as it rolled along the street and the brakes screamed as the truck came to a stop. The door opened with a groan, and Sunset felt her blood run cold.

Applejack looked pissed.

Stepping around the front of the truck, the farmer’s face came into view. Her lips were pulled into a tight frown and her eyes were full of fire. As her boots stomped against the ground, Sunset felt her heart beat a little harder in her chest. I think I’m in trouble, she thought to herself. Applejack came to a stop in front of the passenger side door and leaned against it. She shot a glare at Rainbow Dash, who simply waved hello. Applejack then turned her glare to Sunset. If looks could kill, Sunset would have dropped dead.

“Ah can’t believe Ah let ya talk me inta this.” Applejack said to Rainbow Dash, still looking Sunset’s way. “Ah know we made that promise ‘n’ all, but Ah expected just a tad more time before Ah had to see her again.” Applejack crossed her arms with a huff.

“I know it’s not what we want right now,” Rainbow Dash said, walking up to the farmer. “But it’s the best we got. She needs a place to stay and you’re the only one with a free space tonight.”

Applejack shook her head. “Ah know, Ah know. Don’ mean Ah gotta like it.” She then looked at Sunset again and straighted her posture, then took a step forward. “You listen ‘ere. You stay away from my sister. You don’t touch nothin’. You leave first thing in the morning. If you do all o’ that, then Ah’ll see about helpin’ ya. Ya hear?”

Sunset nodded vigorously. “Y-yeah. Loud and clear.” She shot Applejack a shaky thumbs up. Applejack simply glared until Sunset lowered her hand. “L-listen, Applejack, I… I know I did some horrible stuff-”

“Ya tried ta kill us tonight. Don’t you think Ah’ve forgotten that.”

“I don’t. I know what I did was so, so wrong. But I’m going to work to try to make it better. Or to at least make up for what I did.” Sunset lowered her gaze to the ground. “I’m sorry for what I did to you. To you and your friends. None of you deserved that.”

Rainbow Dash looked back and forth between the two girls. She could have sworn she saw Applejack’s glare soften ever so slightly, but then it intensified again. “Apology noted,” Applejack muttered. “Get in the truck.” She shot a thumb towards the vehicle over her shoulder and then went to get back in the driver's seat. She stopped and looked at Rainbow Dash, “Ah don’t suppose y’all need a ride, too?”

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “Nah, I’m good. Hey, before you leave, lemme talk to Sunset for a sec.” The farmer nodded and turned.

Rainbow Dash spun towards Sunset. “Hey, Sunset. Come here for a sec.”

Sunset had the passenger door open and was about to climb, but pulled back at Rainbow’s call. “What is it?” she asked, walking over to the other girl.

Rainbow Dash placed a hand on her shoulder and gripped it firmly. “I’m rooting for you here. I’m trusting you. I need you to understand me, I want to help you. I do. But I’m also not going to lie to you. If you take one step out of line, if you hurt my friends again…” Rainbow Dash’s eyebrows slanted, and her grip on Sunset’s shoulder became vice-like. Sunset’s eyes widened. Rainbow Dash relaxed her grip and let her hand fall to her side. “Are we clear?”

Sunset only stared at her. “Crystal.”

“Good.” Rainbow Dash turned on her heel and began walking away. She waved over her shoulder. “Now get going and get some sleep. We’ve got a long couple of days ahead of us.”