• Published 17th Dec 2014
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The Soul's Savior - Dusty Old Qrow

Sunset Shimmer has fallen. At her lowest point, she recieves help from a girl who helped beat her - Rainbow Dash. Meanwhile, CHS teacher Time Turner has his own journey of healing. How do their stories connect?

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Chapter 18: Planning [OLD]

You have one goal.

Take it back.

She strode down the hallway of the school with a confident smirk on her face.The day was already over, yes, but that didn't mean she couldn't get her plans underway anyway. An entire building to herself and nobody could stop her.

Giggling to herself, her hips swayed as she turned a corner into the main hall. The circular room was barren of life, save for herself. The walls were lined with trophy cases and pictures, all boasting about the accomplishments of the sports teams.


Walking over to the nearest case, she glanced through the glass at the name engraved into the golden trophy.

Rainbow Dash.

A soccer trophy, won a year ago against some school from out of state. That didn't matter to her, though. Raising a hand, she curled her fingers into a fist...

And punched through the glass.

Miraculously, her hand remained uninjured, even as she reached through the new hole in the case and grasped the trophy...

The campus was barren. Canterlot High School had long since been emptied of students, but on the premises. Each group was there for two different, but yet similar reasons.a group of students still remained sitting outside, just by the statue. The portal to Equestria was supposed to have been cut off for a long while, but judging by Princess Twilight’s hastily-written response to the girls’ cry for help, it would not remain that way for long.

Rainbow Dash sat idly at the base of the statue, absentmindedly rolling a soccer ball in her hands. Her thoughts were a jumble of emotions- worry for the school and the other students, anger at these ‘Dazzlings’ girls, and another bout of worry for Sunset. The missing girl still hadn’t returned any calls or texts. And Rainbow Dash knew that her phone was still working, as the calls hadn’t gone straight to voicemail and the texts were all delivered successfully. But yet Sunset never called back.

There was always the possibility that she simply didn't have her phone on her... But that seemed unlikely. Sunset never went anywhere without her phone. Being the most hated person in the school necessitated that. So either she was intentionally ignoring Rainbow’s calls, or something was keeping her from answering.

Sighing to herself, Rainbow Dash leaned her head against the statue and closed her eyes. Slowly letting a breath leave her lungs, she opened her eyes again once she felt a hand lay itself on her shoulder. She glanced to the side to find Rarity smiling warmly at her.

“It will be alright, darling.” The fashionista said. “Twilight will know what to do. We’ll find Sunset, Rainbow Dash.”

Dash appreciated the warm smile of her friend, and gave Rarity a smile of her own. The athlete said nothing but instead nodded at Rarity. Maybe, just maybe, everything would work out. They’d beaten magic once before, so why couldn’t they do it again?

Just as her smile became genuine, Rainbow saw a sparkling light come from the concrete base of the statue. Jumping to her feet, Dash turned just in time to see a purple blur burst from the face of the statue and jet past them. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who it was.

Twilight!” She and the other four called out in joy.

The girl was on her knees, a green-and-purple dog right next to her. She groaned and rubbed her head as she slowly stood. “I’m back...!” Twilight glanced up to see Applejack, who extended a hand to the princess. Twilight grasped the hand with her own and stood with the farmer’s help.

Twilight turned and smiled at the rest of the girls, smiling and waving at them before she was engulfed in a giant group hug.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you!” Pinkie Pie squealed. “It’s been so long! You need to tell us all about ponyworld and how it’s been!” As she spoke, the bubbly girl jumped up and down while still holding Twilight, making the princess mumble incoherently as she was shaken.

“P-Pinkie!” Cried the purple girl. “I’m glad to see you too! But p-please let me go!”

“Oh!” The party girl said as she unlatched her arms from Twilight. “Sorry!” Twilight took a few breaths to steady herself, and smiled at Pinkie.

“It’s okay, Pinkie.”

Her smile fell just a second later, however. “But I’ve got some bad news about those new girls...”

The happy mood was instantly soured, everyone’s smiles turning into frowns.

”They're called the Sirens.”

Rarity immediately recognized the phrase. A siren was a beautiful creature that used it's charming voice to lead sailors to their doom. The other girls at least heard of the creatures before, but the way Twilight said their name made it sound different than the ones in mythology.

“Sirens?” Fluttershy whispered from behind her hair. “That doesn't sound friendly...”

Twilight shook her head, pulling a book out and opening it. “Three beautiful but dangerous beings, the Sirens nearly plunged all of Equestria into chaos with their voices.” She turned the book around to show the other girls what was on the page. Three fish like creatures flew in the air, the mouths open in a song. Below them were ponies arguing with each other, some looking to be on the brink of coming to blows.

“But how'd they get here?” Rainbow asked as she leaned back in her chair. The group has decided to go to Sugarcube Corner to be filled in on the situation... And maybe find Sunset there, but that part was a no go. “And why are they just now coming around if they're so old?”

Twilight took a sip of her vanilla shake and sighed. “A wizard from those times... He came up with a spell to banish them here. And now they're back — I guess the Sirens were lying dormant until they had enough power to strike.

“But... Wait, I'm sorry, but where's Sunset Shimmer?”

None of them spoke for a few long seconds. Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Applejack all turned to Rainbow Dash who closed her eyes and growled softly.

“Gone.” She said tersely. “She vanished after we went to see Principal Celestia.” Already Dash could tell that Twilight didn't like that answer. The princess’s face scrunched up and her eyebrows darted down.

“Girls...” Twilight said slowly. “Are we one hundred percent sure that using the Elements on Sunset actually worked?”

Despite her better judgement, Rainbow Dash suddenly leaped forward, placing her hands firmly on the surface of the table as she glared at Twilight. “Hey! Are you implying what I think you're implying?!” She said angrily, causing Twilight to flinch back.

The other girls quickly jumped to restrain their athletic friend, with Fluttershy and Rarity grabbing Dash's arms, Applejack grabbing her shoulders and Pinkie wrapping her arms around Rainbow’s waist. Twilight held her hands up in front of her, eyes wide as dinner pledge plates. “Whoa! Rainbow Dash, settle down!” She insisted. “I wasn't implying anything! We just need to make sure we're prepared for every outcome!”

Rainbow Dash’s glare seemed to soften before her face relaxed, her eyes glazing over has her stare looked into nothing. She stayed like that for a few seconds before she suddenly blinked and shook her head, breathing heavily. “S-Sorry, Twi... “ She sighed as she sat back down. “Kinda lost it for a second... Sorry.”

Twilight gulped, slowly reaching out to grasp one of Rainbow's hands with her own. “It's okay, Dash.” She said slowly. “I know you didn't mean it. But why’d you freak out so much? How close did you get to Sunset in the short time that I've been gone?”

Rainbow Dash blushed as the other girls started to giggle softly. “Uh...” She managed dumbly. “I think we have more important matters to discuss, yeah?” Excellent save, Dash!

“Oh, yeah!” Twilight suddenly said. “Sorry. Okay, well, last time when we defeated Sunset...” Twilight ignored Rainbow Dash’s groan of disapproval. “All we had to do was use the elements on her. So I'm sure that if we find the Sirens and face them like that, there won't be anything to worry about!” The princess smiled as she let her words sink in.

Fluttershy suddenly whimpered and his behind her hair. “Oh, I'm pretty sure I could find something to worry about...” Then she pushed her pink locks at and smiled. “But it won't be the Sirens!”

Dash smiled. “Alright, we have a plan!” She pumped a fist into the air. “Whoo! Let's go kick some Siren butt!”

Pinkie informed Twilight that the bands competing in the tournament were to meet in the auditorium in a few minutes, so that's where the group set off to. On their way out of Sugarcube Corner however, Applejack stopped and gripped Rainbow Dash's arm. “Hey, Dash. Ah just wanna make sure we won't get another... Outburst from ya. Ya cool?”

Rainbow nodded exhaustedly. “Yes, AJ. I’m cool.” She pulled her way of of the farmer's grip and ran after the others. Applejack stood in place, watching RD leave, before following too.