• Published 17th Dec 2014
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The Soul's Savior - Dusty Old Qrow

Sunset Shimmer has fallen. At her lowest point, she recieves help from a girl who helped beat her - Rainbow Dash. Meanwhile, CHS teacher Time Turner has his own journey of healing. How do their stories connect?

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Chapter 12: Apologies [OLD]

The week was finally over.

It wasn’t too bad, though. She managed to get a few people to forgive her- she’ll never understand how easy it was to get Vinyl to be her friend- and heck, even the hatred of the other students was getting a little easier to manage. But only a little. It still bothered her- hell, half the time Sunset felt like crying. And she probably would have, too, if not for her friends. Especially Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Those two could make anyone smile. And Flash had helped, too. But these few friends compared to the rest of Canterlot High... Sunset was lucky that she hadn't been thrown out of the school. Or worse.

The bell signaling the end of the school week had just rung, and waves of students were pouring out of every door of the school, the many colors of the students seemed to mesh together to create a rainbow of people. However, Sunset was not in this sea of teenagers. No, she was still inside the school, leaning against her locker, waiting. Her backpack hung off of her left shoulder, slightly unzipped, the corners of a few books poking out slightly.

“Where are they?” She exclaimed to the emptiness of the hallway.

Seriously, we’ve been planning this for... what, a few days now? And now Dash is late. Of course.

Grunting in frustration, Sunset dropped her backpack and sat on the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest. Did she forget? Oh, I hope she didn’t forget... Her heart sunk at that thought- did Rainbow Dash forget about her?

Those fears were quickly dashed, however, when she looked up and saw two of her friends- Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Fluttershy hid behind her pink hair, and strategically placed herself behind Rainbow Dash so that Sunset could barely see her. She wore her usual attire- a white tank top and a green skirt with matching boots with three pink butterflies etched on it, plus pink socks to match her hair. Sunset slowly stood as the pair made their way over to her.

Rainbow Dash waved at Sunset with a smile, but noticed Fluttershy cowering behind her. With a sigh, Dash pulled Fluttershy out from behind her and pushed her ahead with a heavy look of annoyance. “C’mon, ‘Shy!” Dash exclaimed. “I’ve told you time and time again, she’s changed!” Dash continued to push Fluttershy, who’s legs refused to move.

“O-O-Oh, I-I’m sure she h-has, Rainbow Dash! R-Really!” Fluttershy half-whimpered and half-stammered, holding her hands together and up to her chest. In her panic induced state, she failed to notice how close she was to the former demon. “I’m s-sure that S-S-Sunset Shimmer is a wo-wonderful person and is really nice but I- eep!” The shy girl almost literally jumped out of her skin when she finally noticed the very short distance between Sunset and herself. She scurried behind Dash yet again, cowering in a crouched position. “H-H-Hello, S-Sunset Shimmer please don’t hit me-!

Oh, sweet Celestia... This is what I did to people...

Sunset backed away with her eyes wide, but Rainbow leaped forward and grabbed her hand. “No, Sunset,” Dash started sternly. “you said you wanted to do this, so do it.” She stared intensely at her friend- Sunset looked at her oddly.

“You seem very determined that I do this.” Sunset stated in a mock-accusing tone. “Look, I’m gonna. But I can’t if she’s down there crying like a-” She bit her tongue. “... Like a person who... cries.” That was bad and I should feel bad. Sunset crossed her arms. “So, if you can get her up, we can get this over with and do whatever it is you wanted to do.”

Dash sighed and rolled her shoulders as she bent down to pick Fluttershy up. “Alrighty, come on, ‘Shy. I promise, she’s cool. And that’s coming from me.” She was finally able to get her shy friend to her feet, but Fluttershy was still scared stiff, her eyes wide and never leaving Sunset’s face.

“So...” Sunset began awkwardly. “Rainbow Dash, well, she told me that you’re into Japanese culture...” She knelt down and let her backpack slide off of her shoulder to the ground. After she unzipped the backpack, Sunset pulled out one book from it- simply titled Japanese Culture. She flicked her eyes upward, towards the pink-haired girl, only to see her shaking in her boots. Sunset sighed. “And I saw how... Well, how scared you’ve been of me...”

Fluttershy’s pupils shrank to the size of pinpricks. “O-Oh, sc-scared? No... I would never-!”

“Fluttershy.” Sunset interrupted flatly, making the shy girl jump in fright. “Listen to me, please.” Sunset made sure to soften her eyes, to at least try to calm Fluttershy down. It had some effect but not much. Fluttershy still trembled in fear, but her eyes held a sense of questioning instead of horror. Sunset stood, book in hand, and opened it up. “I hope I’m reading this right...” Alright... 'The more serious the apology, the lower you should bow...' And... Holy Celestia, I can't even pronounce half of this... Closing the book she cleared her throat and locked eyes with Fluttershy, who had not stopped shaking.

"Okay, um..." Sunset started nervously. "gomeiwaku o... okakeshite sumimasen...?" Her words were shaky and uncertain- the foreign language was completely unnatural to her tongue. As she spoke she leaned forward as far as she could without falling over, and she clasped her hands together- dropping the book as she did so- and closed her eyes.

I feel so absurd right now.

Regardless, she continued her foreign apologizing pose for a few seconds. Dash and Fluttershy are... Quiet.

Nervously, she poked open one eye and glanced up at Fluttershy.

The shy girl was no longer shaking in fear. No, she was still. Her eyes were still held wide open, but in shock instead of fear. Fluttershy held a hand over her mouth which had fallen open with a slight smile.

Rainbow Dash stared at her shy friend expectantly. "Well?" She asked, inpatient.

"I... Sunset, I..." Fluttershy gasped. "You w-went through the trouble of..."

When Fluttershy trailed off, Sunset continued her sentence. "Learning how to apologize in a completely different language that I do not speak in the slightest?" Sunset asked playfully. "Yeah, I did. And I mean it, Fluttershy. I can't begin to say how sorry I am."

The three girls were silent. Sunset and Fluttershy never let their gazes fall from the other. Rainbow Dash slowly switched between looking at one friend or the other.

"You're... You're sorry?" Fluttershy asked in astonishment while lowering her hand from her mouth. When Sunset nodded 'yes', Fluttershy's smile warmed and her eyes lost their fear. "if you really and truly mean it... Then I suppose I forgive you." She closed her eyes as she smiled, but opened them in surprise as Rainbow Dash pulled both her and Sunset in for a group hug.

"Ha ha! Alright!" Dash laughed in joy. "Now that we're all buddy-buddy, let's get going to Sugar Cube Corner. I'm starving!"

The three friends walked out of the school, arms around each other's shoulders, unaware that their actions were being watched.

"Oh my..." A grey-skinned girl mumbled as she watched from around a corner. "Perhaps Vinyl was right... She really has changed..." Octavia pondered as she walked away. "But I can't... I don't know if I believe it..." Later on in the day, Octavia had told Vinyl, who told Rumble, and so on... Word was beginning to spread.

Time Turner sat on his porch in the old wooden chair that creaked a bit too loudly. School had let out a few hours ago. He had immediately rushed home to think. The only thing on his mind all week had been this coming Saturday- tomorrow- and his daughters. Joy and fear cluttered his mind, the two emotions engaged in a war between each other. Should he be elated that his daughters are giving him a chance, or be terrified that they will tell him to leave them alone?

As he pondered, Turner also mulled over another thought, this one concerning Celestia and Luna.

Should I forgive them?

Practically every fiber of his being screamed no. They had almost cost him the chance at having his daughters back. They almost ruined everything. But a small portion of himself argued that they hadn't. Derpy and Dinky were making the decision to meet with him- an opportunity he wouldn't have been presented with if he never told them anything. If everything turned out in his favor, they had given him them back. He scrunched his face, mulling over his thoughts. And he came to a single conclusion.

I should forgive them.

His phone found its way into his hand faster than he could blink. Faster than he could think about what he was doing, he found himself punching in Luna's number. A second later, he heard the dial tone. He tapped his hand on his leg as he waited.

The phone rang three times before Luna answered.

"T-Time...?" Luna's voice asked. She was surprised- she probably thought that she'd never hear from him again. "You're-You're okay, right? Please tell me that you're not-!"

"No, no, Luna. I'm fine." Turner interrupted in a smooth tone. "I wanted to... Well, to apologize for Monday." He sighed. "And I know that you're gonna say that I was in the right, or that I deserved to let off steam. I did not have the right to treat you and Celestia like that."

"... Thank you, Time. I suppose I should apologize as well. Celestia and I, we thought we were helping you by making you tell them. That they'd accept you. I don't know why we-"

"Oh!" Turner exclaimed as he jumped out of his chair. "No, Luna, you see," he started explaining with a smile on his face. "they want to see me!"

"Wha- really?"

"Yes! Berry called me, said that we'd meet on Saturday at Sugar Cube Corner!"

"Time, this is wonderful news!" Luna said happily. "Do you know what you're gonna do?"

Turner sighed happily as he sat back down. "I don't know, Luna. But..." Turner leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees. "I do know that I want you to be there with me."

Turner could not see it, but Luna smiled the widest she had the entire week. "Of course I'll be there, Time. You can count on me."

"I knew I could. You're my best friend. There isn't anybody else I'd ask of this."

Luna laughed. "Oh, I know that, Time. You'd be helpless without me."

"I owe a lot to you, Luna. I won't ever forget anything you've done for me."

"Thank you, Time Turner."

The two friends hung up, both feeling the happiest they had been in awhile.

"Okay, Dash, so what's the plan?"

Six girls walked down the street away from Sugar Cube Corner with smiles on their faces as they conversed about the coming weekend. Or, the be accurate, five of them walked. Pinkie Pie skipped happily with a toothy grin. Sunset Shimmer had long since taken her place in the back of the group, perfectly content to watch the rest of her friends talk.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash led the group while talking. Rainbow Dash replied to her orange friend. "So, we'll meet up at my house in around an hour or so, and we'll have the sleep-over there. I've got some movies we could watch and some video games-"

Pinkie interrupted, dashing forward in a pink blur and lifted herself onto Dash's shoulders. "What kind of movies, Dash?" She asked loudly in a high pitched, happy tone.

Rainbow paused to think. "Uh... Daring Do, Star Wars, Spider-Man... And I think I have most of the Avengers movies." Dash said.

Rarity scrunched up her face and made a sound. "Ugh. Those movies are all mindless violence for violence's sake. Do you have any... Oh, I don't know... Romance? Or even comedy?"

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash objected in an offended manner. "The Avengers series has a perfect blend of comedy, romance and violence for violence sake! And so does Star Wars. So you can't complain, Rares."

"Um..." Fluttershy whispered. "Can... Can I bring a movie?" She asked timidly.

"Sure, 'Shy." Dash confirmed. "Which one?"

"Ah... H-How to Train Your Dragon... I-If you don't mind..."

"Alright, cool. So, everyone can bring their own food and drinks, but Dad and I got plenty. Uh..." Rainbow looked at Sunset, and then turned to Applejack. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "You still have those extra blankets, pillows and pajamas for Sunset, right?"

"Darn tootin' I do." Applejack replied confidently, her voice also a whisper.

"Thanks, AJ."

"No problem."

Dash raised her voice back to its normal level. "Okay, so it looks like we're all set up. Let's do this!" Dash said excitedly.

As they walked away, Rarity muttered to herself. "I'm still bringing Titanic, whether they like it or not..." Sunset chuckled as the group of girls continued their walk.

Rainbow Dash slowed her pace and fell to the back of the group, right next to Sunset.

He watched the six girls chatter amongst themselves, completely unaware of him watching them. He sat on a nearby bench, far enough away that they wouldn't notice him, but close enough so that he could hear them.

Slumber party. At Rainbow Dash's house.

The green fog in his mind prevented him from thinking. The only thought in his mind was hate. Hate for Rainbow Dash. Hate for Sunset Shimmer.

His orders were to find magic. Sunset Shimmer had used magic. So had Rainbow Dash. Therefore, they had the magic. The green fog combined this with his hate for the two. Logically, it led him to one possible conclusion.

I will get the magic. I will follow them to Rainbow Dash's house.

I will take their magic.