• Published 22nd Apr 2012
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Dirt and diamonds - Starlitomega

To Applejack, spending a week with a fussy unicorn sounds like hell. given enough time however.....

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Chapter 2

“Sweetie Beeelllleeee! We’re baaaack!”

Scampering hooves echoed through the quiet boutique as a small unicorn filly dashed to the showroom to greet both of the ponies.

“Rarity! Applejack!” Sweetie ran over and threw her hooves around the blonde pony’s legs. “I’m so glad you’re OK! Everypony was so worried when we heard about the lightning strike, Rarity couldn’t even concentrate on her dresses while yo-“ Sweetie’s tirade was cut short by a white hoof jammed into her mouth.

“Heh, heh, heh! That’s enough of that, Sweetie” Rarity said, a slight blush playing on her face, “Applejack shall be staying in the guest room while she recovers. Can you be a dear and make sure the guest room is prepared? The bed clothes are on the top shelf in the hall closet.”

“You can count on me!” Sweetie said, releasing her captive.

Applejack smiled broadly at the energetic filly bouncing away, “No lack of energy in that one, that’s fer sure." Her wandering mind snapped back to reality as she realized Rarity was standing right next to her sniffing in disapproval.

“Uhhhh, Applejack, is there anyway I could talk you into a bath? You smell like medicine and the Ponyville retirement home.” The unicorn said with a hesitant smile.

The blonde pony cut her eyes sharply at the unicorn, “Well thank ya kindly fer tha compliment there Miss generosity.” She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Out of curiosity she gave herself a tentative sniff and recoiled. “Ooof! On second thought, a bath does sound mighty tempting, and I am a mite sore from being laid up an all, lead the way!”

Applejack followed Rarity down the hall to the guest bedroom, “This is where you’ll be staying.” Rarity said pushing the door open with a flourish, “I usually keep it in immaculate condition, but in recent days it has acted more as a storage room than anything else.”

Peering inside the bedroom, the cowpony saw boxes of all shapes and sizes stacked almost to the ceiling, looking past the clutter revealed a room suited more for royalty than regular ponies. “Well, uhh… it sure looks mighty… comfortable!” The scattered bedsheets squirmed and shuddered violently drawing their attention to the bed just as a young unicorn popped out of the tangled sheets.

“Rarityyyyyyyy! These aren’t the right clothes!”

“Nonsense, these clothes should fit perfectly....Oops! I said the top shelf didn’t I? I meant the middle shelf. I'm sorry Sweetie, let me go get our guest settled into the bath and I'll help you finish up so we can get dinner started.” Rarity said ducking back out of the room.

“Enjoy your bath Applejack!” Sweetie shouted back.

Both ponies continued down the hall to the last door at the very end. A blue aura engulfed the door swinging it open slowly, “And here is the bathroom you’ll be using. It’s not much, but I’m sure it will accommodate your needs.”

The sheer luxuriousness of the bathroom alone caused Applejack's jaw to drop. Despite Rarity’s description, the bathroom was unlike any she had ever been in save for the suites at Canterlot castle during their stay at hearthswarming eve. The bathtub spacious size meant it could double as a hot tub, and the sink was easily large enough to bathe a filly in.

“Uhhhm yeah, ah believe this’ll do fer now.......”

“Well that, as they say, is that! I'm going to help Sweetie clean up, feel free to use any of the products lying around. You’d be amazed at how much a hot lavender bubble bath calms a pony down.” She said gesturing to the long line of bottles neatly placed along the side of the tub.

“Naw, none of that fer me. I just wanna nice hot bath, that’s all.”

“Very well my dear, enjoy your bath!” With that the unicorn closed the door leaving the blonde pony alone in the massive bathroom..

Applejack turned the ornate knobs of the luxurious tub gently, mostly in fear that she might break the decorative handles. Putting her hoof under the faucet, she adjusted the knobs until the temperature hit her personal sweet spot. With a quick flick of her neck she flung her hat into the air, caught it with her teeth, and threw it in the sink. She removed the bands from her long blonde hair in a similar fashion and flung them next to her hat as well. Completely dressed down and now more anxious than ever, she stepped into the tub melting into the warm water.

“Oh sweet merciful Celestia this feels amazing….” her eyes slowly shut in reverie as she let the warmth travel through every tired and sore bone in her body. She leaned back in the tub and allowed her mind to roam free. She hoped that she could get a chance to visit the farm tomorrow, but given the doctor’s orders and Rarity’s insistent nature, she wrote it off as a long shot. During her short reverie a new smell hit her nose, one that she deemed pleasant enough to investigate. Glancing around the edge of the tub she spied the source of the enjoyable aroma and pulled the bottle close to her to read the label.

“Diva Dee-vine’s lavender scented bubble bath. Escape tha stress of your day with this lavender getaway.”

Her eyes shifted back and forth as if spying eyes were everywhere, ready to pounce on her during a moment of weakness. She stared at the opening of the bottle as she gently tipped it sideways. Anticipation built as the purple liquid oozed out slowly until a small dollop broke off and gently splashed into the tub. Bubbles immediately started frothing up out of the water rapidly filling the empty white space with the foaming concoction. Satisfied with the amount of water in the bath, she turned the knobs until the flow slowed to a halt. The scent of lavender and the feeling of thousands of tingly bubbles playing on her coat left her in a new level of pony heaven.

“This is tha best Idea I’ve ever had. No wonder them fancy ponies like rolling around in this stuff.”

Time marched on as she closed her eyes and soaked in the luxurious bath. She was so far gone that she almost didn’t hear the sound of approaching hoofsteps from outside the bathroom.

“Applejack? I forgot today was laundry day, I took all of the towels out earlier to clean them, but don’t worry. I've brought them with me, I’ll just step inside a moment and put the others away.”

Panic set in as the blonde pony peered down at the copious amount of bubbles filling the tub. “Ummm, that’s all right Rarity, I uhhhh ah’ll just use the uhhh, paper towels or something, no need to trouble yourself!”

“Paper towels? Don't be ridiculous, it’s no problem at all, I’ll only be a moment!”

Applejack’s eye’s widened. Out of time and unsure what to do to save her reputation, a bold plan formed in her mind.


The bathroom door swung open wide as Rarity pushed her way inside. Using her magic, she placed a neatly folded orange towel next to the cowpony's hat. “Fresh off the line, and I even picked one that matches your coat.” the unicorn said with a smile before turning to the towel cabinet to offload the rest of her load.

“Well, thank ya– urrrp!” Applejack's jaw dropped, she panicked and started flailing her hooves in the air. Luckily Rarity still had her back turned, busy with the towels.

“Sweetie and I are debating on pancakes or french toast, which do you prefer?” The white mare asked, still focusing her attention on the cabinet.

“Shoot I’m not picky, either of those would be per- urrrp!” The blonde pony was interrupted by another mighty belch.

With the last towel put away, Rarity turned back towards the tub, “I think I’ve made significant strides in dealing with your sometimes uncouth behavior, but the least you could do is excu- wha ha whaaaaat?”

Both ponies stared at a stream of bubbles floating lazily through the air.

“Applejack, where did these bubbles come from?”

The blonde pony shrugged.

“Well they didn’t just materialize out of thin air... you don't know where they came from?” Applejack's responded by tilting her head. Rarity shrugged moving to the door. “Oh well, don’t stay in there too long, you’ll get all pruny.”

“I know, I wo-urrp!” A fresh stream of bubbles flew out of Applejack's mouth hitting the unicorn in the face.

“What in the name of Luna!” The scent of lavender filled the air. She craned her neck over the side of the tub and saw not a single bubble, but the water definitely had a purple tint to it. One look at the earth pony’s blushing face told the entire story, “You ate the bubbles so I wouldn’t find out you were taking a bubble bath?!” A small smile started on the white mare's face. Unable to contain herself, she fell to the ground kicking her legs in a laughing fit. Applejack looked less than pleased.

“Ain’t none of this funny! I just wanted to see what the fuss is all about, that’s al-urrrp!” Another mighty belch, and another stream of bubbles flew out of Applejack’s mouth sending more bubbles to drift about the room.

Rarity managed to wipe a few stray tears of laughter out of her eyes, “Darling you simply cannot tell me that’s not funny! If this were anypony else but you, i know you would be laughing as well!”

The crimson blush deepened on the earth pony’s face. “OK, maybe it’s a little funny. But ya can’t go telling anypony about this! Can you imagine what kinda laughing stock I’d be if this got out?”

“If what got out? The fact that you took a bubble bath, or that you turned yourself into a bubble blower?”

Applejack cut her eyes at the unicorn.

Rarity picked herself up from the floor and stifled her laughter, “Fine, Fine, don’t worry. I won’t tell a soul, I Pinkie-promise. You’re lucky that bubble bath is non-toxic or Celestia only knows what might've happened. If you’re still hungry for some actual food, pancakes should be ready by the time you get out.” The white mare informed her, heading to the door.

“Hey Rarity?”


“Thanks,” Applejack said with a smile. The unicorn smiled back closing the door behind her.


The smell of sugar permeated the air of the boutique as three hungry ponies attacked their plates of pancakes, each in their own ways. Syrup drizzled down Applejack and Sweetie Belle's chins as they cut through their stacks with reckless abandon.

“You Two are just plain animals, you’re getting syrup everywhere.” Rarity commiserated, her pancakes barely coated in syrup.

“Ah, cut me some slack, I haven’t eaten anything in a week, at least not while ah was awake, and they kicked me out afore I could get a decent meal.” Applejack said rolling her eyes.

“As if anypony has ever gotten a decent meal at the hospital.” Rarity replied, “Any plans for tomorrow?”

The earth pony put her hoof to her chin, “Ah dunno really. Ah know I'm supposed ta be taking it easy, but ah can’t just sit around all day. I'd sure like to stretch mah legs a bit. Ya have anything ya need from the market tomorrow?”

Rarity bit her lip, “I DO have a few thing I need to pick up… No, I can’t do that. You need to have someone watching you at all times just in case… Unless… Sweetie? How would you feel about accompanying Applejack on a shopping trip tomorrow?”

“Oh oh oh! I’d love to!” Sweetie shouted excitedly for a moment before looking back at the earth pony apprehensively, “That… is if you’re OK with it?”

Applejack reached over and mussed Sweetie’s hair. “Aw shucks, I’d be plum tickled ta have ya along. I know ya’ll probably a bit bored seein as how Applebloom ain’t around right now. “

“Thanks Applejack!” Sweetie said with a smile.

The blonde pony looked back at Rarity who just sat there with a smile on her face, her plate of pancakes barely touched. “You sure seem preoccupied, what’s on yer mind Rare?”

The unicorn’s fork clattered onto the plate, “Oh! Uhhh, nothing really. On second thought, I'm not all that hungry. I had quite a satisfying brunch earlier before I went to the hospital.” The unicorn stepped away from the table abandoning her plate. “Just let me know when you two are done and I’ll handle the dishes.”

Applejack shook her head, “No way! Ah ain’t stayin without pulling mah weight! You go on ta bed. Ah'll clean up tha dishes.”

“But really dear, in your shape-“

“No butts! Ah insist!” The earth pony said firmly.

“Very well then, have a pleasant evening you two.” Rarity said, taking her leave.

“Hmmm, ah wonder what that was all about?” Applejack pondered aloud.

Sweetie Belle picked at her pancakes nervously, “She’s been acting funny ever since you were hurt. I'm sure she’ll be fine now that you’re out”

“Yer probably right, c’mon now Sweetie, those pancakes ain’t gonna eat themselves.”

Applejack smiled as the filly started back in on her pancakes, syrup dipping off her muzzle.


With the dishes done and the kitchen spotless, Applejack stood in front of her temporary bed. Even the unicorn’s guest bed put her bed to shame. She eased her still somewhat sore body into the monstrosity and slid under the covers, ready to get some real rest. Her mind wandered through her most recent memories, her struggle for life, the princess’ dramatic intervention, waking up to her friend’s bright smiles. Her apprehension and fear of staying at Rarity’s house seemed silly now that she had spent the day with her and Sweetie. She might be able to enjoy herself after all. She stared at the ceiling as her mind started drifting off and slowing down easing her into a night of sleep.


She stared angrily at the line of bubbles floating lazily through the air, “Consarn it…. Me and mah bright ideas…..”