• Published 22nd Apr 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Twilight's Passage - DontWakeTheNeighbour

The insanity that once consumed one of Equestria's bravest ponies, has found a new form.

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Twilight sat down and explained the situation to Spike, from when she was bit to her most recent nightmare. At first Spike refused to belive it, but it was painfully clear what was happening to her. The apperance, her attitude and the fact he was almost killed. Spike began to break down in tears, Twilight tried comforting the purple dragon but he flinched every time she got close to him.

"B-but I dont understand. .... Why didn't you tell the doctors about this?"

"Because Meeney said there is no known cure. I thought it was just a simple case of mental tampering. But I soon found out that it was more then that. It's structure isn't based on chemihals, it's structured by magic. That's why my memory spell didn't work, by the time I casted it on Rainbow it was already in my body."

Spike looked up at Twilight, anger mixed with greif in his eyes. He had already lost five of his closest friends and now he was going to loose a sixth. But it meant more to him then that, Spike loved Twilight like his big sister, she was always there for him since he was just an egg. And now she was going to suffer the same fate as Rainbow. A fate a never ending suffering, pain and torture.

"W-what are you going to do?"

Twilight breifly paused before standing up and holding her head up high. She stomped her hoof in anger, taking a deep breath as she planned her speech.

"I'm going to find whoever did this to us, to my friends and take them down. I'll avenge my friends death and I'll end this nightmare. And I wont stop until it's finished, once and for all."

Spike smiled, his spirit lifted, Twilight's courage was still strong in her heart. Despite her torture, her loss and the never ending greif, nothing was going to stop her. Twilight turned to look at the purple drageon, her face showing determination but yet terrible fatigue.

"But I'll need your help Spike. Your the only one I can trust. .... C-can you forgiv-"


Twilight paused as she felt her muscles spazm, she felt the farmiliar warm rush engulf her. She was then startled by a truly gruesome image flashing in her mind.


Twilight groaned in pain as her energy was instantly drained from her body, she went pale and her legs began to shake soon before they colapsed underneath her. Twilight hit the floor hard, her head was throbbing, due to lack of food, water and sleep. Spike jumped off the sofa but he was too frightned to step any closer.

"Twilight! .... W-what do I do?!"

Twilight was rolling on the floor in agony, holding her head in her hooves, trying to fight the monster, tearing holes in the fabric of her sanity. She looked at Spike trying not to scream.

"Nnnnnah!! .... The pills! Quick! .... The pills!!"

As quickly as he could Spike grabbed the same bag as before and threw it to Twilight, keeping his distance, accidently hitting her on the nose. Twilight froze, her eyes then turned into the dark bloodshot orbs that Spike remembred seeing, just as he was seconds from death. The posessed unicorn growled, breathing through her nose, slowly standing up to face Spike.

"T-t-twilight?. .... Snap out of it!"

"H-hush now, quiet now. .... Heehee. .... Lay your sleepy head. HAHAH!!"

"Oh no. .... Please. .... It's me! Spike!"

Twilight slowly trotted foward, closing the gap towards Spike and herself, her grin slowly getting wider and wider. Spike could feel sweat pooling down his forehead as he desperetly looked for a way out of the library. Twilight's laughter echoed through the wall before she stopped.
Spike heart skipped a beat as Twilight's crazed grin receded into a menacing scowl. The pony began to shake as she grabbed Spike by the shoulders before slowly lifting him into the air.

"P-please! .... It's me! Stop it!"

Spike tried to sqirm out of her grasp but he could barely move. As Twilight's grip grew firmer she was begining to whimper. Spike could see Twilight, desperetly trying to control herself. Spike could feel her muscles tense under her body, her hooves loosening around his shoulder, and then tightening again.

"G. .... G-get out!"


Twilight dropped Spike onto the ground, the purple unicorn then recoiled in horror as she started to whimper hysterically, clumsily knocking books and plants over. She then firlmy grasped her head as her left eye returned to it's ordinary colour but her left still a rich blood red.

"Get out! GET OUT!! .... GET OUT NOW!!"



Spike firmly closed his eyes and ran for the door, listening to the screaming and crashing behind him. Twilight screams peircing his senses as he ran out of the large red door. He quickly slammed the door shut and turned around. As he sighed in relief he opened his eyes to see a bunch of ponies staring at him.

"What in the hey is going on?!" One of the worried ponies shouted. "What's all that screaming about?!"

Spike panicked, he had to think fast, he knew Twilight will be in serious trouble if word got out that she was loosing it.

"S-she's had a nightmare."

Another one of the ponies walked foward towards the door. Spike soon blocked her path, he wanted to tell them what was it wasn't going to help. He was going to loose Twilight if he wasn't careful. Having her sent to a mental institute will be the last nail in the coffin.

"S-she just wants to be alone."

"She sounds terrible. .... I'm going to go talk to her."


"W-what? Why not?!"

Spike paused, staring into the glaring eyes looking back at him. His mouth went dry as a loud thud was heard inside, before a deathly silence swept across the landscape. Spike stepped foward and crossed his arms, feeling relived as he thought of a explination.

"S-she's just lost five of her best friends. All if a week and all she wants is to be alone right now. I'm sorry for the racket but she's in alot of pain. I'm sure you can appretiate that."

The ponies looked at eachother before turning away, feeling guilty about sticking their noses in. One turned to look at Spike.

"We're sorry. We just thought she was in trouble."

"Thank you for you concern."

As the crowd of ponies walked away Spike looked back, worried for Twilight but he didn't want to go back after being told to get out. He then quckly ran across the street, soon making his way to the Cake's house. He knocked on the door, soon opened by Mrs Cake, holding her young foal in her hooves.

"Spike? .... My word, what are you doing up at this time?"

"I'm sorry, it's ju- .... Do you have a place I can sleep tonight?"

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