• Published 22nd Apr 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Twilight's Passage - DontWakeTheNeighbour

The insanity that once consumed one of Equestria's bravest ponies, has found a new form.

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A warm welcome

The morning sun beamed over the colourful horizon of Ponyville, ready to celebrate the return of their hero. All the residents were waiting outside of the train station, ready to give their loyal protector a warm welcome. A mix of emotions were amongst the antsy crowd. Is she okay? How is she coping with the loss of her friends? Will she ever be the same again. All they could do was wait and see.

"She's here!!"

An excited Scootaloo jumped up and down as the train appeared in the distance. The excitement grew with every meter the train neared it's stop. Before long it arrived, stopping at the station bufore a puff of steam from it's brass funnel, silencing all ponies in the courtyard.
They waited, not sure what to do, not sure if Twilight was alright. Then the large wodden door of the back carraige opened, still bured with the smoke, showing a purple unicorn inside. The crowd roared with cheers as their hero finaly returned. But then the smoke cleared, it wasn't her, they then saw a pegasus pony step out with here eyes open wide, suprised by the random crowd clearly not cheering for her. Mumbles and whispers bounced from pony to pony before they saw the real Twilight Sparke in the door way, but not in the gleaming form that they had hoped for.
The once proud and healthy student staggered onto the platform, covered head to hoof in stitches, bruises and bandages, her fur covered in knots and a lethargic, dead look in her eyes. Two stallions were behind the purple unicorn, carrying all her cases as Twilight slowly limped towards the crowd.
The huge crowd had no idea wether to thank her for saving their town or to show sympothy for her terrible endevour. They just watched, some smiled faintly and others lowered their heads as the crippled unicorn slowly walked past them, not once making eye contact with anypony. They could see the emotionless look in her eyes as she walked towards them and her scorched cutie mark as she walked away. She then walked out of the silent crowd before she was closley followed by her faitful assistant Spike, tears starting to form in the corners of his eyes.
Twilight was soon stood at the front foor of her library before she used her magic to pull the key out of her saddle bag and used it to unlock the large red door. The whole crowd stood silent, not knowing what to do next. One by one, they all slowly seperated, they knew the answer to their questions.

Twilight Sparkle will never be the same again.

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