• Published 22nd Apr 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Twilight's Passage - DontWakeTheNeighbour

The insanity that once consumed one of Equestria's bravest ponies, has found a new form.

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The begining

As the night dragged on Spike was going through a check list he wrote out before he left. First he went to Twilight's desk before sighing to himself. He knew things were never going to be the same again but being shouted at by Twilight, being blamed for what happened was all too much for him to take.
Spike sat on the floor, leaning against the wall before sobbing into his arms. It was the first time Twilight had yelled as loud as she did at him.

"I'm. .... Sorry. .... I'm sorry."

Spike's tears pooled onto the floor, seeping through the tiny cracks as he could feel his heart breaking. But then.


Twilight's screams shook the library followed by a loud thud. Spike was quick to run up the stairs where he then saw Twilight quivering in the corner of her room, cradeling her head with her hooves. Spike wanted to comfort her but fear made him keep his distance, unsure of what was going on.

"Twilight?! What's wrong?!"

Twilight just continued to scream through clenched teeth as she rocked back and fourth on the floor. Twilight then saw Spike in the distance and reached out for him.


The purple dragon paused before sprinting towards Twilight with open arms, as they met Twilight grabbed Spike tightly sobbing into his arms.

"I'm sorry Spike!! I'm so sorry!! .... P-please dont hate me! .... Please dont leave me!!"

"Nrgh! .... It's okayTwilight. Ow! .... Mind loosening up a bit, please?"


Twilight then suddenly started to squeeze harder, Spike then began to wheeze as his oxygen was cut off.

"Tw- .... *Wheeze!" .... T-Twi!"

Spike tried everything to loosen the grip but it just got tighter and tighter. There was no way she was ever this strong, he thought. Spike could no longer breath as Twilight's head rose from his shoulder and a crazed growl bellowed from her thoat. Spike watched in horror as Twilight stared at him with a mad grin on her face, one her eyes both completly bloodshot.


Just then, Twilight gasped in horror. Spike could see both her eyes return to their natural colour as she threw him away. Spike was thrown against the wall, lanfing on one of her potted plants before he watched the unicorn stagger around the room, throwing herself against anything in sight.

"NO!! NOO!! .... GET OUT YOU!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!! .... NOW!!"

Just then Twilight colapsed to the ground as all her energy was sapped from her body. The screams still echoed through the little dragons ears as the library became silent, only Twilight's gasps for air could he heard. Spike kept his distance, desperetly wanting to run to her aid but he didn't fancy his chances of getting strangled again.
Twilight slowly began dragging herself on the floor, Spike couldn't see but he could tell she was trying to get to something.

"Twilight! .... What is it?"

"M-my bag. .... My saddle bag."

Spike still kept his distance running around Twilight and seeing the bag she was reaching for, Spike gave her a quizzical look, why wasn't she using her magic? Spike brabbed the leather saddle bag before opening it, only one item was inside. A small bag was inside and it was full of red tablets, each with an obscure logo on them.

"T-Twi? What are these?"

"Please! .... I'll tell you. But I need it now!"

Spike took the bag to Twilight who then snatched it out of his hand, still breathing through her teeth as she pulled the bag open. She put two of the strange pills in her mouth before swallowing. Before long she was visably getting better. Her energy was coming back and the pain was starting to diminish.

"Spike?" She muttered.

"Y-yes, Twilight."

"Thank you. .... I'm so sorry. I'm real-"

"Will you please stop saying that you're sorry, and please explain why you almost strangled me to death!"

Twilight lifted a hoof but Spike quickly recoiled his attitude quickly turning back to fear. The unicorn soon stood back up again and walked away towards the window.

"I. .... I had no idea."

"What?! .... No idea of what?!"

Twilight turned to look at Spike with tears dripping from the corners of her eyes.

"Spike. .... It's happening. It's happening again. It happened to Rainbow Dash and now it's happening to me. .... But it's okay now. I'm fine."

"I'd rather if we didn't take that chance again."

Twilight looked at the ground again, breifly looking at the reflection of herself in the floor. Knowing there was no way she could talk her way out of it now.

"I'll tell you everything. I promise."

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