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When Lacking Responsibility or how one moron's power leads to ruin. - AhopelessEndevor

Marcus was just another Brony who spends far to much time on the internet, he had few friends, and s

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chapter 2

Authors note: In advance I apologize for the Point of view in this story being screwy, it's mostly second person but jumps around from character to character.


A deep inhale sounded through the Darkness.

The hard floor of the library was all that greeted mark as he regained consciousness, he almost fell asleep again until he realized he wasn't passed out on grass 'god lord what have I done now'. His head hurt, he felt like shit and having been sleeping on his back both is wings had fallen asleep, he could just tell they were going to be a major inconvenience.

Opening his eye's he realized he was indoors, although it was too dark to actually make out any of the details surrounding him, but he got a weird feeling of Daja Vo. A quick glance towards a window confirmed that it was still dark out, "uhgh..." he managed to eventually get to his feet groggily at which point he saw all the books. He sighed tiredly "Of course...", he just happened to be in Twilight's library. He thought it ironic as it was the exact same thing that happened in far to many a fanfiction., hell, Perhaps his life had actually become a badly written fanfiction,

wait, Did they seriously just leave him on the floor, 'what a bunch of jerks!', The first thing he tried to do was remember what had transpired yesterday. So far the very last thing he could squeeze from his brain was him heading towards Ponyville with a half emptied bottle of vodka. 'I'm retarded...' no seriously, what the fuck was he thinking going on a drunken adventure when he had no idea what was going on.

"Urgh" he groaned again and flopped back onto the floor, he had passed out midday yesterday so of course he'd wake up in the middle of the night. He was painfully reminded of his hangover was he was temporarily overcome with nausea and thrist. 'That's right, I've had nothing to eat or drink for ages'. What he wouldn't give for a glass of water, screw the ponies, he was so thirsty...Actually he could remedy that, for now he had hacks! he could just make a glass of water.

Snapping his fingers a glass of water appeared and dropped to the floor spilling it's contends everywhere and almost making it look like he pissed himself. 'well this is a fine start to the day' he thought to himself sarcastically. This time he made a water bottle, and promptly downed the thing as if his life depended on it.

Well now that that was taken care of, he needed somewhere to sleep, he wasn't just going to wait around or wake his temporary landlord now was he. napping his fingers a king-sized mattress appeared on the floor in the middle of the library. Quite frankly he didn't even care how he was going to explain this. "yea, This is fucking awesome" he exclaimed before diving onto it. Snap, now there was a quilt too, he loved these powers. Now to just go to sleep and wait until morning when he could calmly explain himself or run away.

Except he had already slept for more then A day and couldn't even close his eye's. He should have thought that through.

Sighing he sat up on the mattress and stared at the wall, maybe he could head a book. Getting up he advanced towards the bookcase and grabbed one at random. The text was messed up, he could recognize it but it looked like backwards children's writing. 'wtf ponies, what bullfuckery is this' he could still kind of read it, it was just surprisingly difficult to decipher. After a minuet he managed to gleam that the book was about cloud physics or some such shit. sounded interesting actually, but he couldn't read it.

Sigh... fuck he was hungry, he'd been hungry yesterday when he was walking through the forest, now he was starving. But what could he eat here, 'all they have here were hay-fries and shit', but wait, he could just summon a porkchop, absolutely nothing could go wrong! Turning towards an empty space of the room, he imagined there to be a porkchop, *Snap*, the damp piece of raw meat dropped to the floor. He should have cooked it. 'shit... y'know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, I should really stop being so pessimistic' He'd keep that in mind.

But for now there was a wet piece of meat sitting there on the dirty floor, he wasn't eating anything from the floor. The fact it was raw came second place. What a freak. Wait, perhaps he could cook it before it started to smell, and kill off all the germs and crap clinging to it. He Held his arm out and prepared to try something completely different, if he created a fire in his had he could hover it over the pork and cook it. of course the library was mad of wood but he'd be careful.

A screeching torrent of fire burst forth from his palm and engulfed the pork, as well as all the wood within a meter of it. 'OH FUCK!' well now there was a gigantic scorch mark surrounding the food, but at least the dam thing was cooked, on further investigation it was actually burned. damn it. He just sat and stared at the culinary disaster for a good 5 seconds before he heard a commotion upstairs. 'Of course that woke Twilight'. Panic gripped his mind.

Starting to breath quickly he glanced around, he'd made a fine mess, but the thing that came first was the piece of meat sitting in the middle of the floor, what would they say about that, ponies wouldn't even consider pigs a food source, so this was like having a human hand lying on the floor to them, this would not end well if discovered.

Thinking quickly he grabbed the porkchop and shoved it into his mouth, then he gagged. The thing was still raw on one side, while the other was practically a piece of coal! he couldn't eat this. Attempting to wipe off the dust and black charcoal now embedded in his tongue, he looked around desperately for somewhere he could stash the meat so he could deal with it later, he couldn't just stash it in a bookshelf, it'd stink up the place, maybe he should throw it outside. Yea that sounded goo- TO LATE, he heard the tell tale clip-clops of hoofsteps coming down the top of the stairs. thinking quickly (or at least acting quickly) he dashed over (fell forward and landed on the floor) lifted up the mattress and threw the burned chop underneath.

It took him a few seconds, 'Yep.... I'm retarded'

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON DOWN THERE!" yelled twilight, annoyed and ratty at having been woken up at 4 in the morning. The lights flickered on and she stopped the the top of the stairs taking in the scene and the mismatched creature at the center of it.

Mark just stared blankly like a toddler caught in the act of stealing a cookie, he looked at the Mattress, then back at Twilight, then to the knocked over glass and then finally to the massive scorch mark taking up a large portion of the library's floor, and then back to the exasperated Twilight. "AH, well, you see, I can totally explain this.... actually no I can't, I'm really sorry, it was an accident!".

"Dear Celestia, what did you do!" she whined in a high pitch while glancing at the carnage below, "and where did that mattress come from!?!" which caused Mark to grimace.

"eerrr...." He looked around. "well you see, um... you know what, I have no reasonable explanation for this, how can I make it up to you?"

Twilight stared at him for a moment somewhat flabbergasted "well, you can start by telling me how you got that mattress, and why there's a gigantic scorch mark in my library!".

He decided to just come clean, she'd probably and hopefully understand. "well I made that bed, and the scorch marks were due to an accident in making my breakfast".

Twilight sighed heavily,"OK, but how'd you get a mattress in here anyway".

"I didn't, I just made it, snapped it into being kinda like discord can, I'm a draconequus too y'know" 'OK the fuck did I say that for'. That was obviously the wrong thing to say, as Twilight had taken an unsure step back and seemed to be having several flashbacks of the beginning of season two. That was the worst thing he could possibly have said, as now she'd probably think he was some kind of chaos producing monster. "Of course, don't get me wrong, I'm not here to cause chaos or anything, I'm, uh.... here to chill'n stuff? and um... make.. friends..." He added unsure.

It seemed to calm Twilight somewhat, although she was still freaked out about the whole situation. There was a brief award silence as they both stared at each other unsure of what the other was thinking, until Twilight spoke.

"Well if you're not here to cause trouble, I guess it could be OK for you to stay in Ponyville for a while" He inwardly jumped for joy. "Just one question however, what are you doing here, why come to ponyville, it seems suspicious that you'd come to where the Elements of Harmony live out of all the other places in Equestria".

He sighed, once again he couldn't think of anything so he'd just tell the partial truth. "well you see, that's the problem, I have no idea where I am, I just woke up in the forest with these powers, never even lived anywhere near ponyville"

"You just woke up as a different creature?"


She seemed to be having a hard time accepting his story, and looked pretty suspicious, "Forgive me if your story seems a bit far fetched to me"

Mark grumbled, then said "yes... well..." another uncomfortable awkward silence reigned. "hey look I'm really sorry about the floor, IS there any way I can make it up to you, hey you can keep the mattress, Spike could use a new bed"

"wha.. how do you know who spike is!? have you been stalking us!" Oh god now she really was suspicious, 'quick mark think of a comeback!'

"I ...ah... I Heard his name mentioned...yesterday.." He cursed the fact that his voice was very slightly high pitched.

"I thought you were passed out?" she questioned aggressively .

"Apparently not completely". he replied causally, trying to make it sound convincing but not doing a terribly good job of it.

"Alright..." she said eye's narrowing, obviously very suspicious and not believing a word of what he was saying.

Mark suddenly found himself frustrated "god.. ok look! if I had any malevolent intentions I would have done something by now, so far I've done nothing aggressive towards you or others"


"THAT WA- wait, you ponies have alcohol?!? Wow" He said in mild astonishment.

"Wha.. what kind of question is that?!?" she replied exasperated

"Oh it's just with you all being tiny pastel colored ponies I would never have thought that...." he trailed off.

"....Thought what? go on?" The thought of this creature making assumptions of ponies offended her for some reason, as if the insult to her race was to her personally, that and she disliked this creature. there was something seriously off about him.

"um.... I just thought.... you'know that's not even relevant, sorry what were we talking about again?" Trying to change the subject, apparently he was now racist or something.

"alright... we were talking about you coming into town intoxicated" By this point she was growing frustrated, again being woken up to find a mess downstairs didn't help.

"Ah that well, I was kinda stressed out y'know, woke up as a draconequus with no idea what was going on... hey do you know if there's anywhere I could get a bite to eat around here?"

For a few seconds she just stared at him with a scowl, he was dodging questions again, and clearly he had been lying to her earlier. She'd have to keep an eye on him.

"Sorry I didn't catch your name?" she added before going back to bed.

'I should really think of something cool'



Turning around she called up the stairs, "Spike, go make our guest something to eat", she got a grumble in reply. Trudging back upstairs Twilight Decided she'd have to inform princess Celestia about the suspicious creature in the morning, but for now it was time to go back to bed. The creature seemed harmless enough, but he clearly had an interior motive for being here. And he was a terrible liar.

Back with Mark who was standing and watching Twilight disappear upstairs. 'Wow, did she really just disturb spike because she couldn't be bothered to help me herself? What an inconsiderate bitch'. He always loved the Twilight from the show, but this new one he disliked. Maybe it was because she was ratty, or didn't like him he pondered.

Around 20 seconds later, the light padding of tiny dragon feet could be heard coming down the stairs, an almost asleep spike descended like a zombie. his eye's had visible bags under them and Mark couldn't help but feel sorry for the small dragon. He reached the bottom and plodded along the floor past mark, "Right this way" he said tiredly. He obviously could not be bothered with this shit. What was he eight? Mark wondered, he shouldn't be treated like a shivie.

"hey look, I'm really sorry you had to get up just to get me food, I'm Mark by the way" Mark said apologetically.

Spike just waved it off,"no worries, say what are you anyway, never seen anything like you before"

"oh, I'm like a dragon thing... a draconequus, kinda like discord" 'fuck again!, what the hell is wrong with me'

Spike gasped dramatically and jumped back fearfully "you're just like discord, are you here to cause chaos!?" Mark sighed, he could tell the baby dragon was scared of him, but he was quick to jump to conclusions, which reminded Mark that spike was just a kid despite his maturity, perhaps he was gullible enough to believe he was trustworthy and harmless, not that he wasn't or anything.

"NO, no of course not, I'm just here to chill, so uh... chill I guess". At that spike relaxed greatly and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ok... so what's it like being a dragone-thing?"

"pretty sweet" replied mark.

They arrived at the kitchen area and Spike looked expectantly at mark as if to say elaborate.

"Sorry, but that's all you're getting outta me" he couldn't stand kids constantly asking things. the look of mild disappointment in spikes face didn't even deter him in the slightest.

"so what'd you like" Spike asked walking towards the cupboards.

After giving it some thought Mark decided since he was part dragon, maybe he'd like gems, "got any Gems?".

Spike stopped, a scowl came upon his face and he stood there for a second. 'First this guy wakes me up now he's after my delicious gems' "sorry guy.... we're all out". He didn't sound convincing the in least, but inside he was laughing evilly.

Mark looked at spike, then his stomach rumbled, "OK, just one, I've never had gems before"

"Never!?" spike gasped, OK he guessed he could give him one. A red one, they were his least favorite. Opening a cupboard door, he reached in and brought out a basket half filled with gems, he carefully looked around before pulling out a small red ruby, and tossing it to Mark.

Mark failed to catch it, and succeeded in making himself look like a knob with no hand eye coordination, although to be fair he was in a new and mismatched body. Picking it up he took a bite. To his amazment his teeth just sliced through the thing, probably magic he thought.

'Mother of god... they taste like strawberries' only they were much more potent in flavor, he could see why dragons were addicted to these things. One he read in a fanfic that they were like crystallized magic, formed in abundance around Equestria because of the magical saturation levels. Regardless they tasted fucking awesome.

"dude...can I have another" Mark said quickly and causally.

"no" replied spike with a scowl on his face. Ok mark could live with that, poor kid had to eat, that and he didn't want yet another enemy, Also it may be shallow but mark thought that because spike writes the letters, it'd be a bad idea to be on bad terms, as when that inevitable letter to the princess was sent, he'd rather there was a positive spin on it. 'Wow, I'm such a shallow jerk' he thought. And manipulative apparently.

OK he had an idea of how to win spikes trust, the dragon seemed to like gems, and kids are pretty easy to manipulate in that you give them candy, he snapped his fingers and there appeared an exact replication of the gen he'd just eaten, he repeated this a few times and there sat a pile of rubies. 'wow, back home I'd be rich as fuck by now'

Spikes eye's widened in absolute amazement. "You can Make gems!".

"yea, I'm just as powerful as Discord apparently" mark replied, although he started thinking where the hell did his power actually come from, it'd take more magic to make the gems then he could get from eating them, so where did the magic come from, perhaps he was just some kind of god now. "hey how about this, you give me one of each gem and I'll make more for you, how's about that?" 'Ah the gullibility of childhood' he paused 'I sound like some kind of pedophile here, wtf'

That was irrelevant however, as spike had a massive smile on his face, seems that he'd made at least one friend in this new world. Yes, he was essentially using spike to lessen the impact on that letter he knew'd be going out, but all the same it was progress at least.