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Rainbow Dash's Pregnancy - lunaishot

rainbow dash gets pregnant by who read to learn

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rainbow dashs pregnancy part 1

Written by Lunaishot and edited by Rainbowlightin

Rainbow dash was asleep again, dreaming about the Night of the Gala. She woke up with a sudden sound of "Dashie, wake up!!!” She slowly looked down and saw Pinkie pie bouncing up and down. "Twilight got the picture devolved from the Gala, and Rarity looks ssssooo funny.”

Rainbow Dash looked up in disappointment, she didn't want to remember from that horrible night. Even though she had a great time with her friend, she was still disappointed that she never had any time with the Wonder Blots after all the things she did to impress them. “No thanks Pinkie pie, I’m really tired, you know, because we stayed up really late.” She said, Trying to sound sincere.

Pinkie pie coked her head sideways in confusion, “Are you sure Rainbow Dash?".

"I'm sure". Rainbow Dash fly's away sadly, Going to her Cloud home, wanting to be alone. When she gets there, she opens the door slowly and walks in. Just when she is about to close the door, She heard a knocking. She turned around shocked "Who could that be?” She opened the door and saw Soarin, one of the male Wonder Bolts.

"Um... Hey Rainbow Dash, Hey um, I'm really sorry that I didn't and all of the rest of us didn't spend time with you after you... well...um... saving my pie.”

Rainbow Dash giggled and said "It's ok", whispering OMG in her head.

"So can I...”

"Oh yeah, you can come in". Soarin flew in. “Do you want some cider." Rainbow dash offering the first thing she could think of, blushing at the thought of what she just said.

Soarin blushed a bit too, but said "Sure.". Rainbow Dash, glad that she didn't embarrassed herself, went to the fridge and pulled out a big green bottle full with purple liquid.

Rainbow Dash walked up to Soarin and asked "So...you with anyone or anything",

Soarin blushed again and said "No, I’m single but I’m looking for some mare, I mean I kinda like Spitfire, but more like a sister."

Rainbow Dash thought for a minute and asked "Well, how come no one else came.”

Soarin blushed, then stuttered for a minute finally saying "Well the thing is, I kinda like you and I was wondering if you... wanted to go out with me"

Rainbow dash blushed and said. "Um... Sure".

Rainbow Dash and Soarin where heavily drunk, both of them giggling over something Rainbow Dash had said. Finally

Soarin stopped giggling and said "Hey, you know since where together, I was thinking maybe we should...."

Rainbow dash thought for a minute and asked "What do you mean"

Then Soarin said “Make pie." Rainbow dash, Confused said I don't have any fruit or anything and...

“Soarin said "I meant" Rainbow Dash grinned and said

"Oh well let’s go to my bed room and get started" Soarin and Rainbow Dash went to her bedroom, tightly embraced, and that’s where it all began...

Rainbow Dash and Soarin woke up at the same time. They looked at each other and screamed.

"What happened" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I don't know" Soarin said, embarrassed, "I'm ssoo sorry Rainbow Dash..."

Rainbow Dash looked at him with sincere eyes and said "It's ok, It my fault too, plus I don't think we did anything too bad, After all, all you did was spend the night.

Soarin thought about that for a while and said "yeah...” He was still pretty scared and confused, but at least comforted. Rainbow Dash looked at rainbow dash, Scared as well, because both Soarin and Her had ruffled hair, and he had red lipstick stains all over his face.

"You can use my shower" Soarin looked up from his belly, he was trying to scrub away a wine stain "Oh. Thanks". He closed the Bathroom door and turned on the water.
Rainbow Dash thought about the night, but cold barley remember anything. She had woken up with her entire lower abdomen wet and she smelled like a mixture of wine and Applejack’s pig farm. A few hour later Soarin walked out and said thanks.


Rainbow Dash keep reviewing that night, getting a little more detail every time. Exactly. She had been tired and cramping ever since the incident. It was exactly 1 month after the incident. One morning rainbow dash had become very dizzy. A week after that she had begun vomiting every morning. She also had to urinate very often and for very long periods of time. After a week she got tired of it and went to Twilight. She knocked furiously on Twilight's door until Spike answered. Rainbow Dash rushed in and ran to the bathroom, vomiting again.

Twilight ran downstairs and asked "Spike, what’s going on down her?"

Spike scratched his head with 1 finger and said "Well, I really have no idea, Rainbow Dash just ran in and ran into the bathroom and started throwing up."

Twilight went and knocked on the door "You ok Rainbow dash?"

Rainbow dash unlocked the door and walked out. "Well kind-of" Rainbow Dash said, A bit woozy.

Twilight cocked her head in a confused look. "Is everything alright?" Twilight asked concerned.

"Well..." Rainbow Dash told Twilight all of her problems.

"Well. I do have one theory, but other than that I have no idea, so you should go see a doctor."

Rainbow Dash looked up and asked "What is it?"

Twilight took a pause blushing. "Well, I have read many medical books and... I think you might be pregnant, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it, you might just have the flu, the symptoms are very close."

Rainbow Dash Pupils dilated to small dots, her, a mother? It was absurd, she probably just had the flu. "Yeah, I’m pretty sure it's just the flu, but I should go to the doctor any way.”

Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash awkwardly "um…ok.” Then Rainbow dash walked out.

The more Rainbow Dash thought, the more she was sure it was just the flu. She decided that it was decided it was the flu. She skipped the doctor’s office and went to her house. "Just some medicine and I’ll be fine." After 2 days, nothing got better, in fact, things got worse. She vomited more often and she was tender in the breasts and belly area. "Ok, I think this is a very severe cause of the flu!" Rainbow dash screamed as she vomited, pounding the toilet in pain while her eyes watered. It was the fifth time her throat burned from vomiting. She decided to go to Fluttershy's. She flew their very tired from being restless. When she got to Fluttershy's house she knocked on the door. When

Fluttershy answered she asked "Oh, hello, who's there?" Rainbow Dash, super pale and tired asked "Fluttershy, carry me too...the hospital." All of a sudden Rainbow dash fell.

"Oh dear." Fluttershy carried Rainbow Dash to the hospital, by then Rainbow Dash was wake and ok.

"Thanks Fluttershy."

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow dash and said "Oh…Um no problem." Then Fluttershy tip-toed out.

Rainbow Dash walked up to the front desk and told the nurse her problem. "Right this way" the nurse said. Rainbow Dash followed the nurse, regaining her color. Rainbow Dash was sent into a doctor’s office.

The doctor looked up at Rainbow Dash. "Oh, why hello um...”

"Rainbow Dash" Rainbow Dash said.

"Well, Rainbow Dash, what seems to be the problem?"

Rainbow dash told him about the all the symptoms. "My friend, Twilight Sparkle, said I either have the Flu or I’m... pregnant." Rainbow Dash paused in between I’m and pregnant.

"Well let me take a sample of your DNA, do you want a urine or blood sample. Rainbow Dash thought for a moment and then said urine sample. "All right then, well here's a cup that you can pee in and I’ll take it to the lab. Rainbow Dash got up and went to the bathroom. She was super worried. She came back with the cup and he took it to the lab, But before he asked he left he asked "Are you married or anything?"

Rainbow Dash blushed and said "No, I don't think so..." Thinking about the night she and Soarin had had. She hoped nothing had happened that. He didn't come back for half an hour,

When he came back he said "I have some news for you, you’re pregnant!"

Rainbow Dash was in shock, then she realized it was that night. She had never mated before, and that night was a giant black out.” I gotta go." Rainbow Dash walked out

"Good luck on the foal Rainbow Dash!" The doctor said as she walked out. She went to Twilight, she and knocked on the door.

Twilight answered the door "Homey Rainbow Dash, what did the doctor say?"

Rainbow Dash blushed and said "Well, you gotta promise not to tell anyone."

Twilight looked at her and said "I promise."

Rainbow Dash looked at her and said "I'm pregnant and Soarin from the Wonder bolts is the father!" She said as quickly as she could.

"Oh, well congratulations, I think?" Twilight said with a questioning look.

"Twilight, How am I going to tell a Wonder bolt that I have conceived one of their children!”

Twilight thought for a minute then said "Well, tell me how this all happened in the first place and I might be able to help." Rainbow Dash told her the whole story. Twilight zoned out for a second before answering "Well the best thing is too tell him."

Rainbow dash was shocked, she thought that wasn't such a good idea, but Twilight was the smartest. "Ok, thanks for the help Twilight, I’ll go talk to him.” Rainbow Dash walked out and went home. She deiced to pack some things and go to Cloudsdale, where the Wonder Blots are. She said good bye to her turtle and left. She started to fly there and got there in about 4 days. The next day she deiced to go see Soarin. She got up early and went to his house. She knocked on the door and Soarin answered "Oh hey Rainbow Dash, what brings you around these parts. Rainbow Dash was sweating, super nervous. "You look hot and tired, come inside." Rainbow Dash walked in and sat on the blue couch. Everything in the house was blue. Was this where she would have to live here in the future?

"Well um... Remember that night when you said you wanted me to be your girlfriend and I said yes?"

Soarin blushed and said "yeah, um... the thing is, is that I am in a relationship with Spit Fire now, I’m sorry."

Rainbow Dash thought for a minute, this was going to be hard. "Well, um... I you need to would you go back into a relationship with me?"

Soarin looked up and said "Well yeah, I mean Spit Fire probably won't like it but I really like you but I was just confused if I really like Spit Fire as a sister or girlfriend and I didn't hear a reply from you since then, Why."

Rainbow Dash blew a whole sigh of relief, at least he would marry her and still love her. "Well, it’s just, I’m uh..." Rainbow Dash took a deep breath and whipped of her head. "I'm pregnant and you are the father." Rainbow Dash said, then filched ate the sight.

Soarin Eyes shrunk to pin points and he almost fainted. "You mean...I’m...going to...be...a father?" Soarin said somewhat excited,

"Yes" Rainbow Dash bowed her head down. Soarin jumped around. "Why are you so excited, I mean with you and Spit Fire and everything, I thought you would be mad or sad?"

"Well, this has helped realize if I love Spit Fire as a sister or more or if I love you, and this has opened a window for me!" Soarin cuddled his head against Rainbow Dash's belly "This foal is going to be beautiful."

Rainbow Dash smiled and calmed down. "How do you think Spit Fire will react?"

Soarin backed away and opened his eyes. I don't know, but I think she'll understand, just let go find her and I’ll bring her here so we can talk." He left and came back with Spit Fire, who looked mad yet upset, they flew up the stairs and had a big fight. When they got back Soarin had 2 hoof marks on his face. Spit Fire took off at top speed crying.

"Well she didn't take it too well." Soarin said, rubbing his face.

"Sorry." Rainbow Dash said.

It's ok, as long as I can be with you." He said, starting to rub her belly again.

'Now I’ll I have to do is tell my friends.' Rainbow Dash thought, smiling

To Be Continued....