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ize be LOYAL


A bit about me · 4:56am Jun 11th, 2014

Heyoo! ize be LOYAL,
I'm currently growing up in Phoenix AZ., I'm only a teenager about to start my freshman year in high school,
I like drawing, and righting music...
And I want to be in the CIA when I'm older...

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Happy birthday for yesterday :pinkiehappy:

Thanks so much, I'm feeling a little discouraged by the like/dislike ratio. But I'm confidenant it will be an exciting story, even if the start is a bit tame :) I really hope you'll enjoy it.

I haven't really submitted it yet...., I've been trying to
get ideas but its hard because of work and all...
The name of my story is "Love at first sight"

1198200 I could help you with your story, but what is the title of your story?:unsuresweetie:

I'm a teenage girl turning 14 thus Friday,
My real name is Alexis Jade..

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