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Rainbow Dash's Pregnancy - lunaishot

rainbow dash gets pregnant by who read to learn

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rainbow dashs pregnancy final part

Written by Lunaishot and edited by Rainbowlightin

"RAINBOW DASH!!!!!!" Pinkie pie squealed as she saw her rainbow maned friend. She ran over, hugging her friend, only she couldn't reach her hooves around her friend. "Whoa, you’re HUGE!!! You look like me when I have eaten a 3 course dessert." Pinkie pie smiled.
"Now, Sugar cube, that isn't a nice thing to say. You should apologize."

Rainbow Dash blurted in before this could go too far "Actually, it's fine. Hey Pinkie Pie, I was wondering well, in about 6 months, could you schedule a baby shower.

Pinkie pie smiled "Oh, of course Dashie. I hope you don't mind me calling you that, I mean...

“Rainbow Dash giggled "It's ok Pinkie, you have called me that forever so it's fine."

Rarity came in, "Oh, I am ssoo sorry I’m late, I was busy making this..." She pulled out a rainbow striped silk dress. It had pink dots, and seemed bigger then Rainbow Dash was "I made this for whenever you have you baby shower, it has adjustable straps so you can even where it after you lose all that weight, no offense."

Rainbow Dash smiled "That’s fine, and that looked awesome, thanks so much Rarity!"

Rarity blushed "Your welcome." Rainbow Dash froze "that reminds me, when is Scootaloo's recital?" Everyone in the room looked confused.

"Oh, I have been practicing care of a foal with her, plus, I have known her since she was 2 years old, so she is kind of like a sister."

Twilight smiled, passing through all the ponies "Great, I’ll add that to schedule, you’re going to be a very busy mare, so I am making a schedule for you so you still have some free time." Twilight then walked over to Soarin "Is it ok if I talk with you real quick?" Soarin nodded his head, a little confused. They walked over to the small corner of the apple field, "Soarin, I was just wondering, when do you have to leave?" Soarin grinned

"In about a week, I have to practice for all of the shows I have missed. That reminds me, I need you to do me a favor."

"What is it?" Twilight asked, looking concerned.

"Well, I want to be there when the foal is born so I want you to try to transport me when the foal is ready to come."

Twilight looked worried "I...I...I...I don't think I ca...ca...Can. It is really hard to transport some pony else eve...eve...even if they are r...r...right in Fr...Front of me." Soarin looked down at her with pleading eyes

"Please, you have to, I can't miss my first, maybe only foal's birth. I don't care what it takes, just please try."

Twilight looked down, then up "Sure, do you want to do some practice runs now?"

"Sure." Soarin flew up as Twilight closed her eyes.

He flew behind Sweet Apple Acre’s barn and waited to be sent back. Twilight waited a couple minutes until she thought he was gone. Then, she thought about Soarin as hard as she could. It was weird, but she had to practice. She thought of the spell for a moment, then all of a sudden, Soarin popped up in front of her. They practiced a few more times before they finally went back to the table.

"There you are!" Rainbow Dash yelled as Soarin approach the table.

"Oh, Twilight was just helping me with something."
Rainbow Dash turned her head and blushed" She better not have grayish-blue feathers in her mane" Everyone at the table smiled, drinking apple juice between giggles. For once, Rainbow Dash finally felt normal around the others.

Rainbow Dash waved good bye as her FIANCE went off to Cloudsdale. She had a little tear in her eye, but nothing too serious. She knew Soarin had to leave sometime. She had to learn how to live as a housemare, though she would at least only have one job (Being a mom) Because of the wealth Soarin had. Soarin got to stay an extra 2 months, so Rainbow Dash belly was almost as tall as her. Twilight insisted on sleeping with Rainbow Dash until Soarin could come back. Twilight and Rainbow Dash walked into the house "Hey Twilight, doesn’t that spell were after 3 hours?"

Twilight grinned "Oh, I found a longer one, I only have to renew it once a month.

Rainbow smiled "Good, because I am not goanna see Soarin in a long time and I’ll need someone here to help me get to the hospital." Twilight smiled, not really wanting nor needing to say anything.

Rainbow Dash tried to lie down comfortable on her 10 month belly. She could have her foal any minute, so Twilight slept on her floor. If Rainbow Dash went into labor, she would be able to get Rainbow Dash to the hospital safely. She would think about getting everyone and Soarin later.

Twilight was sleeping peacefully when she heard a loud scream. She woke up with a start and realized that the screamed belonged to Rainbow Dash. "Are you ok Rainbow Dash?" Twilight asked.

"No, I think it is... AAAHHH!!! Coming." Most of the words were whispered compared to the screaming. Twilight coked her head and asked "Well, can I see how many centimeters you have dilated?"

Rainbow Dash looked at her. "Just let me see you-know-what, if it is big that means I can't get you to a hospital, if it's too small that means we need to wait a little, medium is just fine."

Rainbow looked at Twilight then said "Um sure."

Twilight looked down, then looked up. "It's perfect, but we better get to the hospital soon, you a t 4 and a half centimeters. Twilight gave Rainbow Dash a winter jacket so that nothing could happen to the foal. Twilight and Rainbow Dash appeared in the waiting room. Twilight signed in and a nurse took Rainbow Dash into a room.

"Are you the.., well.., um.., father?" Twilight looked surprised and blushed

"Oh no, the father is just about to get here." Twilight then went outside, she hoped this worked. After 10 minutes, Soarin finally appeared, covered in ashes. He had his Wonder bolts outfit on. "Soarin she having your foal."

Soarin smiled and galloped into the hospital "Hello, I’m looking for...” The nurse cut him off

"She is on the last room in the delivery room, left." The nurse smiled, and before Soarin galloped off, the nurse said "Congrats!" before looking for a room for a SICK mare. Twilight sent a letter to all her friends, who got there as soon as they could. She then sent a letter to Soarin parents and Rainbow Dash's. They arrived and walked into the room. The other Elements of Harmony waited outside until the nurse said they could come in. Rainbow Dash looked in horrible pain, and she was only have way through. Rainbow Dash smiled when her friends walked in.

Rainbow Dash then said "This may look hard and painful, but it really isn't."

Applejack looked confused. "Now I know what you’re thinking, we haven’t given her even 1 pill"

Soarin was slightly surprised, but happy. The doctor then looked at Rainbow Dash "Now Rainbow Dash, you have dilated to the correct amount, so it is time to push."

Rainbow Dash pushed, turning red with the pressure. "I see the hair, just at least 4 more pushes." Rainbow Dash pushed, but was exhausted by the time they got to the foals chest.

"Are you all right?" Soarin asked.

Rainbow Dash just said "Just a little tired." finally the screams of "YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!" and such were stared to come Soarin looked scared, but his father-in-law and father told him it was natural, so he just held her hoof. Rainbow Dash gave a few more pushes, until it was almost done.

"Just one more push." Soarin and the Doctor said in in synchronization. Rainbow Dash one more scream and push before the little foal was out.

"Congratulations Rainbow Dash, Soarin, you have a colt. Rarity gave the nurse a cloth she had sewn, which after sawing how soft it was an asking if she could make these for the other newborns, gave it to the doctor wrapped the little colt up, and gave the little colt to the happy parents. Rainbow Dash cradled her little foal. It had Dark blue hair like Soarin’s with little green highlights. It looked quite like Soarin’s shape, though pointed to different directions, one part down, the other up. On the inside was a Dark Rainbow. It had a Caribbean Sea blue coat, with mint eyes.

The Doctor came with a paper "What is its name?"

Rainbow Dash looked at Soarin and smiled, Soarin smiled back "Bolt Shadow..." "Grace" Soarin said Rainbow Dash giggled at her boyfriend’s last name, then repeated. Soarin leaned over and whispered

“Where did you get shadow?" Rainbow Dash looked around, the nurse and the doctor were both gone. They all repeated Soarin’s question, when

Rainbow Dash answered, she said "Well, in the Everfree forest, I encountered this team called the shadow bolts."

Soarin smiled "I think it's great."

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The title should be:

Rainbow Dash's Pregnancy

Fixed. Capitalization is always important.

That said the story itself isn't that bad.

Comment posted by lunaishot deleted Jul 17th, 2014

Ill fix that

Yay you like it :)

Wow. I can't even read the description without cringing. Lack of capitalization, no punctuation, and you misspelled Soarin's name.

Dude really im disabled i cant twrite well

I'm mentally retarded, but that doesn't give me an excuse for any mistakes I made in writing or in anything else. I have to learn how to do better just like everyone else does, even if it means it will be twice as hard for me.

Just because you have a disability, it does not mean you get a pass on mistakes you made!

The story isn't that bad, but it could use an editor's touch.


Yeah i need one

4710916 Well, we have plenty of editors on the site that can help you.

can you help me find one

4710963 You can ask someone to edit the story for you in those group: Editors-R-Us. If you search Editors in Groups, there are plenty of editor groups.

Other than the spelling and grammatical errors it was a pretty good story

Sweet your hired

...i feel like i read this on FanFiction...

4710866 Are you really mentally retarded?

i love this story :twilightsmile::raritywink:

could you make a sequal? :pinkiesad2:


Way ahead of you already started

yay! can't waite till you post it!!:twilightsmile:

You edited cus it definitly seems like you did

Yeah i have an editor who will be working on that

If by mentally retarded you mean autistic, then yes.

Fave cuz number one: Hilarios grammer and spelling mistakes:trollestia: (no offense) And also a good story! :pinkiehappy:

Um kinda maby a little bit here and there

4750719 is there going to be a seqaul

Yeah but it will probovly be awile im not as old as you think so i have school coming up so it will be awile:twilightblush:

Jhey evreypony lunaishot is back in action as you know i have promised a sequal so i have created rainbow dashs mothering it will be out sooner than later i promise

yeah ill be re-doin the spelling tommorow at 6:00 AM ish

...Why is this in the Spike x Rainbow Dash folder?

Why is this unrelated spikedash story in Spikedash group?

Uh this shouldn't be in SpikeDash group. There isn't even a Spike tag here. Fail.:facehoof:

This is like a classic Rainbow and Soarin ship with a foal

I finnaly fixed the errors in the story so now it is readable :yay:

no but my story is going cuco

5414373 its not regestering on my story list

all i can say is what the balls is happening

btw thanks for the editing i will recognise you in the story for it

Hey lunaishot I like this story but it would be great if you could make 1 or 2 more chapters. Maybe about the kid?

And if you don't want to make more I was wondering if it would be ok for me to make a sequel


Kind of hypocritical of me to say it needs editing when my own grammar is less than proper.

Thanks I can't reed very well or sole well because I have a disorder

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