• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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The New Neighbors - White Dragon

Pinkie Pie and the rest of the town like welcoming new ponies, so when a new family moves in so everyone is excited to welcome the new ponies, but what happens when one of those ponies is well... not a pony?

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Chapter 2: Stereotypes and The Strength of A Promise.

Author's Note:

Before The Story

So what do you think, you awesome people you, the reason that TCoT chapters are short is because I don’t want force myself to write, something because then I will want to write it less, so it will be a few days before any of that gets posted but if you want you can follow this story, because I will keep writing this. Also if anyone wants to do cover art for this my deviantart page is linked on my profile. Also I would like an editor for this send me a message and we will talk. Sorry it took so long. So, I got dumped… I maybe be replacing Soul Beats, SEND ME YOUR OC’S! most preferable, female pegasus, and a description of the personality. Sorry so short wanted to get this to you guys and gals.

The New Neighbor

By: White Dragon



Chapter 2: Stereotypes, and The Strength of A Promise.

(Unknown POV)

“Well… this is a development,” said Twilight slowly she could see that all her friends were quietly freaking out except for Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack for some reason. Pinkie takes a quick look around and quickly brings her hooves around all her friends and jumps behind the couch with them, and quickly tells Twilight to put up a sound shield, as they do the last words they hear are,

“Did… did her legs just stretch?”

“Pinkie why are we doing this?! We have to run!” yells Rarity and Twilight, while Fluttershy nods quickly in agreement. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, and Applejack just sigh,

“We can’t run or freak out guys,” Rainbow says, Twilight looks at her with a surprised face,

“And why can’t we run? I could just tel-” Twilight starts but gets cut off by Pinkie,

“Why, Twilight? Its because we made a Pinkie Promise, and I never break a Pinkie Promise.” Pinkie gives a small smile and continues, “someponies break a Pinkie Promise on accident, or on purpose if they forget or have other things to do, and they are forgiven if they try to fix it. But, if you break a Pinkie Promise and you know that you can’t fix it… then your not my friend anymore!” she gives the last part with a shout and the rest just sit there shocked. Pinkie purposely not being friends with somepony was an absurd, no, an impossible thought, it was as chaotic as Discord.

“You see guys thats why we can’t go, we Pinkie Promised that we would give Stars dad a chance and i’m going to give him one.” Rainbow Dash said with a glint in her eyes as she gets up and leaves the dome and hops back on the couch, with Pinkie and Applejack following her. Fluttershy soon follows after while Rarity and Twilight just sit there in shock, after a few minutes they give a shaky nod to each other and leave the dome, dispelling it. After they hop over the couch they see that Rainbow Dash and the other girls are gone along with White and Star,

“Girls?” Twilight asks, a tiny bit scared of what might happen, Pinkie pops her head around a corner,

“TWILIGHT! You have to see their kitchen its MASSIVE!” Pinkie shouts with her usual enthusiasm, Twilight backs up a bit, surprised at Pinkies sudden appearance, after she composed herself she followed Pinkie around the corner, into a very large and pristine kitchen. There was two stoves, an oven a two door fridge and small dining table with a few chairs and some white roses on the top on the table.

“Um where is Rainbow Dash?” asked Twilight to Star who was making lunch in the kitchen. Star turned her head a bit to answer back,

“Rainbow Dash went downstairs, to see White’s workout area,” Star said while grabbing a few apples, Twilight starts to head towards the door that she saw White come out of when Star calls back to her, “oh Twilight before you go downstairs, could you bring Dawn in with her blanket and her stuffed phoenix, please?”

“Sure,” Twilight heads towards the front door that was still open to the afternoon breeze. As she steps outside she sees doesn’t see Spike relaxing on his back in the afternoon sun. She looks over at the blue mained sleeping filly, “huh that’s odd, and where is Spike?” she shrugs as she picks up the filly in her magic and gets the tiniest tinge of changeling magic, it gives her a tiny chill as she walks back inside the house with the filly and carefully puts her on the couch. Twilight then heads back to her previous destination, the basement.

When she opened the door lights turned on as a spiral oak staircase was shown going down. As Twilight starts her trek lower and lower into the ground, to the basement. As she gets lower she starts to hear water drip, along with a stream, with some grunting. And Rainbows Ohmygosh Ohmygosh Ohmygosh, when she freaks out, or sees anything awesome. Twilight quickly hurries down the steps and stops when she gets to the bottom. It is HUGE, it has the appearance of being hollowed out of the stone while water drops to form structures everywhere. There appeared to be a smaller cave to her left with a small stream running through it. There's a few other rooms but those are blocked off by walls. Twilight makes her way along the stone floor towards the room that she heard the grunting and Rainbow Dash’s voice from. When Twilight gets closer to the room she sees the word GYM on top of the door frame as she pushes it open to reveal a wide room with hoops hanging from the ceiling and treadmills on the ground, a long pool in the corner with crystal clear water. Near the door she came from there was a long line of weight lifting benches with the white changeling on one of them and Rainbow Dash just staring at the numbers on the weights and then back to the changeling with her mouth wide open and stars in her eyes. She suddenly bowed or made a motion similar to bowing to the changeling as he set the bar for the weights on the little extended metal piece on the two other poles.(? I don’t work out so I don’t know what they're called.)

“Please, can you train me?!” Rainbow Dash yelled stopping both Twilight while she was walking towards, as her mind started screaming at her and also White as he was bringing his water over with his magic as it flattered and dropped to the ground as he looked at her with wide eyes and mouth that quickly turned angry and sour,