• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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The New Neighbors - White Dragon

Pinkie Pie and the rest of the town like welcoming new ponies, so when a new family moves in so everyone is excited to welcome the new ponies, but what happens when one of those ponies is well... not a pony?

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To all of you that are still following this story and my other ones, I have Good News Everyone! The reason that I have been unable to update is I am lazy, and I have lost the muse to write as I am now going to college as well as being in high school. The workload is a lot, but I had expected this, and I am trying to catch up. On the last day of my college classes I shall update ALL of my stories. I am going to make this a fact. I do not know the word count but it shall be over 2,000 maybe, in the least. I am also working on my video game using RUBY to code. I am sorry if this is not the reason that you wanted.

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meh ya do wat ya gotta do meng...i lazy too lol

And how long is said college?

You waited almost 5 years to respond to a comment on a story that never updated after I commented, what a hero...

you betteror just hurry up.

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