• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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The New Neighbors - White Dragon

Pinkie Pie and the rest of the town like welcoming new ponies, so when a new family moves in so everyone is excited to welcome the new ponies, but what happens when one of those ponies is well... not a pony?

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Chapter 1: The New Ponies?

Author's Note:

Before The Story

Hi, Dragon here and I am still working on TCoT so don’t worry, i'm just doing these other stories to relieve some stress, this story will not be a one-shot and I will continue to write this along with my other the chapters will be like this story then the other or flip flopped, I haven’t decided yet. You all saw the Changeling tag right? Good thats an important part. Now ENJOY :D!

The New Neighbor

By: White Dragon



Chapter 1: The New Ponies?

(Unknown POV)

As Ponyville comes into view we see six mares and one dragon sitting around a table in front of a gingerbread house. There was a pink earth pony with very bouncy mane, a shy yellow pegasus with a soft pink mane, a orange earth pony with a cowboy hat on, a pure white unicorn with purple mane, a sky blue pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail, a tall purple alicorn with a deep violet mane and a little baby dragon with green and purple scales. Their names are Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike. And they except for Spike are technically the most powerful thing in Equestria, other than Discord, Celestia and Luna. For they are the Elements of Harmony and have defeated many foes in the past. And now, they were sitting down for tea, and cupcakes.

“WOHA!” yelled Pinkie as her body spazzes along with her tail, her friends quickly look around and up with wide eyes. Twilight quickly turns and looks at her friend who has a large grin on her face.

“What is it Pinkie!?! The sky, some disaster?” Twilight stops as she notices Pinkie’s grin grow larger, before she starts bouncing up and down as she shouts to the whole town,


Many ponies where blow back by just the sound of her voice, after they composed themselves they gave a loud cheer, because New Ponies= Pinkie Pie Party, “When will they get here Pinkie?” a few asked and “How many Pinkie?”

“ Well my Pinkie sense told me that they will be here around noon tomorrow and there's two… no three ponies, huh thats strange.” Pinkie said as she muttered the last part to herself. Her friends noticed this,

“What's wrong Pinks?” asked Rainbow Dash, a tad worried for her crazy friend.

“Its nothing, just the last pony doesn't feel like a pony…” She said trying to figure her kinks out.

“Maybe he/she is a griffin or a Zebra?” suggests Fluttershy quietly.

“No that's not it, this pony feels cold, not like mean cold like Sombra, cold as in being an outcast cold, it doesn't feel like he has many friends, or his friends gave up on him.” Pinkie’s mane deflates as she says this feeling sad. “Kind of like how Dissy was…” Her friends are shocked to hear this, because they didn't know that Pinkie Pie’s sense ran that deep. “But!” she says excitedly, “He is warm in his heart for his two fillies. It feels like he would go up against everything to help them.” Pinkie and her friends are shocked to hear the length that this stallion would go for his family.

“I guess we will find more about him tomorrow.” says Twilight yawning as she sees the sun dip below the horizon. “Good bye, I need some sleep, come on Spike, lets go home.” He gets up and says bye to them all as they each get up from the table and go back to their separate homes.

-The Next Afternoon-

As Twilight and her friends trot down the dirt road with the clouds lazily moving by in the sky, they head towards the moving ponies they saw awhile ago, as they dropped of the carriage and left because they were going to pick it up later. The big L shaped house had light blue walls with a forest green roof, the porch out front gave it a more homey feel with the planks on the bottom painted to look like grass and the posts are tree trunks, all and all it gave off a feeling that this house is loved, there was a teen grayish unicorn with a blue mane and cobalt eyes that was moving boxes from the outside to the inside of the house while a little filly pegasus with a white coat and a fiery red and yellow mane was trying to push a box that was twice her size but fell on her snout. The gray unicorn took notice of this and gave a small sigh as she set down her box and picked the sniffling filly up in her magic, while she held the small filly in her magic she sang her a small lullaby and the filly was out like a light while sucking on her hoove. The unicorn noticed the six friends and one dragon as she quickly brought out a little blanket and set it in the grass with the sleeping filly on top of it, while she grabbed a stuffed phoenix from one of the boxes and set it next to the filly as she wrapped her hooves around it. The six friends gave a quiet daww, of cuteness as the gray unicorn trotted up to them.

“Hi, do you mares need something?” she asks in a quiet tone to not wake the filly. Pinkie opens her mouth to say something but Rainbow Dash puts her hoof to Pinkie’s mouth,

“No, we just came to say hi and welcome you to the neighborhood, but if you're busy then we can just…” Rainbow trails off as she points back the way they came. The gray unicorn quickly shakes her head,

“Nonsense, dad will be happy meet you…. ah well… maybe.” she states with a small frown as she turns and trots towards the house. The rest of them follow her and are quick to pick up on this,

“Why wouldn't your dad be happy to see new ponies?” Twilight asks. The gray unicorn sighs,

“A lot of ponies hate my dad just because of what he is, when my dad is a great guy,” she pauses at the doorway of the house, “the names Solar Star by the way and my little sisters is Dawn Pusher.” she was about to head in but she stops on a bit, “hey can you promise me one thing?” she asks of them.

“Sure, we Pinkie Promise!” Pinkie says a bit loud but the filly still sleeps. Fluttershy shushes her and points to the sleeping Dawn.

“Whats a Pinkie Promise?” asks Star confused.

“A Pinkie Promise is a promise that no pony will ever break.” says all of the girls and Spike. Star raises an eyebrow,

“Never ever break?”

“Never.” They all reply back. Star gives a sigh of relief,

“Promise me that whatever you think my dad is you won’t freak out, or attack him, or call the guards, or even scream, until you have heard his side ok?” Star asks with sadness in her eyes and a pleading look on her face. The rest of the girls (because Spike had gone to keep moving boxes out of the carriage because he was bored) put their hooves up and repeated the chant,

“Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Star gives them a weird look but just giggles at them. As they walk into the house, it has a nice fresh baked cookies smell and rich colored floors gave the entire house a relaxed yet cozy feeling.
“DAD!” The girls cringe when they hear Star yell.

“Stary I am in the basement, there is no need to yell, I know we have sound proof walls but you know I don’t like to being disturbed...” his voice trails off a bit when he turns the corner and sees the six girls, A pure white unicorn comes around the corner with a teal blue mane and purple, blue eyes, and a gold amulet with a ruby in the middle on and a cutie mark of an Alchemical Sigil “ new friends Stary?” Star has a heavy blush on her face as her Dad invites the girls to sit down in the living room and brings them some tea. “So I might as well introduce myself, my name is White Dragon and I am going back in the basement,” he says as her turns the corner again and can be heard going down a set of stairs.

“Well that was quite rude,” complained Rarity. Twilight then nod her head in agreement with her.

“Well that went better than I thought it would,” said a very happy Star, she then quickly opened her eyes, “I forgot to tell you, my cutie mark is in astronomy,” Star shows them her cutie mark, so they see a galaxy with a sun in the middle and planets around it. Twilight is fascinated by the cutie mark but keeps her thoughts to herself. “I might guess why you are all interested in my Dad?” Star asks them.

“Ya’ we've heard a bit but we would like to meet this mystery stallion if ya don’t mind.” says Applejack. Star just gives a small sigh as she gets up on her hooves and walks towards the basement door.

“Dad come back up my friends want to meet you properly,” Star says with a hopeful tone, there is a large bang of something hard hitting something metal and some loud mumbles,

“Why should I come up, when they learn of me they will only want me gone?” a voice asks from the basement. Star sighs goes over to the door,

“Dad, they promised that they wouldn’t freak out!” she yells down the steps as Fluttershy flinches away from the loud noise in her ear, “heh, sorry” Star says sheepishly.

“If you come up here in the next minute, I’ll make dinner!” Star pauses to think some more, “for a WEEK!” Star smiles in triumph, at her threat. A long sigh comes from the basement,

“Fine i’m coming up just let me put this away,” says the voice, they hear some clunking and some hoof steps on wood stairs, as he comes up. A pure white unicorn comes up with a teal blue mane and purple, blue eyes, and a gold amulet with a ruby in the middle on. Star spreads out her wing and pulls her Dad close,

“Take it off.” Star says with a glint in her eyes. Her Dad gulps and uses his blue magic to grab the amulet and remove it from his neck, as blue flames quickly engulf him and leave him without a burn Pinkie notices a few very interesting facts.

“Why do you have no fur, holes in your legs, fangs, a twisty horn and pointy eyes?” Pinkie says without realizing until the rest of the girls know what this means. Star gives them a big smile,

“This is my dad, White, and he… is a Changeling.”