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The Princess and Her Guards - PinkieLunaShy

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards Luna has a "relapse" and what happens from beyond there is out of their control.

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Chapter 4

Dominic sat down on the edge of his aunt's bed, before he let his torso fall backwards onto the fluffy white sheets. Princess Celestia watched her nephew from behind her desk, before signaling for the rest of her nieces and nephews to come in the room and shut the door behind them. Genivieve found a corner before sitting on her head, causing her bangs to spread out on the floor. Angelina sat in one of the white chairs in front of Princess Celestia's desk before she grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil off of her aunts desk and started to draw. Jamie put his orange headphones on and turned on his music before sitting on the floor next to Geniveive and crossing his legs. Ryan closed the door and leaned his back against it as he closed his eyes and folded his arms.

Princess Celestia spun her pen around in her hand once before setting it down on her desk, " The only time all of you come in here and don't say anything is when you've done something wrong. So, what did you do?"

Dominic propped himself up with his arms before he ran his hand through his hair, "So, we told Luna the story the summer sun celebration when she returned from our perspective.", he watched as Celestia's right eyebrow shot up, "I thought I could tell her just part of it, but, uh, y'know Aunt Luna asks a lot of questions. A Lot."

Celestia nodded, "But you told her a story I specifically told you not to, did you not?"

"Well, yeah. But it's like I said Auntie! I thought I could control how much I told her. When we got too close I stopped the story.", Dominic let his arms give out so he fell back on the sheets again

Genievieve sat up quickly, causing her to sway a bit, "Yeah, and then we ran after him."

Celestia got up and opened the doors to her balcony, letting a warm breeze in. Dominic got up and walked towards the balcony as the wind pushed his already messy hair all over his face. As soon as Celestia opened her mouth to talk to Dominic, her door burst open revealing a panting and terrified looking Luna.

"Sister!" when Luna say the gang in there she pulled herself together, "Sister I must speak with you. Alone."

Angelina looked up at Luna and studied her expression before looking back down to her paper, she mumbled something before she moved her chair closer to the balcony. Dominic sat down on the balcony railing, before he tried to do a handstand on the railing.

"Guhh... We were- gosh darnit!- Here first. And I -WAHHH!" Dominic fell over the edge of the railing before grabbing the edge with one hand, hanging on for dear life.

Genievieve jumped up off the floor and ran out on to the balcony. Grabbing her brothers hand she tried to pull him up only for her to be pulled over the edge. Ryan ran over to pull Genievieve back up, grasping her ankle as he dug his feet into the floor. His boots left long black scuff marks on the balcony before his footing shifted and he was able to pull Genivieve and her brother up, slowly but surely. Jamie had ditched his headphones and started pulling on Ryan to help him pull Dom and Gen up. Angelina grabbed on to Jamie as she tried to help pull the twins back up onto the balcony. Finally, after a hard pull, they pulled Dominic and Geniveive over the railing.

"Let's never, ever do that again!" huffed Ryan as he wiped the sweat off of his face with the front of his army green t-shirt.

"Agreed!" the others, with the exception of Celestia and Luna, chorused, as they sat down on the floor, panting

Jamie pushed up his glasses before getting to his feet, " Anyway," he looked towards Luna, "You had something you wanted to talk about?"

Luna shifted her weight from one foot to the other before looking at Jamie, "Yes I do, but I want to talk to my sister. Alone."

"Lulu, it would be best if they just stayed here." said Celestia, sitting back down at her desk as she grabbed her pen, before looking down at her paperwork, "They'll just crowd around the door trying to hear what you have to say."

Luna pouted a little before signaling for Gen, Dom, Ryan, Angelina, and Jamie to sit on the couch. As she turned to her sister she said, " So, you remember how when I came back, after being reformed by the Elements, you asked me how Nightmare Moon originally started 'feeding' me lies to get me to trust her?"

Celestia didn't look up from her paperwork, "Mmhmm, I remember. You told me it started as a voice in your head."

Luna nodded, before sitting in the chair across from her sister, "That voice is back."

Genievieve looked up at the ceiling in thought, "Wait! I thought the Elements cleansed you of anything pertaining to Nightmare Moon."

Luna looked at Genievieve, her teal eyes full of worry, "So did I!"

"Well, you were foolish in believing that, all of you." Luna's worried expression shifted to a snarl as Nightmare Moon's voice came out of her mouth, before Luna snapped her hands over her mouth.

Dominic looked at Luna with a wide eyed expression, "That's not treasure! That's kinda freaky!"

Luna kept her hands over her mouth before turning to Celestia, tears filling her eyes. Celestia by now had put down her pen and was watching her little sister intently, before rising up out of her chair slowly.

"Luna," said Celestia, slowly, "How long has this been going on?"

Luna's hands came down from her mouth as her snarl returned, "Like you care."

Celestia walked slowly towards her sister, "Please Luna, tell me. I just want to help."

"Pfft. Your just saying that so you look good in front of your nieces and nephews." Luna jerked her head in the direction of Dominic and his friends

Celestia shook her head, "No, I'm worried about you little sister."

"NO YOUR NOT! You just want to get all the attention because you stopped the bad guy! Its like its always been. You got credit for Donovan's defeat. 'Celestia saved us!' Did you ever tell them I was with you? NO! Because you were too busy hogging all the glory like always! You and you 'precious light'!" As Luna was talking her armor started to appear on her body, causing her disguise to break.

"Luna don't do this! I can't loose you again!" Celestia pleaded. During this exchange the group started to look spell bound as the scene unfolded.

"There can only be one Princess in Equestria, and that princess will be ME! " The sky darkened and lighting flashed outside.

"Hot damn!" muttered Ryan, before grabbing a tight hold on shaking Angelina's hand, "She is pissed!"

"I suggest we get the hell outta here!" whispered Dominic, looking toward his sister, before looking at the door, "Twilight's still here, right?"

Genievieve looked at her brother, before looking back at Princess Celestia, who was still walking towards Luna, "Yeah, so are the rest of the Elements. What are you gonna do?"

"Me? Nothing." Dominic looked at Jamie, "Jamie's gonna do everything. Jame!"

Jamie looked at Dominic, "Yeah?"

"Remember that throw kick thing we did a few years ago??"

"Well yeah, I had a bruise the size of a watermelon on my left thigh afterwards."

Dominic's eyes got an excited glint in them, "You better get your ice pack cause were gonna do this again!"

Jamie moaned, "Son of a biscuit!", Jamie rose to his feet causing Luna to look at him sharply, "Just tying my shoe. Faust damn hawk lady!" As he bent over to tie his already tied shoe, he felt a breeze brush across his face. When he looked up he saw Luna's face less than an inch from his face.

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" Luna's warm breath slapped Jamie in the face

"Well, yeah." said Jamie Looking into Luna's teal eyes, resolve building in his own

Luna stared intently into Jamies eyes, while Dominic slipped out of his chair to grab hold of Jamie's ankle. As soon as Jamie felt Dominic tug on his pant leg to tell him he had his grip, Jamie stuck out his tounge in a taunt to Luna. Dominic started to spin as his fingers dug into Jamie's ankle, leaving welds. As Luna realized what they were going to do she stood up only for a spinning Jamie to hit her in the head hard enough to hear a crack! knocking her and Jamie out.

Dominic, not knowing Jamie had gotten knocked out, threw Jamie towards the balcony. Jamie flew over the balcony before free-falling towards the pavement below. Angelina ran towards the balcony, unfurling her wings as she ran. Jumping over the railing she flew towards Jamie, her left arm extended towards him. Jamie flipped over in the air so his face was looking towards Angelina, his blonde curls covering his face. Right before Jamie hit the ground Angelina caught his hand and flapped as hard as she could to keep them from hitting the ground, before pulling him back up to the balcony. After setting Jamie down softly, Angelina examined the rapidly swelling bump on his forehead.

"He's got a concussion." said Angelina, as she made an ice pack appear before setting it on the bump, causing Jamie to wake with a start.

"WHAT THE HELL!!" yelled Jamie, jumping to his feet before clutching his forehead, "Ohhh, my head."

Angelina pushed Jamie back into a sitting position, "James Pierce Sackrider! How could you be so reckless?

Jamie looked at Angelina fiening child like innocence, "I'm sorry Ma! I didn't mean to get hurt!"

Angelina tone softened as she smiled at Jamie, as she wrapped him in a tight embrace, "Oh Jamie!

Dominic rubbed his arms, "James, you realize you just fell like 3 stories and Angelina just saved your life. I'm sorry I threw you, I didn't know you were knocked out.", he tapped a knocked out Luna with his shoe, "How in the heck did you knock her out?"

Jamie's eye brows rose into his hair line, "I hit her. Really, really hard!"

Genieveive looked at her aunt, "So now what do we do Auntie Celestia?"

Ryan looked at his aunt only to realize she looked like a statue. Getting up, he walked over to her reaching his arm out to touch her. His fingertips barely touched her when she fell over, like a ragdoll. Ryan moved to catch her before setting her down softly on the floor.

"Genievieve?" said Ryan, his eyes focused on his aunt


"Run like hell and get Twilight!" Ryan grasped his aunts hand before turning it over in his rough one

Genievieve nodded before jumping up and running towards the door. Flinging it open, she ran down the hall towards the Castle library. Whatever was wrong with her aunt Twilight would know. She was smart like that, not that they weren't smart she was just smarter. Sliding to a stop, Genievieve flung the library doors open.

"Twilight? TWILIGHT!!" yelled Genievive, as her voice echoed toward the ceiling. After no response, Genievive ran out of the library, the heels of her shoes clicking on the floor.

Where could she be? thought Genievive, scratching her head, before letting out a gasp, The train! She's going back to Ponyville!!

Genievive ran towards the train station as fast as she could. She had to find Twilight, as fast and soon as possible.

Author's Note:

I BROKE MY 1,699 WORD RECORD!! YEAH! Anyway enjoy the longest chapter in PHG history! *SMILE*

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