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The Princess and Her Guards - PinkieLunaShy

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards Luna has a "relapse" and what happens from beyond there is out of their control.

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Chapter 1

*Those numbers in the Prologue don't mean anything, I accidentally put them there.~ Sackrider*

"So Dom." Said Luna, interrupting the story telling, as she stacked her plate on top of the empty ones set in the middle of the table

"Yeah?" said Domnic looking at Luna, as he grabbed his burger

"You originally didn't want to find my sister?" Luna leaned her elbows onto the table before resting her weight on them

"No because I was drunk from Pinkie Pie's 'Welcome Twilight!/ Summer Sun Celebration!' and I didn't even care about the wellbeing of the Princess because I really didn't know who this Nightmare Moon lady was." Dominic took a large bite out of his burger and set it down before reaching for his napkin.

"So you are saying if you had been there when I returned you'd-"

"Have wanted to rescue the Princess. Yes."

"I see. Well, please continue your story."

Jamie, now dress in dark grey armor, held his smart phone out in front of him. He was by far the smartest person in the group yet he had managed to get them lost in the Everfree Forest. Ryan, clad in deep crimson armor, grew more and more impatient with every turn they made.

"Sackrider, do you even know where we are?" Ryan asked Jamie, who was about 20 steps ahead of him.

"Of course I do Ry! We just need to keep walking until we reach a small clearing!" called Jamie.

"So we're lost."

"..Not exactly."


"I know where we are!!"

"Oh really James? Then where are we?"

"In the Everfree Forest! Duh!"

"Why you little!" Ryan geared up to punch Jamie when he felt a light hand on his shoulder. He turned around only for his dark blue eyes to meet Angelina's purple ones.

"Ryan, he's trying to get us out of here. Let's refrain from hurting him until we are out of here." soft spoken Angelina advised. The edge of her dark pink helmet nearly covered her eyes.

"Yeah!" agreeed Genevieve, her dark purple armor glistening, "Then you can beat the nerd! Uh.. No offense Jame!"

"None taken." replied Jamie

Dominic looked over his shoulder. He had this weird feeling, like someone or something was watching him. This had started when they were in town but everytime he glanced behind him there was nothing there. It was like it or they had dis-

"Wait! Dom! You never ever told us this!" exclaimed Jamie, grabbing Dominic by the shoulders.

"Told you what?" inquired Luna.

"That he had a feeling that we were being followed! That would have spared us a fight!"

"Who? Who was following you?!"

"I'm getting to it!" yelled Dominic.

"Captain, I demand you tell me who was following you!"

"And Princess, I demand that you let me tell my story my way!"

Teal met light purple as Luna and Dominic glared at each other for a few moments before Luna sighed, "Very well, continue Captain."

"Thank you Princess," Dominic chuckled softly, "Now where was I? Oh yes!"

It was like it or they had dissappeared! Genevieve glanced at her twin. He was oddly quiet, usually he had something smart to say. She had only seen him like this when something was making him nervous.

"Dom?" asked Genevieve, concerned, "You ok?"

"Hm? Oh yeah I'm fine," said Dominic absent mindedly, "Jame? Are we gonna be out of here soon?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Jamie

"Because I have a bad fe-" Dominic's sentence was cut off when five people, two girls and three boys, in long hooded jackets landed in front of them.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here." said one of the girls, taking off her hood to reveal her long electric blue hair.

"Just a few runts." snickered a boy with straight, medium length, emerald green hair.

"Hey! Who are you calling a runt!" yelled Ryan

"You!" called a boy with short, curly, firey orange hair.

"Hmph! Your not even worth our time!" said a boy with spikey, long, red hair as he turned his back to the others.

"'Not worth your time' eh?!" asked Jamie

"'Just a few runts?"' sneered Dominic

"You can't disrespect us and get away with it!" continued Angelina.

"Yeah! Now we're gonna have to pound your face in!" ended Genevieve, cracking her knuckles

The other girl, who had her long snow white hair pulled into a high ponytail and had deep blue eyes, appeared in between the two groups, "Yeah! Time to Rock and Roll!!"

"Wait!" called the blue haired girl, "I believe introductions are in order. I'm Blitz."

"Orion." said the Green haired boy

"Firestorm." said orange haired boy.

"Darkstar," the other boy nodded, "And Ms. Rock and Roll's name is Starshine"

"But you can call me Starry!"

"Well" Started Dom, "I'm Dominic, and they are Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, and James," each person nodded respectively as there name was said.

"What now?" Asked Dominic, as he glared at Luna who had started laughing.

"Y-you went up against m-my Shadowbolts!" giggled Luna, " I'm shocked you all are here to tell the story!"

"Gee Lu, thanks for the vote of confidance!" said Jamie, as he tapped his hand on the table.

"Look, do you want me to finish?" asked Dominic.

"Please do." answered a still giggling Luna.

"Thank you. Now after battling the Shadowbolts and coming out unscathed w-"

"You came out 'unscathed'?"

"Princess, by unscathed Dominic must mean that he had a broken ankle, I broke my right wrist, Angelina broke her left wing, Jamie had busted his glasses, and Ryan broke his left hand." explained Genevieve

"How did you figure that out?"

"Angelina is a registered nurse and Jamie ran into a tree because he couldn't see."

"True," confirmed Jamie, "And Angelina took RN course when she was fifteen."

"Yeah, yeah! ANYWAY!," said Dominic, "We finally made it to Canterlot."

After arriving in Canterlot, the group had to decide the easiest way to get to Canterlot castle. If they walked it would take a long time due to the fact Canterlot Castle is on the highest point of Canterlot and it took alot of climbing. After arguin-

"What now?" asked Dominic, when Luna held up a hand signaling him to stop.

"If you all got injured then I want to hear about the fight!" replied Luna, crossing her arms over her chest.

Dominic glanced at his friends, and then back at Luna. Princess Celestia had told them not to tell Luna this part of the story because she might take it wrong. He was weighing his options while Angelina tried to distract Luna.

"Oh Luna, you don't want to hear about that. I'll give you the jist of it however. They were stronger but we were smarter so the didn't have time to beat us!"

"No Angelina, I want to hear the story. Dominic tell me the story."

"Look cake!" said Jamie, pointing toward a cake in a display stand.

"I don't want cake."

"Why don't we go and enjoy the festival? Doesn't that seem fun??" asked Genevieve, desperately

"I don't want to go to the festival."

"Luna, don't you want to do anything else than here a stupid story?" questioned Ryan

"No, I want to hear this stupid story."

Dominic sighed," Look Princess, Princess Celestia asked us not to tell you that part of the story. We're just following orders."

Luna's face shifted from annoyed to slightly upset, "Well your my guards and I command that you tell me the story."

"I...I can't do that."

"You can and you will! I order you to tell me that story. All of it!"

Dominic sighed, "Yes, your highness.."

Author's Note:

Next Chapter we will get in to the Shadowbolts vs. well US! :3 And what made Princess Celestia tell the us not to tell that part of the story? Huh? Find out in the next chapter! BYE!!!

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