The Princess and Her Guards

by PinkieLunaShy

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Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards Luna has a "relapse" and what happens from beyond there is out of their control.

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards, Luna has a "relapse". Join them as they step into the shoes of their ancestors as the first Shadowbolts. With the Rise and Fall of Nightmare Moon, running from Princess Celestia, and finding out maybe being guards isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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The Princess and Her Guards

Prologue: Do you remember...?

Five guards and a disguised Lunar Princess sat around a table during a lunch break at a small cafe called the "Coffee Cup Cafe" one summer afternoon. The air was full of children laughing and playing as they enjoyed the longest day of the year. Ryan Gage, Genevieve Case, Jamie Sackrider, Angelina Marie, and Genevieve's twin brother, Dominic Case had set their dark blue helmets either on the floor or the table as they waited for their food.

"Well, this was an interesting Summer Sun Celebration." said Ryan, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes, so the sun could shine on his upturned face

"Indeed." said Princess Luna, her disguise that of a small blonde down her back long haired girl in a bright orange outfit

"Interesting because the EverFree started invading or interesting because Luna got kidnapped by a plant?" asked Jamie, grinning as he picked up his mug of tea.

"I was actually waiting for the EverFree to invade but I think Luna getting kidnapped by a tree takes the cake." replied Ryan, smiling towards the sun

"Well how would feel if you were kidnapped by a tree that rendered you unable to fight back?" retorted Luna, folding her tan arms across her chest

"Well A) I'm not a Princess so they probably wouldn't attack me and B) I never will be in that situation." Ryan leaned forward as he opened his eyes to look at Luna

"Whatever." Luna pouted as Ryan laughed at her expence before Angelina glared at him, her big blue eyes shimmering with hurt

"Ryan! How would you feel if you had been captured by a plant and your friends started making fun of you?" asked Angelina, her stern tone not fitting her soft voice.

"I'd slug 'em." said Ryan, sobering slightly, as he thought about it, before he grabbed his mug of coffee and putting it to his lips

"Exactly! Now how do you think Luna feels?"

Ryan took a small sip of his coffee before answering, ".....Like she wants to punch me..... Oh. Sorry Lu."

"Your apology is accepted." said Luna, as she looked into her purse for a brush to run though her hair.

"You know what this makes me think of?" said Genevieve, running her hand through her purple hair, before shutting her eyes to listen to the shrieks of the the children passing by

"What Vee?" said Jamie, as he set his elbows on the table, dangling his now empty tea cup in his right hand

"The first time we met Princess Luna."


Dominic slapped Jamie on the back of his head, casuing Jamie to drop his tea cup. Luckly Ryan stuck out his hand and caught the cup before it shattered into a million peices on the floor "Dur Sackrider! We met Princess Luna four years ago at the Summer Sun Celebration! Y'know when we first met!", Jamie gave him a blank look, "Ugh! Nightmare Moon kidnapped Princess Celestia. We found the Princess and then we met Princess L. Gosh Sackrider! Think! Use your brain!"

"Oh, Right! The Summer Sun Celebration!"

"You don't remember do you?"

"Nopey dopey!"

"Some days Sackrider I wonder if your Mom or Dad beat you as a child."

"You know, we don't have a Mom or Dad silly!", everybody rolled their eyes, as a server showed up with their food

"I have five hamburgers with fries, one with everything, one with nothing, one with extra mayo, one with extra tomatoes, and one normal. As well as one salad with dressing on the side. Is that right?" asked the server, Wyatt Truffle, as he set the plates down on the table, along with a receipt

Jamie passed the salad to Angelina along with her thousand island dressing before grabbing the hamburger closest to him. Genvieve grabbed a hamburger and passed one to the Princess before Ryan and Dominic grabbed a plate. Luna chuckled as Jamie, Genievieve, Dominic, and Ryan took the top bun off of their burgers before switching plates until they had made sure everyone got what they had ordered.

"I know the story from my perspective but I have always wondered, how did you end up meeting me?" said Luna, looking at each of the guards, before she took a bite of her burger

"Well, I goes a little something like this," started Dominic, resting his elbows on the table after he set down his burger

"The night will last forever!" exclaimed Nightmare Moon before she broke off in to maniacal laughter.

The air reeked of magic, burning, and alcohol as four people watched from a balcony across the room as Nightmare Moon turned into a puff of purple smoke and fly out the door with Renee right on her tail. Ryan Gage stood with his arms folded over his muscular chest, his shaggy brown hair hung over his eyes and looked like it had never been combed a day in his life. His red short sleeved shirt had stains all over it from the party he had attended about twenty minutes before. Next to him stood tall, lanky James Sackrider. He looked like the definition of the word 'nerd'. His slightly curly reddish blonde hair hung over the top of his thick glasses. His green shirt was stained from the party and his black jeans had been ripped in several places. Next to James was petite Angelina Marie. Her deep blue hair hung over her left eye. Her long blue sweater dress was spotless, due to the fact she didn't go to the party with James and Ryan. Finally was Genevieve Case, she wasn't tall or short just average. Her purple hair was pulled into a high ponytail, while her bangs hung in front of her right eye. Her purple and black dress was stained like James and Ryan's clothes were.

"Who the hell was that?" said Ryan, as he watched the crowd of people run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

"Weren't you listening? She said that she's the Maiden in the Moon, Nightmare Moon." said James, finishing a cupcake, before wiping his hands on his pants

"Well I'm not gonna sit by and watch her take over Equestria!"

"Um what can we do?" asked Angelina, shuffling her feet before clutching her purse strap with both hands.

"Well Ang, we can go find Princess Celestia. I bet if we save her then she'll make us Royal guards!"

"Since she's our aunt couldn't we just, um, ask her?"

"Were would we even look for her?" asked Genivieve, completely ignoring Angelina's statment

Before anyone got to answer Genivieve's twin brother Dominic bust into the room. He looked like he just woke up and was really pissed off. His black and red hair sticking up all over the place, his shirt was covered in spilled something, and his pants.. where were they?

"What the HELL! I just want to wanted to get some bucking sleep and you idiots are acting like its the end of the Faust-damned world!" exclaimed Dominic, "Someone want to tell me what is going on?!"

Genivieve, Ryan, James, and Angelina flew down from the balcony and landed in front of Dominic. Well jumped in Ryan and Genivieve's case. Genivieve grabbed her brother by the arm and tried to drag him out the door. The only problem with that was that Dominic was a) heavier than her b) used his magic to connect him to the ground and c) when he was pissed he didn't budge. With some help from James and Ryan they finally got Dominic out the door and into the warm, sweet smelling night.

"Look Dom, some crazy lady named "Nightmare Moon" came in, got rid of Princess Celestia, and now the Princess's Student and her friends went off after her." explained James.

"So? Since Twilight's going after her then we can all calm the buck down." replied Dominic, as he started to walk away from his sister and their friends.

"Well we've got a plan." Dominic stopped mid-step to turn and look at his friend, his left eyebrow shot up into his hair line

"Which would be?"

"We're gonna go and find Princess Celestia so she can help!"


"Well...." said Ryan, "We think that if we find her, she would make us guards on the spot!"

"That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard. Considering we're her NIECES AND NEPHEWS YOU DUMBASS!!!" said Dominic, folding his arms across his chest.

"Its worth a shot! It would also be totally unfair if we just went 'Auntie Celestia? Can you make us guards?' We have like 2 years until we can enlist! This may be our only chance!"

"Look, since I know you all are going to need someone else with you, and I don't trust any of you, I'll go. But we might want to get those guard uniforms we had for Nightmare Night last year. Since we're going to act the part might as well look it." Dominic stated as he unfolded his arms and stretched them over his head, causing his shirt to ride up and expose his stomach

The group dispersed with plan to return in ten minutes. What they didn't see was someone or something was watching them intently before flying off towards the EverFree.

Chapter 1

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*Those numbers in the Prologue don't mean anything, I accidentally put them there.~ Sackrider*

"So Dom." Said Luna, interrupting the story telling, as she stacked her plate on top of the empty ones set in the middle of the table

"Yeah?" said Domnic looking at Luna, as he grabbed his burger

"You originally didn't want to find my sister?" Luna leaned her elbows onto the table before resting her weight on them

"No because I was drunk from Pinkie Pie's 'Welcome Twilight!/ Summer Sun Celebration!' and I didn't even care about the wellbeing of the Princess because I really didn't know who this Nightmare Moon lady was." Dominic took a large bite out of his burger and set it down before reaching for his napkin.

"So you are saying if you had been there when I returned you'd-"

"Have wanted to rescue the Princess. Yes."

"I see. Well, please continue your story."

Jamie, now dress in dark grey armor, held his smart phone out in front of him. He was by far the smartest person in the group yet he had managed to get them lost in the Everfree Forest. Ryan, clad in deep crimson armor, grew more and more impatient with every turn they made.

"Sackrider, do you even know where we are?" Ryan asked Jamie, who was about 20 steps ahead of him.

"Of course I do Ry! We just need to keep walking until we reach a small clearing!" called Jamie.

"So we're lost."

"..Not exactly."


"I know where we are!!"

"Oh really James? Then where are we?"

"In the Everfree Forest! Duh!"

"Why you little!" Ryan geared up to punch Jamie when he felt a light hand on his shoulder. He turned around only for his dark blue eyes to meet Angelina's purple ones.

"Ryan, he's trying to get us out of here. Let's refrain from hurting him until we are out of here." soft spoken Angelina advised. The edge of her dark pink helmet nearly covered her eyes.

"Yeah!" agreeed Genevieve, her dark purple armor glistening, "Then you can beat the nerd! Uh.. No offense Jame!"

"None taken." replied Jamie

Dominic looked over his shoulder. He had this weird feeling, like someone or something was watching him. This had started when they were in town but everytime he glanced behind him there was nothing there. It was like it or they had dis-

"Wait! Dom! You never ever told us this!" exclaimed Jamie, grabbing Dominic by the shoulders.

"Told you what?" inquired Luna.

"That he had a feeling that we were being followed! That would have spared us a fight!"

"Who? Who was following you?!"

"I'm getting to it!" yelled Dominic.

"Captain, I demand you tell me who was following you!"

"And Princess, I demand that you let me tell my story my way!"

Teal met light purple as Luna and Dominic glared at each other for a few moments before Luna sighed, "Very well, continue Captain."

"Thank you Princess," Dominic chuckled softly, "Now where was I? Oh yes!"

It was like it or they had dissappeared! Genevieve glanced at her twin. He was oddly quiet, usually he had something smart to say. She had only seen him like this when something was making him nervous.

"Dom?" asked Genevieve, concerned, "You ok?"

"Hm? Oh yeah I'm fine," said Dominic absent mindedly, "Jame? Are we gonna be out of here soon?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Jamie

"Because I have a bad fe-" Dominic's sentence was cut off when five people, two girls and three boys, in long hooded jackets landed in front of them.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here." said one of the girls, taking off her hood to reveal her long electric blue hair.

"Just a few runts." snickered a boy with straight, medium length, emerald green hair.

"Hey! Who are you calling a runt!" yelled Ryan

"You!" called a boy with short, curly, firey orange hair.

"Hmph! Your not even worth our time!" said a boy with spikey, long, red hair as he turned his back to the others.

"'Not worth your time' eh?!" asked Jamie

"'Just a few runts?"' sneered Dominic

"You can't disrespect us and get away with it!" continued Angelina.

"Yeah! Now we're gonna have to pound your face in!" ended Genevieve, cracking her knuckles

The other girl, who had her long snow white hair pulled into a high ponytail and had deep blue eyes, appeared in between the two groups, "Yeah! Time to Rock and Roll!!"

"Wait!" called the blue haired girl, "I believe introductions are in order. I'm Blitz."

"Orion." said the Green haired boy

"Firestorm." said orange haired boy.

"Darkstar," the other boy nodded, "And Ms. Rock and Roll's name is Starshine"

"But you can call me Starry!"

"Well" Started Dom, "I'm Dominic, and they are Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, and James," each person nodded respectively as there name was said.

"What now?" Asked Dominic, as he glared at Luna who had started laughing.

"Y-you went up against m-my Shadowbolts!" giggled Luna, " I'm shocked you all are here to tell the story!"

"Gee Lu, thanks for the vote of confidance!" said Jamie, as he tapped his hand on the table.

"Look, do you want me to finish?" asked Dominic.

"Please do." answered a still giggling Luna.

"Thank you. Now after battling the Shadowbolts and coming out unscathed w-"

"You came out 'unscathed'?"

"Princess, by unscathed Dominic must mean that he had a broken ankle, I broke my right wrist, Angelina broke her left wing, Jamie had busted his glasses, and Ryan broke his left hand." explained Genevieve

"How did you figure that out?"

"Angelina is a registered nurse and Jamie ran into a tree because he couldn't see."

"True," confirmed Jamie, "And Angelina took RN course when she was fifteen."

"Yeah, yeah! ANYWAY!," said Dominic, "We finally made it to Canterlot."

After arriving in Canterlot, the group had to decide the easiest way to get to Canterlot castle. If they walked it would take a long time due to the fact Canterlot Castle is on the highest point of Canterlot and it took alot of climbing. After arguin-

"What now?" asked Dominic, when Luna held up a hand signaling him to stop.

"If you all got injured then I want to hear about the fight!" replied Luna, crossing her arms over her chest.

Dominic glanced at his friends, and then back at Luna. Princess Celestia had told them not to tell Luna this part of the story because she might take it wrong. He was weighing his options while Angelina tried to distract Luna.

"Oh Luna, you don't want to hear about that. I'll give you the jist of it however. They were stronger but we were smarter so the didn't have time to beat us!"

"No Angelina, I want to hear the story. Dominic tell me the story."

"Look cake!" said Jamie, pointing toward a cake in a display stand.

"I don't want cake."

"Why don't we go and enjoy the festival? Doesn't that seem fun??" asked Genevieve, desperately

"I don't want to go to the festival."

"Luna, don't you want to do anything else than here a stupid story?" questioned Ryan

"No, I want to hear this stupid story."

Dominic sighed," Look Princess, Princess Celestia asked us not to tell you that part of the story. We're just following orders."

Luna's face shifted from annoyed to slightly upset, "Well your my guards and I command that you tell me the story."

"I...I can't do that."

"You can and you will! I order you to tell me that story. All of it!"

Dominic sighed, "Yes, your highness.."

Chapter 2

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"It would be best if you just quit now. I'm sure our Mistress would have something for you to do, even if that is just court jesters." said Blitz, as she kicked fallen Genevieve in the side.

The fight was in full swing. Blitz was squaring off against Genevieve, Dominic was against Darkstar, Orion vs. Ryan, Firestorm vs. Jamie, and Angelina was against Starry. The Shadowbolts were trained, professional fighters and former guards. Dominic and his friends where just kids. Sure they had practice some hands on combat against one another but every punch and kick they did was neatly blocked and/or returned by their Shadowbolt opponent. Genevieve tried to get up, but fell back down when Blitz kicked her again before placing her foot on Vee's back.

"Oh don't tell me your done? I was just warming up." giggled Blitz, when Vee stopped struggling against her foot.

"Not done....just waiting." answered Vee before using her magic to throw Blitz across the clearing and into a tree, snapping it in half. Shakily getting to her feet, Vee readied her magic. Blitz pulled herself out of the rubble of the broken tree. Cracking her neck, she walked back toward Genevieve.

"Good, because I'm all warmed up." said Blitz.

Dominic felt Darkstar catch his foot in mid-kick before flipping him on his side. Scrambling to get back up, he looked up to see Blitz fly across the clearing and into a tree. He looked in the direction she flew from and saw Vee getting to her feet. After standing back up, he ran toward Darkstar, only to get punched in the gut.

"Are you done?" asked Darkstar, rolling his eyes.

Dominic coughed up a little blood, "Nah, just getting my a feel for how you fight." Rising to he feet, Dominic's eyes glowed bight purple. Darkstar looked at him, slightly confused. This makes no sense! What is he doing? Why are his eyes glowing!?

Silence. a voice replied, He's just using this to scare you. Its a simple light spell, but in this case his outlet is his eyes.

Darkstar smiled, Thank you Luna. "Really? Using simple light spell to scare me! You are pathetic!"

Dominic's face fell, How did he know? "Well then," he created a magical sword, "Since you saw through that I guess I'm gonna have to use this!"

"How did you know that I talked to him?" asked Luna, interrupting the story.

"Princess Celestia told us." replied Dominic, "Anyway."

Darkstar created a replica of Dominic's sword except it was black and thrust it at Dominic. It cut through Dominic's middle, before slowly pulling it out of his stomach. He grinned as he saw Dominic fall to the ground. His grin faltered as Dominic rose to his feet, and his middle was unscathed.

"Dude!! You are stupid!" Dominic laughed as he saw the look on Darkstar's face

"What? How are you? YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!!" yelled Darkstar

"You can recognize a light spell but you can't recognize a copy spell?"

"Once I find you I will cut you slowly and let you bleed out. I will keep you alive long enough for you to see each and every one of your friends die!"

"Graphic! but here's the thing IF you find me, which you won't, I'll join you of my own freewill."

"How dare you mock me, you worthless welp! You aren't even worthy to serve my Mistress."

"What is with you and the word 'mistress'? Anyway you gotta find me and then beat me first!" said the Dominic clone before making more clones, "Come at me bro!"

As Angelina took to the air she saw Dominic get puctured in the stomach. Before she could try and get to him a rope caught around her middle, she looked back to see Starry putting on her best pouty face.

"Aww! You thought you could leave before the show even started good!" Exclaimed Starry, "That make me sad! And I hate
being sad!"

Angelina struggled against the rope, "Nngh! Let me go!"

"NO! Your not leaving until you see the show!"

Angelina flapped faster and harder against Starry but Starry held her ground and slowly but surely brought Angelina closer to the ground. Once Starry had gotten her on the ground she tied Angelina to a tree and pulled out a portable stage. The curtain raised and Starry had dawned a Magicians outfit.

"Ladies and well Ladies! Welcome to the Great and Awesome Starshine MAGIC SHOW!! My fist trick is to saw someone in half! I need a volunteer! Who would like to volunteer?" asked Starry as she scanned the crowd, a.k.a Angelina, "AH yes how about you young lady?", she untied Angelina, who had started whimpering.

Placing Angelina in a wooden case she grabbed her saw, "And now I will saw her in half! Hehe! Now don't move! I don't want to accidentally kill you. Or do I? Tehehehehe!"

Angelina felt her tears run down the sides of her face. She knew that one day she would die but she didn't think it would be so soon. Closing her eyes she waited for her death, but it never came. She heard the saw fall to the floor and opened her eyes to see Starry staring straight ahead like she had seen a ghost. Following her gaze she saw the one thing that hid Princess Celestia from the Summer Sun Celebration. The thing that set them into this hunt, that caused this fight, that chilled her to her very core.

"Nightmare Moon."

Chapter 3

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Jamie panted heavily, he was hiding from Firestorm behind some trees. One good thing about the Everfree, there were trees.... everywhere. The bad thing for Jamie is that Firestorm shot projectiles..... that were fireballs.

Of course. Why me? WHY ME AUNTIE!? Gah! thought Jamie as a fireball zoomed past his head.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" teased Firestorm, as he launched a fireball, "I'm not gonna hurt you....much."

"Yeah, no!" Jamie called back, "I like my life! Good Aunt, good friends, good times! I DON'T WANNA DIE!"

Jamie ran out from behind the tree, taking cautious steps he headed toward Firestorm. His bright orange wings spread, he rushed toward Firestorm. Since he had closed his eyes he didn't know that Firestorm had turned around and teleported above him. As he fell from the sky he delivered a crushing blow to Jamie's back causing Jamie to fall to the ground. Firestorm stepped off of Jamie's back and dusted his hands on his jacket. Jamie tried to jump to his feet only to find out he couldn't move.

"Oh don't worry, your not permanently paralyzed. You just won't be able to move for one or two hours.... maybe three. Now, the only reason I didn't permanently paralyzed you is because I have orders not to. Just make this easy on yourself and join the winning team."

Seriously? Join you and what? Get beat by my aunt? And Ryan? And Vee? And Nikky Boy?? Wait? where is my aunt? She said she would be her by now. thought Jamie as he unsucessfully moved his hands.

"Well, there is one thing I can do.... At least until Luna arrives."

"They said my name?" asked Luna

Dominic slammed his head on the table which made the weight shift, causing the end that were bearing the weight of Genivieve's feet to launch up in the air. Geniveive, who had her eyes closed, tipped back a little too far in the chair and fell on her back with a loud bang. Angelina rushed out of her seat to help a confused Genievieve off of the ground.

"I think so..." said Jamie, scratching his head, "Or maybe they said Nightmare Moon. He did give me a history lesson on why you became Nightmare Moon."

Dominic launched out of his chair and ran his hands through his red hair causing it to stick up every which way. He walked off, his armor clanking with each step, mumbling to himself. Genivieve got up to walk after her twin when Angelina placed a hand on her shoulder. Shrugging Angelina's hand away, Genivieve followed her brother. Angelina sighed before walking off to follow Genivieve, soon after Jamie, glanced at the Lunar Princess, before running after Angelina.

"He's angry." said Ryan, answering Luna's confused expression causing Luna to look at him

"Why? I didn't do anything wrong. I only asked a question." said Luna, folding her arms over her chest

"Well, we weren't supposed to tell you this story at all. I think he thought that he could tell you this story without having to tell all of it." Ryan rose to his feet, "It would have worked, if you didn't ask so many questions." Ryan walked off in the direction Jamie had run, leaving Luna by herself.

Luna stuck the tip of her thumb nail into her mouth, only to be met with the bitter taste of her midnight blue nail polish. Taking her thumb out of her mouth, she ran her other hand through her hair. Ever since she got back everything has been off limits to her. Their was also the face that everyone thought she was going to kill them. But what really irked her is that Celestia had set restrictions on every thing. Princess Celestia this, Princess Celestia that. They were her guards. Now they could tell her something because of her sister. Luna's iris's shifted to cat like slits. She blinked hard causing it to go away. Grabbing her purse she stood up, she needed to take a walk before her anger got out of hand.

Dominic shrugged off his sister's hand for the tenth time. He had to get to their aunt, he had to tell her. Each step he took was full of determination, his steely gaze a warning to other guards to buzz off. Running up the steps of the castle, Dominic pushed open the doors. Heading towards his aunt's study he broke into a run causing his friends to run after him. When he saw the door with the giant sun insignia on it he slowed his steps. He snapped his fingers causing his armor to dissapear leaving his black jeans, red shirt, and red shoes in there place. Knocking on the door, Dominic shuffled his feet.

"Who is it?" came the warm, motherly reply on the other side of the door.

"It's Dominic, and Gen, and Ang, and Ry, and Jame." said Dominic, adding a name as each person stopped at the door.

A warm laugh came from the other side, "Come in."

Dominic pushed the door open, slowly. He was going to tell her.

Luna felt the young children push past her, enjoying the longest day of the year. She didn't even feel them, she was to enveloped in her own thoughts. A wide range of emotions ran through her, like a raging sea. She shouldn't be feeling anger towards her sister. She had her reasons for telling them that they shouldn't tell her about that night.

You have just as much right to know about that as she does.

Luna's eyes opened wide as she stopped walking, No! Get out of my head!

I'm part of you. Wonder why you used the royal 'we' for the longest time.

Because it was the way of speaking before you got banished to the moon.

Don't you mean 'we'. And no, its because I am part of you.

Luna shook her head hard causing people to look at her, Get out!

Now that she has those children we can defeat her and be crown true queen of Equestria!


She would kneel before us! Along with all of Equestria!


She would realize what it is like to be in the shadows.


And then we can-

"NOOOO!" Luna screamed at the top of her lungs, sweat pouring down her face. People stopped and stared before going on with the rest of their buisness. When Luna didn't hear the voice anymore, she started walking back to the castle. Celestia would want to know about this.

Chapter 4

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Dominic sat down on the edge of his aunt's bed, before he let his torso fall backwards onto the fluffy white sheets. Princess Celestia watched her nephew from behind her desk, before signaling for the rest of her nieces and nephews to come in the room and shut the door behind them. Genivieve found a corner before sitting on her head, causing her bangs to spread out on the floor. Angelina sat in one of the white chairs in front of Princess Celestia's desk before she grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil off of her aunts desk and started to draw. Jamie put his orange headphones on and turned on his music before sitting on the floor next to Geniveive and crossing his legs. Ryan closed the door and leaned his back against it as he closed his eyes and folded his arms.

Princess Celestia spun her pen around in her hand once before setting it down on her desk, " The only time all of you come in here and don't say anything is when you've done something wrong. So, what did you do?"

Dominic propped himself up with his arms before he ran his hand through his hair, "So, we told Luna the story the summer sun celebration when she returned from our perspective.", he watched as Celestia's right eyebrow shot up, "I thought I could tell her just part of it, but, uh, y'know Aunt Luna asks a lot of questions. A Lot."

Celestia nodded, "But you told her a story I specifically told you not to, did you not?"

"Well, yeah. But it's like I said Auntie! I thought I could control how much I told her. When we got too close I stopped the story.", Dominic let his arms give out so he fell back on the sheets again

Genievieve sat up quickly, causing her to sway a bit, "Yeah, and then we ran after him."

Celestia got up and opened the doors to her balcony, letting a warm breeze in. Dominic got up and walked towards the balcony as the wind pushed his already messy hair all over his face. As soon as Celestia opened her mouth to talk to Dominic, her door burst open revealing a panting and terrified looking Luna.

"Sister!" when Luna say the gang in there she pulled herself together, "Sister I must speak with you. Alone."

Angelina looked up at Luna and studied her expression before looking back down to her paper, she mumbled something before she moved her chair closer to the balcony. Dominic sat down on the balcony railing, before he tried to do a handstand on the railing.

"Guhh... We were- gosh darnit!- Here first. And I -WAHHH!" Dominic fell over the edge of the railing before grabbing the edge with one hand, hanging on for dear life.

Genievieve jumped up off the floor and ran out on to the balcony. Grabbing her brothers hand she tried to pull him up only for her to be pulled over the edge. Ryan ran over to pull Genievieve back up, grasping her ankle as he dug his feet into the floor. His boots left long black scuff marks on the balcony before his footing shifted and he was able to pull Genivieve and her brother up, slowly but surely. Jamie had ditched his headphones and started pulling on Ryan to help him pull Dom and Gen up. Angelina grabbed on to Jamie as she tried to help pull the twins back up onto the balcony. Finally, after a hard pull, they pulled Dominic and Geniveive over the railing.

"Let's never, ever do that again!" huffed Ryan as he wiped the sweat off of his face with the front of his army green t-shirt.

"Agreed!" the others, with the exception of Celestia and Luna, chorused, as they sat down on the floor, panting

Jamie pushed up his glasses before getting to his feet, " Anyway," he looked towards Luna, "You had something you wanted to talk about?"

Luna shifted her weight from one foot to the other before looking at Jamie, "Yes I do, but I want to talk to my sister. Alone."

"Lulu, it would be best if they just stayed here." said Celestia, sitting back down at her desk as she grabbed her pen, before looking down at her paperwork, "They'll just crowd around the door trying to hear what you have to say."

Luna pouted a little before signaling for Gen, Dom, Ryan, Angelina, and Jamie to sit on the couch. As she turned to her sister she said, " So, you remember how when I came back, after being reformed by the Elements, you asked me how Nightmare Moon originally started 'feeding' me lies to get me to trust her?"

Celestia didn't look up from her paperwork, "Mmhmm, I remember. You told me it started as a voice in your head."

Luna nodded, before sitting in the chair across from her sister, "That voice is back."

Genievieve looked up at the ceiling in thought, "Wait! I thought the Elements cleansed you of anything pertaining to Nightmare Moon."

Luna looked at Genievieve, her teal eyes full of worry, "So did I!"

"Well, you were foolish in believing that, all of you." Luna's worried expression shifted to a snarl as Nightmare Moon's voice came out of her mouth, before Luna snapped her hands over her mouth.

Dominic looked at Luna with a wide eyed expression, "That's not treasure! That's kinda freaky!"

Luna kept her hands over her mouth before turning to Celestia, tears filling her eyes. Celestia by now had put down her pen and was watching her little sister intently, before rising up out of her chair slowly.

"Luna," said Celestia, slowly, "How long has this been going on?"

Luna's hands came down from her mouth as her snarl returned, "Like you care."

Celestia walked slowly towards her sister, "Please Luna, tell me. I just want to help."

"Pfft. Your just saying that so you look good in front of your nieces and nephews." Luna jerked her head in the direction of Dominic and his friends

Celestia shook her head, "No, I'm worried about you little sister."

"NO YOUR NOT! You just want to get all the attention because you stopped the bad guy! Its like its always been. You got credit for Donovan's defeat. 'Celestia saved us!' Did you ever tell them I was with you? NO! Because you were too busy hogging all the glory like always! You and you 'precious light'!" As Luna was talking her armor started to appear on her body, causing her disguise to break.

"Luna don't do this! I can't loose you again!" Celestia pleaded. During this exchange the group started to look spell bound as the scene unfolded.

"There can only be one Princess in Equestria, and that princess will be ME! " The sky darkened and lighting flashed outside.

"Hot damn!" muttered Ryan, before grabbing a tight hold on shaking Angelina's hand, "She is pissed!"

"I suggest we get the hell outta here!" whispered Dominic, looking toward his sister, before looking at the door, "Twilight's still here, right?"

Genievieve looked at her brother, before looking back at Princess Celestia, who was still walking towards Luna, "Yeah, so are the rest of the Elements. What are you gonna do?"

"Me? Nothing." Dominic looked at Jamie, "Jamie's gonna do everything. Jame!"

Jamie looked at Dominic, "Yeah?"

"Remember that throw kick thing we did a few years ago??"

"Well yeah, I had a bruise the size of a watermelon on my left thigh afterwards."

Dominic's eyes got an excited glint in them, "You better get your ice pack cause were gonna do this again!"

Jamie moaned, "Son of a biscuit!", Jamie rose to his feet causing Luna to look at him sharply, "Just tying my shoe. Faust damn hawk lady!" As he bent over to tie his already tied shoe, he felt a breeze brush across his face. When he looked up he saw Luna's face less than an inch from his face.

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" Luna's warm breath slapped Jamie in the face

"Well, yeah." said Jamie Looking into Luna's teal eyes, resolve building in his own

Luna stared intently into Jamies eyes, while Dominic slipped out of his chair to grab hold of Jamie's ankle. As soon as Jamie felt Dominic tug on his pant leg to tell him he had his grip, Jamie stuck out his tounge in a taunt to Luna. Dominic started to spin as his fingers dug into Jamie's ankle, leaving welds. As Luna realized what they were going to do she stood up only for a spinning Jamie to hit her in the head hard enough to hear a crack! knocking her and Jamie out.

Dominic, not knowing Jamie had gotten knocked out, threw Jamie towards the balcony. Jamie flew over the balcony before free-falling towards the pavement below. Angelina ran towards the balcony, unfurling her wings as she ran. Jumping over the railing she flew towards Jamie, her left arm extended towards him. Jamie flipped over in the air so his face was looking towards Angelina, his blonde curls covering his face. Right before Jamie hit the ground Angelina caught his hand and flapped as hard as she could to keep them from hitting the ground, before pulling him back up to the balcony. After setting Jamie down softly, Angelina examined the rapidly swelling bump on his forehead.

"He's got a concussion." said Angelina, as she made an ice pack appear before setting it on the bump, causing Jamie to wake with a start.

"WHAT THE HELL!!" yelled Jamie, jumping to his feet before clutching his forehead, "Ohhh, my head."

Angelina pushed Jamie back into a sitting position, "James Pierce Sackrider! How could you be so reckless?

Jamie looked at Angelina fiening child like innocence, "I'm sorry Ma! I didn't mean to get hurt!"

Angelina tone softened as she smiled at Jamie, as she wrapped him in a tight embrace, "Oh Jamie!

Dominic rubbed his arms, "James, you realize you just fell like 3 stories and Angelina just saved your life. I'm sorry I threw you, I didn't know you were knocked out.", he tapped a knocked out Luna with his shoe, "How in the heck did you knock her out?"

Jamie's eye brows rose into his hair line, "I hit her. Really, really hard!"

Genieveive looked at her aunt, "So now what do we do Auntie Celestia?"

Ryan looked at his aunt only to realize she looked like a statue. Getting up, he walked over to her reaching his arm out to touch her. His fingertips barely touched her when she fell over, like a ragdoll. Ryan moved to catch her before setting her down softly on the floor.

"Genievieve?" said Ryan, his eyes focused on his aunt


"Run like hell and get Twilight!" Ryan grasped his aunts hand before turning it over in his rough one

Genievieve nodded before jumping up and running towards the door. Flinging it open, she ran down the hall towards the Castle library. Whatever was wrong with her aunt Twilight would know. She was smart like that, not that they weren't smart she was just smarter. Sliding to a stop, Genievieve flung the library doors open.

"Twilight? TWILIGHT!!" yelled Genievive, as her voice echoed toward the ceiling. After no response, Genievive ran out of the library, the heels of her shoes clicking on the floor.

Where could she be? thought Genievive, scratching her head, before letting out a gasp, The train! She's going back to Ponyville!!

Genievive ran towards the train station as fast as she could. She had to find Twilight, as fast and soon as possible.

Chapter 5

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After finding Twilight, getting mobbed by a lot of people who wanted autographs ("Oh look its two princesses! Princess Genevieve how about a smile?" "Will you sign this?"), and a run in with Discord; the Mane six, Genevieve, and Spike ran towards Celestia chambers.

"I thought she was cured. I mean didn't the elements, y'know, cleanse her or whatever?" asked Rainbow, adjusting her hat, "And why did we keep these dumb dresses on? They make it nearly impossible to fly!"

"I thought so too! Now we can't use the elements to repurify her!" said Twilight, taking off her crown

"We are wearing the dresses because, darling, this is a very special event and we must look our best. We would look terribly out of place if we came in our everyday clothes!" Rarity fluffed her hair, "Though I do wish I had had more time! I would have preferred it if we had worn something other than the dresses we wore to the coronation!"

"Oh, um, its ok Rarity. I like this dress." said Fluttershy, fixing the flower wreath on her head

When the reached the door of the chambers, Genevieve saw two guards stationed at her aunts door that weren't there before. As she was about to open the door the two guards wings blocked her.

"No one is to disturb the Princess right now." They said in unison

"Yeah? Well this is an emergency! I suggest you move your wings before I move them for you!" Genevieve tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the guards to move

"We cannot do that your highness." said one of the guards

"Why not?"

"Because you did not say the magic words."

"Magic wor-wait a minute! Noah, Andrew? Is that you two?"

The two guards removed there helmets revealing the smiling faces of Noah and Andrew, "You know it!"

"As excited as I am to see the both of you, would you please just open the door?"

Andrew and Noah pushed the doors open letting the group in. To say the room was a mess would be an understatement; after Genevieve had left, Angelina, Jamie, and Dominic went rummaging through drawers, the book case in the corner, the bathroom, and the closet looking for something. Right away Fluttershy started picking up the papers and books that littered the floor.

"What were you guys looking for?" asked Geneveive, nearly slipping on a paper

"A diary." stated Dominic, "We thought maybe this has happened before and, uh, we could find out how to wake her up."

"Not Aunt Luna. I hit her with a frying pan." Jamie held up a black cast iron skillet, "She's out like a light."

Twilight walked over and checked the rapidly swelling bump on Princess Luna's head, before looking at Dominic, Angelina, and Jamie. Geneiveve walked over to Ryan who was sitting in a chair next to Celestia's bed, where she was lying. He still held Celestia's hand in his.

"Any change?" asked Genievieve

Ryan didn't respond, he just kept staring at his aunt.


"He hasn't been moving or talking since you left." said Dominic, looking at Genevieve, "He's really worried."

"How did this happen," asked Rarity, "That's what I don't understand!"

"Ah guess the elements didn't work." said AppleJack, adjusting her stetson.

"Well it must've worked!" said Pinkie, bouncing up and down, "She didn't act all evil for four years!"

Angelina sat down in a chair and pulled her hair into a ponytail, "She said stuff about not being apprecitated. Maybe its a warning that she's gonna become evil again. Maybe we can find out someway to stop it!"

"So making an alternate version of the past in so many words." said Jamie, flipping the frying pan over and over

"Exactly! But how. That's the question, its not like we can travel back in time."

"Portals!" said GraceLynn, walking into the room, "And what the hell? It looks like an organization factory threw up in here."

"Okay, that was an image I didn't wanna see!" said Rainbow, as a shiver ran through her, "Anyway, who are you? And why are you here?"

"GraceLynn Stardust, guard in the Royal Guard, at your service." GraceLynn stood at attention before relaxing back into a casual stance, "I also helped raise the Purple Haired Twin Terrors, Purple Smart, Green Giant, Hyper Homie, Blue Artist and the Drake. I need to think of another name for him."

"We heard some shouting and saw Angelina save Mr. Skydive while Asleep." Grant side-stepped the mess at the door, "Being guards and such we came to check it out. Oh, I'm Grant Goldenheart, at your service. "

Twilight pushed her bangs out of her eyes while looking at Grant and GraceLynn. For all the years she had known them she could never understand how they could be so relaxed about everything. They were the most comfortable around the Princesses, talking to them like they were old friends. Formalities were there, naturally, but they didn't act like some of the guards she knew, like her brother, who were all about protocol. It always seemed like the guard was one big game to them. They could do there jobs efficiently though, like during the wedding, they were strict and never once did they break out of attention. A voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Speaking of which, you should take the Princess to the infirmary, just saying. Jamie clocked her pretty hard, and I would guess that there's a sleeping stun spell on the other Princess. Due to the fact she looks like she saw a ghost. And GraceLynn, did you just say 'Homie'?" Jesse Runner stood on the balcony as he raised one eye brow curiously. His curly red hair blowing in his eyes, since it was just cut it only came a little bit above his ears, "It smells like tacos."

"Yes, yes I did. Don't talk about food. You know I'm always hungry." GraceLynn glared at Jesse before pulling her dark brown hair into a ponytail.

"I, to be honest, am shocked you don't weigh like eight zillion pounds." said Wyatt Shield, casually walking out of the bathroom, "That is some nice hand soap."

Rainbow flew into Wyatt's face, causing the man to jerk back, "Who are you? Are you a spy?"

Wyatt blinked a few times before gently pushing Rainbow out of his face, "Have you ever heard of personal space Ms. Dash? Its a glorious thing. No, I am not a spy. You've met me before. You know who I am."

"Pfft! Yeah right! I'd think I'd remember someone as lame as you!" Rainbow set her feet on the ground as she folded her arms

"I'm going to ignore that last comment." Wyatt walked around Rainbow and looked at Princess Luna, "Good Faust! He did more that clock her. Jamie, where you trying to kill her?"

"No, not that I can, " said Jamie, before sticking out his tongue quickly, "She's immortal, stupid!"

"Hey! Respect your elders!" Grant, GraceLynn, Wyatt, and Jesse said, out of habit.

"Aren't y'all supposed ta be all serious or sumthin'?" asked Applejack, scratching her head, "'Cause y'all are doin' a bad job."

"She don't know us very well!" Grant and GraceLynn said together before looking at each other, "Jinx! Double Jinx! Jinx times Infinity!"

"Ignore them, they're idiots." said Wyatt, looking at GraceLynn and Grant who had started to play rock, paper, scissors, "You are absolutely right, Ms. Apple. Only Faust knows why we haven't been fired. We have done some much stupid stuff over the past years."

"Kiss butt!" yelled Jesse before he lost his footing at fell over the balcony railing. Wyatt held up a hand before the girls could start to rush over to the railing. The top of Jesse's head came into view, "I'm okay. I can fly."

Just then Princess Celestia shifted causing everyone in the room to look at her. She mumbled something unaudible and fell back asleep. Ryan squeezed her hand a little before releasing her hand and setting it on the bed. Grant and GraceLynn used their magic to return the room to its former organized state, before picking up Princess Luna. Everyone else moved to walk out the door, after everyone was out of the room Ryan closed the door softly.

"She is OOOOUUUUTTTT!!!" yelled Andrew, looking at Princess Luna, "Can I poke her?"

"NO!" Everyone yelled while Wyatt and Jesse slapped Andrew on the back of the head

"TO THE LABORATORY!" yelled Noah, in a mock british accent

"You mean the infirmary." GraceLynn deadpanned.

"WHAT THE FRICK EVER!" Noah took off running down the hall

"Other way genius!" called Grant, shifting his weight to his left foot