• Published 28th Jan 2014
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The Princess and Her Guards - PinkieLunaShy

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards Luna has a "relapse" and what happens from beyond there is out of their control.

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Chapter 3

Jamie panted heavily, he was hiding from Firestorm behind some trees. One good thing about the Everfree, there were trees.... everywhere. The bad thing for Jamie is that Firestorm shot projectiles..... that were fireballs.

Of course. Why me? WHY ME AUNTIE!? Gah! thought Jamie as a fireball zoomed past his head.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" teased Firestorm, as he launched a fireball, "I'm not gonna hurt you....much."

"Yeah, no!" Jamie called back, "I like my life! Good Aunt, good friends, good times! I DON'T WANNA DIE!"

Jamie ran out from behind the tree, taking cautious steps he headed toward Firestorm. His bright orange wings spread, he rushed toward Firestorm. Since he had closed his eyes he didn't know that Firestorm had turned around and teleported above him. As he fell from the sky he delivered a crushing blow to Jamie's back causing Jamie to fall to the ground. Firestorm stepped off of Jamie's back and dusted his hands on his jacket. Jamie tried to jump to his feet only to find out he couldn't move.

"Oh don't worry, your not permanently paralyzed. You just won't be able to move for one or two hours.... maybe three. Now, the only reason I didn't permanently paralyzed you is because I have orders not to. Just make this easy on yourself and join the winning team."

Seriously? Join you and what? Get beat by my aunt? And Ryan? And Vee? And Nikky Boy?? Wait? where is my aunt? She said she would be her by now. thought Jamie as he unsucessfully moved his hands.

"Well, there is one thing I can do.... At least until Luna arrives."

"They said my name?" asked Luna

Dominic slammed his head on the table which made the weight shift, causing the end that were bearing the weight of Genivieve's feet to launch up in the air. Geniveive, who had her eyes closed, tipped back a little too far in the chair and fell on her back with a loud bang. Angelina rushed out of her seat to help a confused Genievieve off of the ground.

"I think so..." said Jamie, scratching his head, "Or maybe they said Nightmare Moon. He did give me a history lesson on why you became Nightmare Moon."

Dominic launched out of his chair and ran his hands through his red hair causing it to stick up every which way. He walked off, his armor clanking with each step, mumbling to himself. Genivieve got up to walk after her twin when Angelina placed a hand on her shoulder. Shrugging Angelina's hand away, Genivieve followed her brother. Angelina sighed before walking off to follow Genivieve, soon after Jamie, glanced at the Lunar Princess, before running after Angelina.

"He's angry." said Ryan, answering Luna's confused expression causing Luna to look at him

"Why? I didn't do anything wrong. I only asked a question." said Luna, folding her arms over her chest

"Well, we weren't supposed to tell you this story at all. I think he thought that he could tell you this story without having to tell all of it." Ryan rose to his feet, "It would have worked, if you didn't ask so many questions." Ryan walked off in the direction Jamie had run, leaving Luna by herself.

Luna stuck the tip of her thumb nail into her mouth, only to be met with the bitter taste of her midnight blue nail polish. Taking her thumb out of her mouth, she ran her other hand through her hair. Ever since she got back everything has been off limits to her. Their was also the face that everyone thought she was going to kill them. But what really irked her is that Celestia had set restrictions on every thing. Princess Celestia this, Princess Celestia that. They were her guards. Now they could tell her something because of her sister. Luna's iris's shifted to cat like slits. She blinked hard causing it to go away. Grabbing her purse she stood up, she needed to take a walk before her anger got out of hand.

Dominic shrugged off his sister's hand for the tenth time. He had to get to their aunt, he had to tell her. Each step he took was full of determination, his steely gaze a warning to other guards to buzz off. Running up the steps of the castle, Dominic pushed open the doors. Heading towards his aunt's study he broke into a run causing his friends to run after him. When he saw the door with the giant sun insignia on it he slowed his steps. He snapped his fingers causing his armor to dissapear leaving his black jeans, red shirt, and red shoes in there place. Knocking on the door, Dominic shuffled his feet.

"Who is it?" came the warm, motherly reply on the other side of the door.

"It's Dominic, and Gen, and Ang, and Ry, and Jame." said Dominic, adding a name as each person stopped at the door.

A warm laugh came from the other side, "Come in."

Dominic pushed the door open, slowly. He was going to tell her.

Luna felt the young children push past her, enjoying the longest day of the year. She didn't even feel them, she was to enveloped in her own thoughts. A wide range of emotions ran through her, like a raging sea. She shouldn't be feeling anger towards her sister. She had her reasons for telling them that they shouldn't tell her about that night.

You have just as much right to know about that as she does.

Luna's eyes opened wide as she stopped walking, No! Get out of my head!

I'm part of you. Wonder why you used the royal 'we' for the longest time.

Because it was the way of speaking before you got banished to the moon.

Don't you mean 'we'. And no, its because I am part of you.

Luna shook her head hard causing people to look at her, Get out!

Now that she has those children we can defeat her and be crown true queen of Equestria!


She would kneel before us! Along with all of Equestria!


She would realize what it is like to be in the shadows.


And then we can-

"NOOOO!" Luna screamed at the top of her lungs, sweat pouring down her face. People stopped and stared before going on with the rest of their buisness. When Luna didn't hear the voice anymore, she started walking back to the castle. Celestia would want to know about this.

Author's Note:

This was our inspiration for the Shadowbolts and their jackets.

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