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The Princess and Her Guards - PinkieLunaShy

Ryan, Angelina, Genevieve, Jamie, and Dominic have been Princess Luna's guards for four years now. When retelling the story of how they became guards Luna has a "relapse" and what happens from beyond there is out of their control.

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Prologue 750838

The Princess and Her Guards

Prologue: Do you remember...?

Five guards and a disguised Lunar Princess sat around a table during a lunch break at a small cafe called the "Coffee Cup Cafe" one summer afternoon. The air was full of children laughing and playing as they enjoyed the longest day of the year. Ryan Gage, Genevieve Case, Jamie Sackrider, Angelina Marie, and Genevieve's twin brother, Dominic Case had set their dark blue helmets either on the floor or the table as they waited for their food.

"Well, this was an interesting Summer Sun Celebration." said Ryan, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes, so the sun could shine on his upturned face

"Indeed." said Princess Luna, her disguise that of a small blonde down her back long haired girl in a bright orange outfit

"Interesting because the EverFree started invading or interesting because Luna got kidnapped by a plant?" asked Jamie, grinning as he picked up his mug of tea.

"I was actually waiting for the EverFree to invade but I think Luna getting kidnapped by a tree takes the cake." replied Ryan, smiling towards the sun

"Well how would feel if you were kidnapped by a tree that rendered you unable to fight back?" retorted Luna, folding her tan arms across her chest

"Well A) I'm not a Princess so they probably wouldn't attack me and B) I never will be in that situation." Ryan leaned forward as he opened his eyes to look at Luna

"Whatever." Luna pouted as Ryan laughed at her expence before Angelina glared at him, her big blue eyes shimmering with hurt

"Ryan! How would you feel if you had been captured by a plant and your friends started making fun of you?" asked Angelina, her stern tone not fitting her soft voice.

"I'd slug 'em." said Ryan, sobering slightly, as he thought about it, before he grabbed his mug of coffee and putting it to his lips

"Exactly! Now how do you think Luna feels?"

Ryan took a small sip of his coffee before answering, ".....Like she wants to punch me..... Oh. Sorry Lu."

"Your apology is accepted." said Luna, as she looked into her purse for a brush to run though her hair.

"You know what this makes me think of?" said Genevieve, running her hand through her purple hair, before shutting her eyes to listen to the shrieks of the the children passing by

"What Vee?" said Jamie, as he set his elbows on the table, dangling his now empty tea cup in his right hand

"The first time we met Princess Luna."


Dominic slapped Jamie on the back of his head, casuing Jamie to drop his tea cup. Luckly Ryan stuck out his hand and caught the cup before it shattered into a million peices on the floor "Dur Sackrider! We met Princess Luna four years ago at the Summer Sun Celebration! Y'know when we first met!", Jamie gave him a blank look, "Ugh! Nightmare Moon kidnapped Princess Celestia. We found the Princess and then we met Princess L. Gosh Sackrider! Think! Use your brain!"

"Oh, Right! The Summer Sun Celebration!"

"You don't remember do you?"

"Nopey dopey!"

"Some days Sackrider I wonder if your Mom or Dad beat you as a child."

"You know, we don't have a Mom or Dad silly!", everybody rolled their eyes, as a server showed up with their food

"I have five hamburgers with fries, one with everything, one with nothing, one with extra mayo, one with extra tomatoes, and one normal. As well as one salad with dressing on the side. Is that right?" asked the server, Wyatt Truffle, as he set the plates down on the table, along with a receipt

Jamie passed the salad to Angelina along with her thousand island dressing before grabbing the hamburger closest to him. Genvieve grabbed a hamburger and passed one to the Princess before Ryan and Dominic grabbed a plate. Luna chuckled as Jamie, Genievieve, Dominic, and Ryan took the top bun off of their burgers before switching plates until they had made sure everyone got what they had ordered.

"I know the story from my perspective but I have always wondered, how did you end up meeting me?" said Luna, looking at each of the guards, before she took a bite of her burger

"Well, I goes a little something like this," started Dominic, resting his elbows on the table after he set down his burger

"The night will last forever!" exclaimed Nightmare Moon before she broke off in to maniacal laughter.

The air reeked of magic, burning, and alcohol as four people watched from a balcony across the room as Nightmare Moon turned into a puff of purple smoke and fly out the door with Renee right on her tail. Ryan Gage stood with his arms folded over his muscular chest, his shaggy brown hair hung over his eyes and looked like it had never been combed a day in his life. His red short sleeved shirt had stains all over it from the party he had attended about twenty minutes before. Next to him stood tall, lanky James Sackrider. He looked like the definition of the word 'nerd'. His slightly curly reddish blonde hair hung over the top of his thick glasses. His green shirt was stained from the party and his black jeans had been ripped in several places. Next to James was petite Angelina Marie. Her deep blue hair hung over her left eye. Her long blue sweater dress was spotless, due to the fact she didn't go to the party with James and Ryan. Finally was Genevieve Case, she wasn't tall or short just average. Her purple hair was pulled into a high ponytail, while her bangs hung in front of her right eye. Her purple and black dress was stained like James and Ryan's clothes were.

"Who the hell was that?" said Ryan, as he watched the crowd of people run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

"Weren't you listening? She said that she's the Maiden in the Moon, Nightmare Moon." said James, finishing a cupcake, before wiping his hands on his pants

"Well I'm not gonna sit by and watch her take over Equestria!"

"Um what can we do?" asked Angelina, shuffling her feet before clutching her purse strap with both hands.

"Well Ang, we can go find Princess Celestia. I bet if we save her then she'll make us Royal guards!"

"Since she's our aunt couldn't we just, um, ask her?"

"Were would we even look for her?" asked Genivieve, completely ignoring Angelina's statment

Before anyone got to answer Genivieve's twin brother Dominic bust into the room. He looked like he just woke up and was really pissed off. His black and red hair sticking up all over the place, his shirt was covered in spilled something, and his pants.. where were they?

"What the HELL! I just want to wanted to get some bucking sleep and you idiots are acting like its the end of the Faust-damned world!" exclaimed Dominic, "Someone want to tell me what is going on?!"

Genivieve, Ryan, James, and Angelina flew down from the balcony and landed in front of Dominic. Well jumped in Ryan and Genivieve's case. Genivieve grabbed her brother by the arm and tried to drag him out the door. The only problem with that was that Dominic was a) heavier than her b) used his magic to connect him to the ground and c) when he was pissed he didn't budge. With some help from James and Ryan they finally got Dominic out the door and into the warm, sweet smelling night.

"Look Dom, some crazy lady named "Nightmare Moon" came in, got rid of Princess Celestia, and now the Princess's Student and her friends went off after her." explained James.

"So? Since Twilight's going after her then we can all calm the buck down." replied Dominic, as he started to walk away from his sister and their friends.

"Well we've got a plan." Dominic stopped mid-step to turn and look at his friend, his left eyebrow shot up into his hair line

"Which would be?"

"We're gonna go and find Princess Celestia so she can help!"


"Well...." said Ryan, "We think that if we find her, she would make us guards on the spot!"

"That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard. Considering we're her NIECES AND NEPHEWS YOU DUMBASS!!!" said Dominic, folding his arms across his chest.

"Its worth a shot! It would also be totally unfair if we just went 'Auntie Celestia? Can you make us guards?' We have like 2 years until we can enlist! This may be our only chance!"

"Look, since I know you all are going to need someone else with you, and I don't trust any of you, I'll go. But we might want to get those guard uniforms we had for Nightmare Night last year. Since we're going to act the part might as well look it." Dominic stated as he unfolded his arms and stretched them over his head, causing his shirt to ride up and expose his stomach

The group dispersed with plan to return in ten minutes. What they didn't see was someone or something was watching them intently before flying off towards the EverFree.

Author's Note:

So, My friends and I thought of this story after an hour long discussion about guards and how we really want to be guards. So here's our group collab story! Enjoy!

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