• Published 14th Apr 2012
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PonyFall: Australia - TheSlorg

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are transported to Australia by Discord, where they try to find a way home

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Prologue - Chaos Unleashed!

Prologue - Chaos Unleashed!

Pinkie Pie has always had a joyful personality. In her hometown of Ponyville, she was considered the top choice for planning parties and helping to bring a smile to the face of anypony who needed one. She even represents Laughter, one of the six Elements of Harmony: a group of magical relics that, when combined, can restore harmony to the land and defeat those who would disrupt it.

The land of Equestria could sometimes offer surprises, and trouble, for those who lived there. This led Pinkie to have her fair share of adventures with her friends. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy were the best friends she could have hoped for, and were always close at hoof when adventure called. Together, they had faced a dragon, dealt with an angry manticore, and even saved Equestria twice.

Her first instance of becoming a hero of Equestria involved her part in helping to stop the wicked Nightmare Moon from covering the land in eternal night. This villainous alicorn was actually a corrupted version of Princess Luna, the sister of Equestria’s ruler: Princess Celestia. Long ago, Luna came to envy the attention her sister had gained by raising the sun each day. She wished that the ponies of Equestria would show the moon, which she raised each night, the same admiration. Instead, they slept through the beautiful night that she worked so carefully to create. The jealousy in her heart ultimately led to her transformation into Nightmare Moon and her quest to bring about eternal night.

Princess Celestia had successfully defeated Nightmare Moon, however, and banished her to the moon for one thousand years. It was on the longest day of the thousandth year that Nightmare Moon escaped from her prison and returned, only to be defeated when Pinkie and her friends wielded the Elements of Harmony against her.

The second instance involved the return of Discord. He was a draconequus, and this being of chaos had a body composed of a grotesque mismatch of body parts from various animals. While not necessarily evil, Discord relished in the unordinary. He had escaped the stony prison he had earned from a previous battle against the royal sisters, and had transformed Ponyville into a chaotic mockery of its former self. He was ultimately defeated by Pinkie and her friends, who once again wielded the Elements of Harmony.

Pinkie wasn’t laughing or smiling now. She and her friends, along with both princesses, had rushed to the outskirts of Ponyville. Discord once again managed to somehow get loose, and had wasted no time in hiding the Elements of Harmony and unleashing his chaotic magic upon Ponyville again. Homes and buildings were twisted and distorted, and some were upside down. What had once been fields of tulips and daisies were now fields of lollipops. Overhead, the sky that was usually a brilliant shade of blue had become a pale pink color. Flashes occasionally appeared overhead, illuminating the twisted form of Discord that stood before them. Pinkie frowned as his taloned claw tightened its grip on Princess Luna’s throat.

“Oh, now isn’t this so very delightful,” he crooned to Pinkie and others. “I do hope you didn’t really think that brute force could overcome my stunning wit and charm.”

Pinkie thought back to the events of a few moments ago. Celestia and Luna had arrived just before the other ponies did. With the Elements of Harmony out of play, it seemed the princesses planned the alternate strategy of a united magical assault against Discord. The plan quickly fell apart when Luna, seeing all of her spells go haywire, lost her composure and rushed forward in an attempt to catch Discord off-guard. He was not fooled, and easily caught the princess within his grasp.

Discord made a show of imitating a sad face. “Do my words not impress you? What about my latest interpretation of Ponyville, hm? Does it not scream chaos?” His face changed to an expression of boredom. “Very well then. I suppose I’ll just have to make things more interesting for you all,” he said as his right paw began to flare with pink chaotic magic. He moved it towards Princess Luna.

Pinkie flinched and watched as Rainbow Dash quickly flew overhead towards Discord. Her eyes were still on her pegasus friend when a massive discharge of magical energy was released by Princess Luna at the same time that Discord used his chaos magic.

“Sister!” Princess Celestia yelled. Pinkie, who had still been watching Rainbow Dash, looked back to Discord and the princesses.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw a pink shockwave of magic expanding from where the two spells had collided. She saw Princess Luna transform into a filly, and then disappear before her eyes as the shockwave overwhelmed her.

“What? Oh for the love of... ” Discord screamed as he was also consumed by the magic and vanished.

Surprised at what she was witnessing, Pinkie looked back to Rainbow Dash just in time to see the pegasus be enveloped by the shockwave. Her heart pounded quickly against her chest as adrenaline took over. She thought she saw Applejack about to be consumed by the magic as well.

“Run, my little ponies!” Princess Celestia yelled.

Pinkie watched as Fluttershy took to the air and began to fly away, but was worried about Applejack and hesitated. She thought she had heard Applejack say something about horses and apples, then noticed that Twilight Sparkle was trying to cast some sort of shield spell when she heard Rarity yelling.

“You heard the princess, let’s get out of here!” Rarity called out.

“I... can’t stop it!” Twilight screamed as the wave of magic burst through her unfinished shield.

Pinkie felt as if she were being pulled in every direction at once. Part of her wanted to flee as quickly as she could, but another part of her wanted to stay and help her friends regardless of how hopeless the situation seemed. A nervous squeak helped to make up her mind.

Fluttershy crashed hard to the ground. Pinkie was willing to bet that her friend’s wings had locked up in fright, as they usually did in stressful situations. She rushed to Fluttershy’s side and wrapped her forelegs around her shivering friend in an effort to protect her. They watched the oncoming wave of magic together with tears in their eyes. Pinkies last thought before the magic overwhelmed her and turned her world dark was I hope the others are okay.