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Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy thought they were going to help banish Discord for a third time with their friends and the two princesses. That was precisely what was happening until they both found themselves suddenly transported to a strange new world under a flashing pink sky.

A man named Doug "TheSlorg" Collins finds two young women who are naked, confused, and smell of fudge in the Australian Outback. He then reluctantly agrees to help them return home. But when "home" turns out to be Ponyville, things become a bit more complicated than he bargained for.

Part of the PonyFall collaboration series.
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This is pretty great so far :heart:

Note: The first portion of the prologue is meant to establish certain characters for readers who are not entirely familiar with My Little Pony. If you are a brony, you can probably skip the first few paragraphs.

EPIC. Can't wait to read Chapter 1.

Was reading, then I thought:
Wait... It's the 13th! It's the 13th!
I immedeatly opened my window and stared out for the longest time.
Now it is 10:35 pm and no pink skies or ponies.

Built in balloons? Damn, that must be a big rack!

Another addition to the Ponyfall stories I am currently keeping track of.

...I'll run out of fave spots at this rate.

449861 Uh, other than bronies, who exactly would be reading pony fan fiction on a site dedicated only to pony fan fiction?

I have to say things felt rather slow up until the meeting, but maybe that's just me. Can't wait for chapter two.

I read Doug's dialog with Sniper's voice.
The fun has been doubled!

450366 ha I was thinking the same thing. Though, it never hurts to be prepared. I actually did something similar for a pony story I did for class.

450366 I write for a much larger audience than just FiMFiction good sir. While my other readers don't always read the pony stuff, some of them do (and a few have become MLP fans in the process).

450537 Ah, that makes sense. I was under the impression that PonyFall was just on FiMFiction.

450578 It currently is. I send people to this site though, since it saves a whole lot of copy/pasting. I used to post stuff to my own site, but it's time-consuming.

"I met two strange ladies, they made me nervous. I took them in and gave them breakfast. And I said, 'I come from a land down under...'"

Sorry, I found myself humming that song the whole way through. Good story though, tracking :pinkiehappy:

If this is anything like those other awful ponyfall fics I'm going to be very disappointed in you.

450699 I love you, too SLP. It's a slow start, but hopefully you can stomach what's in there.:twilightsmile:

My standards aren't high. Just make your human not a socially awkward pervert/rapist.

(starting chapter 2 now)

(before reading anything)
sorry i thought they were all going to be in america and i got kinda scared there...

this might be the only one i read out of them all regardless if its good or bad.

(after chapter 2)

Even better than i thought.. i expected this to be more of a city/type Australia you know like Brisbane kinda fic but its the outback. BTW are you a scout? cause just from the tent it sounded like it.. plus i'd like to know another brony/scout i havent found one in australia yet. (i'm guessing you are in australia from how you write about it.)

originality level == 0

Ponyfall: Y U All the same???

450790 In cased you missed it, PonyFall is one story split into multiple parts by various authors. You can't have one big story without intermixing elements. Hope that answers your question.


that is not what I mean. I know it is one big story.

what I mean is, every ''story piece'' is the same

-human (always, always a brony) finds pony
-if the pony finds a nude one, they surpress their hormones
-human takes pony in without calling the police.
-human tries to help the pony

This is what happened in Celestia's story, in Applejack-in-Belgium story, in the Cutie mark crusaders story (that is the most original one... go figure), the luna story, the aloe-and-lotus story, etc etc etc

see what I mean? there is not a single story about a pony that was been taken into custody for public nudity, a pony that is being found by a brony-hater, etc.

Gonna be hell getting the ponygals back together. Most of them appear to be scattered around the US, but Rarity in is London, and now Pinkie and Fluttershy down near Canberra (hurrrrrrm. They need to open an embassy. I'd gladly dump my public service job to work for ponies).

Gonna be some long flights involved! And no ponyfeathers available! :fluttershysad:

450824 Settle down there and hold yer' horses (pun intended).

Doug here just met these two girls, and safety came first. There is all of ten seconds of time that passes between Pinkie waking up, and the end of the chapter. I already have police, rangers, and all kinds of things mapped out for chapter 2. As Applejack would say:

:applejackunsure: <(Hint, hint. Wait for some plot development before getting worked up.)

EDIT: From the looks of it, you simply don't like the basic idea of the overall story. IE: Brony writers find human versions of MLP characters on Earth. If that's the case, just skip the series, dude!

450037 I know that feel bro. That aside, you, good sir, have just reminded me how awesome Australians are. The story is also extremely well written, it all flows smoothly, and I failed to notice any spelling or grammar errors. Have a mustache. :moustache:


even then:

-there seems to be no plot. We all know about how Discord did his ''pink trick'', so to say. (and how he is now enjoying himself somewhere in the US) but there seems to be no idea of how this is going to end. Of course we don't need to know that at this moment, but still: how are they ever going back into Equestria and stop this? I hope someone (like a leader of the ponyfall group or something) has made a plot about that

-self-inserts? makes sense... still, a story about a brony-hater, someone who has never heard of MLP before, the governments who find out about the ponyfall and try to do something or something like that makes a bit more... interesting
-give me one example of a ponyfall fic that is truly original.

450824 First off, these are supposed to be self inserts (DUN DUN DUN). Would any Brony haters be writing a story like this on here? I think not. Also, several authors made attempts to call the authorities. And finally, both other trends are opted for because the authors (probably) aren't evil people who would leave someone unconscious out in the middle of no where, or worse. I hope that satisfies you. Have a mustache. :moustache:

450859 We don't actually call them shrimps (they're prawns), and we don't barbecue them - but you can expect Vegemite, and some Australian beers to make an appearance.

Can't help but read his bits in Sniper's voice. Also Australia!? Anything that moves there will kill you!:raritycry: Maybe I exaggerate a teensy little bit but you get what I mean. Keep it up!

450861 yeah... attempts... and then it is like ''o the phones don't work. well, pony, you're allowed to stay, and were not going to drive you to the police or something''

*begin rant*:flutterrage: Damn you, TheSlorg. I wanted Pinkie. Jeez, as far as I know, each ponyfall story(minus the lotus and aloe story) had only ONE pony. One. You just HAD to take both remaining Mane Six characters. That is greedy man, just plain greed right there. No offense meant though, if you really want to have both of them, then go ahead. I got a story based off of MrDenim's My Little Minecraft, and I have his permission to boot. Nothing more EPIC than ponies, Minecraft and the almighty Herobrine. Not that I support him, because I don't. :moustache:*end rant* Wow, I'm tired. I'd better go to....*SNORREEEEEEE*

450428 Oh good, I wasn't the only one. No offense meant, Slorg. :twilightblush:

In any case, I was hesitant on the first chapter, but after the second, I've decided to follow the story. It's looking good thus far, and I look forward to seeing what wacky shenanigans will ensue in that deathtrap of a continent. (Again, no offense. :raritywink:)

Well, I have to say, man, you're the second Australian brony I've ever seen, and the only one I've seen on Fimfiction!

I see Ponyfall is not dead, then.

450942 The problem with what you want is if they are handed over to authorities you don't have any story left. The most you would get out of it is that the person is probably going to be interrogated and the pony is going to be taken into custody because she doesn't have an ID. After that the police would handle the rest and maybe call in some psychiatrist because the pony will be claiming to be a pony.
And i really won't be interesting since the police won't allow the pony to go anywhere before they either know who they are or manage something else (don't really know how authorities would handle such a situation).

451011 no... but if the police officer was a brony, then it would be interesting: how can the police officer help the pony? When the police officer finds out that this is a real pony, how would he/she react? and the drama that follows when the police officer breaks the pony free... you get it.

451076 See now, I like that.

We do have one writer toying the the idea of a child finding one of the ponies. I thought there could be some interesting ideas with that.

Slorg, you and DragonLS are the only Ponyfall writers I have enjoyed so far.
Keep it up, or I shall surely be disappointed.
Love yew. <3

451079 first, the Ponyfall idea is neat. really neat. The idea that ponies start popping up everywhere in the world. (the western world mostly, but i don't care about that) is something new and interesting, however, I think the ponyfall writers must think more about how it influences the world. How will governments try to comprehend what has happened? how will they react? what will they try to do? what if the USA thinks ''hey... that Equestria... they have oil!!! :derpyderp2: let's go get it! :derpytongue2:'' and start to try and round up ponies, making the brony job a bit harder to do.

and of course, there are all those bronies trying to hide their ponies and bring them together. The bronies from multiple side stories start interacting with each other and merge into one another as the groups around the world go larger and larger. (They also find ponies that landed somewhere but do not appear in a fanfic because they are a ''too small character'', like Featherweight, Colgate, Twilight's parents, Rarity's parents,etc.)

Other things, like news stations, video game platforms, internet communities (4chan, 9gag, tumblr,reddit, etc.), newspapers, real life stores like IKEA, HEMA, supermarkets etc etc can make things more... interesting.

I'm not implying that it should be done, but maybe you can show my idea to your group.


Generallucas, we're all still pretty early in the PonyFall universe. Give it plenty of water, and it will blossom into a wonderful story in no time...

Also, to reply in a previous comment you said, you mentioned that neither story protagonist calls the police.

...Mine does. I feel like a sad panda now that I realized you never read mine. ;_;

Lucky! If such events actually happen where the ponies are transported to earth in their human bodies I call Pinkie Pie! And Fluttershy or Trixie if I can get lucky.


that was the first one I read. Didn't realize at the time that it would be a series of stories.
He tríed to call the police, but they didn't answer...

and somehow the butler, Gordon, wasn't like ''we can't phone the police? why not bring her to the police station/the hospital then?'' (it was his idea in the first place)


Good point, but I never said making an epic awesome perfect story was going to be easy, we all have our limits. Give it time...




I suggest you make the whole plot first, from the beginning to the end - how everything and everyone intervenes throughout the storyline, (keep it scret for all the readers and most writers), then slowly work it out, with giving instructions to certrain writers about how the following part should work out.

for instance: Applejack (in Leuven, Belgium) is going to meet another pony and they work together from that point on. that is the instruction that the writer gets. how he is going to fill it is up to him.

Oh dear god another ponyfall.


hey, you smashed my two favourite characters together! what are the chances.

*facepalm* only Pinkie.

451195 I bet the car wouldn't work either, because of the EMP that seeming to occur around the time of the pink skies.:moustache: Also, SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!:flutterrage:

452012 Who are you?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HEAD?!! :twilightoops: NOOOOO! GET OUT OF MY MIND!! :pinkiecrazy:

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